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Contacting WWE Customer Service Center

WWE is one of the world’s largest sports entertainment franchises, founded in 1952. The current head of the company Vince McMahon took the company from a company focused on promoting events to a company with a fan base exceeding the 13 million mark and a viewership in more than 140 countries. The company not only focuses on live events, WWE deals with direct product sales, product licensing, music, film and publishing.

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Contact Info:

When customers want to contact the customer service department, they have the ability to by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-203-352-8600
  • WWE magazine: 1-800-244-9279
  • WWE shop: 1-866-993-7467
  • WWE Shop (international): 1-717-522-4384

Mailing Address

WWE Corporate HeadquartersAttention: (Specific Department)1241 East Main StreetStamford, CT 06902

Official Website

When individuals visit the official WWE website they will enter the universe of one of the leading sports entertainment franchises on the planet. There is access to information of the superstars, video clips, photos, classic matches, news and ticket sales. Through the online community, individuals have access to sending messages to the superstars and also vote for their top celebrity for upcoming events.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to send correspondence to the customer service team via the customer contact form. The only relevant details customers include, includes your name, email address and the program. We sent an email requesting the hours of the customer service department. We are still awaiting a response.

Additional ways to contact the customer service department include:

Our Experience

Contacting the WWE was quite an experience. The automated system provided several options, but none directed the call to the customer service department. We decided to press 0 in order to connect with a live agent. After several attempts, we connected with a representative. The customer service agent was pleasant. We asked if w could have information relating to the television shows rating system. Our concern was children watching the programs. The agent acknowledged our concern and offered to explain the WWE Parentspage. The page describes the type of programming as well as provides information relating to maneuvers not to attempt at home.

The agent provided a wealth of information in a short amount of time. Our experience was better than expected. When contacting the customer service team, how did the call turn out? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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139 Comments on “Contact WWE Customer Service
  1. customer service does not answer their phones. I have called amny time without an answer and have been hung up on without talking to anyone

    • I will no long buy or watch wrestling ever again,management has over step there bounds this time even kane has broking the rules im done now hope you can find more watchers

  2. I will no longer allow my child to watch i am watching triple h bully his employees.for a company you is aganst bulling and goes to schools to promote this program is not promotingit on there show.i used to like watching now i am very disappointed in the show. My husband has been watching since he was 4 doesn’t want our child to no longer watch.

  3. My son absolutely loves WWE and has been a devoted fan since age 3 and he just turned ten a few days ago. This is my second year subscribing to the magazine and my last year might I add!!!! I dont understand why I have to call in to customer service for them to send my magazine out every couple months!!!! I called early this year after changing my address and not receiving any subscriptions. They didnt even change my address when i called to update it. so I had to update it AGAIN when I called in. Then in October, I had to call back and ask to have the issues from July til October to be issued because I never received any of my subscriptions. Yet AGAIN I had to update my address. My mailman was even accused by the rep of stealing my magazines. I know he does not because i know him and he is an older guy. Also after I call in and demand my subscribed issues that i PRE-PAID for, I always receive them!!!! Yet today, I had to call AGAIN because i never received octobers issue and I havent received my november or december issues!!!! After being accused of lying, I had to go back and forth to receive what I paid for and that is after they mail them out in 2-3 WEEKS!!! SO I WONT RECEIVE MY MAGAZINES UNTIL WELL INTO THE NEW YEAR!!! tHIS IS RIDICULOUS AND I REFUSE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAGAZINE AGAIN. I RATHER BY THEM FOR NEWSTAND PRICE!!! SMH AT THE ENTIRE TWO YEAR DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

  4. Could you bring back doink the clown or make a action figure.for the future also can you do a poll from andre the giant to ultimate warrior who you think is the best for the future you can find me on face book type my name or leave a message.(important)for the when he had original music like the new hair like when he was scary.this one sells see if you can make him cool.pull theam music but when he was cool.this one sells for futer get a hold of me later.(important) for the future.for a wrestlers.

  5. i wante to be a spacel gusess on wwe opeing monday night in april in evensville ind i like show a lot and larry king and all pro wresling team

  6. My son Greg Montgomery is a specialnneeds child Down Syndrome lives at home with me-37 yrs old enjoys WWE and I have subscribed the magazine for him called about it last month didn’t receive it and he hasn’t this month probably the postman-but wanted to let you know this just started and his subscription isn’t expired.

  7. Network is a JOKE!!!!!! Kept losing program and difficulty getting it back. Called customer service and they were absolutely NO HELP!!!! Kept getting the run around. During Wrestlemania no one was answering the phones. Very unhappy with the network. Will think about renewing when time comes around. Missed most of Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania. VERY disappointed’!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You need to know what is going on. I can’t believe I was the only one having problems.

  8. We email you people yesterday and the problem the i talk about keep coming up>i love the network and i”m a life long fan of the WWE.since i began a member of the network is been with tegnical problems i would to be abble to get what i pay for and wacth a hole payperwie on interupted,this is whats comes in my network/no items available and wwe home retry please i would like to continuo with my network i hope you guys do somenthing about this,Thank you for your help Israel Ruiz.

  9. On the wwe network can u put total divas on it. When we first heard about it the video showed total divas would be on it

  10. Ive been for months for you guys to come to savannah,ga you guys haven’t come to Savaanah,Ga please post soon

  11. Ive been for months for you guys to come to savannah,ga you guys haven’t come to Savaanah,Ga please post soon

  12. Hi my name is shawn armstrong and I am a huge fan of wwe my problem is dat u guys anounce almost every country except mines which is belize c.a . Here r a lot of fans so please remember us wen u are anouncing tanx and god bless

  13. my husband loves wrestling but this WWE network is not what it promises and I am about tired of paying for something I can’t use

  14. I think rusev is a digrase to me and my family I live in America in kentucy not just me but to all of the America of the united states if the wwe won’t do anything I am going to go to higher person incharged resev should not be on wwe because he is always putting our country down and that is against the law do something about it thanks

  15. i have tried twice now to subscribe to the network and failed do to it is not compatable with satatelite inyernet service this hurts the people who like pau per views and now cannot watch them do to a Ip issue you are falsely advertising this network stating all can receive it you need to inform people on satatelite they are not good enough to watch this programing you tech tried to get me to pay for this again stating this issue had been solved but i found out you still have the same issues nothing has changed i am reporting this false advertising to the better business breauro. i think you need to offer pay per views on satalite again to pick up alot more of your customers than cable ever thought about having

  16. I was wondering if i could talk to some one to start training with to become a pro wrestler and how? Who whould i have to talk to?

  17. on the I/5/15 At seven pm I saw the worst performance of my life put on by triple h and his wife , in 40 years of watching wrestling there has never been such ,poor management like Monday corporation cannot stay in business with that kind of getto mentality its sick ,and very hostal and disturbing.

  18. I have been an avid wrestling fan all of my life until I can’t take it any more. The “AUTHORITY” for me has ruined my enjoyment of wrestling. The WWE talks against bullying when they are around children but Triple H. and Stephanie are the worlds worst bullies. Your so called “good for business” actions are repulsive. If Mr. Money in the bank is so good why does he need two so called security men, Kane and Big Show to help him win matches? What you did this past Monday night to John Cena, Dolph Zeigler, Feed me More and the Mr. Goat Head was repulsive. As of now, after many years of enjoying W W E, I will no longer watch Monday or Thursday night wrestling. I hope there are many others that will do the same as I. The H.H.H., Stephanie act is disgusting. Getting rid of Alberto Del Rio and Ray Mesterio was also stupid no matter what the reason. Maybe one day you will see that bullying your superstars is not the way to go.

  19. Triple h or whatever he called him self, is a bully and highly evil. I used to like watching the show but now is like I’m wasting my time and money..

  20. This is ridicules I paid for ticket’s to see Raw this Monday I understand it is cancelled cause of the weather but you give us tickets to Thursday smackdown here in Hartford well I paid for Raw and 3 hours of it I think it is BS because I want to see Raw not smackdown 🙁

  21. I am very disappointed in the wwe network. I have top of the line Internet service and while watching the hall of fame and wrestlemania the network kept going back to matches that already happened in the middle of a new match and pausing in the middle I am wanting this problem taking care of because I did not pay good money to have this happen. It makes me want to cancel my subscription of wwe network because of this matter. So if you could please do something I would appreciate it.

    Thank you Ashley Tyskie

    • I have the exact same problem. The WWE network constantly freezes, or while watching a video, it exits out of the video and and it says an error has occurred, please try again later, or it skips a whole clip of the video. These three issues constantly keep happening and that’s messed up being that I pay $119.88 a year for WWE Network, yet we can hardly ever watch it. And this ain’t a new issue either. We been dealing with this since we started subscribing to the WWE Network from the very first day it began.

  22. I so wished stephanie would have got her face smashed in. I waited and waited. One thing I must admit she did learn how to act. When she first started in the ring she sucked. Her ego is laughable, she is a joke and the show is weak. Seth Rollins champ lol lol lol lol lol. Check your stocks should bring you back to reality. I hope the MMA female champ kicks stefs ass. I have not watched wrestling for 10 years and unless my sons tell me that seth grew sone balls and is wrestling lesnsr or reigns ot that the mma champ is fighting steph then I will watch it. When will you have a black or hispanic champion? Dont answer cause you dont have one. The Prejudice League.

  23. Hi. WWE you guys should have LIVE wwe Monday Night Raw events every Monday Night at 8/7c. On USA Network also LIVE On the wwe network LIVE TV App, inc, 2015) on these future New LIVE TV wwe magazine’s okay!

  24. I have had this network since the beginning and now it’s been up for over a year now and still freezes and other glitches how about getting better servers

  25. Good afternoon I just signed up for this network yesterday. I own a Samsung Smart tv and cant seem to get the WWE app. I followed the instructions going into the smart hub then sports and the WWE app doesnt appear.

  26. Being trying all weekend n today to find out y get get wwe network to work from cable box to tv have called cable company all good there have called Samsung support cause cable connected to Blu Ray dvd player to tv , again told it’s working fine , both have told me it’s not working on wwe networks end .GETTIN frustrating. Ordered it n now can’t watch it on TV . Works great on tablets not sure Bout phones been dealing with getting it on TV

  27. I am very disappointed in this mess of a monthly subscription that have have purchased from wwe! If u r gonna charge people 10 a month ot seems u could have better live coverage! The constant buffering on live events is garbage! U all can fix this mess Or refund customer there dang money back. Every other live event u watch on tv does not cost u an hour extra or longer to watching this mess bc of all the buffering!!!!!!! Not to mention the fact most of its not even in HD!! Very disappointed in this service….. when u r kids tell u garbage bc of all the buffering u have major issues! Maybe wwe can hire someone highly intelligence to fix this before u go to the mass public and offer something that cost money!

  28. RAW tonight was so wrong with cena and Owens. To have anyone disrespect the U.S.A. belt like owens did is totally disgusting and disrespectful. We have had enough of thugs, Isis , stupid people do ing these disrespectful acts. SO WRONG ….

  29. Wwe is all for bully’s because Seth Rollins can’t win without Kane or j and j or t hh help him so come on and quits saying your agains bullying because you not

  30. I would like to cancel my wwenetwork. I don’t really watch it any more because of all the crap that goes on with the wwe authority!

  31. I have a wrestling fan since as far back as I can remember,and I am 42. I was on line earlier and saw where Brock Lesnar is coming back,what a disappointing announcement…I was hoping others would have an opportunity,but noGod Lesnar returns,so lets just bend over and kiss his ass…the authority gimmick has run its course,it was dead when it was Vince as the higher power…a decade ago,no wonder c m punk left,I don’t blame him I am one more predictable scrappy ppb away from realizing that $9.99 is too much,and your event tickets are so outrageously priced I will never be able to afford to go again…I am hoping this reaches the person in charge,please quit putting garbage on tv and calling it entertainment.

  32. I just subscribe wwe network last night and I can’t even watch it keeps freezing and says video error and I’m very disappointed right now in the wwe network

  33. Is there any way for JBL to be kicked off of the announce table, he is probably the dumbest man that I have ever met. Just let me know, because no one likes him.

  34. where’s the respect for the guy who absolutely, absurdly. out bench pressed mark henry,(the reason he was kicked out of the army) namely me.

  35. it happened at fort leonard wood, mo. in the brigade gym, in November at the end of desert storm. and was witnessed by my friend staff sergeant palmer. and the security camera inside the brigade gym.

  36. So why the wwe network say new customers sign up for the network and you get it free for one month i just signed up on 8/23/15 and i didn’t get the month free i had to pay so tell me where is my free month false advertising

  37. dear authority i,am 75 and been watching wrestling since laurel gardens in newark nj that was wrestling. i dont know were you went wrong but since vince stepped down you show is going down hill very fast granted your pay per views are making buit smack down raw is like watch a circus with some of the clowns you have. stardust get rid of that nut, maybe show one star a week what is does when not working hobbys meet his wife and kids or maybe bring back some older guys that still want to wrestle make the show a little more intersting i am knot saying be like vince be a little better. dave a old fan

  38. The last 2 times we have watched live, the AUDIO is very poor, very hard to understand drives me crazy. The static sound is ruining the program that we so longed to watch. This is nerve racking. You need to fix this issue, or you will lose us as customers. Good paying customers…

  39. Not to mention the picture is poor as well. Not clear at all. It’s like a bad taping~but it’s live, what the heck. DISAPPOINTED!!

  40. we love wwe & smackdown we want to rent pay perveiw but driect tv cant get a contrack with the them so we brought a smart tv 55 inches then we oreder wwe 9.99 then found out it only works on samsung panacointic sony we did not know this we have sharp why do i have have to do all of this why cant u give drict tv a contrack

  41. For the past 5 or 6 months I have been charged for services that I am not receiving some how someone have hack my pass word and I haven’t been able to open up the page ,when I write the past word it keeps saying is the wrong word….Didn’t know what to do I thought you people would stop charging my acct ,when you noticed I haven’t been using the service,but I just found out today that I am still been charged for services that I haven’t been using please correct this problem or open up my page again….thanks Sal…..

  42. I don’t know who to contact but I was wondering if you will be schedule ing any wrestling matches in East Lansing,MI any time soon if so if you could please let me know. Thank you?

  43. I cancelled my WWE membership they was supposed to put my money back on my card and still no word haven’t called nothing I want my money

  44. To whom may concern I’m trying to get though to someone to express my self I’m a life time fan and have always wanted to work for the WWE you see in my travels I had good jobs but I don’t stay because it’s not me I recently had a job as a diesel mechanic because that’s what I went to school for but once more not for me I’m an active person that works hard at every thing I do if someone could put this in the right hands it would be Great I mean I don’t care if it’s the towel boy I’ll even do it for free I think it’s what I wanna do thanks for your time John you can reach me at John Megan 27@ thanks again

  45. you take our money every month , with no problem … why does the programing not work ?? 2 weeks its been down !!! what a scam …

  46. I Want to Say Behave WWE Universe we are getting tried of The Authority Screwing all WWE Superstars and Roman Reigns he win WWE world Heavy championship but Sheaums Stole Roman Reigns WWE Championship Belt I See Controversy

  47. When is the network going to put on the little wrestler?, like it was years ago. The little people were called: midgits at that time. It would b.nice tosee them again.

  48. My WWE network is not working. When I start it a pink screen appears stating unauthorized content. This is not the first time it has happened and trying to get tech support is impossible. If this is what I can expect going forward I have to reconsider keeping this service. What is the phone number for tech support?

  49. Need login assistance with password (System rejecting my password and can’t login) Please email me my password.

  50. I couldn’t enjoy the whole royal rumble this past Sunday cause all it could do is fast forward or rewind back alot I know it’s not my internet connection or my system both are good…. Fix it! I don’t like to pay for something I can’t enjoy I’ve been a wwe fan since I was 7

  51. I have been a loyal fan of wwe wrestling for over 40 years I obtained the wwe network over a year ago and have been very satisfied until today i had numerous occasions watching Feb 21 fastlane that in the middle of a match the network stopped causing me to miss the ending of four matches I called wwe network support and was not satisfied with the service I feel they should have offered me free service this.month for my trouble this is the only time I have ever called and would appreciate your help.

    Regards debbie kennedy

  52. Don’t you understand? My name and e-mail are correct. I just wanted to say that HHH is back to his old and stupid ways.

  53. i’ve had the wwe network for 6 months on my ps3 and i’ve had nothing but problems. lagging picture freezes skipping scenes you cant watch with out interruptions this is not what i pay good money for. i have netflix that is fantastic. im from the uk get your network sorted.

  54. I am absolutely appalled by the service from Get me in the tickets purchases we got out wwe tickets from I have lost my tickets and they can’t help me I’ve recently moved and have had a lot going on these tickets were for 6 9 year old boys coming to the first WWE event and I just can’t let them down they are all coming in a limousine booked for 19th April I booked 12 tickets still have 6 I just don’t know what else to do please can you help this is for the 7 boys birthday presents the tickets weren’t cheap either so I can’t believe they won’t let us go in with the email confirmation we paid by credit card too I just need advice the company will not reissue or refund such bad customer service

  55. I have a question I’m trying to find out why we’ve never had a WrestleMania down here in Minnesota Minneapolis cuz I’ve been trying to get to a WrestleMania and I live in Minnesota and I just don’t have all the money in the world but I’d love to come see you wrestle mania

  56. Horrible wwe network , took my $9.99 and than got video error codes and was not able to watch wrestlemania32 …horrible service

  57. I am tired of not being able to get wrestlemania or anything else on my computer but you manage to take my money every month. I have put up with this from day 1 of the network going on air , I hope you can fix it and I am 78 years old so I hope it is soon.

  58. I noticed that this month I was charged $10.49 instead of $9.99 for the WWE Network. I’m wondering why? Thank you

  59. i want to be a wwe wrestler & this is my future. i am coming soon in wwe [from nepal] plz help me.plz my brothers & sisters.

  60. The way John Cena was treated May 30 was appalling. 3 on 1is stupid. And…allow ing fairly new people, like Styles or Rollins, to compete for the championship is wrong and appalling too! Get your act together please.

  61. I would like to cancel my subscription of wwe network please I really apercated if u guys cancel I don’t want to pay for this subscription anymore k!!!

  62. My name is will Hines and I have been addicted and transformed by the world of wwe wrestling since I was 4 years old. As soon as I could I started going to the gym and working out at the age of 11 to pursue my dream and so far I have demolished everything in my way. The person I have become since I started following my dreams is amazing, I am dedicated, great at drama, young, full of warmth and care and an absolute beast. I have been doing ju-jujitsu for 7 years and have also been a talented boxer. I am very sporty and do a lot of football, rugby, cricket ect. I am a huge fan and have been to many wwe matches so I do know my stuff. The of time and effort I have put into this dream shan’t be wasted as I am going to become a wwe wrestler. I am English ( wwe need some English men ). I may be a bit young right now but only a few years to go. I hope I have inspired you to give me a chance and please get back to me as this is my life and I’ve tried so hard emailing so many people just to try and get a shot. If you get back to me I can send some pictures of me to pursued you even more. Thank you and please reply. 

  63. I was , “very” disappointed in the end of the Stiles-Cena match. The moment Stiles’ friends showed up the match should’ve been for forfeited at once.
    Cena didn’t lose. He was ambushed. I, and 14000 others were truly gypted of, what was, a good fight.
    Stiles truly did leave his balls in Japan.

  64. I canceled months back ,but still taking the $9.99 out every month why is that .I keep calling the phone number given and the machine hangs up on me .I now see why WWE makes the money they make. They are modern day Robin Hood take from the poor and give to themselves. It even shows that I don’t get wwe network. So why would money keep coming out of my account? I really would like to know.

  65. Tonight was my last night watching raw. I have always believed KO was lazy and does anything to avoid wrestling. So you give him the title Stephanie & Triple H believe the audience is Stupid and lazy. no that is your new champion. Good luck you need it

  66. I want to say that I am 76 years young and I have watched wrestling sence I was 18 years old, and I have never been so discusted in my life! I know that wrestling is all scripted, but when yu make it so a wrestler who is not from this country, but from Bulgaria, and comes here to wrestle, and causes our flag to hit the mat, that should never have been allowed! there are men fighting for that flag, to give that idiot the right to be here in the USA, and he abuses that right every time he is on the mat, you need to stop that and if they hate the USA so much then they need to GET THE HELL OUT! they need to respect our flag like we respect theirs.

  67. I hope you get this message, I don’t know if this is going to get through to you because I think I did it wrong so I will see if you get it this time, I have watched wrestling since I was 18, and I am now 76, and I have never been so ashamed of what happened in that ring, when you allow the American flag to hit the mat, and have someone disgrace it like that then they need to get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back!

  68. my name is Andrea and I am having a problem with Karen Lazo from Coronel Chile all she does is lie and steal. She bullies everybody believing in fakes of wwe stars, WWE stars only uses twitter not vk, facebook or nothing else, I am telling the truth please John Cena needs to block her for doing that her twitter is ambrosegirl25 she is disrespecting everybody. She needs to be blocked and reported. John needs to follow me back.

  69. I been a fan of wwe for years I just hate how they never make some champs fight but make other fight all the time that’s just bs I think it should be different and not only pick and choose and we as wwe network need to see better matches 2

  70. I have not been able to access my account for 4 months.I have been charged for every month of service even though I can’t even watch anything. I contacted customer service and they said no one was available to help me and asked if I wanted to talk with someone else in a different department.

    I am VERY VERY UNSATISFIED with the program service and with the customer service department.

    Is there anyway that I could get the help that I need to stream? I am at the point of just cancelling my subscription because of this frustration.


  71. I am so disappointed with Ronda Rousey. I was hoping that she would wait and not marry until I meet her. She is a beautiful young lady. She has the style and features to be a successful wrestler. She just started professional wrestling and has not wrestle that much and now she married. I really wanted to meet her and get to know her as well. She is the type of lady that I could have as a wife. She is pretty and adorable. She is one that I fell in love with. However, now that she has done what I was hoping that she wouldn’t have, I just wish her the best and good luck. So long. Adios.

  72. My is Jessica Cornett. I was born disability for birth . I would really like to meet John Cena .
    Are y’all coming to Baton Rouge only June 2
    Baton Rouge river Center .
    Again I would really like to meet John Cena . I may 35 year old
    Young adults that Also Like
    To watch him only Monday night. Are can you please Direct to to so that can help me out. Please just let me know .

  73. The automated system is dumb and way unprofessional it didn’t give me any results or a pleasant outcome because 8 didn’t get to talk to any associate or anything. I’m very disappointed with you guys

  74. There is someone pretending to be Dolph Ziggler on the social media sites like Twitter, instagram and Facebook. They are being sexually perverted to like wanting to take a picture of their pens.

  75. WWE Network double bills and will not give a refund. Their customer support is terrible. They don’t cry about anyone or anything but the money.

  76. i have been subscribing to WWE for over 10 years now and now all of a sudden I cannot access this app all I am getting is a message that says YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO ACCESS THIS MEDIA ITEM. I am fully paid up to this subscription and need to know why I cannot access.

  77. What is going on with WWE help me out
    Carmella as a champion when there are more talented girls on the roster
    Alexa the same as a champion really cheating
    B team tag team champions JOKE
    Miz I would like to see this clown one on one match no outside help
    Ziegler without Drew this guy will not be a champion again why
    Constable are you guys kidding me
    Who makes the decision on allowing these so little talented wrestlers to do what they do for this reason I do not watch as I did before WWE the good old days earn a match fight win it or lost it but give a good show what is good for business is cheat your way out in order to win a fight like the other acquisitions

  78. how do i get wwe on my computer i already have it on my tabet with this i get bigger pic i already am sub for you

  79. I miss seeing kelly kelly torrie wilson rikishi bootylicious stinkfaces give me more stinkfaces give me naomi make her the new stinkface girl

  80. WWE, just a laid back boring events take a look @ NJPW & AEW unreal action. NJPW could blow the Company of WWE & Vince MJcMahon NJPW a class act of wrestlers why did they stop Rollins match in a Hell in A Cell What”s the purpose fans pay good hard money Hell this Bullshit aew refunds chants awesome. Like, what I, saw about Seth”s Becky Lynch oh I cannot tolerate her.
    First, I, am not a fan of a comic book & the B.S. Vince, better watch for NJPW will return to New York.

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