Contact Yahoo Customer Service

Contacting Yahoo Customer Service Center

Yahoo could be considered the second fiddle to Google in terms of Internet properties and ad integration. While Yahoo is a huge company they are nowhere close to the size of Google and they offer fewer customer service opportunities. With that said, we were able to find customer service contact numbers more quickly on Yahoo than Google because Google and associated Google properties have a tendency to push customers into a peer-guided forum or FAQs section to get lost before offering a phone number as a means of customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number openly listed for Yahoo customer care, but there are a few other numbers you may find helpful in your quest for customer service.

  • Billing Customer Service: 1-866-562-7228
  • Billing TTY: 1-866-438-1601
  • Corporate Office: 1-408-349-3300
  • Corporate Fax: 1-408-349-3301

Mailing Address

Yahoo is the only company we’ve reviewed that offers complete directions and help getting to the corporate office. You can read detailed directions and instructions for VTA Light Rail, VTA Bus, Calltrain, Amtrak Capitol Corridor and Altamont Commuter Express. They even offer driving directions from San Jose and San Francisco.

Yahoo! Inc. 701 1st Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Official Website

The official website for Yahoo is This site is the starting hub for many other Yahoo sites, but not all sites are linked from the main page. If you need help from a specific Yahoo department, such as the Small Business or Advertising departments, it is best to visit the main page for those divisions rather than searching for help on the main page of Yahoo.

Customer Service Email

A traditional email address for customer service is becoming a thing of the past. A smaller, leaner customer service budget can be used to man Facebook and Twitter, which means more profit for big companies. Customer service staff manning phones and email addresses is extremely expensive and require extensive training. We found one dedicated email address for media, but we found several virtual connections to customer service. We were unable to find an email address or contact form for customer service, but we did send a message to Yahoo customer care via Twitter.

Our Experience

We were never able to find a main customer service phone number so we gave billing customer service a call. The call was immediately answered with a warning message telling us we would have to wait a LONG time to talk to a representative. You can’t press 0 to push through the system, so we chose Mail Premium Billing. The call was transferred to customer care. We were told the wait time would be two minutes, but the call was disconnected after we’d been on hold about a minute. We called back and pushed through the entire system again and the call was disconnected again.

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2,018 Comments on “Contact Yahoo Customer Service
        • Hackers changed my password now I can’t get into my account,..there’s some people claims to be yahoo help desk stating ok no problem we can help then they ask for your yahoo account email& password, then they tell you one of there password tech will clear your account and get you running for a fee of &99 a month these are the people that are messing people account up so they can make money, contact the real yahoo by calling yahoo customer care they don’t charge you just have then deactivate your account a few days reactivate your account quickly change your password

          • You mean Yahoo has a customer service dept? I’ve tried to find ways to get to them but each click simply takes me to another meaningless screen. I’m surprised they are still in business.

          • yahoo has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE…it’s all smoke and mirrors. (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). I pay 20.00 a year for an email service I get for free from MSN and GOOGLE…and yet I get the huge, f’ing annoying ads everytime I open yahoo…Google is the only one (god bless em’) that doesn’t bombard me with ads…pay attention Yahoo, your days are numbered…

      • What Service? Yahoo told me my email was hacked and I have to pay them to fix it?!?
        WTH do I contact? I really need this account open!
        Please Help
        I even put the hacked email

      • Bob hits it right on the head. You look thru page after page and never do get to support. One page tells you to reset your cookies but fails to say how. This browser gets worse all the time, I need to stop using it entirely.

    • No one in CS answers the line. I contacted yahoo at 8AM EST on 8/11 and religiously almost every hour after that. I got skipped over using Facebook then ignored all together when I complained. Its 8/12 at 8:07AM and the login issue on going, even worse, yahoo’s talent for not picking up the phone line is still being utilized to its maximum. More absent from the phones is Tech Support!

      • I can relate perfectly. I am trying to set up an account and when I enter my cell phone number I get a message to many accounts on this phone. I give the clowns a GMail address (6 months ago) still waiting for a reply.
        shhhhh! want to know a secret?
        Guess how many Yahoo accounts I have????

    • Since March 1st,2013, Yahoo has blocked or locked me out Some one got into my yahoo mail account and sent a message that I was injured in a far away place,and ask anyone to send money to help me.
      I went on Yahoo,clicked on my account has been breached,hacked,then I was not able to sign in to my yahoo mail over 6 weeks,they say they can not give me a new password.PLEASE HELP ME TO get a new password as i have been this email since 1997,THANK you,Robert

      • I forgot my password five weeks ago, I’ve tried to get a new one but yahoo keep putting me off. They tell me to try again in three days and sometimes 12 hours but to no avail. Now I have a big problem I’m losing money,I need my email account desperately.So come on yahoo help me out here.

      • I forgot my password 2 days ago, I’ve tried to get a new one but yahoo keep putting me off The yahoo has blocked the email and they are saying they cant unlock online . They tell me to try again in 12 hours but to no avail. Now I have a big problem because its the same email i use for Kenya Revenue returns and i am I’m losing money,I need my email account desperately.So come on yahoo help me out here.

    • This is old but just found your email. I am suffering from same problem, been hacked etc. Did you overcome the problem? Yahoo give me a new password but it gets timed out after about ten minutes and won’t accept another sign in with the new password. Don’t know if you will get this but I am trying anything. Yahoo don’t help. Should be phone contact available. Anyway good luck to you

      • Please help me to solve for opening mail. I have password in memories but I cant enter into the mail. If I want to enter the mail ID it requires for honeymoon place but when I created and opened the mail ID I didn’t get married. So, there was no honeymoon place but I gave the honeymoon place in hypothetical for opening the email address. Now, I am requesting you to please help me to solve the problem.

    • I cannot give the verification code because my registered phone number is no longer open. how can i give you a new phone number so that i can get in my email ad..i have a rush job which is only stored in my email ad.

      pls give help soonest!

      • I keep getting a warning email that sways my account will be blocked unless I answer the email. There is no visible ID for yahoo in the address so I am not responding. Trying to find ANY way to contact Yahoo is a byzantine trail with no end. Why all the mystery?

    • Yahoo has blocked me from access to my mail account due to someone messaging me for $ from some foreign country–which I did not even open. The message on my iphone asks me to contact your customer service # which I have been trying to do all yesterday and today, being told you many never answer!! Your message states “…we believe someone may have unauthorized access to my accout,” Since I can’t get a response from your custormer care phone number, HOW can I email you or get some help??

  1. I am very surprised that Iam able to login to yahoo mail only on my mobile phone using the same account, but whenever I would want login on my computer using the same account am told that my password is wrong.Please advise of what to do I have very important mails read which needs only a computer. Your instant help will be highly appreaciated

    • My wife bought a Apple Mini 2 I-pad. She tryed to get her internet but forgot her answer to the security question. It
      blocked her for 12 hours. She can’t remember the correct answer.

    • I agree with others that I do not like the new email format. I want the former format back! With it I could forward emails by just selecting “forward” and my entire contact list would come up. With this awful new format I have to type in each contact I want to forward to.
      PLEASE give us a choice before you force these awful new formats on us! And take us back to the old format!!!

      • I do not like your new e mail Format. Please give me back my original format so I can forward and reply back with out using Also hard to bring up my contacts. Why don’t you tell you cust. ahead of time if it ok to make your stupid changes. Thank you

      • Nobody I know likes the new e-mail format. Of course I can’t say for sure because I can’t seem to sign on with the same username and password I have had for years. Bunch of rubbish, no real help.

    • Pls yahoo help me, i can’t remember the answer to the security question i am being ask. I really need to open my email box. Thanks.

  2. Some of US( friends & neighbors), can’t say we like the new yahoo page format. But like everything else that’s forced on us(DTV converter tv boxes, politics, squiggle light bulbs that are dangerous etc.) We just have to be the consumer that has to accept & adjust to it. Just sayin!.

  3. I have the same problem I can’t log in to my account from my iPhone I forgot my password and the answer to my secret question

  4. Surely I am not the first person to complain—WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR E-MAIL SYSTEM??? It is no longer functional to use on a personal basis much less as a business tool!! Not being able to scroll page-to-page is too time-consuming which is made worse by the fact that it is SOOOOO slow when you do change pages. Downloading is a nightmare. Please reassure me that this problem is going to be fixed soon–I have a business to run. Help!

  5. You have to get rid of that intrusive “Lean Cuisine” commercial in your comics section. It is very annoying to have the damned thing blast at you when you are selecting comic strips to go to. It is also counterproductive. I would make it a point to NEVER use the product advertised in such an annoying ad. Also you seem to have shielded yourselves from any readers’ comments: the link that is supposed to allow readers to comment leads instead now to a full-page commercial directed at businesses.

  6. I am changed my town name, so asked security question town name, iam forget town name when that time i had given,so plz help me my email account opened if u have possible.

  7. want to change my password but it keep on saying it is too weak then after an hour of trying they lock me out for 24 hours then i try after 24 hours and i get the same reply. one should use the password they want even if it is weak. i follow the rule of making a strong password but it say again too weak. i cant get into my email.

  8. A friend of mine opened an email in 2009 so I can’t tell which questions and answers he used for he just sent me email address on my phone through a text- but now days when ever I sign in, there comes invalid password or mail address and yet they’re both correct I’ve experienced it since the last 4months and surprisingly the same account works when opening face book.the email account was and my no is 2560784166580

    • I opened an email in 27 July 2009 now since last 20 days my log in id was not opening and ask for security question Answer.I am facing problem in log-in. Why is it locked for 12 hours. i forget my security question,and alternate e mail id. Please, help me to open my locked account immediately.


      Vijay Sharma

  9. Please, help me open my email. I’ve been having problem of login since July last year. But Dec last year i lodged same complaint it was opened but surprisingly Jan 6 2013 the email locked again up till this mowent. Thanks.

    • Some1 change my email passward so i dnt know why do make this.i hv many frnds contact using yahoo mail pls help me!.

  10. dear sir/yahoo
    plesse help me.i can’t remember the answer to the security mobill phone yahoo mail account is plesse mill me,my yahoo profile security details.i really need to open my yahoo mail box on my computer.

    • I have 40 music titles that I purchased from Yahoo or Music Match before they merged with Yahoo. Now I can’t access these songs because of license or rights issues. How can I regain access?

  11. I haven’t been on my account in some time and have completly forgotten my password and the clues for me to unlock it. I’ve tried acessing customer service for yahoo online but unfortunatly keep coming up dry. What do I do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  12. I have failed to remember my secret question answer, can you please help me on how i can access my account. answer me via my facebook account which is Jesca Mhaye Jb

  13. I would like a step by step explination of how to rid my desk top of the new yahoo mail which I did not need nor did I request
    Thank you
    Gene Wilson

  14. I forgot my secret answer have my mail locked for 4 days now.NEED URGENT HELP.

    My mail is

    Send answer



  15. If you get through to customer service, and have a problem like a hijacked email account, they shunt you over to some company out of India that scams you, does nothing, but does take your money. Don’t do it, they lie, they cheat, they steal.

  16. hi
    Whenever i open my mail that a question show that (Where did you spend your honeymoon?) That was given by me four years ago Now i haven’t remember the answer .

    So please tell me what will i have to do to sort out this problem I have received recently very important mails . Please help me as soon as possible .Please……….

  17. Hi my password has been changed and yahoo has sent me a new password to the mail attached to my yahoo which is ”” now i can not access to that mail because it has been closed for more than years now. Please i need urgent help…

  18. we have many more time tried our mail is not open,feed password after showing where do you meet your spouse?

    sorry i donot confirm in this answer,so pls urgently basis open in my mail & easy connect to your best services,still waiting for ur answers & help.

    thanks & regards,
    jitender upadhyay

  19. aoa.kindly help me to sign in in my ymail bcz i have forget few but remebr dob if u want confrm u can chk.

    personal information i jst remembr my id and password plz do some thing

  20. My yahoo account ( has been hacked, m unable to access my account. Password, secret questions, everything has been changed. Can u plz help me out with this problm. all my important mails come to this account only.


  21. Good day I was happy when I saw your mail, I have not been able to access my mail on the computer system for 3 months. I can only use my blackberry phone message to read please I will love of you can help me reset my password thanks.
    Also the password I use on fone if I use it no system it reject its. Thanks.

  22. I cannot access my account as it says I am loggin in from a new device which I am surprised as I have been using from a year now. I can’t remember my secret answer and my alternate email is also not working.
    Currently I am using another mail.., please help me solve this problem.

  23. Hi,

    I have a problem with my yahoo messenger. I cannot sign in to my messenger from 3 days ago. I can sign in to my email without any problem. I could use my messenger in my email until now, but i recieve an error with Error code: -99999 and i can use it now 🙁

    I will be thankful if you can help me.

  24. I dont like the changes you just made to my yahoo. home page, I have been using your home page for my pc for many years, i think you should give people the option before you change everyones page, im probably try to find another home page i can be satisfied with,, unhappy k.ray,,,,

  25. Am thabo please help me I have an account with yahoo from last week I tried to login to my account via my blackberry mobile but I can’t go through cause I forgot my security question answer I don’t remember cause I have had this account many years ago so I can’t remember the answer please help me!!!

  26. I can’t post comments or vote suddenly. I write out my comment, but when I post it, hitting the button to do so deletes all my words and my post goes in without content. Also, when I vote, nothing happens…its just like I did nothing.

  27. “Cannot send message due to possible abuse” is a rejection message my system receives from Yahoo. This same message occurs while sending to my daughter and wife on a different network. My system does not use Yahoo but has made emails to those who are part of the network.
    Has someone black listed ? I certainly want to end this interruption and to fix the problem. Would you please let me know what this situation means and how to remedy it?
    Thank you

  28. Hallo, my name is Gentjan Hasani born in 8 4 1973 From Albania now living in Italy.A few days ago the yahoo security made me change my password and now I can’t remember it any more,can you tell my what shall I do to get to my mail?

  29. My email is locked and someone hacked into my mail and i couldn’t sign in any more and my name is lekan ajiboye pls re-set my password for me to rasheed9 i have very vital information in my inbox pls am not the one using it to mail to my friends and family pls. block it completely and reset the password please am beging you customer care

  30. I can’t open my 2nd email ( it required the answer of the secret question and i don’t remember it . help me i will lose my contact list

  31. Hello, my name is Amit Mondal. My e mail ID blocked
    for two weeks therefore I can’t open my ID. I have been
    suffering a lot . I request to you pls open my e mail
    Id as soon as possible.

  32. I can’t open my yahoo mail account( as it is asking a secret question & I have forgot it. Please help me.

  33. yahoo pls help me my account is i realy need to open my account as soon as was very urgent pls

  34. I can’t open yahoo mail because my account is blocked and is asking my secret question and I forgot it please help me.

  35. pls help me to use my yahoo account, when i enter password that am sure with.

    It ask me to give the name of town my father was born,but have already forget it. please help me.

  36. Don’t understand how you can shut me out
    of my account, and demand that I change my password. looks like I have to find a service I can depend on

  37. Pls if i log in to my account with same password i normally use to open it before,it will just write invalid email or password pls help me i want to b accessing the account vital information are there.pls contact me wit my phone number 08068758140

  38. pls,i want yahoo to help me open my account i have been try to open my account since last two weeks.all i got is question from yahoo that where do i meet my spouse and i can’t remember it again since 2010.

  39. Am having problems assessing my yahoo account because I can’t remember the answer to my security. Question pls help

  40. Hai I am Amit. I have not been using my yahoo id for prolong time therefore so many time i request to you pls activate my e -mail id as soon as possible . because I have valuable thing in it .

  41. hello i have problem with my pasword my ref. 130319/027938 i make payment 80 and no recover my password please call my on 07817777704

  42. Please help me I ca’t open my email ID. I forgot my password and my alternate email Add is not working. Also I give my personal information but its not working. I created a new email ID for me to work but I really need to recover my old email ID I have important files in there for my work. please please help me. My old Yahoo ID is


  43. Please I can’t access my email account,it has been blocked .I believe it was blocked due to hackers .I can’t remember the alternative email address neither the security answers .Please help me restore it I have very important documents in it.This is the email
    Thank you

  44. Please help, my yahoo account was hacked, and i can’t access it any more! how do i recover my account and password, hence i cannot remember my security questions details.
    yahoo id:

  45. Am having problems assessing my yahoo account because I can’t remember the answer to my security. further the alternative mail id was closed. please help.

    my mail id is whis not opening now.

  46. Sir,

    I very fervently request u to solve my long pending problem i.e. my e-mail is not opened whenever I open my mail not accepted my password. my mail conained many data, information, documents and various articles what are very helpful for my day to day official duty and my service career. Again I request u to solve my problem and give my old password. Thanks

  47. Please Help ?
    i forgot my uncle name question plz arrenge the uncle name i request to you pls Inform my uncle Name my e mail(
    as soon as possible.

  48. I have tried several times to reach a “Live” person at Yahoo’s customer service. First of all, I was blindly transferred to an automated service. If the folks at Yahoo cannot talk to their customers, perhaps they need to not be in business.

    I HATE the new email and home page set-up. It’s busy with crap nobody is interested in. The ad’s are horrible – they pop-up I guess as a form of entertainment and in actuality, it’s very annoying. Perhaps if Yahoo answered their phones like they do over at Google, you would not be in second place. Customer Service is key – I am beginning to hate logging onto Yahoo. And now because your customer service sucks like the email and ad services, I will probably change how I use the internet and not include Yahoo at all.

    Here’s a comment to you guys – you should really take the time to talk to your customer base instead of blindly transferring people around.

    Thank you

  49. Why u stopped my mail I’d . My mail I’d is last 3 week past but not working and I want a my mail I’d so please give me answer what I do

  50. Someone has changed my yahoo email account and the person has changed my password….. please help me to get back my email account and my password. please i cant affort to loose it now because there is important information in there.

  51. i cant remember my password and all the information about my alternate email, pls help me to solve this promlem once and for all because i am beginning to be fed up

  52. Since Aril 03,2013 i have encountered the following problem. I have to refresh my yahoo page every 2 seconds. NEVER had to do this. What do I need to fixd this. Very frustrating………

  53. I can not log into my yahoo mail due to a security answer i need to provide before I will be able to log in. I have forgotten the security answer so I can not log in. Please I need help.

  54. Dear sir/ madam my account is temporarily closed in 12 hours.I forget my security code so i can’t access. my yahoo account .

  55. Cant remember the password to my yahoo account and now account is locked need to reset and be able to access my email through my iPhone 4 s ASAP can ya help me out

  56. Dear Sir/Madam
    My email account ( was hacked when i was travelling abroad.. Finally i got it recovered by using the proper procedure..
    When i opened my mail account.. all the data/emails/contacts and folders were either lost or deleted.. I want to get back my alol date being a working soon as possible
    Kind Regards
    Sohail Anjum Malik
    an experienced and senior journalist/columnist
    Cell +92 300 530 64 14

  57. My yahoomail can not sign in, to turn again how the way , because the telephone number in the yahoo registered -081 339 175 837, whereas my hp number is 081 399 175 837 correct, and I try to call the number 081 339 175 837, the number is not active / not registered. every time I do recovery, sms was sent to recovery code number 081339175837, please help to restore my account. I say thank you for your cooperation.

  58. Is the Yahoo mail design has been changed recently ?
    I am afraid my account.
    The days before, I received a mail from my own email account to me, after I clicked in using Iphone, I was asked to key in the password every time when I retrieve my mail. Before this, it should be prompted automatically. This morning, when I try to get into my email account using laptop, I was asked to change my password, I have changed the password and view a new design of the mail background. Anything wrong with my account? Or it’s alright!

  59. For quite sometime i cannot open my mails and when attempting to answer your secret question , u locked the account temporarily . Please release my account , and llet me access my mails .

  60. My acct has been hacked I cannot use my email, now it’s asking for a password that I didn’t put. Pls can someone help me unlock my Acct.thanks

  61. I am unable to access my account / ID is not getting open with a comment that Your ID or password is wrong, Please rest – it

  62. Now i am in Sudan.My above mentioned mail address opened easily in Nepal.But here when i try to open this account,i can’t open. It always asked that your account is temporarily blocked due to security and it will open after 12 hours but it won’t open from 13 days. I can operate face book easily from the same account but my yahoo mail hasn’t opened till.I used to different password in yahoo mail and face book from the above mentioned same mail suggest me what shall i do to open my yahoo mail account.

  63. Please help. I have been trying to verify my email with my secret password but I can’t remember it because it was years ago. What should I do?

  64. my email has been lock for 7 weeks now. i called them they need my altrenative mail to send them back my yahoo file number.

  65. My email has been locked for before last one week. but my id & possward i am entering correctly but its not opneing. this id was using from 2009. i dont know the which secret question i have given. please reset the mail id. its most important documents are there.

  66. My email has been lock for last one week. but i am not remembering the secrect questions & alternate email id.
    please reset my email.

  67. I cannot get into my account any more,
    when I want to log into my account, I am asked for my
    honeymoon (put in 2009) by that time I was not married!!
    is somebody playing games?

  68. My email account has been hacked. some one had sent mails thru my mail id. now I am unable to access my e mail account. kindly help

  69. My email account has been hacked. some one had sent mails thru my mail id. now I am unable to access my e mail account. kindly help

  70. I can’t access my email account again.I am asked for where I spend my honeymoon of which I can’t remember all,and I need to print out some letters.pls help me to open it

  71. pls i want youto assist me in restoring back my email accout. iforgot my password and the answer to the security question pls help me out

  72. Why are the articles so often full of inaccurate information? Or simply repeated several weeks a part as if they are new content?

    Also the “my comments” icon has not worked for days. Its hard to follow or to even have a conversation if you can’t check for replies.

    Lastly can anything be done about the maturity level of the content and presenters? Or is yahoo trying to appeal only to the Early high school crowd?

  73. My comment has to do with the new yahoo mail, I literally hate it, I want the mail classic back, it’s so much easier to use, forwarding an email is awful, you can’t bring up your contact list and just click who you want to send to like you did in the classic email, half the time I miss the contacts I want to send to. I can’t even delete a folder with this new thing that I don’t need anymore. Yahoo really messed up one of the quickest and easiest and as far as I’m concerned BEST email programs on the internet, I hate this new email, please bring back the classic email. I want my classic email back.

  74. The new version is terrible compared to Yahoo Classic. Looks like complainta are coming every minute. I have bee with Yahoo over 15 years and really hate to change but this latest update was unfortunortely not in any way presented to a customer review panel of actual Yahoo Mail customers. It has the appearance of being done by a bunch of YES BOARD.

  75. I am frustrated!!!!! The new yahoo mail ‘sucks, sucks, sucks!!!!” Why did you touch something that worked well? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At least give an option to not change to the new.

  76. Your new email foremat absolutely stinks. Why you keep messing with this amazes me and I probably will be dropping Yahoo. And why don’t (or can’t) you fix the annoying apostorphe glich? You guys need to learn “if it ain’t broke don’t keep fixing it”.

  77. We have been with yahoo for years and I have never complained before to you or any other co. about anything BUT you new email format is awful, it is so bad that I cannot even express in words how much we dislike it. Is there anyway we can go back to the previous format or are we stuck with this one or, I hate to even think it, but do we have to move on to another service?

  78. It is such a pain to use the new format of Yahoo. I hope you can do something to improve it. It was so easy to use before you changed it. The pop ups for updating Yahoo and fox fire do not work for me. They are very annoying and when I click on the update nothing happens. The scrolling is also a pain. I have to sets of scrolling. I don’t know if anyone else is having this same problem.

  79. I have a problem logging in my yahoo mail account when I put my user name and password it would not let me go in my account can you help me get back my yahoo mail account please I have very important mail too see everyday.

  80. My Yahoo new beta page is the worst. I would like to go back the My Yahoo page that “I” set up. That way “My Yahoo Page” Is mine not what “YOU” Thought I might like. You have offered a user “unfriendly” set up with few options that I want. From the Blogs and Tweets this appears to be an “Epic” failure. Please provide the option to revert back to what was working for me/us in the past. Thank you

  81. impossible to contact service. do you people test new systems before you force them onto your users(customers)?
    the new email change is as bad as the last unanounced change, please re-instate the old email system.
    many problems, can’t delete trash or spam except one at a time, can’t forward and more!

  82. I have the Yahoo Weather app and live on St. John, USVI. The pictures that show up for St. John are not of St John!! It would be nice to see local St John , USVI pictures behind the weather as you have done for New York, San Francisco, etc

  83. Never mind sending me instructions on how to change passwords, I have no access to my Yahoo email accounts.

    You need to forward a password to me thru this link here, to enable me to open the above listed account….I’ll keep this
    open a while longer…please respond.


  84. lousy service , you call a number they put you on hold and 45 minutes later a voice comes on and says your wait time will be less than 30 minutes I GIVE UP will look for another e-mail supplier. to try and get help with logging on they send you e-mail DAA I can’t log on to my e-mail.

  85. my account was hijacked. all security questions reset as are alt email and phone.
    no way to send reset codes to my real email address.
    6 days ive been calling “customer service. puts me on hold for 2 hours then hangs up.
    This is a n identify theft matter. someone must contact me. without offering an accessible avenue to address this data breach Yahoo will be held liable for damages and legal fees to restore my credit, medical identity and good name.

  86. Been on hold for over 90 minutes on two different phone lines and yahoo customer service still cannot answer my call. They gave me a wait time of 7 minutes. My account was locked even though I just signed in about 2 hours earlier. Yahoo service sucks

  87. Over two and a half hours on hold and no answer. I got a third phone line and requested a call back yahoo service stated they would call me back in 6 minutes it has been 37 minutes and no call. I still have my other two phone lines waiting.

  88. Received a statement I was 1 in the que so far 43 minutes have pasted. Switching to Google just want my information store on yahoo and they can have their no good customer service.


  89. my account will not allow me to get access to my mail on my desktop. I can access through my phone and ipad but not my desktop. I try to call and be on hold for an hour or so and the help features don’t help at all. Can you help me or not???

  90. I am totally ready to switch to g-mail. I absolutely despise all the frickin’ annoying changes made to yahoo mail…the me-person-me crap…I can’t even tell in my sent box who I sent what replies to…I have to retype email addresses every single time even though it shows up in a drop-down when I start typing it..if I click on the email drop-down, it erases it and I have to type it all over again. The other stupid thing is I can no longer sort my inbox by “From”…makes it impossible to easily find mail from someone or some company whose name I cannot remember until I see it, and the “from” sorting made it easy to scroll and find. If Yahoo does not correct this mess, I am leaving permanently…and I have alot more email addresses than this one. I will switch them ALL to G-mail. Enough of this idiocy.

    • I’ve been trying to contact Yahoo, on hold for 2 hours already, the last time I set a record of 4 hours on hold. Trying to get my authorization code to switch from Yahoo to someone else. I think I would have better luck trying to contact someone on the moon!

  91. I have been unable to access my Yahoo account. Calling customer service is a joke. The automated voice states that they are unable to take my call!! I cannot get my e-mail. I was signed on several days ago. I went out to shovel snow. When I came back inside, I was instructed to sign in. My yahoo i.d. and password were deemed invalid!! Wow. I am not very cyber-smart, but something strange this way goes! Please help.

  92. Dear Yahoo I want you to solve my email which is giving me hard time to sign in.Whenever I open my email,it does’t accept my password.It was’t doing that before,everything was alright it started doing that about three day now.So please solve this problem for me thank you

  93. I am unable to access my account and when I try to reset my password the message “password is to weak,use a strong password”

  94. I have been unable to get to my E-Mails in over a week and have
    tried calling you, but have been put on hold for a total of at least six hours this past week, and than you come on the phone after 15 minutes or longer and say you are unable to help me at this time and hang up. Yahoo, please help me

  95. Hi I’m not sure what happened but I can’t get to my yahoo mail. Why isthat? My password won’t alow me. It said I need a new pass word why is that? So if there is change why have no one told I users about it. I think it time for Change. Time for GMail.

  96. have been trying to contact yahoo since Monday only to be sent in circles called there phone number have now been on hold for over 3 hours on my cell while they play same songs repeating every 10 seconds . how can I reach yahoo need to access email they told me to change password did so then locked me out with no avail need help not real computer literate help

  97. I’m sorry to say, I’m not happy my account has been lock for a week and a half. Was on the phone for an hour with no help. Time to move On.

  98. As requested earlier regarding my daughter,s death threaths, we as family woild also like to request that my late daughter,s facebook address be removed as soon as possible.
    Thank you
    Mrs Adelaide Mbali Goba.

  99. Right now Yahoo sucks!! I can’t: log in, change my password, get to my security question, get thru on the phone, change my alternate email or get anywhere with Yahoo. I used to defend Yahoo against any other site. Not anymore. If everyone who has problems like this would quit, then maybe, just maybe the bigwigs would actually start paying attention. The only thing I hate about leaving Yahoo is losing my email I CAN’T get to.

  100. Yahoo Customer care makes the website look like a genius built it. I have been trying to get through on their customer care line for no less than 10 hrs today. They have scheduled several call backs, and no one was there. And nothing is going on, there are no issues anywhere, this is just a normal day..LOL.. These people suck, don’t use them for anything, they’re the absolute worst I have EVER seen..

  101. Dear Customer service

    My yahoo Search Mail feature doesn’t work ,It unable search the key ward that relate to my mail history, so I would like to ask you kindly assist to check it. I stuck with my work about my mail problem.

    Looking forward to your reply late.

  102. what did you do to my email account? You keep asking where my mother was born. The question was never asked as a security question, so that’s why there is not a correct answer. Please fix my email without further ado and remove the lock on it. thank you.

  103. Who was the Harvard graduate genious that thought of the TERRIBLE blue/green screen! CANNOT read a thing, PLEASE change back to a normal white.

  104. finding it difficult to log in my yahoo account and trying to reset my password but I was advise to contact customer service to reset online for me. I need you to reset my password online for my.

  105. Every day we have a problem with our email.The problem is that, we can not send a message.Because of this we needed to change the password.What we need to do?

  106. You guys are beyond terrible. Seriously. Nobody picks up the phone, & you have so many changes I can’t keep up. This it terrible and I will NEVER use Yahoo AGAIN!

  107. yahoo is messed up. Ever since that new ceo got hired there is these big yahoo advertisements on home page and advertisements on yahoo mail where at the slightest placement of cursor, you go to their websire too much advertisements. stop it!

  108. every time I try to log on -there is a problem now I am so sick of this mess- contacted customer service – fat lot of good that did. have to wait at least 8 hours to hear from you. so my message to you is take it and stick it I don’t need it anyway

  109. Was connected to tech in India to see why my email was not going to my iPhone after 1hour on phone the rep Joe said my computer needed serious cleaning by “special” tech and asked for outrageous fees for wrk and warranty. I took same computer to local reputable store to be analyzed – answer this AM that nothing wrong with computer. Is this honesty and good will you are advertising??? Please look into this. Why is tech selling this private service?????? You seem to be outsourcing to techs that are there to line their ow n pockets!

  110. hello, at your request i changed my password, did not write it down and do not for the life of me remember. i did what was
    asked capital letter and number but still do not remember.
    also today i have another cell and cannot be contacted with the
    cell on file.

    please contact, i am at coa senior citizen and i need to leave
    this computer!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

  111. Would Yahoo staff please go back to separate emails? I discuss things by email with my siblings and YOU CANNOT IMAGINE how hard it is to keep track of which message I am responding to. Please, please, please, please. Please, please, please, please. Whoever had this BRILLIANT idea, oh my, just don’t! It’s agonizing, I will sure switch to another if that doesn’t change in the next couple of weeks. PLEASE!!! Thank you.

  112. I forgot my password for my account I’ve had for years.I have contacted Yahoo password helper .What a joke that is.I had to create a account just to do this .Then I get told I need to make another account that I can assess in order to get my info updated.Your contacting me on an account I can access have important tax info on my account and don’t have the time for these hoops to jump threw.I called customer support and then they say they cant handle my call and hang up.What kind of crap is that.Im a manager of a well known retail store threw out the us.We give our customers customer service.When and if I do get into my account I will be deleting it once I receive my important info.What a joke your help has been.

  113. I cannot believe Yahoo has an outside company that charges a fee for problems with
    Opening a yahoo account. Maybe, I should go to gmail!!!!’

  114. I am sick and tired of trying to retrieve my password. I have sent five E-mails and you have responded to none of them.I have had it with Yahoo

  115. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know how can I know whther my e-mail has enough security or not?? because I ssuspect that it is penetrated or hacked by other person. Please tell me how can I make sure>

    Please note that there are only two person know the user name and password my brother & me.

    Please help me

    Best Regards

  116. I’m very close to quitting my yahoo email account. When I try to send mail, it never gets sent.
    There are other issues with my Yahoo mail.
    If you can’t help, I’ll have to cancel my yahoo mail address.

    Thank you.

  117. I cant get into my email cant get customer service OMG I cant believe there is something worse that OBAMA CARE.

  118. My business account on Yahoo has disappeared and getting any kind of assistance is impossible. This is worst than dealing with the federal government. I am going to have to switch to another provider and hope Yahoo goes under.

  119. The most frustrating company I have ever delft with. 6 hours today to get a simple answer about charges for my domain name All I want to know is how a 9.95 a year turns into 34.00 charge. My mistake allowing auto renewal a auto pay. I am canceling my credit card acct to get ride of the auto billing. I am a MAIL user and will continue. YAHOO IS A YAHOO……..

  120. I phoned both 1 800 phone numbers yesterday and was hung up on after waiting 12 minutes on the second number I called and waiting for 11 minutes on the first number I called. I cannot access my mail as the email address you have is incorrect and the cell number you have is incorrect!

  121. Yahoo is impossible when it comes to contacting them through e-mail. They should at least provide us with a valid e-mail address to contact them instead of having to call.

  122. I was given a message that my subscription was expired..It requested that I fill out my info and my problem is I do not have
    a cell phone…That is required info for this form…that prohibted me to submit it ! Then we tried your help phone number and waited 1 hr and 30 min and no one answered me…

    Please help me reset my account !!

  123. Good day, both my email & the password are correct,but i cannot ascess it.i have forgoten the secret security code,pls what do i do next

  124. what makes u guys think that MOST people, especially those who have a life, care about the kardashain family? they r egocentric, amoral individuals that u seem to promote on AN EVERY DAY BASIS.
    drop them and if u choose not 2 do that, at least put all of them under the movies or whatever cheap entertainment category so they will b displayed if a person just can’t live without knowing what they r doing. they SUCK.

    • AWAITING MODERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!moderation would be that this family doesn’t go around w/no clothing, is involved w/someone else right after their wedding, and sleeps with just about everyone in the u.s..

  125. account locked as I was trying to get into mail from YAHOO.
    Have being on phone for hour and half and listened to music this time. Phone is still playing the music and I haven’t talked to anyone about my problems. This is unreal that I get locked out of our account for email as I can and am in the Yahoo. web site.

  126. My sent messages are not saved in “sent” folder for a long time now . All complaining has not corrected it .
    Also when I type any address to send , it does not pop up as it use to do in the past . Is Yahoo degrading or what !
    Reaching by phone is an impossibility too .

  127. password reset and will not let me sign on to my account this is frustrating and is causing me problems with my job because i can not get emails. Contact me between 9 am and 5 pm central standard time.

  128. Please help forgot my password and have old phone number listed I’ve tried calling like 10 times and get automatic disconnected!!!!!! Please help

  129. Please help me can not get in email forgot password have old phone numbers listed I have important email and same email for years . Tried calling customer service like 10 times . The recording u get puts you on hold a few minutes then automatically disconnects ya!!!

  130. I am so furious right now I haven’t been able to get in my yahoo mail for a while someone has changed my password and customer service want even respond.

  131. only option for password reset requires cell phone; I don’t have one anymore; called, on hold for 10 minutes then msg says my call can not be taken due to high volume and am cut off !

    need online option to reset pswd

    need to be able to reach a person;

  132. I’m not the only unhappy with you service. I want to know don’t you know the difference between spam, drafts and real e-mail messages. I just found out you are sending my daughter’s e-mail to spam, you are sending all my notices and billing information to drafts where it doesn’t belong. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting these e-mails I was waiting for. You need to get with it, can you tell I’m mad and you may find your way off my computer, your system right now is all screwed up, you are making me look in the drafts, the spam mails to find my e-mails and that is all wrong, is Yahoo falling apart and you can’t do your job right, all those e-mails that ended up in the wrong places I have had in my contacts for yrs, so

  133. why did you cut me off you don’t want to hear the rest of want I want to say?? My final statement Yahoo is a mess let me know if you correct the situation or I’m off of your website there are others, I always liked you until you started what you call improvements to the website that has ONLY MADE IT WORST, CAN YOU GIVE ME A GOOD ANSWER? I’ve used yahoo for years and my faith in you is very disappointing and I’m READY TO GIVE UP ON THE PROBLEMS YOU KEEP COMING UP WITH and the bad service you website you are affering us

  134. YAHOO has the worst customer service in America. I haven’t been able to get into my email for the last 6 weeks whenever I call I am holding for over an hour. I have not talked to a customer service representative yet and it has been over 6 weeks. There are people out here that are willing to answer phones it looks like Yahoo doesn’t have enough reliable workers. SHAME ON YAHOO!

  135. your yahoo company locked my account , im not happy try calling you but cant get you , I want my account unlocked cant check my mail , get on facebook play games or any thing else , you need to fix this issue

  136. While entire my passward I use to get message that ” connection is untrusted” . I wish to overcome the situation. If necessary, I do not mind to change my passward as existing today

  137. I have been trying to make contact with a customer care rep for 3 days to fix my email. I don’t think anyone works in that department because nobody ever answers. I also called the main office and asked not to be transferred to customer care because nobody ever answers and that I needed to speak to someone ASAP, I called no less than 6 times and was transferred straight to customer care every time. I also sent an email from my office asking someone to contact me via phone. You guessed it I am still waiting. There is no excuse for their lack of assisstance in this matter,they obviously could care less

  138. I was contacted yesterday by a friend in Texas that possibly viral message was sent to many contacts in my address book. I wanted to report this and I did change my password today. I’m also having trouble deleting contacts from my contact list. There is a way to edit but where’s the delete option?

  139. Must you always have the President OBAMA on your front page everyday. I am going to look into changing to MSN as my home page, if your website continues to put OBAMA on the front page EVERYDAY…….

  140. I cannot access my email , please help me , I do not want to change my password. PLease unlock my email.

  141. Dear Sir,
    I will like to know from yahoo if it is the password they normally use to open an email for the customer or the security question? Please stop that on my above email when I want view my email, i do not need any security on my email, for time is money.
    thank you.

  142. I have used yahoo search and email since the beginning. Now I will avoid it with everything I do. The constant pop ups and ads everywhere are intolerable. My mail is ruined and I feel assaulted every time I open anything. I WILL AVOID YAHOO in the future and change my email to ANYTHING but YAHOO.GOOD JOB!

  143. I am OVER IT!!!! I have had yahoo forever and here as of late, it has been a nightmare to log into my account. Each and every time I do I have to change my password, then the next time to long it, it will not accept it. As far as how the emails are displaced….REALLY????? Nothing was broke with Yahoo…it was a great email service….someone had to go mess with it and make it a bloody waste of time and frustration. If I have to pick out a new password one for time…bye bye…

  144. I’ve called numerous times and never got a answer. They always hang up on me stating to call at another time because they can’t answer my call at the moment. Yahoo sucks so bad. My account is locked and I don’t have the same phone number and my secret question is correct but it keeps saying it’s not. I’m highly upset.

  145. Waited 45 mins on hold to speak to a rep. I have been on computers since apple 2 days and yes Dos prompt days. I told her she probably wasn’t even born then yet. This little sweetie probably got more incensenced by the fact I know more about the subject than she did. What did she do she hung up the phone. I don’t need Yahoo. They are not the only game in town. I can read their Disney Drive without them.

  146. I am very upset that yahoo just feels like they can change your home page lay out with out consideration to how I feel !!!!! I want my home page lay out that I created AND IAM NOT GETTING ANY HELP WHDAT SO EVER IN TRYING TO GET WHAT I HAD ALREADY VERY FRUSTRATED WITH YAHOO!!!!11

  147. Yahoo is the worst! I have just spent the past 2 hrs. trying to change my yahoo email password and cannot. I called the phone help line and was told volume is high and to call some other time. My email has been hacked and is sending emails to my contacts that I did not send, and I want help. None is available. There is no email support available and all supposed customer service is bogus!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. your new yahoo home page is a disgrace. I keep getting weather reports from Brookdale Ca. I’m in 44203 area code. It will not let me delete it. Samething with the news. Brookdale Ca. I live in Barberton, Ohio Give me a break, can’t you people get the simplest things working. This is just for starters. Man

  149. Your site is becoming a pain in the ass, every other day it asks for me to sign in with my pass word and then won’t let me on my site. I have asked not I an telling you leave my site alone If you don’t get this message I send one in a box that smells like manure. Do you understand where I am coming from assholes

  150. Your site is becoming a pain in the ass, every other day it asks for me to sign in with my pass word and then won’t let me on my site. I have asked not I an telling you leave my site alone If you don’t get this message I send one in a box that smells like manure. Do you understand where I am coming from assholes

  151. I cannot access my Yahoo email (2.5 weeks now). I cannot access the (old) email address Yahoo routes me to for password changes. I cannot reach Yahoo “customer service” by phone. Yahoo is also not responding to my emails. I am adrift with no solution to my problem.

  152. email with yahoo sucks I have had heart attack and trying to access my email for life alert info. yahoo wont connect me to my email been w yahoo for some time but wont be much longer

  153. If you go to Yahoo official site. Hit that then this page comes up for your e_mail with your password already dots on it. Well its a scam you hit enter and the password done does not work so anyone that does not know it’s a scam would put their password in and still you can not long on. So the official site has been hacked with the mail page coming up fake to get your password. Just thought I tell you.

  154. why do you keep posting the same articles on your home page that are either one or two days old?? Will probably switch to another home page who can keep me more informed of daily events!!! You even post the same stories under different subtopics on the same day. Wake up and get current.

  155. I do not complain much but I am really disappointed in your new mail set up. It was so much simpler before and you made sending and forwarding a much more complicated deal. Hope you can fix it our I will be going elsewhere.

    Thanks for listening

  156. i regain my account recently after being stolen for about 2 weeks … i reset my password ,,, now i can send only ,,,, i cannot receive !!! all sent emails are cancelled ,,,any help

  157. my yahoo account has been hacked again and someone made up an account for me on hotmail. I am victim of ID theft…what do i do.

  158. I have a problem logging in my yahoo account because of forgeten my Password, then i’ll go to my account through the google Account me can you help me get password, please I have very important mail too see everyday.

  159. My email account has been deactivated, something about not having used account for a long time. I have been receiving and sending email till this morning. Tried to contact customer service. Has been on phone for over an hour still no one answered the call. Also tried many ways to email, didn’t work either. Tried create new account. No luck. It is circular nightmare. To do one thing requires something that I cannot get. Very frustrated. Thinking of changing to gmail.

  160. My yahoo mail set up has been changed. I cannot delete any messages. I do not have a trash icon next to the email as you have suggested in your info area. Please let me know how I should proceed. Thanks

  161. I forgot my password 10 days ago,I’ve tried to get a new one but yahoo keep putting me off.They tell me to try again in 12 hours butto no avail.Now I have a big problem I’m losing money, I need my email account come on yahoo help me out here.

  162. I have three users including the Administer user. I can not install yahoo page due to “Secure Error”. However, I can get online under my user.

    How can I install yahoo onto the other users?


  164. Yahoo customer care sucks! They are HORRIBLE. After being on hold for over 40 minutes, no one picked up the phone. Apparently, this company doesn’t give a rats behind if the customer is satisfied. I’ll be taking my patronage to their competitors today! I am soooooo angry with this company

  165. in having to change my password, many, many times the word was too weak, no matter how strong I felt it was. Finally it took my password that I came up with. I have to try several times to get to my email. It keeps telling me that my password is invalid, but I have to type it in Twice now, to be able to get to my email. Why is this happening?

  166. I cannot access my email. I changed my password recently and they won’t accept it. Then the answer about who is my favorite uncle is not the right answer. I don’t know how to get past this problem. Please help me.

  167. This has got to be one of the worst customer service there is. I have been on hold for more then a hour been hung up on 3 times before was put on hold. still no answer. and it has been over a hour. just to reset a password that they messed up.

  168. This is the absolute worse excuse for customer I have ever experienced. Just spent 2 hours trying to talk to a living person to figure out password. Never got to talk to anyone and never got problem resolved. Worst ever.

  169. I have no idea why you force change on your customers. It should not be your decision as to what is best for your customer. For the second time, I hate the change. Probably would not be so bad but numerous things are blocked. I cannot change fonts, color do italics, etc in the body of an e-mail. Not to mention the display and creation of an e-mail is horrible. What is the “me” before the name in an email received and sent?? Ridiculous. Guess I will pursue a new email server in the next few weeks. No other (gmail, etc.) could be as bad as yahoo.

  170. You have had so many changes but this last one is terrible. In the “sent file” I need to see the name of the person that I sent
    the e-mail to. Not keen on the font and really don’t care for the fact that the unread e-mails are no longer bold. Please consider returning to the previous version that worked, so why change it?

  171. email problems with my yahoo mail account and 2 1/2 hours to reach yahoo customer service caused me to change mail service. I still can not get into my old yahoo mail account and can still not reach customer service. What is wrong at yahoo???? Will someone who can fix the problem contact me.

  172. Why has Yahoo been down so much this past week. Every time I try to get on the internet using Yahoo (which is my preferred site) I get waiting for yahoo?

  173. It was a nightmare yesterday, trying to use the newly designed mail. Today it’s great to have the old mail back. Please don’t change this. Purple text doesn’t make my experience better. Everything about the new design was worse.

  174. Online customer service is a joke. The new Mail interface is a joke. Incoming mail is now being routed to the TRash folder without my knowledge. Everytime I try to open or delete an email message, I keep getting the message asking if I want to allow informoation from trusted sources only. If I am trying to delete an email, why does that matter? How do I go back to the old interface?

  175. my facebook acc was hacked and I am locked out I have tried to contact them by e main and the post office I guess I will have to get a seperare e main account from you so I can start all over with facebook also your customer service could use a operator to answer the phone I just called got no usable help
    t,j. Sheridan e7 usaf ret

  176. I have never wrote anything negative about Yahoo but I am really disappointed with yahoo finance portfolio. I use yahoo finance because it was easy to track and use but lately you guys keep cutting my portfolio listings, and have to go back and recreate it. I am trying to keep track of my stocks but it is hard to do if I have to go back and fix it.

  177. I couldnt reach my mails since 22.04.2014.
    I have changed my password but still same problem. And my friends received mails that i am in trouble but i didnt send any mails to anybody.
    please solve the problem.
    Ebru Z. Boyacioglu

  178. this isp sucks big time you cant get any help thru cust service the system keeps locking up and will not alow me to delete any contacts it has been hacked so many times im wondering if my information is ever secure with them

  179. My account was hacked & now it is locked. I can getting into my account at all. I have been in the phone for hrs & have been hung fr the system several times. What do I need to do to get customer support?

  180. I need to reset my password. You told me someone tampered with my mail therefore I need to reset. I have been unsuccessful. Please help

  181. YAHOO mail has PMS.t is one nag, or hassle, or Yahoo figuring out how to screw Mozilla, or something. So the current thing in this EMAIL account is, i am vulnerable to attack. BS! Change my password, more crap. This accoint is used to store email and is not used as a active email account. I have the sem passowrd in 4 yahoo email addresses. More, I am switched to ol classic mail, as I do not want the latest bug and BS from YAHOO who enjoys pissing off people changing email from bad to horrible. I refuse to change my password, period. Show me security breaches!!!! There are none. Glad I kept Earthlink mail for years… Never a problem. YAHOO sucks is thehtheme all over internet. What once was good, has been replaced with a wet dream of YAHOO, to make email a pain in butt! I wonder if YAHOO could make it worse.?


  183. pls this is to inform you yahoo team that i never wanted or requested that my yahoo account should be closed. i received an alert from you this morning informing me of the closure of my yahoo acoount.
    Pls i do not want my yahoo account to be close. i had never intented to close my yahoo account, if there is a problem in my account pls do not hesitate to inform me.
    thanks, christine attah a.

  184. I’m posting for my 85 year old mother that can’t login to her yahoo email account. Yahoo customer service has to be the worst ever. I have been on hold 3 times today trying to get some help and get her email back up. So far all I’ve done is sit on hold – over 30 minutes each time – only to be disconnected. What’s the problem – Yahoo?

  185. Hi I have att . and in turn I have to use you guys for my mail …. and I hate it ,just hate it, now I have to look at a blue bar up at the top of my email with dumb advertising on it . well guess what I don’t look at it and I will never click on any of the dumb add.. I don’t want to see match .com am married.. I don’t need to go on a diet… If you think people are dumb enough to click on them think again ……… you are just trying to make money .. well am not going to have att any more I am going to Comcast ….bye

  186. I do not want the attachments go direct to my PC. The system configuration is not an option so I can see and open the attachments before downloading them. Nor I ordered the option “always do this in the future” My email was configured just like that. I want to return to the previous system and I can not change the settings. Thanks for your feedback. May 02, 2014

  187. for more than a year a crooked advertiser has been sending my email contacts a message saying “Hi, I got a great deal on (name of computer or iPad) and I hope you will…blah, blah, blah.”
    the Geek Squad can’t get rid of it because site keeps changing, but told me that Google and Yahoo can stop them. I keep writing, but Yahoo HAS DONE NOTHING. and Google keeps trying to take over my site. So I want to ask you if I switch to g mail or some other provider will I also put an end to these hacker ads?

  188. My password was remembered in my iPhone until the upgrade that wiped it out. I have tried resetting my password my alternate e-mail is a work e-mail that strips the link for security reasons. I need the link sent to my other e-mail I had to set up referenced above. You can contact me via the alternate e-mail above as I cannot get into my other one. Thanks.

  189. Very disappointed in yahoo. continually having my emails blocked. cant get anyone from yahoo on the phone either. ridiculous.

  190. I need help with my password and I need somebody too call me on my cell phone real bad so I can get my yahoo password back working and y’all want answer the phone so would you please call me

  191. I need help with this real bad when I call y’all will not pick up the phone so would y’all call me thanks.

  192. I was forced to change my pass code. I didn’t remember it right. Yahoo solution was to send me an email to an address I couldn’t access. I did finally access it and an email I couldn@t reply to. What I found out is Yahoo is unreliable because you have NO customer service. I can no longer use Yahoo as my primary email account.

  193. After I’ve had this email address, why would you now don’t recognize it ?? I need to find Geico Ins. to pay a bill

  194. I used my Yahoo Email last week in the morning and everything was Ok. Latter that same day I logged in and a new screen appeared and was very confussing to use. The forewarding feature was difficult to use and I would rather have the Older Version back or access to a help screen that explains all of the new features.

  195. My email is blocked I forgot my password and its asking for security answer which I can’t remember please help me

  196. I hate the new format. It is confusing, hard to use, and way too
    many adds and distractions. I want to return to the old format.
    I agree with most of the above comment. My issues are very similar. I do not want to have to change.

  197. Hi, Finding the new e-mail format confusing, especially the sender column…is it from ME or to ME…why is the ME there? There must be some reason you did this but I don’t care for it.

  198. my account is locked on my new computer. I do not have patience to wait on your telephone line. I need help. You are awful.

  199. I have a web hosting with yahoo. Last year my credit card was stolen and I had to get a new one. In order to change it with yahoo I had to call which took hours every day only to be hung up on. Eventually I forgot and my web site went down. Now I am trying to get it back up. After two weeks if calling I finally got someone who told me a technician would call. Of course no one called and I had to start again. I’m not sure how anyone with a regular job can ever contact yahoo. After almost a week if just sitting with my phone on hold for hours , getting disconnected three days in a row I finally got a person. We were on for two hours and he got my money but said I had to get the pages back up and gave me a special number to call where he assured me I wouldn’t have to wait again. Well that was three weeks ago and now yahoo has my money and I still have no website Nd have to take hours out if my day to sit with a phone and hope I can reach someone. Of course so far I haven’t. This isn’t acceptable and if I didn’t have pages with yahoo a,ready I would just get my money back. As it is I might just redo my who,e website with someone else so I don’t have to do this anymore. I have never encountered such an unprofessional company and would never recommend it to anyone I even got a survey and when I hit the link it said sorry this link doesn’t work. I’m assuming yahoo really doesn’t want to know. I’m disgusted and want my money back

  200. I would like to know why all the videos I try to watch on yahoo news are not there. Message sorry we can no longer display . What the hell is this. Also advertisements for something and the related material has nothing to do the the ad. I may have to change search engine….Really tired of not getting what should be there……

  201. I have to log in several times. Is there a problem? I’m using foxfire for web browser is there a problem with this browser?

  202. Yahoo sucks big time.
    They send me a code to verify before letting me into my account. They rejected the code they sent me & locked me out.
    Phone contact: waited 1 1/2 hours-no one picked up
    on line: They send you in a loop

    Good bye yahoo
    Hello gmail

  203. the yahoo access has been awful lately. my email hangs for very waiting to load. i have to kill pages all the time. gmail seems to work fine. what is the issue?

  204. Had some issues logging in & getting a phone # eventually got a hold of them issue resolved quickly Thank you Bernice great customer service.

  205. As of today 5/14/14 I have had nothing but trouble for about two weeks using Yahoo’s new format. Besides hating the way my screen looks, it takes too long to send a message and to receive one; I hit SEND and it works-works-works so I have to cancel and start over. Why don’t you go back to the old format that worked?

  206. Hi I received the following message , supposedly from Yahoo is it for real :
    ” Your E-mail has won $5,000,000.00 in the Yahoo! Lottery Draws.
    To claim your prize, please contact our claims officer through the details below: ”

    Mr.Trevor Collins
    Claims Officer.Yahoo Lottery Promotions


    Full Names
    Residential Address

    Best Regards
    Angela Bradley

  207. Have no idea why, after many years of reading Yahoo! news, I cannot click back from a story and be in the same spot I left. Now, it automatically reverts back to 1-5 making it impossible to locate where I was in the

  208. Damn it. Didn’t get to finish…when I read a story, I can not go directly back to where I was–it automatically reverts back to 1-5. So, I’ve stopped reading Yahoo! news because it’s a pain to try to figure out what story was next, since they never come up in the same order anyway, and clicking through them 5 stories at a time trying to locate where you were is a ridiculous waste of time. Get I’ll have to to to MSN

  209. Worst service ever. Impossible to get a telephone number and if you are successful passing this hurdle you wait for over 30 minutes and get disconnected and start the process all over again. The reps are rude, discourteous and very unhelpful.
    Still wonder why other companies are at the top?

  210. I can’t remember my password to my personal yahoo account I have my old cell number link to the account so that’s not helping. I tried calling everyday but I can never get through can someone please help me I feel like yahoo doesn’t care.

  211. Yahoo mail is not as good as it used to be when I began using it in 2005.
    -I am not able to see how to add an attachment. That used to be obvious.
    -Sometimes sending an email takes so long that I lose the email. It is not our Internet connections since our other email address works fine.
    -Today I am unable to compose a new email because I am returned to a previous letter in drafts.
    -I am often not sure that an email I wanted in drafts is actually going there.
    It is generally more cumbersome and not as user friendly as it was a couple of years ago. I will probably give it up altogether and use another account.

  212. No puedo acceder a mi cuenta , porque me dicen q me mandaran una clave al # de telefono , q yo di’ cuando habri’ mi cuenta. Pero yo me cambie’ de direccion , pais , telf. y no puedo recibir dicha clave. Por favor denme una respuesta lo antes posible , tengo tambien esta nueva direccion de correos
    alli’ me pueden mandar cualquier mensaje ok.

  213. Aun no puedo dar mi comentario , ya q mi inquietud no ha sido resuelta hasta el momento. Luego les dejo saber ok.

  214. I think your yahoo mail sucks. I used to be able send a letter and then receive a letter it was easy to read and reply to the letter because it was there to see. Now I have to search and unhide and other unpleasant things. It used to be easy but it is horrible.

  215. Why don’y you give us the option of skiping a commercial. Every time I’m going to see a news clip this Heniken commercial pops up. I’m force to see it every time. Give us the option of skiping it.Please!!!!!!!!!!

  216. The new upgrade by Yahoo to email is absolutely horrible. I have no idea who is sending an email, who I am answering, etc. The threads are ridiculous. Bad, bad move on your part! Finding another email service.

  217. My emails will not show the correspondence. I click to open the email and see a blank screen. How can I correct this?


  218. I need my account to be unlocked so I can change my password. I forgot my password and kept trying to put in a password until I got locked out. I am on hold with yahoo Customer Care and they are taking forever to answer. I need to send emergency email so I can get on with my day. Please answer me ASAP or unlock my account ASAP so I can change my password…. Help

  219. Even though Yahoo offers free EMail accounts you’de be better off sending smoke signals.I can never get a human answer for my questions.
    Today I tried logging in as usual to my EMail account & I got this type what you see thing.If I do it correctly then it goes to the Security Question page.I answer the inquiry correctly but they claim it’s the wrong answer.Now what ????
    Yahoo is a complete failure to be of any help.I feel that I was not hacked or compromised.I believe that the corporation Yahoo is just making us jump through hoops.Why???Cause’ they can.
    I’m sure that if they’re are any humans in that company that they don’t give a sh”’ !!

  220. I don’t know what is going on with yahoo but several sites daily that I click on is unavailable or doesn’t exist! If it is news worthy have a completed page or don’t put it on the home page!




  222. The new email format Yahoo has adopted is patterned after the gmail format, which is terrible. This new format does not allow you the traditional fonts, instead we have “modern” and choose “medium, large” etc. I still haven’t found a way to underline anything.

    I do not like the “stackable” format either. This completely messed up my system for our cabin rental business. There is no “save draft” option, although it appears to save a draft if you just leave what you’re doing and go to another function.

    I think people using Yahoo mail should have a CHOICE instead of having this new and undesirable format forced on us. I’m looking for another email service as a result.

    PLEASE…either return to the former format or give us a CHOICE as to which format works best for our individual purposes!

  223. I do not want yahoo to be homepage default on my iPhone Safari. I feel this little thing that you guys put violets my choice Google as my homepage.

    I will call apple and google to resolve this Matter.

  224. Your new email application sucks. It is totally confusing. I realize you think you need to continually change things but this change is crazy. It is difficult to tell what is new email and what is older ones. I don’t need to see my replys or emails as “me” These changes were made on or around 5/21/2014. I want my old email layout back. Why don’t you give us the option of old or new?

  225. The new email format is confusing. It replicates the gmail format which I didn’t like and chose to return to Yahoo. The new format is confusing. Do not like all the “me” stuff. Not happy about the switch.

  226. marked certain items as spam……and wow……they still come up in regular emails…..EVEN after marking them SPAM a few times

  227. I’m writing this message to explain my “complete” dissatisfaction with the changes to Yahoo Email. The addition of the advertisement sponsor label is bad enough, but the removal of the selection of recipients to receive my emails is just terrible. I will be hard pressed to stay with ATT and Yahoo if you don’t change back to the way it was.
    This is B.S.
    Remember, your site must be better than Obamacare!!!

  228. The new version of email is absolutely awful. I’ll be switching to outlook immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. I HATE this new format. So hard to send email, takes forever plus all the other problems understanding the new way. Why can’t you just leave things alone and go back to the old one prior to this change.

  230. I have used yahoo as my home page for years but I am seriously considering changing to another site. You used to have news and a variety of topics. Now…all you have is articles about the Kardashians. Right now there are 6 articles about them, the Jenners or Kanye West. Do you honestly think the majority of readers give a crap about that dysfunctional group of inbreeds? Can’t you find something else to write about. What the hell makes them celebrities in the first place? If all it takes is being TRASH then there are plenty of other people you can make celebrities. Frankly I have heard all I want to hear about them. Throw them out with the rest of your garbage.

  231. We have used for our homepage & email since 1995. Now you are putting ads on the homepage that you can’t click out of. If this continues we are going to for both.
    This is ridiculous! You have to scroll 1/2 down the page to look at news, etc.

  232. I get hundreds of spam emails daily. I have tried to unsubscribe
    but response is mailer-daemon failure notice. I have tried filtering & blocking addresses without success. How can I prevent these spam messages from being sent in the first place?
    If there is not a way, how do I go about closing this yahoo account?

  233. cant login into my account cause i dont remember password. and i cant recover my password. cause the other email is the same one as i have. and the phone number is a home phone and cant receive text.

  234. I have tried for the last 3 months to login to my Yahoo E-Mail. I clicked to change my password. Every time I put in a new password it tells me the same thing … Your Password Can Not Be Part Of Your Name!!! I am NOT using any part of my name. Please help I need to get my E-Mail.

  235. Yahoo sucks how can you be a major big ass company and have the worst customer service in the history !!!Every time you call yahoo customer service no matter what time of day it is the customer call volume is extremely high , no one never gets on the phone, SO U GET NO HELP WHATS SO EVER!!

  236. Your new email format is a living hell for me. It is VERY hard to find inbound and outbound emails quickly. The linking e-mails are of no help, they make the process even more unwieldily. I realize you have made a corporate commitment to this change but really, was the previous system so bad? I use yahoo for business and pleasure and it just isn’t working for me. Is there a way I can access a “classic” yahoo page and use the previous e-mail system? Otherwise, I may need to find another resource. Thank you, DF

  237. Your new mail format is horrible … terribly confusing! Do something about this or Yahoo is “toast” as far as I am concerned!

  238. I have no idea how to talk to a live help or email help for yahoo and I am distressed that it is so hard and not available readily on my page!!!

  239. I am write you about my old email address I would like to have it back on my 2 q I forgot and I forgot my password I do my 1 q is can you send it to me on this email

  240. I have been frustrated by Yahoo customer service today. (June 4, 2014). The problem is that I cannot log into Yahoo Messenger – keep getting a network message for some reason.

    Tried all the web posted fixes – nothing worked so I tried Customer Service (or Customer non service).

    Was foolish at first – tred to use the telephone and called the 800 number. got put on hold for an hour – no response.

    So, I tried the on line chat. Got in and received messages that I was in the queue and the system was looking for a rep – waited as the clock ticked down and I moved closer to the top of the queue. First 50, then 40, then 30, then 20 something, then 11, then 7, then 6, then 5, then4, then “You are next in the queue”. Oh happy days….

    Then the message: “There is no representative available for you” – or some such crap!

    FRUSTRATED !!!!!!!

    Perhaps someone with good customer service skills at Yahoo would contact me directly to resolve my issue?


  241. I am running a small business I am using yahoo e mail my e mail is blocked I don’t know the 2nd security answer I can’t do anything I’m loosing my client yahoo can’t help me because I don’t know the second security help how can I get help I am loosing my customers it seems as if yahoo don’t care about their customers

  242. I am asking yahoo to do something about security question because most of the people when they open yahoo account or any account we went to the Internet cafe and buy that time some of us can’t operate a computer if yahoo send reset password to the internet it is difficult for some one to get acces to Internet cafe or sometimes the Internet cafe can’t operate any more please yahoo be proffesionall you are are big company why are we suffering because of your company

  243. Yahoo has demonstrated a talent for taking simple to use, clear programs and dumbing them down for an icon driven generation of semi literates to programs that are neither simple to use or functional. Yahoo mail in it’s latest versions is slow and glitch. Their Financial Portfolio program, which use to be a model of ease of use and a terrific financial tool has devolved to one that can’t dynamically display the correct portolio values…a basic function. Yahoo demonstrates daily their are much more interested in ad revenue than user functionality. Too bad to see how low the mighty have fallen.

  244. I think I may have finally had enough.

    What has happened to Yahoo? Slow, slooooow page opening, inbox all over the place, links don’t function, signing out it like trying to get out of a maximum security prison. Whatever happened to one click on ‘sign out” and you were finished.
    NO. I don’t want to update my profile. Even signing IN now takes more ducking and diving than Del Boy ever managed. Set up a new password? Why? The one I have is new.
    Yahoo mail is the only one I use. It worked seamlessly, perfectly, fast, efficient. It just worked. It no longer just works. In fact it’s become a chore.
    So unless things go back to being ‘good’ I’ll be off, and probably millions more like me.

    I’ve been on the line for like 5 minutes now, got disconnected twice, and I still have not talked to anybody about my issue. This is ridiculous!

  246. I forgot my second security answer I’m using this e mail as a source of income how can I get my e mail back all my corresponded is on this e mail address please help I’m losing business, to me it seems yahoo don’t care about its customers, how can they took so long to answer their customers

  247. I understand the importance of advertising, but the annoying Apple banner that takes up about 25% of my laptop screen needs a reduce button like the others. This ad lasts about 3-4 days before another ad replaces Apple, so I must use Bing for a few days.

  248. Get that dang Apple advertising off the top of my homepage. I want to see news and not advertising. Google may be another option if this isn’t remedied.

  249. Dear Custormer Service Yahoo,

    I would like to know whether the Yahoo News form part of the Algazira Newspaper. I don’t see any difference. You make of Israel an scape goat for all the unjustice around the world. I have the feeling that Yahoo portraits itself like the pre-war period in 1935-6-7. There is only hate against Jews and the Israeli government. Why don’t you bother about what is happening in Syria, Nigeria, India and the rest of Arab countries. Do you know that every day a young girl is sexually mutilated in some Muslim coutries find out where and put it in your news so probably these human beings can be helped out. Stop your hate diatriba against Israel and help people around the world. I assure you that the “Palestinians” have enough support from Iran, Katar, you name the rest of the countries. Where are you based? Algeria? Marocco? I would appreciate your response.

  250. I am having trouble with my password. i go to change it and it asked me were i whet ony honeymoon. i have never been married or on a honeymoon. I don’t know were they are getting thatfrom. all i need is a password. sherry

    • I am having trouble with my password I go to change it and it asked me were i went my honeymoon. i nere was married so no honeymoon. I net to fix my password. sherry

  251. TERRIBLE Customer Service!! My yahoo account has been block for more than a week, I’m tired of trying contact yahoo cust care over the phone and it is a waste of time. More than an hour on hold and nobody answer. I have made two incident reports and provided an alternative email address and I never received any answer from them. Yahoo customer care don’t care for their customers. I feel very disappointed!

  252. fire fox is not worth a dam cents i down loaded it i cant do a dam thing with it i give you all a big o not even worth a dam

  253. Cannot seem to view any of the video clips from Yahoo’s home page. Screen remains black while the time monitor shows the video playing.

  254. The ‘skinny pill’ adds are repulsive. If you don’t stop the porn type ads, I will switch email accounts. Ridiculous!

  255. I forgot my password. After calling customer service 4 times, the last time, I waited over 1 hour 34 minutes, still no answer. Why can’t Yahoo help me?

  256. I wish you guys would stop messing around with the yahoo site. The more you do, the more aggravating it is. I am thinking of changing. A Parker

  257. I wish you guys would stop messing around with the yahoo and stop trying to make it better. It keeps getting more aggravating the more you do. I’m thinking about changing. AP

  258. Yahoo home page of news is such a waste… Constant ads popping up. I can get the news in other places without the constant distraction of your useless ads.

  259. I am the secretary for my local beekeeping group. So I access their yahoo email. I tried to access the email on my ipad last nite and it REQUIRED me to give my location. This STINKS, I don’t like it, I don’t appreciate it and it makes me want to stay away from yahoo entirely. I will never use yahoo for any of my personal activities because of this. SHAME on yahoo.

  260. BEAWARE IPAD USERS! Yahoo requires you to use your location in order to access the website.

    Not good, not good not good!

  261. Yahoo is the most user-unfriendly company I have had the misfortune to deal with. It hides it’s contact details behind layers of stupidity which only return to the beginning without allowing me to contact anyone about my problems. The alatest one being made to endure non-spammable adverts for stuff I will never want & wish only to be spared this indignity. Yahoo, you are a bunch of cunts.

  262. Your email services is the pits. It is down constantly, and as a business user, I do not really care what the format looks like as long as it works.

  263. I signed up for webhosting on May 06, 2014 and paid for a year in advance. I was dissatisfied with the limitations of the service and canceled within 24 hours. Yahoo advertises 30-day money back guarantee. I have had NO luck with customer service at all. I have received nothing but a runaround for over a month now. I am extremely dissatisfied and intend to complain to the proper authorities.

  264. there is not customer service, no one answers the phone and it gives an address to email that does not exist. My problem is obviously one that needs tech support. I have been using yahoo as a homepage that detected my location but it has stopped doing that and says my location is what ever, not my real location

  265. I have had same yahoo address since I’ve owned computer. (over 20 years) Recently Yahoo request for resetting email address appears several times per day. Appears to be initiated by Yahoo. my reset efforts always shows a mlashene before my address. don’t know of any such word/person. I have tried sending emails to Yahoo of this problem for several weeks. But receive return notice each time that your address is incorrect. I have tried calling customer service almost daily for past month but always get receive apology that theres long customer wait time.

    I am at a point where I need to make a decision as to what is my next step

    • I am having the same problem and have been spending all day every day trying to get into my account. My son told me years ago to change to another, but dumb me I didn’t listen and I am almost a month without getting into my e-mail account. I am going to change, but I still want my Mail from yahoo because I do everything on yahoo, my banking , bill paying, medical,etc. now I am lost without the info I need that I have been using for over 30 or more years.

  266. Is there any way I can get my old email format back? The new format that compiles everything as a conversation is very cumbersome when trying to forward or respond to a specific message and/or make changes to the mail distribution.

  267. Hi, I forgot my password and when I ask for a new one it will be sent to my old phone number which I don’t use anymore.. Please help I need to log in to my acc ASAP…

  268. I have used y-mail since 2009 with no problem until last we’d. Can not resolve problem because you keep asking me to do things that you will not accept. How am I to resolve problem if I can not contact you.

  269. Your customer service is absolutely terrible, no way to solve a problem. I tried to call and after waiting for a very long time you asked a ? That I can not answer because that is the problem I am haveing trouble with.

  270. Livid that I have had to change my password twice in LESS than a week. I understand security procedures and do not want to change my email, however pretty sure I will be looking into another option as WAY too many issues in the last year!!!!! Just DONE beyond belief…………….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  271. I totally dislike all the changes you made to Yahoo Mail to where I’m seriously considering cancelling my email with you. I much preferred the older version.

  272. every time I go to my mail it ask for my e-mail and password My e-mail works but may password dose not I have to put a new password and I’m getting no more password.

  273. Take that DAMN popup off the top of the face page of Yahoo. I swear, I am going to go with Google if I get ticked once more!!

  274. I want my e-mail account back, I have tried calling, have had the phone up to my ear for hours, this happens every day, and you don’t even care, you will not help me get my account back whats the problem, you are costing problems with a new job interview, and you just dont care..

  275. why do you make it so hard for people who need help. i cannot send my e-mail with attachments. please help me.

  276. hello what going on why my password is not workng to get in what going on. is someone enter my password???? my password is Godisloving 3. so why you wont let me in and check my email what going on can you tell me why.

  277. what going on why you refuse to answer me back. why you dont let me read my email what going on.

  278. You bunch of Yahoos. I have been trying to get into my account forever. I do not have my ID or password. There is no way on line to fix this because you need one or the other to enter the fix. Why does Yahoo have no solutions for this, like putting your email in and having the account reset to start again. You are a communication company for God sakes. You can’t even find a solution for this small problem. I want to use my Yahoo account but you won’t let me. Now I have been on the phone for 30 minutes with no answer from anybody. Did you ever think that the phones are so backed up because your on line solutions are not available to anybody. Yahoo, get a clue and act like a communication company or Google will continue to kick you ass. Don

  279. I have tried in vain to omit the ads that appear on my Yahoo email page. I have opted out of all the places I can find. I have deleted cookies and past history. And yet the egregious ads — especially the awful casino ones — show up on the right side of the email page. Not only that, there is now an ad line at the top of the list of emails. These policies are unacceptable. I don’t want to see any ads on my email page. Please let me know how I can take them off permanently, and if I can’t, please change your obscure policies that allow them to be there despite all my deleting efforts.

  280. Really really really dislike what yahoo has done to their e-mail format. If I am trying to re-send an email, I really can’t tell what I’m sending because the entire sting of e-mails appears no matter which one I open and I have to click on “show history” just to read what I’m sending. I will probably switch to a different provider.

  281. Yahoo news page is so incredibly distorted and biased I have finally just pretty much trashed Yahoo’s trash. There is absolutely no objectivity or journalistic integrity. The latest example was “Paul Ryan goes ballistic…” well who isn’t – if Yahoo supports and endorses what happened rather than being outraged (and this should not be a liberal/conservative or Republican/Democrat issue but a concern for all citizens)than all I can say is it will eventually be you who is being stalked and then it will be too late. Again, how can you not be outraged??? Good for Ryan and others who defend and take a stand for what is right regardless of political affiliation.

  282. Very very upset how everytime I go to that i have to look at a convicted felons face that you are posting on how good looking he is. you should be ashamed of yourself! he is a scumbag convicted felon!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE FELONS!!! he is sitting in a state prison now think look at all these people who think im great!!!! why dont you post things about our solders or about how people should look for jobs instead of being on welfare. instead you make a scumbag out to be a role model!

  283. Ha Yahoo.

    I know people say anything behind their computer and you have the power to shut them down. You have allow porn comments to happen, sex affenders to say things about children and even allow people to discuss how they want to end their life. I can’t even allow my grandchildren to look up home work on yahoo without having some crazy person making commits about the subject.

    When will you take the high rode to be responsible.

  284. I am writing about the same thing as others, this new email, me mail is the worst ever. Also the sponsored spam banners over the mail boxes is an awful intrusion. I have made repeated attempts to contact YAHOO by phone, get cut off or told unable to complete the call. it is clear YAHOO does not like customers fussing about their service or products. I contacted ATT tech services who said they did not have a number for YAHOO to give to customers. A month ago I ended up talking to ATT tech and was told there were so many complaints about the sponsored spam banners they were suppose to come off. When I followed up on this, was told YAHOO had not responded to my complaint. This is probably one of the most unprofessional businesses I have ever dealth with.

  285. I use My Yahoo as my homepage and have done so for many years. I do so for one reason — it was an easy way for me to access my favorite sites through the Bookmarks feature. Then Yahoo changed that and required that I get toolbar which crowds my screen with crap that I don’t use. AND The Bookmarks function doesn’t work. Without that feature Yahoo has almost nothing that I cannot get elsewhere. It is such a pain that I have to make this change. This is not friendly to this user.

  286. I have spent a very long time trying to reach yahoo by email and phone for something that you can probably fix in just a couple mins. I was told that the phone # given to me was wrong and gave me another number and no one answered.
    When I try to compose an email or forward something-I put in the first couple letters and the email address doesn’t pop up.
    Yahoo has fixed it before. Not sure if this is the right place put hope it will be forwarded to right dept. Thanks in advance.

  287. I tried changing passwords on my yahoo email account only to have one of the most frustrating episodes of my life. No matter what I put in for a new password it was not accepted due to the system thinking that it was part of my name. I tried multiple times with to no avail. I even went so far as to make up words only to get the same result. When I called customer service the first time I got tired of being on hold after about 20 minutes. I tried to call again the next day, and after about 15 minutes of being on hold, I was asked if I would like them to call me back when an agent was available. Naturally, I did. When they did call back after about an hour, I answered the call to find out that I was already on hold again. Waited about 10 minutes before hanging up that time. Talk about something that will REALLY chap your ass, that’s it.
    For whoever it is that says the calls may be recorded for quality assurance, here are some suggestions, should this email ever make it that far:
    1. Fix whatever is wrong with the password system.
    2. When you call someone back, make DAMN sure that there is a person on your end to talk to the customer.
    3. Hire a few more people to answer the customer service line. This music SUCKS.

    One other thing, if you aren’t going to take care of these things you won’t have to worry about any others because you won’t have any customers to take care of, which means there will be a new word for the day, Board of Directors. Can you say BANKRUPTCY!!!

  288. I cannot get through to the phone I do not have your direct e-mail. I need to change my password my account is locked.
    Please contact me about unlocking my account; . Call 1(800) 730-2669

    2. Provide reference number 4016 1118 to the representative so that they may assist you faster.

    3. A representative will confirm your Yahoo username: pinkcyclamen

    When you can

    Thank you,


  289. please unblock my account i have lost much in my life because o this block issue. I am frustrated now.

  290. ok i cant use my yahoo e mail when i access it, it tells me what is your last born child nick name? i cant remember that please can someone elsewhere help me so that i can enjoy yahoo mails please?

  291. I cannot log into my email. It keeps giving me “unable to process your request at this time please try again”. Please help.

  292. I’m really feel sorry by locked my yahoo account.I was more than 10 years customer.I tried to change my passward for reset but it can’t fixes.I called five times they can’t solve the problem.please can you fotward my complain to your spacialist.Thanks

  293. I hate what you have done to my access to yahoo and aol. you placed a horrible security system and the 24/7 help line is horrible i cant do anything since i downloaded your new system please take it off i cant do anything from ant computer it says something wrong with something about browser when i never had a problem before to go to aol or gmail and wont even allow me to download

  294. Hi,

    I am having problems trying to create my account on yahoo messenger
    on the mobile and pc.

    What can I do to correct this problem?


  295. Why yahoo why! Any time there are issues with gays and lesbians you throw it on your page. Why? Do you not realize that, sorry gay and lesbian people but you are less than 1% of the nation. But let’s shove it in the face of all to rub in to those who don’t accept it nor like it nor approve of it. Here’s a thought YAHOO break out of the norm and post something the majority actually care about. But that wouldn’t be politically correct and you might miss the boat on appealing to the 1% that want to continue to shove their views in my face.My children don’t need to see that trash and that is why I will from this date forward not use your site.

  296. I should be able to decide weather or not certain news organizations show up on my feed. I don’t want any more of that biased garbage called the daily beast or huffington post.I need more control if not I will remove you as my home page and only visit to check my e mail.

  297. i’m having a problem accessing my yahoo account with the password. could you reset so that i can access my mail.

    thank in advance

  298. If the feature that allowed one to choose which topics one prefers was changed to which news sources one prefers, then it might be useful. For example, I like articles about the President. I just don’t like articles written about the President by certain media outlets like Business Week, Politico or NewsCorp.

  299. You must be getting the same complaints over and over again about the new email setup. It is a nightmare. I have overlooked important emails because of the way you are adding emails. It is completely insane. Please change the email back to what it was. Each email remained separate and easy to find. This is not user friendly and costly in time trying to find older emails. Please do something soon!

  300. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my password. Took all the steps to recover it. Yahoo tells me to call customer service. I was on hold for 20 mins before a recording came on and asked me if i would like a call back. 30 mins later i finally get a call back and am place on hold for another 45mins and counting!!!! I get better customer service at McDonalds in South East DC!

  301. I once was able to receive E-mails, and send them on, now I go to my contacts, and I’m getting people in my contacts that I don’t even know. Why does Yahoo always think they have to fix something that isn’t broke. I’m getting real close to telling Yahoo to take their business and shove it. Please contact me and lets get this resolved. P.S. I’m not happy with your service……

  302. How dare you force me into using firefox it is a disaterous system > It constantly crashes and blocks users continually. I lived in a place where the entire set up crashed and ws unavailable for months at a time . If you make me angry enough I will switch everything over to Google
    This an amazing shock to me I never suspected that Yahoo would ever do this . Why choose a system that is so bad? I am almost tempted to ask who made this decision and what were their motives for this? Is there corruption ? WHY? I am not fooling with you people get that through your heads.

    Yours in Fury


  303. Customer Care Support line is crappy! The wait time is ridiculously long. I’ve been calling for the past few days to get access to my account and still have yet to talk to a person! Your service sucks!

  304. My emails have been deleted and I did not do it. What’s going on? Some of those emails are personal and I wanted to keep all of them. This is very amateurish behavior for a supposedly professional organization like Yahoo,and this is the second time this has happened. Come people, get it together!!!

  305. Please pass this up the chain of command. I hate the “resorting” of articles on the YAHOO home page after you read an article. I keep seeing the same article multiple times after I’ve gone by it because I’ve read something. Wastes time and is very irritating. Please consider stopping that. I read less because of this practice. Thanks

  306. Dear Yahoo
    About every other month I need to send out many emails, but
    yahoo closes down my account when I do too many. How can I send a good number of emails and avoid being shut down.

    E-MAIL SERVICES INTO JUNK, DIFFICULT TO READ, AND POORLY PRESENTED. I want my Yahoo e-bay format back…… If this is not possible, I will have to go to Google — the company you already acknowledge is larger and better than you. I personally didn’t think so, but you just proved you can’t compete with intelligence. Let me know if I can have your proven format back!!!!!

  308. I’m unemployed and sending resumes out is all screwed up, there is not a tool bar with an attachment button on it. I have watched the video instructions that tell what to do but when I get to the point to add an attachment there is no tool bar above the subject name. I think changing it has made it worse. can you please help me or change me back to basic yahoo.

  309. I opened my email no problem and then it said it was to expire because I had changed my credit card . I went immediately to account information and changed to current card. I went back to email and it blocked it and said it was expired.
    I called customer service she had trouble finding my account when I asked to speak with someone else she hung up on me.


  310. PITIFUL!!! I have been on hold for over 3 hours trying to help my husband reset his password!! I have been disconnected 2X and now i have been waiting for OVER THREE HOURS!! REALLY!!! If this is how your huge corporation handles business, it is a travesty! You guys can surely afford to hire some more people for your call center if the call volume is this high!

  311. You seem to think I live in Arcadia. Therefore, everytime I open when I want a weather report, or a movie theater…you say “weather or movie in Arcadia…” I live in Valencia. I do not know how you got Arcadia out of that.
    fix this please.

  312. Your newest changes are horrible. Don’t know whose comment is above, but it is right on point. If someone responds to my “sent” I lose track of the original message and can’t easily print the original, among many other problems. I also use gmail which is far more and friendly. Just an awful, awful system. Go back to the way it was. At least it was clear.

  313. Dear Sir or Madam:
    Yesterday I contacted one of your representatives to see if there was any way to stop the flood of JUNK MAIL hitting my inbox daily.
    I was referred to Emtech who proceeded to overwhem me with pseudo problems with my computer. They charged me $149.95 for the service assuring me my junk mail problem would be solved.
    Today I have another flood of JUNK MAIL.
    I feel I’ve been RALPED-!
    Why couldn’t your represetatve simply tell me the JUNK MAIL problem couldn’t be solved-?

    Ken Harris

  314. I can’t access my account from my iPad, it’s almost two weeks. I can access my email from the computer but not my iPad. I need help.

  315. I’ve had it with yahoo. People I’ve been emailing all the time I now cannot send emails to because yahoo wants me to verify I am a real person. I verify and it still says “not sent, try again”. I try again and still not sent. Yahoo sucks!

  316. please i forget the name of my oncle i used when i was opening the acount please help me unlock my acount.

  317. I have clicked remove app for LIVE on my tool bar I want it off I did not ask for it no one at yahoo will help me get rid off it what kind of service is that

  318. I have been a fan of Yahoo and an email user for eleven years or close. The problem is that now their email sucks , it just is slow and tired. Ten I use to be able to attach documents to emails, now I am required to use drop box, that somehow shows I am signed up but in their infinite wisdom has decided not to provide a way for me to reset my password ( the one I never had thank you). Then on my Yahoo main page the news gets all jumbled, this never happened before in eleven years. Never! Go back to your old email, go back to when I could read the news, I have already without any other option set up a Google email. I think this may be the end for not just me and Yahoo, but for Yahoo, as many of my friends have the same complaints.





  320. i understand my account hass been hacked and i cant log in ,and i wanted to reset my password and you said you have have sent an email to the same adress which am failing to open so how am i going to access what you have sent since am failing to see my eails in the same account?

  321. I’m sick and tired of seeing these sponsered ads showing up in my email account, either permanently remove these sponsered ads from my account or I will permanently delete my email account which I have had for about 20 years

  322. I cannot access my mailbox. My password was recently changed but when I enter it I get the message that it does not match what you have. Then, there is the secret question which no longer applies because it was changed when I changed my password. The secret question you have was good in 2009. My password was changed in the last year. Have I been hacked? AGAIN?

  323. that’s pretty bad u have to pay to get help from yahoo. if that’s the case ill change from yahoo to something else. I cant get messenger so uninstalled it then re installed it and I still get nothing. that’s poor customer service

  324. I usually work through most changes. this one is the absolutey worst. I hate the new YAHOO email. It SUCKS!!!!! emails are grouped together as 1-2-3-4etc on the same message. the advertisements take up most of the screen, forwarding is a pain, you screwed it up. can we please go back to the old one or at least make it more like outlook with out compromising infringement rights? this new one is terrible. do you people even use the on line version of email? or do you use “Outlook” because of all of the nice things you can do. You guys must think all of us are total tech wizards, well we’re not. you would have to be someone that works at Yahoo to comprehend how to navigate and operate the new email. the only reason I use on line email is to access it wherever I go. I have been a BellSouth or Southern Bell phone communications account holder almost my whole life- 65 years +, we grew up with it. It was only natural that my email account would be too, then it changed to AT&T to Yahoo, which I adjusted to each time. but this one is the pits. Can someone explain why you made the stupid changes that you did. I’m seriously thinking of trying to figure out my Gmail, and the only reason I have that is the phone requires a Gmail account to access most stuff on it. what a bite that you force us use things that we don’t we have a hard time navigating! I really don’t expect you to answer this, you probably don’t even care about customer service or convenience. It’s big business and no one cares anymore. it’s one thing that you monitor everything said or sent, but when it comes to ease of operation you could care less. this new version, sticks,suck,stinks,sucks…etc…..

  325. Need help to cancel my local business sale or they charge me $98.97 Dollars 21 days ago and my business is not advert assign. I was recording all conversation and email send and received . Help me please today 7-17- 2017 was spending the (4) on phone wetting for help en they not answer my call.


  327. This is a non customer based company. Rotary dial service even on with a 40 mg download isp provider I rarely if ever e-mail but used their news and search services. They deactivated my account because I do not e-mail. I had the Yahoo Search bar. It is now deleted. You could not pay me to a company that just willy nilly shuts you off. I never received any kind of notice.

    A very disatisfied former customer.

  328. please i can’t access my yahoo mailfor some time now.I forgot the answer to my security settings to retrive my email address.

    I need help.

  329. PLEASE remove the sponsor links within your news area. I really liked what you did with the news section lately, but now I have to weed out the “stories” that are just trying to sell me something

  330. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I have been on hold for 50 minutes with NO RESPONSE. ALL I WANT TO DO IS RESET MY PASSWORD. Why can’t you have security questions like EVERY OTHER EMAIL PROVIDER??!!! This is ridiculous.

  331. I am having problems logging into my email whenever i put in my password its asking me for some secret code and now i can’t even get to go into my mails and i really have some important things that i needed to get and now i cant what shall i do

  332. Received a telephone call today from a party who told us that our Yahoo account was being used to send out as malware to other accounts and that they could assist us in stopping this use of our Yahoo account, we told them we are not aware of this and thinking it a scam we hung up on them.
    Please respond
    Eileen Harper

  333. the Yahoo local small business page will not let me add my business listing. whats the problem? is it my yahoo user id or my domain the msg I get is “Sorry, a problem occurred while trying to submit your business profile information. Please try again.” I been trying to add my company for days now.

  334. For days I have not been able to access my account. I have called Yahoo and have been on the phone for over 3 hours with yahoo music. Who has that time to spend on hold. I cannot access account the old number they have on my account cannot be accessed and the recovery question is not popping up on the yahoo. What else can I do to acces my account?

  335. I can’t sign in to yahoo. Can’t talk to anybody about it. Finally went to gmail. I cant login to use my fantasy baseball. Will someone help me

  336. I have been locked out of my email by yahoo. I have done everything they have asked, followed prompts, changed my password a few times and I am still locked out. I have sent emails from my work computer reporting the problem but have heard nothing back. The yahoo site tells me I have to call customer service but I have not been able to get through. Last Saturday I was on hold for 2 hours then was disconnected. I have called everyday since but can not get an actual person. There has to be a better way, this is no way to do business.

  337. right now my opinion of yahoo is mighty low – I have a simple question that requires a simple answer – everything directs me to a payment required ! and you phone wait time it crazy – what happened to bridge online thru yahoo

  338. My email was deactivated by yahoo due to inactivity, however I could not reset it and have important emails that I need or work, it is impossible to get help from Yahoo, I have sat on the phone for ever and did not get to talk to anyone, I have always used yahoo email but am now rethinking my next email account.

  339. I want to know what you have been doing to my email. Things keep being changed that I don’t want changed. Also I have not been getting all of my emails. I have to have other people send them to me. If it keeps happening I will be switching to Gmail.


  340. please note that i cannot open my mails since yesterday. browser says error in SSL certification.

    how do i continue using my yahoo account? i dont know how you can contact me for help since i dont have a mail to work on.

  341. How do I get away from the feature that collects replies to the original email and buries (or loses) the content. Foe example. I send an email, there is a reply, a reply to that, someone raises an entirely different issue that gets lost in the collection of responses. The use of “Me” in this is totally useless and confusing. I have raised this before without response.

  342. I need some help to resolve a puzzling issue. I e-mailed a person and he received the e-mail six times.
    I am also concerned about ID theft.
    I have changed my password twice since I heard Yahoo had been compromised.
    How worried should I be?
    Thanks for a place to present my concern!

  343. Really, you need help with your sign on because password is lost and you are on hold for ever. I been trying to call Yahoo customer service for several days and i have never got a live person on line. I let my phone on all night last on hold and would you believe no one ever answer the line.

  344. My email has been hacked. I went to for help. As usual with Yahoo, their computers won’t work. They sent me a “code” to my cell phone, but then will not accept the code when I put it in. After several tries they shut me out. Now I have spent 2 hours on the telephone while waiting for help on the only telephone line they have for password help, and of course with two people covering the entire world, I do not expect to get through, however, since I can not contact via email, their web page, or any other way except to wait and listen that stupid theme music play over and over and over and over and over.

    I really really really hate YAHOO right now. I would not have to use the telephone if they had people who can operate computers run their help on line.

  345. I have Yahoo as my home page and I know that by what I look at you suggest articles I might be interested in. I love animals and I love to cook. I however don’t want to read articles about eating dogs? I love all kinds of animals, but I don’t want to read about dog fighting. See pictures of mutilated pets or the horrors of animal testing. I know your computer program is picking up on the words “dog”, “cooking”, “cat”….. You should however have a little bit better screening process on why I am saying I want to see less of something. Your choices usually are things like you want to see less about animals?, cooking? Really this is the best you can do?

  346. I have spent a few hours trying to call customer service and it terminates my call after roughly 6 minutes. It keeps asking me for the 8 digit code given to me when I signed up. Well, I am an original member so I have no freakin clue what my 8 digit code is from so many years ago. I am so frustrated at this point at the inability to get someone to help me!!!! ANSWER THE FREAKIN PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. The was the most difficult account to set up. It does not tell you the problem with setting up an account.
    Terrible Terrible Terrible
    Worst customer service by far!!! 32 minutes and counting on hold with customer service.

  348. Yahoo mail is impossible. What does Me-Me mean? Very difficult to find past e-mails. Can not scroll error message file too large. Have 30 e-mails to one company and can not get in to choose an e-mail. Shoot the team that thought this e-mail system was a good idea.

  349. Can you please tell me why you have so many articles from other sites? Not able to comment on anything unless you join their site, and there are to many to do this for. Yahoo has change so many things lately and not for the good.

  350. If you don’t stop placing these large intrusive ads over my work, my everyone in my family will switch providers. I have complained about this before, and your intrusive ads just become more profuse and more intrusive.

    I use my computer to work. Get off of my screen! Again.

  351. Unable to access my mail due to it no longer being recognized as valid. It has been the same for years. Followed all online directives to no avail. Spent hours and days holding on for a person to pickup at the customer service number. Security questions were set up on 2009.I’ve tried every uncles name dead or alive and all are wrong for my favorite uncle. The second question is never asked. I don’t have a phone or another account attached. I have to have access to my e-mail for I have a great deal of information related to my profession that is crucial.

  352. I live in Dubai and have tried repeatedly to contact you as my sent box has not stored any email since the 3rd of July.
    I have tried calling the time difference is – 10 hrs
    Can your group please restore my sent items so I have a record of them.

    Your new system does not answer my question, my personal feelings is your system you had 6 months ago worked perfect.

    Kindly restore my sent itmes so I do not have to cc every important email to my work address

    Thanks in advance

    Rob Elder

  353. Can you restore my sent items since the 3rd of July I have tried repeatedly to contact you on your new system and it has not been possible

    Thanks in advance


    Rob Elder

  354. Your recent change sucks!! BIG TIME!! Most of the time I select a topic and there is no information or link leading to the information! Comments are gone for the most part! This is SO TYPICAL when a website revamps itself! Why do you ruin what worked? Makes no sense. Hate your site now. Changing to MSN. If you ever fix it, please send me an email. Otherwise, Yahoo does not exist for me!

  355. Yahoo has become unreliable as an e-mail provider. They change their system often each change seems to make it more awkward, they seems to be down several times a day, several minutes each time, and e-mail program changes make their system more difficult to use while becoming less user friendly.

  356. Your email application suck! I have never been so frustrated with anything as much as your new email site. Between things bouncing around all over the page, losing letters, blue covering my words and constantly having to do everything over and over again. I hate it!!!! Why do you feel the need to constantly change things. Just get used to something and it changes again. STOP ALREADY WITH THE CHANGES!!!!!

  357. Your Yahoo customer service system is the worst service I have ever experienced. On your phone line you keep your callers on hold for an extented period then tell them to send an email. In spite of the repeated recording that “you are important to us” your actions contradict this claim. Clearly you have no interest in your users.

    Your Yahoo online help has a number of pages to search though in order to be able to even comment or send an email. And I anticpate that even then it will be ignored or at best responded long after the user has switched to another service.

    What started this latest rant is your deletion of the access to my bookmarks. Your online service instructed me to reload the yahoo tool bar. I did now there is no entry on the toolbar for bookmarks. When questioned the system repeats the instruction to install the Yahoo tool bar. This is a classic example of an endless loop. Does anyone care at Yahoo?

    I don’t wish to be forced to transfer to another service and go through the inevitable learning to us it. But it appears you are giving me no alternative.

  358. I have just spent 30 minutes trying to renew my account with yahoo after fruitlessly trying to verify that I had change my password yesterday. Your site is hopeless. And you have just lost a customer. Why don’t you learn from google?

  359. I am unable to use the “rich text” in my e-mail…I am only able to send e-mails using the “plain text”. How do I recover the ability to use the “rich text”?

  360. I started w/Yahoo about twenty years ago and have beenvery satisfied until your latest little trick requesting my password be changed for my mail account. Major hassle. I know this makes little if any difference to you but Google here I come and hopefully thr majority of your clients will do the same.

  361. I am sick of Yahoo and all this security crap…every single time I go to log into my email, it does not take my password…EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! I do not have time for this crap and I am changing to gmail as of today..and when I try to call no one answers after an hr on the hone…This is just stupid…yahoo is not the only email address out and you sure do need better customer service!!

  362. Trying to keep my cool. Cannot access my mail or provide password required. Yahoo appears to be unreachable. I’m stymied. Any help available? Charles H. Kelley, Ph.D.

  363. I am unable to find the “TOOLS” option. I want to change the language to English. Please help with this issue. I am on vacation in Costa Rica and need English.

  364. You have changed my email format so is impossible
    for me to use at this time…just read the message b-4 mine and
    my sentiments are exactly the same!!!

  365. Your new horoscope site is horrible. It is difficult to read, not as much information and very disappointing. Last time I check it out for sure.

  366. Incident # 140809-010083….The worst customer service ever, I will never use Yahoo again.
    And don’t send me one of your stupid canned responses!!!


  368. Absolutely worthless customer service. But I am stuck with Yahoo since I cannot easily change my client list.

  369. If your program keeps asking for my mobile number I am going to cancel my acct and go to Google Mail. Please give me a button to push that says “Don’t ask me this question again”

  370. I absolutely hate your new email update! Since you’ve combined email postings, its nearly impossible to find older emails, forward singular emails, or save emails in files. The string of emails is the dumbest addition you’ve made and its nearly enough to have me switch to another service. Please change it back or at least give us the option to unbind the email strings!

  371. Every time I come to Eastern Europe, Yahoo denies me access unless I remember an 8 year old secret incantation. Just let me use my email. I’ve been here for over 6 weeks and can’t use my email. How about it!

  372. Im trying to log in to my yahoo to recover my password after someone hack into my 3facebook account and its not logibg me into yahoo omg

  373. I was on the line for a representative for 17 minutes and then I hung up. I think Yahoo is so bankrupt that can’t AFFORD to hire representatives for its customer service. Why do I use Yahoo when it sucks so bad then? The answer is I don’t! I just need the password for my old old account which I haven’t used in years, and Yahoo is so dumb (daah) that the only way for getting back my password doesn’t work for me and there’s no other way! Because Yahoo was my first email server and the email address I provided when creating my account was fake! Common, you guys could do better than that! How about me answering the security questions, etc, and get back my email account??

  374. my yahoo is blocked and i need it to fill forms in norway am from ghana.this no 18007302669 and reference no 43282755 was given to me and have tried ever since its not going through, please do open for me thank you. m

  375. you guys as far as customer service are the worst. two 12 hour lock outs now my job is in jeprody and you dont answer phone no way to contact anyone you suck

  376. They are the worst company and email there is on the internet. They violate your privacy, they break consumer laws and refuse to address any issues providing you can even email them. You can’t call it doesn’t work. If you have yahoo email take everything you need out of your account and go elsewhere, where you don’t get screwed and violated

  377. My email was compromised on or around August 11 or 12th. I changed my password and my emails was forwarded to a fake email on the 13th, on the 15th when I discovered this because I hadn’t received emails since the thirtieth, I deleted the fake email from my profile and I’m still not receiving any emails. I have been on hold trying to get through to customer service three times this past week including today and only left on hold any where from an hour to two hours still no help. Very frustrated and this is very poor service. Oh by the way if you respond I still can’t receive emails so I certainly can’t see your response.

  378. My new e-mail messages are not in BOLD Lettering as in the past, it’s very difficult to recognize what is anew e-mail from an old opened e-mail, WHY!!!

  379. to whom it may concern i am having trouble opening my yahoo
    messenger. the password i use for my yahoo mail is the one i tried to use for my yahoo messenger. i cannot get my messenger
    to open. i need some help. so hope to hear from you soon. i aslo sent my phone number for someone to call me and let me know how to solve this problem. i hope to hear for you soon thank you ]
    Sandra Ball

  380. -Yahoo

    I am constantly amused at your conservatively biased headlines and stories. Quite frankly, your stories are lackluster and one sided everytime.

  381. Good afternoon: I haven’t been able to check my email on my pc or anywhere else since last week. I totally forgot my password and yahoo has been sending it to a recovery email address to which I no longer uses. Please assist me in obtaining my password or reset it. I also have a ref# that I should use to verify myself. thanks in advance.

  382. Your website failed miserably tonight during our draft. Embarassing in 2014.
    Massive failure.
    Leaving this Fantasy carrier.

    you should be Embarassed.

  383. It makes me re-log in my password many, many times. One day (today) it made me log in 25+ time while trying to read ONE email. I have an alternate acct., that I’m going to reactivated than in NOT yahoo.
    I wish ISL had a yahoo account, there would be no hope for them.

  384. I have been a Yahoo subscriber since the mid-90’s. I h ave had the same email address for almost 25 years. i have never had the problems I have today. It is ridiculous!! I cannot get anyone on the phone for assistance. The CAPTCHED security stuff will not take my submission DESPITE know it is accurate. FRUSTRATED. After 25 years, I will be changing emails. Unbelievable.

  385. please help me ,i sign up a new iTunes account with a new yahoo mail ,but now i can’t go I’m to the yahoo account to click my mails,but i can’t use it to go in to my iTunes or App Store,i don’t know why ,i need your help,thanks

  386. Out of all search engines out there Yahoo has the WORST CUSTOMER CONTACT SUPPORT. you can NEVER reach anyone. Why have it????

  387. How do i get any help same old same old NO HELP .Can not get into my mail try ed everything can not get help.Is there some one to help me &. PLEASE HELP 83 yrs not easy to remember all the names. Try ed the phone number just keeps hanging up after i waited 30 to 45 min.Not a happy camper I need to get into my mail

  388. I’m having the same problem as everyone else. Email problem, no response from Yahoo. Have sent 2nd request. I have no email, no
    contacts, no folders. nothing. I use this as a business acct & it’s really bad that I cannot use it. If this situation doesn’t improve immediately, I will no longer be using Yahoo!!!!

  389. trying to call help desk they put classical music for long minute waiting killing my time too much waiting period can notreset my password

  390. hi good day i have a problem with my password i forgot then i try the other steps to do then there is 2 questions to answer but i forgot it pls. how to activate my yahoo mail pls help me what are the steps to do?

  391. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good Day

    I would like to thank for all services provided to all people around the world. I have received several emails informing me from different addresses pretending that they are from Yahoo services,requesting me to update my mail box to get more space through a file which has been attached ,otherwise my account will be locked .they have sent me several warning emils .Please let me know if I need to perform any action in this respect or how to be sure these emails are from Yahoo Inc.

    I ‘m looking forward to hearing from your good company.


  392. After many years of having yahoo as my home page I cannot stand the contant pop ups for your advertisements anymore and am changing to google. I am not alone but have held out longer than my friends. goodbye

  393. I have been having troouble signing in to my yahoo. It keeps saying my password is wrong. I just want to be able to sign in to my yahoo. none of the alternate emails are active and the number on it is no longer active and it wont let me do my question thing. Ive called every number i was given and i keep being put on hold for 15 minutes and no one answers… ever. Someone help

  394. Vague choices on how to complain about a problem. Vague or no choice at all. I think you hope I will get tired and go away. Makes for “Poor Customer Service,” also, I gave my own email as the alterante, how the heck did you get one of the business accounts that DOESN”T BELONG TO ME AND CANNOT BE USED TO CONTACT ME????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. Required fields were answered, you have vague choices on how to complain about a problem. Vague or no choice at all. I think you hope I will get tired and go away. Makes for “Poor Customer Service,” also, I gave my own email as the alternate, how the heck did you get one of the business accounts that DOESN”T BELONG TO ME AND CANNOT BE USED TO CONTACT ME??!!??!!??

  396. I don’t know how soon you will be able to get to read this.. However, I cannot express how inconvenient the “upgrades” to home page and mail are.. It is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible for me to view old emails that happen to contain important information.. And correspondence that involves one recipient that I try to forward to another recipient, ends up receiving all emails under that email address, even when I think I have isolated the one that needs to be sent.. This is causing much distress in that some emails are personal while others aren’t.. Hence, not all info. should be shared.. Confidentiality Rights/ in that, a blanket email that I forward out of one conversation ends up forwarding an entire set of emails to another.. How do I explain that to HIPAA?? Shall I refer them to you??

  397. I don’t know how soon you will be able to get to read this.. However, I cannot express how inconvenient the “upgrades” to home page and mail are.. It is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible for me to view old emails that happen to contain important information.. And correspondence that involves one recipient that I try to forward to another recipient, ends up receiving all emails under that email address, even when I think I have isolated the one that needs to be sent.. This is causing much distress in that some emails are personal while others aren’t.. Hence, not all info. should be shared.. Confidentiality Rights/ in that, a blanket email that I forward out of one conversation ends up forwarding an entire set of emails to another.. How do I explain that to HIPAA?? Shall I refer them to you??.. Additionally, it is NOT more convenient to have yahoo linked to smartphone.. Especially when I am sitting at my desktop to print documents.. It seems that when my phone is on, “yahoo does not respond” to my login..

  398. Yahoo support needs to get with the program. I have been on the phone for two days now with a total of 8 hours. And this is just to reset my password that will not go through and I did not change it. Get real Yahoo hire more support teams to help out.

  399. All I get is our call volume is high. It does not matter what time of day you call, you NEVER get a customer service rep.

  400. Why can’t I watch a movie preview when I click on it? When I see a movie I might like I have to go to a different screen to watch a preview instead of just clicking on the movie and watching a preview. It’s annoying and stupid.

  401. I am having a problem deleting on my email account, it does not let me delete any of my email when I want to delete in large numbers.

  402. my friend Billy Ali has an account at

    Unfortunately he has forgotten his password and the recovery email he has registered does not exist and he did not put a phone number to the account,

    He has also forgotten his security questions

    Is there anything that we could do to assist him please


  403. Dear Officer,
    I am requesting to retrieve a old mail sent to me sometime in the month of June 2012, please advise. Is Avery important mail which I accidentally deleted.
    Thank you.
    Jonathan Toh

  404. On 0810-14 I received a request to update my e-mail yahoo account. I followed the instructions which included resetting password ect. However since this date I have not been able to access my account. I would like to go back to my old e-mail contact information. I even tried phoning customer service but was put on hold for over 7mins with no response of an operator for assistance. Please send me hard copy instructions to fix this problem. “Thank You”

  405. I just got an email stating that I want Yahoo to terminate my email and I have done no such thing!!! I have forgotten my password but to change it I don’t have the option of security questions! Where is that Option so I can change my password, only has an alternate email that I no longer use and that’s it.

  406. I am getting a little upset with yahoo.mail. My husband hasn’t been able to get into his account for a few weeks now. He hasn’t changed id or password. I have tried calling the help number and get disconnected. There is no email address to contact for problems. I would like this resolved. I have tried all the online help info to no avail.

  407. I cant open my yahoo mail the one connected with my account on facebook,the facebook team told me to confirm my facebook account on yahoo mail,the problem is I forgot my id and the contact number registered on my yahoo mail is no longer active. please help

  408. I cant open my yahoo mail the one connected with my account on facebook,the facebook team told me to confirm my facebook account on yahoo mail,the problem is I forgot my id and the contact number registered on my yahoo mail is no longer active. please help

  409. One of today’s Yahoo headlines began with “a beheaded reporter’s ….” Congrat’s to Yahoo. You have become the equivalent of Fox news. Is this the best Yahoo’d writers can offer? How about showing a little respect for the reporter and his family? Tabloid trash.

  410. Yahoo issue, I would like to inform you that yahoo does not accommodate for Fiji residence as every time you put a Fiji based number it keeps on saying non valid number. Can you fix the problem yahoo!

  411. I have been trying for at least 4 days to acquire some help with our website. Finally I mananged to talk with someone who helped me although I had trouble understanding the gentleman. Now I need to change our old email to the new one so I can reset the passwd. for our website and of course there are numerous email addresses to try and phone numbers. The tech support number I tried did not respond nor could I hear the tech since the connection was so bad. How are should this be?? Evidently Yahoo wants to make certain you don’t contact them for help. What possibly could make a company cause such frustration that a customer has to have headache medication at the end of the day.
    I would so appreciate an email on how to change our email address so I can reset a website passwd. Any response. I doubt it.

  412. In reading the other comments, I see I am not alone!!
    Come on Yahoo! If you want to grow as a business, customer service ranks very high! Providing simple and correct information to customers makes them smile and pass along references to other people. Fix the problem. Care about your customers and provide simple help. I don’t want to have a headache every time I need to contact you.

  413. 2 things:

    1st: When are you going to update the Movie, Box office?

    2nd: Why have you made it so hard to make comments about movies? I hate not having any feed-back on how we the movie go’er see the films.

    Thank you.

    • Your handling of the Firefox issue was the poorest way to notify the customers. Just closing down the server to Firefox users with no advance notice or reasons for doing so shows how thoughtless you really are. Has Yahoo gotten too big. That can change just like the NFL will.

  414. I am totally and completely done with your sorry ass site. I have been with Yahoo for over 10 years and your customer service is worse than Comcast. How is that even possible? Well it’s because you have absolutely no way to contact you guys!! You lock my account and tell me I have to call your customer service to rectify it just to be hung up on after 10 minutes every time! I have tried so many time to contact you guys just to get a email back that your email no longer works. So basically you have NO customer service to help customers. Let me make this clear for you Yahoo. You’re pathetic excuse for a service.

  415. Am having lots of problems this week with won’t download correctly and I usually have to close it several times before I can view my mail. Also while waiting I keep getting the WAIT or notice that yahoo is experiencing problems. If this continues or expected to continue advice so that i can find a better browser. Also, when it finally opens up it doesn’t show items just words on left side.

  416. Hi, I can’t access my mail account I have answering the secret question, but unfortunately u guys re not linking up, u keep referring me to go to an email I have not being using for a very long time. Please I need my yahoo mail back, I have a lot of unread messages, and most importantly it’s my official email address, I am pleading to your good selves to do something asap.

  417. I have had no luck getting thru to my ymail account, no one actually returns your call, they just tell you they will call back then when they do you are put on hold for over 20 mins. I just want to be able to log onto my account and clear out all my emails. This is an extremely unreliable service.

  418. this has been my e=mail address for over 15 years and now I cannot get in today….. I call csr on hold 1 hour then the call was drop from your side I try e=mail and I got a 3rd party that wanted me to give them control of my computer you need to do a better job with csp that work for yahoo not a 3rd party please respon back so I no you are listing to my concern

  419. I would like to know why?
    Yahoo cannot come up with a way to BLOCK the Spammers from spaming me again!
    Once I identify them as spam, put them in my spam file, and then hit delete!!!
    I feel that once I do that they should NOT BE ALLOWED to keep spaming me and you!!!
    I have better things to do that to keep deleting my Spam folder every day with the same old spam messages….

  420. I have had Yahoo as my first page on all of my computers (personal and work), however, lately I’ve noticed that more than 1/2 of the “articles” are advertisements. I find it annoying and frustrating. Please stop or some of us will be forced to go to Google or MSN or…well, anything else!

  421. Emails keep disappearing for no reason. I guess it’s time to try a new email server. It would be nice to know why they disappear. It has been happening for the last couple of years but I lost 3 this week from the same person. I read them and poof they’re gone with no explanation.

  422. i been trying to reset my pw for 2months and having a difficult time doing so i tried everything and nothing is working getting a lil po because when i call customer care i get hung up on after being on hold for 30+mins i just want reset my pw why does it have to be this difficult to do it

  423. I have not been able to access my E=mail. I did re-registor cause I was hacked.I did change my password on this PC but I have been having trouble connecting to my e=mail. I tried calling but had problem with no response at the other end.

  424. Regarding Dancing w/the Stars skimpy outfits – most of the women’s outfits are questionable, but decent. I have seen less sometimes walking around the mall. Juliann’s red sequined out fit (even without the body suit is more that is worn on the beach, and she has the body for it). I parents think too out of line – do not watch or send the kids to their room for a hour. Most of the women wear some type of body suit. Parents have a choice, use it.
    — My Biggest complaint with this is that I do not twitter or face book only normal email – I had to find a way to comment on this – we shouldn’t be required to use social networking, twitter or facebook… Hopefully you will relate to this and correct the problem. Thanks for a response

  425. Regarding Dancing w/the Stars skimpy outfits – most of the women’s outfits are questionable, but decent. I have seen less sometimes walking around the mall. Juliann’s red sequined out fit (even without the body suit is more that is worn on the beach, and she has the body for it). I parents think too out of line – do not watch or send the kids to their room for a hour. Most of the women wear some type of body suit. Parents have a choice, use it.
    — My Biggest complaint with this is that I do not twitter or face book only normal email – I had to find a way to comment on this – we shouldn’t be required to use social networking, twitter or facebook… Hopefully you will relate to this and correct the problem. Thanks for a response


  427. I am a person who loves change. Always changing everything in my home, office and simple everyday life chores. But what you have done with the Yahoo home page is totally disgusting and I will no longer use it for my home page. I explored it for a long time before coming to this conclusion and find it difficult to read and follow, difficult to find things I like and overall unpleasing to the eye as well. My eyes jump all over the place as does your format. Stinks!!!! Goodbye.

  428. the word overlord is spelled overload in article Beware The ‘Cobra Effect’ — Why Some Incentives Backfire So Badly
    by Business Insider 1:37 mins
    The authors of “Freakonomics” and “Super Freakonomics” have a third book called “Think Like A Freak.” In this book, Levitt and Dubner reveal the strange way the world works, and they offer prescriptions to help change the way you think about and solve problems. They share the lesson of the “cobra effect,” where a British overload offered a cash bounty to capture the deadly snakes in colonial India. What he didn’t anticipate was how it would backfire, giving rise to a scammers’ industry of cobra farming. Correcting the problem presented a new challenge.

  429. Dear Yahoo:

    For the past week, everytime I sign into to my email account, I have to reset my password. Is there a glitch in the system? What can I do to stop this? Please help me 🙁

  430. after I click something in my yahoo mail it change to the basic mode,
    it reads you are seeing basic mail because you are using an unsupported internet browser,
    when I click where sows update your browser it only show Firefox but Firefox browser causes some of my site I belong to have virus which don’t allow my site to open but my yahoo mail came back as ok but I had to uninstall Firefox so I can use my other site’s but I back to the basic yahoo mail, can someone help because as it is I really don’t like it being a basic one I will uninstall it if I cant find out what’s wrong.

  431. I think yahoo had the worst customer service because you can’t reach anyone and they don’t
    Give you An email to write to…this makes no sense.

  432. My email was hacked. I had received an email yesterday seemingly from yahoo saying yahoo was holding my emails because I had not updated my account. Since I have been forced to update my yahoo account to the “new” yahoo (I prefer the “classic”)yahoo had given me a pretty hard time about that and held my account hostage until I chose to do so. So when I got this email yesterday, I figured it was Yahoo holding my account hostage again. Not so. Spam went out to everyone in my contacts folder. My contacts have been deleted, emails from my inbox have been deleted, my yahoo account is frozen, I am not getting any emails. I have solicited help from yahoo and have been on hold for THREE HOURS. I did fill out 4 different forms on line (one for hacking, one for deleted contacts, one for deleted messages, one for frozen account) and of course the first thing I did was change my email address. The yahoo site says it can retrieve emails and contacts depending upon how long ago they were deleted but considering I have been on hold for 3 hours I have little faith that Yahoo will get to it in time. I am so frustrated with Yahoo and the situation.

  433. I have subscribed to Yahoo Mail for years and the sign in process has become worse almost on a daily basis. I am at the point of abandoning Yahoo for another service. Each time I try to sign in I am told something is wrong. I go through the laborious process of changing my password and am congratulated on doing so but the next time I try to sign in it tells me it is wrong. I go through the whole process again and the same thing happens. I am sick and tired of this. Either get your system working right or I am out of Yahoo forever.

  434. For the second time I shut down my computer and had a hard time logging into my e-mail. Now I’ve lost my contact list. Jeez – when you “update” it sends my computer into a tail spin! Thankfully I still have my iphone with the contacts in it!

  435. In reading the comments (some) above it seems I’m not the only one having this problem! Common folks at Yahoo – your the technical people – FIX THESE PROBLEMS!

  436. why can’t I sign in to my yahoo email with out going through changing my ass word I don’t want to change my pass word

  437. Dear Yahoo, please stop sending me notifications to my comments on your news stories. It’s too hard to navigate to them after one or two minutes and multiple comments, your site should be able to auto locate replies but you have to wade through thousands to even find the reply if you CAN find it. I’ve not had much success locating the replies. I’m not going to comment on anymore for that reason plus there’s too much name-calling and profanity from those that disagree with my point of view. Liberals are the nastiest people on the planet, when they don’t have an argument, they just start name-calling and seem to be incapable of having an intelligent conversation. Donald

  438. I think I need to try another service, I’ve had Yahoo as a home page for about 15yrs. and the spam doesn’t work right, I identify spam but keep getting spam from same places, CONTINUOUSLY! Once upon a time I didn’t get much, but now it seems to be about ALL I get. Plus, when commenting on news articles you send me bunches of notices that someone has replied but after the first few minutes, it’s very difficult to find and most of the time I CAN’T find the replies. I think I’ll try Google.

  439. i forget my password in my trying to reset it the cord was not sent on time to my phone and i cancel it to try again i was told that i have to contact yahoo customer care before i can do any thing on my id

  440. what the heck is wrong with yahoo? if i put in the wrong pw couple times it leads to that put in the correct code below thing and i do put in the right letters and numbers and no matter how many times i do it, it tells me its the wrong code.! so frustrating. Now i have to wait until i can check my email..

  441. you have the worst customer service ever! I have been on hold for over and hour to deal with a major security issue regarding my email. Absolutely miserable! I will be converting all of my services to google. nothing works on their password reset site, can’t get any verifications correct – even when the audio is played, won’t allow online resets and the list of issues goes on!

  442. I already sent an comment, but I forgot to say that I have no access to Yahoo because yahoo is not recognizing any password so you have to call me or send an Email through

  443. I already sent an comment, but I forgot to say that I have no access to Yahoo because yahoo is not recognizing any password so you have to call me or send an Email through

  444. When did Yahoo turn convert from a non-biased source for information into a left wing propaganda machine?!?

    Can’t tell you how annoying it is to see the Huffington Post nonsense on front page every day. I’m not asking for FoxNews, but geez can we get some stories from both sides?

    Makes a guy want to change his email address…. gmail account is starting to look appealing!

  445. Worst customer service on the planet. Tried for 3 days now to call their service center. Since AT&T password/account merge my life has been a nightmare!!! I’m told by ATT that I can unbundle my email account but I have to log onto my Yahoo account. Yea, been trying for weeks now. These guys are the worst!

  446. Question – Why do you even post videos on your articles? Literally 9 times out of 10 when you try to watch the video an error message pops up saying “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your internet connection or try reloading the video. Otherwise, check out one of these related videos:”. I work front desk at a hotel, there is nothing wrong with our internet or its connection. On top of this frustration your advertisements before each video always work. And i mean ALWAYS. So your telling me that a useless advertisement telling me what car i should buy will work 100% of the time but the main video for the article that im actually interested in wont? What is going on? And i notice its mostly important videos that are being blocked, or as you say “technical difficulties”. Especially videos that might hurt the image of a certain company or person or our government. But when it comes to stupid cat videos or mindless movie jargon, oh those work fine. I go to yahoo every day and get my daily dose of news only because i have an email account with you. But for the longest time now you have been nothing but an aggravation, even with your new look (which by the way, not so great) you cant get a simple video connection up? Come on, seriously? I don’t know what you guys are doing but your not doing it right.

  447. Hi,
    I have a problem signing into the aforesaid yahoo account. Whenever I’m trying to login to my above mentioned account, its showing that either I’d or pwd’s incorrect,I changed my pwd 4-5 times when this happened. And again when I’m trying to log in,its the same problem again. pls help me overcome this problem forever.
    Thanks & regards,

  448. I was wanting to know what my password was so I can change it… and I cant do that untill I get the password I cant log on

  449. Hello Yahoo,

    On September 13, 2014 I placed an order with wwe back and they billed my card for $8.86 on on the 23rd and I never did receive my order. I e-mailed them and told them to cancel my order and I asked them for a refund. I received an e-mail from Yahoo asking me to evaluate this company pertaining to my order. I’ve completed your survey, and have e-mailed you about this many times without ever receiving any contact from you.
    I just went on to your website and found this contact information:

    Contacting Yahoo Customer Service Center

    Yahoo could be considered the second fiddle to Google in terms of Internet properties and ad integration. While Yahoo is a huge company they are nowhere close to the size of Google and they offer fewer customer service opportunities. With that said, we were able to find customer service contact numbers more quickly on Yahoo than Google because Google and associated Google properties have a tendency to push customers into a peer-guided forum or FAQs section to get lost before offering a phone number as a means of customer service.

    Is this some kind of a joke???
    I called this phone number and it is no help at all, it’s just a run around.
    Is this how you take care of customers at Yahoo?

  450. I find it very frustrating when scrolling the home page to repeatedly see the same news info time and again. For instant the Hillary story about the heckler was repeated twice, the story about the Princes of England and much more. Why is the same story line repeated over and over again. It is so unnecessary and takes forever to get to the bottom of the page.

  451. just to let you know… I hate the new yahoo home page… Is this a joke or what. Why would you design such an non user friendly home page. How do I get yahoo classic homepage back?

  452. I tried to find yahoo customer service for help, but i cannot find it.Therefore i use this forum to voice my comment.

    I have a problem with my password yahoo email.I tried to settled it on line , but failed . I was asked to contack yahoo customer service ( massage in computer ) Please help me to settled and solve this problem.

    Thank you

  453. i tried to find yahoo customerService Centre , but i cannot find it. There for i use this forum to voice my comment.

    I have a problem with my password ID ( cannot get )I tried to settled it on line but failed .I was told to contack Yahoo Customer Service Centre (computer massage).

    Please help me to solve this problem.

    Thank you

  454. Pliz whoever is resposible cud you remove this security yhing on my acc..cant remember nick name for my daughter that i gave ..

  455. I would like to know when this constantly changing my password is going to stop. You have made me change it 10 times this year. I think it is totally unnecessary and a big pain in my —. Who can anyone remember their password when they change it that much. I have two other accounts I had to change once. Why this account Please stop making me change it all the time.

  456. The new banner page I’m getting for YAHOO sucks.

    It is not attractive poorly designed and will probably lead to my change of my home page. Maybe you should hire a designer with a little bit of style and imagination.

  457. Do not post adds for upgrading my email any longer. Especially when they obstruct me from checking my email. Email is the only use i have for yahoo. If I wanted all the other junk, I’d get a fakebook. If all the extra junk continues, I’ll have no problem getting another email.

  458. For two nights in a row you clowns have blocked me from my email account with a cluster of advertisements. I have a hard enough time trying to utilize this medium without some smartass computer nerd making life difficult for me. Please, please, please . . . pretty please, just let me use my account with the simple password I can remember. I don’t own a damn cell phone — I don’t intend to own a damn cell phone. They’re a damn nuisance and really damn dangerous when you use one while you try to operate a motor vehicle. I don’t want to sign up with Publisher’s Clearing House — they’re a bunch of damn crooks — don’t want to have anything to do with any stinking fantasy sports leagues. If I want something more than I am already receiving from my email account, I will ask you for assistance. In the meantime, please let an old Vietnam-era veteran use this medium at HIS comfort level, not YOURS!

  459. Unable to access Yahoo account which has been established 8 years ago – the secret question/answer does not sync with the correct information and access password is blocked, though it was NOT changed recently. Unable to access anyone in customer service – please advise.

  460. I hate, hate, hate your updates and cannot believe after loving your services that you have made it much harder for me to access my emails and all the “updates and histories” that you think that you have given me a better product.

    The fact is that your new method with all the “history” may have been a good thing in your minds but it sucks If I deemed a communication important, your service gave me the option of creating a folder and placing it there when I wanted to review story of itt there. I put the messages that I deemed important into a folder. If it was’t important, it was deleted it didn’t carry forward. But this is irrelivant to the changes to the whole website. I am old school but with be totally reviewing my choice of internet providers because now I hate yours and will be changing my internet provider unless you will consider going back to your “old school” selection’ Do not provide me with any other options; I was fine with your old owns.

  461. I need help resetting my password. The email accounts I have in file is no longer valid so I’m unable to get the email to reset. I do have access in my iPhone to my account, however I need to upgrade my phone but need to reset my password before doing this. I have call 1800-318-0612 for two weeks now but still no answer.

    Can someone help me please??????


  462. Dear sir,
    i unable to login yahoo mail on my mobile, because i was changed settings to not open with other. i able to open my mail at my laptop and pc. but i unable to open on Mobile.
    please write soon. what settings can i change to check mail on my mobile?
    thanking you.

  463. Your previous email site worked great. I could look at many more emails at one glance and delete as needed. This so-called new email that Yahoo has forced us to use is 100% busier to glance at, more awkward to use and altogether off-putting. I may decide to use another site that’s user friendly. I don’t understand what your point was in changing and is forcing me to go to a new email site that may end up replacing Yahoo.

  464. ridiculous service it’s been 2 days and i’ve tried every way and my email is still not availble not right and then i’m calling way before your open and there’s allready a high call volume try on line help nothing at all no help from yahoo is that the way you treat your customers

    • Yahoo used to be a good service, I have had it for years.. but it seems like since that new CEO was hired to make money for yahoo it has been screwed up…..seems like they screw with it all the time. Lots of people are complaining about trouble with it… My brother in law deleted it completely.

  465. I have clicked on every possible link to find customer service email, and still can not find an actual email to ask about why I can not get ads to stop showing up in my email. I have opted out of everything I can think of and still get unwanted ads in my email, can someone please tell me how to get them to stop

  466. Pulse yahoo help us when we forget our passwords and security questions we find it hard to excess up to now I can not excess my acc and no help ever since i sent in an email plse

  467. I have be having trouble for two months now accessing my yahoo mail account! I just updated yahoo, it keeps booting me out! I now have to go through Safari to get my mail! Please fix!

  468. I m in India from canada. right now.ican not open my email . I can not use my cell which is with Canada area code. Can us end me verification code on my cell from India right now.


  469. mi comentario es el siguiente, si estoy un dia o dos dias a mis emails cuando hago el login de Password me lo rechaza no se que esta pasando, pero no le dan un break a una para volver de Nuevo.

    Me enviaron el yahoo password change verification code que es el 61956 y cuando lo entro you know what yahoo says that’s not the wright code number. I would like to know what is happening, I CAN NOT OPEN MY MAIL. THANKS







  471. When I made my email adress with Yahoo I didn’t know your conmpany was a left wing liberal news organizion. I am consider changing by email address because of this. Why don’t you have a balance news service

    • Good for you brother, I agree 100%. Seems like Yahoo has turned into a liberal hack instead of a good internet provider.

  472. We have been charged twice (once in May once in August) and have no idea as to why. I’ve been waiting on hold for 2+ hours. The hold music is going to send me to an early grave.

  473. I’ve had this email for as long as I have been on the computer -years but I am tired of yahoo being out of service so often. I’ve tried to contact them by phone, I’ve never gotten them and felt like I was growing old waiting. I am hoping I will get a response from them this way. Do I need to get and email address from someone else. maybe yahoo has become unreliable.

  474. I have used yahoo mail for several years and it used to work great. But now it is more trouble than it is worth. I keep getting this message when I try to log in.

    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.
    Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you’re having trouble locating a destination on Yahoo!, try visiting the Yahoo! home page or look through a list of Yahoo!’s online services. Also, you may find what you’re looking for if you try searching below.
    • advanced search
    • most popular
    Please try Yahoo! Help Central if you need more assistance.

    Some times it works perfect.. then all of a sudden I get the above message and I cant get into my mail account. dennis vance

  475. Since yahoo mail has done changes,,I cannot get into my mail, I am totally fed-up yahoo mail…
    What are they doing to correct all the problems?

  476. Sir I have the problem to endorse password ,may be some one other will be trying to endorse wrong pass ward,so I am watching the message to contact ,customer service center.
    due to this problem I could not read your reply.
    hence I will remain than ful if you reply me through sms
    either provide me contact no in pakistan.

  477. Pls yahoo help me, i can’t enter to my mail, it is blocked because about 1 month ago i was creating this acount and i enter mistake country code, so i can not enter to my mail, actually yahoo send a code to my wrong mobail nnumber and i can not receive this code, please help me. i really need to open my email box. Thanks.

  478. my password is not working neither is my security question answer. Please help been almost 2 weeks and trying to call yahoo is a joke stayed on hold for two and a half hours just to be hung up on twice. I will lose all my contacts and saved emails that I really need.

  479. I really don’t like the (new) news format that you have. When the viewer has to scroll vertically, it seems as though Yahoo! is determining for the reader which subjects are the most important (top to bottom). After reading 5 or so, I’m done! When the reader scrolls horizontally, he/she chooses which best interests him/her.

    I hope you go back to the previous scrolling method.


  480. Dear administrator,
    I have been using Yahoo mail for about 20 years. It has never been so bad as it is now. The technical difficulties become constant and send/receive an E-mail become a challenge 7/24/365. I am wondering if Yahoo is trying to drive the users away? I hope the problems really need immediate attention and make the Yahoo mail usable again. Now it is so junky and barely usable.
    Shaobo Zhang

  481. I’d like to comment on some of the news stories that yahoo allows to be posted and featured. My children who are very young use yahoo as a search engine and to see words like “f***” in headlines or some stories that are outwardly racist with no purpose in their content but to spread racist propaganda is offensive. Yes, 7 year olds can read. I understand the Internet is not regulated, but I feel there should be some judgement used in what is posted other than plain ole money. After all, I don’t think yahoo would post things written by Hitler… So why post stories by people who are trying to become like him?

  482. What is wrong with Yahoo mail lately!?!?! Getting really sick and tired of all the problems loading. Every day for the last week it’s been “experiencing technical difficulties, our engineers are working hard to fix it” GET SOME NEW ENGINEERS!! Do something or I’m switching to gmail! This is total BS. And quit changing the news format! It’s awful and no one likes it!!

  483. When do you plan on fixing my Yahoo Email? It is FREQUENTLY NOT WORKING, and there are signs coming up indicating a YAHOO PROBLEM!!! Very, Very Annoying!

  484. you ruined a perfectly good email and screwed it up for EVERYONE, not just hackers. you had to make everything difficult for everyone else, too….I can’t f=get into my yahoo account AT ALL. You suck now. Never again will I touch your site or recommend it. you want a code to “confirm” its my account. I don’t have a mobile phone but it looks as if you don’t care you want us to have a cell come hell or high water or else I=we can’t have an account. just who the hell do you think you are to tell us to have a cell phone or else we can’t have an account?! I CANT GET IN IT even if my password is correct. by the time I’ve gotten through, I must have 5 to 6 different passages before- too ridiculous. hope you guys go under.

  485. hi! I got locked for the due to several attempts in accessing my account using a wrong password. when I tried to reset it a day after this is what I get. Description: The server “” closed the connection before the transaction was completed. how can I recover my account back? I’ve been trying to contact yahoo customer service but it only takes me forever to get a representative. hope this will help!

  486. what is happening ..I can t get my mail..tried calling on phone n get disconnected after holding for a long while..tried to reset my number and password N CAN NOT FIND MY PREVIOUS MAIL..HELP…now I am told I am posting too fast n have to slow down ?????

  487. Issue with ret. emails, continually states Problem and Sorry cant sent or attach doc’s to emails, has been going on for over 2 hrs. Signing on is very slow, shouldn’t take 3-4 mins to retr. emails.

  488. I am sick and tired of when attempting to print a sales confirmation or invoice to have it 1/2 covered by one of your g.d. ads! Do you think I would patronize the merchant in this ad? I never had this problem with Windows XP. WINDOWS 8 SUCKS!

  489. How do you get through to yahoo and fix getting into your eMail? They do not answer and when they call back, I had the phone on for three hours and they did not do anything except play music to sick me.

  490. When I click on emails received in my inbox, message appears saying Sorry there was an error while loading this message. I am not able to open my email messages please help.

  491. I am not able to open my email messages. It says there was error while loading this page. Please resolve my problem ASAP.

  492. Dear Sirs,

    I have a problem and I am not sure who can help me. I relocated from Spain to the netherlans and i have consquently changed my mobile phone. No I forgot my password of th email and I don not know how to recover my password.

  493. Those other 800 numbers are no longer “supported”, but the new 800 number for Customer Care is 1-800-318-0612. I’ve tried several times, and their initial message always says they are experiencing a high call volume. I’ve been on hold several times and then get the automated message saying please go to: and then the line goes dead. It seems to me that you will not ever get a “live” human

  494. I have not forgotten my password but why was my logging in doubted leading to security queries. I don’t exactly remember what nickname I gave to my youngest child, whether it was wadani or wadanidani. Can I not be asked another security query to verify I am the account user? I have not forgotten my password. I am on business visit in China and locking my account for 12 hours will do me harm.Kuteli

  495. Dear Yahoo team, i writing to inform you that since on last week i have not been able to to access my mail. i have tried all options i can but all to no avail. i even use my phone number yet you did not send me any code but a complain that there is a technical issue with your system. please do me the favour by open the mail back for me thanks. tina bassey

  496. I am sick and tired of the advertising. It slows everything to a snail’s pace and is very frustrating. When I want to view a particular news article, that is all I want. Not some bimbo trying to sell something. Ease up. It has gotten totally out of hand. I am to the point that whenever I am preempted by a commercial, I just turn off the website.

  497. Yahoo mail sucks!
    And there is no such thing as Yahoo customer service.
    They are constantly “expecting technical difficulties.”
    I wish I had know this before setting up email.
    Hopefully people will spread the bad word.

  498. I have had my yahoo account since 2000. With the most recent updates…. I can not find a button to reply or to forward an email.

    Yahoo used to be simple to navigate. Not any more. I am ready to abandon this account and look for a more stable platform.

    It was also virtually impossible to find a way to contact Yahoo inside the mail system. I had to go to the “internet” and search for this comment page. That’s how much they care.

  499. Showing a seal raping a penguin is a new low, even for Yahoo. Its disgusting, and I wish there was a way to get to my e-mail without all the crap you put on there. I may need to look at changing over my accounts.


  500. My account was hacked and I have not neen able to used it since. They changed my info, gave another email to be contacted at, sent letter requesting money in the thousands from my contacts, etc I have not been able to use it since and Yahoo has not even responsed to me even though I gave them another emaill address to contact me. I have written thru the website but nothing. I called, never received any contact. email address no good period. Tried several suggestions on website.

  501. this is the WORST email/customer service i have experienced. i have been on hold for almost 2 hours, this is my new work email, so i have no choice, i must get into it for a last time, and when and if i ever do, it will be for the last time and i will go back to outlook. the worst part about it, is, i DO have the correct password , i wrote it down, but yahoo will not acknowledge that it is correct and let me in my mail. there is no word ……..

  502. Like many on here I have the sane problems. Was told to contact customer service for security reasons. Called and my call was never answered. This has been going on for a week. What is going on, is there no customers care? Need to get with the program. Really alot if unhappy people here.

  503. I needed some serious help with my yahoo e mail. The 1 800 numbers were not in service. I searched around the web for help from Yahoo and got zip.

    It was easier to change to another provider. As soon as I can shift my Yahoo mail accounts it’s good bye Yahoo. Lousy help service when I seriously needed help

    Disgruntled, Fed Up Fouled Up and Far Away From Home

  504. The service interruptions are becoming a serious problem. Please straighten out whatever the problem is. And let your customers know what is going on.

  505. Yahoo finance continues to post a stock symbol of TEMN. This symbol was changed to DKTS. How long does it take for you all to update your site?

  506. I am able to open my email for the past month and every time I enter my pass word they say it is it is block . I try to call with the number you have on your customer service but it is not working. They also ask for my phone number when I tap in in the said they said it don’t match . can you sort it out as I need to sort my email out as I have some important email to in my box . Verona Leronah Gayle that the name I recent up my to I have this email for over 10 years now. yours

  507. i need help with my password i forgot it all i get locked out of my account then a 800# to call when i call i’m on hold for few minutes then disconnected.. really yahoo needs better customer service and help us out an answer the phone how many peopole work there???

  508. You need to stop posting so many stories that are racist against us whites. Most of these are lies about white people made up from blacks. You have two choices. Keep feeding the public with your racist views, or I get my lawyer to sue you over slander to our race. Mike Brown was a criminal who got what he wanted in life. Lets stop hearing how he was shot by who? a white guy. He was shot by a cop for fighting a cop. That is not unarmed. Slander our good name we set up for our race again, and I will get this rolling on into a court room.

  509. I am locked out of my account and I keep getting a message that says that I can’t be unlocked online and to contact customer service……3 days later I am still trying to get ahold of customer service to no avail!!!! I want to have access to my mail folders, because of this difficulty I will be changing my email address to Google, however, these folders are important to my business and I need them. Any ideas of how to get ahold of yahoo customer service?

  510. Im trying to sign in to my account but its asking me for security question which I don’t remember. I’ve been locked out and don’t know how to access my account through internet. I have my email open through my mobile but not through internet browser. HELP

  511. I want Yahoo completely OFF my internet services, on all my computers. I have tried all the suggestions to get rid of this menace. I was interested in a saver service which is how I ended up with this horrible situation. I showed as “powered by Yahoo”, and even when I went and deleted the plug in for the saver site, I STILL have yahoo popping up when I open a new tab!!!!! I am IRATE!!! I have tried and tried to delete all things Yahoo. It does not show up in my programs to delete there. I have used the options settings to fix my home page (which was also launching Yahoo page) I cannot find anything on the page to “unsubscribe or delete” Yahoo. This is absolutely the worst “legitimate” business I have ever dealt with. I want a simple way to rid myself of Yahoo NOW. I’m am also notifying the BBB and the FCC over this issue. I have had ENOUGH!!!

  512. My yahoo account unable to open its very old mail I want it back password, security question I don’t remember I think it was hacked my another mail I’d Agnes such and rank

  513. Supposed to be progressing???????

    It’s a farse, indeed!

    Can’t access anything on YAHOO MAIL!

    WHAT to do if a person has no CELLPHONE????????????

  514. How come I am directed to on some news stories, but the storie never comes up with hsrd. I use IE and yahoo is set ss my home page.I will stop using yahoo and also email att.


  515. Thank you for the warning about my e-mail account as one of my friends email was hacked and you stopped mine from the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  516. Received an email from yahoo saying someone from Turkey has been trying to access my email…is that fraud email itself, or it was a legitimate email from yahoo?

  517. Extremely frustrated with yahoo’s serious lack of customer service! unable to access my e-mail
    through safari or google. no response from any phone numbers provided. apparently no one at yahoo
    cares to hear about problems.

  518. This is the second time I’ve been locked out of my email with no way to re-enter for 24 hours. Yahoo provides a customer service number but no one ever answers. I’ve been on hold for OVER 45 MINUTES…and still no one answers. I’ve searched around for a way to contact them via email to no avail, either. In the process, I’ve found many other posts and inquiries from people trying to figure out how to contact them without having to resort to sending a letter through the U.S. Mail. Clearly, they don’t put their money into customer support!

  519. I have been trying to access my e-mail. I just got a new computer and have been unable to access the yahoo website. it does not accept my username which I have used for the past ten years I really do not want to change it, it claims it is not a good username. then I would have to start over again. Tried to get help but they are charging me extra to get information. I just paid a thousand dollars for this pos, when does the bleeding stop. I do not know if you are unable to help or not. but I never have had so much trouble with yahoo until now. Whats up?

  520. Well this is great.
    I just got a new phone # and I KNOW MY PASSWORD but I’m overseas at the moment and Yahoo! won’t let me access my account to change my details because it insists when I sign in with the right password it sends a text to my OLD phone # and I cannot find where the hell to contact someone. I can still get my email via my new phone and read it, I just can’t change my details or log on through a browser- which I need to do. This sucks. LOCKED OUT BY MY SECURITY SYSTEM.

  521. Good day,

    i am unable to access my yahoo account from my PC it states that my account might have been hacked and now i need to know how i can prevent it or change my particulars inorder to access my account from a PC. this is a huge problem for me as i cannot work from my account. i have tried changing my password but that has not helped me to get into my account via a PC, i need advice as to how i can make this work urgently please or is there someone that i can contact in South Africa – Cape town that would be able to assist me urgently please.


  522. Used Yahoo for years. Finally needed to contact them for something. I was completely floored that there is no legitimate, easy way to contact them for even easy questions. Not even a $%$#’ing email. I will be dropping yahoo and do everything in my power to get people to dump them due to their unbelievably horrible customer service.

  523. I have now been on this computer/phone for the past 45 minuets in an attempt to get to customer service to ask that they please writ a letter to my bank, telling them they erred in refunding a payment, and as a result the bank charged me an over draft fee of $33. oo and $5.00 a day for two days.They withdrew funds from my bank, and refunded to my PayPal account which I was unaware of.
    Bank informed me that if Yahoo would write a letter, stating they erred, then the funds would be put back into my account.
    May not seem like much money to anyone else, but when all you get is social security, it’s a big deal.
    I am still unable to contact anyone at Yahoo to talk with a live person regarding this issue.
    If by a small chance that someone is actually reading this, would you be good enough to pass this along so someone can reach me?
    Or just have them write the letter.
    This is so very frustrating and I consider it a waste of my valuable time and energy.

  524. Get rid of


    Interesting tags but then I get pulled into SLOOOOOOOOOOw

    you better than than

  525. I have been on yahoo for along time now. You have send me notices about your policy and I wonder if you send them to others. I also wonder if you too hate blacks ?? I have not seem anything good said about us on here only the bad… WHY ????

  526. yahoo does repond to my emails there phone system sucks on hold for 4 hours there hacking into my email and no reponds from them

  527. Yahoo has the worst possible reputation as a news outlet, katie couric or not. the garbage that spreads across my home page, mostly celebrity nonsense, gets skipped. Now, you think im going to let you force me to watch a commercial to listen to Kourice make WORLD NEWS interviewing some guy who had the hots for a teen girl? never happen. I rate you as the slimiest news outlet on the planet.

  528. What have you done to the email account.
    All kinds of return crap in my in box.
    I have to negotiate all around to get something that should be very simple to find and/or do.
    Go back to your more simple format.
    This present format is TERRIBLE.

  529. Horrible! That pretty much sums up the “yahoo experience! Did they get there techy people from junior high school? So many issues and bugs its got to be embarrassing for them! GEESH!

  530. I cannot publish my website. Yahoo has either blocked or changed my password. I can’t contact anyone at Yahoo. They refuse to take phone calls this is ridulous. How is a person suppose to get help with their site builder????

  531. I have a maintenance program that only works with port 25. I have been looking for a contact number for Yahoo Tec support to see if I can have this port un-blocked on my IP address. I paid a lot of money for this maintenance program and cant use it because Yahoo is blocking this port.

  532. Team Corporation – Right Copyright. Republica Panama Avenue 390 – Chiclayo – Lambayeque.
    This in an Advertisement, To be removed from this email list please go to site.

    I cannot delete this or put in my blocked emails…I have sent a reply but is not delivered…Will not allow me to unsubscribe..