Contact YouTube Customer Service

Contacting YouTube Customer Service Center

When you want to watch the latest funny video or that fall on the stage during your favorite dance contest you visit YouTube. YouTube is a user-guided platform that allows account holders to upload videos. If the user earns enough views, YouTube may extend the opportunity to place ads on existing and new videos to earn revenue. YouTube customer service contacts are limited because using the service is free and free means there is no money to pay for a customer service team. If you’re having trouble with your account there is a detailed customer support page where common questions are answered.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no customer service phone number for YouTube users, but the main phone number for YouTube corporate is available.

  • YouTube Corporate: 1-650-253-0000
  • Fax: 1-650-253-0001
  • Advertising: 1-866-2GOOGLE

Mailing Address

If you feel the need to put a pen to paper and write YouTube a letter, whether good or bad, you can contact the corporate offices by writing to:

YouTube, LLC901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066

Official Website

Partners, customers, viewers and account holders all use the same main address to access YouTube at From the main page you can search for new and existing videos, but you can also watch featured and popular videos. If you find a video you love you can share it across social media and even embed the video in a blog or website.

Customer Service Email

There is a help page and a Google expert forum!forum/youtube, but there is no dedicated email address customers can use to contact a representative for account help. There has to be a behind the scenes phone number and contact email because YouTube allows some users to generate income from uploaded videos and that sparks a need for customer service contact and account help.

YouTube claims there are contact us forms on certain topic pages. After searching for more than 20 minutes we managed to find ONE contact us page for Audio/Visual Issues. We searched for more pages and had a little luck.

Our Experience

We called the YouTube office number listed for the corporate headquarters. The phone number actually takes you to Google, not YouTube. YouTube is a Google property. We were given several options, but we chose 5 for customer service. None of the options pertained to YouTube at all and when the automated system asked us to press 3 for other options we were told to visit the customer help website.

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120 Comments on “Contact YouTube Customer Service
  1. Hello ( Google reff # 1130300877 )
    Ever since Oct 3rd, i’ve been prevented from operating my
    i cannot access it. Reason being, i removed my other channel i had started at the same time ,( March 15th 2012 ), both channels are under and i guess that is why i am experiencing this crisis.
    i have written to U tube support many times, filled questionaires, waited for the phone call they promised, but noting happened.., why am i doomed because of an honest mistake ?.., i put so much effort and energy into making the content i uploaded onto my U Tube page, am needing to upload more vids, but cannot acsess.. pleas put me to any test you will and take the curse off, Please help.. Thank you
    Mickey Shaviv 972 52 888 0066

    • Since yesterday (aug 28-14)I can not write comments on youtube videos neither reply to comments made on my previous comments.
      Is it (like I have seen posted )because of zionist censorship,because one of these replied to my comments this way:”how can you criticize Zionists on JEWTUBE?”

  2. Hello ( Google reff # 1130300877 )
    Ever since Oct 3rd, i’ve been prevented from operating my.
    i cannot access it. Reason being, i removed my other channel i had started at the same time, , ( March 15th 2012 ), both channels are under my , and i guess that is why i am experiencing this crisis.
    i have written to U tube support many times since, filled questionaires, waited for the phone call they promised, but noting happened.., why am i doomed because of an honest mistake ?.., i put so much effort and energy into making the content i uploaded onto my U Tube channel – My live Blues shows.. ),I am needing to upload more vids, but cannot acsess it.. pleas put me to any test you will and take the curse off, Please help.. Thank you
    Mickey Shaviv 972 52 888 0066

    • Call the ombudsman its the only way to make anything happen, its false advertising they believe they can charge people what they like and no one has the rite to question them, if you look at optus zoo web site they are still advertising youtube to be unmetered free of charge, yet optus claims its youtube and has nothing to do with them. truth is its its both of them optus owns the web site the advertisments on and you tube has no set policy that a customer can go by. so when it comes to charges and down loads your on your own. Your not the only one thousands get ripped off daily and the only response youll get is if you dont like it dont use it.

  3. Youtube is a complete mess. They do not store passwords properly and tell me that my password has changed right after I changed it. So, it is somehow storing an incorrect password. I don’t think anyone hijacked my account info.

    Are there alternatives out there that actually want to ocassioanlly allow contact users rather than hiding like little peons behind a computer monitor?

  4. Am contacting to request information about youtube charges, when an certain optus customers use you tube they are charged 10 dollars per minute for viewing youtube videos yet other services offer youtube for free, after several arguments with optus i raised this issue to my solicitor who asked me to request youtube customer care for a terms and conditions policy and charges statement and if youtube is aware of the charges being imposed on customers who use youtube before contacting consumer affairs but wouldnt you know it youtube has no customer service is there any way i can get a copy of you tubes charge statements and policy or is youtube operating under a free to charge as they like policy?

  5. my account just keeps bringing me to and it says save and it wont save this is very bad because i have a contest going on and need to give my prizes away to the winners. I cannot send messages comments upload a video or even get into anything besides /account i need this to be fixed as soon as possible its very important

  6. Hello!
    I Am Anmol Maheshwari. I Have A Very Samll Account With Almost 15 Video And Nearly 10-12 Subscribers. But I Have Created A Session And Clan Of 150 Videos And I Wanted To Upload Them!
    My Question Is About Monetization. Right Now When I Open YouTube Analytics I Find i have 0.60$ And When I Find I See that The Total Money Is Only For One Video Which has 110 Views And that Video is Even Not Monetized! I Have Many Other Videos Which have 500+ Views But I Still Dont get A Penny And They Are even Monetized. So At What Basis Do We users Earn money?

    I Have Worked For years In my upcoming Session Video Which Are 150+ And I Want To Monetize Them And i f You Can Tell me How Much Will i Earn(I Know Your Cant Tell me But You Can Tell me On What basis I Will Earn) Than i Would Be Very Thankful Of Yours!

    Anmol Maheshwari (theanmol174—-Youtube)

    • If you think you’ll get rich quick off YouTube…I wish you good luck ,I earned a whopping $3.88 over a three year period WOW!(I still have not received it!) People in general detest the ads prior to a video ,so if you want to risk losing viewers from that…knock your self out!

      • But… Stu, getting money out of your videos will have to do with what? A certain number of views? How many? I understand that you also have to allow some publicity in your channel/videos, right? Again, there are some software available, such as ADBlock, that will keep PUB out of your navigation (well, I’m not getting any commercials at all so I think it works).
        Anything at all you can tell me will be much appreciated.

  7. The bottom line ,you can not get to talk to a YouTube person period!
    There is no customer service ,there is no people governing YouTube… it’s no wonder they are a fail waiting to happen.

  8. Honored You Tube Staff/Administrators

    I wouldlike to ask you kindly to delete the photo slide show published on your side on the 12th or 13th June 2013 by unknown person, under the name of my daughter Fazile Gerbeshi;
    This slide show is directed against my family, my personal dignity and reputation of other relatives
    I need your quick help as I don`t know any other way how to contact you!
    Please help me; this request is not to be published as I am not commenting anything but asking for your help.

    Thanks for your support!

  9. I tried contacting youtube about many scam on youtube that user are putting up about paypal money hack it a program built to steel your paypal email and password to gain controll of your account there is hundred of video about this they hack my account in paypal so I call pay pal and they refunded the 847.00 paypal also told me many account had been hack they are working on the problem… stay away from video on paypal money hack /money adder

  10. dear youtube iam wondering how do you get a video on youtube for example i use to see alot of old redskins games from 1982 and 1983 and other years from there winning years and you just show 9:14 sec.of there superbowl game against the dolphins and only 6 mins and 50 secs of the nfc championship game against the cowboys you showed the whole game of other superbowl and championship games.i thought if you google a game you get the whole game what seem the problem tell me.

  11. I guess I’m just another user trying to find a way of getting in touch with SOMEONE – not a machine or some kind of service that doesn’t take you anywhere.
    I’m a Dj so, in terms of YouTube, my work is to record and upload Dj sets. A few days ago, YouTube “silenced” one track. Just ONE bloody track but, HEY… I can find this song on a lot of other YouTube accounts and the funny thing is: these users all say the same thing: I have no legal right to upload this song… but THEY DID and YouTube did NOT remove it. Am I just unlucky? What can I do? Have you people imagine what it is to have 5 minutes of a Dj Set with NO Sound? Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

  12. I call and call all hrs during the day they never ever have phone support UV been locked out of my account for over 5 weeks now i need help can anyone give me a number for them and the reset password never sends a email you would think that squirrel have live talk support

  13. My father is unable to access youtube but I am. He don’t have a virus in his computer and was hoping you could provide an 800 number for people to call when/if they have trouble accessing their youtube account.

    Waiting for reply,

  14. 9/8/13 as of 1:00 pm today Ive been on the phone and live support trying to no end , that the problem is with youtube not Fios internet , they tried everything, they state that its on your end . If by any chance you can help , I would greatly appericate it . The problem is that it starts to buffer after only playing a video for least than 3 seconds or not at all , this has been going on for over 48 hours now . Please help , thank you .

  15. I am no longer subscribing to YouTube. I am offended by some of the videos that have been placed on the What to Watch category. I feel that what I choose to watch is my business, not kept track of so they can “recommend” what they “think” I wish to view. I’m sure that they have kept track of the fact that I did preview a couple of the videos they recommended. Very convincing as to my decision.

  16. listen i got permission from nintendo to upload their music content plus i am not stealing their music at all i just teaching people how to get through guide i like my friends on youtube just because they upload video games they don’t need copyright notcice at all i sorry i draw the line off you guys i just don’t want to be upset that all

  17. Youtube is getting worse and worse. There are so many issues with the video not being played. It just gets stuck. Nothing happens. Besides needless to say it gets corrupt at any time.

  18. I can get you tube on my laptop. But since I updated to ios 7 ony iphone 5, i can’t play you tube video’s at all on it. I can play other video’s but not you tube. I can’t sign in. I even changed my password but it won’t let me select my you tube user to login. I have tried everything for over a month and still can’t reach customer service to fix this issue. Normally anybody can play their video’s without even having an account with them, but I can’t even fo that!!’ Not sure what to do now! When i type in how to fix an issue on mu searchbar it tells me to go to you tube and watch s video that tells you how…!?! Help you tube!!!!???

  19. I dont need a email you know it. I tryed to put my old account on my new computer an you say my password an user name does not mach if I did it I should know what I put you like being in control so I pray GOD to take your money and you become poor you hate free people so you just trying to be there god and rub there nose in big money making company

  20. Boy oh boy. If you people were ever on the “user end” of your site, you’d know you haven’t covered all the bases. Google/Yahoo has horrible customer service. PERIOD.

  21. I am listenting to a series of Lecrae (Christian rap artist) music videos and for the intro of almost all the songs is a comercial for Bud Light with a woman that has profanity written on her shirt. Yes, I understand the need for advertisement to keep the site free, but if I’m showing a video to a youth group I really do not want to be advertising alcohol or showing profanity. Huge dissappointment. Pick your audience. Its bad enough I have to see that on TV, but its uncalled for looking up christian videos.

  22. to whom it may concern ,I forgot my user name and password and cant get a message on my phone because your symtem has my old phone number and it wont allow my to put my new number so I can change my password, and your system wont allow me to open a new account under the email I have ,please help me ,thank GOD bless u .

  23. I like most of you have tried to contact Youtube. and just like everyone else, I had no luck. myself i feel this is a poor, poor way to operate a business. I can see them wanting people to use self help. It has helped me in the past. But at the same time, there is things that the self help cant take care of. When that happens, they should make them self available to help their customers. They can try to use the excuses they have two many customers. But I don’t think that is a good excuse at all. I honestly believe what Youtube’s problem is. They are to greedy, they can pocket what it cost to have customer service. If you would look around were you live. You will find business that believes the same thing.

  24. After several months now, they still haven’t gotten the Fullscreen glitch fixed. What the gives??????? Widescreen only works part of the time.

  25. I love you tube i told mi friends we can make
    money being on you tube, we can poors, pay
    for collge, help our family, and get car, house
    , and also the bills

  26. I’m desperate to get my problem resolved after number of attempts to contact strange thing called ‘help center’.
    I would like to delete my youtube account and associated gmail account (also Google+ if there is any). I did not use them for few years but I got email about my email account is disabled. I requested to delete all these things completely because I cannot do it by myself but every time I wrote them the system goes witch circle recognizing my email as appeal unless I just want to delete the staff that ‘violates their community rules’ or what ever or is. Also I do not want to hear from them anymore.

  27. I despise Google! They have utterly RUINED Youtube. I have sent feedback 1,000 times and they *NEVER* not once ever got back to me. Instead, they just disabled my account for no legit reason whatsoever.

    I had to create another account – what did they do? They disabled that one too.

  28. I just found out on how to make money on youtube.i’m gonna put a couple of does it works show me.will i know on my g mail account how much money will i get.will they mail it to me will they send it by my saving account.thank you.

  29. i have a video with me and my dogs in it, and also a song video.can i still make money using the song and not the video or can i still make money both the song and video or no money with song and video.the video song is all already on youtube.let me know.thank you.

  30. Youtube on my windows phone was doing fine until some one got greedy . Now I pick a video and an ad plays but will not play the video I picked. Its so bad I quit watching. YOU WANT THE AD TO PLAY MORE THAN THE VIDEO I PICKED SO NOW I CAN’T WATCH ANYTHING SINCE gOOGLE TOOK OVER , SO NOW YOU ARE A FLOP, MESSED UP ,DON’T CARE AND JUST TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO HANDLE.


  32. I have a project in imovie that I want to put on youtube that’s over 15 minutes …. How could I possibly put the video on youtube that is over 15 minutes

  33. Admin good day! I just wondering that you can help me to delete my video recording from web cam.Which is boblonikko’s QuickCapture Video. I’m trying to delete but it can’t exist that videos if I can click the Video Manager. Can you please help me to delete that. thank you so much for help.

  34. I have three Samsung blu ray player and two has wireless adapter 5700 model and I can,t go back play my movies in history when I done streaming movies error keep coming up (you been disconnected from the server) try again later. but older player I can go back play my history, help me please

  35. You tube will no longer allow me to pull up my account even when changing passwords to see if that would help.I’ll begin checking around to see if this is a chronic problem or just me?

  36. Im having problems loggin in to my youtube & google account I know my id and my password I put them both in three deferent secure places. please help ive tried everything they told me to do write back please asap





  38. We appreciate the hard work you put into building your channel. To thank you for signing up to the partner program, we decided to give you a one-time bonus based on a number of factors, including your videos and engagement prior to linking a Google AdSense account. Your bonus has already been added to your total earnings, and we look forward to your continued success as a YouTube partner

  39. Wed 15 Oct 2014

    I have been a great fan and user of Youtube for several years. At present I have three separate playlists(numbered 1,2 and 3 )
    which add up to a total of approximately 5300 music videos and I
    continue to add more videos to my playlists almost on a daily basis.However,Youtube has not been working normally for the last 2 days,that is,when you choose an artist it gives you the list of songs of that artist but only the first 3 or 4 videos have an image. From then on the songs have their title but no image.And the navigation process is not working properly either. For example,after you have seen page 1,you click on page 2 and it does not take you to the top of page 2,it just leaves you at the bottom of that page.Moreover, when you add a new video to your list,the total number of videos remains the same,it does not increase by the one added video.Finally,when you are scrolling through a list of songs,you choose a particular one,you listen to it and when you finish and close that song,it takes you back to the top of the list and not to the video you have just listened to,as it used to do before.And one last comment, when a playlist is displayed,if there are ” deleted ” videos on that playlist ,it does not tell you or notify you. This involves a tedious and time taking task of checking page by page for deleted videos and if the playlist you are checking has 2000 videos,you can well imagine the length of time the checking process involves.With all due respect and as a long-time and loyal customer,I hope and trust you will be good enough to correct the problems I have previously described.
    Thank you very much.

  40. I am DEEPLY offended and sickened at the proliferation of ads promoting Sharia Finance (home loans) that are included with the videos, recently. I DON’T like it, and Youtube should be ashamed to sell out that way.

  41. I am so tired of trying to get my videos from my tablet no help from phone number do you care about us? Your help tips are no help

  42. Since there is no e-mail address for customer service or for the owners of youtube I will try this. The developers should develope a youtube site that is safer for the young ones. I am talking about those under 13. My grand daughter uses youtube and I have seen some of what comes up when she searches for age appropriate things and they are not good. This would need to be monitored and possibly make it a monthly subscription that allows parents to set controls but it could be done.

  43. The music I used to see is gone. Even k pop is disappearing. I have no interest in cat videos, or teens falling off skateboards (the bulk of your content). I want to scan music.
    You tube has fallen on dark days. Horrible management.>>slimy lawyers controlling content. You tube is going to fail.

  44. I did ordered the movie name “the interview” through you tube. My smart tv unable to retrieve and I could not see watch it. I tried to watch it with laptop computer and asked me to pay again. How I can watch the movie without paying again? Thank you for your inadvance help.


  46. I have had a youtube account since 2010, the username is xxkairixsoraxx , but I made it before the transition to google emails to login. I did not have a email to transfer over, and therefor have been locked out of the account for 3 years. If someone could email me with help on how to get back into my account I would greatly appreciate it. Its the least this company can do for the fail of changing things. They were good how they were.

  47. I tried my level best to get connected to you but failed hence this. I have an account for my google email & with same account I can singn in the Youtube. But while downloading from Youtube, I have been asked to log in & provide the password for Youtube Account which I have completely forgotten. When I provide user ID & Password of my google account, I am getting a message that “you cannot download with this account. Make sure that your account can access this video”. I am trying to create new account but in vain. Please advice me as to how can I re-gain my lost youtube account??


  48. Hi Sir

    I like to give an ads in you tube,The ads is biscuits for school children from the age of 4 to 12. It is a 30 minutes ads, i want to known the cost of indian rupees. please reply as soon as possible and also explain now to give ads in you yube

    Thanking you

  49. I can’t play videos when I try it comes up invaild source? Can u please tell me why it’s doing all of a sudden I never had that problem before? Thank U

  50. sir my youtube channal name tarlok kumar ragsoni and my help you my youtube channal attech my bank account and my make money transfer my bank account …………..

  51. Ever since June I have been having trouble getting my videos uploaded to my you tube channel. So far every effort to get it fixed has failed. Last week I scent an e-mail to you tube with no one getting back to me. Monday I scent off a letter to you tube hoping for someone to get back to me. I will also try to call them, and send them a fax to see will that work. Because of all of this, I have lost my family, and I am about to loose my house. And if that happens, I will hold You Tube personally responsible. So to You Tube: PLEASE FIX THIS MESS!!!!!

  52. Movies,videos freezing is terrible when are yall going to fix that problem can’t watch the great movies that’s being played..fix please!!!!!!

  53. I have been having problems with my channel ” alaska motorhome ”
    up until a few months ago ,it was working fine ,video’s were monetized
    then suddenly I couldn’t monetize ,kept saying server error
    After about 50 different emails , and thousands of views down the drain
    I haven’t got any where towards getting this resolved
    you tube told me they know about the problem ( but going on 2-3 months
    It’s a shame because I count on this little bit of money to live on
    Now when I contact youtube they tell me I just need to hit the monetize button ,
    But that doesnt work ,,,,HELP PLEASE

  54. help… youtube used play volume sounds and selections like the TELEVISION audio…now it seems to be SET at ONE LEVEL
    and I can’t enjoy BASS soundings or enjoy like Phamtom of the OPERA with SARAH BRIGHTMAN and Antonio…….the guy gets going on the organ and it is much more enjoyable at a different volume…
    or Katine Lily of the Valley old school daystar
    or Elton JOHN …..or Larry GATLIN

    one volume is all there is please let me know
    what you think it might be and if YOUR youtube performs
    the same way? It used to perform excellently
    and I was able to increase the volume with the volume
    slide on the screen —–also there is a mute selection on the
    lower left of the video…

    Help ….Signed: Music lover ……


    • Iam residing in tamilnadu state,india.Now I would like to know the cell number of YOU TUBE CHANNEL in which the tamil programme ANTHARANGAM is screened through ITV.Asuch you may inform me either yoiutube or itv antharangam cell number at your earliest.

      An early response will be highly appreciated.

      yours truely,

  56. Iam residing in tamilnadu state, INDIA. Now I want to know the cell number/or contact number of ITV CHANNEL in which the programme ANTHARANGAM is going on. Actually I want to know the cell number of ITV/ANTHARANGAM CELL NUMBER. Kindly do the needful.

    An early response will be highly appreciated’

    Yours truely


  57. Help me!

    I give up, I am aware of the futility of trying to keep my school age children away from the website despite the fact that there are some good content and usage.

    (1) I read this remark on your page:
    When you want to watch the latest funny video or that fall on the stage during your favorite dance contest you visit YouTube. YouTube is a user-guided platform that allows account holders to upload videos. If the user earns enough views, YouTube may extend the opportunity to place ads on existing and new videos to earn revenue.

    (2) Then this BUT about “free” means limited staff –
    YouTube customer service contacts are limited because using the service is free and free means there is no money to pay for a customer service team. If you’re having trouble with your account there is a detailed customer support page where common questions are answered.

    (3) Why I need help –
    The ability for any kid to make and upload a video is highly attractive to kids. What drive’s me nuts is the argument I get from my children about school and homework because they don’t need to know how to spell or write in order to become a video hit! Can you add a reward or demerit system for a user with who has poor communication skills despite creative and marketable content. Or have Kid advertising discussing the merits of scholastic based skills.

  58. Hi, I have tried searching for my channel via someone elses account and can’t seem to find it. My channel is laurabblog, I have international subscribers so I don’t understand why I can’t find myself now? Please help as this may be limiting my subscriber reach. Thank you in advance. Laura.

  59. This is a serious email regarding YouTube content and the effect and influence it has. YouTube is full of disgusting negative pedofilic videos..followed by pedophiles worldwide. The millions of comments which are vile remain and are never taken away, users are not blocked …. videos are not made private …. this has a world wide influence on all people including children. I represent a large number of people who have decided to take this to the public and will be going to everynewpapernd media outlet throughout the world. We will be getting the government involved and specialist teams. I we are letting you know that you can start now by making the relevant changes but have no doubt that are going to bring this to the attention of everyone.

  60. I would like to file a complain about videos on here YouTube.people are putting video of there love ones like there kids that there at the the doctor office getting there vaccine shot there scared.then they turn around and posting on YouTube it is really offensive its not showing respect to the kids and those that afraid of needle there love ones thank it’s funny that there kid or adults afraid of of needles first of all some doctor and nurses and parent don’t know how to handle kids without scareing them kids force and held down I would like to talk to someone there you contact me

  61. I want to file complaint there stuff on YouTube that shouldn’t be on here like videos I want to talk to someone there my number is 574-727-4421

  62. I don’t want yo call,but feel bad under two videos of Prince stuff hit accidently report as Spam & they are gone. Please restore them. Poor folks it was nice comments. Accidental cell small keys no matter what if bigger cell screw & also having issues can’t reply or hit like on some it gives me blank after says saved message plus a exclamation point. One spam hit was under Damaris video if radio call woke up Prince hilarious,but poor guy she was annoying. He said they are all drink ir if she had coffee. Lol.

  63. I have a YouTube account under 59whokidd that I can not access to and having a very hard time retrieving the password and was wondering if you could help

  64. Kind of wondering why, when I checked my settings on YouTube that my location popped up as worldwide. Since I don’t belong to this world, I scrolled down looking for America and shrugged it off when it wasn’t there. I figured great, now I have to scroll all the way down to U, for the United States of America. Got to U and guess what… it wasn’t there. Wth??? Maybe I should scroll for abomination… or even better obamanation. Someone else lose America location???

  65. I believe I signed up for a free month YouTube trial but dobnot wish to continue. I hope you answervthis as i will have to cancel through my bank otherwise . Thanks, laurie

  66. I was scared last night from these idiots who can’t post anything better then stupid scary videos they put on I cannot sleep because of what they have done to me. Now these ignorant fools will be kicked off due to their unhalloween videos

  67. your policy to demonetize my channel and other news and opinion channels is terrible. you are despotic cowards who have done nothing but use your political and economic power to silence and censor voices in America. Those voices have MILLIONS of appreciative listeners who decided if THEY like the news and views they hear. Now YOU and YOUTUBE have decided what people get to hear, as well as financially hurt those who spend hours a day researching and producing content, and need their funding sources for that purpose.

    You also removed FAN FUNDING prior to this take down of both search visibility and demonitizing so that many channels had to scramble then start telling their fans how to use alternate funding techniques.

    YOUTUBE knows precisely what it does, and WHY it is doing it.

    YOU are losing the information war and this is how you have responded.

  68. I was Asked,To Explain Why I Flagged a YouTube video as Spam,Well I guest dual didn’t Check the Video out,That Was advertising a Movie Website that WASN’T YOUTUBE. I Think That Constitutes as Spam.&In Surprised That You Tube Doesn’t have a Spam catching Program,Just as Goggle has for Its Email.I hope someone gets the hint of that for YouTube.

  69. Consider this to be a complaint against hypocritical censoring Google Corp: You people are total asshats for taking down Lee Stranahan’s you tube channel. Since when does Google have a GOD complex. Yeah yeah I know “terms of service” “strike system” blah blah blah. You think the public are all idiots and don’t know about the strange entanglement of Google with the Clintons and other power-hungry war-profiteering Rothschild-worshipping swamp things? Obviously Google-owned censoring You Tube has become PART OF THE PROBLEM, thanks again “don’t be evil” Google. Hopefully something will emerge to replace you, soon.

  70. I signed up for a trial subscription to YouTube Red. It is okay, but after the end of the trial, I will cancel it. I don’t have a YouTube channel and have never had one. The recent decision by Google and YouTube to demonitize and hide conservative videos from view greatly concerns me. This action is exactly the same kind of action that the Nazis took before and during World War Two. Google and YouTube share the same authoritarian fascist traits as the Nazis. That was evident by googles recent firing of an I.T. Specialist that didn’t tow the line on their view of political correctness. Should Google and YouTube reverse their un-american policy, then I would reconsider my decision to keep YouTube Red.

  71. Funny how Youtube “supoosely” won’t show certain movies yet will allow third party movies sites that are scam sites and probably are violating copy rights laws and involved in identity theft; fill out credit card information to only verify if you are a person and no charges will be made unless you upgrade to premium service, yeah right.

  72. We do not appreciate YouTube’s actions to block free speech by blocking or LIMITING people’s videos based upon political differences. The fact that YouTube does this with no fear of retribution is most troubling. It speaks of an anti constitution agenda which makes YouTube AND FaceBook open to legal attacks. EVERY level of both social medias including their support staff can and will be legally attacked at the grass roots level, the corporate world level, the financial level, the criminal level, the individual level and the civil level constantly and without let-up until BOTH medias become more fair and since the amount of money that both medias make every day are so large then both medias will believe that they can continue their agendas without repercussion and knowing this we then plan our massive legal war machine to operate indefinitely on ALL levels funded by everyone in the conservative movement that’s just getting started. This will come to include grooming the public to transfer all their videos to a NEW system that GAURANTEES NO first amendment violations. Soon FaceBook and YouTube will not only fall by the wayside but its owners and investors will be brought to their knees on criminal charges. We will pioneer this form of attack against violators such as yourselves to teach future generations how to torpedo large medias that convinced themselves that they are too large to mess with. Whatever political contacts these medias have are nothing compared to ours. Let the games begin… .. ..

  73. Hi YouTube

    This was a mistake the youtuber Daisy Macintosh told me to create that video than she proceeded to report my video The Floor Challenge than delete her youtube account so she would not get in trouble if you need proof that she has told me and my brother to make that video I will gladly give you some pictures of her comments please delete my strike me and my brother are truly and deeply sorry for the video The Floor Challenge.

    From:Rory And Tristan Hewitt

  74. I think that the very idea that Youtube plans to remove gun content from its programming to be repulsive, offensive, and anti-American. I vote with my money, and my money for Youtube movies, which I watch regularly on rentals, will stopas of the day that Youtube stops those channels. I will cancel my subscription and the additional monies I pay Youtube for addblockers.

  75. what think is to have to wait a 30 min to talk to one of you moron i just a frickin refund i going to report this comsumers affairs and the better bussiness bureua that you only have one avenue open to contact you fools thats what i think i am a lawyer and know how to hadnle co.s like you who dony make it simple to talk to

  76. So sorry to hear your political approach to the priorities for YouTube. The
    suppressing of Christian and conservative videos is disheartening.

    I am removing the App from my phone and other media players.

    Annette Reierson

  77. Disheartened to see your suppression of Christian and Conservative videos.

    Will be deleting your App from all of my media players.

  78. Hi my name Mr Abraham Heyward I am fed up with commercial pop up in the middle of a program or a video is playing

  79. I want to know how I can contact your stupid company to get some help. Every time I want to watch youtube i have to put in a code and I have paired and connected to the tv and still have have to put in a code. I am ready to quit using you tube period.

  80. Being bill for $40.00 by your company and I chose a 7 day free trail. What’s going on. I want my money back, this’s fraud.

  81. Watching commercials while listening to music in the middle of the song is not alright but it does help me to remember the sponsor so I positivity will not purchase from them again. Thank you for consideration.

  82. I’ve m
    Been trying to cancel Youtube Red.. I used it 1 time over a year ago during my free trial.. Since then $9.99/mo… & can’t figure out how to cancel it.. Please someone help! It says to click on my profile picture I never had. Ugh!!!

  83. I called and recording says that you could be on hold up to one hour. I can see why they let you pick your hold music. Might as well if you’re going to wait that long. I

  84. The banning of Christian and conservative channels is a violation of free speech and the government should take action to regulate and hold YouTube and other social media platforms responsible so that YouTube can be sued for these violations. Any rules of so called hate speech are subjective, so that what offends you does not offend everyone. Censorship will not be tolerated!

  85. Youtube is fascist scum. They banned Alex Jones and now he is more popular than ever. You cut off the head and 10 will grow back you leftist totalitarian scum. WE WILL PREVAIL !!!!!!

  86. The blood of those victims in Pittsburgh is on your hands! You’ve been warned over and over the result of shutting down speech. Well, here it is! This will happen over and over as people with no outlet to their opinions good or bad are turned away! You’ve turned into an echo chamber of only a small percentage of views which cause people who have problems with conspiracy to blow. He’s a Trump hater so don’t try and blow this one off! You people need to take total responsibility for the violence erupting all over! Let people speak! We all have the ability to turn off what we don’t want to hear or see. Quit being the 3rd Reich!

  87. I am really disappointed in your treatment of more right leaning content providers. Some of my favorites are being removed. Why are you doing this? Are you unable to see humor, or learn lessons? You can’t hide a certain message just because you don’t agree. You know what you’re doing is wrong. Even though you may not agree, there are a lot more of us
    than there are of you. Not only that, as a group I would say the right possesses 95% of the worlds intellect, so you guys will lose no matter what.

  88. I am very upset! I tried to sign up for the free trial but when I got done I was charged the full amount. I will be disputing the charge with my credit card co!

  89. I am EXTREMELY ANNOYED with your service right now. I would like to have someone call me ASAP I would like a refund of my fees. 8476369332

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