Jessica Khater, a student at the University of Miami, has an eye that so many creatives wish for. As a UI/UX Design and Marketing major, she works outside the books to develop a portfolio professionals admire. As if her eye for light, color and subject weren’t enough, she is also proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Graphic Design. Interestingly, she also offers years of experience in the Car Industry.

Jessica’s experiences include being a Co-Founder and CTO of Cash Calendar. A consulting startup working to integrate accounting and a user-friendly interface that offers a visual experience unlike any other Dealer Management System on the market today.

Other work experiences include:

  • Logo, background, content design
  • Rebranding outdated social media and images
  • Freelance work with business cards, magazines and t-shirt design

You can find out more about Jessica Khater on various social media platforms, including:






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