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Contacting First Energy Customer Service Center

First Energy is an electric company with the power to distribute energy to more than five million customers. The company operates in six states with 10 companies. The 10 companies that operate under the First Energy name include:

  • Ohio Edison
  • The Illuminating Company
  • Toledo Edison
  • Met-Ed
  • Penelec
  • Penn Power
  • West Penn Power
  • Jersey Central Power & Light
  • Mon Power
  • Potomac Edison

Customers who wish to contact a specific distribution company will need to visit the website for that company. The information in this piece is directed at contacting First Energy, not one of the 10 distribution companies operating under First Energy. We have listed the contact phone number for customer service for each of the 10 companies operated by First Energy in the Phone Number section for your convenience. First Energy customer service information is not listed as prominently as that of the distribution companies.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you are a First Energy customer, service is available at the phone number listed for your distribution company.

Mailing Address

If you need to get in touch with the main First Energy company, you can do so by writing to the following address.

First Energy Corp.
76 South Main St.
Akron, OH 44308

Official Website

The official website for the First Energy corporation is This is not the website for the companies that operate under the First Energy name. You can start service, stop service and pay your bill from the corporate website if desired. If you wish to contact your energy company you’ll need to visit the main website for that business.

Customer Service Email

We’d like to say there is a customer service email address you can use to send your problem, concern or compliment to customer service, but there’s no such address. There is a contact us form on the First Energy customer service website. We chose to send an email using the form to find out if there is a customer service email address.

Our Experience

We tested the First Energy customer service system by calling the Jersey phone number. There was a long message about an upgrade that could not be bypassed. After the message we pressed 0 three times and the call was transferred. We were placed on hold less than two minutes with some 60s rock music in the background. The call was answered by Heather in a cheery, clear voice. We asked her if there was a customer service email address and she placed us on hold while she looked for the email. Finally, after more than two minutes on hold, she asked if we could wait a bit longer while she continued to look for the address. After two more minutes, she conceded there was no customer service email address to be found.

Was your experience with First Energy as bad as ours? Let us know how you fared.

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8 Comments on “Contact First Energy Customer Service
  1. Just so you know: I called several times and you did not want to help me and my community. Please read below.
    I will go further if I have to.

    From: Darek []
    Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:23 PM
    To: ‘’
    Cc: ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘’
    Subject: Easy Green Met-Ed First Energy Company wrong advertising – intervention needed ASAP


    In April my neighbors and I in Berwind Estates community signed up for Easy Green program advertised by Met-Ed First Energy Company. Please see attachment’s. This program promised that we will be in comfortable temperature 8-9 degrees above the one we set on our thermostats.
    Well….. First day of the summer I intended to have cool home (outside temp. was 97) and I could not turn my AC on. I set my temperature at 60 and by Met-Ed promise I should have @ 68-69 in side. My AC unit will not turn on and temperature in my home is above 80. I called Met-Ed customer service 4 times before 5pm (their business closing hour) and 4 times I was transferred to 866-311-8558 (Easy Green programm phone #) and disconnected. Forth time I was told not bother because I signed up for this program. THis company have not trained their crew. They are rude, ignorant and unpofessional.
    I called the Easy Green number myself minimum 15 times and is always busy.
    Easy Green website is conveniently inaccessible for last 3 days.
    This is unacceptable and I want intervention. My neighbors are older people with illnesses like asthma and this temperature is dangerous for them. I am 53 years old with not good health as well.
    Met-ed is does not care about their customers. We want out of this program immediately.

    Dear TV,

    Please intervene and at least help us to get in contact with whom is responsible for this “energy saving” program. If that is how they save energy heat will create illnesses and perhaps people will lose lives of heat exposure. This is not good.
    Right now, at 8:15 pm in my home is 82 degrees. Tomorrow temeprature outside will be above 100. Right now I am sweating in my own home b/c first energy is controlling my AC unit and I have nothing to say in my own home. We are looking for an attorney to resolve this issue in court.


    Darek Szeremeta

  2. I was was prepared for the cut back,did not bother me..
    I keep my termostat set 78…
    I received a letter from Met-Ed indicating I received a gift cert. for signing up on the Easy Green. I never received anything…
    Walt Kachele

  3. I have been trying to receive a rebate for a washer that I purchased in AUGUST of this year!!! I have been told I have been approved but as of today no check. I have decided after reviewing several complaints regarding this to take them to small claims court in Delaware Ohio. This Company needs to be responsible for what they promise.
    Donna Parish-Robert

  4. Not a complaint, but wondered if you have people coming door to door talking of a ‘rate change’? This happened Tues (3/18) when this man (younger 20’s) came to my Apt. door and enquired if I was on ‘PIP’ or regular payment as the rate’s were going up. since I do all my work ON-Line, he asked to see my data. I made an excuse not to let him in. All I want to know is if he was a rep from you. Thanks

  5. a guy from first energy come out to my house was rude to me and try to get money form me i dont give money to any one i pay my bill at walmart and the guy threaten me and my father and law who is a older man he had not to do that even call the police on me if ever come back to my house i will put in jail and kikk his ass

  6. For several years I’ve taken daily meter readings because every few months your employee misreads it. On 10/17/2014 I called Met-Ed customer service to give a meter reading and was met with a level of self righteous arrogance from four representatives, Zack, Sasha, Mike, and I don’t remember the last woman, who all insisted I read my meter wrong. Mike took it upon himself to request a meter change which I did not ask for, rather I want a real electrician to see what the problem is but was told that is not possible because that is not how you do things. I took photos of the meter on 10/17/2014 which shows what is wrong but no one wants to hear it over there.

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