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Contacting Zellers Customer Service Center

Zellers is a mass merchant that operates in Canada. It appears that all stores are going out of business with most either in liquidation or closed by December 2012. There are still some locations open with weekly flyers being offered until the store’s final closing date.

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Contact Info:

Despite being in the middle of liquidation, customers can still contact Zellers customer service. Customer service issues are often concerned with no-return policies associated with store liquidation practices. The official website explains Zellers liquidation policies in detail.

Phone Contact Numbers

Zellers customer service is available from 8 AM to 12 AM Monday to Saturday and 10 AM to 9 PM Sunday ET.

  • Zellers Phone Number: 1-888-226-2225

If you need to get in touch with HBC Rewards or the privacy office, you can call between 7:30 AM and 9 AM Monday to Friday or between 8 AM and 6 PM Saturday ET.

  • HBC Rewards: 1-800-844-8131
  • Privacy: 1-866-225-8251

HBC Credit services are available from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • HBC Credit: 1-800-263-2599

Mailing Address

Letters addressed to Zellers are likely to be received for a short while after the stores have closed. If you have an issue to be addressed by mail, send your letter to:

Zellers Customer RelationsPO Box 4135Station AgincourtScarborough, OntarioM5W 3B7

Official Website

You can find the Zellers website online at The site no longer offers product or service information, but you can access your local store flyer from the site. Contact information is listed under the Contact Us link found at the bottom of the page.

Social Media

Despite going out of business, Zellers is still available on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There is a chance that these pages will be deleted once all stores have closed.

Customer Service Email

The Zellers customer service department processes emails through an online form. As is the case with all Zellers contact information, when the company closes this email form could be deleted along with the rest of the website.

Our Experience

When we called Zellers customer service we were asked to press 1 for English service. We tried to press 0 to skip the options, but the option list just restarted. Press 1 for pharmacy or 2 for other service. We pressed 2 and the call was transferred to a customer service representative. Our agent picked up the call almost immediately. She verified the company address, but she could not give us a precise date when all Zellers locations would be closed.

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