Contact Xbox Live Customer Service

Contacting Xbox Live Customer Service Center

Xbox Live is a service provided by Microsoft for gamers who use an Xbox 360 gaming system. Xbox Live is available for $50 a year for access. The biggest selling point for an Xbox Live membership is access to programs like Verizon FiOS, Netflix, Hulu Plus, game downloads and online gaming. However, some of these services are provided with a free membership to Xbox Live. If you are having trouble with Xbox Live, customer service is available to answer your call for help.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a contact number for Xbox Live is not the easiest thing a consumer can do. We searched through the Support section and the Contact Us section for a phone number customers could use to call for live support. Finally, we found the following:

Xbox Live Customer Service : 1-800-469-9269

There is even an estimated wait time listed for customers who wanted a call back. If you wish to talk with someone immediately about your problem – there are two chat options. 1) You can choose to chat with an Xbox Live Ambassador here: 2) You can directly contact Microsoft support here: If you choose to speak with an Ambassador, you will be required to log in with your Windows Live ID.

Mailing Address

Xbox Live is a Microsoft product, so the mailing address for customer support is the main address for Microsoft headquarters. Microsoft One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Official Website

Xbox Live offers a well-built website here: Customers can access new download information, the Deal of the Week and find support all in one place. While the website is well laid out, the support options are less than stellar. There is a good chance additional contact information for Xbox Live support is available to customers with an Xbox Live log-in.

Customer Service Email

Xbox Live services offer a direct customer support email page for customers who have questions about the service. The Xbox 360 Live Email Support page asks customers to explain the problem so support can better handle the situation. We submitted a question to Xbox Live customer support about free trial length. We will see how long it takes customer service to respond.

Our Experience

Our experience was not the best considering the we could not contact customer service through traditional measures. We did send communication through the Xbox 360 Live email support page and still await a response to our questions. We suggest that customers utilize this method in order to contact a customer service representative. The email inquiry sent to Xbox Live customer service resulted in a response from the customer service team within 24 hours. The response was not what we were looking for, but was helpful in answering our question. The representative also directed us to additional customer service contacts, see below: From: Xbox Customer Support <> Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM Subject: RE: SRX1173757228ID – Xbox 360 Live:About Xbox Live 360 To: Richard B Service Request Number: 1173757228 Dear Xbox LIVE Customer, Thank you for contacting XBOX Customer Support. We understand that are requesting to have another Xbox live free trial. You were unable to signed up for the free trial when you created an account. We can imagine how frustrating that must be. The 30-day Gold trial membership provides temporary access to the features of an Xbox 360 Live membership. [Customers will need to sign into your Xbox 360 account and sign up for the free trial of the Gold membership. You can register up to three accounts prior to the expiration of the trial period]. The option you requested is unavailable. If you need to reply to this e-mail, please reply ‘with history’ (include any previous e-mail) or reference to Service Request Number 1173757228 so we can expedite our service to you. Thank you for visiting If you should have future questions on Xbox products or services, please be sure to revisit our Web site as we are continually adding information to enhance our service. Sincerely, Xbox Live Support Team — Original Message — From : Richard B Sent : Thursday, March 22, 2012 7:53:41 PM UTC To : 08b8c36a-de17-4e83-9ed2-7fdfa867abc8 Subject : Xbox 360 Live:About Xbox Live 360 Service: Xbox 360 Live What type of problem do you have? About Xbox Live 360 Name: Richard Banks Is there any time when a customer can use a free trial more than once? I did not get a chance during my free trial to use any of the features and wanted to know if xBox Live offers extended free trials. Did you have a better experience dealing with Xbox 360 Live? Share your thoughts with us.

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240 Comments on “Contact Xbox Live Customer Service
  1. signed up for the two months for $2 which ends on july 7th..$9.99 supposed to start then..just found that they deducted the $10.83 not take any more money from this account, and i feel they should put back the 10.83 for this month.please call or contact me

  2. I purchase a 1 year Gift card for X-Box 360, for my grandson and he recently called (6/19/12) and asked me if he could purchase a game for $ 34.39 to add to my Master Card credit card 5416-xxxxxxxx-8411 Which I okayed. That charge went in on 6/25/12. However there was a $4.99 charge on 5/31/12 and a $21.39 charge on 6/15/12 I did not authorize these and he denied making those charges. How did they get added to my master card? Please help. I may have to cancel my master card as well as his x-box accounts.I don’t even know what phone number is associated with this as the previous one has been disconnected! My number is: 419-560-9415. My grandson’s is: 567-231-9540. Can I put a hold on anything on his phone or is it associated with his X-box 360 HELP

    • Hi Rosina,

      When your mastercard was given it had to be entered directly into your grandsons Xbox live account to make the purchase which he would have done. From there any future purchases videos/movie rentals or game purchases your grandson would have made directly by selecting them and choosing purchase because your CC was saved on his system. Hope you’ve resolved this by now. To remove it he will have to go into his systems billing info and remove it or update a new CC to remove yours. Hope this helps.

  3. A year ago I gave my a son present and signed him up for a ONE year membership to an XBOX LIVE membership for $59.99, using my debit card (1st mistake).

    My son and I didn’t even know (2nd mistake) the membership was up for automatic renewal, but today I go and look at my account online and I find that charge is on there for $59.99.

    Needless to say, I was furious and called up the company raging at them to remove the charges, since I NEVER authorized my account to be set up for AUTO renewal, of course the supervisor insisted that I had signed up for the renewal, at that point I was done with him and wanted his boss. The supervisor refused to give me his name or his boss’s name.

    In their website under “contact us,” it brings up a menu allowing you to choose options to frame your request. Choose “billing and subscriptions” and then “account management” and then you see there are TWO listings for changing or canceling your GOLD membership. But of course NONE of that is explained when you buy “THE MEMBERSHIP.”

    This kind of nonsense where companies hide these details about what your signing up for, and are deceptive in nature is what I am reporting to you. It is absolutely WRONG to set some one up like this, and I don’t feel this should go unreported. I feel as if I have been taken advantage of, and its embarrassing. I know that you learn by doing, but I am American citizen and there should be some protections afforded me against companies who use deceptive business practices to gain profit and cause grief to others.

    Thank you,

    Jim Rasmussen

  4. My son has been on x box for five year today he was banned from xbox live with no explanation.We try to get help and no one has been able to help us they did an investigation and found no illegal tampering. We want his xbox back but we dont know who to talk to to get help we have put lots of money into xbox.How can you ban someone without explanation.Please I need a number or some I can speak to.Thanbk you for your attention on this matter.

    • The same has happened to my son and these people are impossible to get a response from. The number he did phone the operator could not tell him why he had been banned but kept him on an expensive phone line. For twent minutes for no particular reason. The email option on the website does not work and if he tries to log into his account to contact them he cannot because they banned him. I paid his annual subscription three days prior to this happening and have never been refunded by Xbox live. There is no way of getting through to them.

      • I just paid for a year of live then i was banned for no good reason does anyone know a way i can get my moeny back or something

    • Hey the same thing happened to my account I got banned till 12/31/9999 I was gone for like a week and came back to that like what did I do I put alot of money into that account is there anyway I can get my account back?

  5. I am going to report the Microsoft company in if my daughter’s account is still suspended for an invalid payment option or so on. She did nothing, and if the card was invalid, YOU OBVIOUSLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN AND DETECTED THAT. IF YOU DO NOT FORWARD BACK TO ME, YOU’LL BE CALLED AND THIS IS GOING TO GET FURTHER NOTICE AND WILL NOT STOP UNTIL IM SATISFIED. THANK YOU. 🙂

  6. I have been a gamer for over 15 years now, I have spent probably over a $2,000 on games, controllers, multiple xboxs. My son has recently started playing and I have spent probably close to $1,000.00 on Xbox gear. I recently have had multiply problems and dealings with your service, products, and customer service. First I have bought 2 microsoft points cards over the past 6 months 1 from Toys R us, another from target, both million dollar stores just like Xbox anyways both cards cost me $20.00 which ended up being useless and to this day I never have received an answer except each store blaming the other. This is were I really get frustrated is xbox cust support has told me that they can see in there system that I purchased the card’s but it wasn’t activated, huh? WHY COULD YOU NOT HELP ME IF YOU NEW THAT I HAD PURCHASED THEM. Then recently I have had the same problem as another people, I’m in the hole now about $200.00 because of these charges that I did not agree to, so my card was charged and I didn’t have the money which now has lead to bank fees then 1month after charging my card you temp suspended it due to me not having the funds availiable but I still have to pay for this 3 months and my bank fees but my account is suspended, cmon man this is BS,You guys are stealing from the poor and making the rich richer with out caring at all about your customers like me who have done nothing to be screwed like this, I really don’t expect much from you guys, except the stuff I buy with my hard earned money, example my microsoft points to work and for some type of ethics, You charged my card for 3mths and with bank fees that 3 months probably has cost me close to $75.00 and I don’t even have access to xbox live, you get the point, or at least I hope you do! I currently got a job at @#@#@ a video game store, you guys are getting 2 thumbs down and every customer that ask about xbox I will tell them my story and show them all these postings from other unhappy customers. I was once very happy customer but all in 1year i went to a very UNHAPPY customer, who deserves be better.. GET WITH THE PROGRAM XBOX AND STOP STEALING AND SELLING PRODUCTS THAT CANT BE USED….

  7. I guess I’m just screwed for $10/month for the rest of my life because I can’t get my Xbox live account to stop automatically paying and microsoft can’t figure out how to add a customer service line or contact email address to help its customers figure out issues they are having. If they just bit the bullet and added a customer service phone number maybe I wouldn’t be as frustrated as I am right now along with everyone else. It’s very unprofessional to not have a way to contact microsoft’s xbox live, it doesn’t matter how advanced technology is, a customer will never be able to receive the service they want or NEED from automated systems and especially step by step diagrams. I know those are really neat things people began to use but you’re always going to miss something in your step-by-step diagrams and automated systems that only REAL, LIVE, PEOPLE will be able to help out with.

    With respect to mircosoft and xbox live, I, and many others I’m sure would really appreciate if you took this message into account and maybe talked with your executive members about it.



  8. i forgot my callofduty elite password i retrieve the password to my email but it wont send me the email to change the password i even tried to make another elite account i linked but when i go to my elite to link it in the xbox it says the email and password are not valid and im like how many account do i have to make so i want your help because i want my account back please

  9. Like the others, my son purchased a cheap live membership for a euro but is now on automatic renewal. If you go to the website, it gives you the option to turn off automatic renewal but allegedly sends a code to your email address that you need to input to complete the instruction to cancel the automatic renewal. Of course, the code never arrives by email. It gives an option to get a telephone call back but won’t accept my telephone number as a “valid format”. Will go legal with this.

  10. Cant find no.customer service number and within the last 2 wks i have had over 60.00 taken out of my account then told if i.remove my credit card from live i.will be charged a early termination fee. I want customer service NOW. I am contacting an attorney

  11. Xbox charged my credit card 9.95 I tried to cancel online and by phone but never got through so I called my credit card company and told them to not let them charge my account so if I get a bill I will give it to my son in law which is a attorney.But I will never order nothing with xbox name on it.

  12. I have also been charged for 233.54 in one month. I have cancelled my debit card since then, but since my 20 year old son moved out we dont even have an xbox in our house, and now 3 months later we are being charged for something with XBOX live. No one in customer service or the billing ranger can help me since I have no idea what the user name and password are… really you can take my money from MY account but not tell me where it went or how to get it back. I just dont understand how you stay in business! I have contacted an attonory along with the washington state attorny generals office.

  13. I want to know why I keep being kicked off of Xbox LIVE, bearing in mind that no one else in the house is using their phones or the internet and my laptop has full signal strength from the router. There are no storms or weather interference and there are no signal fluctuations and yet Microsoft keep kicking me off of Xbox LIVE and I for one am getting sick of it I pay £40 a YEAR FOR GOLD MEMBERSHIP AND NOT TO SUFFER MICROSOFT’S FAILURES!

  14. Xbox has charged my boyfriend a monthly live charge twice in one month. They charged the account a service fee twice for insefficent funds in $200 each time. There is absoluetly is no contact number. He cannot access his account because they cannot find his account name and password. Even though they do have is charge card number and are currently charging his card. He went under the security passwords option on the microsoft website and filed a complaint and received a call within minutes. They are refunding his charges and the woman is quite pleasant. I dont understand why they do not offer a direct line phone number and make customers go through more work for customer service.

    Hope this helped anyone!

  15. This is the worst crooked system I have encountered. Whomever XBox is run by are cowardly crooks who keep wanting your money but provide the worst service I have experienced. They hide from any contact and send redundant robotic loops that only make me wonder why anybody ever believed that computers have any valid use for mankind. There is NO communication allowed so these corporate crooks can steal your money and hide behind a litany of corrupt “laws”. You have to agree to 10 000 words of legal jargon that allows you no rights but to pay for the this abuse.
    I have had it with XBox. I would to get refunded for every cent I fool enough to spend on this headache.

  16. you shouldnt have mashinama because they say that they can say what ever they want because they can kick peaple off xbox live and his xbox name is assassin spez and hes being a but

  17. i couldn’t find a contact Emil any where which was disappointing because i had a troubling enquiry i was hoping if on of your team members should email me me back i would like to know if i was the first person in the world to have all of the halo 4 achievements, i got all the achievements at 1 am this morning so please contact me asap. Thank you

  18. ive been hacked by my friend and he manages to get my account suspended because he was mad at me i did not do anything and i was wondering if i can get it back as soon as today

  19. Xbox live is BULL CRAP!!!! I already pay for Netflix and Internet in my house and I’m sure as hell not gonna get screwed by XBox forcing me to get Xbox live to access the things I’M ALREADY PAYING FOR! You blood thirsty vipers!

  20. hi i just wanted to say you are the most stupid company ever , you say you are leading the way in computer technology yet you cannot recover or change my password for my windows live ID ? how is that possible i have asked this for 3-4 years straight now and in my opinion if someone was that persistant to hack a pensioner for like 3-4 years without success and i barely have 5 dollars to my name and 0 microsoft points it seems stupid that anyone would even try to hack my account. i have a problem as when i started my account i was on heavy medication after a vehicle crash and i cant remember any details i entered and my email account no longer exists i have a new one, so i want to know what do you need sent to you for me to have my old password reset and the link sent to my new email , like do i need to send drivers liscence, credit card , birth certificate, drivers liscence, rental agreement, child support statement, regestration proof, a letter from my old email provider saying it is deleted and cant be retrieved ? is that enough proof to say i am who the hell i am ? just tell me what to send you and i will gladly send it as i have all my current id/documentation you could possibly need and even more i just need my password reset sent to my new email address which you dont seem to be able to do for some retarded reason now please rectify this or my next step is actually bringing legal procedings against you for jerking me around have a nice day

  21. xbox live consistently crashing, will not allow me to add money or keep my live can anyone tell me wat the he00 is goin on i think im just gonna go to the ps3

  22. Xbox live is ridiculous. I just bought a brand new machine with kinect and accidentally spelled my email address wrong and now they tell me I cannot even change my email account for 30 days to sign up for live gold? What, do they have a problem with taking my money or something like that? Whatever, I was on the ropes about throwing my money away anyways and they just made up my mind. No money for you microsoft.

  23. I am so upset I can’t find a number or email that I could talk to someone my kids get the Xbox 360 kinect but missing the game that comes with it! I hate going around and around to find out what to do free

  24. I started an xbox live account years ago, then cancelled it a few months later. I recently recieved $9.99 charge to my account, causing it to overdraft, so the total expense to me was $49.99, axbox wont allow me to remove, or view the account, what acount it was charged to, or anything else that would allow me to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. They say they are committed to preventing theft? then how about allowing me to simply put in my debit card info, and allowing me to delete it from ALL accounts that may be using it? If I get an ILLEGAL charge like that again, I’ll be sueing.

  25. hey I got banned till 9999 and my account is MaDa TrUCKER you better give my account back because I didn’t do anything or im going the to sue the whole xbox company

  26. kay what you do is you call Microsoft at 1-800-4my-xbox or bring back the xbox from where you got it from and get the one with the game

  27. My Xbox live just randomly stopped so when I went to my account online it said my account has found a glitch it won’t let me add my 3month gold card idk what’s going on but it better get fixed soon or I’m selling my Xbox and buying a ps3

  28. CRAZY security hoops to jump through. The account was set up with my son’s dad’s email years ago. We are no longer with his dad, and the only way to access any of our account information is to have a special code emailed to the account email. Since we are dealing with an uncooperative individual, it’s impossible to get anything done on our account. It recently tried to auto renew to an invalid debit card, and I couldn’t log into the account to fix it. I have to wait 30 days for the old email address to be removed from my account?? When I called to see if it could be expedited, I was practically asked to give a blood sample for verification, and then I couldn’t answer all of their questions exactly, because my ex set it up. Crazy stupid security for a video game account. Just now got it resolved after spending my entire evening waiting for codes to log in. Loosen up a bit Microsoft.

  29. Hi there, thought I would let you know that I recently got in touch with your customer sevice dept. I spoke to a very nice lady named Amethyst, she helped my through my problem and resolved it, she was very polite and pleasant. Think people should receive a pat on the back when they do a great job, its kind of a lost art anymore.
    Thank You, Ron Payne

  30. I lost my xbox live profile and i dont remember my password or email and i just put another year on it and 4000 microsoft points is there anyway you could get it back for me i might know the email but my gamertag is “InstaGreat” thanks

  31. They just banded my box which is legal to online for just playing original games I don’t know y but I want a refund for my Xbox

  32. i need help as fast as possible my accnt has been hacked and i would like you to find the person hacking my account please this needs immidiate attention please microsoft email me for more things that you wantcto find out please

  33. First, it is important to realize that when you call 1-800-4-myxbox you are not talking to someone who works for Microsoft. You are actually talking to someone who works for a company that has a contract with Microsoft to provide support for the Xbox.
    Second it is advantageous to know that the agent you are talking with probably:
    – Has less than 3 months experience.
    – Has no error lists and the associated resolutions.
    – Is being told he must solve all your problems in less than 12 minutes. This time includes the time it takes to verify you are the account owner. If the agent goes over this time, he is reprimanded and corrective action is taken if he or she does this too many times.
    – Has had the policies and procedures on how to perform his or her job changed at least twice in the past week.

  34. Hi xbox,since 7 I have been crazy over microsoft xbox and recently I have purchased the 360 and I am dissappointed in your pproduct that you are selling internationally,your remote seems to have a problem as it asks to re connect the controller the whole time whilst in the game and it doesn’t stop,your warranty service is not suitable as many members od xbox compalin of the same issue,no changes or news have released about the fualt of your controller…I am unhappy and yet feel so sad about not being able to keep the xbox as I am noe changeing to playstation 3 which is the last I want to do…please resppond to the query

  35. my xbox live account is paid and upto date yet microsoft are having a problem wich started over 24 hours ago and we have heard nothing but call during work hours if i am not compensated for this ongoing problem i will never use xbox or microsoft again and will use ps3 who are not having this problem i am so frustrated as are all my friends using xbox this problem better be solved today or we will be canceling everything !!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I purchase an Xbox 360 in February 2012 and it bit the dust last night, April 13, 2013…WOW, my son had this system for only 1 yr and I paid $300 for it and it quit already?? Very disappointed with this, spent this kind of money and it only lasted for 1 yr.? Apparently the systems are not worth that kind of money because they dont last long..Will not buy another one…


  37. I been trying to cancell x box live over a 2 year still takeing money out my account we not on line no more

  38. Hello I am Martionna Robinson and I am a costumer and I am doing a power point presentation in my class about business promotions.I am doing on what is in my oppinion the best business ideas and how to utilizes them.So I was hoping that you could send me a sample of your product to present to my class.
    Thank you and I hope to here from you soon.

  39. Hello. My name is Dennis Johnson and I am a student at GEE White Academy on 5161 Charles St Detroit, MI. my class is doing an assignment about marketing skills on line and make a presentation displaying the best marketing ideas, companies, and how to utilize them and then explain them in front of my class. I was hoping your company can send me a sample of your product to present. I think this not only a good opportunity for me but also an opportunity to showcase your products to a 7th grade level. I hope you get my message and respond. If so can you send a sample to the following address; 17296 Moenart.I hope to hear from you soon

  40. hi, i have been suspended from xbox live for no such reason, i would like to know if you could look further into this and what information will i have to give you? i would like to hear back as soon as possible.

  41. Reference number. 1207091513.. The ladies name was Jordan and she by far gave me the best customer service experience ive ever had. Even tho I was a little upset that a game I just recently purchased via xbox live wasnt working for two weeks abe still managed to keep me calm and assure she would do everything she could, and she did it with flying colors. Gave me the response and solution i was looking for!! Great Job Jordan!

  42. I had a kid tell me my account will be banned tomoro because I caught him boosting for kills on Black Ops 2 and killed him and his buddy. Can he do that? And if he does and I have sure fire proof that he did can I get unbanned? His GT is BuCkWiLd9896 & his buddies that said he’ll ban my account is TrolltasticTay & TrolltasticZack. Also BuCkWiLd9896 said his account cannot be banned because he hacked his Xbox to let him get free Xbox live and Microsoft can’t do anything about it and can’t be banned from Live. All in my messages he sent me.

  43. Microsoft i been with yall for 10 years now xbox is doing great but you need people who really understand the gamer’s problem cause the xbox 1 might not do so well what yall saying about it things have to be change around with the new xbox cause if not yall will lose some money for that new xbox paying a fee on games now not cool at all and have to sign in at least 24 hours that’s not cool fix them soon for every gamer out there please for all of us thanks

  44. I’ve been an Xbox user for years now. But I will not be buying the Xbox one. Your restrictions have repelled me away. Shame on you.

  45. I hate how playing black opps II one game I’m playing pretty descent and the next fifteen I get slaughtered! There seems to be something the other players are doing that makes them that much better than the rest of us. I play to have fun and it is definitely not fun when you can’t move without getting killed, and when you are shooting these other players you bullets don’t seem to work! I think I’m a descent player but playing lately is stupid, it sucks, and is so irritating not being able to play without losing 75-24 in team death match. Come on really! I wish you would just buy back the system, the games and my membership!

  46. hello my name is Lukas and ssome one is cussing at me and i do not like that he is being nice too me he Said.the F word to me can you kick him off Xbox Live email me Back Soon and i hope you have a nice Summber

  47. I was very poorly and rudely helped with xbox support helper “Andrew” he was very rude and pretty much said I am screwed because I cannot provide the info for the account that I had made 11+ years ago, I totally understand the new protocol but when I cannot access the email address used for the Microsoft account on mine or my wife’s because they are not in use anymore or verify the credit card used for when it was first activated its makes it really hard to move forward, “Andrew” said without knowing the very first piece of information we cannot move forward and when I mentioned so im paying for 2 accounts that I cannot access because of very old information he said yes and I cannot do anything about that. This is the worst I have every been treated with xbox live support. since we cannot access our account anymore I would like 2 1year memberships from xbox

  48. Today I called Xbox live support because my sons were unable to login to their profiles. After finding out the email was out of date I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to resolve the issue for 30 days. However I spoke with Marie, and she was more than helpful. She was very patient with my lack of tech skills as well as out of date info. With her persistence and thorough knowledge, our issue was resolved. Thank you Marie. You deserve a bonus!

  49. I’m so not impressed with my gold member ship on Xbox live! Playing cod black ops is so stressfull because I’m always lagging out of games and it’s pissing me off cuz I lose everything I played for. But seriously I’m sick of it!!

  50. I was disappointed to say the least, when I contacted xbox customer support regarding the possibility of a refund for time spent without receiving services which I paid for during the time I was waiting for a password reset. This was only elongated when they negligently sent the reset to an incorrect email address. I was subsequently told on my phone call however that it was my own fault for requiring a password reset and that the “policy” says they cannot give refunds, regardless of the fact that I was paying for a service during that time that I could not access. As a result of this I am now deeply dissatisfied with their service and Xbox as a subsidary to Microsoft will now no longer be receiving any more custom from what was once a loyal customer

  51. X box live support sucks. I have been charged for the last 2 years for Live when I don’t even have an account. We no longer have the original email associated with the account 4 years ago and no one can help me to delete my charge card from future billings. What a joke. Don’t sign up with a credit card because you can never cancel it.

  52. I’ve been told by many friends that Microsoft points will be retiring but I think that you should keep Microsoft points. so why turn such a great creation into such a complete fail. some people have saved lots of Microsoft points so they just went to waste so I think it would be a great idea to keep the Microsoft points so people do not have to use their credit cards to buy games or dlc so please take this as an idea of why you should not retire Microsoft points and I think all my friends or other players would agree with me. Thank you please email me to tell me what you think thank you .

  53. i tried getting on my xbox yesterday and it asked me for my email and password. i dont remember my email or my password and its not letting me play on my account.i dont want to buy xbox live for another account. please help me and email me back

  54. Hello my name is Jose i have a few questions i have xboxlive account i been playing about 2 years on xboxlive account in the two years i haven’t had any problems but this year on July 2013 i don’t remember the day but i got banned for 2 weeks for no reason i don’t hack i don’t cheat i don’t use bad language i just play just to have fun i play Call Of Duty games and went am playing people tell me your hacking am going to report you because i beat them in a game and they get mad and they report me a lot of times thats way you guys banned me because i have a lot of file complains on my account…Yesterday Aug 8/23/2013 i was turning my xbox ON to play online with some friends and a MSG pop on my screen it says you have been banned you cant not sign in on your xboxlive account until 9/7/2013 and i don’t understand why xboxlive banned me .

  55. I know an Xbox live user that is using my friends profile to buy things for free please contact me for info on this user.

  56. My son Logan Hamacher was just banned and even I don’t understand why since I monitor his gaming use and have not seen him do anything wrong….we pay good money for this and deserve an explanation.

  57. Can u band Acetemanophen please he is not a fare Xbox live person, he kills me and I pay good money too stay on xbox live. I don’t want nothing to me and band Acetemanophen

  58. I too have been a gamer for many years when out of nowhere my gold membership is transferred to my friends account the next day at school he admitted to my face he was some how siphoning my Xbox live into his account and that he was going to take the 12 months membership I just bought earlier that day because some one maybe him took my 1 month live subscription renewal service and transferred it to his Xbox

  59. in free games with gold you mainly give 18+ games it isn’t fair for kids who have gold. so what i think you should do is give an 18+ game and an E or E 10+ so kids and adults can get a free game every 1st and 16th. p.s. you should give out the orange box, people like that game 🙂

  60. i am very annoyed at the moment i did a trial month for xbox live gold which cost £3 then i carried on for £5.99 then i stopped the payment but i was still getting charged i have cancelled the payments several times but i still get charged and i want it to stop know!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Proofs: I tried to sign into xbox but was unable to do so. I needed to prove that it was me signing into the account that had been set up for over seven years. I didn’t answer the questions to their satisfaction so my account has been blocked. The problem with that is that my personal email is attached to that account, so it is also blocked. Its been eleven days and I still cant play xbox or check my email. Ive spent over five hours on the phone with tech support. They are absolutely useless. Ive talked to three different supervisors, getting three different stories, all contradictory. They will lie to you just to get you off the phone. Xbox live/Microsoft is the worst customer experience Ive dealt with.

  62. Xbox fraudulently hit up my credit card, even though I don’t have an account. I did some research, and it seems this has been going on for a while. There are several complaints over the internet regarding xbox live. I called to have the charge put back on my card, and they refused. Had to file a formal police report, and a case with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office.

  63. im trying to accept the terms of use, then i press accept , after that a parent or guardian has to have an account, then i sign in there account… the whole process continues and im trying to edit my profile and it says it appears you found a glitch in the system….. please help me

  64. hey i was in a party with my friend and his friend joined and it says hes playing call of duty ghosts and hes said he got it early i took a pic as well so i could send you it i know this isn’t right for someone to play a game early so i thought i should let you guys know

  65. For some odd reason, I can’t log into my account on xbox live nor can I access any of microsofts websites, the xbox live website doesn’t work for me and nor does hotmail.
    It is working right now on some peoples computers and cell phones that I know. so something isn’t right here.

  66. I spent a bunch of money on new games (2 copies of COD Ghosts for my kids, Battlefield 4 for myself). I also have two sons on Live and pay for their memberships and mine. recently mine expired. Instead af renewing before Christmas I figured i would enter all the LIVE trials I had. Equalled up to almost 2 months. Well 48hrs later my trial ended. When I tried to see why I was told by an xbox ambassador that they trials do not stack. instead of allowing me to use the trial again this time one at a time, they are no longer any good. I spend money out the you know what on Xbox stuff and felt as though I have been screwed. I continue to try and get help but NOTHING. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT A LOYAL CUSTOMER. Maybe a switch to Playstion in my near future.

  67. Hello, I am a xbox live member and have been for many years, but I recently had a warning message saying that my account was going to run out of gold soon, it has been a few weeks now and my account gold hasn’t stopped. I have no bank account of the account and haven’t put in a redeem code. This happened to my friend and he lost his account because he haven’t been paying. I don’t want the same result. I have recently bought a years subscription but haven’t entered the code yet because I’m worried that my account could get band for some reason.

  68. I have a message saying I’m out of gold, and my account hasn’t stopped, I don’t want it to be band so want to know what’s happend.

  69. Microsoft Xbox Live Customer Support is without doubt the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. I cannot turn off auto renewal, which they turn on automatically. It’s also next to impossible to speak with an actual person, or even get an email address. The fact of it is, I know that Microsoft is NOT on my side in this. They have continuously tried to swindle me out of time and money and have made it harder than necessary to get out of their trap. My whole experience has been so aggravating that I’ve decided to delete my Microsoft account and not get Xbox Live again. It’s been a continuous struggle and I don’t know why anyone would want to deal with the hassle. Absolutely terrible customer service.

  70. I honestly xbox is losing money off of xbox one. The number one reason is that you can’t play xbox 360 games on xbox one. That is why im not getting it and really, please think about changing that please.

  71. Look Xbox, alot of us are wondering why we’re getting a whole bunch of arcade games and not on demand. Make it more exciting. The Xbox one is out make more games on Xbox 360 free, and if You’re going to make free arcade games put games like I am alive or belator mma onslaught for free or the walking dead you know the exciting games please and thank you.

  72. About two weeks ago, I contacted a Microsoft Support agent due to a problem with my Microsoft account and Xbox gamer tag. We eventually established that when creating my gamer tag, I had misspelled my email, so the gamer tag was not placed on my microsoft account. I was told that this was a common mistake and an easy fix. I was also told that I would be contacted in two days MAXIMUM with a solution. About four days passed when I was unable to access my gamer tag, and I finally received an email asking what the problem was. We were starting right back at square one. I communicated with the Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Team Agent, and after two weeks of trying to recover my account which was said to be a simple fix, I was told that they can not fix the problem and I should make a new account. Its real nice to see that Microsoft’s “Customer Care” truly does not care about their valued customers, nor do they have any interest in fixing their problems. Thanks for nothing Microsoft, I think I’ll try Playstation.

  73. There is no “email us” option on that page nor submit feedback.

    I am extremely upset but more disappointed that xbox would cancel the family gold option of 4 users for $99 per year. I contact customer support through chat to try to understand my options. The conversation started out great but I became increasingly frustrated because of my lack of options and the changes to the website. The controls and interface a year ago was much easier to navigate than it is now. The conversation lasted almost 40 minutes and i felt like I had accomplished nothing. I can NOT justify spending 4x$60 per year for my family to use xbox live. That’s insane.

    I do not intend to continue my subscription due to the 140% increase in cost and poor customer service a I experienced when I contacted customer service to try to understand the change and why my credit card was being charged without my approval. I was also told I could not cancel my wife’s automatic charges because i didn’t know her password even though it was MY CREDIT CARD! I found it easier to cancel the credit card rather than try to figure out the lost password/email and follow the new poorly designed website.

    Instead of spending the money on XBOX live, i bought a playstation. I like it and I plan to sell all XBOX equipment and moving entirely to Playstation. This is very sad because a year ago I loved the website and family plan management/billing setup and purchase 3 game systems. I really hope Microsoft changes their views on how they treat their customers by increasing costs by 140%. Controlling accounts should be much easier to figure out on the website and their should be some sort of bulk purchase discount.

    This is very sad!

  74. I signed for one month XBOX live and continue to incur charges. Despite several attempts to cancel payments, to include long waits on the phone in which I spoke to representative that informed me the cancellation had been applied. I’m still being charged!

  75. Yes I changed my gamertag two days ago on Feb. 12 and now I can’t get on my 360 and play also it never changed my name and just took the money.

  76. I used my dads email address when I set up my 9yr old sons Live over a year ago. My son tried to sign in and got the MSG someone may be using your account. Two weeks later we still can’t gain access. Endless phone calls to support team who don’t have a clue. My dad is trying to recover his email address and got a MSG saying due to multiple unsuccessful attempts he’s lost his address to make a new one. Great….customer service can’t give me a clear answer to where that leaves my sons Xbox account. I’m still waiting on a email from their Advocacy team from 2wks ago. Got told by support it’s a waiting game. My son is so upset if he’s to start again loss his gamer tag, achievements,DLC maps. I’m gutted I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on this and I just renewed the membership for a year one week before Microsoft blocked the account. Never in my life have I delt with a company that can’t even explain what’s going on and can just steal your money the way they have. I will defo not recommend Microsoft to anyone. It’s an absolute JOKE!

  77. Im not very hapy with this service there is no direct email for 360 live users about buying problems cyber bullying is down right nasty and xbox need to take more notice instead of just filing complaints if only one induvidual has been effected by cyber bullying how can any thing be done about this when it clearly states that one induvidual complaint is not enogh for anything to be done about it. Me and my friend both experienced bullying today being told our nans were being hanged and that we should kill ourselves we did nothing to provoke this behaviour i want these people banned like that will ut untill people who work for 360 sort there complaint system out nasty people lke that will continue to bully.

  78. I need you guys help with a payment issue I’m having, I need to cancel one but I have an older email address and my new one is already connected with my xbox live, so I can’t get a code to get on my account and stop this bill for Xbox music which I don’t want.

  79. Microsoft I have been waiting for titan fall and a person that works for GameStop said that it was for 360 and the person said that you don’t need xbox live to play it but when I picked it up the guy said that you need xbox live to play and me and my father were mad and I have been waiting for this game for 3 months and a half for it and we are your biggest fan and I am able to stop buying Microsoft games and maybe I should switch to play station.So should make another titan fall and make it for 360 and you don’t need xbox live.

  80. Why is it so impossible to find an email address for someone at Microsoft live? I was just on the phone trying to recover my account for an hour and I’m still not on live. Pretty glad it was my roommate who bought the xbox one playstation might have a new customer.

  81. On April 19,2014 a charge was on my bank statement from Microsoft Xbox Live for $54.11. I called them Monday, April 21, 2014 and explained to them someone stole my debit card number and used it. She asked for the number and I gave it to her. Then she proceeded to tell me the customer removed the card number. My account was illegally charged $54.11. I called again about the unauthorized use of my debit card. I was again told my card information was removed and they no longer had the customer name. This company is dishonest and a crook. They stole $54.11 from my account. Reading other comments I have not been the only one they have stolen money from using the same method.

  82. I have been suspended from xbox live for an inappropriate bio and didn’t even write that there someone must of hacked into my account and wrote and I was wondering if you guys can unbanned my account UD EpicKing?

  83. I have been suspended from xbox live for an inappropriate bio and didn’t even write that there someone must of hacked into my account and wrote and I was wondering if you guys can unbanned my account UD EpicKing?

  84. My profile was banned for nothing that i did i got hacked and then microsoft banned me for that becuse that person changed settings in my profile an now im banned for 9999 years and i want the profile back becuse i didn’t do anything.!! And if they not fix this i will go to the court whit this!!


  86. In June of 2014 I received an email from Microsoft about a special you were having on a Year of Xbox Live Gold. I entered the Site in the email and filled out the information. When I put in my Visa Debt Card info’ Your System “FORCED Me to use Pay Pal to make the payment.
    I was enjoying playing Games on Gold until I looked at my Bank Statements and saw the $9.99
    per month charge for Xbox Live on them. I knew I had payed for a Full Year so I called Micro Soft to find out why I was being charged for something I’d already paid for???
    I was told, Your System reflected no Year Payment from me so I called my Bank and they gave me the phone number for the $46.50 charge, via the Special You were having on a Year of Gold, and called the phone number to confirm my payment. They confirmed that they did pay Micro Soft and gave me a “Transaction ID Number” for CONFIRMATION of my payment.
    I called Xbox Live again, 3 times and ended up getting mad and finally hung up in the conversation. The MONEY was taken out of My Bank Account June 8, 2014 and paid to Xbox Gold.
    I called Micro Soft AGAIN to cancel my Gold account.
    I have NEVER HAD SUCH A PROBLEM with ANY OTHER COMPANY and YOU owe me a “HUGE Apology” because “Your System Does NOT WORK RIGHT and it caused me to use “HOURS” of my time to try, and fail, to get WHAT I PAID FOR!!! You owe me a year of Xbox Live Gold for $46.50, as per the email You sent Me. This Proves their’s a FAULT in Your System that YOU NEED TO ADDRESS.

    TJ Spectre

  87. I feel so privileged and honored to have a Big Brother on xbox live. I’ve always wanted someone to monitor my every word! God Bless America!

    So now Xbox is declaring they can ban anyone for CUSSING / PROFANITY.

    Are you #$#&$# kidding me.

    Make sure they ban about 75% of xbox live then.

    No wonder the Sony PS4 is destroying the poor shmucks at Microsoft.

    And then Xbox wonders why they have a piss poor horrible reputation among gamers…

    Enjoy your PS4 buttwhoopin Microsoft!

  88. I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with Andrew related to connectivity issues. He was wonderful and very helpful. We need more folks as helpful as him!

  89. i had logged onto xbox live yesterday and right when i got on it said i had got banned for 2 weeks. i haven’t done anything out of the rule of regulations and i need to know asap what i ddi and I’m 100 percent sure i dint do anything and that i should get unbanned. i have this xbox for 6 years and I’m a regular customer i should get the right to be unbanned.

  90. I am very disappointed by the service given to me, I have been a long and loyal disabled customer who has spent thousands of pounds with the company.

  91. You make it so difficult to get someone. This is ridiculous. I have an old account I’m trying to update and your stupid customer support is asking for things I don’t have and hanging up. Thanks a lot. I’m planning to get rid of this Xbox one and everything associated with it because it’s ridiculous

  92. I revived my live account after a few years of being without internet, and signed up for the $9.99 a month auto pay plan. Now I’m trying to cancel the live account that I keep getting charged for, and they’re telling me that my information has been “hacked” by someone outside of the US, and that they would have to issue a processing fee of $58 and some cents. No freaking way. If anyone had actually hacked me, I find it hard to believe since they didn’t take a penny from my bank account. I feel like my information being stolen as a result of signing up for live time is the fault of Xbox’s company security, as I am the only one who uses my console and I only play ancient Halo Reach online. This is ridiculous. I’m calling my bank and blocking them from there, I’m never giving Xbox my bank information again, and I would strongly advise that anyone else who is interested in playing their online accounts do it only by buying pre-paid time cards, where there is no way for them to directly get hold of your banking info. Jeez.

  93. First of all I would like to introduce myself as a loyal Xbox Customer ever since the first Xbox. I really appreciate the Xbox live reward system because I have supported Xbox since “day 1” and have held a live account almost continuously the time I purchased the big fat Xbox from back in the day. I usually don’t take the time to email my concerns but this is one thing I think you should be aware of. For example, I own an Xbox 360 (slim) and have well over $100 worth of (arcade) games on my HDD. Transferring over to an X1 leaves me completely on the losing end because I no longer get to play those games. It would be nice if you at least offered some sort of store credit for Xbox live. If I upgrade I’m throwing away hundreds of dollars. I know that I’m not the only one with this issue. Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope the overall Xbox experience continues to improve.

  94. Me too, have many Discover charges and can’t reach anybody to get it cleared up. Reporting my card lost is the only way out of this. I will never give them my card number again. This is grounds for a class action lawsuit, wish someone was an attorney on here.

  95. I have. Even supsesedd for no reason again on 3 of my acc 2 of the. I pay 30 for together and u keep suspsesed me for what and I am always in a party with my mate and family just talking and chilling play the game li normal but u think I am cheating and modder

    • same thing happened to me recently.. Exact same thing. Being good at a game makes you a cheater is some peoples eyes and then they report you.. its so dumb.

  96. I apologize for the multiple errors I amade in the last text never speech to text again hthis is what I ment to say

    I really don’t like the way Microsoft runs its customer service it is so irritating first of all it takes forever to get ahold of someone then whenever you can finally manage to get ahold of someone all they do is put you on hold for a couple minutes then tell you some problems are happening and will be resolved within a certain amount of time and they’re not helpful at all out of the multiple times I’ve called them they have not helped me zero of those times I have a GTAV problem for instance that they have not help me at all with they just blamed rockstar and then when I called rockstar they were helpful enough and they told me no that is exactly a Microsoft issue and that rock star has nothing to do with it it’s an Xbox problem and so of
    course I tell xbox this and they don’t really give a crap all they want to do is just make money and not really care about what happens to anyone who buys their s*** after they do and worst off they don’t even try to be appreciative to their customers I’ve had so many problems with this and multiple other problems that I’m thinking about getting a Playstation and the only thing that would make me revert that statement is if they give me some Microsoft Points for somekind of reparation for all the hassle I’ve had to deal with from these people because not one person I’ve talked to you out of the many many times I’ve called them they haven’t helped me once not once so until Microsoft can contact me telling me they’re giving me a decent amount of Microsoft points I’m not going to be happy with them

  97. I paid for a full year of live and for the last month, I can be watching Netflix and all of a sudden I am disconnected from live. When I go to sign back in, I get an error. This has been going on far too long! This is what I paid $60 for! What a total rip off! This was my second year using live and never had any problems until now. If they don’t resolve this, they should credit us for the inconvenience!

  98. My xbox live is not working it keeps asking for my email and password and it doesn’t need to know that and when I put it in it says invalid!

  99. Hi im Bradley ive been a mircosoft gold member sincee august i just came over from ps3 and my time so far with gold has been horrible i lag always get banned on forza for no reason and am always getting hacked because i wont do deals with modders i write this so any mircosoft employee can help me i am unhappy with my experience with a gold membership i have tried to turn off automatic renual at least 25 times and it wont let me i just want to cancel my gold membership cause now my credit card wont work im done with the bs with having a gold membership and just want to go back to silver so any mircosoft employee who could help me i would greatly appreciate it thank you for your time

  100. Xbox is a joke im done playing it. Im switching to PlayStation. every time i spend a lot of my hard earned money to buy a new game someone is always modding and cheating online. you can supposedly report people but that does no dam good. played games on the ps3 and they don’t have that problem. better security maybe or just a better system. RECOMMEND EVERYONE SWITCH TO PLAYSTATION!

  101. I have been subscribing to xbox live for seven years and have recently experienced connection problems and have rang on many occasions, emailed on many occasions to be be told that xbox live are experiencing technicla problems….now i know that these so called problems are to do with the fact that xbox live has/had been hacked and had been pre-warned about this this yet paying customers like you and me have to sit back and wait until we can connect again even though we are all PAYING IN FULL xbox live payments

  102. I can’t not believe you got hacked! I must say being Christmas and all this is bull crap. This has happened not to long ago. I don’t pay for 12 months member ship for this to happen! My info is with ur system that could be at risk. I think u should give all of us 12 month free member ship for live. X box one is starting to feel like a bad choice.

  103. I am writing to express my frustrations with the Xbox One Halo Bundle I purchased for Christmas. This system came with a Halo download which requires 60gb to download. I live in a suburban area, where we have limited online access. My only allows me 10gb of data to be downloaded per month. In order to purchase enough internet to download this game will be approximately $160.00. I stood in line, black Friday at WalMart for 4 hours, THANKSGIVING DAY, just to purchased this bundle. I am so disappointed in not being able to download all the game we spent HOURS to purchase. With that being said, NOW I have the purchase the game separately at WalMart just to have a disc we can install. Very Dissatisfied!!! My boys will be happy to have the game though!

  104. I am trying to make a Games for Windows account and then I have to go to the Xbox site and everything there is on it is saying is an error. I just bought a brand new game and I can’t save it until this is fixed. I thought you guts where more professional than this.

  105. So tired of the constant x box live problems. At least three times a week I am unable to play any internet related games (which is most) or something else is down. Why do we pay for a service that works like crap?

  106. The supervisor was very rude and did not help me over the Xbox live payment process. Their automated system were kept charging me.I kept informing them but they did not stop. So the charged me $150.00 and deny to refund the rest of charge.It is scam. Very unfair and rude.

  107. I called friday the 13th of February and had to wait over an hour for a call back from Xbox. Which I figured was what the common norm for a friday. However When I did get a call back I had to wait another 15 minutes to be connected to a customer service representative. So I explain my issue (Security Features)and The current process didnt work because Ive updated my information from they had in their system for the last 7 years. So All in all The minute I started explaining my issue the Idiot hung up on me!!! Thank Goodness my subscription ends in March.I guess I will take up fishing.

  108. I am upset with the way I have been done..I purchased the music pass for 9.99 you took money out my gift card ( master card ) and deleted my music…I want to know where my money is I had 25 bucks in my card and you took the money out and didnt give me my music..Cant find your email address and when I call the people act like your lying..I have my card and the receipt of my purchase..Taking people’s money is against the law either give me the music pass or put my money back on my card..

  109. You people cannot do your jobs. Cheating is everywhere on these games and it’s your jobs to stop it. A pathetic group is what you are. If I could get my money back for my xbox and games, I would buy the play station and say good ride nice to you people!

  110. Called Wed. Night and didn’t get a return call. Called Thursday morning and got a call back in 4 minutes instead 0f 9-13. All right!. Spoke with a dude named Dale or Dell, very nice, 2-3 minute phone call, fixed a very odd controller issue. System wouldn’t pair, even wired, and yes, the controller would power. After unplugging from the wall, fixed my controller issue, which was actually the receiver in the box. But my point being is that I did the HARD REBOOT,(turning off at box for 30 sec) or so I thought. just a little love for a CSR, which I am not one. Im sure there are a lot of bad ones, I ran into a good one.

  111. Cesar was my agent today, and he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO TAKE CARE OF MY ISSUE TODAY! I bought 2 point cards totally $50.00 at Walgreens and they do not refund or replace point cards that have already been redeemed on another account (so they are duds), which these were, so I am out 50 bucks. There is a reason this has such a poor customer review! Anything associated w/ xbox is lost $$ with no effort to remedy any problem! I will be filing a claim with the better business bureau in hopes that future customers are not taken advantage of!!!

  112. Hello there. I was wondering if I could get my debit card removed from an xbox love account. Please get back to me ASAP. I tried calling the hotline, but it had told me that it was going to be up to a 30 minute wait.



  115. My credit card information has changed and I have been dealing with X-box for months to fix it literally. I can not find anyone that knows what they are doing. Really ridiculous. Very frustrated. Worst customer service I ever had. An simple issue even smaller companies would resolve within minutes.


  117. I have to say customer service is very poor. The website sucks. I can’t find a number on it, and the contact by email has not worked for a week. I’m not even allowed to change or remove my billing options. At least I used a pre paid card for this.

    My account has been suspended for failure to pay/renew my gold membership. I’ve tried numerous times to contact customer support through the website and nothing works to get me to a point where I can contact them. Now that they have suspended my free live account I can’t even use netflix or hulu on this machine! Now I’m going to have to cancel those accounts because besides the computer the xbox 360 is the only other thing I have to use those on. I wish my tv had those apps built into it.

    There has to be some sort of legal action all of us can take here. It’s not right that they can literally make our machines useless.

  118. you have been taking money out of my husbands bank account for xbox live and the person who have been doing this have not been given permison to do this and he is not even 18 years old and they have been doing this since 2013 . the bank have there fraud on to it and they have told us to get in contact with you I have tried the phone and got nowhere with that. my name is sandy wills if you can get in touch with me as you should not actually be aloud to let things like this happenor you can email me

  119. I was just playing neverwinter on Xbox one, wanted to buy 1000 Zen (in game currency) for £8, the game told me the transaction had failed and I should try again later, which I did, three more times, only to get the same response each time. found out later I’d been billed that four times that the game had told me otherwise…..I feel robbed, and I’ve been fobbed off by an ambassador, having no luck with Twitter, I’m sick of being ignored Microsoft……

  120. thanks for not posting my last msg, i guess the truth hurts eh? trying again, this better post…..i tried buying 1000 zen of in game currency on neverwinter on xbox one, only to be told verification failed and I should try again later, I tried three further times only tobe told each time the same thing. Later I found out I’d been billed all four times without being made aware of it, only wanting to make one purchase…..I don’t appreciate being ignored either

  121. I love your xbox 360 my favorite game is transformers war of cybertron but I cant play it because I lost my controller if you can help me thanks for making xbox sincerely hayden

  122. I have a Xbox 360. And there is some graphic error. When I ordered it, it was working properly. But one day, when I connected it, there was the problem. I ordered it online and it’s still in warranty period but when I go for servicing, they say that the warranty is not valid as I ordered it online.

  123. x-box live support is a JOKE! someone took money out of my account that I DID NOT authorize ($90.00) and they WOULD NOT give me a refund or even try to help me… some little boy that works there kept repeating himself over and over like a robot reading a script! and when I ask to speak to someone over him He said I couldnt get any higher…Like he owns microsoft ha ha ..I would NOT recommend putting my credit or debit info on this site unless you have money to just give away !

  124. I work hard for my money and to have someone to just take it really makes me angry I have a password on my account and I am the only one that has the password and still no refund…what a joke!!!

  125. WOW looking back at all the post and this happens ALL the time i guess I am not the only sucker they take money from everyones accounts dang!!!

  126. I am not happy at all right now with xbox live support I have had money taking out of my account that i did not authorize and no one seems to care and when I look back at the later post it seems to be happening a lot So how do you get your money back or are you just SOL !!

  127. I got hacked too and they took my money and no one will give it back to me they got me for a few hundred dollars and xbox doesnt even care they are a joke and there costumer service dept is a bunch of non-helping robots who read off a script !! I will never have an xbox live account again I am so frustrated I work hard for my money and for the “little boy” in service to talk down to me like he did was so disrespectful! There is no such thing as the customer is right anymore ! Im a nurse and take pride in helping my patients guess thats the difference in a professional person and a service lacky!!

  128. It seems you people went to way too much time and effort to make phone contact for support issues all but impossible. I have been a faithful subscriber to XBOX LIVE for several years, and lately my family and I are seriously dropping your “service” and move back to Playstation. Resolving your issues is neither timely or lasting.

  129. I am really disapointed with xbox live constant server problems u spend more time logging in than playing game and my downloaded content kept disappearing

  130. I have been a loyal xbox customer for years. Have the original, the 360 etc. I’d like an xbox one, but have gone through tough times. I lost my daughter and fiance recently and don’t think I’ll ever recover. Games are the only things keeping me sane, so could you please find it in your hearts to send me an xbox one, so I can continue to heal and keep my mind off things. Thank you for your time.

  131. I have been a loyal xbox customer for years. Have the original, the 360 etc. I’d like an xbox one, but have gone through tough times. I lost my daughter and fiance recently and don’t think I’ll ever recover. Games are the only things keeping me sane, so could you please find it in your hearts to send me an xbox one, so I can continue to heal and keep my mind off things. Thank you for your time!

  132. well got on black ops 2 today and found a modder and I just want to be modder free and not get banned or suspended and the modders name is Mellisa meow69 so if like you could do something about this because ive been suspend from xbox live before I don’t know how to even mod or hack or whatever so yeah. thank you from taydan 🙂

  133. I think a gaming system such as this should have contact information. This little boy KillerBeast is a mean little boy with an ugly mouth. I heard every word. Because Mike (my son) won’t play with him, and muted him, he had my account shut down? Can someone explain how that works? Please call me and let me know. I am not happy about not having access to this company. I would like something done today please.

  134. so I have a big problem here I talked to an overthephone representative and told him and explained my xbox not working which went ok then after explained I bought it off a friend who was the original owner and downloaded over 300 dollars worth of online games and I left a note when I sent the xbox in to not restore it unless they back it up so the games aren’t lost because I cant and they restored it anyways and I have lost all my games and my 1 year of xbox live that I downloaded to the actual console extremely upset about this already tried opening my xbox live account and none of the games are there to re download. they suck at getting back to you and the service website is unavailable. I wish I bought a playstation like the rest of my systems. Never buy xbox.

  135. Bonjour
    J ai été banni du program Xbox preview
    Pour me défendre
    C mon fils qui joué avec mon compte sur Xbox 360
    Maintenant nous possédons 3 xbox one et 1 Xbox 360

  136. Xbox should be ashame of themselves for taking our money and time for their mess service.Let say this i been a xbox customer for a long time and i wonder why i been with them this long. Xbox listen to us for once we getting sick and tired of your poor service you have no problem in taking our money so we wont have a problem going to another game console.Your company already lost alot of money due the ring of death problem do think we wont leave all together. Stop messing over us xbox.

  137. It’s been 29 min on hold and I still haven’t spoken to a real person about canceling my xbox live subscription. Every time I signed in and tried to go under subscription under my account it didn’t have an option for canceling only purchasing. Lovely Microsoft gonna hang up now and let them keep my $59. Jerks and the auto music while your on hold is super lame

  138. At first I couldn’t buy any thing and when I did it bought the wrong thing AND it didn’t even give me so it took my money and didn’t give me the dlc . Can I get me money back

  139. Customer service??? What customer service.. I tried to email regarding a question about my xbox 360. Had to sign in and don’t have my password. They will not reset it or tell me what it is because they say I did not supply the right info. Each time they tell you to try again and will get back to you in 24 hours. Funny they have no problem charging me each year . This year I am calling my bank and stopping Xbox live and going to buy a different system.. Worst customer service I have seen in my whole life…great system terrible support.

  140. Its so difficult to lodge a complaint by email I am unable to comment on how you would actually deal with it. I kept being directed to an online chat room which I would rather not use.

    Anyway can I leave my complaint here and request you pass it to the correct department.
    A number of years back I purchased a xbox 360 for my son. It seems there was a free subscription to xbox music which for a month and for some reason it was encombent

  141. Its so difficult to lodge a complaint by email I am unable to comment on how you would actually deal with it. I kept being directed to an online chat room which I would rather not use.

    Anyway can I leave my complaint here and request you pass it to the correct department. can they please correspond via my email address.

    A number of years back I purchased an Xbox 360 for my son. It seems there was a free subscription to Xbox music for a month and for some reason it was incumbent on myself to cancel this. Unaware I was receiving this unwanted service I was charged £8.99 per month for a considerable period of time. I have since cancelled the monthly charge having never used this service on any occasion even during the free period. I find it troubling that you have a situation where a customer never once avails himself of this service during the free month and then assume he wants to pay for it. Can I please request that all payments made by myself are refunded



  142. i try to get play my game call of duty black ops 3 and when i click
    Play online it tells me that the current profile is not allowed to play xbox live
    Please tell me how to fix this .

  143. I forgot my xbox live password and it says to got to my settings and go into account but it won’t let me go In to it so I need help like asap

  144. I’d just like to apologize to “ross o” in Xbox one customer support for my tablet spazing out and ending our convoy, sorry !!!!!! Also thank you very much for the help your a legend !!!!!!!!

  145. so i got a email confirming that ten dollars got taken out of my account for xbox Gold. I got the email on the third, today i went to play gta online and it told me i didnt have access to online and that needed gold.I dont understand why its doing could you get back me

  146. I am very disappointed with my purchases of the Watch dogs season pass series only the bad blood section works but I completed that mission and Adrian Pearce character is in limbo the only thing I can do is various fixer assignments which I am down to the driving ones . None of the missions shown in the video are available and there isn’t any procedure to remove it and redownload the games such as access granted the digital trips work that is part of conspiracy. But if you have a way to help me to get the season pass to work I would really appreciate it thank you sincerely David Beckett

  147. i need help with support for my acct, xbox 360 & xbox one. there seems to be no support that handles all three venues together nor direct email to microsoft that gives support for it. i own both systems. but if i try to get both to recognize my profile or i am gold only 1 works.


  148. i need to renew my xbox live which should have auto renewed on my account when the money was in but now my account is suspended in i cant buy my xbox live on my console as i forgot my microsoft account password

  149. Please help me my account has been hack my gamertag is unholysynnz and my game score is 65004 and everytime i want to play it telling me that i cannot play and it sigh me out of my acc for some reason

  150. i am finding it impossible to contact Xbox live – no email address, phone number incorrect – all the contact options require sign in and I can’t sign into the system – that’s why I’m trying to contact them!! have spent at least an hour now trying different ways to contact them

  151. I cannot sign into my Xbox Live account on my Xbox ONE. The error message says, “We couldn’t sign you in. Try again in a few minutes, or check your account by signing in to account. Life. COM.

  152. I cannot sign into my Xbox Live profile on my Xbox ONE. I keep getting an error message stating, “We couldn’t sign you in. Try again in a few minutes, or check your account by signing into account. Live. COM.

  153. I’ve been trying to find an email contact for nearly an hour. I try to go through your site but it consistently tells me to check my region or that things have been moved on the site. I’m quite unhappy with difficulties I am having and am more upset over the time I have to waste when your site is acting up. I’D like an email to talk to someone at.

  154. We r trying to pay the Xbox live gold for 1 dollar and it won’t let us and I no my cards good and I know it’s got money on it so y won’t it let us

  155. I am 63 years old. I don’t have an xbox. I don’t need xbox live. Have been billed for this service for I don’t know how long. They finally closed the account. But they won’t refund my money because they say they can’t send a confirmation to my email. That’s strange because since I talked to them today I have gotten 3 emails. I caught them and they don’t want to refund my money. Maybe a lawsuit is in order. FRAUD.

  156. Someone tried to access my account and microsoft locked me out of the account I’ve been using for nearly 15 years or more!! I’ve been playing WOT for the last 2 years and have accumulated a large number of tanks and have spent $100s of dollars on the game. Would someone please get back to me to let me know if I can access my bloody game and recover my last 2 years of gaming???

  157. I need to recover the email address I have tied to my gamertag. when started it I didnt have a pc. so I used my dads email. He passed away so I cant get the info I need. I gave my correct d.o.b. and other info and can answer anything I need to. Ive been on PSN but still want to keepmy old tag for when can afford both an XB1 & a PS4. Thank you

  158. my brother bought a family pack of Xbox live and i’m covered under it. It is quite unfair that my account says that i have to buy Xbox live which i am already covered under. So i ask that the situation be fixed since i cant even communicate with the people that is required to play the game. my gamer tag happens to be BackbonedPoem & the issue is that it says “Party chat is blocked. error code [0x89231022]” please message me if you could assist me in fixing this error or if and when this issue is resolved thank you.

  159. It sucks when you cant get the account information on the account that is charging your debit card every month. I wanted/needed the information so I can retrieved the levels and the games that we had purchased on the x box live games. I bought over $200 on games and the extra accessories to help my son with his accomplishes…….

  160. I’ve gotten communication banned for no reason. I haven’t sent any rude messages, haven’t talked to anybody. I’m not sure why I’ve gotten banned. This is my very first time getting banned to. I’m not very happy about it. Please review my case and see if you can do anything about it. I’m hoping to get a response. Thanks in advance.

    • This same thing happened to me. Some guy was trolling me, yes I did call him a little bitch. But that’s because he was being one. Honesty hurts.. and I got suspended, yet the guy who was trolling is still trolling and even felt the urge to send me a laughing emoji right before my account got suspended. Xbox is a joke

  161. Xbox Live support and enforcement is a bunch of jokes. I recently had my account suspended due to a troll reporting me for cheating. Mind you, I don’t even know how one can cheat in Black Ops 3. I was simply better than this guy and he goes out of his way to message me to call me a cheater and that he is reporting me and he clearly was trolling me. YET x BOX still went ahead and suspended my account. If I was anyone looking to get a xbox or a ps4. Go PS4, don’t me a part of this xbox network. They will suspend the person who got accused yet they wont suspend the troll.. Such a joke

  162. Jackson was very helpful in my issue with being Deranked on COD MW3. I gave him the hackers gamertag (JasperType2). And though he could not change my rank back to what it was, he told me how I may do so by contacting Activision. Thanks to him this awful day has turned around.

  163. hi I have had many people verbally abuse me on xbox live and just people judging me and I cant afford to buy a new gamertag

  164. I am needing to contact someone who can help me cancel a subscription for an Xbox Live account that was subscribed with my debit card – through my checking account – but was not activated with my name or email. I am unable to contact and/or reach the person whose email and name are on the account, so I am needing information on how to go forward with canceling it. I am also getting a new debit card connecting to my checking account, and do not want to be over charged once the card I have now, which is set up through Xbox Live, is deactivated.

    Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  165. To add on information to the above comment:

    I am unaware of what the sign in information is for the account as well, so I am completely unable to cancel this subscription. The only information of mine that is connected to the account is my payment information, which is why I am in desperate need of help in how else to cancel it.

  166. Customer service is a joke!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR XBOX LIVE WITH YOUR PERSONAL DEBIT CARD..Get a prepaid or something because they have open access to your bank and charge whatever they want and will NOT refund any unauthorized purchases. One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, in regards to customer service. Total scam

  167. U can’t get on enjoy playing any more because all of the cheaters using God mode can’t kill them takes fun out of the game report them and nothing gets done keep running into the same people I’ve been playing Xbox live for a long time but I’m about over it thanks for taking the time to read this

  168. you guys are a rip off. your system is not easy. people want to talk to a person and get help. you guys are ridiculous i will never let my kids sign up for this again

  169. Started my account a year ago and up until division and sea of thieves i was a very happy gamer but with all the hacking due to cross platforms of xbox and pc i am seriously considering switching to playstation and cancelling my gold account,Really hope this can be resolved but i see no other way than stopping pc players playing with xbox,took me two mins to find the hacking site easyscripts scripting for idiots,at least they have the idiots part correct..PLEASE SORT THIS OUT

  170. Hi my friend bullys me and calls me Niger if I do something wrong can you ban so I don’t have to go through this his username is QuietFoaI68587

  171. No one answered this number. My grandson plays xbox at our house.we used my husband’s debit card one time on 9-24,was charged $9.99. Today Oct 9th you charged us $10.80 twice and $5.43 once.What’s up with that? Cancel the withdrawal on my husband’s debit card (Paul Hensley).You need to send our money back to us that was charged to us on 10-9. Email me for my phone number

  172. can somebody help im using xbox 360 and i cannot go online because it says “sorry ea servers are having problem plz plz

  173. anyone else having trouble with the backward compatible disk version of final fantasy 13 lightning returns be cause i tried to play the disk and it wont install i tried calling Xbox support 17 times all ready and kept getting hung up on im fed up.

  174. Lack of customer service !!!! Cant even speak to anyone when you call it directs you to there website support and low and behold no help!!! I own 5 xbox 360 consoles and a xbox one. Looks like I’m done buying Microsoft products since they no longer have a live customer service rep to speak to

  175. I replaced a Xbox one with a X and after the update it will not work. I want to speak to a real person please. I’ve had a xbox for almost 20 years and this Customer service really has me thinking about a PS4

  176. There something wrong with my account. I went on my account today and when I login my account and put my password in it keep saying someone is in my account. I didn’t give anyone my password. I email the Microsoft. They said they will block my account for information.

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