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Contacting Zynga Customer Service Center

Zynga is a name nearly every Facebook user knows by now. The company develops and supports games commonly played on Facebook. Not all games were a hit, at first, but when the company developed Farmville the world went wild. Farmville is now the most popular game in the Zynga catalog and likely the most popular game on Facebook. Users can play online and via mobile device. Farmville cash was originally the only money maker for the company, but Zynga has since introduced marketing partnerships from outside companies for Farmville specials and rewards. It is thought by some that Zynga is the reason Facebook is as popular as it is today.

Some of the games developed and supported by Zynga include:

  • Adventure World
  • Café World
  • Chefville
  • Castleville
  • Farmville
  • Fishville
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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number listed for Zynga, but the number was not listed on the support site.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-762-2530

Mailing Address

The mailing address listed on the Zynga business website is:

Zynga Headquarters699 8th St.San Francisco, CA 94103

Zynga also operates business locations throughout the world, including locations in India, Los Angeles, China, Boston, Japan and New York. Many of the offices located outside of San Francisco are offices held by companies acquired by Zynga.

Official Website

There are several websites for Zynga. You can visit for technical and game support. If you want to learn more about the company you can visit The official website for the company is available at

Customer Service Email

Zynga is open to customer contact for support, but the company does not list a contact email address. They do suggest using the Twitter and Facebookpages to contact a support agent quickly.

You can also contact Zynga support from inside the game in question. Simply log in to your Facebook account and click the link for the game. Choose Help and open an Article with Zynga support.

You can choose to contact Zynga directly from the support site at If you log in to the form with your Facebook account, the agent has most of the information they need to solve your gaming problem.

Our Experience

When we called the support phone number for Zynga, we were directed to Zynga billing support. We were given the option to press 1 for technical support, but when we pressed 1 we were directed to the support website and the call was disconnected. When we pressed 2 for billing support and 3 for all other questions. Our call was answered by Mark who told us more about how Facebook credits work with Zynga games.

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356 Comments on “Contact Zynga Customer Service
  1. I am trying to send an email for support but am unable to get an email. Zynga customer support is terrible. No help at all.

    • WHY is it so hard to get ahold of you guys!!!!! I am missing CASH, by the blogs, so are a lot of people! HOW ABOUT AN ANSWER!!!!!!

      • Games are fine as long as you don’t need something. If a game has an error that needs fixing or you have a question that the website won’t answer, you’re sh*t out of luck. There is no way to talk to a real person and the phantom email for tech support is impossible (non-existent)to find. Enjoy the games but when a problem comes up, game’s over.

  2. Could you please put an opt out of game button, for people who no longer play that game, and remove their name from that game please, as i am getting complaints from people for sending game requests to them for games that they no longer play,when sending help requests, it is unrealistic to select individuals,and i cant remember who plays what game, i would have to be Einstein.

  3. trying to let you know that on Hawaiian farm, the trading post did not credit me with harvesting mussels so i could fill an order. also, the baby playpen does not reduce when one grows up into an adult and offered to the friends. therefore i cannot fill in with another baby to change some that have been mastered. your contact the app told me to remove or quit farmville when all i wanted to do was report a game issue. these things happened on farmville in facebook. i give up… your service is designed for the players to fail any attempt to let you know when the game has other issues than the ones you list above the game.

  4. I am absolutely disgusted with Zynga and non existent customer service. Zynga you need to realize when you take money from people for service, then provide NO service, that is theft. Do any of you understand that games are supposed to be fun and entertaining, not make you feel like punching something from pure frustration. T FV2 is a joke along with a few other games, I have never seen such poor quality and ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE in my life!!! Do this, do that, buy more chickens, ask neighbors for sugar and salt just to be able to craft, feed the animals for goods and KEEP BUYING MORE b/c they become prized and are no longer good for anything, can you say DANCE MONKEY???? This is beyond stupid already and if none of you can make a game run properly THEN DON’T MAKE THEM!!!!! ONE LAST THING INSTEAD OF ZYNGA EMPLOYEES TRYING TO POLICE PEOPLE FOR SAYING NOTHING WRONG…HERE’S AN IDEA …FIX THE GAME ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. baron_von_forgotn, IronBob and GeneralObvious all need to be fired they do NOTHING but try and police the game yest NOBODY is FIXING IT!!!!! THIS IS PAST STUPID ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You NEVER get a solution through your email and you have to reply to them over and over again with no help at all because each email is from a different person that does not take the time to read the previous emails and has NO clue what is going on ! SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING! You end up spending DAYS emailing back and forth to all these different people … with no compensation and no satisfaction!

  6. Scramble with friends has crashed and I have tried all of the options to rectify this. Is there anyone I can talk to that will help me with this problem?

    • Re: words with friends.
      I have been trying to contact you for weeks but get no response and no resolution. I continuously get the message NETWORK ERROR and must re-error and must re-enter my word at least once.
      Can you please help me. The game has become a chore to play And is no longer fun.

      • I can not load “Hit it Rich. It gives me error after error and no solution how to fix it. I have a lot of money invested in the game and would like to continue playing. The curios thing is that it only happens on the IPad and not the computer. Can you help to fix the iPad issue?

  7. For 2 weeks the game has been stalling going between farms loading takes forever if it does load, and crashes frequently. Clearing Cookies, Browsing History, and Internet files. Also checked the Adobe Fash player and made sure it was uppdated
    Tried to load the game for the past 2 hours the first time it started to load then crashed. After that all it does is show the loading game icon. Never loads. Reporting these issues seem to go unnoticed.

    • I purchased balloons while playing hanging free, they cost me 700 coins. I didn’t receive my balloons but they were definitely not hesitant to take my coins. I would really appreciate getting my coins back. thanks

  8. i’ve been playing bubble safari – spending time and money, and the game does not progress – you win the level, but don’t get the food you’re supposed to. over and over and over. they don’t seem to want feedback – have wasted lots of time trying to find a way to contact them, so i will vote with my wallet. no more zynga games at all. and i will tell my friends.



  10. Hi love draw something best game ever! However a few days ago I was guessing a word from a random person ( who I absolutely enjoy drawing with) and the game froze up as I was guessing the last letter and I tried reloading the game and I refreshed my Ipad and I even updated this game and it still freezes in the same spot and I can’t contact this person is there anyway you can help this problem? Please email me back this is the 6th email I sent with no response from you guys.. Thank you

  11. quite upset with dream pethouse, i really like the game but for months and months now its just never ending problems, i cant play cause it keeps dropping me out of the game, including feeding pets, adopting, the new races, picking up coins from my mailbox and going to other peoples trees. i wouldn’t be surprised if someone goes to sue zynga because of the lack of customer service. i dont find their players support to be affective because a lot of peoples problems are technical and need to be answered by the creators not other players. also tempted to see if itunes can do something about it.

  12. I just need help…I am trying to play bubble safari ocean cause I absolutely love bubble safari but I cannot see the right side of my screen I have done everything updated flash player downloaded chrome nothing is working. Can someone please help. Thanks

  13. i purchased 20$ for 287 cityville cash reloaded the gamed and no cash but they already deducted out of my band trying to send an email. but for some reason can’t find the page for it . help

  14. I don’t think requests that we send are making it to our neighbors. Some posts don’t make it to the news feed either. It shouldn’t be this hard to build a stove. For example, the first stage requires one neighbor’s click for a part for a part. Well, sometimes I don’t get that click. I usually send requests out for that one part to about 4 people but I still don’t get that part. I might get it days later. I keep sending out requests but it still takes days to get them. That shouldn’t happen. I know very well that the people I select would send me parts. Is this a glitch in the game? Or do you not want us to get the part too quickly? I’m beyond frustrated and would like someone to look into this problem. Thanks.

  15. I have been playing FarmVille 2 for about a month. Twice in the last week I lost farm expansions. I have lost 300,000 coin and all the time it took to accumulate the coin and items to earn the farm expansion. From the reading the posted complaints from other players,it is obvious to me that Zynga is systematically ripping off consumers

  16. yesterday evening finally built up to level 15 expanded land for 125000 posted to friends expanded plots to 64 moved silo treat bin for reindeer planted plants watered left to come back to no land expansion credited for xp but went back prior to leveling and minus 125000 .went into zynga it actually showed problem .u know how long it took me to get to that im explaining it so its not overlooked but u know that its recorded progress.

  17. I have trying like forever to find were to get help with the game and can’t find anywhere to write for help. Please help me love the game but it isn’t working right.

  18. I have been trying to email Zynga about words with friends game. I have tried to login to my account and pick a username but it will not allow me to do that. I have tried several different names with no luck. If someone could please get back to me about this issue. Email is (

    Thank You,

  19. i quit farmville and blocked it, i quit cafe world and blocked it, i quit cityville and blocked it, i have quit all games except for bubble safari.

    this is what you do with the theft from zynga. you write a letter of complaint to your state attorney generals office. that is what i did. they have 30 to 90 days to answer you depending on your state law. i have reported zynga for theft, harassment, making me advertise their game without reimbursement, and then facebooks new policy makes it hard to play the games.

    theft for cityville, i have written, called and no answer. cafe world i quit because you had to keep harassing people.

    i wrote in my letter it was my choice to play, but when they had you play, they made it hard for you to complete or do any tasks, because they only gave things, to people who played and bought money. they didn’t allow people who didn’t pay with money to get the things they needed to complete tasks and the games even when you paid money did not work properly. they also would steal your money and not give you the credit you deserved. i have proof of this with 193.00 dollars in cityville cash. they took it and now it is gone.

    bubble safari and ocean bubble safari i will not ever pay zynga for anything and they have erased all my cash that i won for completing levels.

    you will never get a hold of them. but send a letter of complaint to your state attorney general office. it will and by law must be answered.

  20. im very disappointed in farmville i was working on my farm when i accidently deleted my sunflower master sign it never asked if i wanted to sell it,it automatically deleted it and im pissed been using farmville many years i worked hard on my master signs and now one is gone forever is there anyway to get it back and also i lost my llama and cow as well because of that delete issue please help me

  21. My hidden chronicles will not load and every time I try to reach zynga support it kicks me over to player support-which can’t help anyone with bug issues. Fix the game and stop blaming the customers and get some actual customer support ie help your customers with their issues.If you are impossible to contact directly then you make it impossible to support your customers. You have major bugs in hidden chronicles please fix soon or I won’t be playing anymore cause I can’t play cause it’s broken…..on YOUR end…

  22. Dear Zynga, I am playing CW on 2 different name and email addresses as I posted but am having the same problem on both so instead of writing twice figured I’d link them together. My problems on Cafe World are in the apps. center. When returning request and excepting gifts from my friends and neighbors when it comes to the spices we send to each other as gifts when you click on them it when it goes to the next screen instead of accepting the spice it just says SORRY …. Yes I’m sorry too because I can really use the spices. PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE can you fix this problem we all seem to be having. Instead of giving us all these timed quests that the average player can never finish in time but still plays everyday can you fix at least this one problem…..Thank you very much Sincerely Ann

  23. Hi Zynga I am having trouble with the topaz stove that supposed to be on the right side of the screen. I was working on it and sending requests to my neighbors went back to finish sending my requests and the stove was gone. I’ve refreshed….refreshed….and refreshed to no avail the stove didn’t come back and at the end if I can get the stove back and finish sending the last of the requests I would have the 4x ultra stove…..Please help thank you Ann I am having trouble with 2 different cafes similar names but 2 different cafes again thank you

  24. Hi Zynga I am sorry to trouble you again but I was wrong about the topas stove in my earlier it is the tiger eye stove goal on the right hand side that went missing in my cafe when I first go into the cafe it’s there and then it goes missing. Please help me I was in the middle of sending requests to finish it I was on the last page sending request when it just disappeared. Thank you

  25. hi i went to play poker and 5m of my chips have gone this is not acceptable i paid real life money for some of it and played the game alot to get the 5m stack please contact me urgently

  26. i am trying, and have been trying 2 reach zynga support for the purpose of retrieving my 6,000,000 stolen chips from my account. i cant get a hold of any1 by phone or email…if this doesnt get resolved shortly, i will hav no choice but 2 play poker on another website. im not going to waste my time playing zynga poker if your company can not protect those of us who dont steal chips from others!!!!

    • this is the second time that i get my account suspended for no fault of mine
      is winning a fault????/
      lost 826 mill chips , wa playing on 16/02/2013 and stooped playing at 17.56 pm indian time and then when i logged back in at 20.15 pm i get the notice that i played improper or something and hence account is banned
      please help coz i alwasy played fair in poker
      its a hackers mischief
      and i have also requested to bann all the people who took the chips from my account
      please see into the matter

  27. i enjoy playing this one, everything is so expensive . i quit farmville cause to many quests at one time and didnt receive half my gifts there. i want to keep plaing farmville 2 but u have to buy most of the stuff with cash why? dont get anyy money fopr going up levels like we did in farmville its outrageous plz lower prices on animals and let us buy animals with coins alo not just the ones we need but some of the other ones also to much money for some animals

  28. Please extend the 2013 spice sign or whatever it’s called please no one knew that you were supposed to send and post requests. It was thought of just a sign for the new year like Zynga does every year. So please extend the time limit by two days because of the high limit we need to collect.
    Thank you

  29. I have been playing Dream Zoo for a very long time and back in Aug., the 5th to be exact my game starting acting up. I have repeatly sent email after email and no one has helped me get my game play back. Most of the customer service reps don’t even read my entire email before they run their mouth off about what to do, when it doesn’t even pertain to me and my situation. All I want is to be able to open my game and play it, is that so hard? Your customer service is terrible!! We are the ones who keep you in business and you would think that you would want to help take care of your customers, but it doesn’t seem that way at all. It is like we are an imposition to you. I get the same response we are aware of the problem and are trying to fix the hiccups in the game. You went so far as to say that because of Apple it takes more time. Well, that isn’t true at all. I was on the phone with Apple last night for 4 hrs. And they were trying to help me erase my iPad and start over again but said that all they do is house your game and nothing else, so you can stop blaming Apple for your incompetence.

  30. Do you people even know what your doing. This is some way for a gaming corporation to work. Before you put your game on mobile, make sure that it works. Your promising people a great game, when all your doing is stealing their money. I have lost my zoo 3 times because of your false promises not to mention my own money that I put into this worthless piece of crap. I would say that this would constitute a damn good lawsuit. Making promises that are lies. Taking money with no return investment. Having a support line which nobody can reach. A nice way to run a business.

  31. I am disappointed that there is no e-mail address to contact Customer Service. This is really beyond the pale. Where is the service in Customer Service? When you lose focus on the customer, the next step is losing the customers you count on for business. It is so preventable.

  32. I purchased the land behind the house with the cute cotton tail rabbit included. it said it was purchased but then some whoops a daisy popped up and it avoided me from getting the land I got. I like the game. can I have the land I purchased or the refund for the items I had to purchase(easy way out) to get the land the easy way. TAAAAANKS!!!! 🙂

  33. I have been playing Words with Friends for months, but for the past 2 weeks I have not been able to play. As soon as I click on the game, it processes, displays the game screen and before I can begin a play, the game shuts down. At first I thought perhaps it was a problem with my IPAD battery.but I am able to do all other functions just fine – other games, email, etc.
    Zynga support stinks as it seems to be nonexistent. What gives???????

  34. Hello, I have tried, and tried to contact Customer Support about the game Hidden Chronicles, to help me My Inbox Can Not Open again, I have 99 pending requests from Z friends every day, more than 20 days , I play it for a longer period of time so be so kind and Fix It for me, like You did before, this 4th time in 2 months, I really like this game and this time I do not get help anywhere, so I am just trying to contact Customer Support and get my Inbox Fixed.
    Than You in advance!

  35. In order to have a malfunction by Zynga on their game ‘Hidden Chronicles’ it seems I am expected to pay £28. This is OUTRAGEOUS as it is a fault on Zynga’s part and nothing to do with my computer. Do Zynga no longer take any responsibility for their games working properly?

  36. I have been playing games on Facebook for going on 4 years and I am frustrated as hell. I wrote an email and sent to what I thought was a legit email address only to have it returned. Several quest are failing to get completed because of my post not going out for supplies. I have spent MY hard earned money on the game Farmville 2 and have been stuck for months. I may just hang it up all together with he Zynga games. Why should I continue to support them through my purchases when they do not give a care about us. I have played Yoville since I joined Facebook. I know I have spent thousands of dollars in that game so if enough of us hang up the dedication to the game they will open their eyes or otherwise go BUST.

  37. I am having a problem with Pioneer Trail, I have 3 orchard upgrade coupons in my inventory but have no way to use them. I have checked at the support site and followed instructions on how to use them, but no luck. Now I find that there is no customer support! No way to email them unless I pay. Seems like the game not working is how they’re hoping to get us to pay.

  38. Please help. Screen froze. Deleted games with friends ap(scrabble). Ap reinstated but Zynga won’t accept my email address so I can play. Could you correct this for me as have games waiting to be played. Love the game.

  39. Play games with friends HD (scrabble) and until the last two days ha be enjoyed it . The screen froze, and eventually deleted the ap. it’s been reinstated but can’t play because you keep insisting my email address is wrong. Pleas please connect me so I can continue playing Love the game! Thank you.

  40. Been playing farmville for over 3 years, customer support was excellent up until this past year, now it has totally disappeared you have made it impossible to enjoy the game, please quit adding so much crap and fix the current issues. thank You.

  41. I won this morning 4 mil on zynga poker. After 3 minutes i saw that zynga stilled from me 71 mil. i want my chips back. You make a mistake when you take my chips. Please, give me all chips back. You can see on my timeline how many chips i had. Thx

  42. i am a VIP member but cannot get hold of zynga to report an issue i have no e-mail and my live chat has gone i have tried everything.
    i have a stove that i cannot clean move upgrade change or cook on i love this game and a severely disabled lady please can someone help me please

  43. please help I loose my level 25 u.u and know I am level 1 can I get my level backplease ?
    anyone answer me plz thanks

  44. I have played on a lot of poker sites and never had the site itself taking my purchased chips and not returning them to me this is serious problem the zynga people should look in to the chips are cheep enough however when I loose 5,000,000 chips and then the person tells me nothing they can do it grates no that one good nerve I still have then I change my mind on a turney I was going to play for another 1,000,000 chips and they don’t give that back either that nerve is getting awful thin FIX YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  45. I lost 40 million chips on hands I won and it still gives chips to lower hand people.
    I can tell from all the comments that Zynga will do nothing and has no customer support.
    If my 40 million chips are not returned and this matter fixed I will never play Zynga poker again.
    I don’t mind paying to play but will never put up with being stolen from.
    I intend to tell as many people as I can about this rip off game that Zynga plays.
    Thank. Johnny Lunsford

  46. I have had problems with loading games and crashing for several months. Items disappear and can’t be found. Today, I lost over 200 items and have been trying for over two hours to find a way to get to customer service to get help. NOT HAPPENING. A truly frustrating experience and now I understand why over half of the friends I began playing with have stopped. When I have to waste hours of my time to “play”, it just is not fun anymore. I’m done with Zynga.

  47. it has been 5 months now i have been without my z friends on hidden chronicles, no one has the answer to this question, i have z friends on farmville 2 but not on hidden chronicles if there is an answer to this question pleas email with the answer thank you.

  48. I have been trying since Feb. to get help with no results. If U check your records I keep getting a message telling me that I have reached bascially no contact when in the past this is how I contacted and was immediately helped. I have lost since Feb. about 100 FV dollars and can’t post, can’t advance levels too numerous to list. Please get me some help as this is the first and only game I am interested in. Thank you in advance. Marvelle

  49. My mom’s account was suspended because of their programming errors…for someone who spends some real cash on this game…really? She’s lucky she knows how to use a mouse, i don’t think she can hack a program! SERIOULY ZYNGA TREAT YOUR PLAYERS BETTER, THEY HELP PAY YOUR BILLS!

  50. I’m playing phrase with a misc person… The hint was tv show we guessed 5 times at the same thing desperate house wives and it kept saying we were wrong! All patters are now filled in and it’s still asking me to spin… B.S. please fix issue

  51. Can you please fix my problem’s on Zynga poker.. cause i have trouble finding my online friend’s…My friends are onile too but they can’t see me and i can’t see them…so please solve this promblem….I hope that You make u make us down by not solving this kind of issue..

  52. i was getting really far in the game treasure isle and then you suddenly take it off Facebook, so if you can put the game back on please, cause i was getting real far then i ever did before

  53. After completing the new ‘update your account’ I can’t access my Zynga account. After trying to contact Customer Support to resolve this, I would be expected to pay £28 for an answer! I’ll just stop using Zynga to play Coasterville and play on Facebook. If I were able to leave a star rating it would be a big fat 0 – no help at all from Zynga. Terrible service.

  54. I am continually being put on suspension on Farmville,from 4 to 8hrs at a time and I don’t know what I am doing to cause it. I have read the terms of Service twice and I still don’t know what I am doing wrong.Please reply.

  55. To whom it may concern, I’m having problems after posting going to my farm. In order for me to go the the farm I have to go to facebook first get what of my friends is asking for then it will let me go the my farm. And if I should post for sometning again I have the same problem not going to my farm. Also I havent received any request from my farmville friends. Please help me. Thank you, Sylvia

  56. please return my own 212m chips sir,because my accounts has been hacked.Someone steal my acc data,im sorry for ask help from Zynga customer service.If this problem unsloved its will be the end forever with Zynga poker.Thanks you help!

  57. Hai Team, I,m Bombom From Indonesia, My Chip Is in zynga poker is Suspend 1,5billion.. Why????????

    I never broke the rules, please do ceck back your informent, i don’t like your informent.. I don’t like this!! way I also often make a deal with you, whyyy??????????

  58. I was playing farmville 2, I had a virus take over the Zygna page, I took a screen shot of the URL, I would like to send it to your techs, for analysis. I was able to escape it, due to my knowledge of computers. This is the second time this has happened. Please respond. Thank You

  59. I have been trying to get this problem resolved for 2 weeks now. I bought Words With Friends from the Apple store. I have been playing it for months and it crashed after the last update. I followed all the instructions on how to get it back and can’t . I was told I would get credit for the game and all my games back. I can’t even get back in. I was given a # 130414-27320164
    What was that for? I thought someone was going to help me. So far nothing and when I called the help line they told me there would be a charge. I really enjoy the game but am getting very disgusting with the whole thing. Will someone please help me?

  60. Your customer support is terrible. I posted an issue 3 times now and still no response. The old way I got an answer within 24 hours, this has been days. This stinks!!!!!

  61. I thought I would drop a few lines to suggest a few things here.
    I am a faithful farville player. I play just about every day. One topic I would like to address is that for your extra’s such as buying trees, Animal’s or even land. A great deal of people can’t afford to spend money on them because they just don’t have it. I would like to suggest that maybe you can allow us the choice to pay with coins or buy them. You can put the coins amount really high like other games. I have been playing for about 6 years now.
    Thank you so much for taking this time to read this e mail. Thank you so much

  62. Zynga, i love your poker game. But why you stolen my chips. I won and had 168M chips, but you remain my chips only 5M. And now i dont have chip. Please turn back my chips zynga. I play so hard to reached my 168M. Please turn back my chips zynga…

  63. Why everytime i play zynga poker chips by winning a lot of other people are always stolen? I am very sad because zynga poker chips often lose huge amounts. The team zynga poker, please return my chips.

  64. i don’t like this like the live chat and don’t want to pay for support why was live chat removed

  65. I really liked playing games on I can’t get in because it won’t accept my password. I tried to get a new one but the email you sent me is in text. There is no where to click in the email so I can’t get the new password. I really like Hidden Chronicles but since I can’t get to play on I have no friends on FB who play this game. Any help you can give me would be appreciated as I play your games everyday.

  66. i get 3 times chip but cage not open to put code still not open but use take my £9 what i need to do

  67. We need to be able to contact Zynga easier with the everyday playing game issues. they need to fix the problems with there games if they wish to keep there costomers.

  68. This morning Wednesday May 1st, I was hacked for a 1.1million $$s, I went to a million dollars tourney with about 2,450,700 and by the time I was done in 4th or 5th, I came out of sit n go tourney I only had 179,000, lil angry since about August of last yr to February this yr I stopped playing at the time I had about 4.4 mill and when I returned it said 340k, didn’t think nothing of it then, but now I realize I was then and now hacked… please help figure out problem,…. Thank You..!

  69. I hate the fact that you have removed the customer service from…why? are you hiding from us players that get extremely frustrated from the game (Castleville) not going right it peeves me off that stuff goes missing and you let days go by to see if it will come back to your kingdom but it doesn’t like my all my Cathedral buildings were painted pink and now I have one that just went back to the original color,I want it back pink,it took a lot of doing to get it to go pink…so please put it back pink…and the crashing is not being fixed…what are you waiting for fix it already… stop adding to the game and fix what we have wrong with the game… at this time I really can’t recommend to anybody to join…cause at this time it sucks majorly….fix it and I will recommend to play on Zynga but not until some major changes have been done to bring back the fun in playing the Castleville game….NOW get a move on! I have waited long enough already!

  70. Hi I am zyga poker player for more than 1 year & I never cheat & i am a medical doctor from Iraq , before 2 nights a hacker enter my name & stool all my money 2 billions & a half chips which i win it since all over this year & i blaming Zynga why did let a hacker enter by my name & take my money and didn’t warn me only after my money gone So if u can please return my money back & punish the hacker
    With best wishes
    Waiting U answer soon please

  71. i am unable to retrieve my games esp castleville from my facebook account.i dont want to start a new game on zynga.kindly help.

  72. I pray someone actually responds to my email, even though I highly doubt it. I have been trying to find out why I lost 100 Horseshoes on May 1, 2013. When I logged out that morning I had 117 horseshoes, I logged back in late the same afternoon, and only had 12 horseshoes. I am so tired of the issues, and non existent customer service. I have already submitted question on May 1,2013 on social support to no avail. Please Zynga give us back true customer support. Player support is not the least bit helpful since they are also players experiencing the same issues, and have no answers.

  73. How does one get help around here I’ve been trying for days Where can I email support to get problem fixed. Everything on my computer is up to day I’m running window 7 and my requests are not showing up on the feed page I’ve been trying for a week to complete the nesting tree but when I ask for the things I need they are not showing up on the feed page I used to play farmville and got tired of all the problems and it looks like it will be the same for this one also I’m fed up with the run a round a person gets on these games

  74. why did you take your e-mail address away from us ? you took 60 of my fv dollars away, for no reason and my request envelope has been missing for 6 days. if you don,t want to help people shut the darn games down

  75. ive finished quest on pioneer trail symbol of excellence four times ,and havent got credit for it yet for weeks now

  76. I’m very disappointed that another of my games is going away! It leads me to believe that you don’t respect us or the hours we devote to our zoo or forest. I won’t be purchasing any more Zynga games in the future!

  77. Zynga seriously screwed up thinking that they don’t need e-mail support. The site they have up now for support SUCKS and is not helpful in the least. The forums are just as bad. When you submit a bug report it goes unnoticed and eventually gets lost in a sea of other bugs/complaints.

    Horrible customer service!!

  78. my castleville for over a month just keeps saying refresh you have lost your magic i cant play ive tried everything please help

  79. I ca not play Texas holdem through facebook. I was playing earlier today but now it will not load up. I have over 92 million chips. Is the sight down or what?

  80. Please tell me while I am at my farmville harvesting my crops and orchards, I have 205fv points, then I look up and there is 197fv points,Didnt buy anything,just harvesting things???? This is not the first time this has happened. So to Zynga support I would be very greatful to at least get my 8fv points back. Thank you very much for your support.

  81. I had a phone issue with my I phone, had to get another phone, and when I had all my data and apps transferred to my new phone, I went from having $110,000,000 million chips to only $315,000 thousand chips!!! I tried to call zynga to recover my chips, but nobody would help me! How unfair!!! I am very, very upset!!!!

  82. Good morning! Actually I have a need and wanted to share it with you, to See if you can help. I’ve been playing farmville for a while, and I must say I am very excited and I love this game! I always help my neighbors, and share this wonderful experience! Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to have access to Mistelote Farm, and is very important for me would have it, is one of the most beautiful farms I’ve seen (from my neighbors, of course) I wonder if I would have the opportunity to have access to it , and if you could help me get it? Since I’m very grateful and eagerly await your response! Happy farming!
    And Also Want Haunted Hollow Farm, Winter Wonderland Farm, plsss reply im waitng… :/ I Want That All Farms Back…….

  83. I was so desperate for help with a game that I called billing support….and even the Kindle Fire people…..maybe zynga is ran by retarded monkeys but they better hurry their ass up and get an actual helpline to call…..helloooooo…technical support

  84. I am a FarmVille 2 player and I was very disappointed to see at the bottom of the game an ad accusing the Republicans of blocking a jobs bill…YOU and I both know this is not true and YOU Zynga should be ashamed of yourselves!! This is NO PLACE to push Obama’s agenda!! I think you should apologize to your loyal players for doing this!

  85. someone scammed me … i was selling white cupid wings and someone offered 300k + mafia baseball bat … so i accepted .. everything was fine in trades it showed the bat… but after the trade i only got 300k and mafia 2 cigar!!! …. PLEASE investigate my account

  86. For 10 staight days when visting neighbors (well over 100) I get NO REWARD WHAT SO EVER!!!! I have repeatedly emailed support and gotten no where!! Going to delete app.

  87. I have issues that has been going on for days 1st problem is my farms won’t grow. I have missed harvesting my money tree,cash cow, animals .The only way a farm will grow if I stay on that farm.I have checked to make sure my pause button wasn’t on for any of my farms.I try to load other games and i get a white screen error 505 Then I get a screen pops that has an update which is not safe v something but my anti virus won’t let me load it cause it is not safe.I feel like this needs fixed I can go to all kinds of different games on pogo and yahoo but something is wrong with facebook/zynga. This has been going on sense facebook wasn’t working about a week or so ago.Please help and fix this Thank you so kindly

  88. Your support system really sinks.. I need help and I can’t even get an email address.. You really need to do something about it.. I am very tired of all the problems with three of the games I play and I can’t get any help.. I am about to quit all these games… Wow..

  89. I have been having problem’s with pioneer trail for a bout
    a month. my cursor is every where and can’t move my screen. can’t harvest anything or plant my crops…please help or fix. thank you.
    I have done everything possible with my computer i have no viruses. i have changed proxy settings, cleaned my cookies/catche now, your turn. alot of my friend’s have began to stop playing.

  90. There is no customer support, have filled out the forms, tweeted, & as for “Official Support Site” forget about, not monitored by zynga as far as I can see!

  91. chefville-the red velvet cake has been telling me I need to cook three more to receive the next mastery star-I have cooked over 100-it still says the same thing. Many quest I finish don’t register and I have to start over. Most of the quests don’t work-you have enough friends send you the needed things and then they don’t count!!! Fix the game.

  92. I need HELP!!Words with Friends is not working correctly on my Kindle Fire.Initially “Your move” was not working…just circles going around…now when I try to open WWWF I cannot even pull it up. Please tell me what to do….

  93. I am playing

    I am playing Words with friends on two laptops, two Kindles, and an Ipad. There is malware on all devices but only on the WWF games. I don;t know how it is getting there but I am ab out to cancel all games just play scrabble.

  94. I’ve been trying to find a way to get through to Zynga Support, maybe this will get there? Someone is coming on to my site and requesting a game in Words with Friends. How are they even getting on my site. Then when try to trace them thru Facebook and google they don’t recognize them,so just bne dismissing their request which means it goes down on sidebar as that person winning? 3 time and I’m sure there will be more. Can you track them ‘zyngawf_55893810’. Thank you

  95. Zynga, I have a poker account with you, and I hv 250M, I earn that chips! Why you suspended it?? And only want to give me 1M max????
    Give my account back and those chips, not 1M! But 250M pleaseeee………

  96. ya i bought wgn hair for 30mil and i believe its a hacked item and im hearing that i might get banned idk what to do will they banned me or take my hair and restore the money or what?

  97. would like to why this was sent an no way of geting hold of any one to find out why they have done it had over 270 chips an you just ban someone an dont even say why refund my chips to my paypal or just say why ive been banned like the rest you can never get hold of any one try to find a uk phone number to ring them is a joke an no help any were

  98. Myself just open and register account in facebook,then i log in zynga game to play it,once i open zynga poker gaming i started to purchase the item to play,the item was 53million for RM 91,before that i received info from my friend who was zynga poker player for some time,and also i go through to the policies,as for zynga noticed,then only i purchase the item and started to play,after playing for several hours and my account was winning chips up to 1billion,suddenly i was disconnect from the game,then i log in the game back,what hell was it account showing my account was banned due to violation the term policies,i also confirm and read it the detail and found i was doing nothing wrong with my game,sure you all support site can open and monitor from started i start open the account and play,at which part i done violation,if you feel your site is a genuine gentle and did not stealing our money,answers me back from which part i done the violation,if just by banned our account after winning chip from other competitor,that mean other competitor need to buy item chips back for playing,and we winning site account zynga banned,that means zynga earn both side money,this was called fair.if you create the gaming for user to play,and user willing to purchase own money buying item,if good enough u all earn money and user also happy no matter win or lose all the chip,but use this method cheating us will your life lives with happily and easily,please i needzynga send me mail and aswers me from which part u take action banned my account,dont ask us to reads cause i already read the policies before i buying the item,now i am waiting for your email

  99. Are zynga support received my concern or feedback,why i received mail saying that tecnical detail of temporary failure,message temporary rejected.this was a excuse to avoid problem and ignore our complain and cheated us as user.

  100. My FV points are not showing up as needed. Moved up 3 times now and they have stayed the same, so please zynga add them on for me and hope to see this fixed soon. We all work on getting our points, so please,make it right 🙂

  101. I am a member of your game in poker, I won more than 3.2 billion chips, chips yesterday, I do not know what the reasons would be deducted, without prior notice. I am a person to comply with rules of the game, chips are my hard-earned, minus all please give me a reason, thank you

  102. What is wrong with your game Hidden Shadows every time I try to play it the game shuts down and says there is a malicious add on attached to the game what are you trying to do to my computer. I really want to play it to earn things for my Farmville game but I do not want my computer infected with anything.

  103. After reading all of the comments I take it that zynga games is a joke, forget my post I will just stop playing your games. Watch out everyone zynga has add on in their programs that will effect your computer.

  104. I think playing their games spending your hard earned money to beat a level or other items is a waste if time if you play zynga. I won a hundred dollars spinning their slot and never got the money, I cannot log into face book to get bubbles from friends and the game freezes up.
    I have spent money also. I will no more and probably won’t download anymore of their games.
    You cannot contact them with issues call them but they will take your money!
    I am very upset and I feel being taken advantage of by this company.
    If they are so big why can’t you contact them with issues they just want us to make them rich and do not care about the customers they have playing their games.
    They know that their are those who just will continue and new customers who don’t know any better spending money so why care about the customers they have? I am letting people know myself to stop playing their games spread the word till they do something about support issues and contact info and email as well.
    I am so dissatisfied with them and I hope people start spreading the word as well on the rip off and no contact info on issues etc.

  105. I’ve been playing for years. I have over 7 million in chips. It takes sometimes thirty tries to log into my favorite table “2,000-4,000. It always tells me table unavailable and sends me to a smaller denomination table. Getting frustrated.

  106. I have been playing Yoville since it was first available. I have spent lots of money on this game and have lots of houses. I have a problem that I wish you would fix for me. When I try to send gifts or when I try to send request the round circle just keeps going round and round and finally I have to get out of the game. I would really appreciate your fixing this problem for me, so I can receive gift also by sending gifts and get requests to build things, instead of having to wait a month or more to finish a special item from the factory. Thanks Becky Clark

  107. Ok, the commercials do not load but keep interrupting game every few minutes. But the real problem is I have 2 buildings in the very back of game that will open, they are finished, then it says I need to refresh games and so I do and they are back to unfinished. No matter how many times I try the same thing happened. Also when I tried to unload prop shop it did the same thing. Help please. The game I am playing is Coasterville, thank you

  108. Zynga does not care. I am getting tired of problems and wondering if VIP is worth it! Begging to hate Mafia Wars! South Africa is a pain! I am losing wars to half my level. And when I look at their stats, I should not have lost to them. Zynga does not care!

  109. I have been trying to get help from Zynga for over a month now. I play Cafe World on FB and have done for quite a while. I reached VIP level Gold and suddenly, for no reason, Zynga cancelled my subscription and I’ve had to start from scratch again! Since then the game doesn’t load properly, is really, really slow, constantly crashes,the ‘Buzz’ has gone from 105 to around about 20. I’ve been blocked from sending messages to Zynga because of ‘abusive language’ i.e. I was so mad I said that ‘Zynga was rubbish’ wouldn’t really say that that is abusive, would you?? All in all it’s pretty much impossible to play!
    I’ve contacted FB…but they don’t seem to be able to help.
    I do think Zynga should be more available to players..we are the ones who spend money on the games and help to keep them in business!! All I’m asking for is some HELP!!

  110. A year ago I quit playing zynga because of the exact same reason nothing has changed except now I understand they are stealing from their players that is against the law, so I use the mailing address and reported them to bbb and another office that the BBB gave me that police that kind of things one person can’t do it so join the movement and lets put a stop to all cloak and dagger customer service

  111. there is no where to get ahold of you people i have a techinal problem my ember summoner is hung up and i can`t do my quest i have a gloom dragon to defeat and i can`t because ember has it hung up

  112. I now have to sign in to play WWF after reinstalling the game on my Android device. However, I’m unable to connect due to a broken pipe write error. I do not play on Facebook, only with an email address. Any attempt to contact tech support requires a Facebook connection (not everyone in the country/world uses Facebook). So, my games are waiting for me to make a play and I cannot connect to Words with Friends. Please help!

  113. I have been asking for spooky decorations for days also and have not gotten any still. I also upgraded several of my shops – sure enough they took my Goods and all the parts, but after reloading I found my progress was lost, however my resources not replaced. This is messed up – and how come Zynga Support is hiding from the players?!! There is absolutely no place to turn to help for. This game is getting worse and worse, also very irritating and disappointing at the same time. The game is loaded with glitches left and right yet the issues are not addressed, I am loosing progress and resources like there is not tomorrow. I am rapidly loosing interest in this mess of a game.


  114. my issue is with the zynga support it’s self, i can’tpost for any sort of help cause it doesn’t show no where on the page at the bottom for help/support help and at times, when I click, it shows me a page stating: OOPS! THE INTERTUBES ARE BROKEN. So can someone please help me regarding this isssue. i would totally appreciate it. thank you in advance!

  115. Hopefully you can help me or send me an address that I can write to that will. I’ve been on Facebook for many years and can’t understand what is going on. I was in the middle of my farming and all of a sudden I was kicked out now I can’t get back in even by changing my password! It ways that for security reasons My account is temporarily locked. They want a government issued Id ect. I have responded to emails from you so you know this is me so what is going on. Please help. Judy Irwin

  116. Hello Zynga Support. A few hours ago, the opportunity to purchase the “Ginormous” enlargement for 600 Horseshoes, appeared on my homestead. I agreed, but the “Blasted Internet” sign took me off. When I came back into Pioneer Trail, the missions for the Ginormous Homestead came on and I still had about 1270 Horseshoes. As I began the missions, I bought some parts of the missions, and the 600 Horseshoes also disappeared. I now have 7 Horseshoes. If you could role my game-play back to my initial attempt to purchase the Ginormous Homestead, which would be great. Please help. Thank you. Long -time fan and player, Barry

  117. GAMES are good SUPPORT SUCKS! NO LONGER PLAYING ANY OF THEIR GAMES: 1) PAID for advertisement free games; had for a week, gone. 2) Does not effectively co-ordinate with FACEBOOK. FACEBOOK has all 3 of my e-mail addresses, ZYNGA somewhere/somehow manages to loose these at times and thus related games in progress. 3) Software will not allow me to sign out/into another e-mail address. Thinks I want to create a new FACEBOOK account. 4) Cannot sync accounts between Kindle Fire, IPhone and other devices. Last ZYNGA does not respond to support problems.

  118. I have been locked out of zynga poker for a week because I forgot my pin number and I can get no help. First there is no live chat and it won’t let me send e-mail , all I need is for someone to reset the number and I will be find but why can’t we get any kind of help and a person to straighten it out

  119. Zynga support is a joke, and NOT a funny one. Trying to complete quests and losing crafted items is NOT funny. People are getting sick and tired of this. I quit the game for about 6 months, guess it is time to quit permanently since you guys can’t fix current issues before introducing new ones!!!!!

  120. I get so tired of having issues, sending screenshots asking,begging, to send a report …at times they lie to me say they are sending, other times say no we don’t send unless everyone is having issues…. they are just medium for what I do not know…but I get no help on my issues…now they say I have to do this video capture… I am not downloading on my computer a site for this to just send them I video capture….I have a iMac now and still have issues….I had 3 different types of computers to try to alleviate this…but come to the realization its farmville… The higher ups don’t want to be bothered by the issues…thats why customer service is there…..I know I used to work customer service…farmville …. we always had computer problems and it affects us as well…..

  121. I’m an advid player of Castleville lately I’m not able to contact customer support by email.Was able to get some issues resolved but not all.This is extremely aggravating when you pay a VIP fee every month and things are not corrected.Then you call the billing department an get the round around STOP PLAYING GAMES with your customers before people take their business elsewhere…..fix these issues please thank you………………….

  122. Just tried to play yoville which I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR YEARS,SAW YOUR NOTICE ABOUT CLOSING DOWN,I AM UTTERLY DISGUSTED!I have spent time and money with your company but I promise this,I will NEVER again play any game associated with Zynga-you have lost one loyal customer here,going to make sure as many people as I can join me in boycotting your games

  123. I have used every possible suggested contact avenue with no help what-so-ever. When I did get a person it was for their billing department and they sent me a link via email to a support sight I had already been to. The link above for support is broken. Their customer service number tells you to visit their website. I am a paid player, I am also locked in to a 24 month Disney DVD contract because I opted for 9000 coins. I only asked them to transfer my coins (or at least my previous purchased tools) to the new Draw Something game I had to re-register for, and they won’t respond for anything. I wish their was a way to complain, honestly, like the better business bureau or something because they’re ripping people off.

  124. Since I have tried EVERYTHING to contact you guys and nothing seems to work I guess I will post my question on here. I have been playing Farmville 2 for a very long time and have recently run into an issue that is really annoying. A few days ago I put a few buildings into storage so I could move some other things around. When I was done moving things I got all my buildings back out, except my sheep shack when I click the ”place” button the building will come on the screen, and when I try to put it in the spot I want the outline will turn green… but when I click it into the space I want- the building won’t… I have to hit the ”cancel” button. I have tried many times over the past couple days and it is still in my inventory.. PLEASE HELP! Thank you

  125. Why should I or any one else recommend your products. CUSTOMER SERVICE? What customer service you have none. I have been a long time player of several of your Facebook games and now that I am having problems can not get any answers, but judging from the above that seems to be your norm. I have spent monies to quickly build my farms and cities and so hate to give up the games but will no longer spend anything to advance my games. That only benefits you and your company. My programs no longer go to full screen I can’t get on to some games and there is no one to contact. Guess that is your game because no one has a positive thing to say. I like to think that I would get a response but my expectation are not high at all

  126. why can’t my Farmville friends see my posts on my wall to help me out this is going on for about 2weeks now. it is there on wall but they can’t see it

  127. How the hell do you get a hold of anyone on Zynga? I want to go back to my original Farmville Farm. I went to clean it last night and another farm popped up. I can’t get back to my Farmville one.
    Who the hell do you talk to or get a hold of to help?

    I use to be able to go to zynga support. Now, you can’t even do that. Those reviews don’t do any good. Please respond to email address I gave

  128. I want to email Zinga to report I CANNOT download Casltleville any more. Only goes to 60%. It seems even harder to email, or contact Zinga!!!! Help needed!!!!!

  129. I used to enjoy Castlevillle …. But I can even get it to open, & if it does it crashes in 5 min or less. Either fix it or take it off

  130. Paid for ad-free and faster coin refills. Since updating the app, it’s still ad free, but coins are filling up every 20 minutes, instead of every 10 minutes. How can faster coin fill up be restored? Thanks ~

  131. Zynga gets paid alot of money to not be available for customers and make it as difficult to get a hold of anyone to help. I lost over 600,000 coins with goods sold, then crash and did not get credit for them. Also my owls that I wanted to keep on my farm are gone… many crashes happening. Please address these problems. I will not spend money on farm cash if these problems are not resolved… thank you for your time..if anyone gets to see this..

  132. I have contacted you 3 times today and got one response back telling me to update my firefox and flash player which is all done I am playing 12 games on Facebook and all are working properly and loading properly except for Farmville 2. Went to support no email connection or live chat. Sent a report which was all I can do and nothing else I will quit playing all zynga games if this keeps up. There is nothing wrong with my computer but when you go to Zynga support site it said intertubes not currently working. You need to get your stuff together and make the games work properly not just some games but all games.


  134. I was going to purchase $20.00 Farmville bucks when my game erased. I didn’t finish my transaction. when I turned the game on again, I had double the amount of bucks. Please reimburse me for the second purchase because I didn’t even finished the first purchase. I’ll appreciate your help.

  135. Dear Zynga! Please read my Email. I had a problem with your web. On March 18 and today March 21,I don’t know why your web gave my won pots away to some one,cost me lost my chips please check your web and respond my question. hopefully u can return my chips too because that was my hard work to earned. I know it is fake money but I hard work I deserve my chips back. thanks for your time. (my regard to you all working hard)Thu

  136. I am having problems with cityville as things I collected and got from people go missing I spent $40 to help get the islands and buy some of the building but time is running out on the quest can you please help me and please fix this problem it has been going on for a long time thank you Penny

    • I am 75 years old ,been playing Fameville 2 country Escape for about 4 month, and really enjoyed. Now for some reason I can not update it, why????

  137. There is truly nothing worse than Zynga support. it does not even exist. I have been trying for days to get help. They have the wrong user name for my Words with Friends and there seems to be no way to correct this.

  138. Your company sells apps to Kindle Fire HD (ie: words with friends), but when there is a problem like freezing and not responding, your support says they can only help with desktops or laptops. When I spoke to the technician as to can then help me, he (Ben) he conveniently disconnected me….TWICE! I rate your customer service a zero.

  139. i am playing the pioneer trail and i am trying to finish my wild fire quest in high plains and i dont even see the fire i need you to get this fixed people have clicked help on it and its not even counting as its being done i am about to stop playing this game all together im tired of this its a losing battle everyday with this

  140. Help me please for Castleville!!

    Faugrimm’s Vocation Quests 2 off 11 e stuck I can not go! why I have many quests still closed?? 1-You Are a Pirate!! Fish Story 2-On dhe Lam 3-A Force of Nature 4- Hazel Give Bad Relationship Advice ! Pls heeeeeelp meeeeee!! Thank you!!

  141. Hi everyone
    I can t open my castle 7 months ago. The quest with the Vineyard is the problem.There is not the little vineyard in my castle.The quest is completed but the game ask for REFRESH again and again.
    Please help me to take my game back.

  142. Faugrimm’s Vocation Quests 2 off 11 e stuck I can not go! why I have many quests still closed?? 1-You Are a Pirate!! Fish Story 2-On dhe Lam 3-A Force of Nature 4- Hazel Give Bad Relationship Advice ! Pls heeeeeelp meeeeee!! Thank you!!

  143. i am so annoyed with faithfully on the farm but because I am not a member of the special group I cant contact, ask questions in forums or answer friends…have had issues not getting credit for things I should etc but have no way to get help.. I will never start a Zynga game again… its the least customer friendly site out there!!! clearly

  144. Zygna has already been sued by Digital Chocolate for the use of the Mafia Wars name. According to another employee, lawsuits have been accounted for, with the company mindful of possible settlements. “I was around meetings where things like that were being discussed, and the ramifications of things like that were being discussed — the fact that they’d probably be sued by the people who designed the game,” he says. “And the thought was, ‘Well, that’s fine, we’ll settle.’ Our case wasn’t really defensible.”
    Zynga loves to profit from the ignorant.

    The cards are dealt in algorithms, basically meaning they’re not random and they never will be random. You have 13 individual cards, each individual card has 4 suits. If you were to play real poker with real cards, it would take a very long time before you noticed any type of pattern, if there is a pattern at all. Why? Because real poker is 100% random, It’s impossible for patterns to form with this type of odds. Zynga poker is 100% predetermined, that’s why you see pattern after pattern repeat over and over again. Totally rigged.

    The way the scam works is that when you first start, odds are in your favor, and you will be allowed to build up a significant bankroll. However if at some point you don’t buy chips, you will start to lose, and continue to lose, right down to zero chips. All in the hope that you will give in and buy chips.Zynga is a business after all, and under no obligation to provide a fair game, and they don’t.

  145. LoveFarmville1 asks
    I Just beat sweet acres and i did not get my shipping license or anything the other day the beat sweet acres botton show up i just need 1 thing i got it done tonight and i did not get anything what is wrong and what should i do i play to beat farms and i beat this
    can you please give them to me add them to my farm.Debbie

  146. Your support SUCKS. I can’t send an email through the website, and I can’t understand a word from your customer service people. I AM registered. You took my money and I’m still getting the free games (AND the ads). Never again – I will never purchase another game

  147. I delayed all my contruction that causes for morter’s because I was crafting springtime wrath’s almost completed the quest to claim the lake and then the Panda, 12 hours left on the quest and you guys remove the button from the top right hand corner to claim , I could not even finish the quest that i’ve been working on because you guy’s removed it 12 hour’s too early…this is Bull

  148. I lost my account on war of the fallen and it’s been 2 weeks and haven’t got a reply from zynga support I am really upset that u spend money on apps and wen u need help there is none

  149. I have a table but it does not have google play but Amazon and I want to play to play farmville2 escape. I did down load it from but when you put in the latest update it would not update for me so now I can not play it and I am very upset was my favorite game. When are you going to offer this to the people that have Amazon I have zeki Jellybean 4.1 tablet and it did not come with google play and I can not get it. I do play it on my phone but it is very hard for me to see as I am in my late 60’s please answer this email thank you
    Tina moore

  150. Please do not shut down Cafe world ! we (cafe players) have put alot of time into our cafe’s and like the friends we met playing …can’t believe you are not loyal to your loyal players. Keep CW open & fix bugs

  151. How can you close Cafeworld after all the time and money that player’s have spent. TERRIBLE Bad Business practices

  152. i want to know why cafeworld is shutting down i have spent alot of momney on this game i know theres alot of issues with it but its thew only zynga game i want to play

  153. Please do not close Cafe World. I will never play another Zynga game again if this is closed. It is my favorite game and I have been a VIP member from the beginning….I will be sending multiple e-mails and posting Twitter and every other social media to stop this…..too many loyal players to do this…You will hurt Zynga reputation more than help it by closing Cafe World…Executives need their butts kicked for this decision…..not a smart move!!!

  154. I can’t believe that Zynga are thinking of closing down CW…. I have played other games, but due to technical issues had to give up… and then another game they closed….now this is the last one I play.. and have done for many years…. just appalling and they say I should pick another game… why… just so they can close that in a few years!!!!

  155. Once upon a time, Zynga was able to set itself apart from all other gaming/app companies by providing outstanding customer service. Not only were users able to directly email customer service, the response time was short and the solutions beneficial to the user.

    Zynga has now eliminated the ability of its users to contact them in any shape, manner or form. The solutions now involve “Ask a player!” The gamer can leave a 100 character question. Or go to the Forums, which are filled with people asking questions which, of course, cannot be answered because it’s all users wondering how to solve technical questions.

    And, of course, now if a technical problem, say a game freeze, causes the user to lose everything they’ve done for the past hour’s session, well that is just too bad.

    It’s a shame that a company that built it’s reputation in part on the promise it was listening to its customers/users/gamers, is now so totally contemptuous of them.

    • sad they truly suck as a business , . no way to contact a human . the bots will take your money if you want to pay to play non functioning games

  156. I can’t open my zynga poker texas holdem .you r saying that there is a problem I want to know what it is?and why it is suspended?

  157. Farmville escape is a ripoff they take your keys and now you can.t even get a hold of them by phone or email I think it’s a shame that you charge people for keys and other things and then steal them back you sure are a puss poor company I might just tell everyone on Facebook about this and ask them to post it on their page I hope you’ve what’s coming to you for doing this

  158. On July 1 2014. I bought Chips 12mil for
    $9.99 special deal. I was playing half way
    Of my chip my player vanished and so was all
    My chips. When I got back with zynga poker
    Site I had new player rand all of the chips
    We’re gone, Please help


  160. I’m hoping someone can help out in this situation I’m having? It’s a problem with Chefville that I need to have my game reset in order to fulfill the basic requirements to proceed. I’ve done COUNTLESS things to try to get the Get Help e-mail and love chat option to appear but no matter what I do? I do not have the option and instead a whole few paragraphs telling me what I can do if I’m a premium member. Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can fix it?

    I’d appreciate an answer as soon as possible, thank you!

  161. My wife bought me 27 million chip yesterday on my zynga poker game & this morning the whole lot was gone so was my game.can u please tell me why I lost everything

  162. I have tried your help and received an e-mail that i had been accepted into your special message account. But the problem I reported is worse then before. Most of your reciepe require salt or pepper. But ZYNGA takes too long to open my account..Then When I tried my neighbors for the salt I get a black screen with a sad face…It took me one hour to get to one neighbor…right now I can’t even get into the game CHEFVILLE…….CHEFFVILLE

  163. I have had so many problems with Farmville 2 since I started to play about 4 or 5 months ago. When 100 favors disappear “it can’t be verified” When 100 farmbucks disappear while I’m not even in the room “it can’t be verified” I spent very real US dollars to acquire the favors and the farmbucks, so “it can’t be verified” doesn’t work. This is fraud! There are a lot of people with my exact complaints. Soooo many of us.

  164. I have been trying to get technical support for months , upset yes, I am. I have been trying to get help with Draw2. For some reason I can’t play the game with my friend whom I have been playing with for about six months. Sounds to me all you want to do is rake in the money and not take the time to help your supporters!! How can I reinstate Draw2 so I can resume the Draw2 game so I can play with my friend???? Last night, September 23,2914 I was playing the game and a pop up popped up and I couldn’t get back to playing the game. Help! Help!

  165. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau in Washington D.C. to let them know about your shady business practices. You have taken away games and tokens that I have rightfully earned. Many of the tokens I bought on Amazon with my money. This morning I had over 250,000 tokens and many games were open for me to play. This afternoon all but five games were closed and I only had 25,000 tokens available. This is a rip-off. It’s time that the Better Business Bureau knows about your dishonest practices. Either do what’s right or close down!

  166. Zynga is a total SCAM! They only allow customers who are Platinum member to email them. I was only a few points short of this level when I logged on one day to find ALL my levels gone and I was back to level 1 (I was at 147) It took me a year to get to this level! There are over 2,000 messages from people who have experienced the same thing and there IS NO RESPONE OR HELP FROM ZYNGA!!! This is a game where you BUY points! You pay money!! And they still will not resolve or help. Companies should not be legally allowed to sell something with no support and no way to contact them. I even have an automated email from them that says ‘for additional help email customer service at And of course, that means you can’t email it! I got a bounce back.

  167. I keep reading “zynga is here for you” BUT ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH THEM AND THERE IS ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I’m disgusted. They want you to spend your money on the games but they aren’t willing to help at all! It’s beyond difficult to contact them.

  168. Am trying to find out why Matching screen blacks out but can hear game playing. Your support says I have a reference # that still needs addressed. Don’t know what it is and I may just be living with the problem. You support was great in the past, now one can not communicate with anyone. Since I am not on Facebook please do not refer me there. It would be nice to get some response from you

  169. This is the worst game ever! The only way you’re winning is when you’re not playing. I rate you guys ZERO just like my coins!

  170. How is it after buying hundreds of dollars of chips, I start receiving hands that have a black heart or red spade? No ok after spending $$$ on chips. What are you guys doing for this matter? Not truely a fair game especially if you are compensating players for your discrepancies. I’d like a response on this issue please


  171. There are friends from Germany who can not link or play Farmville2 – Its going for the second day. Can you please let us know what is going on

  172. Trying to get help with ZYNGA games & cannot do a facebook connect. Therefore, there is absolutely no way for me to contact them to get help. In a word ZYNGA customer support SUCKS!

  173. watch out from this site , they stole 350 million chips from me and want me to go back to 1 million and will not tel me why they suspended my account…dirty if you ask me

  174. I have played Hit it Rich slots for awhile now….first issue was I lost over 156,000 points due to a freeze in the game.Then game forced update version causing a forced shutdown of the game losing all accumulated points again….next the bonus spins reset to one or two days eliminating the extra points continuously….for the past month I have tried the game again only to experience minimal point wins..and only betting minimums never earning enough to continue play..I realize the company wants to earn income selling additional point’s but after a month of minimal wins and never getting even a few decent wins, I had 37,000 points today and the largest hit was for 1260 points and nothing else. I am extremely dissatisfied with the games now.

  175. I won twice on the “get free chips” and pulled the handle down on the slot machine and I won twice but it did not give me my chips, can you please help me. thank you Kent

  176. I am trying to find out why i can’t login to zynga. it tells me that the email or password is wrong.(i know what they are) and when I try to set up a new account it says that it is already associated with another account ( the one I try to log on with) when I try to use forgot password it doesnt acknowledge my email…SUPPORT IS NON EXISTANT

  177. Your new version of words with friends is buggy. Several times as it attempts to force me to see an ad so that zynga can make some money, the ad never fully deploys. The ad just sits there with the loading icon going around and around. It does not slow me to get out of it. I end up rebooting my iPad. It’s bad enough that I have to watch the ad in the first place but unexceptable the the Capitol generating ad malfunctions.

    If I’d known that, I would have not changed to the new app

  178. I am on level 59 i spent a lot of money on this game . I paid $10:00 for deer,spent 400 keys for cow and nothing will fit on my farm not even the goose i won!!! If you sell these things to us after we buy 6 stoves 6 ovens ect. You should give us the room to use them .. Even at level 60 will not have the room dont sell to us if we cant place on farm.. Well I cant buy anything else because I cant place it guess I’ll save money now

  179. with all the players is there
    a player who is a lawyer
    who would be willing to file a
    class action law suit on behave
    of players?

  180. Reaching zynga is like calling the White House! All I want is to be able to play the country escapes holiday missions along with all other missions without problems! I can never finish a mission due to some issues you have and always miss out on the rewards( not coins). Please fix , so frustrating!!!! You encourage to buy keys, however, you never fix you problems!

  181. I read that the bug was fixed with the market stand…but I still can’t get into mine, it’s been two weeks…what happened to the old way of emailing zynga…you used to get fast results that way…Please fix the game for me…MARKET STAND NOT OPENING….delays in harvesting crops….can’t do ORDERS….so can’ finish goal for second baby.

  182. I have played Farmville2 for over two years. It was a great game and I played most everyday.Back in Aug or Sept zynga made changes. I had to wait over three weeks to level up to 101 so I had over a million xp’s. Not only did my xps go away but I had to have 600,000 xps to go to level 101. That was so unfair. The players behind me didn’t have to wait so they passed me like I was standing still. At one time I enjoyed this game so much but now it is too frustrating. I lose coins,xps, get knocked out of the game and its just not worth my time and energy. Also you support sucks…there is none.

  183. I have tried everything I know, I have several problems with more than one of your games, have used support and all I am getting is a run around , why is so diffcult to get on live chat, I stopped playing one game because it just got to the point it was not worth time to get things done, I have had a problem with farmville 2 for more than a year , same problem different quest no one seems to be able to read, I have been playing 4 different games for at least 2 to 5 years and stopped playing one that I played for 2 years would seem that you can do beeter a year is to long too wait for a problem to be taken care of , thank you for listening

  184. I have been a customer of zynga poker since 2008 and really do not like the new layout I’ve spent hundreds on the game to not being able to enjoy it anymore I hope you can send me a link for the old version not poker classic just the way poker used to be before the update thank you.

  185. Kteblon this: i am out rages why u have closed my account! U claim that u r suspicious of me chip selling which is far from the truth! I play to enjoy and i got so exited that i reached a certain level with a certain amount of money! Im now complaining and expect of u to re open my account with the money i had sweated for

  186. Zynga sucks!! I was up to level 90 and then updated two days ago to continue playing. The next thing I find is that all of my games are wiped out, including the one I paid for!! This company sucks!! The only real positive thing I can say about this company is that their customer service truly sucks!!


  188. i can’t seem to trade items cause the place where you trade your items to friends or co ops keeps loading and won’t show anything what should i do on my iPad I tried restarting it but it won’t do it….I need your help

  189. I paid $20.00 to get 115 farmville 2 dollars to open and a expansion early it was supposed to cost $50.00 farmville dollars and I was charged twice !!! please put the other $50.00 back to my game. thank you Tena toner

  190. FV2
    On March 1, 2015 I had accumulated enough coins (5,550,000) to expand.I hit the “expand” tab and Zynga immediately took all the coins but I have been unable to expand.

    I have tweeted Zynga nearly every day to no avail.

    What do people do when they loose real money playing these games?

    I know there are several “report” sites…going to look them up, Zynga is impossible to get help from, perhaps for good reason.

  191. hello my name is sara and i like very much texas holdem poker.
    i have a problem with this game because every time i want to play i get 7 days suspention.
    i have 3 computers on the same wifi and i play poker only from that computer.
    please do something so i can play im n old lady and all day long im alone

  192. 3/8/15 I can see why Zynga is not as well received as it was when introduced. when a player needs help the “support” is not there. i signed up for the VIP and when i tried to update my payment information my membership was suspended, it was not until i got cash that it let me input the payment information and then put me back to level one. true costumer service would go a long way to improve your gaming business. i have read many comments about zynga and there is a common thread of poor costumer service

  193. this is terrible no help at all I am playing chefville I cant hardly play it,it freezes. I just now started playing it I love the game but how can you play a game that will not let you complete your task.I have attempted to contact them five times nothing has changed what has happened to facebook games.

  194. I called because I had made an in-app purchase and shortly after, a promotional pricing popped up. I called to see if an adjustment could be made because I had just made a purchase.

    I was told they could not help me. They could not document the purchase in relation to the special offer. I explained I would be happy to send screenshots and purchase records to verify what I was saying. I was told that they couldn’t help me but that I could try Google Play.

    I was also told I wasn’t the first person to make this request, and it wouldn’t be “fair” to anyone else who made the request if they did as I asked. I pointed out that good customer service would be to help the people who made purchase from them.

    In a nutshell, they refused to help or even consider it. The customer service from this company is TERRIBLE. I would not recommend ANYONE make a purchase from them.

  195. I have been playing zynga slots for about one year I had 5 millons 800,000 coins plus I bought sex and the city today when I go play it’s all gone took me back to beginning please fix this problem give me the money back and game I payed for.

  196. Cannot contact zynga support as there is no email, how is this support? I did the league thing and was in 1st place, how come there were no chips available for this prize or what even happened to my league points? Wtf??

  197. I have recently been having problems with my Farmville 2 Country Escape on my laptop. The Scavenger Hunt was still running and I could not sell anything and when that was fixed there was left over Scavenger Hunt items left in my barn that also was fixed. I had bought the Key Machine before the left over Scavenger Hunt items were removed from my barn and in the process the Key Machine is also gone.

    I contacted Customer Service Via Phone to solve this issue. I talked to a gentleman by the name of David Reed. He informed me that there had been suspicious activity going on with my computer. He asked me to run a remote access for him to run a diagnoses on my computer, I agreed for him to do this. After he was done with checking my computer out he said that my computer was being hacked through my Microsoft csrss.exe. I was in shock of what he had told me. he said he could fix this for a cost of no less than $129.00 for a one year protection plan. I am fixing this issue myself.


    Thank you,
    Sherry Dennison

  198. Customer service suck. Never get response. Games always glitch. Can not get any where to get any thing resolved sent to emails in 4 months who gives two caps about me no one I just one player I guess I don’t spend money I don’t count. So I get nothing l will go back to King games that work and Pogo I can depend on them to work to bad I really liked Farmville 2. Zynga you really suck.

  199. I won 70,500,530 coins on daily race on 4/30 or 5/1. I did not receive them. How do I get them? I am a guest player with no Facebook to contact support.

  200. Since they decided to set up leagues,we have a large amount of passing chips.I can tell you how many times I reported them,however there still playing.Which is great for the company,more money,more money!,,, I am done with this game.Hoping you lose all your customers because that’s what you deserve !!!

  201. By far,the customer service I have received from Zynga since resuming playing WWF in early November 2014 is the WORST I have ever experienced in my LIFE! I have written to them on their site about the same issues over 100 times, and I have been intentionally ignored every single time. In addition, I have had to deal with nonstop, disgustingly annoying ads that arise after every single play I make. This is despite the fact that I paid at least $12.99 in late 2012 to have them removed. I have followed all instructions given to try to remove them myself, to no avail. I have pleaded with customer service for help. I am being ignored. I absolutely believe there is no such thing as customer service; we have all been lied to. What irritates me the most is what is said to players after we submit our queries or concerns, which is: “Help is on its way!” That is, non-
    existent help. I want to scream, but there is no one there to hear me. . . .

  202. Dear
    I am a customer playing SLOTS , for at least 8 months .
    I reach a level more than 90 , playing in daily basis and collecting about $1,6700.000 .
    Suddenly ,I noticed , the games start me with Level 1 with only
    $300.00 .
    Please advise me what happening ?????
    Thank You

  203. Still waiting on Farmville 2 county escape to get fixed over a month an shaft going through really sucks can’t talk to a real person to get help help when you do it’s some very rude guy that doesn’t want to listen to you and hangs up on you then if you do get a hold of some else they want to change you 39 dollars to get your game fixed

  204. Between my husband and I, we have 2 iPads and I even down loaded the game on my iPhone, I paid and bought some credet, all of the sudden all the credits we had on the 3 devises disappeared! Beside we were paying so much money through iTune account for buying coins, the game ( wizard of oz) eat it all! Has this video game set up just to take money, without feeling any satisfaction? This is redicules

  205. I hope I can some type of help I’m getting screwed buying coins supposto get times 2 father day and I never got times 2 so whats the deal do..i get my money back or did i get screwed?

  206. I hope I can some type of help I’m getting screwed buying coins supposto get times 2 father day and I never got times 2 so whats the deal do..i get my money back or did i get screwed?

  207. Hi issue with farm ville country escape 2, did installed the farm ville escape 2, it won’t let me go on level 47 because just got new tablet so I want my level 47 back.. My Facebook is Teri bumgardner and can u put my level 47 back? Thank you

  208. In this I pad al ready have farm ville I want change with my Facebook please delete data in the other acount

  209. can u plz tell me why after 5 years of playing Zynga poker that now its so slow and get booted off all the time plus when u do have a winning hand some times the lesser hand gets the chips why is your server so slow now plz help

  210. I was away from my computer for a week and when I returned I tried to play texas hold em and found I was suspended/banned. I am in shock. I have never done anything to have this happen. I always have followed the rules. I am so angry mostly because I can’t find out why—finding out Zynga is a joke–they don’t care about users and their help does not exist

  211. I have watched tons of videos and only get one or two of the FREE COINS…..why does this keep happening. I watch MORE than the 1 min. required and still don’t get ALL of the FREE COINS I should be getting????????

  212. 1) tonight you awarded 25,000 coins. I clicked on the site and I was told I was too late. Please be aware I went into the site 12 minutes after it was posted.
    2) Today while playing the ticki game, I left the game and within moments 396,000 coins disappeared.
    3) 2 weeks ago, the same thing happened while playing Gam Ladies and lost ” 3,400,000 coins.
    What is happening? what can be done? This is totally unfair.

  213. I have not been able to access my Zynga poker going into my second week. I was playing in your tournament but have not been able to access my 100 million plus chips. What is the problem and can you fix it?

  214. Why does it always let me play for extra points….like watching the videos but then it DOESN’T GIVE ME THE POINTS I’VE EARNED??????? THIS HAPPENS SO MUCH….WHy ?????

  215. my complaint is on Zynga Poker I can not see the collectables my friends need & in the last 2 weeks when i send a friend a collectables or they send me one.We do not receive them but they are taking away from our amount of collectables. Please address this problem ASAP. Thanks.

  216. Zynga customer support absolutely sucks!!! I can’t get help at all. I do not have a Facebook account, nor do I want one.
    I’m having trouble with Words With Friends.
    The online so-called support information is of no help at all.

  217. I’ve been trying to email customer support with an issue I had with my account. More specifically, with my bonus chips from tge daily slot. In a nutshell, I had 3 Zynga dog logos, 3 cherries, and 3 sevens. [I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have photo proof.]

    So, I need the winnings added to my account. This all took place on October 25, 2015, 7:00 pm CST. My facebook account is:

    Everytime I tey to send a request from the other site, it runs out of time and ends my session.

    Not truly sincere,

    Jerome McCormick

  218. Please help I was on level 36 of farmville 2 country escapes and now it wont let me get back on what level I was on. I have restarted the game and installed and uninstalled and cant get it back. What do I do?

  219. I have gave up trying to get any help about Farmville issues. There is no way to get help, I go on Farmville with my Facebook and cant get into any chat with other players. I am missing things on my farm and can get NO help. You have a Help section that…doesnt help!!! I have spent money on your game and would like some help. I am suppose to have got a furnace, dont have one, now I cant do certain objectives. I have been on your help and support sections over and over…nothing. How about an e-mail and tell me what to do.

  220. I am trying ti get you to fix my farmville 2 it is stuck on dog house recived collie pup an then it said to remove pop cap but won’t let me do it please help its been a wk I am going crazy without my game please help me Thank you so much

  221. I have been playing Hit It Rich for a couple of years and was Emerald status. Last Thursday or Friday I was playing, with over 10,000,000 points, and all of a sudden my screen went blank and I was asked to sign in with my email or Facebook Account. I do not have a Facebook Account, so I typed in my email address. The screen came back, after considerable difficulty, and I lost all of my points, except 75,000, lost my Emerald status, all of my Charms, 16 of them, I think, and I am now at the lowest level for earning free bonses. Since it was a glitch in your system, and I did nothing wrong, I would like to know if you are going to reinstate my previous points, status,bonuses, etc.? My account is my email sign in, and you have all my information. Please reply. Thank you. Diane Lyne

  222. After reading all the negative reports on Customer Service for Zynga,, I am deleting their game site from my tablet. I can see they never resolve problems they themselves create, so I am not going to waste anymore of my time with them.

  223. I have a issue with farm bucks, I added farmville countryescapes to my phone and when I went back on my farm it said i was recieving the 29 farm bucks and I clicked on ok ad share . But no farm bucks. Thank You I hope you can help and fix it.

  224. I need a game fix for castleville legends “the tower” challenge. I am not on Facebook and have found it impossible to get any assistance so far. Do not want to join Facebook at this point… Please help. iPhone user. Player I.d. 38476614927. Version 3.10.133.dlc.270. I cannot expand 3 times to the tower. Which the challenges incorrectly wants me to do.

  225. Zynga sucks zero ways to complain of game glitches . I play mafia only the pages stick windows refuse to close . do jobs the button sticks you extra clicjk the game steals your reward points sell s you energy you did not want . Zynga games are a black hole of disappointment . truly suck what a shame they do not care

  226. Last week I played in poker league and finished in 5 place with a weekly winnings of 1.02 Billion in winnings. That should have put me at master level. I never received any cash praise or league points . My
    Online ID is Kimberly and I play this connected to my Facebook
    Account Kimberly Dunkle johnson. Please correct or I will
    Take my poker playing elsewhere

  227. The site constantly crashes, the customer support email address bounces back, I go to bet high and the system takes it as a check. A very annoying site

  228. To: who it may concern.
    Hello, my name is sue martin and I was wondering why you guys took cafe world off facebook?. Are you ever going to put it back on because a lot of people play it. And if you look at the games you have on there know there is way to many that people dont play. So will you Please put it back up please .
    Thank you

  229. If you want a supervisor you will not get one. It is shameful how they put up with this behavior and costly in time and $$$.

  230. your support SUCKS! Can never get a live person…instructions to get help are pointless… I never buy FARMBUCKS because if I have a problem I won’t get help. WHAT? I AM GOING TO GET LOUSY SERVICE…AND PAY FOR IT.
    You certainly figure out how to charge for certain things…..but no one in the whole place knows how to create an efficient support system?

  231. I have tried for 3 days to get help about my account being depleted 20 million .if you check my account was fine Mon night .I played for a bit betting 2 thousand. I went to shut off lap top and it fell to floor .the next day it was put back on the account was 20 gone . I am so upset it took forever to get this amount . I don’t even want to play anymore . can you please check and reinstate the money lost .I would love to continue to keep playing.. Thank You Florence Cipriani.

  232. I am ready to delete all of Zynga Always faulty. Wizard Of Oz spins about 5 times then it stops. Hit Rich is a problem when you it big it switches off. can’t seem to get any help. Is anyone out there.

  233. I have never in my life know such scandalous customer support. I am so sick of having to wait for something to be done about the problems with my game. It is no wonder that people are leaving the game in droves,if i were to give Zynga a rating out of ten for everything about it it would be 1 because thats all it deserves. I am not going to spend anymore money until you pull you fingers out your arse and start treating us like people and sort things out

  234. I play Farmville…….for the past 2 weeks……I cant receive or send gifts. I cannot , get or send anything from the “feed” I also have not been able to get in mahjong trails……IT TAKES 2 DAYS TO GROW A CROP THAT ONLY TAKES 4 HOURS. RIDICULOUS….I have made at least 10 try to get in touch with your company…… IMPOSSIBLE. Trying to get a hold of ANYBODY IS A NIGHTMARE…….FIX THE DARN PROBLEMS. THANKS…..I DON’T KNOW FOR WHAT???? BUT I WAS TAUGHT TO SAY THANK YOU.


  236. This is pissing me off. My FarmVille 2 country escape keeps only installing to 2 %. I did what they told me to do. It worked once but not any more. I’m about ready to quit playing your games.

  237. farmville needs to be fixed. Quit taking my fv money, let daily stamps post and correct daily delights. Your program has LOT of bugs – very hard to play daily. Coordinate with facebook for updates. Amateurs!!!!

  238. I won the Daily race today did not receive the credit on Hit It Rich. Did no receive credit on games closes on winning Princess Bride games. Have deleted games in past because of not receiving winnings lost millions of credit points.

  239. I had 77 million points and now I have 4 million. This is the second
    Time this has happened. You can be assured I will never ever buy a dime worth of coins from you. You are a greedy company. It has been a week I haven’t played and guess what didn’t even miss it. It is time to move on to another game that appreciate customers.the last time this happened you said you would correct the problem and you never did. Like I said you are a greedy company with the poorest customer service. You can also be assured I will tell anyone interested in playing your game I would tell them to find something else.

  240. None of these work, the number that is working is for billing, they do not handle support for the game and for that matter no one else does either, get ready to spend your money and get nothing in return and THEY DO NOT ANSWER EMAILS EITHER. I have tired now since July 5th to get my event fixed and they dont care if it works for not! simple as that!

  241. What did you do to my FarmVille Country Escape? I keep trying to go to fair and collect my rewards but it keeps kicking me off?

  242. I have lost not one amount( 75FC) but two( FC 150 ) and I am trying to het it resolved through Zynga but I can tell by reading these post that I am am out of luck. Will someone Please tell me another way to get someone to hear my question.

  243. my hit it rich slots just keep spinning and need to rebot all the time have tryed on all plattforms but still dont work please help me

  244. My computer is a new Windows 10, played my games, played Farmville2 after my old computer gave out and I had to save up to buy my new computer. Played every day as I am retired, age 72, and was happy. Then Adobe Flash popped up and it began from there, pestering on every key stroke to allow once which I would do to get it off and out of my way, then it asked to be always allowed. I thought, what the heck, okay and did worst nightmare starting. Now, my computer is messed up completely, can’t play Farmville2, says all I have to do is tell Chrome to let me play and it will take me back to where I was, Liars. I have tried and tried for about two weeks now and cannot get it back on, nor back to even near the computer it was. Now I am disgusted. I want YOU to just get my game back on, take that damn yellow background off telling me that my flash is not up to date and the graphics are not up to date. It was okay before you all screwed it up. My Computer is as I am told updates it on it’s on, it is built in my computer. Can You Look at it, don’t put me to all the bs on what all to do, I am not a computer tech, you are. I look forward to playing Farmville2 again soon. Thank You in advance.

  245. I can’t get my hit it rich game to load…it gets to the spinning wheel and stops…It all started Friday 8/25/2017 with a protocol error screen I clicked ok and it hasn’t loaded since…It works on my husbands Facebook account, but not on mine on the same computer….I love this game can u please help me

  246. Why is it that you can’t get a live person for game technical support? I am trying to get help. I am playing Farmville country escape. I bought Ghoul Boy character with my keys. I have 185 keys and this character is 150 keys. The game took my key and I did not get the character. This game should give me the character and reimburse me back some keys.

  247. Not sure if this email will get to anyone, but since I have no other way to complain I will try it.

    I have been playing Wizard of Oz slot game for at least 3 years and in the beginning really enjoyed it. I played it on my Droid phone and also my iPad NOT thru Facebook. Over a year ago, I deleted it from my phone because for some reason, when I played on my phone it would completely freeze my phone. I would have to pull my battery to free it.

    Now, especially over the past week since you started with your 3 Year Anniversary messages, my iPad freezes. When I go into the game, I get notice after notice to buy credits. When I try to close the screen it will not close. Worse yet, many times it just bounces me completely out of the game. At this point I am almost ready to delete from the iPad. I did enjoy this game every evening and am sad to call it quits. Are you having some type of problem or is this what Zynga considers improving the game for the 3rd anniversary?

  248. I called Zynga support financial support team about a problem and they told me to go to Facebook with the problem so that is what I did and haven’t received any help. Zynga and Facebook support suck!

    • I am wondering what they mean my comment is awaiting moderation? All I did was told the simple truth Zynga and Facebook support suck! From all the other comments I can tell that I was right.

  249. I’m about at the end of my patience. I purchased a stack of keys. I used google play. They show the purchased. My bank shows the purchase. My game hasn’t been credited. The purchase was on 11/28. How long am I suppose to wait until I can play.

  250. Have played WWF several years. Now games are disappearing regularly. Have deleted and reloaded several times to no affect. About to give up. Can you help me?

  251. I’m having problem getting in to my facebook and the email that i had someone hack it so it won’t let me login in with my new facebook.

  252. extremely lacking. difficult site to find. made excuses and blamed me (1 out 5 were my error-sort of it was a virus) still what vanished and had been paid for disappear during the game while playing. Overall the general response was “Are records show you did receive the KEYS.. We are unable to help you any further. !st time I dismissed it (the virus case) Not ONE of the issues were solved or corrected.

    Thanks for the automatic response e-mail and thank you for not following it up.

  253. Your Cust Svc help is lousy
    You do not have a contact us link in the game Crosswords with friends?
    Are you aware that ads on this game show women being taken as hostages?

    Snipers shooting people?

    With all that is going on in the how can you run such ads on a crossword game?

    Please remove these types of ads they are offensive as are not appropriate.
    Sniper 3D Assasin is a name of one of the ads.

    I do not believe that you support this type of violence.
    Thank you.

  254. Since there is no customer service, its the worst customer service of ANY online game. No where is there a direct phone number to call for help. No form where ppl answer your questions. No one to fix glitches or tell me how to get refunded for money lost on the game. You make a lot of money on this game, the least you could do is give us LIVE customer support.

  255. I have played word for a long time Zynga now they say I need to accept policy and it says they can give out private Info, I don’t want them to do this. why are they doing this now.

  256. Very hard to contact anyone they the app on my iPhone!!! I have bought and paid for coins in the amount of $199.98 on the 15% sale. I think 1,884,000,000 coins TWICE and there seems to be another for $99.00 for 1,664,000,000 pending because it would stay stuck on the purchasing pages then tell me my payment was working in the background. That’s why there are three purchases, I tried to get my first purchase. My PayPal account and citi card have both said I have purchased them, but I have no coins!!!!! I should have well over 5 billion. Ever since my phone upgraded to most recent iOS update I have to search the web for a way to contact you! Either give me my coins or refund my money!!
    Also, all the big jackpot winners are new players!!! I check all the time. I’ve paid REAL money to you guys for a long time and lots of it, and I never win big at all anymore!!!! Ever since I started buying coins I seem to be stamped as a dupe, so no more big wins. NOT FAIR!! Loyalty lounge means nothing to you guys!!! No loyalty for long time PAYING customers!!!

  257. I have been playing Hit It Rich for years and today I placed a bet of 500,000 and one roll cleared out my balance of 1,100,000,000…..I have been trying for hours to get onto support but there is no such thing on the game itself…who is going to help me with this problem and have the total returned as this has never happened before…please contact me

  258. After playing for two years, I finally got a golden ticket in Wonka this morning. won 500,000,000 credits… But I didn’t really, because game froze and never gave them to me… Figures. This is unacceptable.

  259. I bought WWF 8 years ago. Unfortunately you are requiring updates regularly now everything was fine for about five years

    I’m going to ask you to refund my purchase, because you are my name my private information and I’m sick of his ads and other people popping up all over the one person I play with. You are brewching my privacy by publishing my name I don’t care if it is just what I use with WWF. You are disgusting me. Shame on you, for ruining a good, useful game. In the meantime get all those ads in the other people off of my game

  260. I can’t understand why the links they suggest to contact support do not exist. I have tried to find a way to contact support without any success. This is ridiculous considering they don’t mind accepting your money when you want to buy credits but you can’t get in touch with them when you need them.

  261. I’ve been trying to get ahold of anyone to help me 5billon coins have been stolen from my hit it rich game, someone should contact me to make it right, I’ve bought so many 199.99 packages of coins, you accepted my money but there’s a problem with coins missing there’s no one to talk to, very unhappy I’d appreciate my 5 billon plus coins returned to my game,

  262. This company is a joke and needs to be reported to better bossiness. They allow cheaters to take money from honest people. No customer service number but million dollar company

  263. I love the game but will never make another for credits again. I am missing purchased credits and cannot contact you.

  264. It sucks…there is no way to contact, so trying this. Power pins aren’t working, wasted keys, lost items, and now saga me is frozen.

  265. Nov. 4th I was playing with Steve Miko. We were neck & neck, I was winning. His last word was ire but the game picked a word, played by me several moves ago & credited it to Him giving him the game. Also changed my score downward. That is the second time I have been “robbed” of my win.

  266. I really like the way your customer service personnel speaks on the telephone. Very nicely done, excellent voice tone, pitch, modulation – reads script well and own personal word choice or word choices flowed right into the speech.

    Hello, I’m a software dinosaur of a human being who is taking a break from downloading the mere eight thousand or so photos posted to as small images to say hello to you all at

    I saw a lot of 7 eleven shops selling a lot of Farmville gift cards for quite some time while doing national stock photo tours. Gift cards are going to be souvenir items eventually, however, I am hoping to get into the itty bitty and small photo market soon enough.

    Eight thousand photos is only about eight to ten video game idea storyboards. There’s more offline, there’s more somewhere… did well over 100 thousand clicks, am not taking the smart phone out there for that sort of brutal abuse. Would like eventually to have a desk with a smart phone lashed to it, the company phone, of course, at the offices of some company – maybe around Menlo Park or Palo Alto?

    Personally, I can see giant inflatable balls doing well at the offices of Zynga in San Francisco, those exercise balls, inflatable furniture, inflatable walls, all that vaporware furniture and décor. Anyone remember those award winning Panasonic ads featuring thousands of hi bounce balls? Those were fun…

    Well, I don’t work for Orange Software, Millie does, you know Available Entertainment Angie Gray, Mark’s Angel… She has three sons and they have houses and are planning to go to Australia in December for a few months. She went to UC Irvine and got a degree in photography with work very similar to, however, much better packaged, than work I did for Thomas Edison in Trenton New Jersey that got rejected. That in itself is an American Cultural studies topic that is quite worthy. Millie works so well with people, and does professional studio photography of people, and she does know the old school way of developing both film and microfiche.

    Well, hope all is well for you. If you want to browse through my collection please do, they are somewhat randomly sized and were uploaded in a rush, I guess. Sorry about that… It’s not a professional-looking collection.

    The Stanford Ad Agency has tens of thousands of photos on that will be lost forever in February 2019, as does Terry Lynn Ayers, who is a person of interest to your company, who I would like to work with someday. Archiving index photos of strangers for personal use is one thing. Sometimes, it’s a relief when these things go unpublic, no more photos of her children online. Her studio photos look pretty professional, as well.

    I have over a decade of experience working with photos that have fallen out of copyright, as well as daguerrotypes that have long since passed into obscurity. If you have an office in New York, I might like to work there one day per week, someday, if you would have me over.

    I don’t know a lot about the modern images, about digital media, just the basics of stills and constructing a flip-flash movie, cell by cell from digital photos, then, transferring it onto film.

    Admittedly, a lot of what I clicked and others edited, printed, titled went to studio. Nothing to brag about, there are people who have ten smartphones set to four clicks per minute out there…


  267. I have read the reviews and I agree you game has not changed much. I use to play awhile ago and spend $200.00 a month for about two years. I did not get my money’s worth. I came back and the game is not worth the rewards. I just spent $350.00 to win my 5th star and when I did it came back I only had 4 stars. Well I am going to quit the game and will never play it again. You people should be ashamed to run a scam game like this one. The game has nothing but problems with it inner workings. Ho I forgot after spending all that money to win this last Fair the rewards were not worth the cost in US dollars.

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  269. No where to go for help and support. Everyone says it’s in the support tab for the game at the bottom, but not on my game!! Several times I have harvested using my combine and turbo. I have 130+ fuel, but says I don’t have enough fuel. Out of 60 bushels, I only got 12!! Lost 6 fuel and 4 turbos! And didn’t plant all the crop that I needed it to plant. I can’t get more than 12 goods for fuel now for over 6 months and nowhere to go for help!!! AND I HAVE A VIP ACCOUNT!!!

  270. Hey I’m playing the Egyptian Sun festival event in FarmVille 2 country escape, but I’m not receiving event items even when it says I have 100% chance. Seems like a new glitch. Has not happened before now.

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