Contact XM Radio Customer Service

Contacting XM Radio Customer Service Center

XM Radio used to be in competition with Sirius radio. Eventually XM folded and Sirius purchased XM Radio and created Sirius XM. If you have an XM radio it is not a defunct product. Sirius maintains support for the radio and programming options are available to customers. If you have an XM Radio and you need customer service care, you will find all the information you need on the Sirius website. All customer care for XM Radio is now handled by Sirius customer agents.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer care department for XM Radio is available by phone, but the hours for customer care are not published.

Customer Care: 1-866-635-2349

Mailing Address

Some customers, artists and music agents prefer to send physical letters, documents or packages to XM Radio. All physical mail should be sent to:

SiriusXM1221 Avenues of the AmericasNew York, NY 10020

If your communication is intended for the customer care department, mark your letter with Attn: Customer Care. Likewise, if you want to be included on XM Radio programming, send your letter to Attn: Music Programming Department.

Official Website

If you’re interested in learning more about the XM Radio takeover, Sirius radio or packages for customers with XM Radio equipment, you can access that on the official website at Customers can log in to their XM Radio account and manage subscriptions, make payments and more.

Social media is another good way to contact customer service. XM Radio customer service is available through the Sirius Facebook account.

Customer Service Email

You won’t find a customer service email for XM Radio, but you will find a contact form This form is available for current and potential subscribers to send communication to a customer care representative. You should never send financial information for payments, including banking information or credit card numbers via email. We decided to send along an email to see how long it takes for customer service, or Listener Care as XM Radio likes to term it, to respond to our email.

Our Experience

The customer service phone number for XM Radio is voice-activated. The recording asks for the phone number associated with the account. If you don’t have an account you can say new customer. We tried to move through the system as quickly as possible, so we pressed 0, but the automated system caught us with another round of questions. We pressed 0 again and a third set of questions started. Finally, after pressing 0 a third time our call was answered by a pleasant customer service representative.

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5 Comments on “Contact XM Radio Customer Service
  1. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I canceled my service after 8 years due to the poor service & incompetent people manning their service desk. This took me nearly an hour & two phone calls accomplish. Don’t ask for a supervisor since this results in being placed on hold for 10 minutes & then the phone disconnects. They do not care that they are wasting your time while stealing your money. I paid for a years service to have turned off after 3 months, then they tried to charge me to activate the service again renew at a higher rate. They took me for $60 for 3 months of service which equates to being a theif. Save yourself trouble by not waste time & money with them.

  2. I spoke with 2 separate people in listner care for over one hour to no avail and with absolutely no resolution of my problem.It was only when I spoke with Manuel Ferrusino that my issues were quickly and efficiently resolved.He deserves to be highly considered by Sirius.

  3. horrible customer service. Called to ad app to iphone; got a lot of run around Later got email saying I owed money from January. After another 1/2 hour on phone reps found it to be their error.

  4. I had to call Sirius radio about switching old car account to a new car account. I spoke with Ms. Mehgan (front line rep) and just want to say she was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. She provided great customer service and made you feel like a valued customer. She is truly an asset to the Sirius company

  5. I can not explain how frustrated I am with XM radio customer service. I traded in a car that had existing XM service. I purchased a new Mazda that comes with 4 months of XM radio service. I wanted to add the remaining portiion of my truck to the new car. I spent over 50 minutes with 2 people to no avail. I own 3 cars and I have all access service. At the completion of my contracts I am no longer going to use XM/ I wanted a simple answer to combining all my cars and all access to one account and got nothing but a run around.

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