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Contacting DFAS Customer Service Center

DFAS stands for Defense Finance and Accounting Service. The company is a department of the US federal government. DFAS is a payment provider for the USDoD or US Department of Defense. There are two sides to the customer service website. One side deals with payroll for military and civilian employees and the other deals with debt reconciliation. DFAS also works with military records, garnishment of wages and travel information, including PCS.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • DFAS Customer Service Military Pay: 1-888-332-7411
  • Army and Air Force Military Pay: 1-888-729-2769
  • Retired Military Direct Line: 1-800-321-1080
  • DFAS Customer Service Civilian Pay: 1-800-538-9043

This number can be used for Army, Air Force, VA, EPA or Executive Office of the President only.

  • DFAS Customer Service Civilian Pay: 1-800-729-3277

This number can be used for Navy, DoE, Broadcasting Board of Governors or HHS only.

If you are a contractor or vendor, a list of phone numbers and instructions are available at http://www.dfas.mil/contractorsvendors/phonenumbers.html

There is also a Debt and Claims department of the DFAS. This department has a dedicated list of phone numbers.

  • Debt and Claims: 1-866-912-6488
  • Waivers and Remissions: 1-317-212-8692
  • Claims and Corrections of Records: 1-317-212-6167

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for DFAS general customer service, but there are a couple of addresses for specialty recovery departments.

DFAS-IN/Debt and Claims Dept 3300 ATTN: Customer Care Center 8899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249


DFAS-IN Waivers/RemissionsDept 33008899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249


DFAS-INDept 3300 ATTN: COR/Claims8899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249

Official Website

The official website for DFAS is located at http://www.dfas.mil.

Customer Service Email

We typically have a hard time finding a direct email address to reach customer service departments. Companies tend to prefer online forms to standard emails, but that is not the case with DFAS customer service. There are MANY email addresses to choose from.

We were able to find a master contact form https://corpweb1.dfas.mil/askDFAS/custCategories.jsp for DFAS customer service. Simply choose a primary and secondary topic to reach the customer service email form.

Our Experience

DFAS customer service is an automated system. There are detailed instructions listed to help navigate the customer service line faster. You can press 1 for retired military, 2 for current military, 3 for travel, 4 for debts, 5 for MyPay and 6 for garnishments. If you have any other issues not listed, press # for additional options. We were unable to reach a customer service agent because we are not employed by the military.

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8 Comments on “Contact DFAS Customer Service
  1. I am trying to locate a phone number for someone within your IT department. Specifically, the person that updates your Pay Period Calendar. I have automated it completely so that all you have to do is change the year. No typing and looking things up. It even fills out the text at the bottom of the chart. I would be willing to share my Excel spreadsheet, if I can talk to someone other than a recording……

  2. LtCol. Georgia E.Phillips has not recieved her back pay due to your negligence saying they she had died in October,2012.We have on our recording the conversation admitting the mistake you had made.Her pay has started again but the back pay has not been given to her yet.What is the problem that you cannot correct your problem.She has to have a caregiver now due to a stroke in 2009.The money needs to be put into her account now!

  3. have tried for weeks to contact ANYONE that could help recover my user ID and Password in order to obtain my 2013 W-2. only
    recordings of call another time!! Cannot even find a viable email for my situation…

  4. I requested a temporary password for my pay account-received it today and mypay will not accept it. Need help!!!

  5. I have tried for 2 weeks to download my W-2 from MyPay. It is impossible to thread through all the passwords and requirements to even get to the point of viewing my W-2. I have a BA in computer science and worked for over 20 years as a computer systems engineer at KSC. Mypay is above my skill level. I have no choice but to give up. Who designed this fiasco? I will stipulate that your security has me beat.

  6. I’ve called DAFS to request Form to terminate our SBP in Aug 2013.Filled it out with proper notary stamp. Still receiving Payment reguest for balance due.
    Can’t get any help. Aging Vet need.

  7. I have started a home loan modification with my mortgage company. Therefore, I am respectfully requesting an Official Pension Award Letter from DFAS be mailed to my home address at your earliest convience,(#5051). I have made several attempts by Telephone and Fax(s)that I located in MyPay and I have not been able to make contact with anyone.

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