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Contacting Craftsman Customer Service Center

Craftsman is a brand of tools sold exclusively at Sears. The brand is one of the most popular as well as one of the most trusted as it relates to quality. The brand has been a part of the Sears family for more than 85 years. What has not waivered over the course of time is commitment to quality and customer service.

Contact Info:

Connecting and keeping in contact with the customer service department is easier than you may think. The company is available through social media, by phone, email and traditional mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-349-4358
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-800-549-4505
  • Craftsman Club: 1-800-682-8691
  • Delivery: 1-800-732-7747
  • Installation: 1-800-326-8738
  • Part Orders and Inquiries: 1-800-366-7278
  • Repair: 1-800-469-4663

Mailing Address

Sears Corporate Office3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Official Website

Whether you want to plan your next project or simply want advice on the right tool for the job, the official Craftsman website×12645 has the answers. Customers can shop, but also learn about various products and services. The company provides several options to connect with the online community, beyond social media. Craftsman provides a YouTube channel and a Livestream channel as a resource.

Customer Service Email

When customers visit, they can contact the customer service department. This is not the direct email address, rather the customer contact form. We noticed that the customer service hours are not available on the website, so we sent a message to the customer service department requesting the hours of operation. We immediately received a message stating a customer care agent would address our concern within two business days.

We feel this may not be the most efficient manner to contact the customer service department. Customers can connect with a representative on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

The on-line customer care department is ready to take of the customer. Typically, customers have to endure a confusing automated system prior to speaking with a customer service representative. This is not the case with Craftsman. When contacting the customer care department, simply press 6 and the call goes directly to the customer service department. The customer service representative answered the call and we asked if we needed to contact Sears customer service department or Craftsman customer service department if we had a question regarding products. The agent explained to first line of defense is to contact Craftsman.

We feel as if the agent provided honest feedback relating to our question. Was the customer service representative honest with you? We want to hear the stories of customer just like you. We would like for you to share your story with us below.

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24 Comments on “Contact Craftsman Customer Service
  1. Tried to get in touch with Craftsman customer sderviced – web site just keeps taking you around and around, never giving you any info. Try to get warranty info and never get anyh help info.

    • YOu should think twice before wearing the craftsman brand…. NOT a quality product. Just read a majority of the comments here!! Sad sad sad

  2. Hi my name is Karsen McCullough and I love your company. I was wondering if I could get some free stuff like stickers, poster, t shirt, ect. so I could rep you. If you would send it to 120 Jena Leigh Drive Pelzer SC 29669. Thanks!

  3. I bought a new Craftsman 54 inch riding lawn mower from my local Sears store here in Murray, KY. I purchased it in April of 2011. Mechanically this has been a good, solid mower and I am pleased. As a hobbyist mechanic, I do all of my own maintenance and repair. This mower is actually a Husqvarna mower sold under the Craftsman name and Husqvarna builds a dependable machine. Here is my gripe: The seat on this new machine had severe cracks in the seat material during my first year of ownership. I went to my Sears dealer and they informed me that this wasn’t waranty. I found out the supplier and ordered a new craftsman seat from them and installed it. The original seat seemed flimsy and cheap and obviously did not hold up. Now I notice that all of my exterior decals on my mower saying Craftsman are peeling off and the mower is barely 2 years old. I keep the mower inside my barn, but of course it is exposed to the elements some too. My equipment is never abused and I regularly service it. However the side issues like the seat and the peeling off of the decals is causing me to rethink the high regard I’ve had for Craftsman mowers. Incidently, I also have a 48 inch Husqvarna riding mower and I’ve not had the exterior problems with it that I’ve had with my Craftsman. My next go around, I may purchase a John Deere riding mower noting that I’ve never heard negative comments on the exterior problems like I’ve experienced with Craftsman.
    I just want you to be aware of my dissatisfaction and at present would not recommend a Craftsman mower to a friend
    because of the problems I’ve experienced and the lack of sympathy from my local Sears dealer.

  4. to whom it my concern. I think I have a eazy, pretty symple, salution to the problem everybody complanes about with the 3 bagger systemm with the bags not filling up each one.pleaase get back to me and i’ll let you know. 860-309-4395 thanks.jim

  5. hi i bought a craftsman trimmer at my local sears… it had a two year warrant on it…. i had to have the trimmer sent off to be repaired and they keep it two weeks from the day you get it to you local store.. that dose not stop the grass from grow in them to weeks..My warrant was just about to run out and the trimmer that hasn’t really work good at all was giving me more problems.So it was sent back off for two more week to be fix again… I get a call from the sear repair place, and they tell me that it is going to cost me $175.08 to fix a $200.00 trimmer this time… we i ask them about the warrant they gave me a lame reason way the warrant wouldn’t cove it this time.. The lady told me that the trimmer had stale fuel in it,,, that had mess up the trimmer. I tried to tell her that couldn’t be true because the trimmer is used all the time… So be ware that it you have your craftsman tool sent of more then once!!!!and if it is still under warrant and you have to have them fix again they will come up with a lame reason not to fix it and make it your fought and you can’t get results out of the customer service.. So craftsman and sears does not stand be hand there stuff.. Sears and craftsman has loss me as a customer.. thank you for reading

  6. I fully expect that this comment sill go no where but I would like to voice my opinion anyway. I’m a fourth generation craftsman tool user. We have used only these tools as a tradition in believing that they were of the best quality. I have recently purchased several hundred dollars in new wrenches and socket sets. I got them home and recieved the rudest shock of my life. The words made in China literally put tears in my eyes. I refuse to put food on the table of sick nation that is always trying to down our country. I am a true red blooded American and I will NEVER set foot in a Sears store again as long as I live. I firmly believe in keeping Americans working and not the Chinese. What a national travesty!!!!

    • I know what you mean by not using a craftsman tool that says made in china. I went round and round but got results eventually with the higher ups at craftsman. Don’t fault the brand. Sears is just a distributor. Been that way forever.

  7. Bought craftsman 20 inch dual action blade corded hedge trimmer. Motor blew in 15 mins and I was cutting very thin limb Bush well within the machines cutting range per manual

  8. I recently purchased a Craftsman pressure washer (Model # 580.752870). When I started assembling and got to PerfectMix Detergent Siphon system I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A syphon hose is to be attached to the pump and attached to a PerfectMix bottle with syphon tube which goes into a bottle containing a detergent. Also the bottle bracket is to be attached to hold the detergent bottle. All of the parts are there except the bottle which is (not included). There is no reference in the manual as to where the bottle can be purchased, what size bottle the cap will fit that is attached to the syphon tube,or nothing. I am very disgusted that Craftsman can’t supply a $3.00 bottle so all the attachments can be assembled. If I had known that any of the parts were missing I would not have purchased the pressure washer. Please reply.

  9. Never ever will I buy a craftsman product again. We have had our lawn mower for 5 years and always did our own maintenance and care. This year the housing unit snapped with the bearing and some other part so we had to order the three parts from them. Told we would have the part 3-5 business days, almost two weeks goes by (grass growing like crazy on 5 acres that we maintain as our yard) was told the parts are all on back order and one was on back order for weeks yet. Was told it will be in on July 2nd which is now 4 weeks later (grass crazy out of control had to borrow a hand lawn mower/mulcher from a friend to do the grass just around our house and walkway) I call again on July 9th as still no sign of the part and now am told the part will be shipped out July 15th….LIKE OMG are you for real!!!!! They have no empathy or solutions to your ever growing grass either! Never ever again, worse service in my life! I bet if I got them to send out maintenance I would have had it fixed way sooner with a huge bill on top of it!!!! Useless and will never buy from them again!

  10. have a craftsman lawn mower under warranty had to take it to be repaired 5 times for the same problem when I contacted corp. all I got was a run around the rep. I talked to gave me a number for in shop repair, that does not work. BAD PRODUCT AND SERVICE

  11. I would like to say that today 8/4/14 I had the best and most helpful care with a purchase problem by your employee Shercia. I reached her thru your 800 number. Not only did she patiently listen while I somewhat ranted but in turn helped to resolve the problem that I had called on 3 times before. She followed through on what she said she was going to do and cleared up an ongoing issue with the recent purchase of the craftman mower in less then a half hour. Not only that but she new what your policies were in regards to warranty and returns. I wish she worked in every service support of all major companies because she is definitely a role model for anyone to follow. Thankyou again Shercia.

  12. Last week at the Sioux city Southern Hills Mall I stopped at the Sears stores with the intent to buy a sheet sander. On the shelf was the sander I would have purchased, but when I checked where it was made…. MADE IN CHINA!I walked away very disappointed and angry! I always trusted Craftsman tools now I will be looking at other brands and hope that they say MADE IN USA. I am not purchasing any junk made in China caring American brand companies. I am being very careful and checking labels any more. As a veteran I’m very insulted! I agree with Mr. Gary Oliver and Virginia one hundred plus percent. I’m not setting foot in Sears or intent to purchase any Sears products. Sears products are now junk, made in China or Mexico. And Ryan C. tell that to American workers who lost their jobs to China. And I do blame the brand company Craftman and Sears.

  13. I’ve been buying Craftsman tools all my life…(I’m 58)..I recently purchased a 10″ sliding compound miter saw…I’ve used it maybe 6-8 times…A part on it has broken already…made of plastic…almost everything else on this saw is metal..this piece is where you move the saw and tighten it down in the position you want…Under pressure, this PLASTIC piece will break..and

  14. It has taken until I am 70 years old to lose faith in Sears and their service. I have been a lifelong customer of sears, and even worked for
    sears after college.
    To make a long story short, I purchased a craftsman mini tiller over a year ago and had to take it back three times for repairs. This last time I returned it because the starter rope wouldn’t retract. I paid the $50.00 diagnostic fee and waited. I received a call informing me that the price to repair the tiller would be over $120.00 dollars, at which time I informed them that I refused to spend any more on the tiller. When I went to retrieve the tiller I found the cord still wrapped around the handle like I gave it to them and other parts sticking all over the place.I don’t know about the Craftsman name, but service is gone to the dogs. I went and priced tillers at Tractor Supply, Lowes, Home Depot. All had a better deal and heck of a better service. Product get you there/ service sells and keep you there.(how is Sears profit line)

  15. We have a Craftsman toolboxes, metal. We need replacement locks and key. Three of them. How can I get these and where? thank you

  16. Bought a Craftsman Snow Blower and I certainly wished I hadn’t! What a terrible product. We’ve only owned it for 5 years, and it’s been broken more than it’s been useful. I tried speaking to a customer representative about this, and no one seems to care at all. This company does not back their products and certainly doesn’t care about their customers. Sears and Craftsman should be ashamed of themselves! Will never shop there again and take my hard earned money elsewhere! I put this warning out there to anyone thinking about shopping at Sears for Craftsman products.

  17. I purchased a pair of craftsman work boots and they are the most uncomfortable and poorly made boots I have EVER worn!!! Within a Month or so the back of the shoe inside wore out and I was in pain wearing them within 2 Months the inside ball of foot area wore out and I went thru a dozen or so pairs of socks!! It got to the point that I would go thru a pair of socks for each day the boots were worn!!!!! paid 100.00 and 30.00 in socks!! I would have been better off with a pair of 39.00 Walmart boots!! NOT HAPPY

  18. horrible!!!! I had a problem with a pair of work boots and was misinformed when I called customer service!! Lucky for sears there was a good manager on duty today at the store or I would have been done with Sears!!!!

  19. I bought a jacket for my husband from sears that seemed to be good quality. He wore it a few times and needed it washed so I followed the care instructions and the whole jacket fell apart. I have been trying for over a year to contact craftsman and have had no response. This is pretty crappy since they supposedly back their product. It is very frustrating.

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