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Contacting Customer Service Center is an apparel and décor website focusing on items for parents, kids and babies. In order to purchase items on the site, you will need to be a member. Existing members have the opportunity to purchase items at discounted rates. At times, the discounts exceed 90% off the original price. If you encounter a problem with the website or membership, the customer service team is available to address and correct discrepancies.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers Monday through Friday, 9am to 11pm, EST; Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 9pm, EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-779-5615
  • International Customer Service: 888-826-6564
  • Corporate Headquarters: 877-779-5614
  • Fax: 206-724-0534
  • Customer Service (Ohio Office)  614-453-4980
  • Logistics: 206-724-0535

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the following locations:

Zulily, Inc Corporate OfficesCorporate Headquarters2200 First Avenue SouthSeattle, WA 98134


ZulilyOhio Office3051 Creekside ParkwayLockbourne, OH 43137

Official Website

Customers visiting the Zulily website will find deals for parents, especially moms, children and babies. You have the ability to shop the best sellers, locate items based upon category, as well as age or size. A key to viewing the items on the website centers on having an account. Unless you currently have an account or create an account, you will not have the ability to view the products. In the event you need additional information relating to products or services, we recommend visiting the FAQs.

Social Media

Customers can connect with the customer service team rather quick when sending messages through social media. Several conversations between customers and customer service were answered within hours.

Customer Service Email provides several ways to connect with the customer service department by email. We utilized the customer service email address to send correspondence. We sent a message asking for information relating to returns in the event a product was given as a gift. We received a message stating a customer service agent would respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Experience

When customers reach out to the customer service department, you will reach a customer service agent in less than 15 seconds. The agent was polite, knowledgeable and answered all of our concerns. This is by far one of the best experiences we have encountered. As it relates to customer service, is doing everything right. What was your reaction to the customer service team at Take a second and share your thoughts with us below? Thank you.

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369 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. I have purchased many items from zulily and have never been disappointed. However, I just received the shirt Mantra in a size medium. The style of the shirt looks nothing like the picture . It looks fitting at the bottom, but the actual shirt is wide at the bottom with to much material and is very unflattering. I would never wear it. Just wanted someone to know.

  2. I have been trying to contact someone about sending emails to this address.I want to be taken off your list.I’m not interested andwould appreciate it if you would remove me from your email list.

    Thankyou Sandra Karr

  3. I have never shopped on line before , not been on the computer much , then I tried Zulily , I have been very happy with the things I have bought .However it takes so long for it to come ,and the shipping is not cheap .I am waiting for a couple to packages that I ordered a month ago for special occasions, and still waiting . Then to wait this long ,paid , then to tell me its not available .I am so hoping this will not happen with these next few orders .And I have yet to see the reverse credit in my account .

    • Same thing basically happened to me. I have ordered 5 items in total over the past several months. The 1st dress didn’t fit at all. (said could not be returned). The two blouses I ordered a size bigger, still too small. The pants I ordered, way too big. The dress I ordered same time as blouses, for Christmas, didn’t come in. I got email saying it would be delivered December 30th. Guess what… I got it today, January 5th, 2016. I will probably not be ordering anything else. The prices are good, but was disappointed in the quality. And timing of delivery…very disappointed!

  4. When I ordered the Boots everything went well. I was always informed as to the status of my oreder. I received them but, I now want to return them, because they don’t fit. Please Email me the instructions on how to return them: Where, To Whom, Information on getting a credit on my account.
    THank you,
    Sylvia Lara

  5. I need to return shoes,they are too small.Order#ZLOAA72737/pink angelina mary jane infant size 1/ SKU927622.I need address to exchange,

  6. I placed at lists 4 orders and I would never purchase anything form u guys ever again when someone order an item its not right to shape a different item. that’s not customer service at all

  7. I have just received shoes that I ordered they do not fit. I have no paper work to return these shoes what do I do now?????

    • Purchased two blouses, need to return. I have no paperwork, went online and got an invoice, can I just send this and have my acct credited?

  8. I love your products and your daily sales, but your web site is not showing any pictures on any of sites today

  9. i have received the dress i ordered the B.Bronson black and purple stripe cowl neck dress. it is a very ugly constructed dress. the seams are falling apart on the shoulder/armhole area. the dress is so ugly i could not believe this is the same dress that was in the picture. it looked like someone who was sewing this dress fell asleep and the sides have multiple shirred that was caught in the machine. the neck is so ugly when i tried it it looked like i am wearing a loose pillow case. i showed it to my mother and she started laughing and she asked me what is it i am wearing and what am i going to do about it. i told her i will let zulily know right away. so please if you could give me credit for this one , i will appreciate it. i know you dont accept return merchandise, but if you want to see how poorly this dress was made, i will be happy to pay the postage stamp to return it to you. let me know what you think ok? thank you .

    • I ordered three blouses. Ordered a size larger than normal because of comments on website. They were still very tight. When I called about them at customer service, I talked to a very nice representative, Deborah. She said she would give me credit for the blouses and a store credit for shipping even though I didn’t have to pay shipping on the original order. Very satisfied. Looking for my refund to Visa in 3-5 days

  10. I received my order, but the shoes i order size 2, i got a size 2 and 3. I order these for my granddaughters bday which is 4/22, what do i need to do, will you send me the right shoe

  11. On April 25th.,2014, I placed an order for a KidKraft Lil’Doll HighChair for my one and only Granddaughter who is 3yrs.old and living in Alberta.
    The order # 918056986.
    I decided to have it shipped directly to her in order to save time.
    I don’t know if anything can be done at this point in time, however upon reading the invoice on my iPad, I have just noticed that her first name has been misspelled. The correct spelling is Teagan. Could you please take note of this for future use.
    Thanking you in advance, I remain Yours truly. Donna Slater

  12. On April 25th.,2014, I placed an order for a KidKraft Lil’Doll HighChair for my one and only Granddaughter who is 3yrs.old and living in Alberta.
    The order # 918056986.
    I decided to have it shipped directly to her in order to save time.
    I don’t know if anything can be done at this point in time, however upon reading the invoice on my iPad, I have just noticed that her first name has been misspelled. The correct spelling is Teagan. Could you please take note of this for future use.
    Thanking you in advance, I remain Yours truly. Donna Slater

  13. I would like to know the size chart for the Spanz hosiery that I have put on wait list?? I would like to know the height and weight for the size. Thanks Jane Snipes

  14. I want my name to be unsubscribed from your mailings. There is no place on your ads to do this service. Thank you MK

  15. I’ve been trying to contact customer service – can’t send an email, the address given sends me to another list of addresses over and over again. I just received notice that an order was shipped to m(# 716927006). I did NOT place this order and do not want this item. It was in my shopping cart but the order was not placed. What do I do?

    Linda Carle

  16. I am a regular customer to your site however it appear the new information I submitted on my new visa card is bening rejected

  17. I am a regular customer to your site however it appear the new information I submitted on my new visa card is bening rejected

  18. last time i called zulily they didn’t really answer my question and they said they would return my money to the card cause we canceled the shipping and we still haven’t received that money on the card and now im upset.

  19. Please… look into my Credit.
    I phoned and shared my disappointment with two items that I received.
    I was to get a Store Credit and a Master Card Credit.
    I spoke to a man called Ryan… not impressed!
    Please review what he submitted and let me know.

  20. I’m having a heck of a time . U do not accept my email address or password half the time what am I c
    Supposed to do. Getting ticked off

  21. I need to change some products by size, could you help me please, I don’t know to what adress can I to send them, because I recived the products in two differents packages with diferents address,

    please help me

  22. your website is a ROYAL PAIN IN MY BUTT. I have signed in several times and it still won’t take the info to allow me to browse. I;m definitely thinking about not returning and telling others !

  23. Order #92748901071907000079092629 from 04/17/14. Light Gray & Meadow Coolmesh Quarter Socks (Wright Sock) 2 pair. Recently I have worn both socks twice. They are both worn thin under toes and bottom of heels. Material is not what I expected. I can no longer wear them because brake down of material. I wanted to contact you before I throw them away. Your help would be appreciated. Thank You. Sheila e. Whitehead

  24. shipment of Michael Todd true organics–Deep Pore Cleanser leaked oily substance all over both products inside shipping bag. Moisturizer was wrapped; pore cleanser only had wrap on top of lid. I’m not sure how much product was lost.

  25. I order 2 tops on July 10th which have been paid by Pay Pal Invoice #418145164. I have not received the order. Is the order still in the mail or has something happened? Please let me know.

    Mary Ann Van Cleave

  26. I recently ordered a food dehydrator and was really excited to try it. The first time I tried it, It stopped working within an hour. I let it cool overnight and started it again. It immediately stopped working again. I am very disappointed. I will not be ordering from you again.

  27. Good afternoon, I’m not sure who this message should go to, but I’m inquiring about a news paper article I have received mentioning a potential new call center to be located in Central Ohio. I’m looking to confirm this is something being considered, to see if a location has been decided upon yet and if there is a G.C. on board yet or when/if anything would go out to bid for contractors? If someone could please email back and let me know if there is any information or not, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and help, and I hope to here back from someone soon. Have a great day 🙂

  28. Am currently an excellent customer for ordering from Zulily almost every day! Spoke with a Zulily representative and would like the “basket” ordering system changed back to where you can SAVE ITEMS instead of removing an item from consideration altogether. I never order without thinking about each item before deciding to order it and the new change eliminates the customer’s chance to SAVE items on a waiting list before that particular order is made. Please respond to this for me!!!


  30. I ordered some Clark’s shoes on July 18, along with a child’s paint set. The paint set was changed and delivered, but I never received the shoes. I emailed you to ask about delivery on the shoes and then checked my account. It said the shoes were in transit. I checked again today and find that the order was cancelled. I never received an email stating that the order was cancelled or why. My credit card as not been credited with the amount that I paid for the shoes.
    This is not acceptable. It is now August 15 and I have not received a response to my previous email or an email stating that the rest of the order was cancelled.
    I will be expecting an immediate explanation as to why this occurred.

  31. I do not wish to be added to your daily email list. I did not realize this at the time of sign up. Please remove me from your list. I will contact you tomorrow concerning this matter.

  32. My orders will not go thru.I always the most inexpensive shipping.
    My name is Jane Hoke
    It always says go back to the home page but I don’t know how.

  33. I am very unsatified with your service. I order on Aug.29 (order #ZLO
    F5A5807) and still don’t have all my order. Also one of the tops I order was damaged. What will you do about that and also will you refund my money on the merchandise that I have not received.

  34. Today I received only a partial of my order. I had ordered, among other items, Grapefruit Spoon-Set of Four. The package with the spoons had been torn and 1 spoon is missing. I only have 3 instead of 4. I want my spoon back and how much longer do I have to wait for my other items?

  35. I sent invitation to a friend, earns credit for $15 when a friend first order ships. My friend told me he already ordered and already shipped the items but I still didn’t received the credit of $15. Its said to the status that my friend hasn’t placed an order yet.

  36. So far so good. If I have any constructive comments, it would be to speed up the shipping process. I had ordered 2 items on the same order. Both items came out of the same city. One item is already here and is exactly what I wanted….the other items is being taken on a scenic tour of America. I would prefer not to have my items visiting every po-dunk stop. Shipping is the only serious flaw I have encountered so far. From the other comments, I am assuming your company is in desperate need of a manager and a few less chiefs. A call center is useless if you lose your customers due to failure to deliver and fulfill the transaction. Growing a business is useless if transactions cannot be completed. Word of mouth…can be your friend…or your enemy.

  37. Received someone else’s order instead of mine a week before Christmas. Returned the other persons order, who like me, will not get their order by Christmas. Zulily, as well, no longer has the items I ordered. Absolutely unreliable and no effort to make it right for me. I will stick to my other stores that I have always ordered from. A very disappointing experience at a horrible time for it to happen. Order at your own risk.

  38. Today I received the third of three maternity tops ordered on December 4th. The others were delivered yesterday and the day before. They clearly missed the Christmas giving. They almost missed the birth of the baby. It is an absurd amount of delivery time. Three days short of eight weeks!

    I would not recommend buying from you. I will go on all relevant websites and let them know that if they plan on buying anything from you that they should be prepared to wait two months.

    Totally disappointed,

    Nancy Leone

    Order number ZL1412013D

  39. Still waiting Jimmy Golden for my refund check of $400.00 promised 2 weeks ago that the check had been cut. I want it shipped over night. Very upset now & will call the law now & make a report if I don’t here back from you today ! Now I know I’ve been lied to.

  40. Have waited since last September for an answer from Zulily and a refund on multiple items. They came up with an amount I don’t agree with. Very dissatisfied!!!


  42. Order no. 422072763 received 02/06/15 2 global amici jars cracked , 1 received good condition, please send me two jars, waste of money to return item all broken up thank u.

  43. in jan of thie year I ordered a tunic from lily when it arrived it was thr wrong tunic I kept it even though I didnt care for it so I waited and when lily came back in feb I saw the same tunic I wanted in the first place so I ordered it again but LOW AND BEHOLD THE SAME TUNIC THAT CAME LAST TIME CAME AGAIN THE SAME ONE THE WRONG WRONG ONE FOR THE SECOND TIME NOW I AM ANGRY ONE MISTAKE THINGS GO WRONG BUT TWO TIMES CAME TUNIC ORDERED SAME MISTAKE MADE COME ON THATS CRAZY NOW LET ME KNOW WHAT LILY IS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT

  44. First time ordering, GREEN LACE BODICE MAXI DRESS- # 23613895 received my order the dress was RIPPED, coming loose at the seam. What is so troubling is that the rip can be seen through the Cellophane. My opinion it just show the attitude of I DON’T GIVE A DAMMN. I am through ordering. NOT HAPPY.

  45. Will never order from them again. It took almost a month for me to get my items and they all came at different time. One of the outfits I bought in a 10/12 when I got it the shirt was a 10/12 and the shorts were a 7/8. Also after I washed my clothing they came out the wash looking like they had been washed 20 times. Very unhappy!!!!!!! And I am still waiting on a dress that I order when I ordered all these other items.

  46. I have been very pleased with all of my orders..until today. I ordered a wall scounce and the scounce has a big piece broken out of it. Very disappointed for it was beautiful. I don’t like the fact that the merchandise is not shipped together…instead I get box after box…will be contacting customer service to hopefully get help with my damaged order.

  47. I called customer service and spoke with Michelle. She was very helpful..unfortunately the scounce is no longer available, so I was given a full refund plus 10.00 credit. Very pleased with the help I received.

  48. I have been asking to remove me from your email list over and over again with you doing so. This is the final request to be removed before I seek legal help. REMOVE ME FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST. I NEVER APPLIED TO RECIEVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. THANK YOU

  49. I livei. The uk orderd a dress from zuliy the dress is not true to size need to send this dress back but no details as to where to send returns to does any one have an address if someone can tell me I’d be very grateful thank you

  50. Just opened a box containing my glass teapot…no bubblewrap and the pot was broken into pieces. I called Zulily and spoke to Tayna…she was very helpful and took care of my problem without question. I order a lot of merchandise from this company and have only had two problems with breakage…both which were resolved to my liking.

  51. Ordered a Sevile 925 Sterling Silver Round Beaded bracelet on 5/22/2015. Item was not as presented. I wore the bracelet one time and the beads are no longer silver but have a brushed white appearance. The only portion of the bracelet that retained a shiny silver appearance are the areas between the beads. Clear case of misrepresentation or false advertising of this product. 925 sterling silver is suppose to be pure. Advertisement did not state sterling silver plated and even then it should last more than one use. Original price was stated as $134 and it was presented that day for $32.99 plus shipping. I hope to hear from you regarding this case of misrepresentation and false advertising? Donna J

  52. I recently ordered 2 black and white, geometric print wrap dresses from Christina V, size 1x. When I received them, they
    were extremely small–measuring 40″-38″-40″. I double checked the size chart–it said no specific info on these clothes, but
    general guidelines. The chart said body measurements for the 1x
    would fit 43″ bust and 45″ hip. THIS IS A BIG DIFFERENCE, I AM

  53. I just received my dress. the picture I saw was very pretty. the dress I got looks used, very used. how Can I return it.

  54. I have ordered 3 dresses they are Velzera differant colors I have got one them it goes around the neck. I do NOT want the other two please stop this order. thank you . Lois

  55. I’d never order from this company again. Everything is way to small for the size and takes way to long to get her. Very disappointed!

  56. ORDER # 528835880 We ordered this dress once and the order was cancelled. The same dress came up for sale again so we ordered it. The order was placed on August 12th and we received the item yesterday but it was the wrong color. I have never had so many problems getting the item I want from Zulily and have been very satisfied with my many other orders. I would really like the color of dress we ordered and not its black and white cousin! Please renew my faith in my favorite shopping venue, Zulily!!

  57. unhappy with purchase shipped 8/25/15 SKU: 8118092 Pocket Cami Bra 44C Size is significantly too large.(more like a DD.) Would like to return, get refund or change size to 44B Due to busy signal, have been unable to get through to customer service. Please return call and advise 847 370-5779

  58. I had ordered a sterling ring. Just received it. It is all bent out of shape.
    I think it would be wise to ship jewelery in a little box, instead of a loose
    envelope. Won’t order jewwlery anymore.

  59. I recently purchased several items of your sterling silver jewelry. This was to be a birthday present to myself. Imagine my surprise when all pieces looked like something my young granddaughter might wear. All 8 pieces including the plastic bags they came in weigh barely an ounce. This is nothing less than a rip off. Where can I return this for credit? The only number I have for identification is a shipment ID. That is ZL1B042D35 – Shipping facility R. May I have the courtesy of a reply?

  60. I ordered purses and bedroomslippersabout10daysago,wherearethey?I EXPECTED PROMPT



  61. I recently ordered 3 tops. My package arrived today 09/10/15. I need to return 2 of the tops as they run too small and the material was not as represented. There were no instructions inside the package for returns. Please furnish information as to how and where to return the unwanted merchandise for credit to my credit card. Thank you.

  62. What do I have to do to get you folks to take my name, my email address and most importantly, my credit card information off your site???? What the hell is going on there.

  63. I ordered a pair of pajamas – ordered medium womens top and large womens bottom. Received the correct bottoms but the top was a junior medium which did not fit. One phone call to Zulily service solved the problem! I was told by a very pleasant person that the proper size would be in the mail and I received it in 3 days. I did not have to bother to return the first one and was told to give it away or donate it. Thank you, Zulily for wonderful customer service!

  64. I jusy placed an order . ordered 2 pairs of pants same size and style i only want one pair do not ship 2 . I have pkaced several orders recently had no trouble please cancel one of the pants . siz 3x black and white, thank you. would like to replace with a scarf I saw..

  65. scarf was black and white big scraf. I have been up all nightI work the night shift. please email me the cancel of 1pair of pants. I would like to order a few more of your last chance item’s , If this order is cleared up . I will do so, thank you.

  66. Hi,
    I just received by box of purchases but will need to return the boots- not enough support, although cute. The box was not damaged but the corner of the board book is; I’m thinking it was packed that way. How do I return these items? Beth

  67. What is going on? I called your customer service number and was offered a deal to buy a credit voucher and when I refused I was cut off. I need to exchange an item for a different size. How am I supposed to get a hold of you. I will stop payment if I don’t hear from you. I need to know how to go about returning the wrong size garment.

  68. I need to return a garment that is the wrong size. Please contact me with instruction. Your customer service number is a joke. I am withholding payment until I hear from you.

  69. RE order #929825488 I called customer service last week because I ordered this on 9/11 and still hadn’t received any of the items. I was told they were being shipped between 10/1-10/8. I was very unhappy that it was taking a full month to ship these items. On 9/29 I came home to a Zulily box and was all excited!…..until I opened it! It was NOT my order! It belonged to a customer in Colorado! I live in Florida! Now I have to go all the way across town to a FedEx facility to get it back to you. The girl I spoke to, Nicole, when I called about the problem was unable to even tell where my order was because the computer told her it was delivered!! So here I sit, not knowing when and if my order will arrive (some of which I needed by this Saturday). I am so unhappy about this. Your system of checking orders before they ship needs a major overhaul! I would have thought that I would have been told that you would overnight the order to me. No, I have to sit and wait to see 1. if they can find it 2. when they can ship it and 3. when and if it will actually be received. You have just lost me as a customer.

  70. I have received 1 article of the 3 I ordered. It was listed as a tunic. I am 5’8″ and it fits well below my knees like a dress.
    Please cancel the other 2 orders:
    1. another tunic?(dress)
    2. a red dress
    You have already charged these purchases to my credit card and I have not received 2 items. I am leaving on vacation on 10/4. These items will not reach me in time.
    Do not ship them. I will not accept them. I intend to tell my credit card company to remove the charge. I have never dealt with a company that charges a customer before merchandise is received.

  71. I received my Vera Bradley lunch bag and am not satisfied with it. It is not what I expected. How do I return it and get a refund?

  72. I returned a pair of Cobb Hill shoes about a month ago. They were I the wrong size and wrong color from what I had ordered. I returned with the address you sent me, which I printed off your site. The package also contained the form you directed me to return with it. I have not received credit thus far. Please reply.

    Barb Zimmerman

  73. I recently purchased my 1st Ryka sandals-two pairs. Love the quality and sandals, but using the size chart, I ordered a half size too small. I do not know if they are not returnable, but I would love to exchange them. Please email the address needed for an exchange, if available. Thanks cmr

  74. can you please send me the amount on this item I ordered and received recently Im not sure what the item cost it was the sob clothing-gray marble hi-low cardigan order number 529956209 thank you

  75. Shipment ID ZL 1C04088D

    Please replay with instructions on returns. I am unable to wear these items as they do not fit. Thank you

  76. I need to return to 2 orders:
    ZL1D0B72BB-change to XL (2) items
    ZL1D05107F-change to XL

    Let me know how to send the items back.

    If you can’t exchange, please return to the amount to the original charge.


  77. I have been very disappointed in many of my purchases, especially in children sizes. The outfits and dresses are not true to size. They are usually very large. The last dress I ordered in 18 month size would fit a 3 year old. This would not be such an issue if they could be exchanged or returned. I now have several outfits that are of no use to me because of sizing. I love looking but I am not sure I will be doing anymore buying from zulily.

  78. I just checked over my orders and realize that one of the items is the wrong size. Seeing that I ordered the dress and jacket at the same time the size is way off from what was ordered. This order was made on 11-3-2015. I ordered a size 8 dress and 8 jacket. The receipt says size one for the jacket. Order # 730232121

  79. Just had one of the most positive customer service experiences ever. I regretfully had to return a dress that did not fit. The zulily customer service representative, Denice, could not have been more helpful! Just one more example of zulily’s great service and one more reason I will continue to shop zulily! Thanks, Bev

  80. I think you are a rip off service, and once I finish investigating this I will take the appropriate measures to do what I can to expose you, but I’m more then sure you’ve been at this for quite a while so we’ll just have to wait and see what the out come will be hey

  81. Oh yea one more thing you can rest assured that I will inform friends and anyone else “Not To Do Any Business With This Site”

  82. I ordered a toy item from thru Zulily. Reference ID 3798156127-1001.

    I would like to know if it has been shipped.

    Thank you for giving this matter your attention.

    Elaine Kleinmetz

  83. Shipment ID number ZL1E4E2C36
    Yes there is something else you can do. First, I want to say that I was excited to receive the winter white Dress. It looks very cute in your add. I ordered an xl because that’s what I wear. It is way too small, the fabric is not as represented and there is a green stain under the arm. I’m very disappointed now. Also, I first saw the dress for about half the price I paid but you would not allow me to buy it. I saw it later for over $40 an ordered it because I liked the way it looked. I understand now why nothing can be returned…you’d receive everything back! I ordered a second dress that I would like to cancel please.

  84. Shipment ID number ZL1E4E2C36
    Yes there is something else you can do. First, I want to say that I was excited to receive the winter white Dress. It looks very cute in your add. I ordered an xl because that’s what I wear. It is way too small, the fabric is not as represented and there is a stain under the arm. I’m very disappointed now. Also, I first saw the dress for about half the price I paid but you would not allow me to buy it. I saw it later for over $40 an ordered it because I liked the way it looked. I understand now why nothing can be returned…you’d receive everything back! I ordered a second dress that I would like to cancel please.

  85. on november 10th i made order #431098130, and ibuy3 item but i just recieve 2. i got a email from on trac on november 18 they waiting to send, i paid for 3 and im waiting for the third item please be consider im potential client, thank u very much sorry for any inconvinience. yhank u.

  86. I usually do not have any complaints regarding your services or products; however I do now. I ordered a package of bras recently that were suppose to be 44dd they were not. The cup is so small I really believe it should have been labeled 44c. Now I feel that you guys should be willing to help me out since I am a good loyal customer, and offer me store credit or another lot of bras. I will of course return the bras that are to small. Please take this to your attention being it is the Christmas Season. I am sick most of the time and that is way it took a bit to get around to email you. Thank You Kathleen S Rowley

  87. I want the supervisor of the lady who helped me tonight (12/15/15 about 5:45 pm) to know what an outstanding, professional, respectful & nice employee you have working for Zulily. She represented Zulily with the same top quality service as your merchandise has. She even sent me an e mail to help me reset my password so I can order again without having to call customer service to do it. You should feel privileged and honored to have someone of her stature and professionalism representing Zulily. I sincerely hope you acknowledge her in some way for the quality she delivers as a customer service representative. I apologize for forgetting her name; but I’m sure if you look at my account there must be some way to tell who helped me. Please acknowledge her for her excellence. I am a very satisfied Zulily customer and she assisted me in that continuity. Thank you for attending to this matter of recognition for me. Sincerely Kathleen McKenzie.

  88. This is the first time I’ve ordered from Zulily and I hope it won’t be the last. But my order arrived today. I had ordered one each of two different jackets. But what was sent was one of one style and three of the other! I would have hoped if there was an error on the order somebody might have verified that before sending out three of the same jacket! I will send the additional two back and would like to know if I will receive a company credit or a refund.


  89. I am confined to my home. I can never try on most clothes at stores so Zulily has helped me a lot by returning items that don’t fit. Either too large, too long, too small, or too big. I keep on trying and they are willing to take things back for credit.

  90. I would like to let you know that I ordered the bedding I liked however, I am NOT happy with your payment system. I tried to set up an account so I would not have to pay shipping…but your system continually said it would not be able to process my application…. I would like you to credit me the shipping charge of $5.95 for order #332707095.
    Thank you and happy new year,
    Janie Borgman

  91. To Whom it May Concern,
    I have placed an order with the notion that I qualified for free shipping, but upon ordering, I noticed that shipping charges were added. I’d like clarification as to why the charge was added. Order number is 829652629

    Thank You,
    E. Hopkins

  92. first time ordering from Zulily. everything i ordered was great received in plenty of time for Christmas. I made a mistake and ordered 1 pair of children boots and 1 pair of shoes in the wrong size. please let me know the exchanging procedure. She loved the boots and wants the same ones. Can you help me?

  93. Hello & Happy New Year. Just wanted to say thank you for getting all of our orders before Christmas. Everything we ordered was in great condition, no problems except 2 shirts I ordered are too small. Oh well! I feel this year was so much better than last year as far as getting everything on time and even the quality of merchandise. I’ve always love Zulily!!! Great, great prices!! So,
    “Thank You Very Much”
    Sincerely, Vickie R. Porter

  94. Hi, it’s me again, Vickie Porter. I just read a lot of dissatisfied customer e-mails.
    I don’t know why a couple of people referred to your co. as a rip off service. As I said I thought this year was so much better and it was!! I’m not saying these people didn’t have problems however I have always been treated very good by your company. Anytime I called the rep’s that answered were always very considerate and extremely helpful. Some of the items that said “no return”
    I was able to return them. So again, thank you, and look forward to continue
    shopping with Zulily.


  96. I received my order of….White WeatherTec Adventure Jacket – XL
    SKU 32727162
    We love it…but it is a little to big…we need a lg. not xl Can you help me with this.
    I’m a new custumer and not sure what to do….Please advise.
    Thank you
    Christa Moise.

  97. My recent package, shipment ID ZL1FEF8CD0, product description “Proud Peacock Platter, SKU: 2914774 arrived completely smashed!!! Please contact me as soon as possible about a replacement. Thank you, Darla Ryan 843-607-3923

  98. Shipment ID ZL2035E222

    I received carmel buckle logan boots size 7. SKU 30801173. I always wear size 7 but these boots are WAY too small. Can you please advise how I should proceed? I order from Zulily all of the time and this is the first time that I have been unsatisfied.
    Thank you!

  99. Recently ordered 2 Swarvoski necklaces from your site. Was very disappointed. One crystal appears to have water spots. The other was advertised as “black heart” but is actually purple.

    Up until now been very satisfied with purchases from you.

  100. I placed 2 orders in November, 2015. I returned all items in December, 2015. I never received any information about the return, no refund or anything. All I can figure is that you think its okay to steal from customers. I spent approx. $200.00 and have nothing to show for it except an additional UPS cost to return the items. If you do not give refunds, you could at least give a merchandise credit.

  101. Seems like quite a few people are disappointed in your business. A total ripoff business. I have never seen anything about “no refunds”. I would never have ordered if I knew that. How many unsuspecting people are you ripping off today??

  102. I received my order today
    1. Cobalt Blue Seamless Shaper High Waist Leggings -L
    2 Black Palazzo Pants – M

    I want to return them but you did not give me a return label I do not like how they fit.
    Please I need instructions and a refund of my purchase.

    Thank you
    Linda Phillips

  103. I am finding it very difficult to E Mail Zuzilly it has put me off ordering from them again there is no return details in with goods and the fact that you have to pay postage back I think is disgusting no other company does this

  104. I am finding it very difficult to E Mail Zuzilly it has put me off ordering from them again there is no return details in with goods and the fact that you have to pay postage back I think is disgusting no other company does this I need instructions how to return an item, reading other reviews this seems to happen all the time.

  105. You have over chartered me for cancelled items and sent cancelled items and charged me for them. I want the remainder of my purchases deleted and my money back in my account. Especially the 61$ for one dress that I recieved 2 of after canceling one and have 2 more orders due to ship. I have a bathing suit bottom being delivered and I do NOT want it and want it to be returned and my money reimbursement.. I tired of being screws around with this company. 803-609-4125 is my mber 1304 farming creek rd irmo South Carolina 29063 fix this mess and cancel all orders Md reimburse my money ASAP I will not shop here again and will tell my friends the same. I have a lawyer retained to make sure this company refunds all my money. Bought leggings had holes all in the rear of them this company sure sucks… Contact me and return my money

  106. Looks like I may have difficulties returning shoes that I purchased that are to wide. I agree with others above that I should have been notified before my order was processed that there are no refunds. I would not have ordered shoes online if there was not a return policy. I hope that I am able to return the shoes ordered. O

  107. Help!! I need to return an item and have no idea if I’m contacting you in the correct fashion or not?? I’ve ordered lots of items from you for my granddaughter and have been happy with all of them, but, there is one dress that is not going to work. What’s the next step?

  108. ORDER # 232641364 was cancelled for non delivery, but I think I did not get the shipping and tax’s back in the amount of $6.52.

  109. Just thought you should know that I just received a pair of boots, and only a pair of boots, in a 2 X 18″ X 2 box. In it was 15 feet of plastic packing. You could probable do other things with your money. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zulily and spend a lot of time and money on your site. Just think it’s a bad way to pack up orders. Sorry. Pat G.

  110. Hello! I have order #427884463 (Curvy Lily) for late 02/09/16 (yesterday) and to-day in the morning (02/10/16) i made new order #833749394 (glasses). I am your constant customer and why I have pay twice for delivery if between my orders there is no much time. Please’ help me and send me E-mail about your decision.Alla.

  111. I have been satisfied with my purchases. My shipment I received yesterday,had at least half a cup of a dark sticky fluid (im hoping it was coffee). Luckily my clothing was individually sealed, and was not damaged. My comment is regarding quality and shipping control?

  112. Took forever for order to come and was so excited. However, it did not fit. After looking at top it clearly states it is a size 4 little girls I orderd 12/14 outfit and pants fit well However Can’t stuff her is a 4.

  113. I am an employee of QVC and my 20 percent employee discount is not showing on my orders when I check out today. They showed up on my orders for Dec. I would like to place an order today before an event ends today.
    Margaret Heying

  114. I’m sorry to say that, yet again, I received the wrong order. There was not even a packing slip enclosed with the order. It’s obvious that orders are not verified to confirm that the correct article is sent to the right person. I phoned several times and all I get is a sales pitch for things I don’t want. I sent an email to customer service last night and, as yet, have not received a response. I’ve had problems in the past with Zulily and responses were quick and efficient. Not so this time.

  115. HELP! I tried placing an order late last night (3/12/16) When I sent to go check out my three items, It stated “This payment cannot be processed. Please contact your financial institution for information.” I thought because I received my new Visa card that maybe I had not activated it. But I remember that I have already used it several time, this week with no problem. So I asked my husband if I could use his card. It stated the same thing. I thought this is REALLY STRANGE. Because my items are “last change” items and due to expire in less than SEVEN hours, I asked my oldest son, if I could use his card. HIS also did not work. What is going on. I don’t understand, None of us have ever had a problem with any credit card. PLUS tomorrow is Sunday. Our bank is closed on Sunday. I don’t know if there is a hick-up in your system or what, i do know that there is NO problems with any of our cards. But I really want the three clearance blouses for a total of $28.47. Now I am afraid that I am going to lose my 3 items which I really want. Can you have someone contact me. I don’t want to lose these three items because of a glitch in your system. PLEASE HELP ME.

  116. I requested to have my password reset yesterday and you and you sent a link. The problem is that I have not been able to change my password. Are you having trouble with your website. My router keeps saying that the site does not exist.

  117. I was doing online shopping and put 1 item in my basket to go on shopping. I went to delete the item and had an email saying my order had been received and was processing,. I DID NOT PLACE THE ORDER. YOU have my account information on file and I agreed to this BUT I NEVER GAVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO PLACE AN ORDER I PLACED IN MY BASKET TO DO OTHER SHOPPING AND I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS. I want ALL my credit information DELETED NOW!!!. If I ever decide to do business with you again YOU WILL NOT NOT GET MY PERMISSION TO STORE IT EVER AGAIN.

  118. I’ve been wondering where one of the products I ordered hasn’t arrived yet. the info I just looked up showed it made it to #2 – I take it they have mailed it or shipped it to you and that is where it is sitting, since February 25. today is the 20th of March. Can you give me some feedback on it. I don’t know the exact name of the piece but it is a metal type shelf with three rows of open type drawers for my office. I await your reply.

  119. Have questions about last order no one answered telephone numbers could not connect to service either ..makes me wonder whether I should order any other merchandise in future

  120. Hello,
    I orderd Beige Leggings, size M sku36196049 …..My order arrived yesterday and there is no way I can wear these….!! Made in China and geared for tiny Chinese people….!! I didn’t even bother to try them on because they are so tiny…. I normally wear size M but these look like a size 0…! What do you suggest I do? Return them?

  121. Hi,
    Order #834973628-I placed this order a few minutes ago. I gave my daughters address for a ship to. I noticed at the end when they showed the final order they said-the ship to was to myself. Please check into this and let me know if your sending items to Fla.

  122. Recently I ordered several pairs of women’s athletic shoes from Zulily and am extremely satisfied with all but one pair. I received a pair of men’s Fila Stride 3 shoes. Don’t know why I got men’s shoes. Have no use for men’s shoes. Getting ready to order more pairs of women’s Fila athletic shoes, but don’t know what to do with the pair of mens. Can I return them, please?

  123. i buy some items i would like to cancel 2 items because i click the same 3 times. thank you for your comprehension

  124. I received my order today of a pair of crocs. They are too wide and too long even though I ordered the correct size that I wear. Can I return them?

  125. I recently was aware that you and QVC were now together,and that I could use my QVC credit card with you,so I ordered and it did not go through. So I hope the information I received was correct.If not,my info is out there,and that bothers me.Please let me know what to do. Thank you,Susan Camp

  126. Today on my invoice I noticed that I ordered a silver tier wire shelf and it came ito my home in black. Do you think uyou should have informed. I already started to put it together, so I cannot return the shelf. I am glad it will be in a closet instead showing elseshere. order# W735075303 sku WSOO692. Any comments Thank you mk

  127. In opening my invoice today, I had ordered silver five tier wire shelf in silver, but was sent me one in black. Good thing I am putting it in a closet instead of in a room, since I already started to assemble it. Wonder why you did not tell me of the change??My order number is#735075303 ane the aku isWSOO692/ Any reason for the change? And you did not notified the change??? R Thank you MK

  128. Pink lace-strip half-sleeve top size L SKU35521726 has to be a 2X or 3X!!! NO WAY is it a large!!!! Very unhappy with results!!!!!!!

  129. This was my first time on your site. You have many items I would be interested in buying. However I will not be buying. I can’t afford to buy something I can’t send back. Buying online esp. clothing and shoes is risky. Different brands don’t always fit the same. I know you have a great following so you won’t miss me. Please take my name out of your email address book Thank you

  130. I am a first time customer and spent well over $200 on Zulily products. One item has showed-up in the mail. It has been 3 1/2 weeks and according to the delivery information, 4 items haven’t even been sent to Zulily for delivery! Summer is coming and these items were purchased to wear within the next few weeks. I am shocked that this is taking soooo long! Who knew? I wish Zulily would forewarn customers of this dilemma!



  133. I have two clothing items I need to return. I received 2 dresses, same size and style and I only wanted one. also a blouse/top is too small so need it in the next larger size. thanks, Patti

  134. I just ordered a dress that looks like it has been made out of fishing net; and the ribbon is frayed on one side of the dress. Of course they asked me to return it, but the cost is not worth the bother – if the dress is frayed, why wouldn’t they pay for the shipping. They should have checked the dress before putting it into the bag to be shipped. But, of course if I could see the frayed ribbon, so could they. I paid for express shipping so in total I just threw over $70 away and I still don’t have a dress for seminary graduation. I feel duped and just plan taken advantaged of. PLEASE do not buy from these people. It’s a crime.

  135. I received my order of a king size bed ensemble. It is definitely not king size. It just barely covers the top of my bed. There is not enough to cover the sides or foot of the bed. I am very unhappy with this order and feel it was poorly represented in your email order catalog. Supposedly it was originally over $200. But on sale for 70% off. It looks like some cheap ensemble from Anna’s Linens.

  136. I was told today I would receive a $10 gift card as I received a defective Fitz & Floyd but have not received it. The Shipment ID is ZL23D79B67.
    Rebecca Erro

  137. I received the clothes I ordered and none of them fit and I don’t like the material. Too revealing. I would like my money back but u didn’t send an return address label to ship them back with. Do we have to pay for that?

  138. Love Zulily’s customer service. They are always so helpful. I have never had any problems with ordering or on occasion, returning any type of merchandise. If something is damaged, they will give a credit and usually send another product, if available. I know I can always expect excellent service when I call Zulily.
    Thanks guys, (5 STARS)

  139. I got a e-mail about whether I still wanted some jewelry that I had ordered and they didn’t get sent in time and yes I do want them.They were some bracelets that I had ordered and I really do want them
    Thank you, Ruth Pine

  140. I need help.
    Why did you cancel my account?
    What contract aspect did I supposedly violate? You said violated so you cancelled. I need HELP figuring out the mess my credit card bills are in.
    Why did you make me place this issue on FACEBOOK. I am trying to be nice
    and to PAY ZULILY !!!!!! Why do they make this so adversarial???
    I’ve spent five hours and 30 e mails trying to pay what I owe : what I bought
    and received and trying to be sure that all the random things sent to me have not been included in with legitimate charges. I want to PAY. I WANT TO GET Back on the zulily site
    I received 3 oriental rugs,several duplicate dresses, unuseable sunglasses
    none of which I ordered. I called and they said to keep them or give them to my friends. I have no evidence the charges were not co mingled in with
    real charges and no one will help me figure this out. Zulily just punished me by taking back my $500 house credit and BLOCKING ME FROM THEIR SHOPPIING SITE where I’d love to be spending MORE MONEY. It makes no sense THEY won’t LET ME PAY THEM what I may still owe. And they won’t let me BUY MORE. CAN ANYONE HELP ME RESTORE my ACCOUNT by helping me untangle the billing mess.

  141. I read above…APParently many people receive TWO Of the same dress
    when they only ordered one. The queston is: how do we know we were
    not billed for both of them. It is easy for the lady on the phone to say
    “oh Dear, give one to a friend or to charity” but the way they bill it is impossible to weed out what is a legitimate charge ( one dress) and what is a padded
    charge ( we’ll send her TWO DRESSES, tell her to give one to a friend: she can’t figure out if we billled her for one or two because, as the contract says” their prices change all the time) plus don’t they charge you WHEN you order, then I read somewheer they credit your card and bill you again when they
    SEND the merchandize. ( It is called”Keeping the float). But when you get your
    credit card bill there is no way to know how many dresses you were actually charged for. WHY are so many duplicates sent???? Also no one ever believed me that I did NOT ORDER in 2012 under some weird e mail address I never had…..I never heard o f Zulily then. They had ten things for me to pay for that
    they insisted I ordered in 2012 and were now sending spring 2016: none of which I would have ordered. They sent me sunglasses “from that order” which I have no use for beause I wear Rx sunglasses.
    THEY refused to believe me. So we put cancel on all orders to figure it out
    but instead of helping figure it out they kept my store credit and SHUT ME OFF THE SITE I LOVED> What site would abuse a customer who was
    honest, ASKING TO PAY ( they likely can’t figure it out : how they charged
    themselves) and then cuts off the customer who NEEDS RETAIL THERAPY BADLY. ( Does anyone know of a similar site? Does anyone think the world makes sense anymore??)

  142. Your return policy is pretty bad, but aside from your policy I did return a Pink Side-Pocket Swing Tunic T0216PK_(Large) #11, I order 2 of them by mistake, so please credit my account. I also have order a lot of merchandise from your company and if your return policy doesn’t get better I will stop ordering from your company.

  143. I put all my info down & my Visa info #8-items I purchased..doesn’t it give me conf#? I’ve never done this before. Please contact me

  144. Please email the address for a return. I tried to call but after I told him all the information I was cut off. Shipment ID ZL2472102B. I want to return one of the items because it didn’t fit.
    Thank you

  145. I’ve been a customer for a few years..On June 3 2016 I ordered some jeans and to my surprise they didn’t fit..I always buy the same size but my last order was way to small! Not the Capri jeans I ordered with them. Please contact me cause I’m very disappointed. Thanks

  146. For the record.. I’ve always loved zulilys products ALOT! I’m sure zulilys will continue to make me a happy customer.

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    I signed onto your site and was looking at women’s socks when a pop up screen comes up and will not allow me to continue unless I become a member or if I were a member, it requires me to sign-in. I am not a member and do not intend to become one. I may purchase items from your site, but not if I am required to become a member. At this time, all I wanted to do was look at your socks to purchase as a gift for someone. One small problem, the sign-on screen blocks me from further browsing of the merchandise. I hope that you did not know that you were blocking potential customer from browsing your site. If this was a problem that y’all were unaware of, I hope it is fixed soon.
    Have a good day!

  148. I ordered three dresses for my granddaughter, Invoice No. 735806258. The quality of the three dresses is very inferior quality. I will not be sending them to her. I would like to return the three dresses for a credit. Please advise an address that I can return them for a full credit. Thank you. D. Gail Smith

  149. Zulily has excellent customer service. Contacted them today for the first time and was so impressed will continue shopping there.

  150. I keep getting your aggravating emails every day and do not want them. There is nowhere on them for me to unsubscribe.

    Please remove me from your automated email robot. I don’t want you to send me any more. I have no intentions of ever ordering anything from you and if you’re any kind of reputable business you would honor my request.

    Thank you

  151. Hi, I was having computer issues I guess and have the SAME ORDER TWICE, It is order # 340207039 dated Oct. 3,2016 AND order # 540210561 dated Oct 3,2016. I only want ONE of these orders please! I went to edit one of the orders and it already said “processing” I really want the product but not TWO orders of the same thing!!! Please help to delete ONE of these orders. THANK YOU !!!

    • I need to return some goods to you and cannot find any returns label or any way in which I can return the items please let me know how to do this
      Many thanks

    • I have items to return but there is no invoice or return label. What’s the deal. Items were not as advertised and I need to return them.

      Thank you

  152. Hi Zulily Customer Service- I am one of your best customers…however, every once in awhile my purchases are defected,hence, the reason for this email…I bought a Pursonic face steamer and in trying to use it the small plastic grey piece which serves the purpose of containing the water and preventing leakage crumbled and consequently, the water cannot be contained, rendering the steamer unusable…how can we move forward with either getting another steamer or if they are gone crediting my account….thanks for your time and consideration…sincerely, Vicki Madonick…

  153. Hello,
    I find it extremely invasive to require my email to shop on your store. This is offensive, and although you have items that interest me that I find very cute, base on principle alone, I will NEVER SHOP YOUR SITE!!!

    I am sure there are many others like me, I do not want solicitations from you now that you have my email address too! I do not want to be advertised to I just want to shop without my personal life and email being invaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. I am a continued long term lover of Zuliliy I thought I had another day of free shipping and I would like to put in my order could I please get a one time free shipping. Please

  155. The shoes I ordered do not fit at all.. There is a huge gap between my feet and the shoes from the instep to the heel. How can you not have a no return policy when something is as bad as this is. The shoes fit in the heel and the toe but doesn’t touch the foot any where else.

  156. I returned my last order to Zulily and then didn’t hear anything back. I assumed I would have a credit on my account, or something to indicate that I had returned an order. Please tell me what I do get for returning (as Zulily requested) my merchandise.

  157. I just realized that I ordered the wrong size on my last 2 items. How can I change the size…. they have not shipped yet.

  158. I order a pair of gladiator sandals on April 10, 2017. I am just getting them. They do not fit and need to return them. Please let me know how to do this. The order # 446562327

  159. I am so dissasified with the service I have received with Zulily. I sent you a return approx. 2 weeks ago. I talked with customer service and they said they have received the return but it would take approx. 2 weeks to process my refund. Strange, it didn’t take you minutes to take the money from my acct. but it will take two weeks to refund it. I know I know. The longer you hold mine and others money the more interest you will draw on it. I think the way you deal with the public stinks. You charge 2.00 restocking fee, an automatic 5.95 return fee etc. by the time you get finished with your fees I won’t have any left. Your items are sized wrong so it’s really your problem my item did not fit. Yet the only one who pays is me. I have read the review of other customers and found the same situation. Wish I had read it first and I would never had made the mistake of order the first time. Live and learn, and boy have I learned.

  160. Terrible – wanting to charge$47 to answer a question. Highway robbery! Just can’t get over this. NO MORE looking on this web. BAD,BAD,BAD.

  161. I am trying to return an item that was too large. I did receive an email back from you to ship it back. However, when I click on the label link nothing happens. Please give me the address asap of where I am to return this item to so I can send it back. Thank you.

  162. Following up on my call to your customer service department. Spoke to a Matthew (Supervisor name he said was Nathan). Received my order #546879307 Calvin Klein Beauty spray perfume. Was not happy, smelled like a knock off watered down version. I have purchased this scent before and I know it is not an original product. He said that they would check into my complaint and I will get a response in 7 to 10 days. I work hard for my money and just wanted to treat myself to a nice scent, hopefully I will get a refund since I made the purchase in good faith and that I would receive what I had paid for as advertised in Zully.

  163. I have a comment for you however I do not appreciate having to go to another site to open an email to Zulily so I will leave my comments here. Shipment ID ZL335260F5 Ship Date 7/24/27 order #843740743 LIL Cactus Romper. Iam returning this item due to safety concerns. The outfit is for a toddler, it has 4 buttons on it which are not securely sewn on, which poses a choking hazard if the toddler pulls the buttons off or they fall off due to poor sewing technique. I could have sewn them on more securely, however, I paid enough for the outfit that I refuse to do that. If you charge $5.95 for return postage and $2.00 for restocking when there is a safety issue at hand, then so be it, however I will be taking my business elsewhere. I should not be paying the price for poor workmanship. I will also unsubscribe my email to Zulily on 8/15/17 giving you a chance to respond. Please credit the amount of $10.40 which you say is what I have coming back, to the same card it was charged on. Thank You

  164. Just bough the most hideous pair of earrings that are only fit for the trash can. My first and last Zulily purchase!!

    • Dear Zulily,
      Just want to let you know how I felt after ordering 2 pair of shoes today. I have enjoyed ordering from you in the past. I was disappointed in your return comment .Instead of telling me you appreciate me and possibly giving me free shipping for all or part of the order, your offer was to buy something more today to get free shipping on another item.. If I had known that I would have ordered one item and then ordered the second item to get free shipping. It seemed rather a slap in the face to a good customer and free shipping would have been an extremely pleasing good will offer.

  165. This did not print on last message.
    Best Silver
    Rose Goldtone Sterling Silver Unisex Band

  166. I called in to Customer Service. The Representative was very nice on the phone Both items were Refunded Fully with out any problems.
    Only need to throw away defective ring & wait for refunds & purchase Butterfly Backs at a store with the refund! Nice!!
    Thank you! 🙂

  167. There is no Customer Service. No Returns or Exchanges. Zulily Phone Number is disconnected so you can’t even call to a human being to ask questions. Don’t place an order unless you are willing to be forever Stuck with the product. I’m giving my 3 garments to the Charity League and hope it raises something for their cause.

  168. Kenra shampoo… approx 1/3 of 33.8 oz bottle leaked out into shipping box. The box looks “wet” from outer appearance, I open package to find a hugh mess. Please ensure better packaging of liquid materials. I understand no returns. Disappointed with this purchase due to the mess as well as loss of product. Brenda

  169. I ordered a pair of unisex Croc Slides. Waited 7 weeks for them to get here. The order # is 851432406. I was sent a completely different pair…when I called customer service I was told I would get a $5.00 credit and a return label to send the shoes back, but they would not be able to send the shoe I ordered because the event was over. Talk about a “croc” last time I order from Zulily, and have been a customer for years……….Don’t advertise it if you can’t deliver it!

    • Trying to find out how to contact someone via email about how to return an order . all I get is go to order page then what ?

  170. I am living in England and have ordered a TunicDress. It does not fit me, It is far too long, below my knees and also toooo tight. I am unable to find a way to contact yourselves with regard to returning item and arranging a refund. Of course if I attempt to telephone it could end up costing me the same as the item.
    Can some one please answer me via this item. I could not find fault with the time it took for the item to arrive and everything is OK except for above….
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  171. Two charges made to my bank account have NOT been rewarded back to my bank. No order took place but my account double charged. I’m not happy with this and it makes me reluctant to order from you again. Connie Preston

  172. Please CANCEL my order for Momeni Rugs natural west indies wool rug. I never received it and I DON’T want to reorder it. Please refund my money. Thanks

  173. This sight is hit or miss. You never know if the item you are getting is anything as portrayed. I have ordered 5 different items and only 2 were worth keeping. It really makes me mad that returns are for credit only and even if you didn’t pay shipping to get it, they charge you shipping to return anyway. Not a customer friendly sight at all.

  174. Gentlemen,
    I find it hard to order items when your website deems my address is “incorrect” (?) I have only lived at this address for over 42 years — how do I tell you what method to use to pay for this item when no menu is proffered. HELP !

  175. I ordered 3 pair of slippers on Oct. 7th and have not received them. Could you make sure these have been sent. I paid through pap pal

  176. I have not been able to reach customer service… I just ordered e items. That is all I am paying for. My daughter went online just before I did, and ordered # 3001067424, which is to be deleted as soon as possible, since I did not authorize this item, nor the ordering of it. Will someone from customer service please email back to me? Again, as soon as possible.

  177. Hi,
    I would like to return a shirt that I just purchased. I would like directions on how to go about doing this. Thank you very much.

  178. Terrible website…nothing worked I am trying to email customer service, doesn’t work at all. I tried calling but couldn’t understand the person on the other end. I haven’t had this problem previously .

    Please advise!

  179. I ordered leggings and they are way to big. I thought I was ordering petite and they are definitely not petite. How do they return them?

  180. have purchased items before,no issues with them.But,now there is one.two ladies tops, one is very nice,the other I just received this morning,11/29/17.These items were ordered 10/30/17. Still waiting on a dress. First top was very nice ,but this one I just received is like I could have bought it at a dollar store,or goodwill. Tried to contact by phone twice this morning,listened to music for about ten minutes and then got a busy signal……..

  181. I received my order #945432250 and was very disappointed. I was not the item pictured online. I did not even try it on. Called and was told it was not returnable but I would get store credit eventually. This is not good business as nothing was noted that the item was not returnable or I would not have ordered it, for sure!!!!

  182. …I have received a portion of my order-however would like to return the item it does not fit through the chest and arms. They are both uncomfortable. May I return this item or exchange it for another tunic with 3/4 sleeves. Please let me know if the second tunic has shipped perhaps it will fit differently. What is your return policy? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely B. Goldstein order #ZL390D6824 11/11//2017.

  183. I need to send a coat back as it does not fit. I would like for you to email me the address as to where I am to send the coat back to. Thank you.

    Nancy Hybbert

  184. I am sending a coat back as it did not fit. It was too small. I need for you to email me the address as to where to send it back to.

  185. Not able to order from your company, my email is not being accepted, what’s wrong with your system, trying to become a new customer.

  186. I ordered 2 ideams and paid extra for quick delivery.
    I canceled one of the ideams and was charged for it anyway.
    I’m a new customer and after reading the complaints makes me Leary of my order.
    I called Saturday and spoke with someone and didn’t really get any answer about the charges in my phone.

  187. I am trying to figure out how to return an tunic for credit. I am very disappointed that what looked like a maroon red tunic online turned out to be a dull rust color on this Christmas item. I want to return it for credit but find your policies confusing.

  188. I want to return a tunic but find your policies confusing. What I thought was a maroon red tunic online, turned out to be a dull rust color. I didn’t even notice the tunic name with rust in it. Apparently you need to send me a shipping label before I can return the item.

  189. just ordered 2 pair of leggings. loved the color as royal blue is hard to find. after
    opening the packages, the leggings look like capris. they hit me about middle of
    my shin. Very disappointed as this is my first order and will be my last.

    • HI. first of all I love Zulily!!! but this week I got 2 deliveries. The first one I was sent the wrong item I ordered a large coffee mug item # 25367557 and I was sent a spoon rest. Today I received a delivery the box was crushed and re-taped terribly I might add. The contents included a breakable item it was a utensil crock it is smashed beyond recognition pieces are actually in the bottom of the packing box also the invoice is missing out of the box so I’m not sure of the item # on the box it says # 64316.I know that Zulily did not send that box out that way. I think someone should talk to the postoffice about the way they handle peoples packages. Please tell me what needs to be done to fix the problem. Thank You Tammy

  190. I’d like to talk to customer service about my recent purchase. The shoes don’t fit and they have a scratch. I would like to return them and receive a refund.

  191. I would like to talk to someone at customer service. This was my first purchase from Zulily and the shoes don’t fit and have a scratch.

    • I placed an order on March 10th and have not received all of it yet. My charge card was charged in full for all of it. The order # 7005366995. The order status says it was shipped but have not received it yet, this was my grand daughters Easter gift, Very disappointed. please let me know what is going on!

  192. Im very ANGRY.I cannot get into “help@zulily” for returns.” no default connected” what ever that means, keeps appearing on my commuter. I have tried through E MAIL and CROME search bars and nothing is recognized. I’m an ENGLISH CUSTOMER AND YOU KEEP SENDING USA OR CANADA INFO. I wish to send email to you for return instructions, My order #445127248 has arrived finally, but wrong size. I asked for ENGLISH SIZE 7, ZULILY has sent USA 7.. I cannot get foot in!!!! way to small. Please help. Thank you. DIANE BRIGNELL.

  193. I can’t contact you–customer service number disconnected, corporate headquarters only if you know your extention, your chat line on facebook is a joke.

  194. I get emails on all your products. I do have membership.
    The prices are extremely high? Why are they over hundreds of dollars?

  195. I would like to order the purple and yellow arabesque v neck dress plus too, which is pictured, but the description reads black and yellow arabesque v neck dress plus too .Which dress would I receive?

  196. I have not received order #5005175916 which was placed in January. UPS has
    stated bad weather is the cause!! No bad weather now. I have called your phone
    number for assistance, but the wait call for customer service is too long. Really
    concerned now as I expected this item to already be delivered. Please look into
    this for me. I have been a customer of Zulily for some time now. If this is not
    available, let me know and refund my money.

    Thank you very much.

  197. I am trying to inquire regarding items that are not listed on my orders listed but have been delivered. I need to return them but have no way to do so without a venue to communicate with someone from Zulily!

  198. Jan.10,2018 order #9004509400.Tracking package said item was delivered. Did not receive Azalea black music cut out tunic size XL. What happened? Please text me with any results.

  199. I’m trying to find out how to return some items and cannot find any info how to do this. there are no shipping forms in the packages so please get back with me how to return and where to send.

  200. Ref trans # 45G822998T1769522, This amount 30.94 was taken from my bank account when I requested it be paid by Pay Pal. Can you tell me why? Would like the amount be reimbursed to the account and the amount due be deducted from my Pay Pal account.

    Thank You,
    Rosalind Greenwalt

  201. To whom it may concern:
    Regarding our today’s conversation, about returning the “Floral Kimono”, I just want to thank you for starting the refund process. Great Customer Service!?????

  202. I cannot believe the service, concern and empathy extended to me …
    I only requested privilege of returning a purchase made by me for my daughter
    Which I purchased in December last year…I not only was given a refund, but no need to return item…”just donate to Charity”. If I choose to give to another member of my family, I will donate this amount plus extra to a charity and name Zullily as donor! What a privilege to buy and deal with such an organization as
    Zullily !

  203. BEWARE: zulily customer service consists of named robots who drop in a prerecorded email reply sometimes a proper answer, but then other times with no relevance at all completely detracting from the problem! There is NO other means to reach Zulily… all emails go to these robots!

  204. I am so disappointed that I may not receive my order from you. I hope that the order will not have to be cancelled but if so, I understand. Please keep me updated on my order. Thank you………
    Order # 828976228 ordered on March 1, 2018

  205. I have changed my password twice now. Could you just wipe my account with you off of your records? I am a very recent victim of ID fraud/scams.

  206. Customer held me on for at least 20 minutes. Too long. Zullily sent me size 6 shoes in a box marked size 11 and they are the wrong color as well.

  207. Did not order the two prs of pajamas on my last order . They were in my cart- but I did not order. I tried to call and the site was not available to me. I also had a kid proof password on there and all of a sudden it is gone. Long time great customer but there is definitely a glitch on your site… that has a mind of its own if you don’t have the kid proof password. What can I do?

  208. Order #752181045 received 5/14/18 and was wrong color. Ordered white and received blue. Please refund MasterCard ending in 9625 same as in method of original payment. Please send shipping label so I can make return. Customer service told me to take picture and send w/e-mail which I cannnot do. Please advise as to what else I can do to take care of this refund. Thank you. Carmen Villemarette



    • I just received a pair of canvas embroidered sneakers…It seemed to take forever to get here…When I did receive them, I tried them on and they run too small. I ordered a half size bigger just in case and I could t even get my foot into the sneaker…Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. The package and paperwork that came in the box has no address in order to return them….can you help me please…I don’t know if I’ll be placing another with your company.

  211. not sure if this is the right custom service , I did try and go through the site that I’ve had for a few years , and I keep getting this bloody pop-up for my E-mail and password, which is the one I ordered from a couple weeks ago now it doesn’t work. what’s wrong

  212. I placed several orders on May 2, I received one of the orders, I don’t like the idea of my charge card being charged before I even get the items. Thank you
    Annette Collick

  213. I am inquiring about a return that has not been completed. The merchandise has been returned , my account doesn’t reflect the return amount.
    Item: Midnight Leather Satchel
    SKU 54855097
    Shipment ID. ZL3F7DE123
    Amount 205.96

  214. I am not likely to be fooled. And I just want the respect that I deserve give credit were it is due! My stuff has not been here but money issue is not my favorite subject! Paying twice in one month!!!!!

  215. I have requested to return an item. I am not able to print the label. I was looking for a return address for Zulily. May i have the return address?

  216. I received an email today thanking me for stopping by and checking into Zulily. I have not ordered or checked in with your company. Many years ago I signed on for an ID and password but never used it. PLEASE cancel my membership with Zulily.

  217. Please tell me why I received a Hidden Gem Glass Heart ornament from a different glasnost instead of my ordered Kitras Glass?

  218. Iam so disappointed with the sheets I ordered from you Iwashed them and the top sheet fell apart it looks like a rag very poor quality will never order anything again.

  219. I have some items at my house that I never requested, Please send me a return label so I can return them to your warehouse ASAP.

  220. I ordered CO4-3QT-FUQU-in MULTI1 which is a 3 piece quilt set. I received the quilt, but there were no shams. Can they be sent to me ?

  221. The order # for the 3 piece quilt set is 3007168185
    Ordered 6-18 Received quilt on 6-21 but the shams were not in the bag.

  222. I have purchased hundreds of items from Zulily in the last couple of years and have loved everything until the last few deliveries. I order the same size and it always fits and is adorable. Lately the items have come in and are way too small ( and no I have not gained weight) and one item came in with holes in it. Very disappointed. Will Zulily make it right? Otherwise I won’t spend another penny with them.

    • I ordered 3 tunics Shipment ID ZL4512F3AE Shipping facility R Ship date Aug 29, 2018 SKU 41786122, Black Paisley Shawl Collar Button Tunic Dress It has faint lines running horizontally through the fabric on both the front and back, it’s also not black The lines definitely look like flaws in the fabric Could you please mail me a return label, home address is 9833 Cranway Ln NW #203, Silverdale, Wash 98383 I do not want to be charged for shipping since the fabric is flawed Please credit my account used for this purchase Thank you

    • Just received my sweater that I had order and it was to small. Customer service inform me due to the price that they would charge me 8 dollars to send it back and it would not be worth it. They couldn’t exchange it .
      I will not do business with them again. Be ware of what you buy from this company

  223. I ordered a comforter this moring and just realized it is gray in color and I wanted white. I ordered a white one and would like to cancel the order for the gray one. I was unable to do this at my web site. Please cancel the gray coverlet order for Elaine Delafield.

  224. I want to return the Beige & Pink Floral Drape Dress, part of Order no: 8004013052.
    Please send me return address details.
    Helmi van Leur


  226. I am trying to order three items from Zulily. In my e-mail, I received a discount of ten per cent off of my order.This is my next order, yet Zulily will not give my discount on this order. If this is a way of trying to get me to make two orders ( understood, this is a business, and these are {sharp} business practices.
    Yet I will not be making two orders. If I am not to get the discount, you should not have sent said discount to this e-mail address. If there is no way of getting this discount on this order, I shall be unsubscribing to this site. We will miss your products, yet we must have integrity on both sides. Thank-you for the past products shipped to us.

  227. This is my second time ordering from you. The first one was good but the sizes was larger than I expected but the items was very good. The second time I was so disappointed the picture product was not what I received for real, out of the 3 items only one was fair..cannot return but have second thoughts of order again it takes so long you wait with anticipation and then disappointed.

  228. I have been waiting for a mailing label for about a month. I was sent three of the same pair of shows. Supposedly I was credited for two of them. I have called twice and talked to the service department. The order ID is ZL42232F98. I was sent three pairs of SKU: 48974820
    I even unwrapped the package that I had wrapped to send back, because that it had been so long that I thought that I had received a new package for something else.

  229. I clearly ordered a personalized plaque in antique white and received it in pink, returned it to you and now am informed it can’t be returned. I want a refund immediately.

  230. I returned 3 items in one package, I called customer service to ask some questions regarding the refund. The service rep. who name is TOMICO,was so disrespectful, interrupting me everytime I attempted to ask a question, talking over me everytime,saying “that is incorrect” with a very sarcastic tone. I never did get an a direct answer. I have shopped zullily for quite a long time, looking forward to see the website daily. After using my credit (that I disputed) I will no longer be shopping at zulily, sorry to see you go. And on another note, your refund policy is a joke. One of the other service reps. that i talked to said that only a credit is issued on clothing, but in my case one of the items was a purse, so which one is it?

  231. My first time ordering has been disappointing. Received two of the 3 items and no contact has been made with me to tell me when I will be receiving it. Very disappointing. Am always bumped out when I try to email them. Very bad customer service.

  232. Re: Order #: 4012313746 Fish Ceramic Pitcher SKU:58458434.
    I received this item along with a couple of other things and I could hear when I picked up the box that something was broken. The Fish Ceramic Pitcher was broken all to pieces! It had not been packed properly for shipment and I thought you would want to know that. It was merely placed in a box with no wrap whatsoever, taped up and placed in a bigger box. No wonder it arrived in about 20 pieces. I contacted your customer service immediately and she stated I would be credited for this item (which I haven’t been yet). I would just ask that you make sure I am credited because I had to tell that woman on the phone 2 or 3 times what had happened and it seemed she was distracted by someone else because I could hear her giggling. She did say to destroy the item and she would credit my account and was very nice about it. Thank you for looking into this. I love Zulily and spend a lot of money with your company.

  233. I was supposed to get my parcel today and NOTHING. I need to know where it`s at !! I can`t seem to be able to track it, pls HELP…..

  234. I called without response! I placed an order, but when I press “place Order”
    the screen does not change? I don’t know if the order is placed, or after
    pushing it multiple times, I will get multiple merchandise? Can you access
    this order profile and assure me that it is placed?

  235. Wish I had seen these emails sooner. I received item SKU30417347 and it is broken. Is it even possible to get another one? I am happy to return it to you.

  236. I am trying to find out if the Miraclesuit/Mairas swim dress in Eggplant color for $79.99 has attached bottoms to it and if so what type….i.e bikini, or boy leg etc.

  237. I need to return shipment #ZL44FDOB64, please give me the info. on where to send it to arrive at the right place. Also the correct department #, any additional info. you need from me to insure this will be processed correctly.
    Thank you.


  238. I am returning a pair of shoes and my mistake that I didn’t read your return policy. Shoes were $20.00+ and the shipping return is nearly half of that???
    I will not be ordering from you again.

  239. I ordered 3 pocket fitted hoodies. I love the two I have received and am hoping you don’t have to cancel the third one.

  240. I have been told three times that my refund was sent that was 22 days ago and no refund to my PayPal account!!!. I am on the phone right now with Zulily on hold now for 16 minutes, asking again where my refund is. again they told me it didn’t go thru and today they would put it in manually for the 25.87, 25.86, and 2.07. that does not add up to 60.99 the order cost me and the last time I called for all my trouble they would refund me the full amount which was 60.99. I only got 1 of the items I ordered by the way! I am done with this company and will not be giving you a good review on social media or any place else I can write a review. Oh and again I was told it would take 7-10 days. that was the same answer the last three times I have called. HMM I saw you are a fraudulent company. I WANT MY REFUND NOW!!!

  241. do not buy from! they send dented cans and want pictures to prove they are damaged…not MY issue; it’s theirs!

  242. I order two pair of wide boots and I am trying to exchange for a smaller size. Can someone please help me. I’m trying to complete the exchanged as soon as possible before I leave town.

    Thank you

    Deidra Robinson

  243. I can’t click onto the website to review items for sale. It says error found 400 or something like that. I would like to review easy spirit shoes to purchase and it won’t let me.

  244. I tried to call the customer service number and all had was a recording telling me to push #1 which I did . I got the recording over and over, but no service…my question was I wanted to order some Vera Bradley but I wanted to know when it would arrive, I am going on a cruise Nov 10 and would like to take them with. I will pay extra postage to get it by the 9th. Please let e know.

  245. I bought a pair of earrings that arrived in mail today.
    They are two different earrings… they do not match…not a pair.
    One is oval and one is round. Is not a big deal, just wanted to let you know.
    I enjoy shopping on zulily and this has been my only issue.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  246. Today I received a package from Zullily. First let me say that I go on this site every day and love it. Well today the package that arrived contained items that I did not order. I may and I say MAY have put them in my cart while I was considering other things but I did not put this order thru. I opened a Zulilly credit card and am now considering on cancelling it because arbitrarily this order was put thru without my permission and I DO NOT want items sent without my permission. PLEASE RESPOND.

  247. I returned a bracelet & I paid for my own shipping at the post office because my printer isn’t working & I couldn’t print out a return address label. So, I should be credited for the shipping fee of $8.95. Please look into this matter & get back to me asap. Thank you kindly.

  248. My order has been duplicated. I was having trouble with my computer locking up so I shut down and started over. I never placed the first order 5004506448. Besides it is being shipped to the wrong address. This order needs to be cancelled. My correct order is 2016670566.

  249. My shoes came yesturday after a long wait.Rockports were always quality but not this time..They are not the quality i am use to.The leather is so thin.Plus the toe box on left shoe has a raiseline in the toe box,about 2 inches across the toe area.The leather and the feel of the shoe is cheap and i will need to return them.How do i do that?The side of the shipping box is pushed in also. Thanks,Trudy

  250. order#2016501668 i ordered a black pair of shoes and clicked purchased to find out it went to my kids address. went back to edit and change shipping and it won’t let me . I dont live in Canada or Alaska or overseas and it is not a po box. There is no reason why this should be occurring. I also can’t reach anyone and your service @zulily gets me to the same website front page??

  251. I have returned the two items that I ordered and received an e-mail that they were received. Now I am getting a bill for both the items. The returns have not been credited to my account. I should have a credit of $23.03 on my account.

  252. I was set up with Zulily to return leggings but was unable to print a label. In the interim, I fell and broke my hip. I was not able to mail this back until now. I assure you that this is factual. I am sorry for the delay and would appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

  253. Didn’t receive item I ordered. The box had two items in it but the Merry Christmas Reindeer Galvanized Wall sign was not in the box yet I am being charged for it.

  254. Didn’t get an item I ordered. The box had on item in it but the other item was not included although the invoice said it was. I order a lot from Zulily but am not hesitant in ordering again. I would appreciate not being charged for the item I ordered and did not get. I items I sold out so I guess it will not be sent. It is Merry Christmas Reindeer Galvanized Wall sign.

  255. purchased several items. Very, very, happy with shoes, tops, leggings and especially those cute Ryka boots.
    Not happy with R&B empire red and black top as there was a white fabric flaw spot on a front black flower. had to hide with black marker as needed dress that night.

  256. I returned shoes and a teal top on Dec. 6, 2018. I have a label number of 420469012023901007803000. What’s status of my return?

    Jeanette Strough

  257. I asked that my refund be credited back to the card I used and they said it was!! It has not showed up on the bank account?? I don’t understand what the deal is??

  258. I have been trying to cancel Order #5021692596 for Spanx since I placed it. It is going to the wrong address. It is going to the address of a person I sent a gift to rather than mine. It will be very embarrassing for them and me to get a Spanx in the mail. Phones aren’t open and I never got a cancel sign on the order page. I don’t have Facebook and don’t want it. Please help me cancel this order.

  259. 3 items were returned together off Order #2007907895 two were identical, and the third a different style. Of the 3 items returned, credit has been given for two only and all were in your original box with label. Please provide credit for third pair of shoes. Thank you.

  260. Dear Zulily!

    We love you e-shop very much. But, unfortunately, something’s been recently wrong with access to your website – we can’t access it from the Russian Federation, though it was possible earlier. Has something changed in your policy?

    When we click to your website, we receive the following message:

    403 ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied.
    Request blocked. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: Yeznx2zDlv1k4cvdw8kyG-nbF_oBMmwCkfFP5_bLwM2N_Gk4y3m8lw==

    I strongly believe, that you’ll be able to fix the problem, so that we could join the ranks of your thankful customers.

    Best regards,

  261. I am very unhappy with your return policy on my order #ZL58945932.
    I am not happy with the quality of the product and I must pay $8.99 to return the package.
    After that is deducted I can only get store credit for what is left ($12. and change)
    I have decided that I should just keep the slippers that I’m not happy with. (I could have bought them from the dollar store)
    Frankly, I don’t know how zulily stays i business.
    It goes without saying that Zulily is off my shopping trips…..Never again !!!!!!!!!!!

  262. I ordered PHILOSOPHY 32 OZ body lotions and did not get pumps for them.
    Customer service and the manager that I talked to said they could not send out pumps or take back the product. It was Christmas presents. Nice to get a half use product,.
    I have ordered quite alot from Zulily. but I will
    not anynmore..

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