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Contacting Disneyland Customer Service Center

Disneyland is the California sister amusement park to the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The customer service contact information listed in this article is not for the Disney World resort.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Disneyland is a huge amusement park so there are many phone numbers to choose from when searching for the best Disneyland phone number. Here are the ones we thought visitors would be looking for most often.

  • Guest Information: 1-714-781-4636

This is the phone number we tested when we called Disneyland customer service. You need to call between 7 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday or 8 AM and 6 PM Saturday/Sunday to reach a customer service agent.

  • Dining Reservations: 1-714-781-3463
  • Passport Members: 1-714-781-7277
  • Vacation Packages: 1-714-520-5060
  • Hotel Reservations: 1-714-956-6425
  • Fantasmic Premium: 1-714-781-7469
  • Hotel Operator: 1-714-778-6600
  • TTY: 1-714-781-4569

Mailing Address

There is a mailing address listed for Disneyland Resort customer service. The address is a post office box. If you send a letter to Disneyland there is a good chance it will take some time to receive a response if one is warranted.

Disneyland Resort PO Box 3232 Anaheim, CA 92802-3232

Official Website

The official website for all things Disney is located at http://disneyland.disney.go.com. You can visit the website to play fun games, learn more about the available tickets, pricing and reservations and even look into family fun vacation packages. There are rooms for small families and suites for large families at various resorts.

Customer Service Email

The email form for Disneyland customer service is listed on the Help page of the website located at https://disneyland.disney.go.com/help/email/. Fill out your name, email address, and other relevant contact information as desired. More contact information makes it easier for the customer service team to respond to your request, though email contact is the likely means of contact.

Our Experience

The Disneyland customer service lines are automated, but you cannot press 0 to bypass the introduction message or it will just repeat from the beginning. After the beginning message was complete we tried pressing 0 again, but that just restarted the entire message from the very beginning. After listening to all the available options we could not find an easy way through the system so you’ll have to listen and choose the correct options for your call. If you are calling with a customer service complaint you must choose the Guest Info line and press 0 after the first list of options is finished. You will be moved to customer service at that time.

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18 Comments on “Contact Disneyland Customer Service

  2. I have been coming to WDW since 1971, 2 weeks after they opened. I have always been impressed with their attention to detail. As an Engineer with 31 patents, I am impressed with Imagineering.

    My latest visit has been disturbing. I gathered all of my children and their families (all in the Military)to return (after bringing my family 30 times from 1971) to see this marvel of engineering and more important, consistant quality and maintenance.

    Problem 1, the food in the German pavillion is bad. I have been eating there for years and the service is good, but the food flavor is bland, the beef was burned and the sausage was tastless or nearly so. The food in the Wilderness lodge remains very good, so it’s not me.

    Problem 2, this is the first time I have seen a monorail “towed” away due to breakdown. When I was with Ingersoll-Rand, we attended a metal working conference and we toured your workshop. The pride in workmanship was inspiring despite the “non-family” changes that Eisner had made to the park (“adults only” pleasure island, condom displays next to the stuffed toys in the trading posts and hard liquor behind the cash registers,which,I’m sure Walt would be pleased to see, after he made Annette Funicello wear rubber T shirts to hide her “development” in the MMClub show). Equipment breakdowns were not tolerated. Proactive maintenance, rather than Reactive, was always the case.

    -The People Mover (one of the parks firat rides) has always been a symbol of reliability. It broke down 3 times while I was on it, and I was only allowed to exit after asking to go to the bathroom over the railing in front of the Smoothie stand. It broke 5 more times as I sat under the over pass.

    -Soaring broke down and it is relatively new.

    -Small world backed up.
    -I mentioned the monorail

    So, sadly, I guess I am seeing the “circle of life” as the park deteriorates little by little, as newer (less inspired by the Disney dream and attention to detail) management replaces the pioneers in Engineering and Customer Service.

    I can offer this view because my entire family has grown up with Disney as part of our lives. We have literally 42 years of experiences, and Engineering (remember me?)observations to look back on.

    I have been designing, redesigning and improving manufacturing factory processes during my 40 year career, and what I see at Disney is a “slip” in the definition of “Excellence”.

    Now the decision to delete this email from your records, and not push it up to the real decision makers (not the accountants),is up to you. To borrow a phrase from one of your movies, “You can Run from it, OR Learn from it!”

    This park belongs to America. We have paid for it many times over, an we deserve to see our investment thrive for our grandchildren. Don’t let greed, corporate politics and a lack of vision, degrade WDW as the rest of the country is degrading. Walt had his dream. Don’t let it waste away to mediocrity.

    Thanks for your attention,
    Louis Gibbons, PE,
    Sr. Material Science Engineer, FLIR Production Manager
    US Army Intelligence 68-72

  3. To whom it may concern:
    We had been saving up for 4 years to take our 12 year old daughter to Disneyland on April 11,12,13th of this year. While your staff is very friendly and helpful, many of the rides were not working or broke down during our visit. On the first day, California Screamin and Radiator springs were closed down for half of the day. On the second day, Indiana Jones was closed down all morning and broke down while my husband and daughter were on it. On the third day, Space Mountain was closed all day and California Screamin was closed all morning. I do understand that safety is of the utmost importance and maintaining the equipment is crucial but is there someway to compensate guests for their investment, time, energy, frustration, etc? Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Suzette Lamb and family

  4. I received a notice to renew my annual pass. It expires May 18th. My daughter and I had had our annual passes for four years, I believe. Before I do so I need to understand a policy that appears to me to be the antithesis of what I have always thought Disneyland to represent – sensitive, intelligent, gracious service. March 12th I spent $200 for a ticket for my son who does not have annual pass and a significant amount of money for food for four of us at the two parks. The second day we were there, March 13th, we went through parking at about 9:00 a.m. and used my daughter’s annual pass since she paid for parking as part of her annual pass. Later I needed to return to the hotel and she kept her annual pass for fast passes and to go between the two parks.
    When riding the tram we’re informed that we can enter and leave the parking structure again with the same ticket we had already gotten that day. After several hours I returned to the parking structure and showed the worker the parking ticket for March 13th and the man there told me I could not enter without my daughter being present. I told him he must be mistaken for this was stupid. we’re told on the tram we can enter and leave the structure as needed. He treated me as if I were trying to cheat. I thought certainly this is not the happiest place on earth. What kind of policy is this that annual pass holders who add parking to their pass are punished? Actually my daughter has only used her parking pass four days thus far. I don’t know if we will use it again before it expires. She has paid more than $15 a day to park. She has convinced out of state friends to come to Disneyland and buy annual passes. She and I are troubled that such a policy is really valid and she is not sure she wants to renew her annual pass. If she doesn’t want to renew then I won’t either.
    Could you please respond to this before May 18th and explain why such a policy is fair or get rid of this policy. Thanks F. Gayle Madsen

  5. My wife and sister-in-law met our son in Orange County for one week of fun in the sun. We traveled from Seattle, Minnesota and Phoenix. Last Christmas, we decided in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for each other, we would all take a trip together and create new memories together as a family traveling. One of the highlights was supposed to be our trip to California Adventure Park, which was one of the main reasons we chose to all meet in Orange County. Here is a list of our experiences at your park.

    1. After taking an extra 1/2 hour to enter the parking structure we showed our handicap badge for one of our elderly passengers. We were given a yellow sticker and directed where to park. But we were not directed to the handicap parking, which we later saw as we were walking to the tram. We had to walk over 1 block just to get to the escalators which is no big deal unless you are handicapped.
    2. We purchased 4 tickets for CAP. After the clerk issued the tickets she inquired if there were any seniors in the group. Yes, we said, there are three, but the sign did not make mention of any senior discount. She offered us 3 $2 discounts and re-issued three new tickets. When we presented them at the entry, there were 3 DLP tickets and only 1 CAP ticket. The clerk had issued the wrong tickets. We waited at the gate for over 20 minutes for a manager to come to the gate and approve our entry.
    3. We needed a motorized wheelchair for one of our group and had to walk across the plaza to get it. This is not good for someone handicapped. That took another 20 minutes.
    4. We wanted to ride Radiator Springs, so we immediately proceeded to the FasPas location only to find that all FasPasses for the day had been issued. It was 11a.m. So we had a choice to wait in a long line with over a 60 minute wait or not try the new ride. We decided to pass on the new ride rather than wait that long for our first ride in CAP.
    5. We proceeded to the Cal. Screamin coaster where the sign said the wait was only 25 minutes. After waiting 20 minutes, they announced the wait would be longer than shown on the sign. That wait turned out to be 50 minutes.
    6. After lunch we hustled to the Funwheel. After a 30 minute wait we were next in line to board. The announcer told us to turn around and exit with no explanation or offer to board early when the ride re-opened.
    7. We left the park around 3:30. Although we knew our parking location to be Goofy E-8, the tram driver did not let us know if the stop included our location so we guessed. We went on 3 rides and saw 1 show in that time.

    We went to Disney’s Epcot in Florida two years ago, and had a much better time. That park was very efficiently run with very friendly cast members.

    All in all our day at “The “Happiest Place on Earth” turned out to be not very happy at all. It goes without saying we will not return with or without our grandchildren.

    Ralph Jedda
    Carolyn Jedda
    Dan Jedda
    Jeanette Rodorigo

  6. Went to Disneyland June 14 through 16th. Was looking forward to Cars land .well it kept breaking down never got to go on.This was the 14th and we just gave up trying.We did a fast pass and I watched the baby and after I thing over 1 hour. My daughter and her boy friend finally came to me and said they never got on and so I never even had the chance.Really thought it looked like fun and I still see the commericals and it reminds me of us 3 not enjoying the car race ride.

  7. Hello, I went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party on Friday October 4th, 2013. I took my 4 and 2 year old daughters along with my mom. We were so excited to see the fireworks and as we were watching the parade, I went up to one of the Disneyland workers and asked where were the fireworks going to be held, and I find out there were not going to be fireworks beause it was too windy. My daughter and I were absolutely sad about this, I always look forwad the best part of Disneyland which are the fireworks…bummer I had two little one and did not have time to go to customer service to let them know how I felt. But what really broke my heart is that my little 4 year old kept asking about the fireworks beause she saw it in the flyer and I had to tell her we were going home that there were no fireworks. I wished i had an extra entry to the park to take her back to see the fireworks….Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope you can do something about it…. I appreciated in advance. We love the Disney characters, she was minnie for her 3rd Birthday, she was Jessie the cowgirl for her 2 nd Birthday and she was Belle for ther 4th Birthday. We love Disneyland, but with this hard times its hard to go again I can’t afford it unless we get a free pass!!!!!!!!!

  8. To whom it may concern. I am a Anaheim resident and a long time customer of Disneyland and Downtown Disney. We go to the movie theatre there atleast three times a month. We went there to take our Grandson to ESPN Zone. His two older brothers were going to Halloween Haunt and he’s to young so we thought ESPN Zone would be perfect however when we got there they had a private party so we couldn’t get in. We ended up going to the movies and seeing Gravity. The only thing appropriate for a 7year old at 9:00pm. It cost us almost $100 just for the movie and popcorn which is fine but then we lost our parking ticket and the parking attendant charged us $30.00! We had our movie tickets. I understand it doesn’t say what time we got there but seriously!!! We live in Anaheim and are life long Customers of the resort.I called guest experience to plead my case. I didn’t even get an apology. I can see why so many people are starting to be ANTI-DISNEYLAND! If anybody from the resort bothers to read this and care I would like my $30.00 refunded. thank you

  9. Car-racers ride attraction
    Me and my family came from out of town to enjoy spring break. Unfortunately we were in line for 3.5 hours to experience this ride. It was so frustrating that almost half of our day was wasted waiting for this ride because all the fast pass has been consumed within 1 1/2 hour when the theme park opens. Asked attendants inside the park how come and all they said ” I’m sorry, you should have been here earlier instead of being considerate to us park goers.
    We paid more than $500. 00 for 4 of us and wasn’t able to enjoy the whole park. I guess they should reconsider to change the slogan of “Disneyland the happiest place on earth”.
    Kindly , look at this matter to ensure satisfaction to your patronage.

  10. me, my aunt and 2 twin 14 year old daughters just got back from disneyland yesterday, april 20th, easter.since it is so pricey, like many, we can only afford to go to disneyland once every 5 years, if were lucky.this is our experience in our 3 days at disneyland.every time my girls would get in line for a character signature, the line would close before they even got there.some lines would have a worker at the end saying it was closed but some didnt so my girls would be waiting for 20 minutes, only to be told-sorry-mickeys going on break.i suggest you have at least 3 or 4 characters of each throughout the park so this does’nt happen.pirates of the caribbean was shut down just as we were getting on the boat, it never did open up again.cars broke down twice.matterhorn broke down after standing in line 30 minutes.grizzly rapids broke down while my girls were on it.so it was a very disappointing trip for the money we spent.with the money the park makes, i would think they would have the proper people to fix these rides in a timely manner.i dont think we will be back in 5 more years.

  11. Took our family last weekend. OMG talk about expensive. I told my 15 yr old today, that I probably will never go again. Small World closed, Pirates of the Carribean closed, Grizzly Raft ride closed. HOT Weather, crowded, 3 ice creams $15.00, Goofy’s Kitchen (No more side shows where the kids get up and dance with the Characters) basically a buffet with a picture or two with Characters was $198.00 for our 4 kids and two adults. The picture package was 39.00 +. Lunch for a few ribs, chicken and corn bread was $129.00. The Hotel somehow ended up costing $100.00 more than what I had registered for. $10.00 mandatory valet parking, this fee and that fee. Disney parking was $16.00 per day. Whole trip, food, gas, hotel……unbelievably expensive…Felt like we were totally raped of our funds.

  12. Not the happiest place on earth by no means. Horrible customer service with the people in the ticket booth. I can’t even write what a mess it was last night because it upsets me. Just wanted to share its not the happiest place on earth. Knotts may be smaller, but at least it’s nit full of s____.

  13. Very disgusted with the Gay weekend at Disneyland111 my kids asking all sorts of questions!! When are you going to have a heterosexual weekend?? Will never go there again!! it is a children place and families!! Men making out and women, I dont want my children exposed to that at Disneyland, it will come on a day to day basis as they get older. very disgusted and disapointed!!! Thanks for making my kids weekend a terrible one!!!

  14. Yesterday, December 30, I was buying a jacket for my son near “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The sales person was Brigitte from Cypress, CA. In the middle of the transaction I asked Brigitte to take change, but Brigitte said that she already finished a transaction and I had to accept it as it is. I did not want to argue and said “fine” which Brigitte did not like and called me rude, disrespectful, and fastie. When I said that I don’t appreciate her behavior, another sales person name Viridiana from Anaheim, came and started screaming along with Brigitte at me. Before, I never had problems with adding change in the middle of transaction, and nobody called me rude.
    I have been an annual pass holder for a long time, and I never had a problem with customer service at Disney. I thought that Disney Park is all about customer service, but Brigitte and Viridiana proved it different.

  15. Dear Disneyland, This is not a complaint. This is in response to a previous issue that you so kindly resolved on our behalf. In reference #M003094188 / Reservation #7467084 / you have seven complimentary 2-day tickets waiting for us in will-call that need to be used by July 1st, 2015. We would like to transfer the use of these tickets to our family members who will be visiting from Connecticut in April of 2015. This will be my cousin’s first vacation since the tragic shooting death of his brother and his family of six this year. They were tragically murdered by an estranged family member in Spring, TX in July of last year. It’s been a rough year for our family. We know this would brighten their spirits a bit. Please let us know if you can help us with this and the transfer of these tickets. We would appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you, Juli Shogan and family

  16. We had takin our daughter & her friends to DISNEY once a year every year, until I became disabled. For the last few years it’s been difficult trying to afford a trip to your parks on a fixed income. Luckily my daughter still wants to hang out with her parents at 18 yrs old. We used another credit card & made the extra effort just to spend the time with her before she left us once again to study. What a let down to her & us when we arrived to do our regular routine starting with Indiana jones. After that one ride we continue on our day going ride to ride just to have DISNEY employees telling us they are not operating at this time. Here’s the ones I can remember on the wk end of January 16-17 so you can check your records, HAUNTED MANSION, SPLASH MTN., BEAR COUNTRY, MATTAHORN, SMALL WORLD, SPACE MTN. ( more than 4hrs), & SOARING CALIFORNIA. Two day park hopper tix for 3 of us, cost 40% of my disability check. Plus the cost of renting extra battery for my wheelchair was a real big dent in our monthly expense for a tremendous let down of your theme park rides all not working on the sam wk end. If there is somebody that could PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL I would appreciate it. Some kind of good faith action on your part would go a long way with a life long customer, fan & big kid at heart. Thank you for your time.


  17. I would like to thank the Disneyland cast for the wonderful treatment that my family received on Feb 15th 2015. My mom had fallen on the trolley track on main street in front of the City Hall. The cast was fast to react to the incident and form a circle around my mom to help her feel comfortable. The first aide cast was first to be there to help they not only helped my mom but they had also help my dad and my children. The cast even took my daughter and son out of the area to keep them busy what a great and nice idea so I was able to be there and take care of my mom. The peremedic’s that came to the scene were very caring and asked her if she was in pain and when my mom said yes they made her comfortable till they were able to move her. Once she was stable they moved her and took her to the hospital. Once I knew she was safe I had to make a decision to either stay there at the park being that it was my sons 18th birthday or to go to the hospital the cast member that was helping me took me to the City Hall to see what they were able to do. I did decide to stay and keep the kids minds off of grandma the manager told me that he could refund their tickets that was very nice of him and that I would not be charged for them. He also gave me 4 fast passes that we were able to use on any of the rides. Even though the day started off grate until the fall it turned out to be a fun and wonderful birthday and trip for myself and the kids. I wanted to email the Disneyland cast to let them know that I am very great-full for everything that everyone did that day..

    Thank you,
    Khristine Good

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