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Contacting DFAS Customer Service Center

DFAS stands for Defense Finance and Accounting Service. The company is a department of the US federal government. DFAS is a payment provider for the USDoD or US Department of Defense. There are two sides to the customer service website. One side deals with payroll for military and civilian employees and the other deals with debt reconciliation. DFAS also works with military records, garnishment of wages and travel information, including PCS.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • DFAS Customer Service Military Pay: 1-888-332-7411
  • Army and Air Force Military Pay: 1-888-729-2769
  • Retired Military Direct Line: 1-800-321-1080
  • DFAS Customer Service Civilian Pay: 1-800-538-9043

This number can be used for Army, Air Force, VA, EPA or Executive Office of the President only.

  • DFAS Customer Service Civilian Pay: 1-800-729-3277

This number can be used for Navy, DoE, Broadcasting Board of Governors or HHS only.

If you are a contractor or vendor, a list of phone numbers and instructions are available at http://www.dfas.mil/contractorsvendors/phonenumbers.html

There is also a Debt and Claims department of the DFAS. This department has a dedicated list of phone numbers.

  • Debt and Claims: 1-866-912-6488
  • Waivers and Remissions: 1-317-212-8692
  • Claims and Corrections of Records: 1-317-212-6167

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for DFAS general customer service, but there are a couple of addresses for specialty recovery departments.

DFAS-IN/Debt and Claims Dept 3300 ATTN: Customer Care Center 8899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249


DFAS-IN Waivers/RemissionsDept 33008899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249


DFAS-INDept 3300 ATTN: COR/Claims8899 E 56th StIndianapolis, IN 46249

Official Website

The official website for DFAS is located at http://www.dfas.mil.

Customer Service Email

We typically have a hard time finding a direct email address to reach customer service departments. Companies tend to prefer online forms to standard emails, but that is not the case with DFAS customer service. There are MANY email addresses to choose from.

We were able to find a master contact form https://corpweb1.dfas.mil/askDFAS/custCategories.jsp for DFAS customer service. Simply choose a primary and secondary topic to reach the customer service email form.

Our Experience

DFAS customer service is an automated system. There are detailed instructions listed to help navigate the customer service line faster. You can press 1 for retired military, 2 for current military, 3 for travel, 4 for debts, 5 for MyPay and 6 for garnishments. If you have any other issues not listed, press # for additional options. We were unable to reach a customer service agent because we are not employed by the military.

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41 Comments on “Contact DFAS Customer Service
  1. I am trying to locate a phone number for someone within your IT department. Specifically, the person that updates your Pay Period Calendar. I have automated it completely so that all you have to do is change the year. No typing and looking things up. It even fills out the text at the bottom of the chart. I would be willing to share my Excel spreadsheet, if I can talk to someone other than a recording……

  2. LtCol. Georgia E.Phillips has not recieved her back pay due to your negligence saying they she had died in October,2012.We have on our recording the conversation admitting the mistake you had made.Her pay has started again but the back pay has not been given to her yet.What is the problem that you cannot correct your problem.She has to have a caregiver now due to a stroke in 2009.The money needs to be put into her account now!

    • I need to make a Civilian Deposit Payment. What is the address I need to send it to and do I need to put a code on my check? Also, what is the status of my Military Deposit that I sent to you on 21 April 2014?

  3. have tried for weeks to contact ANYONE that could help recover my user ID and Password in order to obtain my 2013 W-2. only
    recordings of call another time!! Cannot even find a viable email for my situation…

  4. I requested a temporary password for my pay account-received it today and mypay will not accept it. Need help!!!

  5. I have tried for 2 weeks to download my W-2 from MyPay. It is impossible to thread through all the passwords and requirements to even get to the point of viewing my W-2. I have a BA in computer science and worked for over 20 years as a computer systems engineer at KSC. Mypay is above my skill level. I have no choice but to give up. Who designed this fiasco? I will stipulate that your security has me beat.

  6. I’ve called DAFS to request Form to terminate our SBP in Aug 2013.Filled it out with proper notary stamp. Still receiving Payment reguest for balance due.
    Can’t get any help. Aging Vet need.

  7. I have started a home loan modification with my mortgage company. Therefore, I am respectfully requesting an Official Pension Award Letter from DFAS be mailed to my home address at your earliest convience,(#5051). I have made several attempts by Telephone and Fax(s)that I located in MyPay and I have not been able to make contact with anyone.

  8. My brother who is severly handicapped. Can,t hear or see and has no working computer. My name is William Leasure, Willis’s older brother. We have been trying for two weeks to get his 1099 or this past year. First it was going to be mailed. Then over his computer which doesn’t work and so on. All I would like his his 1099’s sent to me at the above E-Mail. “THANKS”
    His SSAN: 232-46-4347

    • Don’t put his name and SSAN on this, this site is not secured. ID theft is to easy. Protect him at all costs. Call it in or use a secure site.

  9. Why is it so hard to obtain a Former Spouse Distribution Tax Form this year? I called your Customer Service

    number and each time I was put on hold for 45 minutes, and never received help on two (2) occasions. Once

    I made contact with a real person, I was informed that the forms are not mailed out this tax year and would

    have to be requested in writing. I sent two (2) written requests for this form over the past three (3) weeks,

    and still no Former Spouse Distribution Tax Form received as of today. I need assistance with this problem because I can not file my 2013 taxes until I receive this form.

  10. trying to figure out why my VSI payment went to the wrong bank (routing number) when all the other one came thru . I need help trying to get it corrected. I have sit on the phone for 1hour waiting and get to no one .

  11. I have not been employed there for over 8 years and you still have me as an active employee. Can you help me and what information do you need so I can get my $155.31 out of my thrift Savings Plan

  12. Please send me the phone number I can call about my 1099R. I’m here in the Philippines and I dont know my login ID and password.

  13. I received notification of my 100% disability in early Feb 2014 with an effective date of 1 Aug 2013 (my retirement date). The notification stated I could expect my CRDP on Feb RAS and back pay within 30 days. This did not happen. Could you provide me with an expectation date so I can plan appropriately. Thank You, JDN

  14. I am inquiring as to the number of W-2’s I received and the said amounts. I need to clarify this as the IRS des ot have all of them and has not been any help.

  15. For three(3) months in a roll I have change my mil pay to a difference bank receive e-mails but my money keep going to the same old bank why would I want my old bank and new bank change to be the same bank. please check my pay and see why it is not working after getting e-mails back from the goverment

  16. I have not been able to get into my so called account for approx five and half years. Last year I finally talked to someone (male) that was not sure what I wanted he transferred me into a dead line.
    Today I was on the phone for and received another dance job and all I wanted to was change my state tax deduction. Just a form sent to me to claime 0. What are we paying for. DFAS does not accept my SSN. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

  17. I need to pay back a Civilian Deposit. What is the address I need to send it to and is there a code I need to put on the check?

  18. I changed my password so that I could get my pay statements and
    now it says that I have to wait until the third or the thirteen
    of the month. I am not a new account member.

  19. In references to my brother Carl c. Rollins V36 ref. # who died 5/18/13 in the Philippines, do I REALLY need to fill out the claim form SF1174 with the same info my brother Calvin C Rollins, sisters Carolyn R Alexander and Cheryl McGuire have already provided with my name, ss.# and address ? My sister Carolyn started this process last year. I’m a Vietnam Veteran x Navy with my on unnecessary stressful headaches from a denied claim when I cracked my left heel onboard USS Peoria LST 1183 and now suffering from pain of bone spur and paid 10% for PTSD, REALLY and waiting for agent orange claim to be denied. my plate is full but if by not filling out this form will delay or cause denial for my siblings then I’ll waist time doing so, I was told at the Broward VA clinic when they were checking my foot for claim about the relationship to agent orange and PROSTATE CANCER I had surgery for on August16,2011 at University of Miami hospital. Please send me a yes or no answer by mail to my home because I can only check email at library. I have no computer at home and reaching someone by phone is a VERY LONG wait time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

  20. when I try to login to Mypay it says my email addresss doesn’t match. How do I change my email address to the correct one? Also if there is another “open season” for restoring my SBP will I still have to pay all the back premiums to when I retired? when I retired I didn’t understand that declining it for my wife was permanent. Does it make a difference that 30% of my retired pay is VA disability or do they just charge according to my actual retirement pay? Thank you.

  21. Just got divorce after 23 yrs of marriage. My ex wife is active duty Army and I need to find out where to send certified copy of our divorce paperwork to start allotment on the alimony she has agreed to pay until her retirement starts when she retires. I need an address or phone number on where to send divorce documents for direct deposit to start in my account 1 Sept 2014.

  22. arrogant and rude. and not very knowledgeable. gain more insight regarding ‘former spouse benefits’ on the various web-sites. but after the customer service rep told me ‘get on with it ma’am’ I realized I was at the wrong number. after informing her I am no amateur been in the system 34 years and am not a former spouse just yet, she sat in her chair. my children both military have told me how incompetent, rude and uncaring the civilian personnel are in the finance office but, I just didn’t believe them until this morning. when I was working in PAC years ago, we did not have the best equipment, but the soldier was always #1, and for me to disrespect a spouse like I encountered this morning, I would have been terminated. I guess laws and levels of respect have changed.

  23. My comment is that I have been trying to get some help.Because my x husband owe me half of his retired pay.We was married way over ten years .And he was in the air force.Some one please help. Where do I go from hear?

  24. Please provide a good contact number/email for someone who can assist in getting answers regarding the progress of DWOS matters for active duty, retired and reserve personnel.

  25. I have attempted to contact DFAS Customer Service concerning an invoice that needs to be recalled for correction for 2 days but have been unable to reach anyone via the telephone. I have waited on hold each day for about 2 hours before I gave up. I have emailed a request to have the invoice recalled also (2 days ago) but have yet to receive a reply or action concerning the recall. Eventually, DFAS is going to have to recall the invoice back to me for correction (it is in a suspended status and I know why) but I was just trying to save time. Sorry I bothered. I am with the federal government and it used to be possible just a few years ago to pick up the phone and talk to people at DFAS and get things done very quickly. Now this is impossible. What happened?

  26. I have not received my retirement pay this month. I am currently stuck in New Mexico awaiting DFAS to fix problem. I have sent fax, e-mails and tried to speak to a human daily. My checking account is now in the negative.

  27. I have faxed 5 requests and did 1 email to change my bank account information for auto deposit. I know I signed some if not all requests. I sent my first request in December. Also included with was a request for a call because having trouble for a full year concerning a change of address, I wanted to talk to someone to verify the bank info was completed and correct. You messed up royally the bank information so how can I get someone to call me???? Your phone message keeps telling me you are unusually busy and to call back later.

  28. I would like to send documents to cancel SBP based on divorce. Can I get assistance or at least the email address. I am unable to get through on the phone. Thanks

  29. My husbands check today (active duty army) was half of what it should be/usually is. No explanation. Nothing. I know it’s an error bc we have zero garnishments or collections. What makes me mad is he’s tried all day to get ahold of someone but just gets automated crap. His s1 office is closed on thursdays. This is ridiculous. Not only has he not received back pay from getting promoted in AUGUST but now we can’t pay all of our bills/buy food bc his check was wrong and there’s no one in site to remedy the situation. Shameful.

  30. I have been trying to get a copy of my fathers 1099r , so I can do his taxes, as he has passed away. It has been very hard for me to get this information.Thank you. Paul

  31. You need to get an expert to expand your web site to handle more traffic! I need the mailing address for Military Retired Pay in Kentucky. Thank you.
    Paul V. Helsel

  32. I retired from the Coast Guard in 02/10/ 2006. I moved back east and am now back in Yuma Az. I have not received my 1099r for 2014. Who do I call or email to try and get a 1099r so I can do my taxes. Thank You very much

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