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Contacting Xfinity Customer Service Center

Xfinity is a cable, telephone and Internet provider operated by Comcast. All customer service calls will go through the Comcast customer service center, though some contact information may be dedicated to the Xfinity service package. Comcast is a huge company that operates in many states. When a company is that large contact information is often split into different locales as all calls and communication cannot be processed through the same call center. Some contact information may only be visible to customers once they’ve logged in to their Comcast account.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main phone number for Comcast is listed on the official website, but there is also an area where you can enter your address to find a local phone number.

  • Main Customer Service: 1-800-266-2278

For more detailed local customer service phone numbers you’ll need to enter your address into the appropriate field at This is the service center locators.

Mailing Address

When we looked for a corporate address for Comcast we found more than one. Deciphering information from multiple websites can be confusing for the consumer. When we looked through the Privacy Statement, we found the real address to corporate office.

Comcast Corporate – XfinityOne Comcast CenterPhiladelphia, PA 19103Attn: Xfinity Customer Service

Official Website

You can find the official website for Xfinity at This page is directly connected to the main Comcast page. If you choose to order one or more of the products or services listed you will be buying them from Comcast, not Xfinity. Xfinity is a product name not a service provider.

If you have general feedback for the company, you can submit that general feedback using the Feedback Form  on the bottom of the page. This form will not be answered.

You can find Comcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

If you want to send Comcast an email you have to enter your zip code at This routes your email to the proper customer service team. You can ask general questions via the contact form, but we would not suggest asking information about financial services or bills. Never add credit card, password or social security numbers to the email form.

Our Experience

When we called the main customer service phone number the automated system wanted information to narrow down our location. First they asked for our phone number then our zip code. When we tried to enter 0 to bypass the system, the automated system disconnected the call. We called back and did not enter any information when asked. We were eventually told we were not in a Comcast area and our call could not be handled at this time. Finally, we chose a coverage area zip code to use to test the customer service department and made it through the security portion of the call in a little over a minute. Then, we were placed on hold for more than two minutes. Finally the agent answered and we asked if Internet pricing was the same for all states. The agent said prices were different in each state or location much of the time.

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42 Comments on “Contact Xfinity Customer Service
  1. I think your accomendations are poor. You have to few offices. It takes forever to talk to anyone when phoneing.. I gave new phone number 3 times to customer service, and they did not enter into system. I sat on line 3 times for 15 minutes, to which twice (2), I was disconnected. I drop my payment off at your office, and find out you have moved. So after looking for the new business, I find it, and there no drop box. Your hours are awful. There are so many things, that are not accomendateing to your customers.

    Thank you

  2. I have had a HORRIBLE TIME since I had xfinity installed two weeks ago. I have spent over 6 1/2 hours of my time dealing with this over the phone and going to a comcast store which was over half an hour from my house(who gave me the wrong modem) – I have xfinity alarm system.
    I will complain all the misinformation and problems I have had in another letter, but I wanted to take time today to tell you that an employee of yours gave me outstanding service and amazing follow thru. Her name is Jennelle, spelling might be incorrect, but her employee number is 31980. I want you to know that I asked her for this information – she did not ask me to write a nice note! After all the different people, misinformation, ect, ect, she was a bright star in my experience with xfinity! She listened, understood my problem, understood the technical issue, set up an appointment for a tech to come to the house, and then followed through with a call to make sure everything was satisfactory.

    I ran a business for 30 years – she is a keeper!! I would definitely consider putting her into a managerial position so she could teach people what customer service really is and how actually deal with problems – not just pass them off to someone else!


    Foster Bucher

  3. I have XFINITYBundle,callHD PremierXF Bundle,plus internet and phone.My bill increase last month $45.00,I’am call,and the person who talk with me tell me that the increase was because the promotion finish,but now I’pay this every month.This month my bill increase the$265.42 to $513.00.When I call the person yell me the same thing.The promotion finish,ta,ta,ta…Can you explainme please,what happen.More the $300.00 increase in two months? Thank you

  4. Why do we keep paying these companies are hard earned money when they are profiting billions and make us wait 12hrs just to ask a question on a bill. it is impossible to deal with them. Comcast Xfinity and Verizon being the absolute worst. I wish i could say it was a rare occurrence, but it is like this every single time and damn sick of it..

    Here’s what happened, I ordered Xfinity Triple Play, they sent me a self install box. As i am a network engineer and they said the house I was moving to is all set up already for comcast and all I need to do is just plug in teh equipment and nothing more. Needles to say it ididn’t work, so I had called them as a new customer. Many hours later I finally get thru to them and they tell me that someone will have to come out to my residence because they cannot “ping the box” in other words, they can’t see a connection from outside to my home drop, the home drop has to be live for my router to work of course. THis is the step when i signed up they could’ve checked to see if the hose was truly setup and “ready” for me to just plug in the equipment.
    Here’s the kicker, as a new customer they told me that the soonest they can get someone out to my home and see what is going on was 2 weeks… i couldn’t believe it, so I told them that they have a choice to either have someone out here today or I am canceling my service (the service i never turned on which I have 30 days to do according to their Terms of Service) .. of course the supervisor on the floor couldn’t do anything, or didn’t want to do anything to help so I requested they cancel my service and send someone here to pick up their equipment. They then tried every way possible to get me to not cancel execpt for “getting someone here immediately to set up my service”. I had to tell them about 10x “I do NOT want your service, cancel my order and come get your equipment” finally the call ended. Now, I work from home and need my internet or can’t work so 2 weeks was just not acceptable. AS i was pondering what I was going to do, roughly 45m after my call to cancel, comcast calls me and attempts to keep me as a customer. They said they can have a tech come out within 72hrs maybe sooner and each time they told me that they’d say, “would that be enough to keep you as a customer, Mr. S? ” I replied if you cannot have someone come out today, i DO NOT want your service, please come get your equipment” after a total of 8 hours wasted with these clowns the call ends with them saying they will send someone to come out and get their equipment (they had the audacity to ask me to come drop it off) but get this, they told me someone would be here to get it TOMORROW !!!!!

    Nobody has come and a month has passed, I’ve tried calling them probably 15 times but after 10m of waiting I hang up. The equipment has been sitting in a box by my front door just waiting for them. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I get a bill for 340.00 due immediately. Now I am fuming, I still can’t get anyone on the phone calling 1800XFINTIY or by their website because most of the “contact us” links just loop or return a 404 page not found!

    I want to sue this company for the time they’ve wasted of mine, the money i lost not being able to work, the stress they have caused, and the damage they have done to my credit score by saying i am late paying (for a service I never even had!!!)

    It’s amazing that this is what companies in the USA have become.. thieves! Once they have you hooked you are nothing but a number who needs to pay them.. billions and billions of profits each year, the behemoth monopoly they are can’t even have someone answer the damn phone for $7.50 per hour!! or whatever min. wage is.

    FED UP!

    Lastly, I am callinh again today to inquire about the charge and I’ve been on hold “we are currently receiving a large number of calls, someone will get back to you as soon as possible” it’s been 50m . I am hanging up.

  5. A comcast/xfinity van was in my neighborhood the other day installing some body’s cable (I’m not a customer) and he ran a line along my back yard fence instead of suspending it between power poles. I looks completely terrible and unprofessional, and I never gave him or your company permission to run a cable line along my fence. This needs to be remedied asap or I will be forced to consider other options. Any help would be much appreciate.

  6. I have had a mega problem with my service beginning on August 1, 2014. This problem has hopefully been resolved.
    Now again today, 11/13/14, another problem. I called 7-8 times to (800) Comcast, regarding a question about my phone service. I followed all directions, which went fine, until I was prompted to hold for a Account Executive. Each time I hear a click, then the line is dead silence and then a rapid tone and no Account Executive is connected. After trying over and over again, I finally gave up. How can I get answers to a question if my calls do not go through?

    It took nearly three months to get my last problem resolved (I hope). Can I send written correspondence to get an answer? If that is what Is required, PLEASE give me the address so I can do so.

  7. Comcast’s customer service is an oxymoron.

    I am trying to watch a program on TV To Go but the video does not upload, even after waiting 15 minutes. I have gone to my Comcast page and there is no way to contact Comcast about the problem. I have done a Bing search and Comcast does not have an 800 number so I can talk with a person nor is there a way to email Comcast.

    The only time I hear from Comcast is when the bill is due. Maybe I should transfer my account to a business that wants my business.

  8. Reading previous posts, Comcast customers are not in love with the service. Comcast is in the business of collecting money, not providing the service they have promised to deliver.

    Too bad Comcast can not afford to provide a method for their customers to ask for help. Maybe they don’t care.

  9. All I want is a simple email address and this cannot be brought to me why I don’t know all I know is that there should be a simple email Adress listed on the website without having a little chat with an angent and or having to sign in soo I would say that customer service is very poor and somebody should work on this

  10. I had a MOST WONDERFUL experience today at Comcast Xfinity…with Christian. He explained the new services I added ( home alarm system and extra HD D initial boxes) and answered ALL my questions !! He assisted me in signing up to continue my “BUNDLED SERVICES” with Comcast. We have ALL OUR SERVICES ON ONE BILL, home phone, high speed internet, complete cable package with DVR, and now our Home Alarm has been added.
    We look forward to 2 more happy years with Comcast Xfinity…we have been with them for over 15 years, and service is always excellent !!
    Jaye Munger
    Sacramento, California

  11. Just left your office in longmont co. I was being charged another payment after I closed my account and paid the final bill upon returning my equipment. I took the bill into the office and the snotty girl would not look at my receipt showing zero balance. she would not let me talk. She said she could not give a credit to my account because it was closed. I needed to talk to her supervisor. Okay get your supervisor, Oh he is not in the office today.
    could you get anymore rude or unbelievable than she was? I went home and called the customer service associate named ALANSO who could not see my zero balance receipt he issued the credit. What a super young man

  12. Horrible phone experience! I am attempting to setup service with your company, and I can not get through without it telling me where to drop off my equipment and has disconnected 4 times! I would do it online, but I would like to have both of our names listed on the payment info.

  13. MY phone is “automatically recognised” when i call. so when i am calling for my mother who has no service on her phone i am not directed to the correct person. after 40 min wait time. why cant ANYONE call 1800 comcast and be able to have options on where i need my call to be directed. after someone finally connnected. he was inable to help. and gave me a new number to call. another wait,. meanwhile my mom is legally blind after sundown,i was staring to get aggrivated. her only option with no cell phone or computer is her home phone which is down,! i was calling on HER behalf.
    someone better SHOW UP and not say we called b4 showing and no one answered.

  14. honestly very very bad customer service,hiking prices up every month,i have supposedly hi-speed internet which don,t even work,it is very slow and then I changed my land line number and for 5 day,s they couldn,t fix it and now finally it is working,but the caller id disappeared.I am very disappointed with Comcast/XFINITY

  15. It is amazing that we pay so much for TV service and you block football games from your viewership. The double header with the Seahawks (a west coast team) was blocked so that we could listen to 2 men comment on the 49er game. Sorry, no one is really interested in hearing them discuss the problems of the team when most of us know what it is.

    Please in the future, let us have the option of watching the double header (which obviously is being watched somewhere in the US) games . You block too many games as it is.

  16. Just got an email again for the offer on getting an 80 rebate as well as discounted price on our bill for signing the 2 year agreement. We didn’t get this or its not showing on the bill. Also same with the free amazon membership i saw or HBO shows nothing.

  17. Had the service since June. Hooked up phone in July. Bundle package. Phone/IN/TV. Phone has never worked. TV is intermittent. Since “fixing” the service WIFI is not working. Have user Twitter to connect. This was looking up as they were going to send someone to service but they never followed up. Now weeks later no real solution. I’ve tried calling but got into the call 20 minutes and it disconnected. Good fun. Virtually a joke.

  18. Redskins’ game is not being televised as it is supposed to in the 21830 zip code. Not a happy customer. Don’t need to have Ravens on both Fox channels!

  19. Re: Case # CR556569166
    I am fed up with calling your robot system and fighting to talk to a human being to resolve a recurring problem. I talked to an agent Saturday and followed his instructions to unplug my box and disconnect the cable. My service has lost its signal three times in the ensuing two days. I fail to see how it is my responsibility to continually unplug and disconnect the box, there is a problem and there has been a problem since I renewed my Comcast account. A serviceman replaced the secondary box and purportedly tested the signal which he said was strong. What are you going to do about my problem?

  20. Unbelievable!!! Can’t even get through on the phone. The worst cable service ever. They can change their name, but it’s still the same old piece of scrap Comcast. Can’t get them on the phone. I’m only recieving some channels. Weather channel is green. Can’t get anything beyond. Every phone# I could find is busy. The only reason I even have this service is, for some reason my complex doesn’t wanna get fios. So I’m stuck paying at least twice whAt everyone else in town pays for crappier service. It’s my only option, so please act like you know what your doing, and spend some of my hard earned money and hire some more people to answer your f-ing phones! Thank you

  21. Watching Cpt. Phillips for 1st time via “On Demand” movies. Feature has already been interrupted X2 with advertisements. I resent paying for on demand movies and having to watch commercials at various intervals throughout. If this practice continues, I will cancel our contract with Xfinity.

    Thanks for your attention.
    Jon Hager

  22. Saw your commercial where an old man surrounded by his family urged him to wish a merry Christmas to someone in a football game which he did, and he called the player a filthy animal. much to the amusement of the family. The player happened to be black. Whoever designed and/or approved this commercial does not have the common sense necessary to make decisions, much less run a company that tries to make its money through individual consumers. Do you wonder why your business is not thriving, that is, not growing? Stupid decisions that alienate customers or potential customers works everytime. Congratulations!

  23. We have had this bundle… for years notice many times over the years,,,, all kinds of specials,,, on TV….n fios too… love my Comcast..but in the last year being hard for me, can I please have the new 98.00.dollar bundle with out losing my channels,,,, if you cant help, might have to find something cheaper…

  24. We have had this bundle… for years notice many times over the years,,,, all kinds of specials,,, on TV….n fios too… love my Comcast..but in the last year being hard for me, can I please have the new 98.00.dollar bundle with out losing my channels,,,, if you cant help, might have to find something cheaper…

  25. We have had this bundle… for years notice many times over the years,,,, all kinds of specials,,, on TV….n fios too… love my Comcast..but in the last year being hard for me, can I please have the new 98.00.dollar bundle with out losing my channels,,,, if you cant help, might have to find something cheaper…

  26. We have had this bundle… for years notice many times over the years,,,, all kinds of specials,,, on TV….n fios too… love my Comcast..but in the last year being hard for me, can I please have the new 98.00.dollar bundle with out losing my channels,,,, if you cant help, might have to find something cheaper…

  27. We have had this bundle… for years notice many times over the years,,,, all kinds of specials,,, on TV….n fios too… love my Comcast..but in the last year being hard for me, can I please have the new 98.00.dollar bundle with out losing my channels,,,, if you cant help, might have to find something cheaper…

  28. I pay over $143 a month for your cable service only to keep getting my Amazon Prime movies stopped, start, stop etc. over and over.
    A message comes on that says insufficient band width!
    What gives?
    I guess I’d better get a Roku box if this continues.

  29. Tyrone was a customer service agent who was Chewing GUM in my ear and I asked if he was eating something or chewing gum. He said gum. I asked him to STOP but he continued, so I acted like I got a piece of gum and chewed back in HIS EAR. He also could not fix my cable box and said I had to take it back to exchange it by driving to a nearby town (6 miles away). He forgot to tell me that it could be shipped back free of charge at UPS. WOW! What a great NINETY minutes of fun I had talking to him and listening to him CHEW.

  30. just spoke with chat support xfinity named “Bea” very short, inappropriate with me.
    I am requesting full refund of $990.27 overpay on my acct. I am requesting expidite process to receive asap. My plan was set up a few monthes ago for $237.00/mo. I am still receiving billing for over that amt. I was unamare auto pay was off , xfinity shut off service last mo unless I paid $516.27 on Nov.13th
    billing went out on autopay for stated bal. of 237.00 on Nov.14th ,again on Nov.27th $237.00, now Dec. payment sent. Review and refund full amt. recent chat Agent stated online refund was $207.00 this is very wrong. review acct. from plan set up and contact me with confirmation of payment amt. & refund status

  31. My signal is really bad, it is super slow and kept getting me server error. the bar shows that I should have a good signal. I’ve rebooting.

  32. I find it upsetting that you are taking my money and I get no service nightly. First I am staying at a hotel so when I called you guys asking for a device or a mobile wifi I was told no because its abusiness I have used countless router extenders, the motel and mine, nothing so I bought the pass still nothing. if could not provide service should not take my money, just because I am not a big company my money hurts to lose.. I will not use your service and will voice this to everyone I know, my third time trying to resolve, nothing has happened. sad really.

  33. TERRIBLE customer service, I have been trying to cancel service for TWO weeks, talked to multiple people, submitted multiple cancellation requests and nothing has happened!!!

  34. Please do check that the company , , that you are using is not letting employees target customers that they do not like by illegally accessing accounts or making other “mistakes” to inconvenience the customer

  35. I received “Password Reset Code” texts from Xfinity (266278) today, November 11, 2018, at 1:20 and 1:25 pm. I have not used Xfinity since 2016 when we moved from Florida to North Carolina (almost 3 years). No Xfinity here in my town. Please advise if someone is attempting to phish or is in fact using my old account or any account using my cell number or any other personal information. I will not disclose any other personal info at this point. Please advise as to what coarse of action you or I can take at this time to ensure my personal information is not being used to open or operate an account with Xfinity. I take this seriously so please respond timely!

  36. I would like someone to contact me regarding my bill. I tried 5 different times last month and need to talk directly
    With a representative and can never get thru or have to wait as long as 45 minutes! I never had this issue before talking to Comcast!!! Always got thru…
    Please have some one me tomorrow
    @ 2069156941

  37. I have an employee compliment.her name is Lisa Strawson and she is at the port charlotte store.outstanding customer service! I know you get mostly complaints-derservedly so- but this woman was on top of her game.

  38. Live agent chat option didn’t work!!! I’ve followed instructions many times to “start chat”, no live agent showed up!!

    I want to email my question and the link which supposed to take me to a place entering my zip code, that link didn’t work, either!!! Very bad experience!

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