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Contacting CNN Customer Service Center

CNN, or Cable News Network, broadcasts multiple news programs and shows. CNN accepts breaking news from the crowd via phone, email or text message. Depending on the current news stories, CNN may provide detailed or specialized coverage.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting customer service via the CNN phone number is the fastest way to talk with a real person about your issue or breaking news story.

  • Breaking News: 1-404-827-1500 Option 1
  • Customer Service: 1-800-CNN-News

Mailing Address

You can contact CNN by mail using the address for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc, the company behind CNN.

CNNTurner Broadcasting System, Inc. One CNN Center, 13 NorthAtlanta, GA 30303

CNN and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Are huge companies, so contacting them via mail is like sending a needle in a haystack. It could take a long time to receive a response if one is received at all. If you need a immediate response, contact CNN customer service by phone.

Official Website

The official website for CNN offers tons of contact information. The website is located at You can view main information for CNN, but also information for each of the programs broadcast on the network.

Customer Service Email

There are tons of email contacts for CNN. Here is a list of the ones we feel customers will look for most often.

You can contact CNN customer service via Twitter at @TeamCNN, @TeamHLN, @TeamCNNI, @TeamCNNE.

Our Experience

We called the CNN News line but that number was set up for polling and political messages only, as of October 2012. The only alternative phone number is for contacting a writer about breaking news, so we chose to skip that one. Do you have experience contacting CNN customer service? How were you treated? Leave a message below and help others find out just how CNN treats real people.

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8 Comments on “Contact CNN Customer Service
  1. I’ve repeatedly tried to send service complaints to CNN web addresses. Have filled out my name, eMail address etc. pushed send and messages not accepted. I’ve also asked others to do the same, and the result is the same. We cannot get through. I am using iPad with CNN app.. When I type a pick or news account at least half the time a blanc white page pops up with the word “done,” but nothing else.

  2. I watched your Pierce Morgan/Alex Jones debate, and while I think Alex came out swinging verbally, well noted due to how much of a lack of respect Mr. morgan holds for any guest that doesn’t share his opinion. I am not a gun owner, just for the risks involved having a 6 yr old in the house. I do fully
    support our 2nd amendment. I lived in Downey, Ca during the L.A. Riots and seen first hand why a person would need an assault rifle.

    My Problem lies within the next night show with Mr. Morgan, Buzz and the two lady’s.

    How is it you are supporting, a bann on aaualt rifle’s, which is ammusing beings the majority of hand guns are semi automatic.

    You have three reporters from your Broadcast station plus Mr. Morgan, first making a statement of I hope your kid’s don’t die! A personal threat to Alex Jones family, to then saying there is no need for assault rifles or hand guns, to his next sentence being,

    ” I think we should put Alex in a ring and Pierce you show up with a legal semi rifle and “POP” him” then the long blk haired lady laughs and say’s “I’d love to see that; in uniform” then Pierce confirm’s “I can wear my brother’s uniform!”

    How outstandishly appauling and corrupt not only did they pass the border on free speech into a threat of Murder on Alex Jones. I say threat because if Alex had said those words he would be in jail at the Moment.

    Here you are trying to push an end to violence and you have four of your reporter’s blantly cold heartedly not only threatening his kids but his life as well using the exact weapon you are pushing to ban.

    How is it, you are trying to stop the use of Assualt rifle’s yet @ the same time can have such hipocracy as to say “pop” him with a legal assault rifle and then you wonder where people get these ideas. You put it in their heads.

    while no one in America is happy about the recent mass shootings Alex Jones is an advocate for American’s Constitution, and he is very passionate about his work and his findings.

    I also took an oath to defend that constituion from any threats Foreign Or Domestic so has My Spouse who is still currently serving our Country.

    I am demanding the indefinite suspension of Pierce Morgan Buzz and the other two or we the people will press legal action for these threats were felony threats and no one not even You or the American President are above those laws.

    Thank you for your time, I hope you make this right with not only a full apology to Alex and the disposal of Mr. Morgan but firm action against Buzz and the lady’s as well.

    Have a blessed New Year and hopefully in the future you will be more for the people then you are the government after all your ancestors fought and died for that constitution to be up held. it is a bill of rights, not a law and cannot be made into a law….it clearly states in the 2nd Amendment and this shall not be fringed. It doesn’t say in 300 years, it say’s shall not be!


  3. Was CNN the network that ran the wonderful series on the United States First Ladies? And, will it run again? If so, please tell me when it will air. I have a large network of people who are sorry they missed it and all want to see it.

  4. There is way too many commercials while trying to watch the show. The trial is hard to follow. We appreciate you covering it for the people, but ease up on the commercials.. rite now you have approximately one minute of the trail then two or three mi utes of commercial s. Its bad.


  5. I have had CNN as my home page for several years. However, I’m now disgusted with the fact that all your headlines are SCREAMING in large, bold-face type and your selection of news items seems way out of whack in terms of importance. Sorry, but I’ll have to change to another news source. You should really reconsider why you are sensationalizing the news as any common tabloid would.

  6. CNN SUCKS!!! They have turned to the nutty right. I do not approve of the network having these nut cases on, such as Glen Beck the other night, Rand Paul and the nut of all nuts Cruz of the backward state of Texas. ALSO, I do not approve of the bitch anchor woman talking while we are trying to watch the Pope give his first Christmas Mass. What a stupidly run station.

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