Contact Customer Service

Contact Customer Service

Contacting Customer Service Center is an HVAC company selling major brands like Wilo, Beckett, Fieldpiece and others. We found no About Us page so there is no company history or information about the company shared on the website. We do know all orders come with free shipping and orders of three or more of the same product qualifies for a discount.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday CST, patrons can call customer service for more information on products or to place an order.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-880-0199

Mailing Address Attn: Customer Service 869 E. Schaumburg Rd. Unit 200 Schaumburg, IL 60194

Official Website

The official website for is available at The website is cluttered with information and product marketing, but there are a few pages that could make your experience on the website a little easier. The FAQS page at answered commonly asked questions. If you need to learn more about HVAC systems check out the article section at or the company blog at You can even find coupons for at This link takes you off the official website to

Social Media

There are two social media pages listed for customer service. You must have an account on these social media websites to contact a customer service representative. Both websites offer free registration.

Customer Service Email

There’s nothing better than sending a quick question to a customer service team in the morning and receiving an answer to the question via a mobile device or personal computer. Email contact offers just that. You can send your question to customer service on any Internet-ready mobile device.

Customer Service:

When emailing customer service be as detailed as possible with your question. The more detail you include the better the answer a customer service representative will be able to offer.

Our Experience

When we called the call was answered by a welcome message and an immediate wait with music. There were no options to choose from or means of directly the call to a specific department. An agent answered the call in less than one minute. She talked with us about the different tankless water heaters available from Younits. Our agent was versed on how tankless water heaters work and the benefits over tank systems. She also appeared to know the tanks per gallon for each of the units without hesitation.

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