Contact Wunderbrow Customer Service

Contacting Wunderbrow Customer Service Center

Wunderbrow is a semi-permanent eyebrow solution from Wunder2, a brand marketed by KF Beauty. The company offers a range of products and solutions for customers tackling the ins and outs of daily life; all in less than two minutes. If you have questions, Wunderbrow has answers. You can contact Wunderbrow customer service department by phone, email, social media and even snail mail.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact Wunderbrow customer service department Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, EST. You’ll typically reach a live agent in less than 90 seconds.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-699-4670

Mailing Address

Customers wanting to send correspondence to the corporate team have options. You can send letters to the US or UK headquarters or the Wunder2 office. Write to Wunderbrow at:

  • KF Beauty 3319 NW, 74th Ave. Miami, FL 33122
  • KF Beauty 14345 Sunset Lane SW Ranches, FL 33330
  • KF Beauty 24th Floor, 32 London Bridge St. London SE1 9SG United Kingdom

Official Website

When you visit the Wunderbrow official website, you’ll notice available products include the original Wunderbrow, Wunderbrow D-Fine, Wundercleanse, Wunderlift, Wundertox, Wunderextensions, Coverproof Foundation, combo packs and accessories. If you have concerns about any item, reach out to the customer service team.

Social Media

Wunderbrow is a part of the digital age, so reaching a representative through social media is rather easy. You can connect through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. The customer service team typically replies to your concerns within one hour.

Customer Service Email

You have the opportunity to send emails to the customer service department. The support team attempts to respond to common questions within two business days.

Our Experience

When you contact Wunderbrow customer service via the hotline, you’ll hear a message and then wait. There’s no confusing automated response system to follow. We reached a live agent in less than two minutes. After they answered the call, we asked about the return and refund policy. They explained the 30-day money-back guarantee and the applicable costs. Overall, the level of service was excellent. The representative spoke clearly, was easy to understand and pleasant. The needs of customers are put first. This is what excellent service looks like.

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Contact Info
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11 Comments on “Contact Wunderbrow Customer Service
  1. I would like the address to order my wunderbrow. I don’t like giving my give out my card on the internet or over the phone. Please email me the address and the phone #. So I can track my shipment. And the full amount of shipment, this is only for 1 order. If I like it I will continue to order it. Thank you!

  2. In my last order, the envelope it was packaged in wasn’t sealed properly and part of my order was missing. I also ordered a ‘wunder cleanse’ that was missing from the envelope.

    • I received the wunderbrow I ordered, that part was still inside despite the seal being opened. I have on complaints with the actual product I just want to alert someone about the missing wunder cleanse.

  3. I just received my order of WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel. I ordered this
    because I thought the Dual Precision Brush came with it but it’s not in the
    box. I love the Brow Gel and tell all my Friends about it but I have a full one
    and a half one so I only ordered it because of the free Dual Precision Brush.
    Can you tell me why I didn’t get the Dual Precision Brush. I saw the ad for
    this on Facebook but it’s not on there ant more. I will keep the Brow Gel but
    I would like to know what happened. Thank You

  4. I received my last order last week, but the bottle of WONDERTOX is cracked on the bottom, when t took it out from the box it was foaming everywhere. I don’t know what happen during the shipping; but other bottles were in the same box didn’t get damage tho. Disappointed but didn’t want to return because of too much hassle and no time.

  5. I received my order today. The color on the invoice was correct (blond), but the color you sent me was wrong (black). I would like to exchange this as soon as possible. Thank you

  6. Bought Wunderbrow in Blonde after useing it only 2 wks it had dried up.
    Was very disappinted with product.
    Was inforned to return it to Wunderbrow.
    They said would depatch a replacement but Still no replacement

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