Contact Zoosk Customer Service

Contacting Zoosk Customer Service Center

Zoosk is a social website that’s geared toward romance. The site is like a combination of and Facebook. Visitors can open a free account with limited access to some portions of the site unless they choose to pay for additional services. When a company like Zoosk starts charging customers there is bound to be some ripples in the water, but the company does not offer much in terms of customer service or consumer relations. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of complaints regarding automotive renewals and improper charges.

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Contact Info

You can contact the Zoosk customer service department, but only by phone or mail. There is no email address or online contact form. The mailing address was not found on the website where users can easily access the information. We found it in the Terms and Conditions of the website, so Zoosk clearly does not want customers to use this information unless they are looking hard for it.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department answers calls between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. PST, but that information is not listed with the customer service phone number. We called customer service and asked the hours of operation to find out the information. Those are some pretty tight business hours for a company that stores and automatically charges bank accounts.

  • Billing Support: 1-888-939-6675

Mailing Address

Zoosk, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
989 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Official Website

The main page for the Zoosk social network is available at You can log in to your account, access customer service and find romance all from the official site.

Zoosk is an extremely social site so there are Twitter and Facebook pages available as well.

Other social sites operated by the Zoosk company include Google Plus and several photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest.

Customer Service Email

There is a customer service contact page, but you have to be a member of Zoosk to access that page. You can access your account by logging in on the front page of the website

Our Experience

When we called the Zoosk customer service line was were greeted with an automated system. We waited on the line for the system to pass through all options before being placed on hold. The call was on hold for more than three minutes before it was answered by an agent. We asked the hours of operation for customer service and she immediately answered without reserve. The wait time was horrible, but the agent was rather pleasant. She also told us there was no email address for the customer service department.

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549 Comments on “Contact Zoosk Customer Service
  1. This accursed ‘dating site’ has me going batty. Every time I turn on my computer, my screen is filled with a dark blue image accompanied by zoosk icons. I have cancelled, deleted and done everything that I can do to get rid of this site, and nothing happens. It is taking me much, much longer to access my sites because of this invasive ‘service’ How can I get rid of this for good? Any ideas? Thanks. Elizabeth

    • File repeated formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the San Francisco Consumer Protection Agency. Good luck.

  2. I am trying to E mail zoosk coustomer servises the number and post address is easy to find but cannot find a help email address.

  3. Goodday, I would like to be on the Zoosk side, for the U.S. Do’nt know how to do that, can You please give me a helping hand…With friendly greetings, Karla Willekes..

  4. subscribed on 19/10/2012 got the use of the site for one day and now totally locked out and original profile has vanished not to mention the money trying to contact without any joy but if not resolved they will keep dipping into bank account in another 3months so defo not happy regards stewart.

    • Quickly file a complaint with the FTC and San Francisco Consumer Protection Agency requesting that Zoosk remove your email address and close your account. They are a rip-off organization that refuses to respond to complaints.

  5. BEWARE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY TARGETING FEMALE MEMBERS AT ZOOSK. I am a Zoosk member since 3 month and was targeted 5 times by a criminal scheme.
    Middle Easterners and African Americans apparently illegally obtain the photos from some handsome Caucasian man and lure you in with a very attractive profile. After responding, a world traveling engineering contractor or business man will swamp you with elaborate love letters (almost all identical with the same typo, followed by a different sob stories). They are on bussiness oversees, give you a phone number from Malaysia, South Africa etc.
    an address, which certainly is not their own and ask you to deposit money or send them a MacBookPro etc. Once, you receive their phone call, the caller usually has a Middle Eastern or African American accent. BEWARE OF THE ZOOSK ID: RWG27, king2spoilu, widowbernie. I don,t recall the first 2 id,s because I did not immediately spent much attention. – Good luck! Heidi

    • I have found this problem on different sites. I report them , make copies send to the site address, FTC, fraud squad in your city and Washington, D C , one can find addresses, fax numbers etc by scrutinizing the search engines. and sometimes it is profitable, I have had checks come in from a variety of class action suits of big companies. its work but it sure is great feeling when you open a letter at Christmas and find a $400.00 check from a suit against Bank of America. be careful of those sending big checks and asking you to buy money orders etc they are scams.

    • I too got caught by this scammer & he tried to hack my gmail account & now I am blocked on Zoosk by the administrators! I can’t find any ways to contact Zoosk. I’m not happy with them cancelling my subscription when I still have 2 months remaining. I can’t even log on. Very pissed off lady!!!

  6. This site looks like pure poison. I have had no intentional contact with Zoosk. I am regularly receiving emails that “Alan Marble has added you as a friend on Zoosk.” The accompanying picture is of a male; I recognize neither the name nor the picture. Being male and married rather negates the appeal of any contact with this guy through a “romance” site. The email includes the required opt-out-of-future-email link but frankly I do not trust them enough to visit their site to opt out. Something stinks badly about this one. Fortunately my email recognizes it all as spam without my telling it. I suggest everyone stay away. Far, far away.

  7. i cant do nothing on this sites,because i am always prompt to subscribe via facebook and mobile number,which i did,but the validation PIN which was to be sent,haven’t been sent,but saying it has sent it

  8. I paid a 6 month subscription to Zoosk 17 days ago .. and im still waiting for access … ive sent numerous emails … and ive heard nothing …. 3-5 days to 17 days is a big difference …. so now what ?????

    • I have found this problem on different sites. I report them , make copies send to the site address, FTC, fraud squad in your city and Washington, D C , one can find addresses, fax numbers etc by scrutinizing the search engines. and sometimes it is profitable, I have had checks come in from a variety of class action suits of big companies. its work but it sure is great feeling when you open a letter at Christmas and find a $400.00 check from a suit against Bank of America. be careful of those sending big checks and asking you to buy money orders etc they are scams.

      Don’t forget to report to the BBB of the state the company is in.
      Also the attorney Generals office of your state. These are the ones that get attention.
      Go to the web site of F T C and get ideas for complaints agains people on the internet abusing you.

  9. I do NOT use your services!!! I DO NOT want to use it!!

    you charged me $54.94 for some kind of subscription, which I have no idea how you could have gotten my bank information and I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANYTHING!!!!!

    This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!

      • This site is unacceptable. The site asks for your complaints/requests……..5 times over in two weeks I have done same…..says will report back in 24 hours….more like 24 weeks if ever. No feedback whatsoever. No answering of phones within the required times. Try and ensure that your subscription is cancelled 100% after reading how many people are automatically renewed even though they have cancelled their subscriptions. A site like this needs to be reported……FAQ’s do not answer your questions when it comes to unsubscribing and cancelling……they do so in a way that 100% assurance is not given.

        This site is totally unprofessional and should be discontinued.

  10. This is without question the worst dating site out there! I have had so much trouble like those above, geting the Zoosk pop up page and can’t drop them. I am not even a paid member and they clearly don’t care about their customers as they refuse to honor repeated requests to remove me from their email list. I’ve filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and I strongly recommend others to do the same! is the only legitimate and user friendly dating site and I don’t believe Zoosk is a partner with them because they are clearly crooked. I wish I could find a hacker to tap into their organization and delete every account. Sorry SOBs. Hope the FTC fines them and shuts them down for deceptive business practices and unsolicited spam.

    • Could not agree more !!!! A disgraceful site. Did you see when you placed a comment it is under review for moderation ? What are they thinking – ‘This negative publicity is doing us no good so w had best ‘moderate’it

  11. Sarina lynn davis is a abuser on the internet she extorted money and abused me finaturaly and emtionly physically psychology and she has 2 domestic police records in California and the police record is public record and she was court order to take a angree management class and other things by the court she is using other alests call me back if corperate office need any further question 12137034823

  12. i dont know why i can not log into my account..i think i have not done anything wrong and dont know why my account can not be open..pls i want to know how i can make my account work again please..

    • I was blocked for no reason please tell me why, if you are not going to let me on stop payment now please… I was not on your site for one week and you block me not right….

  13. This has to be the worst site I have ever been on. There is no way to actually talk to a real person. I think they use people who are no longer on this sight. The few people I have contacted and have responded for some reason we can no longer even contact each other. They are sure fast to take your money, what a rip off. I just joined this sight and after three days canceled it (and that took forever). I wish I has read the comments before I joined. I want off this sight. I also started receiving weird e-mails that I have never received before so I know they have shared my email address.

  14. Zoosk is run by a computer because it keeps putting my pic in sites they use and I keep working on getting them down.Looks like people like Karla Willekes cant get a date but loves Zoosk.They charge you if you have a Itunes acc. thats where they sneak in for payments,so any site thats got your card # and Zoosk gets in on it thats how they get your info.

  15. I dont believe you are a genuine dating site. I keep getting the same people viewing me but they never answer even the most basic messages from me. I get flirts immediately from the women i view. I was asked to pay some coins as a lady wanted to meet me and so i paid and never heard from her.

  16. I paid a 6 month subscription to Zoosk and im still waiting for access … ive sent numerous emails … and ive heard nothing …. 3-5 days to 17 days is a big difference so i just delete it all im asking for my money back

  17. you took my money out my account 74 pounds i did not ask for this put my money back please and contact me right away 07747113459 right away not happy

  18. I don’t trust this site! I have paid my subscription and you’re views are rigged! I have yet to speak to any women that have viewed me!

  19. Zoosk

    I don’t feel happy having my account with you with the name charming my Christain believes are very strong and sound as a Christain I’m really am very reformed and sound in faith as this account is really harming the inner me my soul and I want this account permenlty removed and deleted if you can do it for me it will be a big help ive tried you out and I feel it’s not for me please email me once you have successfully deleted it andit really has dons it. With thanks

  20. I signed up at Zoosk because it listed one of the best dating site in UK but I must be honest that am so disappointed and demanded a full refund of £47.94 which I paid three days ago for 3 months subscription. How on earth did a flirt a sent to a particular young lady went to over hundreds or maybe thousands of women on Zoosk both with and without photos which some of them are nearly my Mum’s age? I’m totally disappointed and demand my full refund please. Thanks

  21. The worst just happened. I have been matched with someone with a child on Carousel meanwhile I set up my profile not to be match with someone with a child. Upon that am being asked to pay 20 coins to unlocked the mutual match meanwhile her profile could be find in the general search. Could someone respond to me now because am getting pissed off please?

    My ZSMS Survey Answers

    Would you date someone who has a child?
    Answer: No, I wouldn’t.
    Change Answer

  22. To whom it may concern,
    Your website comes up on my Yahoo Account. Is there any way you could delete me from your sight. I don’t recall subscribing. But it seems to automatically appear on my Yahoo Account.

    Kind regards
    Helen Pantazis

  23. Zoosk

    Can you please permently delete my account as soon as possible it is called charming its really getting me cross now really is on my nerves and I can’t cope with it much more.

  24. This is the worst dating website and its fake, they try to make you pay , by sending you so many request saying that ladies wanted to meet you, talk to you, etc.., once you decide to pay and join the persons who sent you messages before they never answer back because they all fake, its like an automatic machine.
    I paid only for one month subscription and somehow they still manage to get my money for the next month without my consent.There should a law to stop this fake website once and for all.

  25. Do you really want me to tell you what I think!! I think it is crap and I am bloody fed up with all your stupid email, incidently when I press unsubscribe b……all happens and whats more it says you are sending them to an email address I had about 5 years ago so how did you find this one!? I am not interested, so please F… O..! I see everyone appears to be pissed off with you so why haven’t you got the message? Even the people you send I wouldn’t be seen with anyway, give me more credit, I am 60 in two weeks and you send me ‘ness’ of 22! A toy boy would be nice but don’t you think they are a just a bit too young!! My language here would imply I am not a lady, but I can assure you I have class, style, charisma etc but the only way I can describe my frustration is this way as I want you to know how FED UP I am with all this rubbish. Do you understand now??.?

  26. Hi I unsubcribed from this chat room and they are still sending me emails,this is very annoying,please can some one do something about this.

  27. Hi I’ve been asked by a girl to get some verification ID and I just want to no the site GSOCO which is where I was forwarded to is a legit site or is it just a scam could you please let me no

  28. Since days I try to go in contact with Zoosk,
    in May 13 I got contact with Mrs. Claudia, after
    a couple of weeks I can not get any return
    from my e-mails.I would like to subscripe
    with a promotion code, no answer and no return
    from my e-mails. I don’t know what is going on
    here, I would read there Customer Service with 00000

  29. Beware of Zoosk! Customer support is poor at best. I went to update my profile and spent a lot of time doing so. They took a week to review such, uploading my new pictures, but losing my new updated profile! When I politely called and asked what happened, they were apologetic but did not offer to do anything about it. eharmony or are far better with excellent customer support.

  30. Hi zoosk I don’t have a complaint but a request . Recently I unblocked my profile and two men contacted me from Coffs Harbour nsw Aust grant and duncan – a friend of mine accessed my phone and reported them to block them . I would like them unblocked as they have done nothing at all wrong , they are friends of each other and very nice men . Thanking you in anticipation . Michelle schramm profile myshell Guyra nsw Aust

  31. Agreed tho customer service access is poor and way to public , I can’t ring San fransico email should be available

  32. Won’t let me verify my mobile therefore I cannot reply to messages! So annoying can anyone help with this

  33. ZOOSK….this company needs reviewing immediately as there is no customer support every blog is the same and they are scamming money off people. 90million to date. Someone please send me their phone number. ZOOSK everybody beware ZOOSK are rip-offs.ZOOSK is crap

  34. I’ve have canceled and unsubscribe several times this is my email acct not my daughters and she is the one who joined !! Take my email acct off . I’m married and do not appreciate the type of subjects that you are sending me!!

  35. Well, apparently none of zoosk’s members are even “looked in to” or nobody cares, cuz I found evidence that MY HUSBAND–A MARRIED MAN–who still lives home with his WIFE–is registered on their site, looking to CHEAT behind his wife’s back. So, look out ladies, and don’t believe everything you read on these sites, and just because their “marital status” says “separated” or “divorced,” don’t mean its true. Mine put down that he was “separated” and obviously, he’s not. He’s just lying, trying to sucker in unsuspecting women who are looking for a genuine, sincere committed relationship. I would sure hate to be one of those women…hoping to really find a “partner,” only to discover down the road that you’ve been lied to and deceived, that you have been “dating” a MARRRIED man! Beware ladies!!

  36. please stop deduct my money from my account because I am not interested any more and I don’t know dthe right u av to go to my account.stop deducting my money again.thanks

  37. i am a user of zoosk and i paid for a months subscription but im finding that my messages are not being read by the ladies im messaging i find it out of order that im paying for a service that just takes the piss out of people and doesn’t allow you to talk to people isn’t that the point of a dating site? i think that they should re fund everybody there money and close down the website i am a very unhappy customer and Thur this has made my self- esteem low as it made out i wasn’t good enough for any of the woman on this site. for the fact you described this service as one of the best dating sites and you have one of the most success matches and people getting married i laugh at that when none of the women on this site are real. i think there should be a better site where real people are used.

  38. I agree with most everyone on here,once a person pays for a certain time subscription,they should not have to pay more and more to meet/talk to someone.20 coins for 20 dollars,that is just stupid ,should be able to talk to anyone at any time,without paying out the ass for it.

  39. i would like to cancel my subscription as soon as posible please i cant cancel the settings arent showing up by my profile so could u please cancel my subscription please thank-u Carolyn

  40. I’m prepareing to drop zoosk, very poor results.
    I specified clearly what I’m looking for such as, (age range, body type, range of search and interest..20 miles from my location of residence.) Have literally sent me tottaly complete opposite preaty much everyday. Very disatisfied. And am starting to think this be another scam. LEE VOGT

  41. I’ve been on this site once before and I was wondering if there is any possible way that you can please waive the $24.99 activation fee for me please? Please let me know
    Thank you

    Anthony Horvath


  42. Unable to cancel my account, I am a very happily married women and don’t need Zoosk. Please help me remove my account.
    I don’t even know how I go Zoosk. Help

  43. I actually have something good to say. Even though I did experience some of the same issues that have been previously voiced, after three rather unpleasant encounters with potential dates, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady. Shes beautiful, intelligent, funny, warm, sensitive. I could go on and on. Unfortunately because of the distance separating us as far as where we each lived, things didn’t work out as we had hoped and planned. But I intend to go back on Zoosk and use their services again. Just as soon as I can get them to unblock me.

  44. I agree with the numerous negative comments about Zoosk. Now it wants us to waive our due process rights effective Nov. 16,2013 -online and without first reading hard copy, probably because of law suits building against Zoosk and its uncaring owners. Who ever heard of an email site that does not provide easy email access to the customer service department? I am cancelling my membership and I suspect that Zoosk is violating the Calif. Bus. and Professional Code via its unfair business practices.
    Ronald P. Kaminski, MBA,JD.

  45. Me as a zoosk member now I had being evaluating, experience zoosk dating sites about 2 year and I had came cross a lot fake profile, also lot scammer on and I had evenings being complaint to zoosk from the longest time. and is about rating money and comparing with I’m getting ready to cancel zoosk due to the fact letting this people create a profile and never come online and they don’t evening respond to you at all and of curse they going to you maybe they not interested in you and is not true. is that there are to many woman with there busy life and don’t want to put the time in place to respond back to profile because the have loot fake profile going and scammer no one are help or reporting them and that we any websites.

  46. I have spent over an hour trying to cancel my subscription. The numbers you provide do not exists. When I do send you an email you don’t reply I’m really not happy that you keep sending automated messages to guys I’m not even interested in, even though I have sent you a few emails to you complaining to you about this has not made any difference cause the automated messages continue.this site has caused me misery & stress and I am not happy that I can’t contact you to cancel my subscription. Can you let me know what phone number I can contact a member of zoosk?
    Hope to hear back from you as soon as possible.

  47. I’m tired of trying to reach you online. I wanted to know if there was a way to get a cheaper plan than the $29.95 with the activation price of $24.95 but unfortunately I’ve never been able to reach anybody at zoosk online. Guess I’ll never be able to reach Brian like I wanted to. When you get things straightened out let me know.

  48. I made a mistake when editing my profile I clicked on the men icon instead of woman. now I can’t find the woman I’m looking for. please help me I need to unlike the men icon. I’m a straight man I’m not gay. please help.

  49. Hi; I am recieving too many messages from zoosk. and I have tried to subscribe using my Visa card. but all I get is declined. how can you help me make subscribtion. Mr M. Kunene

  50. Been trying to get on my account on zoosk, but for some reason its not letting me on since saturday just keeps buffering 0nce on it is only on this site?

  51. I have the same problem with this company. I have deleted my account and bank account still gets charged by the month. They don’t have any email customer support. Perhaps we should sign a petition to the San Francisco Consumer Protection Agency to ban or remove this company from operating.

  52. I goth email from zoosk to sustoscrab for free i ded the worst ting i ever ded becauz fiu day laiter 26 december touk aute from my bank accont $$99.94 the27 december i goot dis lady si haz interes in me bath to see ha profail i have to bay coinse i bay 180 coinse $19.95 the apie in my staitment anader $19.95 bin drow then 28 december anader$an19.95 then in 31bdecemneranader drow of $19.95 then the 2january anader
    anader $19.95 then the 2 january 2014 anader $19.95 bin drow and sende me a new cod

  53. I grigore rus i goot a coll from zoosk to joined for free i bed on the 26 dece.they drow from my bank accaont $99.94 on the 27 dece. I ben tall a laydy is iteresed bath to see ha profail i have to bay coinse i bay 180 coinse $19.95 bath they drow anader$19.95 then the 28 dece.they drow anader $19.05 then the 31 dece.they drow anader $19.95 then the 2 january 2014 they drow anader $19.95 plase $2.50 feze for international tranzecshen evry time and sms me new cod to acces my accaont i don’t no way bath to me look laik a very clie a scam suported bay the benk day maide profit on fize suportet by google wich is shaime i wonth my accaont delited from the net may many $169.879 back in my accaont in 24 heors thet min the 4 january 2014 bifor i tached the meter fuder from greg i ned replai asap.

  54. I like for you to remove me from your mailig list please.I do not want to recieve any email from you all what ever please.Thank you for your coaperation to this mater.

  55. Hi can you please fix my zoosk account I can’t log in for some reason say to get new email and zoosk took money from to time 60$ and 60$ on January last time I’m tearing to called zoosk but I can’t phone number it’s not working are yous lung to US or what I want my account back to work now or I need my money back …….and I want cancel my subscribed I’m not happy I been now 2 month not using zoosk and zoosk charge me money fro nothing I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND MY ACCOUNT WORKING BACK YOUS LUNG TO US AND TO ALL PEOPLE

    • They also cancelled my account for no reason after 4 days, even thought they took the money for a month. Do not pay for more than a month at a time, or you will loose so much money.

      Nothing but a scam.

  56. I wont to cancel my subscribeb I’M not that happy with zoosk and the money I out $99.94 Plus $ 29.95 2 months in a row. I stop it at my BANK.I don’t have that kind of money too give a way

    • I would like just to be on this site for a month. That’s what I signed up for. Please do not bill my credit card to keep me on this site!! I am so far not happy with this dating site.
      Thank you in advanced.

  57. Zoosk not only ripped me off (I subscribed for a ONE month subscription for $25.99, and when I entered ALL of my credit card information, a bill popped up with an ADDITIONAL, and NOT mentioned, $25.00 fee), AND, I’ve been viewed 299 times and have yet to get ONE message!! I suspect they’re being blocked so I’ll STAY on the site (further $$$) until I get one! JUST now got viewed 10 times! You can’t tell me over 300 people have viewed my profile and have not sent ONE message! I”m reporting them to the FTC and to the BBB for Fraud!! Oh, “Zoosk” messenger corrupted my computer, and my service tech spent ONE hour fixing the problem!! DON’T join this site!!!

  58. I have enrolled on this sight to become a member and also paid $54 for 1 month but there is no response I am wondering that is this a flake sight or what? receiving money with pleaser and not even taking trouble to answer.realy surprised bharati

  59. I live in Australia and have been trying to delete my account for 3 months.
    I do no know my password and whenever I request a reset, no new password is ever sent. Zoosk continue to charge me monthly fees.
    How can I report this company in Australia?

  60. I don’t use site anymore, I want to unsubscribe my account A,S,A,P,for one you took £22.74 out of my account on the 13th Feb,then you took another £22.74 out of my account on the 25th Feb.all use are,is crook’s

  61. I joined Zoosk for one month to try it out and luckily had great advise from a friend to pay with a gift card not my credit card so they can not continue to bill me. For the past 2 weeks I have had a guy by the name of Nathan van der beck communicating with me claiming to live in Nashville and working in So Africa, I googled him and found him on Facebook and living in Germany so I stopped the emails and today I got the letter asking for money !!!! Unlike other dating sites Zoosk does not have away to remove these fraudulent people from the site . PLEASE BE AWARE and i would suggest using a more reputable dating site.

  62. I think your service is lousy on purpose to make sure it is hard to unsubscribe. You could easily have a button to take care of that on a customers page. But you choose not to to make sure the ones that are not able to keep paying you on purpose! You have also changed not being able to take off people that have viewed your profile. Making it so you have to keep scrolling at there’s. I will make sure others know of this by blogging about your actions on my Facebook, and any other place that will make sure you get an unfavorable review. The search options are a joke. Where you have to look at other profiles of people who are no longer customers.

  63. hi am Abdul Lawang pleas £22.74 return my bank account which person giving my new bank detail i call bank i report bank i close my old account pleas return my mony 22.74 send my email am cancel zoosk for long live am no happy way last manths 1 months my 22.74 25 febury that is 1 months no every months pleas return my mony 22.72 thanks Abdul

  64. Hi, I have contacted yourselves before but am still not satisfied with your responses or help! I am still having difficulty in sending messages, other users are getting annoyed with my perceived rudeness, your supposed to be running a dating site not one that helps to alienate others.
    Unfortunately, not sending messages is the least of my problems, as I now can not access the site at all using my personal log in details. I know the site is active as I am still receiving notifications that others have viewed my profile, plus I have been able to access the site anonymously through another browser; but if I try to log on I just get error messages!! Either my account is being singled out and penalised, or the site is down and you are generating messages yourselves to generate or give the illusion of interest!! I feel really upset, as ever since I have subscribed, I no longer get any interest or replies from local women, only ones from far away, which again makes me think that they are not real and only generated from the site.
    Please give a personal response to this query and not some standard affair which serves only to belittle my intelligence.

    A very disgruntled member,

  65. This site is worthless. Noone knows how to return a simple call. Then when you do pay for service you’re blocked from talking.

  66. Awesome website. I work alot and dont have much time for a social life. Thought i would give it a try and just see what was out there. After only a couple of weeks, I met the man of my dreams and we are now engaged to be married June 21st. Im so glad I took that chance on your site. Was the best decision of my life. Thank you for making it possible!

  67. well have tried several times to cancel my subscription to no evail,also spoke to a man,who said that he was crediting me $88.95,now its aapril 13th,no money,no explanation.i would very much appreciate to hear from someone or money back plz.i do not work n that was a gamble n false advertising,it also says at the end of the contract that so much for so many months it was too late already stupid enough to have given info.if u have any heart or decency i would appreciate a reply.n could stop sending requests as i am not interested regards daniella

  68. I really like this program to meet great nice men…but i can not put on a photo cause all my photos are on my face book wall….I do not have a camera…and have 3 wonderful men i wanna meert really a lot….What can i do???????? Please help me..I am 78 an alone and it is very lonely… me …get a photo from face book tro use….Thanks…..Nell~

  69. i wont rejoin untill u give me the age lot i saked 4 not 70 yr olds i wonted from 44 to 55 that u RobinLawrence

  70. Without my permission and consent You have deducted A$ 37.47 from my bank account. I want to return my money to my bank account as soon as possible. I am jobless this money is very important to support myself. Please unsubscribe me from zoosk.

  71. This site sucked up not only took my money for a 1 month fee, but added coins without letting me know !$19.95 x 3 in less than 24 hr, what a rip off. Most of the men my age were old farts and the only interesting one turned out to be fake, hacking into someones account which I kept getting on I am certainly not one of the people who found any love on the dating sites…they have all be crap! Please cancel my 1 month subscription immediately! I will NEVER go onto an internet dating site again…always think the other sites will be different, but they are not.

  72. I paid for a 6 months subscription, I changed my mind after 15 minutes, I cancelled it
    but zoosk still took the 71.99 out of my accaou t which has put me overdrawn and facing bank charges,
    I have emailed them and telephone them and I get a stupid computer generated message, I want a full refund NOW, THEY ARE THE WOST SITE EVER AND A UTTER RIP OFF AND SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN BY TRADING STANDARDS

  73. Good day. My heart is filled with joy, and Zoosk is responsible for that. Ben and I would like to thank Zoosk for the opportunity been given to us to find eachother. We are very happy and our story is most unbelievable….not even Ben and I can believe whats happening with us. Thankyou so much for a brilliant website. I hope that the will be more couples to meet and be as happy as we are.
    Thanks Zoosk !!!!!!
    Ben & Karin

  74. I upgraded my account at Zoosk via Electronic Fund Transfer. On their website it says that it will take between 3 – 5 business days to process the upgrade. It is now the 7th day and despite several attempts to get this cleared up, no one at support has even bothered to get back to me. Somehow I think I can kiss that money goodbye…

  75. Zoosk, is a scam! tbh, they groom their website to portray that people actually subscribe but in reality don’t! They have generic responses only for women to respond if a guy emails them! They guy thinks he has responses and eventually subscribes, as I did but its all a fake!! Done with that site!!

  76. and when I cancel, im filing a civil, nation wide law suit against ZOOSK for….. Your business is Iowa’s business and your neglectful and a scam! I figured it out tho!! I will bring every dating site down!! Your business is a scam and we will prosecute!

  77. i wish to cancel my subscription money was taken from my account withought my authorisation i am not happy about this im begginning to think that your company is a scam

  78. I joined zooks less then a month they have took 4 payments 3 in 1 day £14.99 and a payment of £22.74 that’s £51.99 help I cant contact them

  79. I am at the end of my rope with Zoosk, consistently your website is down or partially down. Today is particular bad. I am not going to pay for a service I can not use at my discretion. I want a refund for my troubles today and If I do not get it this will be my last month. FIX IT NOW!!! OR I AM GONE!!!

  80. I have been on Zoosk know for a few months and I don’t understand if you take the time to answer the questions that Zoosk has you fill out as to what your looking for why do you get the total opposite. If your looking for someone to have a relationship with and you live in California why do you get guys that live in another state. You say your looking for a clean cut tall gentleman and you get guys with facial hair.

    I feel if your going to spend money to join a dating site the guy or gal should at least live within a 100 miles of the other

  81. I received a letter on 7th June from your customer service staff advising me that my subscription to Zoosk had successfully been cancelled BUT ever since then I have been continually receiving Zoosk membership renewals from Adobe Systems Incorporated on a daily basis and they close off my computer screen with the crap they are sending me. Please advise Adobe to take my details OFF their data base. I DO NOT want to receiving anything relating to ZOOSK.
    Please confirm. Greg.

  82. You stated you would contact me within the three days I need to find about my zoosk contractas soon as possible you have not done this Maria disTisfied with service you giving

  83. Hello I wish to have my service discontinued ,l already have sent the request but still in the system .so please stop service not working right now.


  85. There needs to b a way to print the messages off the site. Is there anyone that can tell me how to do this? Thanks

  86. I would like 2 know how I can become a member so I can talk 2 a man who I belive is my son’s uncle ? I would like it some one could call me so I can be come a member
    thank u 4ur help

  87. How stupid have I been
    put app on iphone and then when has message thought i’d sign up for 89.99 for 6 monhths – 15 pounds a month, they have taken out the full amount now i cant seem to get hold of them or get my money back, not impressed with this. the money came out of my itunes account and i didnt know that would happen. i did not realise it was an american site
    any ideas how i can get my money back???

  88. Well I’m talking about Zoosk Australia here, but I’m here to say the exact same thing. They are fking rip offs! I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a week now, and I still haven’t heard anything from them!

  89. I asked to stop and unsubscribe from this scamming dating site a month ago. Have not had a single reply. I am still being charged. If I do not get unsubscribed I will be following this up with a higher source.

  90. I have tried to reach you for a week by phone. Keep getting the same message, very busy, try later. Very unhappy with membership. Costing to much constantly wants coins. Same men keeps repeating. Want membership stopped immediately and the balance of the time refunded.
    Sandi Damico

  91. I am n having a very hard time removing or updating my profile. I need to remove. I live in oceanside ca. Total neeedy boys. Uggg. Total losers

  92. I did not want automatic renewal for September 2014 I was charged $29.95,please refund my $29.95 thank you Richard Randall!!

  93. Ive been trying to cancel but the option to cancel subscription is hidden somewhere on the zoosk site to prevent me from canceling. I want this subscription canceled, effective today, 8 sep 2014.

  94. This site is a rip off. They hijack your credit card and then you can’t stop charges from being put through. You can’t get through on the number because it says they are busy call back later and hang up on you. Meanwhile the charges keep racking up. Everything costs on this website nothing is free it is ridiculous. is a much better site. They charge one fee for everything. I can’t even cancel my own account without calling

    • Warning to US Veterans this company blocked my profile when I informed them that I was a disabled Veteran , then they said my photo did not fit there rules and they know this is a lie , my photo was of me alone and was of me with just a profile of a head shot, I tried to fine out why and got no help, so when I informed them of my disability from Service of my country them gave me the boot. Same on them for disliking a person because of his service to is country. Prove me wrong make up another story , but I know I will not hear from you but other brothers as well as the VA will hear about your discrimination , I promise

  95. Why is it that when you send a chat…now your getting a auto message from the person… thanks if you’re interested in contacting me, please drop me a line and tell me more…

    Please send me a more detailed message and tell me about yourself.

    If your interested in contacting me please drop me a line and tell me more.

    And others message like this you get back when you just want to start chatting with someone…..this will prolong your getting in touch with another for if that at all

    This is terrible you can’t touch base with people… I will be cancelling my acct. and also people I have talked to are all head games and players… never expeieanced such a site

  96. I have paid for a three month subscription and its now over ten days and still no activation im disappointed zoosk and there is no customer support please sort this out

  97. 9/24/14
    To who it should concern:
    I am a bit concerned about who there chooses the quick pick.
    Are they blind, If not, do they just close their eyes and throw a dart? The last one you sent me say’s age 93, the picture is of a gut about 45 maybe. I specifically said Anglo s only. I’ve been getting young black guys. What is the status mentally of the person making these choices? What again am I paying for?

  98. I was wondering if you people know what it mean when you say no purchase need because that’s what your advertisement said when I sign up for 56 gems and then the next’s thing I know after I give you my information and you want me to pay for subcription I wonder if you ever heard of false advertising I mean now day it raped on this internet they all say it free and then when you get trow all the hog wash you ask for money I think you all need to look in the dictionary and see what the meaning of free is a what know purchase necessary because you sure don’t got a clue everyone that advertises on this thing needs to take a look at that

  99. I was on Zoosk for a month. I met a guy and we chatted numerous times and exchanged numbers. Things progressed and as of today, he was trying to still scam money from me. The guy’s name is Tim Howell, age 51. He claims to be from Edmonton, Alberta however he is not. He is a scammer, trying to bilk money from women. He has been reported to police with all of his information. You should delete and block him to prevent women from being preyed upon. I realize that it is a woman’s responsibility for safety, etc. however this guy will resort to anything. Thankfully I’m not a gullible person and he was not able to dupe me. However, there are many women that are out there looking for someone and they may fall victim. The authorities are aware that he is on your site as well. Please consider this in deciding on action you will take. Thank you.

  100. The way I see it is our gov. needs to disban this service immediatly. It is ripping people and me unnessary charges. I do not see how these people could sleep at night.

  101. I believe I am being discriminated by your company because I happen to mentioned I am a disabled Veteran, I was told my photo was not suitable for your site which is an excuse to block my profile , I told one of your people that I was a disabled Veteran so you have a problem with United States Veteran , so I believe that the other Vet brothers and the VA, should be told of this so they can perhaps contact other brothers about your prejudice with US Veterans.

  102. I subscribed to zoosk on the 24 september and its over 5 days and I still can’t read my messages or send because it says I must first subscribe. I made a eft payment. Please acsess my account

  103. Why did you remove the Gallery view for search results? I want an ability to scan search results without showing up in the contact’s “Views” list.

  104. i really want you guys from zoosk to STOP taking money from my account pls or can you tell me how to stop my account thank you

  105. I subscribe to your site this Sunday October 5 and right now I decided to be in this site. I want to cancel. I have been trying to call and to searches for canceling. I don’t find any way. Please get my request and help me. On different time I can comeback right I have to cancel. Thank you for your support. I would wait for your response

  106. If the activation fee is waved and there is no automatic billing in the future I will subscribe. But I will not let zoosk automaticly charge me every month. Wave the fee and I will subscribe. Simple as that. William Schenher

  107. On the 10/10/14 received an email saying my account was cancelled,under the name Magaret Mitchell which is not me, I did not request this I then got another email saying I have edited my profile again I have not edited anything on my account. This is not enough could someone look into this and my account be unblocked thank you and wait for your reply.

  108. Cancel I want to stop and cancel my account with zoosk. I have been calling no one answers. I cant find anything on the site to cancel. Please get my request in as soon as possible I Robt want to renew.

  109. This site is junk!
    They taunt but won’t even let you talk with anyone without a photo and there is NO ONE TO CONTACT at the office.
    I plan to deny the charges on my CC.
    Don’t waste your time.

  110. please cancel my account with zoosk and stop taking money out of my account. Pls be aware everybody, somebody else with the same surname requested their account be cancelled instead mine was cancelled. My account is now blocked but money is stilling coming out of my bank account If u try and contact zoosk u get no reply. I think the whole zoosk is fake. Once again pls cancel my account thanx

  111. I don’t think much of Zoosk. There seems to be technical errors. There are people I wouldn’t even consider sending winks to and showing up that I did. This is AWful!! Why is this happening? I m no longer interested in this dating site and would expect a refund for what I had to go through!
    In the beginning I didn’t think much just thought it was a mistake…but this is happening EVERYDAY! I don’t know if anyone else is complaining of this same issue!

    Debbie Radish

  112. I have made direct payment into your Absa account but is still not connected. I cannot read my messages or send any messages. why do I have to wait so long. if you pay cash you must be reconnected instantly.

  113. customer service is bad by phone and email i cancel my substcripion in aug sent two emails plus called never got thru till 10/16/14. they got away with 2months of 29.95 in i dont get to finish out the full service for october but they got my money…

  114. I have tried calling your phone # It Says closed call back. Now I want a Refund Of That Activation Fee I Only Ordered It For 1 Month this comes out of my bank account that money is for my BILLS!!

    Take care of this Don’t Make Me Report You.

  115. I have a photo in hand to up load to you but I seem to be blocked ,I have no photos in computer only one in hand to upload to you.

  116. Just joined Zoosk October 14 when I decided to order coins (180)for 19.95 Zoosk charged me $99.95 for 1800 coins. I contacted customer service They apologized and said they’ll make the corrections by refunding me $80.00 and send me an email of that correction. Here’s what they did Zoosk took my 1800 coins that cost $99.95 and gave me 180 coins but never refunded my account $80.00. I got cheated twice Zoosk took away my coins and kept my money!

  117. Zoosk, you are the lowest form of dating service out there! You hacked into my Mom’s facebook acct and created a profile neither of which she solicited nor authorized. If you had bothered to check her facebook status, it states she is married, but then that doesn’t matter to you for you have done the same to other unsuspecting victims, going so far as cropping pictures of married couples and posting just one of them as single. You have ruined her marriage and she’s having a hard time convincing my dad that she did not sign up for this! She will report you to the BBB! Get a clue.

  118. Why is it that everytime I wright down in my or username or profile that I’m not a paying customer it’s removed while other members do have it in there user name.

  119. Please please please will you change my profile from me (a woman wanting to meet a man) it says I want to meet a woman and I dint. I’ve tryed lots of times to change & it won’t let me. I’ve deluxe account and made new one and it’s still saying I want to meet a woman its realy getting me down and had been like this for s very long time

  120. This zoosk site!!!!…tells me i can start messaging ..well when i do ….i dont get any type replies …can only receive gifts ….guess that’s one way of them charging on coins!!!

  121. I recently upgraded to yur service its a big ripoff I wont be reordering and I want all contact to me to stop I don’t want to be bothjered by your service so please remove me permantatly asap way too much money to use you should be more like AYI where you don’t have to buy coins too enjot the dating seen you plain ouy suck just remove me and do not send any request from zoosk any further


  123. I told them to stop charging me and they still are and I can find an email so I can e-mail them. Anyone know their e-mail add?

  124. Im very dissapointed in you service. You get people to pay to you sight that after you take there money than you tell them that they cant access the sight unless they post a photo. Thats not fair because if you would have told me that I couldnt get into talking to anyone without a photo than I woulnt have joined your site. Have you ever thought that some people cant or dont know how to post a photo. All I wanted to do is to be able to talk to someone and to meet new people most other sights will atleast let you talk to someone. I dont know how to post a photo like alot of other people. Im just a country boy with no cell phone service and all of this is new to me. On other sights you are at least able to communicate with someone. Thanks for nothing.

  125. You guys took money from my account without my permission for coin purchase, plz put it back I didn’t ask you to do that

  126. What a CON! they took my money…clogged up my e-mail and then when I tried to answer, anyone…. No satellite. WOW. That’s what you get for falling for a con!Don’t fall for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No satellite in my area??? What planet is that on?

  127. I joined Zoost for 1 mth membership based on their site quote of $29 for 1 mth. However, AFTER I had supplied my credit card details to pay the $29 only. They debited a hidden fee of$30 to my credit card without my permission. I immediately contacted them informing them I wished to cancel my membership due to their charging hidden cost. After cancelling my membership with Zoost I contacted ny bank to put a stop on any payments to Zoost as the hidden fee was debited by Zoost my credit card fraudulently. I am now being constantly hsrassed by Zoost’s texts matching me with other members again without my permission to contact me by sms. I intend taking legal action against Zoost to recover the membership fee and fraudulently obtained activation fee and I urge all other dissatisfied Zoost clients to follow suit and expose their illegal and fraudulent abuse of clients on social media as I also intend doing unless they refund my unlawfully obtained money.

    • On reading the numerous negative comments about Zoost (which I wish I had read before I ‘joined’) it is obvious this site is scamming many people and not delivering on their promises. My bank informed me that I should cancel my credit card and order s new one to stop Zoost stealing more of my money without my permission. I intend doing as my bank suggested (apparently it’s not the first time Zoost has ripped off clients). I recommend that anyone who is still being charged by Zoost via credit card to cancel your credit card and fet a new one with a different account number. It’s the only way to kerp your cash out of Zoost’s thieving hands. Good luck!! Expose Zoost’s dishonesty on Facebook and other social media to prevent other innocent people beinh conned by Zoost.

  128. auto renewal ! not rocket science to see why it`s used.`so you don`t miss out on our service if you forget`? the fact it is so made difficult to get info on how to cancel is a clue. a shame as I`m impressed with the format but am totally reluctant to subscribe. I don“t want the worry of money be taken from me on this basis.

  129. I have been trying to contact customer support on the zoosk site, but it just keeps taking me to faq’s. On there it states that if you are bisexual, zoosk will help you set up two profiles. I have been trying to do that, but can’t find any contact information on the site at all. It says if you cannot find answers in faq, then click the contact link to customer service. It takes me straight back to the faq’s. I set up a second account, then all of a sudden it disappeared, and said it was no longer valid. WTF? There is no way I am paying for the use of this site. I am really not impressed. It won’t let me chat or message back people. I don’t even know if the people that supposedly contacted me are even real, or if it’s a trick to get me to subscribe. I think this site is very poorly managed, and I am not risking it.

  130. I signed up to zoosk for one month only and they have continued to take money out of my account for three more months! I am in Australia and can’t find an Australian contact phone number for the site anywhere! Not happy with the site at all, it’s terrible to use. Has anyone gotten their money back?

  131. I’ve been on Zoosk for about a week now. At first it was fantastic. Each day, more and more matches photos were unabled to be opened. they were little boxes with crosses in them. I noticed it got worse everyday. Now everytime I go into the site, it comes up with a different layout and I can’t access anything. Nothing works, nothing opens. I spent half the day yesterday trying to phone them (number disconnected), get the to call back option, tried for 2 hours, nothing happened. Sent 2 emails, no reply and here we are with still no access. Managed to take my payment without any hiccups thought.

  132. Please if you can help me.
    I have tried to subscribe to Zoosk Dating on 2 occasions and all I receive is free coins. I paid for a 1 months subscription and only received coins, without being subscribed. Then I paid for 3 months and have received more coins, but im still not subscribed. These coins are useless… I DONT WANT THEM!!!!! all I want to do is join this site. Ive joined other dating sites like Datingbuzz and have had no problems in being accepted with them, no cons with coins. I am seriously not impressed with Zoosk, as now I have made two payments and still not a member on this site. What makes it worse is I really feel conned by Zoosk and now that I have paid all this money my hands are tied and Im sitting with all these coins that I dont want!!!!!!!

  133. My name is Robert palson I joined your sight about 3weeks ago an I think that this sight is a scam just like, an the reason is that when I am on your search an view someone 2minutes later I get a message that the person I am viewing veiwes me right back an then I do not get a response back,I think everything is computer jeneratead to keep people on your sight.

  134. you contacted me about account as bank called me and told them I never used your sight as pensioner so some one fraudant my details you phoned me to say I’ve been paying since May and told me you would refund money to my account emailed you and you never paid or contacted me after recent message

    • Don’t subscribe to this rip off place. I paid for 6 months, have only been on 20 days. Seems like there are only a few people on. It isn’t a honest dating site. I won’t see my money again. calling the bank tomorrow to prevent them taking more funds.

  135. I just payed 44 dollars to try for a month but I cannot send a message it said subscribe now, and I try to call customer service but cannot reach. I want my acct close after a month.

  136. Good day

    My mate has posted an explicit picture on my account profile pics causing the administrator to block my account.Would it be possible for the administrator to clear the image and unblock my account?

  137. About 3 weeks ago I tried to login but was rejected based on email/pw mismatch, despite not having changed anything. If you can’t login you can’t make contact with Zoosk to tell them. So I thought, wtf who cares, I’ll go to another site. Now I find I’m still being charged!! This is outright theft. I’m contacting my bank to have the charge reversed and will probably have to get a replacement card to ensure they don’t keep billing me. They are a pack of thieves and wankers!!!

  138. How come when you block someone they can still see you? When you accidentally delete someone you cant click on the alert page to view them? If someone wants to meet you and you paid for a subscription why do you have to buy coins? And why is there no favorites page where you can keep track of how many times someone looks at you??
    This whole site needs a lot of work and I feel like I’m wasting my money on here! Extremely dissapointed :(((

  139. Why can I not have favorites to see how many times ppl view me or if Im interesting to get to know them. If I accidentally deleted someone how come I cant go back under ‘views’ and see them? How come there is no where to make a favorites page?? Why do you have to buy coins to see who wants to meet you if you have already paid for a subscription!! This site needs a lot of work or Im done. I dont think this site has the best intentions but does want to try and make the most money….which is not what finding love is all about!

  140. I was using Zoosk for about a month, I was just checking the place out. I Never put a profile pic on my account. The Mobile app constantly was asking for one so I uploaded a picture I took of the sunset so it would stop asking for one. Next day I’m admin blocked, Iv sent several emails with no response and tried calling but sat for over 30 mins going through their automated system and said F it I’ll go on another dating site. My accounts still administratively blocked and I’m still receiving messages from other Zoosk members, but nothing from Zoosk as to why they blocked my account.

  141. I have had an authorized payment come out of my account and I have not been able to make contact. Have had to take further action as company has not replied.

  142. I think it’s ridiculous you can’t message anyone unless you subscribe. I had a month subscription once and didnt go on one date. I find this site discouraging you can’t contacr something at all unless you pay.

  143. Hi, I paid R149.99 for a Zoosk subscription and the gave me coins instead i tried to contact them to have this fixed to no avail.. they have no email address where i can send them mail and also the phone number is not working, please i need someone to urgently respond to me as this amount of money is alot to just lose ..

  144. hi, I have been trying to subscribe with my mastercard with no success. is there any other way that I can use to subscribe?

    kind regards

  145. Yes you currently have a member who is not 18. this is my daughter please e-mail me directly so I can give you the details to remove from your site.

  146. View some ,,but press wrong button in report ,,can you resend them to me please,,
    Date looked at 20/1/2015
    Thank you

  147. i tried to cancell a day before my three month period was up so i informed them . firstly they billed me that day for another 3 months and then proceeded to cancel my subscription. i now have paid without being a member. ive sent three messages to the support team without one responce.

  148. I thought you guys actually look and approve of photo’s and profiles? You currently have a Zoosk member,35 from Smithfield, NC. That has a full blown photo of her boob. Are you going to do something about this? I’m looking for class not trash.

  149. I just tried to order a month of zoosk and was unaware that there was a one time fee of 24 dollars so when I entered my card numbere I expected to be able to leave messages and I don’t have the 24 dollars on my card so it shouldn’t have taken my 19 dollars.All I have on the card is 23 dollars I want my money back because it shouldn’t have taken my money if I wasn’t able to use the service.I will be calling in the morning,I tried to call and checked my card immediately and no one is at customer service and the money was deducted.Please return it to my account until I am ready to try the service .I thought the 24 dollar fee was shadey because it didn’t tell me that up front.

  150. I just tried to order a month of zoosk and was unaware that there was a one time fee of 24 dollars so when I entered my card numbere I expected to be able to leave messages and I don’t have the 24 dollars on my card so it shouldn’t have taken my 19 dollars.All I have on the card is 23 dollarservice and the money was deducted.Please return it to my account until I am ready to try the service.Thank you

  151. I signed up for 3 months of service, using my debit card and funds have been withdrew from my account but stills says I have to subscribe and I’m unable to message any members that I would like to chat with. This was done today February 6, 2015. I have paid for it and kindly would like to use your services. Please fix ASAP. Thank you

  152. Hello i am trying to get in to my zoosk account and answer some of my members but i cant it seems i am blocked i joined up again through facebook which is weeks and weeks ago and since then i have not been able to get in is there anyway you can help us out with this please i will be very gratefull email me back with a message please thank you very much.

  153. I have contacted Zoosk customer service several times this past week. My question was how do I use Zoosk coins and how many for each use. Both times I could not understand the person who answered and they couldn’t understand me. You answering system is obviously over seas.

    So, what are my coins good for and how many coins for each contact and does the type of contact different in the amount of coins for each type of contact. Pretty simple question, I think. And the answer is???????????????????????????????

    Thanks, Jim

  154. I have subscribed myself in this dating site and have strugled to access to use the service for the week or so, however, for some reson thati dont know, i never could communicate ( once i try to contact someone, it ask me to became a member) i have paid by credit card

  155. Hi, I paid 3 month subs for a Zoosk subscription hey have no email address where i can send them mail and also i need someone to urgently respond to me as this amount of money is alot to just lose .

  156. My account is blocked by the administrator. I try to contact zoosk but they don’t alow me to get through the them . Can’t access to email them. What can I do to find out why my account is blocked ???

  157. My account is blocked by the administrator. I try to contact zoosk but they don’t alow me to get through the them . Can’t access to email them. What can I do to find out why my account is blocked ???

  158. I have been trying to pay for a three month subscription with out any success. I have been trying to make contact with Zoosk, there seems to be no contact details to make contact with them, please advise as to how I can get support from Zoosk

  159. My name is Johan Moller. I am from Johannesburg. I have paid R314.89 on the 1st of March 2015 for a 3 month membership to Zooks. It is now the 11 of March and my account still hasn’t been activated???? Pls advise

  160. I made an electronic transfer of R314.89 to Zooks for a 3 month membership on 1st of March 2015, it is now the 11 of March 2015 and I still havnt been activated. Pls activate my account asap

  161. I have paid R314.89 for a 3 month membership on the 1st of March 2015, it is now the 12th of March 2015 and my acc still hasn’t been activated. pls advise and activate my account asap please. Regards Johan Moller

  162. I hate the fact that there is no option to view yur search results as a graph view. Now you HAVE to view each individualprofile and send out false alets as if you are viewing them as poteltial interests! Going both ways, it sucks when you think someone is interested in you but was forced to look at your profile, you send a message and get no response! Even better, how is it a “smart pick” when youre african american and dont discriminate and match you with someone who CLEARLY answered THEIR question on their profile if they would date someone of a different race “NO!!- VERY IMPORTANT” are you frggin kidding me!?!? Zoosk sucks!! Im done!

  163. This is the worst dating site I have ever used. Recommended by friends. I joined up and received a lot of messages straight up. Two days later I paid my joining fee so I could respond to messages and see profiles, completed my own profile and uploaded photos. The same afternoon I tried to access my account and found I my account had been blocked by a ‘Zoosk administrator’!!!! On logging onto my email I had received an email from Zoosk customer service confirming that I had cancelled by subscription!!!!.
    These people are either scams or rip offs as I had definitely not done this straight after paying my money!!!!.
    I replied to this email with my concerns and questions about all this but have not had a reply. I have not been able to find a telephone number that I can use or email addresses for my complaint and to find out what and why this has happened.
    I will be definitely reporting this site and trying to get my money back!!!!

  164. If i have been billed i want my money returned. Ihave asked you to delete me off this site. im a gay man in a long term relationship and im not interested in meeting anyone. Idont know how i got on your site Please Delete my account and return any money if any NOW. Iagree with Liz this is a rip off. and have searched numerous times for a phone number to call. DELETE DELETE DELETE.

  165. Hi Zoosk people you have taken money out of my account under false pretence because I have not had any contact with you for so era year so please put the 74.00 back in to my account as I’m seekiNg legal advice this is fraud and in wa I’m very stressed that these things can go on I have no computer for a year now contact me, thank you asap

  166. Greetings,
    I want to get out from this site I would love to help if you are, if you can get me out of this site thank you

  167. I paid for the Zoosk service 2 weeks ago. But now I can’t use message service cause isn’t available for my profile. Then, when I try appear a advice that I have never paid. But it is in my credit card billing. How can I solve it?

  168. I subscribed to Zoosk in January 2015 while on a visit to Virginia in the United States

    I moved to Kenya on 31st January and discovered that the only communication I could receive from Zoosk was that Zoosk does not operate in my area. I have done everything possible to communicate to Zoosk that since you do not operate in my area, my subscription should be cancelled and the subscription amounts charged on the card refunded

    Now, I have discovered that I can send my complaint through this space:

    Zoosk, please cancel my subscription and refund the moneys charged on the card.

  169. Hi
    I received a email that my account is deactivated, I tried to locked in and then zoosk say my account is been blocked by an administrator, I did not canceled my service because I just paid for it, so why throw away my money, if for what matter you cancelled it and don’t want to reactivate my account I want my refund for my full activation back.

    • I have just been locked out of my account after less than a month into a 3 month paid subscription. They say they have no record of me or my email. I cannot login and the subscription which I paid for has a automatic deduction from my credit card which I need to be stopped…but can’t login and they don’t recognize my details. I have turned the matter over to the Australian Federal Police in relation to credit card theft, identity theft and general fraud. This site is a scam!! I find it unbelievable to find such a scam with such a high profile web site, right in front of the authorities, who shouild be taking this company down

  170. I bough 200 coins did not receive . I signed up for instalmemts u took full payment I’m now left without a dollar in pocket or on pH please explain n can u help I can’t meat anyone now as cannot travel or even by that drink thanks please try help or get back to me

  171. my sister in law has been scammed by one of the gentleman that was posing on your site as a single guy looking for romance etc. We have given his “so called” picture phone numbers etc to the South African Investigation Crime Unit, and have asked to look into this matter and to circulate this matter to the relevant people that deal with such scam’s on the internet.

  172. I emailed zoosk to tell them to stop taking payments out of my accounts and they did please return my money

  173. I’ve had a profile posted by someone who has used my facebook trying to contact zoosk to have it removed is impossible. as i cannot login to my profile, due to password as i did not set it up
    Can anyone help?

  174. I was confused about the service because I thought I’d try it out for $19.00 plus and discovered every time I had a mutual match, there was a coin purchase. I would not have purchased the service if I knew this. Then tonight I mistakenly clicked on the coin purchase and am afraid my credit card is getting charged. This service seems deceptive and a rip off. I WANT MY MONEY RETURNED TO MY VISA ACCOUNT IF YOU DID TAKE ANY OUT TONIGHT!

  175. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I and Kai Jensen met on Zoosk in March 2013 and got married on February 28th of this year. We were both very satisfied with our experience and just wanted to thank you! We truly believe that we found our soulmate and we recommend your site to anyone who’s interested!

  176. I paid for one month membership and do not let me continue, the page ask me for different plan to paid, I already paid, please help me do I need mail box id?

  177. I have not joined your dating site and you are taking money at my account . I won’t all the money back you have taken or I am reporting you

  178. I want out I don’t now why they put me back on zoosk I live in montreal the women are far away from me.they don’t live in montreal please close the account .there all sending me emails and im tired of this ty have a nice day

  179. i don’t know why they opened my account please close my account i i never ask them to open it .im getting emails every day and i live im montreal and the women are far away from where i live this is the 3rd comment i ben sending ty and have a great

  180. I wanted a $29.95 trial, but you are asking for a total of $54.00 plus, you don’t state that when you ask us to subscribe, now please word your sign up fee properly, your misleading, i want to know what i get for my $29.95, in detail. I’m not interested with all your extras, just explain in simple terms what we get for our payment.

  181. I wanted a $29.95 trial, but you are asking for a total of $54.00 plus, you don’t state that when you ask us to subscribe, now please word your sign up fee properly, your misleading, i want to know what i get for my $29.95, in detail. I’m not interested with all your extras, just explain in simple terms what we get for our payment. Do not proceed with anything without my authority, no monies are to be taken from my account. Your text message which can’t be responded to is not valid and i’m not interested in dealing with such sites.

  182. I’ve cancelled my subscription months ago. Still you billed me R512 out of the blue on 21 July. Could you please give me an explanation for this?

  183. I joined and the first profile that came up there was no way I could read it without buying coins. That is a rip off. On top of that they advertise on the television that you can join free and that is a bunch of bunk. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

  184. I joined and the first profile that came up there was no way I could read it without buying coins. That is a rip off. On top of that they advertise on the television that you can join free and that is a bunch of bunk. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

  185. I joined the Zoosk site and paid for 3 months. They took the money off my bank and then they blocked my account saying the payment failed. I checked my bank statement and the money went off. I had to phone them in America from South Africa and they told me that I have to go to my bank and have them reverse the charges. I send them proof that the money was taken off my bank, but they still refused to refund or reinstate my account. This is a big scame and fraudulent. I have reported them to my bank and they have put a fraud alert on them. So please be careful!

  186. I’ve had my account blocked without any explanation. I’ve tried to contact Zoosk via email three times yet I have not heard a work from Zoosk customer service. Three different email. All I want either to unblock my account or refund the money. I’m not asking for much. Although It would’ve been nice to receive a response from this dating site. Personally I would not recommend anyone due to such poor customer service

  187. I’m getting sick and tired of y’all sending ur junk mail to my phonene number my emai!l I’m not a member I don’t want ur junk on my phone . my tablet my computer my anything remove me piored I’m sick of it I’ll never use your service.this is the last time I’m asking.

  188. I’m getting sick and tired of y’all sending ur junk mail to my phonene number my emai!l I’m not a member I don’t want ur junk on my phone . my tablet my computer my anything remove me piored I’m sick of it I’ll never use your service.this is the last time I’m asking.

  189. not sure if im on the site or not ive been getting emails from people, think a friend put me on to be funny and i am married so please deactivate me and remove my email from your site

    thank you

  190. I AM REALLY UPSET!!!!!!!!!! I PAID FOR A 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION ON 4/19 AND MY CREDIT CARD HAS A TRANSACTION NUMBER OD J4TBMT13 for 74.95. I have never gotten the sight to work properly and have always had a communication problem. Every time I want to chat I get a message that I need to subscribe. I thought I did that back in April. I did get your help sight and they sent me a e-mail to my old e-mail address and after I read the coaded crap it said to push the red button to reset my password. THERE WAS NO RED BUTTON!I would love to get this cleared up so a phone call would be appreciated!!!!!!!!

  191. hi ,i have transfer $79 which is for value 6 months fee to your bank account last Tuesday,but until today i still cant go to zoosk website to start .can you check you bank .thanks

  192. I signed up for an account and made my first payment ..then without any warning I was cancelled and blocked for no reason. I have sent repeated messages and have not received one acknowledgment from anyone.

  193. I Signed up for an account and with no reason or warning was blocked by an administrator. Even though I have sent repeated messages to customer service I still haven’t received any acknowledgment. Feeling like some kind of criminal.

  194. It’s an outstanding opportunity for an on-line dating site to meet thousands of singles at a singles’ show. We’re looking for a Canadian company.

  195. I’m very upset, all for the reason zoosk took my money and did not refund my subscription I paid for, or even received the remaining balance of my bill please turn my subscription back on till expire date if no refund……

  196. I have been getting notifications from your sites. I have never been a member or intend to be a member apparently my profile is on your site and I want it removed immediately looks like I may have been hacked

  197. I no longer have that email and swoosh won’t let me sign. Back in”can you please stop charging me for it”” I NO LONGER HAVE ZOOSH

    • it seems like so so many people struggle the site!! and they supose to be the nr 1 dating website???? also struggle to get any contact from them??????

  198. The last time I subscribed to Zoosk (1 mth’s sub) on my Gmail website Zoosk kept on ‘hassling’ me to join my other (Yahoo) website too. I did because there were different guys on that website that I wanted to meet. After a couple of days ALL the guys on both websites which were sent to me were the SSME so in effect I had paid DOUBLE the amount for 1 mth’s subscription.
    Can Zoosk plse subscribe me back for another month for FREE, ie, WITHOUT having to pay AT ALL this time ??

  199. If Zoosk won’t allow me to re-join then can you please STOP sending me ANY more email introductions & details about guys interested in me ??

  200. The last time I was on 1 mth’s subscription to Zoosk I tried to CHANGE my profile ‘cos I seemed to be meeting the ‘wrong’ type of guys but the new details NEVER came through & I was STUCK with the old profile. I DID press the SAVE button !!

  201. I have tried on NUMEROUS occasions to give Zoosk all the above complaints when I was a member but could NOT find a way nor email address to reach Zoosk for complaints. Then I thought of Google, thank goodness & I HOPE very much Zoosk will not only LISTEN but RESPOND POSITIVELY not only to MY complaints but to ALL those which I’ve seen before mine (heavens !! so many !!) .
    After having seen SO many complaints I’m really AGHAST that the standard of Zoosk’s customer service is SO bad. Do you realize, Zoosk, that the ESSENCE of a SUCCESSFUL business is to provide an EFFICIENT & most of all, a SATISFACTORY service to ALL your clients ?? MOST of us clients are GENUINELY looking for a partner, we are NOT all rich, you know.

  202. I’ve just seen the number of comments, they are ALL mainly COMPLAINTS, to be more accurate.
    I appreciate that Zoosk has thousands of members, but to be fair to us I have come to the conclusion that you do NOT xplain yourselves CLEARLY, eg, we are only told AFTER paying that there is an ADDITIONAL charge for another fee – from memory I think it was a joining fee. Surely you don’t xpect your customers to pay a joining fee EVERY time they resubscribe ??!!
    And enticing your customers to pay coins to find out for more information is a total SHAM, luckily I was smart enough not to get ‘outsmarted’ by you, but I have had a lot of feedback from some of the people whom I met at Zoosk
    who said they received NO benefit at all after having paid so much coins.
    I have joined other dating agencies before, NONE of them have tried to ask for ADDITIONAL money after joining. And ALL of them have given VERY CLEAR instructions as to the amount of subscriptions to be paid & how to unsubscribe completely & successfully.
    Zoosk, this is a VERY competitive age, some other businessman/business will ULTIMATELY come on in into this sort of business & be able to entice customers (including YOURS) & ALSO be successful because of their more EFFICIENT & HONEST policies also to genuinely help ‘lonely’ souls find a partner. I myself for one, am tempted to engage in this sort of business – if only I had the MONEY!!!
    Thanks for listening Zoosk, I just want to offer some feedback & advice for improvement.
    Sharron Ming

  203. This is the third email I have sent to you, and the issue has still not been resolved. In fact, no one has even responded to my emails.
    Zoosk withdrew $59.95 from my bank account on August 18, 2015. THIS AMOUNT WAS NOT AUTHORIZED, and I would like it refunded to my account. I subscribed to Zoosk many months ago, and the account has been closed for a number of months. Please fix this before I have to take additional steps.
    Cindy West Dangelo

  204. Ich warte bereits seit 5 Tagen auf die Freischaltung. Habe den Einzahlungsbetrag für den Mitgliedsbeitrag am Donnerstag zu Mittag bezahlt und sofort die Bestätigung per mail geschickt.
    Heute ist Montag Mittag und ich habe dazwischen viele mails und Anfragen bezüglich einer Antwort gestellt, aber K E I N E A N T W O R T erhalten.
    Der K U N D E N S E R V I C E funktioniert überhaupt N I C H T!!!!!!
    Bin mit ZOOSK nicht zufrieden, habe aber L E I D E R den Mitgliedsbetrag schon bezahlt!!!!!!!!!

  205. It is a scam, a legal scam. Most all business’s are. Some worse than others. Zoosk is a very sloppy operation. The one’s running it will continue to greedily make as much money as they can as fast as they can, and finally they’ll get busted and the business will go down the tube. All smart scammers and con artists do the same thing. By the time the law catches up with them they’ve made millions and millions of dollars. Enough to pay all the lawyer and court fees, and then they scram. Money is the biggest addiction of all. Yes, a very sloppy operation for sure. It works well because there’s a sexual component to it. Sex is the second biggest addiction. HEY, everybody is lonely and wants to get one of those broads into bed, right ? Yes indeed.


  207. I was blocked for no reason please tell me why, if you are not going to let me on stop payment bow please… I was not on your site for one week and you block me not right….

  208. Please block Irishman from Altanta, GA (49yrs) from me; norasofia from Brownsville Texas.
    I try all night to figure out how to block this person but unsucessful. Please I need help.

    Thank you,

  209. I am disappointed in your dating site, I paid to get messages and send them I also put my picture on from face book and it didn’t go through. Am I doing something wrong. Thank you Jackie

  210. I have my account for about couple years today Zoosk blocked me for no reason they say they dont need give me reason, it make me upset i got couple hundred gifts also some friends there but they block my account the guy told me i earn to much discount and I should open new account no one word explanation why

  211. Today I finally joined your site? ,I I tryed joining once before and the same thing that happed to me today happened before .I just thought it was a mistake .and today I played upuut it all on the internet because I reall wanted to meat the person who came on the same as before , only before the person left because he didnt get any dates if you was smarts and Ive worked in marking you snap people up when they join because then they talk to other s in turn that would malk them want tgo join as I wanted to join the rean took me months to decide I alost went with another that had good matches now I wish I had since I belive this may be a hose or fault I hope not please fix it

  212. this is not working for me when I get someone that is attracted to me and leave me a message you wont let me see or respond I have to subscribe and that is a scam I am already on another dating site that cost me $6000 so I wont pay any more I the other site have not done what they promise so I want to get off of you site its very fraustrating and depressing I tried to unsubscribe but your site wont let me do that so please take me off of your mailing list because all im going to do is deleat any message I get from you so you are waisting your time thank you sign disappointe and upset

  213. I emailed CS to ask about what happens to your profile if cancel or do not renew. Instead of answering my question they canceled my subscription without my authorization – still had a couple of months left. Now they will not respond to me at all.

  214. I joined a few days ago in Australia, I’ve had over a dozen requests to meet and or chat but the only thing that the women receive is the wink,,,they cannot see any typed messages. I could believe one or two not replying but all of them, after they have contacted me.

  215. Good evening zoosk,
    Would it be possible you could get me on line tonight on my subscription. I know I haven’t paid, but have had so many problems. I will pay next week for a months contract. Please if this will be possible, it will be great.
    Thank you

  216. THIS is jrtakeachance i want my name off your dating site. tryed to get off befor with no luck if this does not work credit card co will be next they do have phone number to call. it no wonder u are largest date site when u cant get of

  217. Zoosk withdrew $59.95 from my bank account on August 18, 2015. THIS AMOUNT WAS NOT AUTHORIZED, and I would like it refunded to my account. I subscribed to Zoosk three months ago. No one want to date you they looking for sex picture. I will not do that. Please put my money back into my account. Iam canceling !!

  218. I’m wondering as to Why I’m not a member in the Zoosk dating meeting Personal? I did a payment already on D line. under my User name Oyes Summers but I Filled-Up The Qq”s & anwers section thru my Name above mentioned & my recent Email address. Pls. REPLY to ME ASAP.B4 I Make a Cancellation.!! This is my 2nd ATTEMP Paying on LINE in order to be a Member on the Site-ZOOSK -FB.Thanks & appreciate If U Contact me.!asap.!!

  219. I’m really so int”rsted to be active on D Zoosk Meeting-Personal.! Today this early eve,I just made a PMT. thru on line >>subscribe for a 1 month basis $29.95 only.! I filled out completely D Qq?s & answer”s.;so as I can meet your Single-male subscriber that Interest me.!!Thank You.!! my Ph. no. (925)705-1151.or please Better send me a TEXT for sure >>msg. Would ALERT ME QUICKLY.!! Kind Help abt. this matter is being now, APPRECIATED.!! I REMAIN SINCERE LOYAL CUSTOMER,IF!! Ms. Winter D.Summers

  220. I have cancelled my subscription, however yet again this has been taken. The subscription was cancelle
    last year. I am not going to ring your number, as have tried before and was not answered.

    As I have cancelled via my account I expect whatever money you have taken from me since last year.

    Ian Sharp.

  221. Well, maybe i am stupid, a made a one month subscription and i thought that was that, one month and business closed, but I was charged for one year until my credicard balance was empty, when i realized.
    The problem was that i didn’t used that creditcard, because it is an payoneer prepaidcard (i’m brazilian) that i made for an online freelancer job.
    I only enjoy one month of the service, when i met one person, but i was charged for 8 months.
    So i feel like I have been stolen for this service, total amount: U$ 153.93, thank you.

  222. my account has been recently blocked. I am a full paid member n use cancel my account. Please explain to my why n for what reason would a zoosk starff block n cancel my account
    Do use think that use can still members money bye cancelling there accounts. ?????????????


  224. Ek is baie teleurgesteld in Zooks ek het op 29/10/2015 ’n eft gedoen vir die bedrag van R315.00 maar is nog steeds nie op nie. my verwys nr –

  225. ek PDK Hattingh (pdk@123) is baie teleurgesteld in Zooks want ek het op die 29/10/2015 eft oorbetaling gedoen van R315. maar kan nog steeds nie op Zooks gaan nie. die verwys nr.: ek het ook al hoeveel emails gestuur en niemand kom terug na my toe nie en daar is ook geen kontak nr nie.

  226. I met a great guy on zoosk 6 months ago and we both cancelled our memberships. We are still together and happy but in the last 2 weeks I have started getting messages from zoosk members again so my account must have been made active again. Could somebody in customer support please can my account again or email me and let me know how to do it and how it came to be active again. Cheers

  227. Could somebody please explain how my account has become active again when I canned it 6 months ago. Recently I have started to receive messages from zoosk members again

  228. Sorry this is the 3rd time I v tried but I m not getting return msg even though the ladies want to meet me could you explain where I m going wrong do I have to pay for every msg I send could you please msg back with step by step how to get my msg through thank you

  229. I advised them that my credit card had been hacked and asked if this was an issue with other users, they now have cancelled my subscription with no refund and blocked me from signing into my account 3 months subscription and that money now gone, how disgusting is that for customer service – feeling ripped off!

  230. I contacted you on November 19, 2015, request #2691199 to stop taking out money out of my account and you did not do it. Alexander sent to me a confirmation that the account was closed. So what you can do is send that money back to my account.

  231. Thanks very much ZOOSK you have cost me my six year relationship as I cannot explain how after being in a happy relationship for six years that I have out of the blue created a dating profile and am getting multiple emails a day from other men!!!! I am so distraught and extremely angry!!! How dare you take my private information and create a profile without my approval!!! If I don’t receive a response from you I will be taking this matter further and will be seeking legal representation for a case against you!!! You have destroyed my life and you deserve to be shutdown for this.

  232. Never use this site as I unsubscribed to it 2 months ago and they are still taking money from a site I am no longer on! I have even just yesterday had to go to my bank and they have put a stop on it. So I will wait till next month till I receive my bank setatement to see if they have succeeded!! TOTTAL SCAM!!

  233. I can not even begin to express my frustration. I have been a valued customer of Zoosk on and off for a number of years. I renew my contract ( 1 month payment) WHAT I find unexplainable that on he following dates:
    I apparently brought zoosk coin plans, 250 coins each time for 119.99

    Every payment ends with 4 different numbers from my credit card, and I can assure you I did not buy these coins. I find it unacceptable that this is happening and I am appalled. I feel like I pay enough for my monthly subscription ( which is of course my choice )
    This matter needs to be followed up urgently and explained to me otherwise I can assure you, you will lose a valued customer and I will spread the news of this nonsense.
    Please reply asap so that I can rectify this mistake.

  234. I just got billed from Zoosk and I did not ask for an automatic subtraction I do not wish to continue using their service I need my money back

  235. Extremely disappointed 🙁 a Pension and I cancelled my account days after no replys what so ever..they have my phone my email everything! I have had no service ..after paying the initial 50+ Aussie dollors my account was still not working i sent many messages and emails as per procedure …. even though account has been closed for a month now they are still taking 29 dollors from my account… this is a HUGE CONCERN… it is killing me and NO ONE Cares!!!!!!!!!

    I can not afford to even ring them again as the wait cost me my full credit from WA just waiting 🙁 extremely stressful I shall continue to be NEGATIVE about them on all media I can until i get my money BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Since May 28th 2015 I have called customer service for them to deactive my zoosk account. i thought they had closed the account since but ive been checking my bank account balances i had seen theyve been charging me 14.50 dollars per month the last six months. I WANT ZOOSK TO RETURN MY MONEY BACK AND CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT!.

  237. I have been blocked by some company not allowing me to access my zoosk account. I’m over 18 and a financial member of zoosk but can’t access the website because of a block. I can’t even access zoosk customer support for an answer of what is going on frustrating.

  238. turning off the auto renewal on all subscriptions through itunes assists with not giving any unwanted money to vendors..the problem is with APPLE… the company is a robber!!! I tunes subscriptions must be changed where the auto renewal is always OFF until the subscribing customer turns it ON….I see a class action lawsuit!!!!

  239. There was a charge made to my credit card that I did not authorize and I want it reversed immediately!

    Just as bad is that there seems to be no way to contact your customer support or a help line, If you are not a member.

  240. Very unhappy about the service , i paid on the 20th October and the 1st December at the ABSA BANK , and i am not log in the zoosk site, please look into the matter as i have not been able to message anybody for the months now, please contact me back urgent by email or see that i am back on site URGENT LOOSING OUT ON DATES

  241. I will be posting All Over the internet
    I have 3000 followers”
    I advise all users to do the same
    get these people Jailed
    were they belong

  242. I have been trying to deactivate this account for quite sometime, you send emails telling me to do this and nothings works. I am more than fed up and disgusted found a whole lot of creeps on this site. I want my account gone

  243. Hi I’m enjoying Zoosk as a whole but I don’t want to look at Men from Interstate I want them in Victoria or closer to me

  244. To : Zoosk com and associated websites
    Zoosk, Inc.
    Attn: Customer Service
    989 Market St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Attention : Owners & Presdirs & IT Dept & Directors & Customers services & Marketing & Sales Depts.

    Dear Sirs & Madam,

    Due with some of my friends recomended to tried your website, I have tried it but I did not find it usefull for me and I have switch off my profile in all of your website.

    The most important I would to tell your company as follows :

    Any Company or Any institution or any individual using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects and furthermore for any public relation and commerical activities related, you DO NOT have permission and do not have authorise to use any of myself photo and my photos and my profile photo and my pictures(photos) and videos(if any) in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do it, it will be considered the violation my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.


  245. Zoosk, Inc. and its associates website and sites
    URGENT !!! WARNING !!!

    Attn: Owners&Presdirs&Directors& IT Depts & Marketing&Sales Depts & Customer Service

    Office address publish in : 989 Market St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Dear Sirs & Madam,

    Due with some of my friends recomended to tried your website, I have tried it but I did not find it is usefull for me and I have switch off my profile in all of your website.

    The most important I would to tell your company as follows :

    Any Company or Any institution or any individual using this site or any its associated sites for studies or projects and furthermore for any public relation and commerical activities related, you DO NOT have permission and do not have authorise to use any of myself photo and my photos and my profile photo and my pictures(photos) and videos(if any) in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do it, it will be considered a violation my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.


  246. i cancelled my subscription back in october 2015 and have just recieved my bank account statement and have noticed you still are taking money out of my account which i consider thievery and you owe me 4 lots of 29.95 which is 120.00 i have notified bank aswell as legal council

  247. you are a bunch of lying manipulitive pricks who steal peoples money aswell as your phone numbers dont exist so scam scam scam scam

  248. I have tried to ring zoosk. Telephone line. I think my number has been blocked. I will be trying again if I still cant get through. Trust me I will be blasting it all over Facebook and twitter. You have no rights to treat people this way. I take its because of my comments. EG I get some one wants to meet me this has happened twice. I click on the tab thinking that will take me to the person. But no it just gives me a load of faces. I then expect it will be in by emails but again no. I have no idea what game you are playing. But trust me I am not impressed. In fact I am very angry. Why should you be allowed to do this to people. Its certainly not right.

  249. john webb says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    January 19, 2016 at 9:47 am

    I have tried to ring zoosk. Telephone line. I think my number has been blocked. I will be trying again if I still cant get through. Trust me I will be blasting it all over Facebook and twitter. You have no rights to treat people this way. I take its because of my comments. EG I get some one wants to meet me this has happened twice. I click on the tab thinking that will take me to the person. But no it just gives me a load of faces. I then expect it will be in by emails but again no. I have no idea what game you are playing. But trust me I am not impressed. In fact I am very angry. Why should you

  250. john webb says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    January 19, 2016 at 9:47 am

    I have tried to ring zoosk. Telephone line. I think my number has been blocked. I will be trying again if I still cant get through. Trust me I will be blasting it all over Facebook and twitter. You have no rights to treat people this way. I take its because of my comments. EG I get some one wants to meet me this has happened twice. I click on the tab thinking that will take me to the person. But no it just gives me a load of faces. I then expect it will be in by emails but again no. I have no idea what game you are playing. But trust me I am not impressed. In fact I am very angry. Why should you

  251. I cant get help right now to get back on the zoosk dating site and Iam a paid member!! I tried to change my password as had it a long time and wanted new one well its not responding to the new or old one and its wkend when theres no help!!!!!!

  252. Zoosk is a very easy site to use, but then it comes up with a box saying ‘subscribe’ which I’m happy to do; to read my mail! But here’s the thing, it keeps rejecting my card! There’s plenty of money in the account – so that’s not the problem. Even rang the customer service line, but got no help there, had to leave a message.
    Now I just don’t understand how zoosk can be one of the leading dating sites, with no interest in customers who are experiencing problems!! It’s hard enough to find love without… Wez

  253. I need to cancel my subscription. I didn’t want it to go through and it did. I don’t have the money in my account. Please reimburse me immediately. I did not have an option to confirm. I didn’t know this was a paying site.

  254. Well I got screwed BIG TIME. I asked to buy $5.95 worth of coins and was charged $74.87 AND $99.95. They have agreed to reimburse my NSF the 99.95 within 5-10 days.
    I told them that their mistake should not be mine and I was sorry I had went with this dating site. I asked if I could talk to the manager and they said this was their policy. I am sorry for doing business with them.
    CHECK YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNTS! They may have screwed you also

  255. I have been trying to get my profile down due to the fact someone stole my picture and are using it for a site. Please advise how I can remove my profile from sites that I have never subscribed to.


  256. I have problems to activate my account.. I have a Capitec saving account – if I want to do my payment with my debietcard.. It show my card had expire or something is wrong… My code and my expiring date is 92019. Why can I do not use my card.. the bank said nothing wrong with my card. If I do a bank transfer how long do it take to active my account. Please because I cannot answer my messages.
    Regards Dalene

  257. hi Guys i am able to login onto my zoosk account but am unable to send any mesages, i can wink but not send any mesages.

  258. I receive a message to say Tom Dick or Harry sent a message I try to retrieve it and up comes on the screen it wants me to send a message!!! This happens all the time I CANT RETRIEVE MY MESSAGES I am paid up but not getting much joy Ihope you can rectify this problem

  259. As from the 12/03/2016, I unsubscribed from the dating service you provide. I understand that you will not debit my credit card at all, as I am now not a member. I see that you have charged my credit card, now I demand you to reverse these charges. I except to see this credit within 5 working days, as I am a pensioner I can not afford to have you take this money from my account. Please oblige a.s.a.p. thankyou

  260. paid by online banking 4 days ago,, still tell me i need to subcribe and pay, what is going,can’t access anybody

  261. I cancled after my first payment so why have u robbed my money from my account I want it back now or in sewing

  262. Gymriz is a user on zoosk that is harrasing me and my mom calling us names and saying very negitive things and very immature he needs to be kicked off no one needs to deal with that

  263. It is now 11pm central time & you were quick enough to take my money & not for an amount I agreed to, but you have also been jerking me around for 4hrs on my inner net time. I’ve had FIVE inquiries & stil can’t login to my acct to get my messages!!! So far I think you are just out to take advantage of seniors!!!!! I also have a very poor image of your company & your emails are jokes not at all helpful! FOUR HOURS OF THIS BUT YOU SURE TOOK MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!

  264. I need to subscribe to read messages but it only browse and doesn’t want to open I need this to be fixed urgently please

  265. Hi.totally diissapointed with service.
    I’m trying to phone no as stated. But it does not go thru.all I need is. To plse guide me tthru steps.i need to do a transfer.
    Plse plse!!!!

  266. I was waiting till what I thought was “the last minute” to cancel my subscription so I could possibly get some good out of it. I haven’t, just as it seems many others have not. And very expensive for nothing. So, I find that they already took my money when they closed, the day before my subscription is due to renew. I will fight this!!

  267. I have been on and off this site for a few years now I want to know why I have been blocked from this site?

  268. Upon trying to log into my account(my username is (LikeFineWine) is received a message that my account had been disabled by a Zoosk administrator. I also received the email below . My account has been hacked! I contacted google and found out that someone from Ghana reset my ggole password and accessed my email account. I have since created several layers of verification to avoid this happening again. I contacted Zoosk customer service but have yet to receive a response.I would still like to be able to use my username (LikeFineWine) and create a new account.

    This is the email I received
    Hi Cutemee1,

    Your photo was removed for not following Zoosk’s photo guidelines. To help your new photo go live…

    · Make sure it’s clear

    · Be alone in your photo

    · Don’t include nudity

  269. In my search I had selected max 20 or 30 miles. The carousel with men living over 50 miles is wasting mine and their time. Any chance of applying the filter?
    Kind regards,

  270. It has been impossible for 4 days to get any responce from Zoosk. I am locked out and have been a paying customer for 3 years now. Can’t get anyone to respond or help me…………..

  271. Noo one has even responded for 4 days, I have been locked out and I am pre paid for a year and no way to get into this system anymore. I’ve written numberous messages to no avail…………..

  272. Hi. I would like to remove my information from the Zoosk SA site and ensure that no further money is debited for this service. For some reason I am unable to access the site. Please could you help me with this?

    Thank you.

  273. Dear Zoosk, while I am quite impressed with your dating site! I have E mailed U a couple of times to ask the Question —– HOW DO I PUT A PHOTO UP IF I’M NOT ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, SNAP CHAT,TINDER or any of the other anal social media sites?? (there is no way on earth i am going to sign up to that crap!!!) Jules.

  274. Dear Zoosk I am unable to find a zoosk program that works with windows 10. I also know that zoosk has had a few problems over the past year I would love to rejoin but until You have a program that I can use on the laptop I regret that I will not. I also dont have a clue as to how to use the app on the phone so I will not be using that either I did find someone on zoosk but they passed away something that happens to old people. If you have any answers regarding windows 10 and Mcaffee then please reply best wishes
    john kimber

  275. Just read 10 or so of the above comments I dont think I will bother zoosk seems to have changed quite a lot in two years.

  276. Need to ask a question. If one winks at a lady and views one’s profile and makes no effort to leave a message of interest, is it best to assume they are not interested. Because to date I have winked at many ladies and had nobody reply showing interest, so I am probably wasting my time. From your experience what kind of honest answer can you give.

  277. I find such sites to be inciomprehensuiible and therefore uselesss. I ADMIT i AM COMPUTER ILLITERATE, but the procedure does not take account of that. I resent finding a possibility and being unabole to follow it up without paying yet more money

  278. Hi I am enjoying your dating site and would like to join But I do not have a Facebook or twitter account So I am finding it extremely difficult to download any photos from my mobile reguatds

  279. Hi, i signed up for an account and then i subscribed . After doing that i try to message people but the response i get is i have reached my daily limit . But if i look at the number of contacts i have made it is just less so i am wondering why i get this message . Same thing is happening with the wink and i don’t know if the site has a problem or something i just want to know .

  280. you taken money from my account when I only joined the site for month and did not agree to more money being taken out plus I cancelled the month as I did not use it.

  281. Someone is using a photo of me as their online dating profile picture. I will be taking further legal action if this profile is not taken down immediately!

  282. my membership is cancelled a month ago and you guys are recharge me for it when it is already cancelled, please stop charging me because I have found someone.

  283. I am very disappointed with the treatment I have received I was blocked by Zoosk administrator for whatever reason as I had hardly used the site, it being my birthday weekend I have sent a few e mails asking why, but no reply/ response

  284. Got me too the bloody mongrels. Cancelled 6months ago and today still find I’m being billed for another subscription.
    Only way you can stop it is cancel your credit card and order a new one so they no longer have your details.
    BASTARDS !!!!

  285. I am really annoyed that I can’t answer messages from members who have sent me messages , obviously because I am not a subscribed member, but the members who send me messages are subscribed, so why can I not even answer them? They must get so frustrated with not getting reply’ to their messages too. Feeling totally disadvantaged as I cannot afford to subscribe! Also I have 20 coins, why can’t I use them to answer a message? I might actually be missing out on meeting someone genuine due to this.
    Not happy.

  286. Hi I deactivated my zoosk account 6mths ago and im still popping up on the website would you be able to check to see why this would occur.

    Kind regards

  287. Hi my name is Travis Helbig and I have just been direct debited $74 dollars from my banking account and I have never shared my details with this site.

  288. Good Morning

    I called the company a week ago and told them I was charged for 6 months and I only wanted 1 month…I never received my refund

    Please let me know when I will have the credit in my account.

    Thank you,Abby Mandel

  289. Please stop charging me and you can delete my account the men I’ve met on here is been nothing but losers so please don’t charge me anymore

  290. Way back in March I was given a special price on my monthly subscription to Zoosk. That price was $14.97/mo. I got that price only once and now am being automatically charged $29.95/mo. I would like to know why you are charging me more than we agreed on. Please explain. That is not good PR!

    Carolyn Anderson

  291. I am not so satisfied with this. Ever time I click on something it tells me to upload a new picture to continue. this is a ripoff

  292. I wish to cancel by subscription with Zoosk. I am very unhappy with the choice I have to choose from.

    Thank you,
    Maria Csrder

  293. i went into settings and asked for my account to be terminated. I got to the end of the 6 month period and found I had been debited for a further 6 months. I require a full refund. I haven’t used zoosk since 9th june 2017 as I have found a partner.

  294. Delete my account ure site is discusting and ure customer care is crap and ure number is wrong cant contact no one plus u stole my money fi my bank when i cancelled out

  295. Hi there just to let you know that I’m being taken for a ride by Elaine h bilton she says she is from Wilmslow but she is not more like a south Africa country.

    • Hi, I’m trying to join this site. It asked me for pin validation and request for my mobile number, After sending my mobile, no text was received on my mobile number. Very annoying. Also, I can’t find any email address to contact your admin. The customer service number is also an invalid number. Please advise.

  296. Hi, I’m trying to join this site. It asked me for pin validation and request for my mobile number, After sending my mobile, no text was received on my mobile number. Very annoying. Also, I can’t find any email address to contact your admin. The customer service number is also an invalid number. Please advise.

  297. I have been trying to subscribe but a prompt keeps telling me my card is declined. I have tried three cards, all with high limits and low balance and they have all been declined. What can you offer to solve this issue?

  298. I just subscribed to your free 30 day trial and have decided not to subscribe to it. Please take me off of this free 30 day trial immediately. I do not have an e-mail address that is working. What can you do to let me know to confirm that you have gotten this message. I do have a Facebook account if that will help confirm to me that I am off this site Facebook is under name of: Gloria Nichols Cantales. Thank you
    for your cooperation in this matter.

  299. zoosk took money from my account and I did not set up any automatic payment . I did not subscribe why do yoy take my£ 44.89p. pay it back to my account or I will take further action

  300. zoosk took money from my account I did not subscribe and I did not set up any automatic payment. PLEASE pay my money back.

  301. I have tried to delate my account since may I can not able to do it. You steal my money from my account on the 2nd September £44.98p, pay it back to my account I did not subscribe . You don’t have any phone number to contact you that stealing .

  302. Gentlemen

    Today Is the fourth day of October and I have NOT receive
    any form of notification,of my 3 previous e-mail contacts from
    your office.Yes…I have had pay my membership fees $ 74.50
    In form of a Bank Money order of the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA.
    I also have mailed this Bank money order In the form of a registered
    mail….Further more,I also Faxed you a copy of the said money order.
    As of to this date ( one month) passed and I,m not permited
    to be re established,as a PAID member. WHY?
    I,m waiting for a permission to be re entered as before ,a
    member of ZOOSK.

    I remaiin..

    Fred Erdos

  303. Yoo Hoo Zoosk! I’m not getting any more responses. Have you run out of my money. perhaps?
    Cheers Jackr WA Australia

  304. I was only subscribed for not even a full day, hoping I receive my money back. wasent a very good experience all because I have one leg so no ones was interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  305. I would like t cancel my membership to zoosk, I’ve only had it for a few days, but I realize it is not for me. I thought I was ready, but I am not.

  306. My account got hacked, and then blocked my account so I can’t even contact customary support. Please review. Please re-instate my account. Please advise.

  307. It is Nov 5th. I opened up a zoosk account on Nov 2nd. I cancelled on Nov 5th within the 3 day Wisconsin cancellation limit. Please credit my account the charge for subscription.

  308. I cancelled my subscription in December 2016 but you are still talking money from my account I would like it reimbursed please

  309. It has been awful trying to get rid of this site. It pops things up constantly. I was on once long enough for my sister and I to see if someone we knew was on there. We were curious. I have deactivated it but I want it gone. I will never activate it. They just send you all over the place and you never get deleted. I never had an app or anything. The mail that kept popping up has caused severe problem in my life and my future. It has to go.

  310. I kate Christy hate this site I rang to get my pin number the people weren’t nice further more I paid 25 pounds and still cant get logged into zoosk I have wasted 25 pounds they keii telling me to sucribe

  311. Yes, ya have closed my account, for no reason, would like a reason, and have my site restored, have not said anything wrong or bad to anyone on site, someone maybe made false statements about me, so they could get me kicked off, maybe ex-wife, don,t know? please let me know what happen, Thank you!

  312. I found someone and we are both very happy and I unsubscribed a little over a week ago and I want a refund from the subscription that was notified in time to not draft any money from my account. I’m not happy that i’m told I can only get back a little over 14 dollars out of over 29 taken out. So I will be sure to pass on what I think of the way your dating site works. sincerely Frances Ipock

  313. Hi, I’ve been trying for days to make myself a paying zoosk member but when I want to pay my membership with PayPal, I have to add a creditcard wich I don’t own or even have. This prevent’s me to continu the payment. I don’t have any other way to make myself a member so can somebody please help me out. I allready sent this problem the the costumer service of paypal

  314. When I joined Zoosk a couple of weeks ago I joined with the basic cost of £25.50 but when i checked my bank statement Zoosk has charged me £44.98 can you explain why I was charged 2x what I was told at joining. Please can you refund the overpayment to my bank.

  315. I would like to know how to delete an automatic introduction line for example when I send someone a heart….my automatic response says…..if you want to meet a real person (or something like) that…..I cannot find how to delete this.

    Also how do I delete some people I no longer want to see coming up time and time again as matches? Thank you.

  316. I emailed and also went to Twitter to cancelled Zoosk by email (last week) this week you bill my CC. I also did not have service for 3 days and attempted to contact Zoosk. No response. I will dispute the CC charges if not removed. This has to be fair

  317. If my CC is not credited I will dispute the charges. No response when I had no service yet I had service with others. I contacted you last week to CANCEL both by email and Twitter

  318. Hi Im a South African working away in Botswana but Zoosk won’t let me open and account what gives ?
    Why can’t I operate an account while Im working away

  319. when my wife pass a year ago I have bee spending a lot of time trying to stop site like yours. I found that I must ask to have you contact the bank and stop withdrawing any more money . The total each month $89.92. I would ask you to stop as of today date Dec,29 2017. I do not know if you treat seniors the same as other but I know that the government look at site such your with a question of how you get away with drawing money from seniors. All I ask is for you to rebate a month or two as that is when I unsubscribed. AT LEASE STOP TAKING MONEYS OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUT WUTH OUT AUTHORLITY

  320. I subscribed to Zoosk and see the charges on my bank account but every time I tried to send a email to a person I am asked to sign up again. I need help
    My name is Werner Sanders

  321. I am very sorry. I spent 45 years with one woman, and she passed. I thought I was ready to begin dating after 3 months—I’m not. I joined your site last night, and spoke with 2 women(both pleasant). However, I am not ready to date. Please refund my 6 month subscription, if possible.

    Joseph P Sipolo

  322. I want my money refunded immediately. You double charged me on 1/8/18 and the s8ght won’t let view or reply to messages. The message says that I need to subscribe. My Wells Fargo says this is a reoccurring payment and this is the second time this has happened to me. I want my subscription cancelled and remove the reoccurring payment. If you don’t respond a complaint will be going into consumer affairs. I see many similar complaints to mine on line. Please refund , cancel subscription, and reoccurring payment which I never authorized.

  323. Did some more research. Will be calling Amy Klobuchar’s office – The Minnesota Cunsumer Agency tomorrow if I call and don’t get an answer.

  324. I joined this site understanding I was paying £9.99 for a month imagine my horror when I checked my bank account and I was charged £59.94 this is disgusting and I think it is a scam .I have cancelled my subscription and I would like my money back as not only is the site not for me but I think it is a load of rubbish.If I do not receive my £59.94 back I will be getting in touch with watchdog

  325. I am not impressed as I had a male penis as a carousel. You guys need to lift your game if this is the standard you have reached. I need to be contacted asap

  326. Would you like me to put my grievance on facebook I re quire this situation to be resolved This not what I signed up for. Male penis as a carousel photo

  327. I am trying to log into my Zoosk account, I put it on pause and I want to go back into the account, but I am getting no luck. I have tried several times, I have even changes my password. What is wrong with you people. I have paid. If I do not get any response from you please return my money

  328. i joined zoosk a week ago …I have barely used the service,have had no conversations or dates but have been billed 200 pounds
    it is now impossible to contact anyone to find out why
    I would like a refund and to terminate my contract

  329. take me off your billing list haven’t used you scammer site for two months and never will. will be calling you in the morning you can bet that!!!

  330. I have had money taken from my account on 28th February for 180 coins. It is now 5th March and I have NOT used Zoosk at all in the meantime. My account shows that I have 30 coins so WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Incidentally you did NOT have any authority to take any money from my account. I want my money back and certainly I want my account closed and cancelled IMMEDIATELY.

  331. When I send a message to anyone, it says to validate my email. I have done it but the messages doesn’t go. It keeps saying to verify my email.

  332. I paid for 6 months, yet Zoosk keeps cutting me off telling me that I am not subscribed which is a big unethical, illegal rip off.

    I am subscribed until 4/28/18.

    Please stop doing this and allow me to use the site that I paid for.

    Must I seek legal counsel to get what I paid for?

    Cutting me off before my subscription expires has made me lose contact with people I was planning to meet.

    Do the right thing and run my profile until 4/18/18.

  333. You need to be aware that zooks dating site is being used for scams. There is a guy names James phone number 910-537-0008 that contacted me after several months. He is a scam artist that tried to use me for money scams. I have reported him to the police. This is the number in which he contacted me on. I have a picture that he sent but it is on my phone. Just thought you should know if you have any questions please contact me.

  334. there isnt a customer service ! i cant log in and it tells me it will send an email to the account displayed on screen and i never get any emails reset password email nothing and you cn only access customer service once you have logged into you account!!!!

  335. and you still the same photos over and over and over I don’t think I’ve yet to see anyone knew since I joined a couple of days ago or subscribed excuse me. Also where’s the unsubscribe button on your website don’t seem to have one of those either,

  336. i reactivated my account with zoosk thinking i had a message awaiting me and only to find out that the message had been deleted and now i being charged the full subscription amount…i am not happy..i would like my subscription amount to be refunded back to me..due to this unhappy experience i have already cancelled my account again

  337. I met a wonderful widower on zoosk after only 3 1/2 months of joining. I’m happy to say we are engaged to be married. Thank you!

  338. i have sent several messages about my attempt to renew my membership. i have been unable to do so.. i have yet to hear from zoosk on how i can renew. i’m don’t have very good computer skills and need help. it’s been more than 24 hrs. and have heard nothing from zoosk concerning this matter. i have messages to read and can’t. it’s frustrating.

  339. C’mon guys. Do you really need to steal people’s money to stay in business? I cancelled months ago. On two occasions. Stay out of my checking account! I don’t want to have to come up there and visit you.

  340. I am sick of wasting time trying to pause my account “until I come back” or deactivate it.
    I don’t want my profile appearing, nor do I want any messages until I decide whether I want to come back.
    I will begin marking all as spam and advise you have no authority to debit my bank account.

  341. I subsribe for only 1 month, zoosk deducted almost R1000 from my bank account. This site isn’t good, so many scammers, If I knew that, I would never joined Zoosk. All I want, is my money back. I subsribed 1 month, that they can keep, but the rest of my money, I want it back.

  342. I am really dissatisfied with zoosk I went where it was free for 30 days tried it 1 day was charged for a month am presently disputing charges praying you will find it in your hear to just refund my account. Also would be nice to have 24 hr chat with a rep. or a email address. thank you for your time and God Bless.

  343. not very good. I searched for a FREE service…not free to sign up or check but not get anywhere. I actually CAN’T get anywhere because even if someone has premium service that I can read their message, I keep getting a pop up to enter a photo, which I don’t have & that’s as far as I can get. I’m SURE I wouldn’t want to PAY if I can’t get anywhere. I did reply to several of the notices but never got an answer. Oh, I see this isn’t even going to Zoosk. I entered “contact Zoosk customer service email. Well, maybe you can forward it to have them send me an answer.

  344. I am not happy with the carosel….Im not going to say Im interested unless I read profile…looks arent everything …Im not here for sex…Im here to find a potential soulmate. If people want sex go to sex sites…..its very shallow to pick someone on looks…I wanted to say yes on some but didnt cause I couldnt read write up….please change this ……also on the people that are interested in me ,I cant click on their profile so cant say yes to them either…there isnt a search where u can put their name in either….wish u could fix these things…be nice if u can add te feature for free message to reply to feature members… thanks

  345. I am communicating with a gentalman his site show incorrect picture and story This is unfair to him me and whoever the other gentleman is

  346. I deactivated my account in May and deactivated by June 2. I was charged on June 2. When I looked back for confirmation all the emails are deleted. I would like a refund credited to my account. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    Denise Wool

  347. I am not able to get access to today.
    What is going on? I am a member and I pay for it every six months.
    Please help me to get access to HURRY UP!

  348. Was enjoying using zoosk , made loads of contacts, then suddenly access denied! No idea why . Can’t even contact customer service as that takes me straight back to access denied. Found 2 phone numbers, both continually unavailable. Anyone able to help?

  349. Your a bunch of robbing bastards.

    I want my money back

    I told you to cancel my subscription months ago.

    Now give me my £59.99 back you bunch of cunts

  350. For some reason I am unable to log in to Zoosk, have tried a dozen times in the last 24 hours but with no luck. I have tried through your official site, via facebook but still no luck !

  351. Hi, I met someone last night early morning today 22.07.18 we had 4 messages at 00.20. 00.21 00.37 00.41. before we said we would continue mid morning, I logged in at around 10.30 and I could not find her again, she left me an alternative email but I didn’t write it down, can you tell me if she finished the contact please ?and perhaps send me the alternative email details if not

  352. Good day

    Regarding issue Ref: #425788. I tried re running the pmt and still get declined message. This account gets used for on line purchases and has no issues and the information entered is checked and correct. There are no alternative pmt methods available on site exept credit/debit card options contrary to your email. Please advise as to a speedy resolution.


    H Sauer

  353. I cannot subcribe as i dont have a credit card and cannot pay with my debit card. I need the bank details for Zoosk

  354. I want to cancel my subscription but it won’t allow me to do it. DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT.

  355. I’m an old frenchman (85) and my bank is LA POSTE.
    Each month I note many deductions of 29.90 Euros (4 in june) for “LYAD.COM”.
    I don’t know why and the purpuse. I try to send a note by Email or phone for a final stop but I have no way to do it .
    What can I do ?
    Help me.
    Thank you ( and sorry for my bad English)

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  357. WHY have you taken £74.94 from my account when i cancelled before please return this back to my account , Rrgards Keith Arkless

  358. Please remove me from your site . Close me down . Email address , password , Picture and / profile etc. whatever is on there . Thank You

  359. Dear,

    I refer to my ex-partner mister Raymond Moré, Antwerp.
    With this message I kindly request you to delete, if he has a profile with you, to delete this. I met him from a parallel dating site, but that he abuses women on the same moment on different datingsites; more than one woman, abuse, violence.
    I inform you also, that I informed the police.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Els Sykora

  360. please remove my picture from your website i am not a member never was.. that is an old facebook picture please remove it. thank byou Mary Kanohokula

  361. There is a man using the profile PositivelyBrave that is a scammer and using pictures of someone else on his profile and sending them to people. I was able to locate the person and he does not live in Molino, FL as this person claims. I am sure this person would not be happy to know his pictures are being used on a dating website!!! This is why I have cancelled my membership. Too much of this going on!!!

  362. I’ve been trying to resuscribe to your service at zoosk for the last couple of days Nov 25 and today the 26th. Once I click on reactivate it goes to a circling heartand does not allow me to suscribe. Please advise

  363. an debit order went off my account, after I’ve unsubscribed myself.
    Please reverse ASAP!!!
    An amount of R517.37 was debited to my account on 26.11.2018.

    Ansie Pretorius

  364. Once they have your profile they will not remove it. Zoosk is the worst sort of spyware imbedded mess of pop up tricks to get more money from you after you have paid for a full “premium” subscription. STAY AWAY From Zoosk!

  365. I have tried several times to obtain the information re which credit/debit cards may be used for subscription purposes. I am using FNB ( First National Bank South Africa bank and only has these). Please assist.

  366. I Pearl Wilkie, subscribed to Zoosk yesterday the 6th January 2019 for a period of one month. The money has been taken from my account but I am still being asked to subscribe and I am unable to access this service which I subscribed to! I cannot contact anyone! Could you please advise as I am not prepared to pay for a service I am not receiving! Unfortunately you have the payment and I have no service!

  367. Duddenly my Zoosk page is “unavailable “ to me . Why? I have been free and open on my Iphone And I just renewed August 5 or 6!!!!!

  368. FOR ZOOSK
    I am a paid client of ZOOSK.I need to recover 2 drafts of notes that I was ready to send and the send button disappeared.Can you recover them and send them back to me ?The receiver was LUCK BE A LADY

  369. Con site, sells product then cuts it off without consent, and people reading emails are beyond incompetent to simply read it. Disputed an additional charge that wasnt listing in my billing page, and they just cut everything. Didnt have any reason to know there was an issue, so boosted double using paid for coins as well, that was just burnt money again.

  370. I was a member for two Month’ No longer a member since 7/12 20
    I was over charge a fee of 14.99.It says Recurring charge.after paying my 29.95.

  371. I was blocked and they said I had activity on my account and someone was using my account I did not do it I do not have a another email and want this to be fix I want this resolve

    Christina Ingram


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