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Contacting Winn Dixie Customer Service Center

Winn Dixie is a grocery store with pharmacy headquartered in Florida. Stores are located in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. Bi-Lo Holdings is the mother company of Winn Dixie.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service agents are available from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 4 PM Saturday. Lines are closed on Sunday. All hours are EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-WINN-DIXIE or 1-866-946-6349
  • Winn Dixie Headquarters: 1-800-967-9105 or 1-904-783-5000

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Winn Dixie is there for customers who don’t want to call or email customer service. There is no way of knowing just how many people will come in contact with your letter, so leave out any personal or financial information. If your issue is time-sensitive, mailing a letter is not the best way to contact Winn Dixie customer service. Instead, call the customer service line for immediate help.

Winn Dixie Customer ServicePO Box BJacksonville, FL 33203-0297


Winn Dixie Headquarters5050 Edgewood Ct. Jacksonville, FL 32254-3669

Official Website

Winn Dixie offers customers an official website at This website shares recipes, grocery store and pharmacy needs and customer service information. You can locate your nearest store for local contact information and directions to your nearest Winn Dixie.

Customer Service Email

Contacting a Winn Dixie customer service agent by email is a quick and easy option for issues of low-importance. Sensitive information like credit card numbers and banking information should not be sent with the email, even if the content of the email is pertaining to a financial issue.

Our Experience

You can reach Winn Dixie customer service agent via the customer service number. The automated system does not allow the caller to press 0 to speed up the call, but they can press 6 and the call will be answered almost immediately. We talked with the Winn Dixie agent about how to find a store nearest our current location. She told us she could search for a store or we could visit the official website and enter our zip code into the store locator for a list of stores within the selected radius. The agent spoke clearly and quickly helped us resolve our customer service issue.

Do you have a personal experience with Winn Dixie customer service? Tell us how you were treated by the customer service department.

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24 Comments on “Contact Winn Dixie Customer Service
  1. Yesterday I did my shopping at one of your stores in Glynn County. This one is a converted Harvey’s where I was always pleased with my produce selections. The packaged salad that I wanted was down to two packages and beginning to turn brown. When I asked an employee, who was putting other produce out, if it was possible to get a fresher package, he hesitated, then simply replied, “No”. I did purchase cantaloupes, after great hesitation and examination. I just cut one – it is the greenest, most tasteless I have EVER experienced in almost 65 years of shopping. I will throw it out and not even bother to cut the second one. What a disgrace to a once reliable store!

  2. There seems to be a lack of planning on your appliance giveaway. I have 66 pointsw now and still can’t get the toaster oven. I would have taken the griddle as a 2nd choice nbut that wouldn’t work either. The only items our store has had available are blenders, Last Friday a truck came in with a few griddles on it but no toaster ovens ane the griddles were gone inrecold time. Another truck won’t be in until this coming Friday and heaven knows whatFlorida and would like very much to receive the toaster oven. What is the problem????

  3. I purchased a 16 oz block of winn dixie colby jack cheese at the Northport, Al store on Tuesday, May 5th. I opened that last night and to my horror there was a hair in the package. I have never had this happen and thought you need to know that there is a problem.
    Thank you

  4. WD letter

    Good morning. I have been having difficulty with my WD app. for a week now. I am receiving the “connection unavailable at this time” message. And I also cannot sign in online receiving “invalid email address or password” and I receive “No results containing all your search terms were found.” when I type in my zip code. I deleted the app from my phone to try downloading it again and I cannot sign back in. just now when I tried to “contact” you via email through the website I received this message, “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try submitting again later.”
    A little help would be appreciated. Thank you. Tina

  5. today is – 5/30 and I do not have my weekly ad. I am at 3300 morven drive, spring hill. Seems straenge and curtails my shopping . Shalom, Dan

  6. Having trouble getting in contact with your Corporate Legal Department. Was advised to send an email via your webiste and conveniently after trying from Explorer and Chrome, it tells me “Ooops, something went wrong, try again later” after submitting. Very unhappy camper here. Will let lawyer handle the rest.

  7. as a man of color, I have received the most unfavorable customer service in your tarpon springs package store from an employee named denise. on 08/25/15 @ approx 6:pm, her customer service is as she hate the world. she want speak or say thank you for shopping at winn dixie. I approach the manage and advised her that I was not satisfied with her attitude. The manager replied. “that she is not rude to people because I know her personally” I have been with your store in tarpon fl for over 40 yrs and decided to take my business els where. Please address my concerns. This is not the first time I spoke to a manager.

  8. I have moved three times in the past three years and changed phone numbers and email address. How do I update my information?

    My reward customer last 4 numbers is 1580.

  9. I visited your Pell City Alabama store on Saturday November 21. I bought fifty
    dollars worth of groceries and was supposed to get a turkey for five dolllars.They
    Did not have any and would not give me a rain check. This is not right. Now yaw
    are advertising the same thing with hams. How about letting people get their
    Turkeys first.

    • I bought fifty dollars worth of groceries this week end. They were out of turkeys and would not give me a rain check. Now yaw are doing the same thing with hams. Honor your first responsibility before making another one.

  10. I responded to YOUR message at THIS address, typed in a new password, and this is the message I get: “The email address not found. Please re-enter and try again. (C5008) ”
    YOU wrote to ME at this address!
    Something is definitely messed up!

    —–Original Message—–
    From: noreply
    To: marieschal
    Sent: Sun, Feb 21, 2016 1:53 am
    Subject: Forgot Password


    We received your request to reset your password for your My Winn-Dixie account. To reset your password, click the button below. If you didn’t make this request, please ignore this email.



    The Winn-Dixie Team

  11. This is a hacked email address. I have registered my card with new email .PLEASE DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!! All my personal information has been compromised and FTC was contacted in January. Don’t make me implicate you. I explained everything with agent on phone when she told me what to do on the 23rd of February. I DO NOT CLICK on links to unsubscribe.

    Rebecca Bellamy

  12. I visited store number 0405 in Birmingham, Alabama on 4/5/2016 and I was just overwhelmed at the excellent customer service that I received from cashier Candace. She greeted me with a smile, was fast and friendly. Whomever hired her has a great since of character. On my next visit to that store, I will be certain to try and locate her line.

    A Very Satisfied Customer

  13. I think this may be the second time I have contacted you re: the same problem, which apparently, you do not intend to solve. Each and every time you run your “Saturday Specials” when we get to the store, they are “out” we are so sorry. We went today to purchase the baby back ribs and, of course, they were out. What is the probelm, do you not have people who can count or estimate what the needs of the store is? Or, is this just a bogus ad to draw people in, in hopes they are there so they will buy other things? You wonder why Pubix is head and shoulders above other stores hee in Fl.- they are always stocked. The store we normally shop at is on McMullen-Booth Road and Enterprise Road in Safety Harbor/Clearwater, Fl. My next complaint will be to the State of Florida re: fraudent advertising. Thank you

  14. I am very disappointed that winn/Lovett coffee is no longer available. Three out of four times I chose Winn Dixie over Publix is because I also needed my coffee. The whole bean French Roast has been my coffee a couple years. I know that Publix will end up with much more business from me, only because the W/Lovett coffee isn’t an incentive to choose you.I hate it when a store has a particular quality product and then for poor reasons discontinue it. I am one disappointed WinnDixie customer today The new SP or whatever is awful.

  15. I am no longer in USA and would like tyo be removed from all email lists. Unfortunately I am unable to log into your website to unsubscribe, I keep getting “redirect” errors. Can you please find a way to unsubscribe me and/or shut down my accounts. Thanks. Adam

  16. Today I went to your Winn Dixie on Beal Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. I bought (2) Mott Apple Juices, as I thought that the sign said buy one, get one free. After going through the check out, I noticed that I was charged for each bottle. I then was sent to the Customer Service line where I waited. I was informed that the sign said “Buy 2, Get 1 free”. When I asked who’s idea that was, I was told ‘corporate’ implemented it a couple of months ago. I was also told that I must “watch out for the signs”.

    My home is slam in the middle between a store who’s slogan is “Where shopping is a pleasure” and one who’s slogan appears to be “you better read the signs”. I also have the option of Walmart – 1/4 mile away. Which one would you choose?

  17. I shopped at your store in Thonotosassa on 4-4-18. my problem was your deliv dept is horrendous, the employees do not acknowledge a customer, take customer’s out of arrival. they refuse to look you in the eye.

    this visit was horrible with the deli, worse than usual. I asked for a store manager, and was greeted by dan keronen, who was the best type of representative you could possibly have in your employ.
    he promised to look into the situation, and I feel confident overall he will work out the problems in your deli as time goes on.
    also I would like to compliment your produce area in this store, you have the freshest produce anywhere around in this store.

  18. i visited our local winn-dixieat forest corners state rd.40 in silver springs florida last saturday 1-5-19 late which i donot do at 5:00p.m. that’s real late forme but ihad to that day. i want to let top management know that a very polite young lady that cashed me out behind several people did something that almost none others in any other stores did. she gave back their change by counting it not once but twic. first from the drawer then to the customer. big gold star. her name is bonnie. she is avery polite girl also. that’s the way tammy runs that store.number 2206.good job tammy.

  19. Outstanding Customer Service – Above & Beyond – Pharmacy Group @ 252 Harbor Village Lane Apollo Beach Fl. Location Sara & Angela – evening Dec 7th 2020
    My name is James Fultz and I would like to tell you the story how your pharmacy team in Apollo Beach Florida went ABOVE & BEYOND to help me this evening. I had recently changed companies with new benefits with a new healthcare Provider. I was very low on a critical blood thinner waiting for the transfer – my Health care provider gave incorrect information on pharmacies in their system on 3 separate occasions. So my prescriptions bounce around 3 different times representing a 3-5 day lag – I was now out of a drug that was critical for my health- Sara & Angela was the 3rd Pharmacy contacted. Sarah and Angela could’ve just provided the information that they do not handle my provider and got back to their very busy schedule.
    Instead they took it upon themselves to provide options in a way to bridge my prescription until it could be filled by an approved pharmacy. They took it upon themselves & found a way to get me covered until this delay was straightened out.
    For that I am very grateful.

    I work for a Fortune 500 company and have seen many examples of great customer service through out the years but the way your team in Apollo Beach responded to my dilemma is one of the best examples of getting involved & providing caring actions that I have ever seen.

    I do not have a way to forward this letter of Thanks to Sara & Angela and ask if you would forward to them as I wanted to express my appreciation to their thoughtfulness in helping me with my situation.

    Thank You
    James Fultz
    Sent from my iPad

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