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Contacting Zara Customer Service Center

Zara is an international fashion company operating under the Inditex distributing company. As of December 2012, Inditex reported a 17% increase in sales so brands like Zara are clearly well received. The corporation behind Zara, and essentially Zara customer service, is based in Spain.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Zara customer service agents are available from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday. All hours are ET. There are two numbers for reaching a customer service agent. The first number is for online assistance and the second for assistance with store issues. Store issues are handled directly by the corporate office.

  • Zara Phone Number: 1-855-635-9272
  • Store Information: 1-212-355-1415

Mailing Address

Zara’s US office is located in New York. You can contact the US office with your customer concerns at:

Zara US OfficeAttn: Customer Service500 5th AveSte 400New York, NY 10110

If you have issues with a purchase you’ve made at Zara, do NOT include your credit card or financial information of any kind in your letter. Letters are NOT a secure form of communication.

Official Website

When we visited the official website at for Zara customer service, the page defaulted to Spanish. This is likely because Zara is owned by a Spanish company. We simply chose USA and English and clicked Go to move to a US-based website.

Social Media

We are a company that believes multiple contact options are important to consumers. Some consumers prefer calling and others writing letters, so companies have to offer at least a little of every option. The newest form of customer service contact is social media. Zara offers multiple contact pages.

Customer Service Email

Before social media came into the picture, emailing a customer service agent was the quickest way to resolution. You can still email Zara customer service at:

Our Experience

Zara customer service for online issues is operated by an automated system. You will hear a welcome message and then a ring before the call is picked up by a live agent. We were not given options to route the call and there was low call volume on the day we tested Zara customer service so our call was answered in less than 30 seconds. We asked the agent about several pieces of clothing – regarding fit and accuracy of the colors displayed online. She was helpful and didn’t push for personal information or an order.

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28 Comments on “Contact Zara Customer Service
  1. My wife and I spent a lovely afternoon in Valencia,Spain shopping on Colon Street. We stopped at a Zara store because of the window display. We asked to see a pair of shorts displayed in the window. None of the sales ladies knew what we wanted or so they said. I went to the window with one and she returned to the store, asked another sales lady and told me the shorts were old merchandise no longer carried in the store. We should have left then but did not. My wife found a top and we tried to buy it only to discover it was stained by someone’s make up. I declined to complete the sale but the people in the store said they could not cancel the transaction because no one knew how to do it and they person who did was not there and did not answer the phone when called. They tried calling three times. Then one sales person said they could bring an untainted blouse from another store nearby. We agreed. When she returned. A manager from the other store came to help. She said the other transaction was canceled and tried to rerun the card. the pos machine would no longer work. after ten minutes and our offer to leave or pay cash instead of credit the person from the other store said it would be best to pay cash which we did. We hope our card was not charged. In all we were waiting forty or fifty minutes to buy one top. Do you think we will ever want to shop Zara?

    • After many years of Shopping at your Zara stores and spending thousands of dollars both here in California and during our travels abroad, I am to say the least, extremely disappointed by your new policy and horrible customer service. I will be posting my thoughts across social media and will NO LONGER be shopping at your stores. One might say…who cares! You are only one person! But word of mouth and reputation is what makes for good business all the way around. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I made a purchase while in San Francisco. Two of the items (tags attached) needed to be returned and so I made my way over to the Arcadia Zara. There I learned that because I had lost my receipt they would not let me return the items or give me any store credit. I was told by the manager that there is now a new policy. Without a receipt, I could only exchange for a different size or color but it HAD to be the same item. Well the shoes I found were so uncomfortable….I DIDN’T WANT THEM AT ALL! And the same blouse was not at the Zara store in Arcadia. When I called customer service I was received with a very cold attitude. While I was sharing my story I heard someone laughing on the phone minimizing my complaint. Of course when questioned the representative denied that.
      Zara stores will ultimately lose customers whether they realize it or not. The world is an imperfect place and people DO lose receipts. Placing such an unreasonable policy in place is not only disrespectful to customers but it is telling us….WE DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T SHOP HERE AT ZARA. And so I won’t. But I will post this all over SOCIAL MEDIA. Even the cheapest stores such as Marshalls, Ross and others give you STORE CREDIT in case of a lost receipt.

  2. So this seems to be an ongoing problem of saying transactions are cancelled when the store person knows they are not. I was in the Atlanta Ga store in Perimeter Mall on July 10, 2013 and the same thing happened. Went to buy a pair of shoes. Ran my card and it didnt read it. Ended up having to run it 2 more times because it didnt “read” it. I stood there for over 45 minutes because my bank eventually blocked them trying to run the card. The bank also said “the transaction has already went through why ate they still running it.” I asked the sales person and she laughing said it hadnt. It would have printed a receipt.Of course we waited and she suggested trying it as debit. It workrd, and it also charged the first time like the bank said. I took my receipt and my bank statement showing the 2 transactions to the store manager and he contacted corporate along with my information. This next week the district manager was in the store and she emailed corporate. Ive STILL heard nothing about yhis $90 charge. Never again will I shop here and I will make sur I tell everybody I know yo do the same!!!

  3. taking care abour workers producing your brand textiles in developing countries

    I am not sure if I have found good – contact. I am writing regarding information how you care abour women producing clothes for your company in Cambodzia and others develop countries.

    I have one friend, who work on charity project in Cambodzia and she informed me about bad conditions of workers there (law salaries, any rights).

    Why you do not try to fullfilled ethic codex.

    Could you write me what you are doing in this area? Do you think that exploitation of cheap labor forces in developing countries is normal? This is not human!!! Why huge concerns do not care about people, just about their profit!!!

  4. I ordered several items from the website. I requested a return within the 30 day return allowance for two items, using the original packaging and the red security sticker that came with the original order. As I completed the online return request, it asked for my home address for a home pickup for the return. I thought, “how convenient!” The package sat on my front porch for a few days when I realized no one was coming to get it, so I took it to a UPS store and had it shipped. Zara has refused to give me a refund on the items and are not willing to make an exception even though their return process on their website is very unclear. Why ask for my address if you are not going to pick it up? I spoke with a customer service rep and a supervisor who both are unwilling to make an exception. The next step is to contact someone in SPAIN and complain to them. If this was a $30 purchase I wouldn’t make a fuss, but the two items I’m returning add up to $180. I am unbelievably dissatisfied with their service and their extremely short return window of 30 days.

  5. To whom it may concern,
    I r requiring a quick response to my complaint regarding the general manager (as he claimed to be) in Zara cairo festival city in Cairo – Egypt. As i had a very bad experience when i visited the store to buy some things. There was a problem with the credit card machines of the store in addition to dialling the second cashier from working for no reason which resulted into very long cues and customers’ frustration. The general manager of the store dealt with the problem of the visa with a very rude and unprofessional attitude to at least absorb our anger of what had happened. He said things like “you are not my customer” and “i will call the security of the mall for you so please leave” in front of the rest of the customers. This was the first time i witness or go through such an experience from a general manager working at a fine store like Zara.

  6. I will not even give one star for their customer service police. I am a royal customer since 2006, and love their clothes. But this time, I experienced bad service from them. I bought many of items during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year sales, and I found one of pants had not removed by store, the security sensor still attached. I called store request remove, and the manager asked me bring item with receipt. I brought all the receipts that I have, but they couldn’t found one match this pants, but they checked computer, see all my transactions. I thought they will remove the sensor for me since I am their customer. but he said, by company police, they have to remove it with receipt.
    it was their mistake forgot took it from my pants, why they makes customer feels that is my fault. Very unfair.

  7. I was at store in Maclean Tysons Corner last month 4/21 and I had terrible experience with one of your sales lady her name Sia I was about to pay by the register and I believe there was a problem with your system instead of explaining she was standing and telling me that I don’t know what I am doing that is very rude and idiot you don’t talk your customer like that at any circumstances and I just asked her is this the customer service she didn’t even care and the other thing makes me surprised there was a female supervisor next to her talking on the phone she didn’t even care to so I had to go the other register and asked to see the store manager at the time Jennifer which is a very pleasant woman she apologized .

  8. I really need an answer for this complain and i have rights that I should take from these mangers who misused their positions and raking the brand

  9. Dear Zara,

    I have been an avid shopper of your store for years. Today however, I left your store feeling as if I no longer want to support this establishment. My mother was kind enough to purchase a pair of shoes for me online and had them sent to my house. Once I received them I wore them the very next day (because they were extremely cute). When I wore them I ended up with blisters and decided I wanted to return them. I called customer service first to see if I was in fact able to return them since I had already worn them, I was told that I could and so I took them back to the store today. When I arrived I let the associate know off hand I didn’t really want a refund because I had already worn them but if possible a store credit, I also let him know I spoke to customer service and they said I was able to return them. He then proceeded to tell me with an attitude that maybe I needed to contact customer service again because they do not take online orders. I said ok no problem I’m just going by what I was told. He then contacts his manager and tells her that I wanted to return something that is already worn as if I was trying to do something in a fraud manner. She proceeds to say that today she can accommodate me but they don’t usually do online orders. Perfectly understandable. I told her again it’s not that I want a refund my feet got blisters from wearing them, she then follows up with ” well I haven’t heard any complaints from anyone else so please choose something you like because it will be final sale”. I have repeatedly said I didn’t want my money back and that I also like the shoes but they just did not work out. To have a manger tell me that she hasn’t heard any complaints from anyone else was in my view rude. I also work in retail and am also a manger. I would never make a customers complaint feel invalid because no one else had the same complaint. The manager and her associate were both unprofessional and in my opinion rude. My intentions were never to get my money back or even return worn merchandise if I hadn’t been told by customer service that it was alright to do so. This will be the last time I spend money in this store. I know everyday there are people who try to run frauds on stores and working at a large department store myself and in cosmetics at that I experience it first hand everyday. I however am not one of those people and was treated as if I were today. I do appreciate being able to exchange for something else but the attitude towards me was unnecessary.

  10. t shirts shrinking and losing shape with wash
    have been regularly purchasing t shirts from the palladium lower parel outlet in india and they are losing shape inspite of proper washing care even just with a single wash.staff doen not care and says that this will happen and can’t do anything about it.this is pathetic

  11. Is a province of Turkey, Kastamonu, I have lived too. Sweatpants Zara Istanbul 23.09.2015 a gift for my son from the store came.But the product was too small for my son’s body, and on my first day in the city I live in because there is a Zara store (29.10.2015) Ankara (Ankamall) Zara go to the store to exchange with the Board has expired a month’s time though because they said they can’t change . I requested help on this from the center of Istanbul and cheesy talk I don’t want to talk about the way a customer representative solid .After that, the dice of me and my witness for people who is done.World renowned Brand of customer satisfaction through the application of the loss is sad!

    Is a province of Turkey, Kastamonu, I have lived too. Sweatpants Zara Istanbul 23.09.2015 a gift for my son from the store came.But the product was too small for my son’s body, and on my first day in the city I live in because there is a Zara store (29.10.2015) Ankara (Ankamall) Zara go to the store to exchange with the Board has expired a month’s time though because they said they can’t change . I requested help on this from the center of Istanbul and cheesy talk I don’t want to talk about the way a customer representative solid .After that, the dice of me and my witness for people who is done.World renowned Brand of customer satisfaction through the application of the loss is sad!

  12. Is a province of Turkey, Kastamonu, I have lived too. Sweatpants Zara Istanbul 23.09.2015 a gift for my son from the store came.But the product was too small for my son’s body, and on my first day in the city I live in because there is a Zara store (29.10.2015) Ankara (Ankamall) Zara go to the store to exchange with the Board has expired a month’s time though because they said they can’t change . I requested help on this from the center of Istanbul and cheesy talk I don’t want to talk about the way a customer representative solid .After that, the dice of me and my witness for people who is done.World renowned Brand of customer satisfaction through the application of the loss is sad!

  13. Placed two separate orders yesterday and was charged for shipping on each. Called to have 1 shipping charge reversed, was told supervisor would call me back yesterday, No one did! Called back today 12/18 got rep. Joseph who refused to reverse 1 shipping charge..Explained my 2 grandchildren told me at different times what they wanted from Zara. Joseph refused to let me speak to a supervisior, was rude. If Zara cannot do a customer right by reversing 1 shipping fee, this is the last time I will ever purchase from Zara. I will also give this information to my son and daughter in law, who regularly shop at Zara for their 4 children. How unpleasant I was treated and yet in this the holiday spirit. Joseph was a true scrooge!!

  14. At the checkout payment the customer and the Palladium Shopping Centre Istinyepark the duration of 35 minutes.Admin around don’t.The cashier is always missing.Disgusting Customer Experience We are having.The cashier at this store sheep

  15. To Whom It May Concern,

    I was at Zara store on Michigan Ave in Chicago. Because the weather got dramatically changed, I needed a scarf. The store closes at 8pm and I was checking out around 7:30pm. Registrations on the 2nd floor were closed when there were employees standing around. I went to the first floor to check out, there are 4 computers and 4 employess, but only two people were working. One lady who seemed like a manager was just counting the money when there was full of a line. Of course, every other customer had issues with returning, exchanging or looking for the other shirt because the one they found was not clean. It was just taking so long and nobody seem to care. I do understand that there are duties, but having customers out of the store would be the first, rather than closing their bank. They could’ve apologized or appreciate for a long wait. Yet, there was no communications.

    Customer service was just an AWFUL. They were ignorant and not professional. I was not happy at all for shopping there. I would’ve left only if there was other store that were open.

    I would never go to the store again.

  16. on april 8, 2017 I was assisted on Chat by Natasha Not only did she not answer the question: twice but as I was trying to reply, she closed the chat. Was only on less than 1 minute. So I decided to call store directly but they never answered. Willowbrook Mall, NJ

    Also wanted to add that prices are much less in Europe than in the US

  17. I bought an item on line went to pick up the box at the store, and when I opened the box it was a child’s top, when I asked to speak to the manager to get a refund, she refused saying this was an online purchase and I needed to call customer service. There is no one available in customer service on weekends. When I tried on chat, Rodger the chat person wasn’t helpful at all. There needs to be a better system in place so that customers aren’t inconvenienced. I have spent thousands of dollars on line the least they can do is refund my money instead of giving me a run around.

  18. I bought 2 sweaters at store, after I back to home I realized they made mistake, the clerk mischaeged my sweaters. She chaerged twice. I paid more than what I supposed to pay. I felt so bad. And I didn’t have time go back to do refund.

  19. Customer service in the Zara Oshawa is awful. The sales persons are either blind or never acknowledge customers or ask if they can assist or help.. They are very rude especially the cashiers. They don’t even make eye contact with the customers. This happened to me twice in this store which is so unacceptable.

  20. Hey, just ordered from the web site and the summary looked as if the item was going to be sent to some store. I don’t understand. This order should be sent to my home address as other items have been. Can you check and see about getting order #561001184 straightened out for me? I have no idea how this happened and I was going to order a top to go with the item but now have had to put that on hold for me until this is resolved–and a business should be able to take care of this even on a weekend. Jeanne

  21. I ordered items on order 50038298657.
    When I opened the box to look at my items, one of my items (ribbed knit sweater) is ripped along the neck seam. I was disappointed that I received it in this condition. I called to get a return label, and was told I have to go back on line, go to the Chat and send a picture of the item. I travel for work and am extremely busy. I cannot believe I have to go through this process to return an item that came to me damaged. I shop quite a bit on line, buying things mostly from Saks, Nordstrom and Revolve. This is only my second time purchasing on line with Zara. I am very unhappy with my experience and relayed that to the customer service person on the phone. I probably will not shop on line at Zara again. I was unhappy with the quality of the sweater, and now I have to go through all these extra steps just to return it. I like ordering with Companies/Retailers that make the experience smooth and painless. I will not purchase through Zara again.
    Patricia Wise

  22. Dear Zara Customer Service

    My son bought some clothes for my grandson from the above store, unfortunately he didn’t like what had been bought for him, unfortunately my son I couldn’t fine the receipt so went back to the store to exchange them for something else and was told that this couldn’t be done?

    We understand that I wont be given a refund because there was no receipt.

    Is this your usual policy i.e. not to exchange?

    I look forward to hearing back from you

    Kind regards, Virginia Griffis

  23. My order no. 51562954740 for a ladies court was placed online at Zara outlet by a Zara sales officer at pentagon mall, Arlington, Virginia. When I reached home, after half an hour on the same day, I received an email from Zara that order has been cancelled but USD126 has been deducted from my account for the purchase. Please return my amount. Thanks

  24. I Used to love Zara, but after the extremely poor and uncaring Customer Service received for over the past two months, I am ready to contact my attorney. I have already told ALL my friends that you have a terrible company in terms of Customer Service and I’ve had it. My concern is around an order that I placed several weeks ago. This is the order number 51496814920. Unfortunately, the item was out of stock. To this date, I have NOT received my Refund. I’ve been told to check with my bank because they are holding the funds. That is a LIE, I even mailed you the bank transaction which visibly shows where ZARA took the funds. On my last Customer Service contact, I was told that I would be refunded my money within 48 hours. Of course nothing has happened. I have given you the benefit of the doubt through all of this mis-communications and nothing has been resolved.

  25. You company SUCKS!! I will be contacting my attorney for NOT Receiving my refund for an order that was out of stock! The order is 51496814920

    I am tired of talking to associates who promise me a refund within 48 hours an NOTHING Happens. NOW it’s time for me to take serious legal action.
    I a sick and tired of you and the way you make promises that are NEVER kept!!!

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