Contact Zillow Customer Service

Contacting Zillow Customer Service Center

Contacting Zillow Customer Service Center

The goal of Zillow is to provide information and the applicable resources to customers to make better choices when purchasing or renting properties. The customer base consists of landlords, mortgage professionals, real estate agents, renters, sellers, homebuyers and homeowners. The company was founded in 2005 and has since grown into a vast real estate network.

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Contact Info:

Customers wanting to reach out to the customer service department can do so by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-866-324-4005
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-206-470-7000
  • Media Inquiries: 206-757-2701

Mailing Address

ZillowSeattle HeadquartersRussell Investment Center1301 Second Avenue, Floor 31Seattle, WA 98101


ZillowLincoln Office5960 S 57th StLincoln, NE 68516


ZillowOrange County Office2600 Michelson, Floor 12Irvine, CA 92612


Zillow San Francisco Office225 Bush St, 11th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94014


ZillowNew York Office315 Madison Ave, 19th FloorNew York, NY 10017

Official Website

When customers visit the official Zillow website, you can check homes for sale, for rent and foreclosures. The search function allows customers to search by address, neighborhood, city or zip code. There are currently more than 1 million properties to choose from on the website. Customers needing recommendations from professionals should visit the Real Estate Advice page for additional information.

Social Media

There were several active conversations on social media. Within minutes of posting questions, customers received messages from the customer service team.

Customer Service Email

The email addresses listed on the official website were in fact customer feedback forms. We utilized the form to ask about refunds after listing a house. The reason centers on customer testimonials online stating refunds were virtually impossible. We expect to receive a response from a representative within three business days.

Our Experience

Since there is no direct number for the customer service department, we had to reach out to the advertising department first. After waiting approximately three (3) minutes before a customer care agent answered the call, we connected with a live agent. The call went smooth and the agent answered all of our questions. We like the professionalism of the customer care team. The overall experience was perfect. When you contacted Zillow, were your concerns addressed and answered in a professional manner? We would love insight from customer just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us below.

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70 Comments on “Contact Zillow Customer Service
  1. foreclosure & auction was canceled on June 12, 2015.
    Please delete wrong information for our home from your record.
    I don’t want to show my house information to the public any more, please delete
    from your list.

    • Sirs: I have repeatedly asked Zillow and Trulia to remove my listing from your websites. The information is inaccurate,misleading and worst of all libelous
      to my personal wealth. Please send me a statement of the date on which this request is fulfilled.

  2. I have uploaded new photo’s of my listed home. I would like these new photo’s installed into my Zillow listing. It has been over a week since the new photo’s were installed.

  3. I updated my Zillow listing to include an increased size of my lot due to a city approved alley abandonment that increased my lot. After I did this Zillow reduced my homes value by $37,000!!!! WHY?
    MKy address is 1046 N. Branciforte Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062

  4. Hello, I am trying to put my house back on Zillow and wonder if you could help me. My address is 1253 Crystal Lake Circle, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451. It was listed with you previously and we have now reduced the price and would like to relist it. I was hoping to actually talk with someone. Is that possible? Thank you. Carol

  5. Incorrect posting of informatipn continues to cause financial repercussions. Tgeir sites hVe oncorrect square footage leading buyers away from the home. Thecrealtor has corrected they have not.

  6. I am shocked at what you have put on Zillow for a description of my home, which is for sale. That is not a description. It is a comment about your ineptness. Also, the comps you are using for your zestimate are a joke. None of those little pieces of junk are remotely similar to my home.

  7. I have the Zillow app to look for homes in Virginia for a future move. I live in Tennessee now so I get email of houses in TN and VA. How can I get rid of the TN emails. I deleted the app and redid it but it didn’t help ???

  8. Trying to search for home with pond. Put pond in keyword search. DOES NOT WORK……NO PONDS ON 25 RESULTS!!!!!! USELESS SEARCH!!!!!!

  9. Gentleman,
    I am Roger Friedman of St Louis missouri Stop sending 4 copies of the same offering , got it . In this,case , you
    Idiots are continuing to mail me offers for home,sales WHEN I am only looking for rental property ONLY..
    Now, if you keep this up I will. terminate my relationship with your firm permanently!

  10. I am the owner of record for the house located at 5827 Ludington, Houston 77035. I have fired Keller Williams/Ozzie Ramirez and they/he no longer represent me and the subject property. Please up the Zillow record so that I can make adjustments to the listing. Currently the listing is locked. This is my 3rd request!

    • at my proprety 5210 ira ave.brooklin oh. 44144 someone put ptivate information.”mother and son live in lower suite upper suite is for rent”.i want to take down this not true.

  11. Having problems with my listing by owner. It has been over 2 weeks!

    I was told to contact the agent that has my listing but there is no agent!!

    This is my private property and I want to list for rent without an agent.

  12. How does a home value plummet by 10k overnight. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve experienced in real estate. Please fix your zestimate and provide accurate information.

    • Zestimate has decreased my home value by $10400 in last thirty days with no reason given…plus the fact you have it $100000 under valued price…You are a customer killer…your stock should be $10 A share…PLEASE REMOVE LISTING IMMEDIATELY 58655 BELLEVIEW DR. PLAQUEMINE LOUISIANA 70764…Thanks for nothing you (AGAIN)CUSTOMER KILLERS

  13. My house appears on your Zillow Website. I would like to speak to the proper person that can do me the favor and take it off. My house is not for sale and I do not appreciate everyone seeing the floor plan of my house.
    Thank You

  14. I am a Real Estate agent with a listing on since July, 12 2017, the main picture advertised is the old picture, makes the property look deserted and doesn’t compare with other properties in the price range of 799,000. I have tried for weeks to edit and delete the picture, it seems as though there is success until you hit submit, a picture shows up “our server is down”. Engineers working on it.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SINCE JULY, My seller keeps calling me angry and frustrated that I can not fix this issue, the old house is horrible. I am going on Facebook to let the public know, how we are not in control of our own listing, the house looks horrible and being passed by, compared to others in our area.

    THIS BE FIXED. THIS IS A 790,000 HOUSE (just reduced today).

  15. My home is listed on Zillow as for sale by owner. My wife gave permission for this to occur but the problem is that her name is not on the deed to the house and has no right to do so.
    I wish that any reference to it being for sale by owner be removed from the record immediately. I want any reference that it was offer for sale previously.
    Failure to do so immediately will result in a law suit.
    I suggest that you check the registered owner before posting.

  16. Hi, I am no longer looking for a house. I turned off the notifications but I am still getting notifications. I also deleted the app. I the notifications stopped

  17. Our home is for sale in Hamilton MA. Zillow says it has 27 homes for sale but only show 13…not including ours. This has been going on for a number of days

  18. Please remove my e-mail address from your listing. I am no longer interested in real estate in Sarasota, FL.
    Thank you

  19. Hello,
    My name is Lesa Knight. I am an appraiser. You have a low
    Z- estimate per my home per Zillow. I do not appreciate it. I am getting ready to sell my house and and if there are ANY problems that arise because of the ridiculous z- estimate that you are providing per my home then you will be hearing from my attorney. I bought my house at a low price due to a stressed sale. However; my house appraised for $440.00, when I bought it. I know Zillow goes by sales prices. I see that every day as an appraiser.

  20. We were looking at Zillow recently and noticed false advertising. Zillow said our home was sold last year at a ridiculous price. We bought our home 10 years ago at 675k and are currently living here. Please correct this mistake immediately.
    Mike Wolf

  21. My wife and I purchased a home in January 2018 and was a for sale by owner. We closed on the home on January 25,2018 and the home still is showing up on Zillow and Trullia and we want the listing and pictures removed from the website. Who can assist me with getting this taken care of immediately for safety and privacy reasons? Help me with this please.

  22. We listed a condo for sale by owner three days ago. Zillow put the unit in the wrong location on their map. I have corrected the location by editing my post, but as soon as I complete that action, the Zillow program moves it back to the incorrect location.
    According to the comps in the the incorrect neighborhood my condo looks as though it is being sold at 1/3 the price of the comps. Needless to say, that makes my listing look like a fraud.
    I have been trying to contact Zillow ever since I listed it – two and three times a day – no response. And now their system will not let me remove my post either.

  23. I have made several attempts to get assistance with my ad with no luck.
    By phone and online.

    I posted my ad with 23 pictures last ad was up within two days
    but the pictures are not there…I can see them in the email you sent confirming my ad but they do not show on the listing.
    I get emails from you every day showing that my as is viewed but I need the pics showing otherwise it’s pointless.
    What do I need to do????????????????????????!


  24. I received an e-mail explaining new terms. I did not realize I was a customer. Please terminate any future services.

  25. We, Charles and Deanne May, submitted a listing to the best of our ability with pictures and an article on April 8, 2018 and still have not seen it on the website. We were contacted and shown a pic of the same home –but an old listing by the previous owner. We corrected the agent who then sent us a picture of a home in NJ—we are in Florida. Still it is 10 days later and still no listing in this our prime selling months.

  26. After I called their customer service number and the recording said, “Please leave your message and we will call you in five days.” Therefore, I went to their reviews and thank God I saw all the many negatives to make me go to For Sale By where I listed my home with no problems. Great customer service!

  27. once again my home on your site is far below value and doesnt even match the ‘Zestimates’ you send me in my email.

    Get it together Zillow.

  28. Please remove old price of $1995 showing over my pictures in my new ad which is now renting for $2100

  29. I’m hoping you can help me? I can’t get into my Zillow acct.. I have asked for my password to be sent to my email address but it won’t come through. I asked to set up another new account but it says my email address is in use. Help.

    Also how do I add a photo of my home? It’s down a private drive now home is shown.

    Thank you!!

  30. I updated my Zillow listing to include an completion of down stairs bathroom and size of garage. After I did this Zillow reduced my homes value by $50,000!!!! WHY? When I ask Why, via email, Zillow gave a canned response that does not explain why my house has dropped in value and my next door neighbors, in fact everyone in the zip code area homes have increased by 12%. Please no canned computer generated response.

  31. I completed the info to list my home on Zillow including photos, then received a verification phone call from a Zillow rep that was not helpful in resolving discrepancies in description info. I explained that I corrected what I could but did not have access to other fields where info was incorrect. She stated she did not have access either therefore “this home cannot be listed on Zillow”. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told none available. Great customer service! Waste of time.

  32. zillow is absolutely ridiculous. Somehow they think its ok to advertise their paid realtors right next to your listing with a huge section dedciated to “contact an agent” which then sends you to their company and they send out to agents who have paid them. meanwhile the listing agent is barely noticeable and if you dont pay zillow to be a member it shows you have zero sales, making their paid agents look much better. This is just plain shady and unprofessional and just another example on how corporations take over everything. the crmls does nothing to stop this which shows how impotent they are and beholden to corporations. It is illegal for a realtor to advertise someone else listing as their own but here is exaclty what Zillow is doing through manipulation. Horrible company and i want to know how to get my listings off your site?

  33. I own 3921 Nicklaus Place Carmichael, Ca 95608. The stated Zillow purchase of 454.5 K in August ,2017 is 100K lower than the actual sales price. Figure should read 545.5K.

  34. Hello, I listed a home for sale with Zillow about 3 days ago, and it still has not shown up. Would you please check into this? Thank you/

  35. 8219 Riding Ridge Place in McLean, Va is not correct on Zillow. The home picture is old & does not show the addition. A 1st floor master suite was added with walk-in closet & large tile bath. The kitchen was extended out so a large deck could be added between the kitchen and master bedroom. There is a 2nd master bedroom on the upper level. The basement is not partial as you say. It is a full walk-out basement backing to parkland. It is fully finished with a recreation room with bar, full bath & another finished room that could be a legal bedroom or game room or hobby room.

  36. I would like to communicate with a live person. So far I am unsuccessful. I am interested in Purchasing a home in or near Gainesville, Sherman, or Denison–all in Texas. 1–5 acres, no neighbors (totally secluded) $75,000 to $150,000. Minimum 1200 to 2000 square feet. Land partly suitable for garden.

  37. All I’m receiving is a voice mail. So aggravating, would like to speak to a real person about having my listing removed. We bought this house in June 2017. Why are the pictures of our home still on your website. I’d like all information about my home removed immediately. Thank You,
    100 Bedford Ct.
    DeLand, Fl. 32724
    Cell- 561-324-1763

  38. My family and I are looking to purchase or rent in Gilford NH so our son can attend a better school system before he enters High School. I cannot find any links that dont eventually lead me all over the US! Despite entering Gilford NH. ( Only) any help would be greatly appreciated regarding the most accurate place to start.


    Joan Mortillaro

  39. My name is Candy Bunker, I am a Real Estate agent. I have a land listing om Lindero Road, Pinon Hills for $100,000 in the MLS, Your company has reduced it to $15,500 on your website. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO DO THAT. I WANT IT REMOVED OR CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY. You are falsely advertising my listing for the incorrect price.

  40. Worst service ever! Our home along with three others have been listed with a local independent agent for nearly two months. Our broker has jumped through every hoop, filled out every form requested, talked with the local Board of Realtor rep for assistance, and paid the required fee to gain coverage of these properties. I have personally witnessed the emails from Zillow saying homes should be up in 24 hours. Two months later they still do not appear. What a disappointing service. The worst ever!

  41. In trying to search a certain town, New Braunfels, Texas. I put in exactly what I am looking for and especially that dogs are accepted. For over a year now,they send me every listing for a rental in this city. They do no go by my my price range, or the fact that I want 2-3 bedrooms in this city only and that accept pets. I find it quite annoying to receive $4000 rentals when I ask for $1400 and they are in other cities and they do not ACCEPT PETS. I would like someone to contact me, fix my requirements and only send me those listings. And only listings that accept pets. I see Zillow has a lot of unhappy customers. Oh and I am a licensed agent of 21 years! Please send me what I ask for ! Not every listing you have in the area.

  42. I would like to Unsubscribe all my accounts with consumer care @ zillow and Zillow Customer Service Center @ the following #’s
    Customer Service: 1-866-324-4005
    Corporate Headquarters: 1-206-470-7000
    Media Inquiries: 206-757-2701

    I would like to unsubscribe for all your services and any accounts I have with ZILLOW .
    This is Douglas Pearson @ 500 Redmont Lane Rio Vista CA 94571
    Cell# 925 997 0315
    You charge my bank account over $87.00 on 8 30 2018

  43. I listed my home on Monday and as of today (Friday) it still isn’t posted
    Wondering if there’s a problem on my end or yours.

  44. I listed my home on Monday sept3
    As of today(Friday sept7). It still isn’t posted. 2222 cherry lane in Northbrook ,I’ll. Wondering if there is a problem on my end or yours
    Thank you

  45. I had the most pleasant experience while dealing with Jenny(sp) and Shannon in trying to change the description of my home.

  46. Zillow, please delete the photo of the house at 95-329 Haakualiki Place, Mililani, Hawaii 96789. This is not my house. Someone, unknown uploaded the wrong photograph of the house at this location. If possible, can you tell me who was at fault. Thank You. I have sent several messages on this topic with no results. If the photo is not taken off your website, you may see a notice from me about false advertising from

  47. I keep trying to set bed rooms to 4
    price to 200,00 to 500,000

    you keep sending me 3 beed rooms and low prices.

    can you fix this

  48. Customer Service SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have tried twice to list my property and they call once and only once to verify my identity. These idiots expect me to sit by my phone for days and await their precious call. They finally called while I was away from home and left a VERY FAST call back number in a thick Indian accent. I could not understand what number to call back and had to return a call within 24 hours. WTF!!!! What good is this company??? Who services their customers this way? This is ridiculous!! This is a second try to list and verify and these people are inept. The management is inept if this is the kind of service they provide.

  49. I called the customer service number this morning to inquire about the delay in the approval of my listing for 105 Tree Top Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801. The number I called is 866-324-4005, and I got a recording “extension 8105 is out of the office”

  50. I posted a listing for rent on your site and your Rent Zestimate is way off base on my listing. There are 3 other listings in the area and none of the other Zestimates are below $7000 where mine says $4600. Can you please correct this? Otherwise I am going to have to take it down and list it elsewhere.

  51. I have request in to customer service to help me access my account an I can not sing in.

    It has been a month and I have yet to receive any assistance.

    Can I get help to access my account as I would like to post a rental listing.

    Best regards,

  52. I’m the owner of 7124 Hollywood Blvd #1, LA. ca
    You have the wrong building picture
    For this address on my listing

    Property shown is my neighbor

    Please correct

  53. Your service is horrible. cannot list lot/land for sale by owner. no such category on your site. wasted days trying to get this to work.

  54. I have been trying to re-list my home as “for sale by owner” for almost one month. Nothing has changed on my listing except a slightly lowered price, so this can’t be a “verification” problem. I just tried to re-list again and got the same response re: the 72 hour “verification” time. I hope this can be corrected!!! And my listing gets re-posted on UR site!

  55. To whom it may concern:
    I’m writing to cancel my subscription because I have found a place and I will not be needing your help anymore.

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