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Contacting Williams-Sonoma Customer Service Center

Williams-Sonoma is a high-end kitchen appliance company that sells cookware, cutlery, electronic kitchen appliances, bakeware and other items.

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Contact Info:

Most of the contact information we found for Williams-Sonoma customer service is for the online shopping portion of the website. The corporate address is the only piece of information not associated with online orders.

Phone Contact Numbers

The Williams-Sonoma customer service department is open from 4 AM to 9 PM seven days a week PT. These hours of operation are for both US and International customer service.

  • Williams-Sonoma Phone Number: 1-877-812-6235
  • Fax: 1-702-363-2541
  • Canada: 1-855-860-1081
  • International Toll Free: +800-15005555
  • International Toll: 1-405-717-6134

If you’d rather not wait on hold you can request an agent from Williams-Sonoma call you when one is available. Access the Let Us Call You link at the bottom of the Customer Service page at

Mailing Address

You can address your letter to Williams-Sonoma to the corporate address at:

Williams-Sonoma Inc3250 Van Ness AveSan Francisco, CA 94109

You should not return items to Williams-Sonoma using this address. The return address is listed on the return label. If you need to reprint your return label, enter your reference number on the Return Page. The label is pre-addressed and pre-paid.

Official Website

Check out for the official Williams-Sonoma website. You’ll find all the latest products available from the company, online customer service and order tracking. You can also apply for the company credit card or share the page on multiple social media pages.

Social Media

Williams-Sonoma customer service is a socially connected department. The company currently offers six social media pages for customers to enjoy.

Customer Service Email

The customer service department is more than willing to accept your email communication using the online form or through personal email communication.

Our Experience

Williams-Sonoma customer service line is automated. The call is answered by a brief welcome message before the options quickly start. We tried pressing 0 to skip these options and the call was transferred to LaSheba – an agent. We walked through a couple pieces listed on the Williams-Sonoma site asking questions about quality and overall customer response to the items. The agent was helpful, but she didn’t appear to have any information on customer reviews of the items sold by Williams-Sonoma.

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12 Comments on “Contact Williams-Sonoma Customer Service
  1. Kiesha at the Chelsea store was extremely kind,well mannered and thoughtful during our phone interaction when I placed an order for the “Willy Bird.” Her wonderful attitude embodies the magic of the “Thanksgiving holiday spirit.” It was a pleasure placing my order with her. Her positive behavior should serve as a model for all employees at William Sonoma.

  2. I have been trying for over 25 minutes to place an order for one item and because you are using a mis-spelled e mail and you have given me two new password codes which don’t match the mis-spelled e mail I cannot get an order charged to my visa acct. The email address which I have just given you is the correct one.. For some reason you have inserted an S after ghil and that is not my email.. I would appreciate if you would place an order for a BEER PANATTONE and send it (Free Shipping to the address you have of 10063 S Creek Run Way Apt A310 Sandy UTAH 84070. Call me for my card number and the order will be complete.

  3. it’s been over 36 minutes waiting on the phone to hear a human voice.
    this in regarding to a return due to poor personalization of etching on 2 wine glasses. Finally there was a ring and I didn’t have to listen to the music but no one was there and there was a hang up on your end. Thank you for nothing other than poor workmanship and a waste of time!
    I am keeping the 2 sets of 2 which were ok and I am returning the other set of two poorly etched glasses for a complete refund of those.

  4. Your call is very important to us !!! What a joke ! Phone service is non-existant ! Owners should take note as it is impossible to get any help ! perhaps you should have more operators, one for the whole country is not enuff !! I am fed up with w/s and will go out of my way to shop somewhere else1

  5. After WS stopped carrying jade peanut sauce I called and got others to request the return. It was. But you would not know it by me as the only WS is 50 miles away and everytime I go there they say they haven’t any. It has now been visit #8 where I leave without product. And they are not nice about it. Say they get it after I leave then is gone before I come again. Sometimes I have been 3xs per week. They need to order more product. I want my jade peanut sauce but the international plaza location is too rude to do business with. They were so lovely in Hyde park.

  6. About 2 weeks ago, I tried to return my Christmas gift without a receipt. Initially, I was told that I couldn’t return it and I was basically stuck with the item. It had the Williams Sonoma sticker on the unopened box. When I said sure I understand, I’ll just take a gift card. The clerk protested and told me that it was impossible to give me a gift card. I was perplexed since every store offers a gift card in exchange for a gift card from the same store. It’s common practice. After, much explaining, the sales associate finally agreed to do this just once. Please keep in mind that I have never tried to return anything from Williams-Sonoma until now. Also put yourself in my shoes as I am standing there thinking, (I have spent a lot of money in Williams-Sonoma through the years and always recommend a gift card from your store as a Christmas or birthday gift when anyone asks what I want). This year I knew I wanted a grill pan, so told my family. Unfortunately, I ended up with 2 of them, and I was trying to return one of them in exchange for a gift card so I could shop later.
    Well to make the situation worse, I couldn’t find my driver’s license and the store was closing, so the clerk assured me that I could come back at a later date, and it would be no problem to get the gift card.
    Fast forward to when I did come back a week later, prepared this time with my driver’s license, right before I was leaving on a family vacation. I was greeted by a well-dressed man with a shiny Williams Sonoma pin on his lapel who described himself as the General Manager of the Palos Verdes, California store. After, explaining my situation again including my prior trip, he was unyielding in his answer which was NO! He would not return the product for a gift card and let me know that if I wanted to shop and find something else that he would exchange it only today, and that seemed like a stretch for him. I was hurrying before my vacation to get things done and had made a special trip back to the store to return the pan.
    He was unfriendly, and was NOT customer service oriented at all. The original female clerk whom I spoke with showed more customer service than the general manager. In fact, he told me that the reason he couldn’t return the item and give me a gift card was that HE would lose money! I couldn’t believe that he said that to me, even if it was the truth.
    I went to make a complaint on line and saw the myriad of similar complaints that other customers had with the customer service your employees offer.

    I understand store policies, however, when your store policy undermines your customer service to the point you end up losing money because your customers DO have a choice and will not return, then you should rethink your policy.

    Unhappy customer from Palos Verdes William Sonoma Store

  7. Was sent wrong product– toaster/ wrong product — right product — 4 mini loaf pans & scale.

    Please advise how you want to handle this situation??

  8. I am very frustrated!!! I placed an online order and put in the wrong address. I can’t change it online nor can anyone of the customer service people I have talked to help me. I can’t cancel or change the address… VERY ANNOYING!

  9. Today I ordered one set of Gingham Bunny dinner plates and one set of Gingham Bunny salad plates . When I didn’t receive confirmation, I called customer service and was told that my order was received and being processed. I was also told that I should receive confirmation by an hour later. Two hours later I still had not received confirmation of my order. I left to run errands . I returned to find an email requesting that I complete my order form. Puzzling , but I filled the form out again , submitted it again and received confirmation almost immediately . The Williams Sonoma site from which I was ordering states plainly that code free ship applies to all orders regardless of the amount of the order…no minimum,it reads. I entered freeship in the supplied space on the order form. The total of my order on the form showed no shipping fee. The confirmation email I received shows an $11.99 shipping fee that is not supposed to be added. I want the shipping fee removed. A similar situation occurred the first time I ordered from Williams Sonoma. I paid the shipping fee that time . I see no reason to pay that charge a second time when thee site clearly states otherwise.

  10. 08318935621200 order #

    One of the items I ordered was the 3 piece meyer lemon dish and hand soap set. I want to let you know that the dish soap leaked about one to two inches of liquid into the plastic wrap. I have a picture of the item that I can forward to you in response to your email to me.

    Thank you.

  11. Dear Sirs,
    Order #08328827776200 just arrived at my home, and one jar of the Shallot Beef Bourguignon sauce was broken and leaked on the other items in the box. (The package was not well packed, with individual Peppermint Bark Bites thrown loosely in with other heavy items.) I cleaned off the packages, but need to replace the broken jar of Shallot Boeuf Bourguignon sauce. Will you send me another or shall I go to the local Williams Sonoma to look for a replacement?
    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Edna S. English

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