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Contacting Zappos Customer Service Center

Zappos is a shoe, clothing and accessory company known for fast shipping and handling and a one year return policy that allows customers to receive full credit for their purchase up to 365 days after the original purchase was received. While Zappos strives for great customer service, there are still times when customers need to get in contact with the company. This is where the Zappos customer service information comes in handy.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Zappos phone support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are even open on holidays so you can always talk to someone.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-927-7671

Mailing Address

Zappos does not list a customer service mailing address, but there is an address listed for the corporate office in Henderson, NV., Inc.2280 Corporate CircleHenderson, NV 89074

Official Website

You can shop everything from handbags to socks, shoes to t-shirts on the Zappos website located at Every time you place an order that order information is stored in your account. You can return that order for up to one year without having to worry about getting hassled by customer service. The flexible return policy does not mean you can purchase an item and then send in back a year later after you’ve worn it out. Zappos does have rules about the acceptable condition of items returned for credit.

Customer Service Email

You can email Zappos customer service at You can also choose to use the secure email form on the Zappos website. The term secure does not mean it is okay to send your financial information, like credit card numbers, via email. There is no reason to send a full credit card, debit card or bank account number to Zappos customer service.

Our Experience

The Zappos customer service line allows you to press 0 to speed up the customer service call. OUr call was answered by a representative in less than 40 seconds. The agent was happy and easy to understand. We asked if we purchased a pair of sports shoes nine months ago and they were never worn could be return them for a full credit even if the price was lower now than it was when we made our purchase. The customer service agent said we would receive credit in the amount we paid, not in the amount currently listed on the website.

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10 Comments on “Contact Zappos Customer Service
  1. I have been trying to order a dress from you and I cannot get through to you. My order is not going through by IPad nor by telephone. Don’t you want my order? I don’t know how to get any help here!

  2. I am writing to offer my praise for the person – Larlonnie – who just now helped me with a transaction. She was extremely helpful.And I mean extremely.

    If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Steven Rhoads

  3. i was thinking about a boot for my big size son. he is a 14 Ex wide. a review on it said the boot was not wide enOugh and had just EW WRITTEN ON IT. PERHAPS YOU CAN ENLIGHTEN ME. THIS PERSON MAY NOT HAVE HAD RIGHT INFO, AND MY SON IS IN NEED OF HIS HUGE BIGFOOT BOOTS , LOL.HIS FEET ARE VERY WIDE THOUGH.

  4. ANOTHER REASON I AM SPREADING THE WORD OF ZAPPOS WEBSITE!!!!ALLISON S. was my customer service contact and although I have been a member for years and praise your customer service, Allison S. went beyond any CS help I’ve had almost anywhere. She explained each step to help me change my Information.Beyond that, SHE MADE SURE THAT I LOGGED IN AGAIN TO MAKE SURE THE PROBLEM I WAS EXPERIENCING (for some time, and with other Customer Service reps.) WAS FINALLY FIXED! She could have hung up when she was done giving me the same info that others did, and I would have not blamed her. Since I feel like I should have figured it out myself,yet she wanted to BE SURE that she would solve this for me. Thank You Allison S. Please make sure she gets her credit due for this. Thankfully, Susan Marquis

  5. I was fortunate enough to speak to ALLISON S. in CS. She was exceptionally patient, polite and THE most helpful. She made sure my change of information was updated by having me sign in, out , and in again so there would be no further complications. She could have just hung up and left it to me, and I would have had to call back. I have been a happy customer of Zappos for years.Because of Allison S., I will have even more reason spread the excellence of the Zappos website!!!

  6. i’m not computer savvy. almost 3 years ago a friend helped me order shoes thru zappos. i wanted to reorder the same shoe, but teva doesn’t make it any more. rebecca k. helped me out. she was soooo good! seriously, she was the best!
    i don’t write comments like this, but rebecca inspired me.
    can you tell her thanks again from me?

  7. Have been negligent in writing a review on the service received from Zappos’ members. It has always been stellar! The latest is Andrew’s help in ordering shoes this morning. My experience is that customer service has been pleasant, patient, friendly, efficient and helpful. Zappos’ choices, service and return policy have me recommending Zappos to others.

  8. I have been trying to get through via phone contact to ask a question about
    chids shoe size which measures 5.5″ L X 2.5 W what size would convert to
    these foot measurments?

  9. I am extremely pleased with the services provided by Steve W. I called requesting a discount code for a Mothers’ Day purchase, and not only did I receive a discount but Steve W also placed the order for me and added a complimentary next day air delivery. Everything transpired as promised, and I received the shoes the next day. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Steve W was very courteous, very helpful, and spot on with accurately placing my order.
    Mrs. J McClain

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