Contact WestJet Customer Service

Contacting WestJet Customer Service Center

WestJet is one of the largest airlines in Canada, as well as one of the largest airlines in North America. It is one of the largest based upon the customer base. The company averages 10 to 15 million passengers per year.

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Contact Info:

WestJet provides several ways to contact the customer service department, including phone, traditional mail, email and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service (Canada): 1-888-937-8538
  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-855-547-2451
  • TTY: 1-877-952-0100
  • Customer service (Groups): 1-877-952-4696
  • Argentina: 800-5381-5696
  • Australia: 800-5381-5696
  • Austria: 800-5381-5696
  • Bahamas: 1-866-884-9188
  • Barbados: 1-800-204-5647
  • Belgium: 800-5381-5696
  • China: 800-5381-5696
  • Colombia: 800-5381-5696
  • Costa Rica: 800-5381-5696
  • Denmark: 800-5381-5696
  • Dominican Republic: 1-888-751-4685
  • Finland: 800-5381-5696
  • France: 800-5381-5696
  • Germany: 800-5381-5696
  • Hong Kong: 800-5381-5696
  • Hungary: 00-800-5381-5696
  • Iceland: 00-800-5381-5696
  • Ireland: 800-5381-5696
  • Israel: 800-5381-5696
  • Italy: 800-5381-5696
  • Jamaica: 1-866-886-2488
  • Japan: 800-5381-5696
  • Korea (South): 800-5381-5696
  • Luxembourg: 800-5381-5696
  • Macao: 800-5381-5696
  • Malaysia: 800-5381-5696
  • Mexico: 001-800-514-7288
  • Netherlands: 800-5381-5696
  • New Zealand: 800-5381-5696
  • Norway: 800-5381-5696
  • Philippines: 800-5381-5696
  • Portugal: 800-5381-5696
  • Puerto Rico: 1-866-886-2388
  • Singapore: 800-5381-5696
  • South Africa: 800-5381-5696
  • Spain: 800-5381-5696
  • St. Lucia: 1-800 204-0409
  • Sweden: 800-5381-5696
  • Switzerland: 800-5381-5696
  • Taiwan: 800-5381-5696
  • Thailand: 800-5381-5696
  • Turks and Caicos: 1-866-887-1588
  • United Kingdom: 800-538-5696
  • United States: 1-888-937-8538

Mailing Address

WestJet Campus

22 Aerial Place N.E.Calgary, Alberta,CanadaT2E 3J1WestJet Hangar21 Aerial Place N.E.Calgary, AlbertaCanadaT2E 8X7

Official Website

Customers wanting a low-cost travel options should consider visiting the official WestJet website WestJet. The company is similar to other airlines; customers can book flights, rent cars and book lodging. WestJet provides these services at a discounted rate to passengers. Customers can also sign up for the rewards program in order to save additional money on travel.

Customer Service Email

Go to send feedback the customer service department. Customers can select the category, including, general communication, prior/during/after flight or the rewards program. We sent a message asking for the hours of operations, considering this information is not available on the website. After sending the information, we immediately received a message stating a representative would respond to our concern within 24 to 48 hours.

Customers can attempt to contact the customer service department through social media.

Our Experience

The automated system does not provide a clear path to the customer service department. The available options allow customers to book flights, make reservations and check the status of current flights. When the system transferred the call to the service department, we were greeted with the most obscure statement we have heard. The system stated the anticipated wait time was 44 minutes. Not wanting to wait this long, we decided to call at a later time.

We called later and eventually spoke with a customer service agent. We asked if calling was an efficient method to reach the customer service department. Although the agent reassured us this was the best contact methods, we will try using another form of communication. We are sure your story was better than our story. Leave a comment below.

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219 Comments on “Contact WestJet Customer Service
  1. l recently flew from los angeles and l recognized an employee.didnt take long to realize l recognized her because of previous flights and amazing service from the counter. Her name is Stephanee Rios…. best service l can remember.always gives everyone her attention caring and her smiles..she is a wonderful employee and l so want you to know l like many many others are very appreciative when we see her at the counter and have the privilage of being served by her. It is the old fashion customer service.. she cares!!Pls give Stephanee recognition of her great efforts that she always provides to westjet customers…. she is very special with her ways and.she just doesnt meet customers expectations .she exceeds their expectations in all areas…west jet has always been my favorite… personal and attentive and makes one feel appreciative for choosing their airlines…Sephanee Rios is now my favorite for giving Aplus service all the time…pls recognize this very valuable employee..thank you Stephanee thank you West jet for hiring such a great individual . l will always advise people friends to choose west jet first!! thank you lynda johnson 502-1501 Howe Street, vancouver bc v6z2p8 604-899-8944 last trip and book in was at Los angeles airport flight 1699 26 april 2013 thankyou lynda

  2. In April we took a great package holiday (flight + hotel)in Scotsdale with Westjete and we would like you to let us know of any similar package vacations in the future.


    Cliff. Lambert

  3. I am contacting you to complain and voice my opinion about the terrible incident which occurred to my step daughter, Morgan Dobroski, on Dec. 21-Dec 22nd. I booked her flights below and my reservation code was as follows – TEYKJU
    Morgan’s flight from Edmonton (WS3259) was scheduled to depart at 5:15pm on Dec. 21st. Upon arrival at the airport she notified us that it was delayed till 5::50pm. We told her to check with her gate attendant to ensure she was still okay to catch her connecting flight in Calgary (WS202) which was scheduled to depart at 7:10. She was told not to worry by the attendant as all flights were delayed. We were notified again of another delay – half hour this time. We again told Morgan to check to ensure she would make her connection. Again she was told not to worry and that she would make her flight. We didn’t get her to question this as after all you (westjet) are the experts and not us so we trusted what you told us. But inhind sight we NEVER should have done this.
    Morgan’s flight finally left and myself and my husband made our way to Winnipeg (we live 3 hours from the Winnipeg airport). Once we arrived in Winnipeg we received a panicked phone call that Morgan in deed had missed her flight and that Westjet had no idea what to do. She was told to go to the counter and would get more assistance. She called us back crying and very upset about 15 minutes later saying she was told she has to do to Vancouver and spend the night there as they don’t have any other flights to Winnipeg. Which to us made NO SENSE but we weren’t able to talk to anyone at Westjet as they told our daughter that she had no choice and if she wanted to get to Winnipeg she had to go to Vancouver that night and stay over and fly out to Winnipeg the following evening. As my step daughter was already very upset and scared (has only flown 1 time before) and she had already boarded the plane we told her not to worry and to call when she gets to Vancouver. Needless to say I was very distraught and upset that your attendants figured it was okay to send a minor (she is 17) to Vancouver all by herself and expect her to spend the night in a hotel and then return to the airport to catch an evening flight!!!!
    We turned around and headed home (which I should add was another 3 hours so in total that day we traveled 6 hours for NOTHING except to be upset at the fact that your company sent our daughter to Vancouver without consulting with us!) On the way home I called Westjet and voiced my stress over this situation and to find out what was going on as we had no info, no flight #’s, etc. I explained Morgan was only 17 and not a flyer and wanted to know why anyone thought it was okay to put her on a plane to Vancouver without calling us! I was able to somehow get her on a flight leaving Vancouver at 6:45am to Calgary after I explained I was NOT having my daughter travelling from the airport to a hotel and back again by herself in a taxi and spending the entire day at the Vancouver airport so she can fly out Sunday evening. I have no idea your employees did not think to ask Morgan if she could spend the night in Calgary and catch the plane to Winnipeg on Sunday as they told her she had to go to Vancouver as no flights out on Sunday to Winnipeg! Seriously???? Morgan has an aunt in Calgary and I tell you it would have been a whole lot less stressful on all of us if she could have stayed in Calgary, but no instead she was pushed on a Vancouver flight! Makes no sense! Thank goodness I called Westjet and got them to put her on an earlier flight to Calgary otherwise our 17 year old daughter would have had to stay all day at the Vancouver airport by herself.
    To say the least we are not impressed by this whole incident! We had to call Westjet again once she arrived in Vancouver to ensure she was escorted to her hotel as for some reason you kept wanting to put her up in a hotel where she had to take a taxi back and forth…I was NOT having this as bad enough my minor child was at the airport by herself but now you wanted her to take a taxi to a hotel in a city she has NEVER been. Then we had to call your westjet line again Sunday am when her shuttle that your attendant said he booked for her the evening when he dropped her off at the hotel, never showed up! Can you imagine how panicked she was that again she had no idea where she was going and all alone! Thank goodness she is a strong young girl and was able to go on her own while I called Westjet to make sure they sent someone to locate her and make sure she made it to her gate! She made it to the gate before they found her and after a lengthy conversation on the phone with a westjet attendant we finally got through to your staff that she is a minor and not a flyer and that we need your staff to ensure she is helped along the way…it only took 3 calls to get this done!!!!
    Morgan finally made it home from this whole ordeal to Winnipeg and we are thankful for that. But I wanted to send in this feedback as it was NOT a good situation and I don’t know if we will be booking anymore tickets with westjet going forward after the confusion that went down with this flight! Plus the fact that we had to make two trips to Winnipeg (total of 12 hours of driving)…which we should have just done in the first place and drove to Edmonton to go get her!!!! I hope that in the future you and your staff take the time to speak to your passengers …especially younger ones and find out how old they are and help them to make arrangements that fit their needs and not just yours! I understand things happen and flights get missed and delayed as I have flown quite a bit myself but I am appalled at how you handled this and did it not even occur to you to have a discussion with Morgan to see what option would be the best for her?
    I would appreciate contact back regarding this event as before I ever book another WestJet ticket I need to ensure that you understand the impact this had on all of us as a family during the holidays. Plus the additional expenses it caused!

    Heather Davis

    • I had a wheel chair request with my ticket. In Toronto airport for my return flight to Victoria, my wheel chair took me as far as security the told to sit on the bench and wait for a golf cart to pick me up. Waited 20 mins and then flagged one down myself (not told that I had to do this) the cart takes me down a long corridor to Terminal one from Terminal three. Get off the cart and take a elevator DOWN 2 floors, wait for another golf cart to another elevator to go UP 2 floors. Another cart to an escalator to go up one level to another escalator up one more floor and find my gate by myself. Why did I request an wheel chair when I had to do almost everything myself?? This is the second time this has happened with WestJet out of Toronto. The staff in Calgary could not do enough for me, but you do not have a good reputation for Toronto. I will think hard before I book another flight with WestJet.

  4. I am very upset by the treatment i received by a hostess employed with westjet. I have always supported this airline by flying frequently with thembur now I am having second thoughts. I purchased tickets online for myself and my sick daughter to travel for medical assistance. Due to her ill health as a precaution i requested oxygen be given if needed. The air hostess threw a fit stating that there is only oxygen for emergence and my daughter should have bought her own oxygen. She then asked us to vacate the plane and take the next flight out. I felt humiliated by the air hostess attitude as she was very loud and now had an audience from the pasangers who were now stearing at us as though my daughter and I were stowaways. To make matters worst the next flight out was the following day. This information was deliberately kept from me and in the meanwhile my daughter will have to wait until the following day to be admitted to hospital. Very angry and disappointed in service delivery.

  5. I am attempting to send you an email in regards to a survey you sent out. What is your customer service email address. Hope to hear from soon. Thank you l.b.

  6. I just tried calling the WestJet customer service # for Mexico to complain about badly damaged luggage upon my arrival into Puerto Vallarta and to my surprise got a solicitation for a 100.00 voucher for retail stores if I charge a small fee to my credit card!!, when I declined I was told to call another number! WestJet, seriously????this is your idea of customer service? Now, can you really reply to my email and address my concern? Wheels were broken off my suitcase, and obviously lost, and I cannot carry this when I go home.

  7. What has happened to West Jet? Last 3 trips with this airline have been dreadful, delays leaving, not due to weather problems but “staffing issues” “air traffic control problems”, “airline needing service” No notification letting us know the airline is 2 1/2 hours late, still insisting WE show up one hour early. What a waste of our time! Asked for someone to get back to me…………………still waiting. staff is so rushed they are not even doing the security checks properly, on the airline they rush through the safety information so fast you cannot even understand what they are saying.
    They are no longer serving anything but water and coffee on short trips, very cheap.

  8. We arrived at the Orlando airport on May 10th after our cruise several hours prior to our flight as that was the latest the bus transfer scheduled. We had four large bags and were traveling with our young children. We asked West Jet to check in our bags so that we could be more comfortable for our extended stay at the airport and manage our children better – something I have asked airlines to do before and has been no issue and a service provided to passengers on transfers. Admittedly we had been spoiled as all other service providers on our family vacation had been wonderful. West Jet has been no help. West Jet refused to take our bags and had no compassion for our circumstance. We had to spend the day at the airport and manage our bags. West Jet did not value our time and suggested no alternatives. They even were late for our actual check in time (with no apologies). Just wondering why we did not receive any of the great service West Jet seems to endlessly advertise. Currently West Jet is at the lower end of my preferred airlines.

  9. On May 18,2014 on board flight 428 traveling from Edmonton to Toronto, during the second refreshment service, I happened to look out the window just as an armed forces jet, flying at the same altitude past by heading west.
    The distance between the aircraft appeared to be about 2 kms. This was very unsettling for me. Somebody had to have screwed up allowing two aircraft in the same airspace.
    I would appreciate knowing if this is a normal occurrence.

  10. I took my wife to check in at the Victoria International airport this morning (May 24). On responding to the question “where are you traveling?”, she replied “Port of Spain” (West Jet recently introduced service to that destination). However, the staff member did not seem to recognize the location and asked “where?” so my wife clarified: “Trinidad”. For ID she produced her Canadian passport, and the clerk asked abruptly “are you a resident of Canada” (an odd question for a Canadian travelling on a national passport, even if brown-skinned); she replied “I am a Canadian citizen”. The clerk then proceeded to weigh her baggage: “you are over by 1 pound” she declared: “it would have been better to check in a second bag, as it would only cost you an extra $2″0. She then placed a “heavy” tag on it. I intervened at this point to note that the weight allowance given on the West Jet website is 23 kilograms (50 pounds is listed in parentheses, presumably for travelers not comfortable with metric; “oh, is that so?” she said. In fact, we pre-weighed the bag and it was 23 kg exactly, (which converts to 50.6 lbs incidentally). “So why did you suggest that she check in a second bag I asked”; “oh, in case she decides to bring back more luggage” was her innovative reply. All of this might have been within the job description of this person concerned (one Simone, who seemed to have seniority among the check-in staff), but her manner throughout was officious if not openly hostile, and lacking normal courtesy. We left in a state of shock at our treatment and sat down to gather ourselves. I follow my wife in a few weeks (she has elderly parent in Port of Spain): if I see Simone at check-in, I will try to avoid her. A day in our life?

  11. We arrived into LAX this AM 6/12/2014 on Westjet from YVR, picked up our luggage and ran into difficulty in contacting our Shuttle. The fist person we ran into was a Air Canada rep, she was rude and snippy. Then walking right by her was Jackie U a helpful, smiling Westjet Rep. Jackie was able to contact the Shuttle on her cell phone and we were on our way.
    There is a very good reason we fly Westjet; it is because of helpful employees like Jackie U.

    Thank you Westjet.

    Harold Lavack

  12. Hello I cancelled my flightthey credditted my account with 900$ Can I use this to pay for not only the flight home but baggage as well? I will have multiple to bring as I will be making a permanent move to nee brunswick from alberta? Please send me any information on costs per extra baggage as well as amount that I can bring.

    Thank you

  13. My flight left Kelowna 8:50 am on Thursday June 26th. I arrived 43 minutes before the flight instead of 45 minutes. The young female behind the checkin desk took this opportunity to rip into me and remind me that WestJet policy is to arrive 45 minutes before flight time in a very condescending and demeaning manner. This was in complete contrast to all my other experiences with WestJet. The flight attendant on my flight-512 I believe–he had black hair in a ponytail–interacted with his passengers in a very professional manner–laughing and joking and trying to make the flight to Toronto enjoyable. Thanks for reading this e-mail—Keith Bailey

  14. On Saturday July 5th .my wife and I missed our we called west jet to see what to do.They told us that there nothing they can do .we would have to buy another ticket.they wouldn’t put us on the next flight or give us a discount . They just told us it’s my problem not there . So they kept my $ 500 and then I had to paid air canada $1000 to fly from deer lake NL to Toronto . Thanks west jet for a very bad holiday .

  15. Our family of 8 book family vacation July 17 to Hawaii and return to .Edmonton July 25.2014 ,Our family of 8 are get the run around.No true answer from any agents in Vancouver.We have small children tired no food from Thursday 7pm honalulu time and arrive to Vancouver with no food and we’re told divert to fort.Macmurry ,only to fly to other destinations other than where we book from. now 24 hours later still sitting at fort Mac airport, while Air Canada has flight in and out from here my baby tired and crying.In my 38 years living in edmonton I never had Airplane issues.I will tell as many people I can contact ,soccer team involved in ,all the coaches I know .

  16. Dear West Jet,

    I recently booked a flight from Winnipeg to Calgary, scheduled to leave on Sunday, August 3, at 4:15 pm and arriving at 8:37 pm, with a layover in Regina in between. The flight numbers are WS 3273 and WS 129. I purchased these tickets on July 29 around 9:30 pm. A confirmation email was sent to me at 9:33 pm that same evening, but for some reason, the confirmation email said that my flight was WS 271, a direct flight from Winnipeg to Calgary departing at 7 am. I am certain that this is not the flight I booked, as it was more expensive than the one with the layover. I distinctly remember purchasing WS 3273/WS 129 despite the longer flight time because there was only one seat left at the seat sale price of $209.08, and I preferred the cheaper option to the shorter time option. I do not recall the exact price of the other flights departing directly to Calgary, but I recall that they were somewhere around$289, I believe (more than what I was willing to pay, in any case).

    I must admit that I only checked my confirmation email late this morning, and noticed that I was booked for flight WS 271 (reservation code: WGDPTG) departing at 7 am, which I obviously missed. I then immediately called in to re-book WS 3273/WS 129, which the agent did for me, but at the cost of a $50 late fee. I paid this, but I still believe the system to be in error. I am certain that flight WS 271 was not $209.08, but at least $80 more at the time I was online checking flights, and I am certain I went with the cheapest option, which is indeed the flight I have now had to re-book and be fined a late fee for. Therefore, despite my neglicence in immediately checking the flight confirmation, I believe that due to the fact that I believe this to be a system error, I should be refunded for the late fee, seeing as how I would have had to pay the same amount to change my flight anyways, regardless of whether I had called in immediately upon receiving the confirmation email, or on the day of my flight, as I have now done.

    Thank you for your time in reading this email. I hope we can sort this all out.

    Devon Delorme

  17. I have had numerous flights with west jet over the past 6-7 years as I travel for work. I usually an issue or two as flights with this air line rarely go smoothly. But today I’ve reached the end of my patience with them. A flight from Edmonton to vancouver should be 1.5 hours 3 hours later I’m still on the plane! Why you ask?? Simple unorganized employees! My first concern, the safety speech. This is to save lives! In the event of an emergency I would not have known what to do (I was also at the emergency exit window) the reason I would not know what to do is simply that the flight attendant choose to be funny instead of show and explain what to do. She said she was trying for a world record to say it as fast as she can. Her humour was not well relieved by anyone, as there was many children on the flight and it’s important they understand what to do. When we landed in vancouver late of course, they pulled up to THE WRONG BRIDGE! It was broken and after 55 minutes we are still sitting here waiting to get off!

  18. THe airline use to be for the people now you are for the rich, When people travel on Econo the cannot afford to pay extra for all the benifits, This is usually the middle lower and retired. So charging them $75 every time a cancelation, is just placing money in the accountants pockets. So the question I pos to the accounts and lawyers and young people encharge, are you looking for ways to work with the people (Customers) or how quick you can get rich

  19. Please stop calling my home. I wont be booking a trip using your firm when each day at various times some cheasy company calls trying to solicit for my money. I’m not aware of any “great company” using bottom feeder methods to build a stronger brand awareness. Thanks PT

  20. This morning(August 28) my family and I sit in the Pearson Airport in Toronto, ON waiting for a flight that leaves 3 hours later than our original flight. We arrived at the airport and the automated kiosk would not check us in, so we proceeded to the check-in desk. When we were waiting in line there was an employee checking info from the passengers, making sure things are ready, we told her our flight leaves in 35 minutes and she was not much help. When it was our turn at the desk the employee said she had to call the flight to see if we could still get on, she was told “no”. This employee proceeded to change our tickets which took about 10 minutes. At this point we had about 20 minutes to make our original flight. Once through security we found our new gate and started waiting for our 3 hours to pass. As we sat there was 3(yes I counted) final boarding calls for our original flight, the one we were allegedly too late for. They were also calling names of 2 or 3 people they were still looking for. Yes, I realize we could have been earlier too start this whole procedure but as you sit waiting for a new fight because you were too late for the original flight, and they are still boarding your previous flight you start to get a little pissed. I always see these commercials about how the employees really care because they are owners, well, some don’t care as much as others. If that employee she called at the gate would of said it was ok, quickly process them through I would be on my flight right now and not writing this complaint. I will add that the employee who changed our tickets did not charge us the $75 each to change our tickets because we were “late and missed our flight”, but as I mentioned earlier we heard 3 boarding calls as we waited for our new flight
    Thank you
    Jill Randall

  21. On a flight from halifax to toronto 6 sept 2014 perhaps 268 leaving halifax at 6.50, I lost a 3 year old kindle. I could identify it with names of some of the books on it.

    can you lrtmeknowif this might be in your turnedinitems?

    kathy t

  22. Dear Westjet
    I was not happy to hear that you are going to charge $25 for a checked bag. I don’t think this is right at all, and I am a loyal Westjet customer Westjet having such superior customer service over A…C….. Well, I do think you could have found some other way to make up the shortfall and still be competitive. Why not charge only for checked bags over a certain weight or size? Myself, I only travel with only one small carryon but at times I check it on the return flight if I have been given gifts or purchased something that cannot be carried on. I never travel with a large bag, so now I am to be penalized no matter what. How fair is that?

  23. Westjet is about to join the majority of NAmerican airlines and begin charging for checkd bags – including the first bag. This is disturbing, because in my experience, a charge for the “first” checked bag has the immediate result of passengers cramming all of their stuff into their carryon, overloaded overhead bins on the aircraft, and more hassles on board the plane. This has been experienced in US-based airlines. They insist it is called “unbundling”, an “a la carte” system. But unless the carry on is carefully scrutinized, chaos is always the result.

    annoying that Westjet has decided to follow this nasty path. They should be above it all.

  24. My wife and I have been travelling to the USA twice a year-every spring to Las Vegas to catch the NASCAR race, and every fall to a condo in Palm Springs. Whenever possible, we chose WestJet because we felt they offered the best service and value. This year, after making reservations well in advance, we were contacted by WestJet and advised that our direct, non-stop flight to Palm Springs was now going to stop over in Calgary. This means extra work and inconvenience for us as we must deboard, wait, go through a security checkpoint once again, and risk having our luggage lost or delayed. Now, add to this WestJet’s decision to start charging for each piece of checked luggage. This gives the impression of “nickel and dime-ing” customers. This year, we have chosen to drive to Palm Springs, as WestJet has taken the holiday out of flying!

  25. Westjet Trip From Toronto To Montreal Saturday Aug. 31/14

    I was Up at 01:30 getting ready for my flight to leave Wpg 05:20 am

    Got to Toronto at 07:20 to find out my flight for 11:00 was cancelled

    Went to Westjet Guest Services rep was very short didn’t explain things good gave me my options one having a day room at the Alt Hotel but had to take the go train there. I had to ask her 3 times how to get there again she was short in replying. She told me to go down the corridor till the end turn right and do not go down the escalators but to go up. I got there and there were no escalators up, only departure board, signs above that read to the gates but not ONE sign saying where to go to the train????? I didn’t know where I was going since I never has to take this train before. Me asked another employee she advised me to go thru the doors and up the escalators I finally was able to get downstairs and asked another Westjet rep where to catch it she too was not cclear on her directions. Then I asked a security rep she told me that there was no train that went to the Alt and just had to go out the front the hotel was there. She too was wrong it was the Sheraton Hotel not the Alt. I finally asked another security rep and he directed to it and explained what to do once I got there. The very disappointing thing was, I had to ask 5 people where to catch this train.

    Then after waiting for 12 hours finally got a flight out to Montreal at 07:20 pm

    Then I finally arrived in Montreal at 09:45 pm and my luggage did not arrive!!!

    Westjets last flight was coming in at midnight, they were going to c if my luggage was on that flight and they were was suppose to call us at 01:00 which we stayed up till then waiting for their call and they never called!!!

    Westjet delivery called Sunday Aug 31 @ 11:30 advising dropping luggage before 2 pm came at 14:21 and my luggage was damaged!!!!

    I was in Montreal from Saturday August 31, 2014 until September 02, 2014. Due to my flight being cancelled, waiting 12 hrs for another one, then my luggage not arriving in Montreal when I did, then having to wait till the next day for it, then noticing it was damaged,

    With all of what happened with Westjet, I lost 2 days of my trip in Montreal, which I could not visit all the family and friends that I planned on visiting!!!

    Thanks Wesjtet for ruining my trip to Montreal!!!!

  26. We have been on Air Canada, United, A.A., Air Transat, New Zealand Air, and this year we had the opportunity to fly with West Jet, on September 20th from Pearson to Maui Flt:715 and Flt:1852. We were so disappointed with the condition of the plane and the service. It was like flying in a cargo plane. There was an announcement made apologizing for the conditions of the old equipment. Which serviced no purpose to us as we paid the full price to fly. Very unhappy customers!!!!!!

  27. Dear Sir/Madam

    On October 14, 2014, I flew with WestJet from Ottawa to Vancouver, flight 235 to Winnipeg , and then flight 301 to Vancouver via Calgary. My booking code for this flight: BEMLYG.

    My seat on flight 301 was 19D. Next to me was a very overweight passenger (male) who left me with very little room as his “belly” overflowed into the armrest. When he turned to change the TV channels, I asked him “to give me some room” because his body was in my space. He was very rude in his reply.

    The first flight attendant with the refreshments cart asked me what else I wanted from the cart. I told him that I wanted some more room. His answer was: “Good thing you’re petite”! but no action was taken. After 1 hour I went to the front of the plane and asked the attendant there to have a look at my seating arrangement. After she checked my seat in 19D, she quickly removed my luggage and took me to a seat in the 3rd row from the front. She stated: “yes, you were squeezed in there”. I mentioned that I informed the 1st attendant and presumed he would have informed her. I would then not have had to wait an hour before changing seats – but instead his reply had been that I was lucky that I was petite. She also told me that there were a few empty seats on the plane so, I could have moved sooner and then added “you should have let us know earlier” – but I had done so.

    I suggest that in the future when a passenger is not satisfied with their seating that they don’t have to wait an hour after informing the attendant especially if there are other seats available.

    This is just a small complaint but it made the flight unpleasant. I have flown with WestJet many times in the past and do enjoy flying with your airline but I certainly did not enjoy this flight. Please tell your attendants to be mindful of passengers’ concerns and not to belittle passengers with comments like ”you are petite”.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Betty (Gijsbertha) DeBruin

  28. Please see attached before sending me more offers, You should have al my information for my travel and upcoming bookings;

    Please update my rewards from my recent trip, it shows that I have 6 dollars worth of points, I have spent 3154. dollars for my vacation and I have also inquired online, it still shows 6 buck????,, there was no email address where we can send complaints so I had to use this media, hope my points will be updated and I do not have to post elsewhere.


    Let me know before sending me all this god offers, when you cannot keep your word on my recent trip.


  29. I would like to share my experience with your organization that exemplifies both a positive experience and the subsequent grief and frustration you caused me, my wife and our close friends.

    Based on my wife’s upcoming milestone birthday, I decided that I, along with another couple who are very close friends of ours, wanted to surprise my wife with a party and a short vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate. The key word here being surprise!

    We (the three of us) contacted your organization on Nov 6th to make the necessary arrangements. The individual we spoke with was very polite, helpful and very friendly. We explained the situation, that being the three of us were going to surprise my wife for her birthday and leave shortly after her party to Las Vegas. She assisted us with the necessary process and as I mentioned was very friendly and helpful. During this process, we discussed a couple of times that this was a surprise and that no emails were to be sent out. She assured us there wouldn’t be any correspondence going to my wife, just the three of us. At the end of this encounter, she informed us that she wasn’t going to charge us for pre-booking our seats as this was a special celebration. When we were done, I have to tell you my friends and I were very impressed with her and very appreciative of what she did on behalf of Westjet. I felt your customer service was everything I expected and more and would certainly have been recommending you to my friends and collegues. In fact I shared this part of the story with numerous people as I was just that impressed.

    Unfortunately, in spite of all this and the extentsive time and effort we put in place planning and ensuring secrecy about this birthday celebration and associated trip, I discovered when we “surprised” my wife that she was already aware of the trip we were about to leave on. The reason she knew was in spite of being assured she would not receive any correspondence, she did in fact get a “reminder” email from Westjet providing all the details of the trip. Words cannot explain how upset I was about this. While she was very happy, I was extremely upset. We spent hours planning and executing on a perfect plan to surprise her only to have it undone by an email we specifically asked not be sent. If not for your email, she would have had no clue what was about to happen. Further to that, I discovered that you sent the email 24 hours before we had her surprise party. I just needed another 24 hours to pull this off. Of course the fact that all of this unraveled in front of all our family and friends, where we presented her with a surprise trip that wasn’t a surprise, was very embarrassing.

    I realize we can’t undo what has occured and we will in fact be leaving today on our trip, so we will make the best of it.

    However, I just felt the need to share with you how you can undo a lot of good (our initial encounter) with one mistake, that being sending out notification to my wife in spite of specifically being requested to not do this. At this time, I have to admit I have very mixed feelings on your organization. I went from being very impressed to very frustrated and unhappy. Please understand that the attention to details, in this case our simple request to ensure no emails be sent out, can have a significant impact on your customers.

  30. I am very unhappy with West Jet, and will probably never fly with them again. I always try to book with their Airline because I prefer their service and friendliness, etc. I booked a flight and 10mins later realized I was flying pass my province and going to another one with a 30minute stop over there, and then flying back to my destination. One – I didn’t make sense to go over to another province, two – I was afraid if any delays along the way I could easily miss my connection. So I called to see if I could change my flight, while talking to a person they told me they would change the flight for 100.00, I said no I didn’t want to pay that much, so they said they could wave 44.00 and only cost 55.00 extra, I was o.k. with that. Looking at my credit card today I got charged 171.57 extra, I called and West Jet said they didn’t do anything it must be the credit card, I called the credit card and the bank told me it was the US exchange rate difference, because I have a Canadian credit card and West Jet booked out of US, that is why the extra money. I am so mad it is unbelievable, no one informed me of this, I didn’t realize I was dealing with the US, I thought I was paying what I was quoted. I don’t think this is fair and I would never had changed my ticket if I knew it was going to cost me an extra 226.17 from my original ticket I booked. I don’t have that kind of money to throw away. I was originally worried about paying a 100.00 difference and I ended up paying 226.17 that makes me mad and very sad also. I will never book a ticket with them again unfortunately. Consumers beware of the hidden fees, its sad they get the innocent all the time. I am so disappointed in West Jet.

  31. My son was flying out of Montreal last night. The plane was delayed so he missed his connecting flight home. I talked to someone in the Toronto airport. A west jet employee who would not give me his name and I can understand why. He was the rudest most condescending person I have had to deal with in a long time. I am so not impressed with West Jet. I think when this kind of thing happens a bit of understanding and kindness goes a long way. I wish I had this jerk’s name because I would blast it from here to eternity.

  32. I booked a one way ticket from LGA to YYZ on 11/26/14 and a one way ticket from YYZ to LGA on 11/27/14. WestJet cancelled the flight from LGA to YYZ and wouldn’t refund my reservation from YYZ to LGA.

  33. Suggestion. Your website should adopt same setup as tripcentral website, your search option asks us to choice a date just to have ‘not available’ why doesn’t your website tell us what dates are available for travelling. Would be so much easier to search instead of getting frustrating and on to a better more organized vacation website.
    Thank you

  34. I am very unhappy with the West Jet Xmas video filmed in DR. West Jet is a Canadian company and there are many poverty stricken communities, particularly native canadian families which would welcome West Jet largesse even if they are not on the West Jet winter vacation destination roster. Please unsubscribe me to future emails. My future business will go back to Air Canada, specifically to the Caribbean, Providenciales, where we live for 6 months of the year, and travel back and forth to Canada frequently.

  35. My Delta flight was rebooked with WJ. Due to a Delta system error, WJ flight was the earliest flight to leave. DL 7145 flight was delayed for an hour as all their flights that day had beneath. I had to rush home to see my father as he was in the hospital. There was a lack of consideration from both Delta and WJ to enhance my flying experience, especially in a tough situation like this one.

  36. After booking a flight by telephone with a very helpful agent the e-ticket did not arrive on my computer. I have spoken with t wo other agents the next day, still no e-mail from Westjet.. I have received other e-mails from other people. Also tried your other websites i.e. Member # and password (cannot remember password) was told I would receive it in an e-mail, did not receive it either. I would like to know what I have to do to receive e-mail from you. Is it your system that’s not compatible with mine.

  37. i noticed a scissor machine operating very close to an west jet kennel being checked in / machine 1 foot from aniaml ans=d was moving

  38. I have just filed a complaint with the CRTC about repeated marketing calls from Westjet at my private number. My complaint included the following pertinent information: “This company has called my number several times in recent weeks and when I pick up, the recorded message begins “Thank you for choosing Westjet”. I have never flown with Westjet nor had any business dealings with this company. Moreover, the number displayed is a local number, which clearly is spoofed. If I call the number back, I am told that it is not in use. This is a dishonest practice which is becoming increasingly common and must surely be illegal? Why would I have anything to do with a company which displays such blatant deceit?

  39. I can relate. Westjet cancelled my first flight out to Australia which caused me to miss my connecting flights. They refused to rebook me, and when I became upset and called my travel agent the staff were laughing at me and trying to speak over me on the phone stating this was not true. They refused to rebook my flight in time and I missed all my connecting flights. Then I had to rebook and repay 1200 for the flights. They robbed me of my money. I saved for two years for this trip. They are criminal

  40. Hello!

    I fly west jet pretty frequently and these last 2 flights I have been disappointed with the service. On my flight to Vancouver the flight attendant made it uncomfortable for me to even ask him for anything. I pay for plus seats when I travel with westjet and I have been feeling as if there’s no point to anymore. Also, the televisions don’t work 3 out the 4 times I have been on a flight this last year. On the most recent flight, the snobby couple next to me took my seat that I checked in 22 hrs prior for to get. I would usually say something when people take advantage but I would prefer to not put myself in an awkward position for the entire flight. I only say they’re snobby because of how they were laughing at an Asian lady that was unable to understand the flight attendant earlier… sorry, I am complaining which I usually do not but I do fly often and hope my comments improve on west jet care services.

    Thanks for your attention.

    – Jannit


  42. I am a first time West Jet customer. I believed all the hype about customer friendly. Our experience has been opposite. We checked in at Kelowna a hour in advanced for Ottawa. We were advised that we were 12 minutes late for check in. We were well over a hour early. This is like 7:00 AM. The customer service proceeded to reschedule. We ended up arriving in Ottawa 2 hours later. Leaving Ottawa 2 days later I was held up at the departure desk because my name on the boarding pass did not match my Drivers licence. I was scheduled to sit in aisle 4 . By the time I was cleared I was last on the plane. I am still on holidays in Ontario. We are going home WestJet. We are fearful of what’s next from WestJet. Gene

  43. I am in Antigua and got late for a westject flight
    Could not call anyone
    No westjet in local telephone
    Cant call the 1-888 0r 1-881 numbers from Antigua
    I need to know what to do
    There is no email or alternate direct dial number
    I am utterly frustrated
    I need help
    I have trying everything for days

  44. We recently travelled with your airlines from Toronto to Calgary and back. Our flight back was on Sunday July 12th 2015 at 8am. Unfortunately due to lightening the flights were delayed, which I understand but by noon it was clear and flights were being sent. Our flight kept getting pushed back until finally at 3pm it was cancelled. What I didnt understand was that there were several flights to Toronto and even though they were delayed after ours there flight went our before us!! There were 5 of us travelling and we had obligations that needed our immediate attention and Westjet DID NOT CARE!! We spoke to several supervisors and they pretty much all said the same thing! Yes, it was weather related but if we were the first flight delayed why were we not the first flight to fly out!
    We didnt fly out until Monday morning at 1am, we were at the airport for 18 hours! with no compensation, no meal vouchers or hotel offered even when we asked. I have had similar experiences with other airlines, for less time and been given a hotel to rest and freshen up!
    Needless to say we wont fly with West Jet anymore and will be sure to share our experience with everyone!!
    With such bad customer service I wont expect a response to my email but I will go above and beyond to get some compensation from West Jet !!

  45. I have been trying to contact west jet for four days with no joy, Canadian phone number doesn’t exist, British number also, and go to gate phone number just rings out , could anyone help with this

  46. Just read all the other posts, would explain a lot, and I paid the extra for the premium service from Gotogate, who I booked through and all they keep sending is a message telling me to contact WJ what a joke, so folks when you are booking do not use Gotogate either

  47. On a recent flight from Glasgow to Halifax I was charged a fee for a second checked bag the fee was to be 60 lbs which is the equilivant of $120 Canadian while one of my tavelling companions was charged only 12.50 lbs for the same bag, this is not what we were expecting from the West Jet Airlines, also on arrival at Halifax Nova Scotia the second bag did not arrive. This put a damper on my vacation as it was a golfing vacation with my brothers. Here I am back home in Ottawa and still have no golf clubs the baggage claims agent said that they are on rout from Iceland and should be here today as did the baggage agent in Halifax and the help line agent, I am very dissatisfied with the service that I have had to this point and will really look at another airline when doing my next travel planning.

  48. I just saw an online “commercial” of a dark haired steward “explaining” the flight rules! He was hilarious and it made me decide to fly West Jet when I get the chance. I LOVED IT!

  49. Hi there. I have a concern about my upcoming flight for my toddler and myself in sept 22. We are travelling from yyc to lax at 7 30 pm that night and have to live part time in Calgary with my elderly mother and part time in the states with my husband we haven’t seen for nine months. I am going to have four bags a stroller and carvseat. I was just informed inwpuld have to pay for every piece inhave except one piece???? I booked with west jet solely because I thought westjet never changes their policy about one piece free for each passenger. I am a basically single mother and its going to cost me a fortune. West jet should at least let moms bring car seats and strollers for free as these are necessities as a mom. I want to know if west jet would be so kind as to waive at least two of my bags fees plus the stroller so that I only have the cost of two bags. I will try to pack lighter but with a toddler and hisbtoys and books I HAVE to being its impossible. Please contact me asap. I could have gotten cheaper flights but assumed two of my bags were covered in this cost. I love weather and staff are super friendly so I hope I am not disappointed.
    Thank you so much
    Naila Umar Delgado

  50. Hello !
    after hours on the phone with customer service, I was not able to get my question answered. would seem very simple . we had previously booked two identical tickets
    same price etc. one for me with my corporate card and one for my wife with my personal card. they were both $370 US . unfortunately we had to cancel the original flights.
    we rebooked this past weekend for a future flight with a US cost of $310 per ticket.. plus we understood the $75 re ticket fee ..
    yet I was was billed approx. $40 US for the difference on my ticket , yet my wifes ticket was charged $90 US.
    my reservation code is XFZCGJ
    my wifes code is LPCEIG

    I feel the difference between old ticket credit of $370 per ticket and
    the new ticket price of $310 per ticket plus the $75 cancel/ rebook fee
    the net difference should be about $15 per ticket..
    thank you

  51. Fight delayed, showed up at 5 for 6:45 flight have to wait until 9:06.No email to tell me delayed did nothing for me, what’s the point in being a club member thanks for nothing

  52. When trying to select a seat for my flight from Edmonton to Toronto Jason (Employee #8132) was very helpful. I am in my 70’s with little computer experience and after a 1/2 hour of trying online I phoned for assistance. It was no time until Jason had a seat for me. All this was at 2:00 AM so I was able to go to bed to sleep without worrying. What a relief!

  53. I booked a flight from Prince George to Vancouver with a return flight on the Saturday September 12th I left Prince George September the 6th. On Friday the 11th of September I developed Bell’s Palsy and ended up in emergency of the 12th of September Because they needed to rule out a stroke I needed many tests at the Peace Arch Hospital So I needed to cancel my return flight at 1:30. My sister contacted WestJet and Debbie was very helpful banked the cost of my ticket so I could use later that day or the next or whenever. As it was I was able to fly home later in the day We had a little trouble utilizing the banked money and another WESTJET employee walked us through the whole process making a very stressful day that much less stressful. I boarded a 5:05 flight to Prince George. I absolutely love West Jet and only fly with them when possible. I want to thank all who helped and I will spread the word. Thank you all West Jet employees on the front lines and those we seldom see. My thanks and thanks from my husband who was waiting my safe return. Sincerely Vicki and Dennis Richardson Vanderhoof British Columbia

  54. On Monday Sept 14 i needed to change my flight to return home sooner.My Wednesday ticket was booked already earlier and so i tried to see if i could return as inexpensive as possible.I asked repeatedly if economy seats were available and the ticket agent on the phone said the flight was full and only plus seats at an additional charge was the only option.P.S.the recording says it all…Anyway,imagine my surprise when only 27-30 seats were occupied for the flight (676 from Calgary to Toronto Sept 14 departing 5:55)they totally lied to me to expunge higher fees.i am very concerned with their business practice and unethical behavior.So far only the wall of service complaint personnel who refuse to allow me to speak to a superior management person,have taken my call. i will pursue this until i am satisfied,MARK THESE WORDS!

  55. I arrived at Vancouver airport West Jet check in 55 minutes before flight and was not allowed to board they said cutoff is one hour before flight. This has never happened to me before and I expect a full refund as Westjet did not provide me with the service I paid for.

  56. Flight WS 225 Halifax to Edmonton. Sept 20. Not to be a jerk but this is second complaint this trip. Why am I paying $86.25 to store baggage down below when my children and I could of brought it on board like everyone else. Same thing both ways. Very frustrating being told no and following the rules and I see bag after bag come on board. NOT FAIR! At least the staff on this trip or fabulous. The staff at the boarding desk on my trip to Halifax from Edmonton a week ago was sarcastic and extremely rude to me in front of my 7 and 9 year old. We had ten minutes to transfer or I would of asked for the supervisor. I love west jet. Always great trip therefore I felt the right to complain even though I’m not sure if it falls on open ears or not.

  57. This is my 2nd email to your complains deperment about theis incident, still waiting for someone to contact me.
    this flight was booked on July 24/15 traveled date was for Aug 27/15, I was already at the airport dropping of my Mother and sister,when I relaized the flight was cancelled, the flight # was 1216, the names of the passengers name are Nan Chowbay and Bisema Chowbay.
    they did not get on a flight until the next day after 9am which put them in New York at approximately after noon.
    when the got there they had to take a taxi and get to the function they were attending, they arrived at the function only to find out it was almost over.
    It was a wasted trip and I am very disappointed to know that I am not getting any reply from any of West Jet staff !!!!

  58. I logged into west jet site to book my ticket last week for Vegas it sent me to expedia and I paid for my ticket only to discover I was charged in USA funds which amounted to quite a difference for cost .
    I am not real happy with the addition cost.
    I may or may not be the only traveler to receive this shock.

  59. Your “complimentary 20% discount for my experience” email kept coming back when i responded. The flight was 314 on the Sept 30th. My response is below.

    Dear guest,

    On behalf of WestJet, I would like to apologize for the interruption in your travel plans. We realize that delays are inconvenient and can potentially affect the rest of your travel itinerary. We acknowledge the delay you experienced while flying with us, and hope you understand that WestJet will continuously endeavor to bring you the most reliable service offered in the airline industry.

    You are a valued guest, and we would like to make it up to you. To thank you for your loyalty, and ask you to fly with WestJet again we would like to offer you 20 per cent off your next WestJet flight.*

    This discount is available for new online bookings only. You can redeem this offer of 20 per cent off your next booking by visiting When booking, just enter the promo code WSA20 in the booking widget, click ‘Get flights’, then enter the coupon code once prompted.

    If you’re booking for more than one guest, you must enter a coupon code for each. If you only have one coupon code, you’ll need to book the individual using the code separately. For more information, visit our Promo Code FAQs.

    Please use the promo code WSA20 along with the following individual coupon codes for each guest:

    The situation is much worse than simply a cancelled flight.

    My elderly mother with dementia who I took to the airport for this flight, walked her to the gate, saw her get on the plane was on this flight. I left on a flight out of town of my own afterwards. You then cancelled the flight. Did not notify me till later that the flight was cancelled. When i did receive the call, at the continuous urging of a good Samaritan who found my mother walking about lost in the Calgary airport, I was told “she was ok and that they would look after her”. They gave her a new flight at 6:20 even though there were earlier flights back to Regina!!! (her original flight was 12 noon). The good samaritan then asked your team member what they would do for my mom and the reply “that is not my job or responsibility”.

    This was the second flight you cancelled in three days that impacted me as my best man, wife and twin children also has one cancelled in Vancouver.

    I am beyond angry and find your actions to be repulsive when it comes to dealing with seniors and the handicapped. I am reminded of those investigations on the nightly news on discrimination of the elderly and awful reactions within the business being reported on. I suppose I could of stood there and watched the plane leave in hind sight but for an airline that is supposed to be about customer service i do not find that ANY was provided.

    I have been a strong promoter of West Jet over Air Canada for many years. this is your selling feature that set you apart from your competition and you have destroyed my opinion of it. My mother does not want to fly anymore now so you can see the hardship that has now put on my family.

    I am curious to see what your response to my email will be. Excuses and explanations or providing a superior customer experience. I guess it is up to you.

  60. I downloaded the westjet app but now it will not let me log in. I followed the directions but no email was sent to me to help me with my west jet account. I called the number provided and was on the phone for a long time after which I was told someone would call me with in 24 hours, but no one has called after 3 days. I would like to use the app on our return flight. Please help.
    Thank you
    Shirley Claydon

  61. Our flight, #1233, left from Miami at 1453 hours on Tuesday, October, 13, 2015, going to Toronto. We sat in row #8 and therefore were in the last group (zone) to be seated. By the time we got onto the plane, all the overhead storage space had been taken. The flight attendant told me it was because people brought a lot of bags onto the plane with them. Why are people allowed to bring more than the allotted number of bags onboard with them? Because of this, we had to put our two bags under the seats in front of us. I can’t remember the last time I was so extremely uncomfortable on a flight, not being able to stretch my legs at all. I have been on other flights where they have had someone standing at the entrance to the plane, checking peoples’ excess bags and having them put with the large suitcases down below. Our discomfort could have been very easily avoided had any consideration been given to the last group entering the plane.

  62. On October 14 we took a WestJet flight from Nassau to Toronto -flight no 2755 – I think. It departed Nassau at 2:07pm. At 3:20pm I asked the flight attendant for a glass of water because I was coughing. We were sitting in row 17 near the back of the plane. I had to ring for the attendant as we had not seen her at all. When she answered the call I said “could I please have a glass of water”. Her response was “only if I was going to faint” and she walked away. Everyone sitting around us heard this. A couple of minutes later my husband got up and went to the back of the plane and asked her for a glass of water and she replied she was busy. He stood there until he got the water. Since we had been in the air for over an hour I did not think this was an unreasonable request.. The plane was not full. Because of this I don’t know if I will use WestJet again. Very disappointed.

  63. I downloaded Westjet app on my ipad but I cannot use it since I do not have a user id. It seems that it takes for granted that everybody has one. How can I get one.

  64. I recently travelled from yxe saskatoon. Your agent connie was the first person that ever harassed me like this. She didn’t speak to me work respect. My luggage weight was 51 pounds. She was adamant no way possible this is going on the plane. I had a carry on and my hand bag. I was not allowed to carry my bible in my hand to read, as it was considered a third item. Please do better and train your people to speak better to customers and not harass some more than some. Flight to Jamaica i was told there is no exception

  65. How do I go about pricing flights for 9 adults to Mexico in mid March? The vacation planner only allows to enter up to 6 adults. We all want to book a vacation together . Thanks

  66. Dear WestJet, I am a frequent flyer between Jamaica and Toronto, and I invariably choose WestjJt because they offer the best fares and service. However I have never given you any feedback until now. Last month [October 2015] I flew for 3 weeks in Toronto on WestJet and the return leg of my flight was the best I have ever had in all my many years of flying [I am in my 60s!]. It was made so special by a Crew Member who I only know as KIRK. He was fabulous in every sense. I was made to feel welcome, comfortable and nothing was too much trouble for him. I wish I had asked for his surname. So please pass on this message of thanks to him. My flight was on Saturday 31st October from Toronto to Montego Bay. Lastly a big thank you to WestJet overall! Sincerely yours, Brenda Taylor

  67. I am trying to locate a breakdown invoice from a staff member of the Regional District of Fraser Fort George. name of Kenna Jonkman. her reservation code was URRTAY. i need a specific breakdown of the GST and PST. the copy i was e-mailed does not have a detailed break between the two. thanks so much I look forward to hearing from you.

  68. We would like bring to your attention the excellent services we received on our rerouted flight # WS2169 on Nov.7/15. A special thank you to Vincent, at YVR,
    for all of his help getting us through customs and immigration on his golf cart and wheelchair, as I required assistance. Also thanks to the helpful customer service staff for finding us accommodation and rebooking us so seamlessly. We wish we could remember all their names, but it was late.

  69. To whom it may concern.
    I was on a westjet flight #3263 on the night of Oct 29, flying from Regina to Edmonton. The man seated beside me was morbidly obese.and had a really bad body odor. So bad the stewardess walked down the aisle spraying air freshener. He used a seat belt extension. I fully understand equality of all. This man was so large he straddled his seat and used about a third of my seat. I was forced against the wall or window. To avoid contact with him. Yet still his body touched me. I understand that large people need space and are not at fault. But on the other hand what about my comfort. I paid for the whole seat not a portion. I was forced to sit sideways in my seat for the duration of the flight. The plane was full. I did not say anything to him as I am not a rude person.

  70. REF. BDAWS00534085 (ws103685 &103686
    we are seniors and we travel from toronto to Bermuda for the winter months.Our two bags did not arrived in Bermuda and one bag has frozen salmon fish for our personal use along with personal dry food…..due to delayed the fish and dry food will be destroyed when we will receive our bags. we have no contact with west jet.

  71. I was on flight 431 from Toronto to Edmonton today and I have to say I was very disappointed with the service. No food except some snacks. I have travelled to Europe and through Europe and the service on KLM, British Airways, etc.. Is so much more superior. How is it that you run out of food on an early am flight. Most passengers will not have had breakfast. The thing is not just a few people didn’t have anything to eat on a 4 hour flight, there were a number of us that were not happy; even though they may not write a letter of complaint. I have no idea who is charge of your food on a flight but they should reassess how many sandwiches need to be on board. It seemed they were only about 2 dozen sandwiches or Less for 174 seat plane. You really set up your flight attendants for unhappy passengers! I have primarily flown WJ over the past few years and normally when you don’t have food it’s mid day so not a big deal, but today I had to eat Pringles for breakfast!!! It seems to me where you sit on the plane is extremely important. I was row 20 and the last row to get service. I want to say Cat (flight attendant) was really quite wonderful, despite my dissatisfaction with your company- she was great!!
    I then arrived in Edmonton to find out my bag never arrived either. You charged me 25.00 for my bag and with that I would think my bag should arrive on the same flight. West Jet gives you nothing for that inconvenience except refunding you for having to go out and buy toothpaste etc.. apparently my time isn’t worth any money. I’m contemplating choosing Air Canada for my next flight- I haven’t flown with them recently and I am being told by others that they are much better. The word out there seems to be that West Jet is lacking in the quality of their service – not the same West Jet as they used to be. I think I want to make a comparison for myself, not that we have many choices in Canada.
    A dissatisfied customer.
    Gina Mandrusiak

    Sent from my iPad

  72. Re: service received: Sunday, December 27, 2015. This flight originated in Winnipeg, Canada, and then onto Montreal and ending in Philadelphia, PA. The problem was with the segment of the flight from Montreal to Philadelphia which was Flight Number 3767
    This is how the flights went:

    I have traveled several times to Winnipeg, Canada but never had service by your company.

    On my way home on December, 27, 2015, the flight from Winnipeg to Montreal was wonderful. In fact I had no complaints and went through customs with no problems. But the problems happened on the flight from Montreal to Philadelphia. First, this flight was to have left at 3:55 p.m. but due to weather issues it was delayed until 5 p.m. which was to arrive in Philadelphia by 7:15 p.m.

    It was a welcomed relief when we were allowed to board the plane. Due to back pain which is due to bulging discs in my lower back it makes sitting for any length of time horrible and it is difficult to walk. So when I limped onto the plane it was a wonderful finding to see that my seat was 3C. It was a wonderful seat with plenty of room. I had just gotten organized when a young mother got onboard with two young sons. Due to the layout of the seats on this plane the stewardess first asked the male passenger sitting next to me if we were traveling together. Of course we weren’t, so she requested that he move to the seat behind the current seat and this young child took this man’s seat. I thought that was all. But then this stewardess requested that I move as well and was forced to move all the way to the back of the plane to seat 13B. This was a seat next to a very obese man who not only took up his seat but part of mine as well. This forced me to push myself up into the right upper corner of my seat which in turn aggravated my back pain. When the stewardess came around to answer questions about the late departure time and connecting flights in Philadelphia, I asked if it would be possible to move back to my original seat due to the problem I just stated. She responded, “No, we really need you back here”. Her answer to my sitting problem was to lift the right armrest. This didn’t resolve the problem whatsoever. Besides this seat was right opposite the lavatory room. Because of this, each time someone either went in or out of this room they hit me. To top everything else the reading light above my head could not be adjusted to hit my book the right way. Thus I could not read. Therefore, I had to just sit there for entire flight in agony and wait until the flight arrived in Philadelphia to even move.

    I do not understand why I had to move from my original seat. I would have been content to sit next to the young boy. Please explain: 1) why I was moved to the back on the airplane for no obvious reason and 2) why the flight attendant did not move me back to my original seat when no one else used it for the duration of the flight.

    You can be sure I will NEVER travel by WestJet in the future.

  73. Hello
    First let me say that we love Westjet and our flights yesterday were great. I am contacting you wrt our seat selections on flight was 1134. We had booked 06c for my husband but we were assigned the window seat on checkin. We paid for c 06 conf husband is a stroke survivor with a leg brace and a paralyzed right arm. He is also tall and weighs 240 so it is very difficult to get in and out of the seat. It is why we like being on the aisle for him and near the front of the plane, hence why we pay for seat selection. How do we ensure that we get the aisle seats that we select and pay for and can we be reimbursed for not getting the aisle seat. The young woman who had the aisle seat was unwilling to change with him.
    On the plus side the flight and service was excellent. Love the 737-800 plane. Love the fact that we can go direct to Palm Springs from Toronto.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way we I checked in on line I didn’t know the 06a was the window. Just assumed that I would have been assigned what we selected and paid for.
    Cheryl Flemming

  74. I am contacting you in regards to my recent trip to Cuba.
    I travelled Dec20-24 and stayed at the Barcelo Solymar.

    I booked the bungalow, but when I arrived, this is not what I received. I received a room in the regular hotel that was in poor condition. The room was located on the first floor by the exit doors ( not used by anyone) and a view of the construction (building being torn down).
    The room itself had floors that felt like they were going to collapse , no light in the bathroom, shower doors missing , ceiling in shower was not levelled at all and Tv remote no where to be found ( room# Was 1186).
    Trying to contact front desk was impossible. They never answer. Even standing in front of reception, watching employees look at the phone ringing and completely ignoring the calls. This is not acceptable.
    I did eventually get a bungalow but after spending 1 full day running around looking at units. This is not the experience I was looking for. I paid a large amount of money for the 4 day trip and feel it was not worth the money paid.
    Please look into this and looking forward to your reply.

  75. After I had checked in and was waiting at the gate, I got an email saying my flight was delayed from 11:45 am to 2:45 pm .Then the message popped up on departing gate information board. No one was at the gate to explain why. I phoned Westjet and was put on hold for over a half hour. When I was finally connected, the person on the phone complained about my telephone connection and then placed me on hold for over 10 minutes. Supposedly , it was a weather delay in Vegas where I was going. I checked McCarren’s site and only a few 15 minute delays and a few cancellations. Why the long wait for us and why no people to ask?

  76. Hi my son was scheduled for a flight from Toronto to Ottawa he had just arrived from Tampa and when he was in Tampa we were assured by westjet that he would have help with his connecting flight to Ottawa but he missed the flight because they was no one from westjet they to son is 15 has never flown before and has never been in a airport he was very scared and did not have any one from westjet to talk to.also my sons suit went to Ottawa and we had to pay for his ride from Toronto to kingston and also we had to pay for his suitcase from Ottawa to I would like to be refunded the $200.00 for suitcase.this was a very scarey thing please contact me if you want us to use westjet again.

  77. I have booked flights with you via

    Your website will not recognize the booking ref numbers they gave me which they insist are correct. 8G5RCY and 8 G5 RCD.
    I am hard of hearing and cannot phone you.
    Could someone please give me an email address for you so I can sort this out.
    Lynne Gaskell

  78. I was booked on WS2773 flying from Port of Spain on Jan-06-2016 connecting to WS895 flying from Toronto to Calgary. This flight was supposed to get me to Calgary at 3:50pm in order for me to attend to a doctor’s appointment.
    The WS2773 flight departed Port of Spain late and I was unable to make my connecting flight. WestJet placed me on flight WS669 that did not get me to Calgary until 8:35pm. As a result, I was unable to make my doctor’s appointment. It took me over 3-mths to schedule this appointment.
    I also pre-paid for seating assignment on the WS895 flight but on the WS669 flight I was assigned seat 25A.
    I would like WestJet to reimburse me for the change in seats for flight WS669 as I did not get the seat that I had pre-paid for. I also expect some type of compensation for the inconvenience that I’ve faced with respect to my missed appointment.

  79. I would just like to compliment Westjet on hiring such good people, I had to deal with Julie #22417 last week and she was very accommodating and made me glad it was Westjet that I had called versus the other guys!

    Thanks again, Mark

  80. I flew from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas on Jan 5th. My luggage did not arrive with me. Incident #SJDWS00543176
    Booking reference WGTLXO

  81. When I went online to check-in, to my surprise I find out that we have been moved from our row 3 seats to row 1. Your customer service rep., the first that I spoke directly to, had no idea what she was telling me, just regurgitating what she was told in a very nervous fashion. She offered to change our flight until tomorrow. So in order to get the seats back that I booked 8 months, when most of the seats in Plus were available, I have to book a hotel room, transportation and additional meals out – probably totaling $600 or more USD (just under $900 CAD$). The travel agent was told to offer us $50 coupons – both solutions are insulting to say the least.

    Your manager whom I had asked to speak with, then tries to tell me that when you changed plane configuration that that’s the seats we ended up with. When I say we booked before the people who got our seats, she tried to tell me that I don’t know that – really??? – why then were they available when I booked and in fact most of the seats were available. Then she tells me that it was just the order they did it in – so instead of simply moving the first three rows of people back to where they were, you re-ordered them – why would that be?

    We booked eight months in advanced so that we were guaranteed our seats. This is totally unacceptable. I don’t like to threaten, but if we don’t receive some reasonable compensation, you will be seeing this story everywhere possible that I can find to place it, using the resource from my company to ensure a huge audience. You have ruined the last day of our trip and for this I will be relentless.

    Also, my son is getting married here in October and I will make sure that not one of the guests (60-80 expected) will fly West Jet.

    David Luksha

  82. don’t buy tickets through cheap tickets probably will never fly as I spent almost six hundred dollars on a flight I didn’t take its been a terrible experience


    Is our booking legitimate?

    CONCERN about SCAMS, re code Bookings DSKQUW & OAXIAL made on 21st Jan. for 7 persons. No confirmations made until I rang up the 00800 number for Uk. Also only allowed to book up to 6 people so had to make a 2nd booking when flight price went up by £100 for the 2nd booking for 2 people. We understood from your blurb that 1st hold bags were covered, not extra, the person we spoke to on phone didnot know, also which terminal we were flying from at Gatwick on 6th Aug even though it was on the itinerary!!
    we are concerned, no email address, this isn’t professional unless a sophisticated scam and doesn’t engender goodwill on your new routes to UK. DO WE NEED TO CONTACT YOUR CEO?

  84. I have tried unsuccessfully to discover how to pay now for hold baggage on flights to and from ottawa, (indirect).
    Please advise.

  85. Madamm/Sir
    I flew WJ to Regina 30 Jan 2016. I had recently had a total knee replacement. At the counter in Calgary I had asked for a ride by cart to the gate.They told me to enter the bottom so a cart would arrive. It never did come and the walk to the gate was the half of the new terminal. I was then told by gate staff to hurry or I would miss my flight..

    When I got to the gate with a pull (small) suit case and my cane I struggled to climb the Q-40 steps with no assistance. Upon my arrival in Regina my knee
    was so swollen I could barely stand. I asked for a little help but was questioned did I request this in Calgary. I said no but it hurt now!!!. Ground crew said ” well it is just a bit inside and we have no one at this time” “WONDERFUL” Even though the flight Attendants saw the distress in movement.

    This gets better. When I returned home on 31 Jan to Calgary from Regina I asked the desk if I would have to walk the same distance as previous upon departure. They assured me after relating my adventure a cart would be there.

    There was no staff there except for out side gate staff. So guess what? I had to walk the terminal again. My leg is still so swollen and I am pissed.
    I am so sad at your service if you call it that!

    If you want me to travel again on your airline which I was dedicated to in previous years over A/C explain to me why I should.

    Please do not though give me a flowery BS return of how sorry you are. Get to the chase hope you should make it better and man up. Would you want your mom or dad with a disability treated like this. Please do the right thing.

    Thank You
    D.M McGeady.

  86. My husband and I booked our vacation in Mexico in late March, 2015. We were leaving on Jan 3rd 2016 and returning on Feb 5th. We had to fly from Kelowna to Calgary and then to Puerto Vallarta. The return was Puerta Vallarta to Calgary and back to Kelowna. All went well on the “going” part.
    Our son came to spend 9 days with us and, on his return, he emailed us and said
    Mom better have some assistance getting through Calgary Airport. She’ll never make the connector. Incidentally, when we booked our flight last March, we chose the departure that was offered at 9 p.m. Our Mexican Leg was due to land around 6 p.m.. Having been there before, we knew it would give us an extra hour to make our next flight. However, Westjet cancelled that 9 p.m. flight and we were then moved to the 8 p.m. one.
    I have severe arthritis. Both hips have been replaced, there is little left of my right ankle joint, arthritis is in my back, I have spinal stenosis and several damaged disks. Normally, we just limp along and take our time but the change in flight made it too tight. I emailed my travel agent who then arranged for a wheel chair.
    When we landed, the wheel chair was there but there was noone to push it. So my husband took over. It’s one heck of a long way to CBSA. Once we got through there, we had to pick up our luggage and take it to the next belt for loading onto our connector flight. How could my husband push a wheelchair and pull 2 suitcases ? I had to get off the chair and push it to where we left the luggage. At that point, the man there, who was from Westjet, flatly told us that ” We’re getting too many requests for wheelchairs. We’ll have to start charging.” Both his comment and demeanor made me feel like a darned faker. We have flown with Westjet many many times over the years and we’ve always loved the staff and the service. This really hurt my feelings. I would never have requested help if I didn’t really need it. I wasn’t going to complain but I just felt that I had to. Other than this one incident, we’ve never had a problem.
    Sincerely, Helen and Harry Ahola

  87. Hi
    I can’t seem to find another email to contact westjet. I am a Canadian from Winnipeg. I am currently in Huatulco and am having to switch some flights around. I was scheduled to fly Air Canada. I was hoping to be able to find a flight back to Winnipeg in and around the 18th of February. It can’t be any earlier than the 17th. the website keeps quoting me in US dollars which is kind of crazy cause I am Canadian. I can do the conversion but is that the only way I can do it? I don’t want to pay in US dollars. 🙁 Can you help me? By the way SOOOOO glad WestJet is flying to Huatulco now. Hoping you will have direct flights from Wpg to Huatulco next year!!!!

  88. We got up at 2:30 this morning to make our 5:00 am flight to Toronto from Winnipeg to make our connection to Providenciales. We get to Pearson to find out our flight is over 3 hrs delayed. We could of caught a later flight out of Winnipeg if only you had notified us. You have my email!!! Thanks for taking away our afternoon on the beach!! We only have a week which has now been cut down by an afternoon. I hate flying through this awful, way too big, congested airport.

    • Me again. First we were told mechanical problems had to wait for a plane from Edmonton. It finally arrived and we boarded over 3 hrs late. After boarding we told the delay was due to mandatory rest for the crew. Don’t appreciate lying to us. 2 totally different stories!! Started to taxi and now problem sixth this brand new plane. Back to the gate, de plane and will have to wait for another plane to come in. Westjet what are you going to do to compensate us on this flight that is now 5 hrs late at a cost of over $1,000?? Flight #2668 Feb 13th. Not to mention the half a day we have lost at our resort at over $500 aday.

  89. Hi,

    The five of us recently flew in from Honolulu to Vancouver on WS 1863. We had to wait 45 mins to get our bags and by the time we got to our gate, with no stops, it was closed. We had to sit on hard chairs for 5 hours instead of the chairs in the gate area. I am totally not impressed. We paid for plus seats and now we can be more uncomfortable!!!! And we had to pick up our bags and keep them with us!!! Westjet you totally dropped the ball!!!!!
    5 Completely dissatisfied customers

  90. On Saturday, Feb. 20th I flew from Palm Springs to Victoria and my suitcase got left behind somewhere along the way. The good news is that It arrived the next day.
    I am writing to request a refund for the baggage fee of $18.09 ( USD). Personally I think it is excessive for airlines to charge for the first bag in the first place and it is adding insult to injury to have paid and then not have my bag arrive. The PNR is IIBACO.
    Thank you for your consideration of this request.

  91. I just flew from Kauai (Linue)to Vancouver on Flight WS 1875.
    We were given the usual Immigration form to fill in, I realized I did not have a pen ( Although I later found one at the bottom of my bag). I talked to one of the flight attendants and asked if I could borrow a pen. She said” I don’t have one” and went away.
    Later as I went to the washroom I saw her using a pen and another attendant was there with a pen as well.
    I am baffled by such behaviour and uncaring attitude.
    When I was leaving the airplane I said to her is it possible to request Westjet to have a couple of pens on board for situations like this,
    She said again that she had no pen to lend me,
    Let’s hope we can borrow a pen next time someone should need some me.
    Kay Ruthnum

  92. Worst experience ever. Now I know why people travel on air canada. First a gate change then they announce we are delayed as there is no flight attendents available yet for the flight. Like seriously. Maybe HR needs to access the hiring and put more people in to jobs rather than affecting all the passengers that are trying to get to there destination. I get delays cause of weather but never cause there was no attendents yet. Flight 605 to Regina

  93. First ticket was March 23rd Palm Springs to Saskatoon, via Calgary. upon landing in Calgary my wallet slipped out of my back pocket and stayed in the plane. Some stewardess must have found it and it was returned to me within the hour while we were making connections on to Saskatoon. Needless to say this was just great. I only hadl150.00 dollars in the wallet, but whoever found my belongings deserve credit.

  94. Upon my return from Saskatoon to Palm Springs Feb.29th via Calgary. We were coming in for an approach, then aborted the landing for some reason, and speeded up and went around to try again. May have been congestion. On arrival at Palm Springs flight WS 1474, we seem to have had difficulty landing. It seems we came in from West to east, which normally was different. The mountains were to close for my comfort. It seemed we were in a box canyon at one time. Perfect landing on tarmac eased our minds. What transpired during landing we are not sure. Seems we were circling very close to the mountains and we would like to know why this approach..Thank you..Frank & Marie Scheirich

  95. I recently flew from Ottawa through Toronto to Edmonton. The flight and the services provided were very good. No complaints there….
    However, I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and I am in quite good shape…. I was extremely uncomfortable sitting in the mini-seat provided. I cannot and could not believe that I had to wedge myself into the seat and my knees touched the seat in front of me. Whenever the passenger infront of me moved some injury was received from the rocking impact of the back of the seat. . Please fix this problem

  96. My wife and I have just returned from Barbados after 3 weeks and used Air Canada Rouge – NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!
    We’re now trying to book up for next year. Air Canada, plus your competition, and the U.S. carriers are all quoting prices except for yourselves.
    We want to travel out 04Feb and return 25Feb or 04Mar next year
    Can anyone quote a price

  97. West Jet Management

    Subject:  Reservation: GMJZWJ 

    At 5:56 PM, Feb. 17, I received an email from West Jet advising me that our morning flight from Montreal to Toronto was cancelled.  

    I immediately got on the phone and spoke to one of your representatives who advised that the flight was cancelled due to weather conditions.  There was no storm or precipitation in the forecast for Cornwall, Montreal nor Toronto for Feb. 18, our flight day.  In fact, the forecast called for sunshine in all places.  I have evidence to support my claim in this matter.  

    Your customer service rep offered to fly my husband and I from Montreal to Miami on Feb. 19, with an overnight stay in Miami at our expense, then fly from Miami to St Maarten on Feb. 20.  That plan was certainly not acceptable and would have cut our vacation by 3 days.   We had a hotel, a car rental and a cruise booked in St. Maarten.

    While I was on the telephone with your customer service rep, my husband was on the internet looking for other transportation to Toronto.  We were able to book a train as far as Oshawa on the evening of Feb 17 at 8:00 PM in order to make our flight from Toronto to St Maarten the next morning.  The train tickets cost us $212.44.

    You can no doubt imagine the rush we were in to finish packing and get to the train station for 8:00 when I was still on the phone with West Jet at 7:20 PM.  The stress that we experienced was incredible. At this point, I’m still on the phone with your customer service rep asking to be reimbursed for the Montreal to Toronto portion of our flight.  The attendant told me that because this leg of the journey was part of the entire package, it was not refundable.  I couldn’t believe this.   

    I am a bit puzzled over the explanation of “weather conditions”. When we arrived in St. Maarten, we met friends who were waiting for their brother from the East Coast whose West Jet flight was cancelled on Feb. 18. He is quite familiar with the airline industry and he indicated the flights were cancelled because a crew member was sick and not because of the weather.

    The position of West Jet not offering compensation is a travesty especially in light of the fact that the West Jet flight from St. Maarten to Toronto on March 2 was cancelled and West Jet provided accommodation and compensation for its passengers. It sounds like a double standard.

    A Twitter response from West Jet shows how much compassion West Jet has for its customers. You can’t believe how much better I felt when I read: “We are very sorry for any disappointment this may have caused, but we are very glad to hear that you were able to make alternate arrangements so that you will arrive into St. Maarten as scheduled. Hope that information helps. ~Nicole”. I guess you will be very glad to hear that my future travel arrangements may not include West Jet.

    I am requesting your consideration for the reimbursement at least of our train tickets, $212.44 and I look forward to a response at your convenience,


    Raymonde and Francis McDonald

  98. This is the second time I have written this because I am not sure you received the first one I made a reservation for a flight to Edmonton for this morning March 7 2016 and I was five minutes late to check in. I told the attendant my brother is dying. She told me I would have to go on the next flight which will not get me into Edmonton until after seven tonight. I wanted to be there before they put my brother in a drug induced coma. I want to be able to tell him I love him just one more time. He had been battling cancer. It’s been a very tough road for my family in the last two years. This will be the sixth family member we have lost. Including my husband last May. So I was just a little forgetful this morning and didn’t check in. I hope in the future a little compassion would be in order thank you carol Lynn Bright

  99. First off I would like to say that I always seem to fly west jet across Canada, but this latest is the last straw, I am awaiting a liver transplant, and my wife has to be here as a support person and driver, she recently flew air canada to New Brunswick, and booked west jet to come home being Canadian never figured that we were classified as terrorists or non cacadians, anyhow. Arrived at airport this am and was not allowed to fly because of expired licence for 2 months, showed health card and sin and wasn’t satisfactorily to some agent, because of last name on sin wasn’t married name, all we were told to contact government and transport Canada, so cancelled our ticket and wasn’t refunded money was told to use it on another flight, first of all I would not fly westjet again,nor will I recomend this airlines to anyone. We are 59 years old and leaving my wife embarrassed and crying while some useless agent says that’s the rules, if I should die because of there ignorrance, I mean that’s my wife’s choice whether to renew drivers permit or not, we are real Canadians not some terrorist group
    And flying in our own country

  100. We have always been satisfied with our experience flying with your airline. We have flown across Canada from east to west most recently, and to England when you flew out of Hamilton years ago. We truly admired your company and how you treated both your employees and passengers. However, hearing about the airline attendant who complained about being sexually assaulted by one of your pilots and then being fired for bringing it up has left us no choice but to do business with your competitor from now on. We will only reconsider if restitution is made to her and the other victims. It is important to note that she came forward publically when she heard of similar experiences from other victims. The only way we will reconsider is if there is a
    major change in policy so that this never happens within your company again.

  101. When flying from Puerto Vallartato- Comox flight WS2181 there was on board several sick people,coughing and hacking and spreading germs which were recycled by the planes ventalation system.My wife and I have had bad colds since getting back home,she much sicker than I.I have a sugestion that might work.Obviously you cannot keep them off of the plane but I would suggest the cabin staff have surgical masks as provided in hospitals for people with colds.If a person has a cold they may suggest that they put on the masks while on the flight.It would not cost much and it would give the rest of the passengers some relief,

  102. I’ve generally had excellent service from WestJet so a recent event has prompted me to write this complaint. On Mar 9/16 I was on flight 556 from Calgary to Kitchener and I was up in the first row (…Thank you!!). The three flight attendants were Pam, Deborah and Eloise (I took notes!). While on that flight, Eloise and Pam were in the front of the cabin and Eloise was very pleasant and professional. Pam, on the other hand, was very abrupt and actually quite rude to a number of passengers… at one point someone stepped forward to use the washroom which was in use at that time so this person was standing on the vinyl part of the floor, not the carpet. Pam saw this and actually barked a stern command at this person to step back onto the carpet. That person jumped back quickly and probably felt quite embarrassed…as someone with a front-row seat (1C), I certainly was embarrassed for this customer and rather shocked by Pam’s approach. You may have rules about these things but Pam was clearly over-reacting and I think all of us in earshot were taken aback by Pam’s hostile approach. At another point on that flight, my seat companion (a recently retired Air Traffic Controller with 34 years of service) had a similarly nasty interaction with Pam over a food item: He explained to me privately that he rarely flies WestJet and certainly wasn’t impressed by Pam’s approach. He rolled his eyes at me and added that he’d not be using WestJet again anytime soon. Pam was one of the rudest flight attendants I’ve ever encountered and I hope I never fly with her again….she was terrible!!!

    On my return flight on Mar 11 (flt 557), I recognized the same flight attendants. This time Pam was in the back of the plane (…again, Thank you!) and I was up in the first row again. Deborah and Eloise were also in the front and both of these ladies demonstrated the kind of caring and thoughtful approach that I think WestJet strives to provide its’ customers. My hats off to these two wonderful ladies and I would be delighted to fly with them again as they were most polite and courteous: If you can, please extend my note of appreciation to both of them…Nicely done, Ladies. Pam could take a lesson, or 10, from these two.

    I know you value feedback from your customers, so I wanted to inform you of this very atypical and disappointing experience with one of you flight attendants. Everyone else I’ve dealt with at WestJet over the years has been super.

    If you have any questions about my complaint, please feel free to contact me by email or phone (587 888 4416). Best regards, Rick Volpel

  103. I was booked on a trip from London Ontario to Halifax NS with a connector in Toronto, when the person in London On said there would be a little delay due to some weather in Toronto. We had a couple hour delay and was told my connector was also delayed and should be arriving

  104. Sorry hit post by accident,
    I was told my connector would also be two hours delayed. We landed in Toronto from London with no issues and upon landing I went to my next gate (B40) and asked the attendant where the plane to Halifax was coming from and she told me flight #1229 from Orlando FL and said it she be landing around 8pm. So we waited and then about 30mins before our plane landed they announced it was canceled.
    We all went to customer service and I knew the weather was OK in Toronto to take off and Florida was 23 degrees and then I called my home and was told the weather was fine and then called the airport to find out there were no issues on their end, and was told it was Toronto and Not Halifax.
    When I reached the front of the line (1.5 hrs later) they said due to weather our flight was canceled and I asked weather where and then told her I checked Halifax and then told her that the gate B40 attendant had said our plane was now going to Vancouver.
    So finally the attendant supervisor said it was the airport who told west jet where to send the plane and they said Vancouver because there were more connectors there.
    We are on a VERY slippery slope when we start saying one place has priority over another and it’s OK to make some people incur cost of hotel and meals because it’s more convenient for the airline.
    I guess that’s why they call it west jet and not east jet,
    I have been flying with west jet for a long time and was very disturbed at how your staff handled this situation by lying to us all.
    The weather was fine to take off in Toronto and land in Halifax, so in my opinion westjet choose to cancel the 266 flight to Halifax and chose to use that plane to for vancouver and then have their customer service tell everyone in because of weather.
    They refused to give any meal or hotel vouchers to anyone and said move along or they were calling security to a couple of gentlemen .
    I thought I would see If you had any response before talking with anyone else.

  105. on march 8th i was booked on flight west jet ws891 montreal to thunderbay when i arrived at 5 am in montreal i went to check in i was to carry oxygen on the flight .. I had my dr’s note stating that i knew what to do with my oxygen tank.. at check in they verified both tanks that I had.. and labeled them.. I as wheeled to the waiting room to board my flight.. When it was time I was put on the plane my oxygen was put into a west jet bag and locked under the seat next to me .. all set ready to go.. while all the other passangers were coming on the plane and finding their seats etc.. i sat and waited for take off feeling excited that i was going to see my family.. After everyone was boarded A stewardess came to me with a look of superior and an attitude and told me since i had 2 tanks and only 1 regulator that i would have to get off the plane.. NOT once was i told i needed a second regulator I was only told to have enough oxygen to make the flight .. I did in the one tank .. the other was in case of a delay.. I was removed from a full plane of people like a common criminal.. at client service i was told to get another regulator like you can get them at a corner store.. NOT.. or have someone come and get the other tank.. I called my daughter to come get the second tank .. by that time my flight had left and the next one was at 2pm I live 90 minutes from the airport.. so here we go .. my daughter comes in parks and comes and get the other tank.. I was devastated by how i was treated and not told exactly what to do about this situation… I waited for my next flight that was at 2 all was going well. boarded the plane got the same oxygen tank locked down.. off we go to Toronto .. I have a transfer to catch .. all went well in toronto .. about an hour into the flight I ran out of oxygen .. so needless to say by the time i got to Thunderbay i was having breathing problems.. my breathing was at a 88 pretty low … my vacation went well once i was feeling better .. On the flight back from Thunderbay to montreal .. first part of the trip was good people in Thunderbay were friendly and awesome.. made sure i was OK and comfortable.. When we got to toronto i had a connecting flight to get to only had about 15 minute so i was being wheeled to my area when the person wheeling me asked to see my boarding pass when i handed it to him my medical card dropped to the floor I asked him to stop and he said no dont worry west jet will get it .. Never happen i am now with out a medical card for quebec it has to be replaced.. once on the plane all was well woohoo not long now and I will be home with my things.. When i arrived in montreal … i was wheeled to where we get our luggage .. i was in my wheel chair and a gentleman came and said Mrs O’Connor i said yes he said i have bad news for you .. you luggage did not follow you to montreal it will be delivered later tonight at your home .. that was fine things happen . when my luggage got to my house it was damaged it’s wheel was broken and the inside plastic were broke .. Thank you west jet for making me feel like a common criminal and getting my luggage back broken and good for the garbage..

  106. I booked flight 106 Abbotsford to Calgary for 10 pm on March 24. My flight was delayed and changed to 3 am on March 25. I was up all night and had to sleep at least 5 hours in Calgary before driving 5 hours to Jasper. I got to Jasper late and was exhausted and sick from being up all night. I had several appointments booked with wedding venue consultants and missed all the morning and early afternoon ones. I was unable to reschedule most of them as most people did not work on the weekend.. I will now have to return to Jasper to view the wedding venues I missed so my fiancé and I can book a place for our upcoming wedding this Summer. This will mean taking a day off work, flying to Calgary again, driving to Jasper and booking another two nights hotel. I had to pay double what a flight would normally cost as I had to fly out on Easter weekend to get the Friday off. I hope to be compensated for at least another round trip flight from Abbotsford to Calgary as I have to now go back to Jasper again at a great expense. Your prompt response would be appreciated as I need to return to Jasper as soon as possible.

  107. On April 1 at 10:35 pm I flew from Vancouver to Toronto on West Jet Flight 724 arriving at Pearson Airport at 6:02 am on April 2nd. I misplaced my jacket (dark pink – “Wild Kiwi” brand – purchased in New Zealand) on this flight or just before boarding West Jet Flight 1232 to Fort Lauderdale (departed at 7:40 am). Please check your Lost and Found Department and let me know via my email provided. Thank you,
    Heather Barr

  108. Hello,
    On Saturday, March 12th/2016 we flew from Halifax down to Fort Lauderdale.
    It was an early flight but non stop what we like!. We checked in the night before from home and printed our boarding passes in the hopes that this would speed up our waiting time at the airport. Unfortunately NONE of the machines where we could have printed our luggage tags were working, so we had to stand in line for a very long, long time. Knowing that it was the first day of March break and a lot of people travelling one would think that these machines would be checked out and be in “perfect” working conditions. We as passengers do our “work” at home to try to speed up the check in process so I would expect the same from your company.
    We do like to fly with West Jet and are usually very pleased with the service and are happy to hear that you are expanding services overseas.
    Hanni Taylor

  109. Manager/Westjet Customer Service Department April 6, 2016

    Dear Madam or Sir,

    My most recent Westjet experience is as follows: on April 4th, 2016, Stephanie Rockman and I were scheduled to return to Comox, BC via Edmonton, AB from Toronto, ON on Westjet flight 431 departing at 09:05. Shortly after 10:45 we finally headed for de-icing with a replacement pilot. We arrived in Edmonton at 13:15. Our connecting flight WS195, scheduled to depart at 13:01, had left.

    Prior to disembarking WS431 in Edmonton we were instructed by a crew-member to talk to John at a Westjet desk close to our exit gate. We approached John, albeit a little agitated but still hopeful, upset but still respectful, only to be told, very matter-of-factly, that we would now be flying to Calgary on WS348 at 18:25 and, from there, boarding WS113 arriving in Comox at 21:54. As we live three hours north plus a 25-minute ferry ride from Comox, we did not view this as an acceptable solution. John, however, was undeterred in his ‘oh well, that’s-how-it-goes’ attitude and let us know this was the only option. He in no way seemed understanding of or empathetic to our situation.

    As Stephanie was scheduled to work at 09:00 on April 5th and as our van would be running out of paid-up parking time in Comox and as we didn’t know where we’d stay in Comox/Courtenay, we stepped away from John’s desk to do some problem solving. Once we wrapped our heads around our unexpected changes of plan that ultimately required a few more questions of Westjet, and not wanting to speak with John a second time, we approached nearby Westjet employee Shannon. Shannon was a breath of fresh air. She was most understanding, answered our questions, and helped us feel better about the whole thing.

    When we left Shannon to make our way to the other end of the terminal we once again passed John. I couldn’t resist. As we strode by I said loudly, from about twenty-five feet away, “Thanks so much, John. You’ve been wonderful.” That may not be verbatim, but close. In my view, the comment was delivered jovially, albeit loudly, with the contained sarcasm being obvious only to John. At this point John felt compelled to come over to us, halting our progress with “Sir, sir,” to let me know, in so many words, I was being loud and disruptive and displaying inappropriate behaviour for an airport.

    I am of the understanding that service industry workers are trained to defuse a potentially tense situation, not exacerbate it. John certainly did not need to respond. Fortunately, Shannon intervened and we were once again on our way.

    After, eating and napping in Edmonton airport and eating again in Calgary airport we finally made it to Comox. We checked into the Anco Motel in Courtenay at about 22:15. The next day we made the journey home to Sointula, Malcolm Island. Stephanie missed a day’s work at the Sointula Resource Centre.

    In closing, I’d like to point out that, although I am in excellent health, I’m officially a senior citizen. I was more concerned, however, for the young mother, with infant and toddler in tow, who shared our dilemma and more – a very tired trio with an extra landing to bother the infant’s ears.

    Also, I’m sure it’s unrealistic in today’s economy to expect the perks of yesteryear’s airlines, which leaves one thing only to differentiate between air travel options; customer service.


    Fred Middleton and Stephanie Rockman

  110. I traveled from ST,johns to Halifax on Mar 6 had a great trip Howerver coming back from Halifax was not… Staff were great , getting into St ,Johns when i arrived i had a carry on , had to walk down a flight of stairs , then up 3 fiight,s of stair,s then walk for another 2 to 3 min to the exclator to go down again to get my luggage i thought i would have a heartatach i am 73 years old and in very good shape ,this was a bit much . Very disappointed

  111. To Whom This Concerns:

    My wife Elaine and I returned to our home in Winnipeg, from Florida on Flight 1321, April 9th, 2016.

    We wanted to let you know how thrilled we were to be treated like royalty by your staff.

    We think the Lead Flight Attendant Davis was amazing.

    Bernard & Elaine Lofchick

  112. Travel Joseph Patrick Adams from PVR to YYZ WS 2651 Friday March 25th, 2016 – direct 3:30pm to 9:10pm

    My 16 year old son and his friend travelled home from Puerta Vallarta to Toronto direct. They were routed to Dallas where they sat on the runway for over 5 hours and were not told why then spent the remainder of time in a secured area at the airport.

    They did not arrive to Toronto until after 6am the next day. My son had to turn his phone on in the US using expensive data, lost a days pay at his part time job and had to locate someone to pick him up on the Toronto side as it was delayed until the next day. Also being 16 he did not have a credit card for extra purchases.

    We always fly Westjet and have never had any issues, thus entrusting my 16 year to fly on his own.

    I hope we can be compensated for the extra monies that were spent to inform us of his whereabouts, the loss in pay for his part time job and paying to get home the next day.I

    Thank you for your help with this matter.

    Dianne Adams

  113. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to your Antigua rep Carol Silvester who went to extreme lengths to recover my backpack which I left in the transfer vehicle en route to the Verandha resort. Also thanks to the taxi driver. Their help was most appreciated.

  114. This complaint is a bit tardy.
    BUT.., flight 1221 March 8 2016… My TV did not work. Upsetting as I was the only one without TV and considering the fact that my previous flight on Feb 12 none of the TVs were working.
    Also… Flight 1232… March 16… I had an isle seat but the lady sitting in the middle weighed about 250lbs and her body protruded a third of the way in to my space. Should there not be a way to monitor oversize people in undersize seats. Very uncomfortable.
    I am a Silver Flyer with a MasterCard Plus Westjet member. .. Am proud to fly with Westjet but hate it when TVs are not working or I lose part of my seating unwillingly.
    Thanks. Susanne White Blake.

  115. I have always traveled with westjet and have had nothing but great experiences. Until April 20 when I had just finished an amazing 11 night vacation in Mexico. I flew from Mexico to Calgary and then I had to take a connecting flight from Calgary to comox where the RUDEST flight attendant I had ever seen in my travelling years was working. My flight number was WS 113. And her name was Liz .my flight left at approx.9:15 pm and was only 1 hour and 12 min long. We we about 30 min into our flight when this little girl sitting next to me asked me to let her out so she could use the washroom, but at that time the attendant was passing out beverages and was right next to me , so I asked the attendant if I could get up as this little girl was doimg the pee dance. She said ok and said just a sec I will move back and step into an empty seat, as the little girl was pushing me forward I waited till it seemed the attendant had moved enough for me to pass but I bumped her slightly and as I was saying sorry she blurted out very loudly for all passengers around us to hear SERIOUSLY LADY, I asked u to wait my god and rolled her eyes!as she left I had the other passengers around me comment on how unprofessional she reacted, I as well was shocked and embarrassed! The next time she passed by me I kindly asked her what her name was ,which she it was Liz! She then came back to me again and asked if there was a problem and why I asked her for her name in which I replied I felt she handled the situation very poorly ! Her response was oh well we’re all human and make mistakes and I’m sorry but u didn’t wait like I asked u too! I did wait and this child was in a hurry and I didn’t push you I slightly touched you and again I appologised! She left and again all passengers around heard her and all said wow even her apology was not sincere at all!! She should not be in this industry at all if she cannot handle customer service and expecially with this company because like I said this company and workers I have dealt with are top notch but she was not!!’ She made herself and this company look bad on this short flight ! Thanks god this flight was not any longer, great way to turn a fabulous vacatiin into something bad!!! Liz on flight WS 113 Jan 20 from Calgary to comox at 9:15 pm you might think of a different career cause this is certainly NOT your ideal job!! Ur customer skills are horrible.

  116. I flew WJ a lot in the past year. Back and forth to California. In Feb. I left my fiancee in California with police assistance. The police brought me to John Wayne airport and West Jet staff got me on the plane. They were so kind. The flight attendents on the plane saw how distraught I was and were extra nice to me. I cried all the way to Vancouver because I couldn’t connect to my home town Winnipeg. I had no money. West jet put me up in the Fairmont hotel and took me to my room. They 2 women were so kind to me. I couldn’t believe that total strangers we’re making me feel so safe and cared about. The next morning they got me on a plane home. I am a loyal customer. But they went above and beyond my wildest dreams in my time of complete sorrow and devastation. Thank you so much. I tell as many people as I can how you treated me so well. God Bless all of you. Xxxooo

  117. Reservation RVJZKG. My wife & I record our appreciation and commend Westjet staff for the excellent help and assistance provided at both YVR & OGG. At YVR, we were transported by golf cart from the gate to baggage collection where our baggage was recovered for us. At Kahalui our thanks to “Raymond” for the cheerful and efficient attention he provided in handling two wheelchairs for both our incoming and returning journeys. Way to go Raymond.

  118. My step-son Ronald Perreault flew from Ottawa to Toronto to Calgary on Apr. 5 and had packed three of his tools of his roofing trade with his checked luggage. The tools, 3 different sized roofing torches, were removed in Ottawa. He contacted Westjet in Calgary the next day asking where they were and he has gotten nothing but a run around. My husband and I were in contact with “Paul”, who apparently looks after missing items in Ottawa. Paul stated that they had the battery which is used for the torches but no torches. I went to the Ottawa airport Apr. 16 and spoke with Paul. He gave me the battery and I gave him a picture of what the torches look like. The torches were in a separate blue bag in Ron’s luggage. I noticed a blue duffle bag but Paul evidently didn’t want me to see what was in the blue bag as he quickly zipped it up. Paul said he would take the picture to his supervisor. Paul said there was a small torch in the duffle bag but it wasn’t Ron’s as it was only a small one. Paul also stated that his neighbour used this type of tool to burn his leaves. Coincidence? With Westjet’s supposed concern about getting baggage to their owner, in this case, it doesn’t apply. Ron needs these tools to work on a roof and as a result hasn’t been able to ply his trade or get a job. There was supposed to be an Incident ID applied to Ron’s initial call on Apr. 6 and he was to receive a report within 21 days which is only two days away. Guess what? Nothing. Not a peep from Westjet. Nice going Westjet. Good reason for me not wanting to fly with your company as I probably won’t get my luggage wherever I plan to go.

  119. Hi, This is further to a comment/complaint that I filed April 6th, 2016 and was advised that I would be receiving a response within 10 days. This is day 21 and still no response. A response would be appreciated.

  120. I booked flight #8246 from Chicago to Calgary on July 18, 2016 through Expedia.
    American Airlines indicated on their website that I would need to do my seat selection through Westjet. I can’t seem to find my reservation on your site.


    Richard Worner

  121. Please send me an email, so I can give a full explanation of my experience recently travelling with Westjet and I can also attached photos.

    Thank you

  122. On May 9, I was on Westjet Flight 1852, Boeing 737 leaving Vancouver to Maui. When I arrived in Maui, as soon as I got my luggage, I noticed a huge crack on my brand new full-size large Hello Kitty suitcase. I arrived late in Maui with my family with young kids and didn’t have to time to go make a complaint. My other large full-size suitcase has a partial rip on the bottom as well. I am not very happy with the people throwing my luggage around like a piece of garbage. I ended up buying a small carry-on a walmart or target in Maui. Everything in my suitcase was jam packed so bad that I should of bought a large full size suitcase. I am just plain not happy with what had happened to my suitcases.

    • Westjet broke my mobility scooter when I came in from Edmonton Alberta Canada on May 22/16 into London UK. I cannot use it as the battery was broken (literally pieces broken off). I have been trying to find a phone number but can’t get through? I am stranded in London. Westjet is a wonderful airline and I do expect they will help me.

  123. Dear WestJet: It was with sullen hearts that we learned today that you would not be donating to this year’s Windsor Motorcycle Ride for Dad. As you know how difficult fundraising can be, my husband Chuck Donais and I, have in the past 3 years kicked our efforts into overdrive knowing that the reward at the end (you) would be there proving all our hard efforts worth the while. Although ultimately we are doing this for a great cause, it just made obtaining our goal that much more fun.
    Next year is our 20th anniversary and, although there is no guarantee that we will bring in the most donations again this year as a lot of people are trying to beat us out of 1st place (which is a good thing) we were looking forward to the possibility of a great vacation with the help of WestJet .
    Just wanted to let you know that your generosity will surely be missed this year.
    Thank you for being part of the past Windsor Ride for Dad.
    Sincerely Patty Sinasac

  124. Hello and how are you? My name is Linnette Forrester and have been enjoying westjet flights to Jamaica for a number of years and had a few little issues but as a person of understanding I always ignore and overrides issues. I do have a little issue on the flight to Jamaica May 4,2016 of which I had my spouse in a bit of panic on the receiving side and also spend extra money to wait for me at at the airport. Also coming in back on flight 2661 it was again delay.

    I believe I should be compensate as a loyal customer .

    Thank you for understanding.

  125. I just spoke with customer service and the lady tried to help.
    My inquiry was about compassionate fares when there is a death in the family. I was advised the flights have to be booked in advance. Knowing my Mother was deteriorating and likely to die, I had mere hours to fly home, I bumped my flight up at an additional cost and My Mother passed as I was waiting in Toronto whilst trying to rush to her bedside.
    It is unfortunate big industry, big business just doesn`t care, but how can they, it`s a business. Because I knew she was to pass, and I was rushing home and she died while I was enroute, WestJet has no compassion(ate fare).
    Until this matter, I have had nothing but respect and praise for WestJet.
    Shame on a big uncaring business. Oh well, I`m just one customer!
    Franklin Hamm

  126. I just arrived in Vancouver from Vegas WS. I usually find the crew very friendly and accommodating. On this flight I was very surprised by a very un approachable attendant I believe her name was Denise. I observed several interactions with you clients and she was rather rude and demanding! as far as My situation goes the tone of voice and way that she presented herself and spoke to me was less than pleasant! I did step in the wrong area while waiting to use the washroom and immediately stepped back on the carpet as she had demanded…when I asked her name she demanded my boarding pass, which I told her was at my seat, which she promptly came and retrieved..I’m certain she will make note to cover herself.. I would like to continue being a west jet customer and don’t want a black mark on my name because I set 1 foot in the wrong space and didn’t appreciate how I was a business owner I don’t like when my clients share when my team behave in a less than professional manner! If we don’t share our problems we can’t fix my opinion I just don’t think Denise is aware of her demeanor. Thank you for listening Richard

  127. I am so unhappy with you baggage claim services. My luggage has now been lost for 7 days, The file has gone to Head Office and they have not contacted me after Winnipeg Baggage Claims have asked them as well as leaving voice mail for them to contact me. I left a second voice mail to the Winnipeg Baggage Claims and nobody has contacted me. I have called Winnipeg Baggage Claims 5 times now, and all they keep telling me is there is a tag match, which really doesn’t mean anything to me, as it should have arrived here by now. I would really appreciated if someone could contact United Airlines as I strongly believe it is sitting in Houston. This has just been an awful experience. My WestJet flight from Houston to Calgary was great, flight attendants were exceptional, however the Calgary Winnipeg portion was terrible, your flight attendants were not accommodating when I was under physiological stress after being held up in customs and screened for laptop and carryon when I was being paged and almost missed my flight. I just wanted to sit beside my friend who was put in PLUS seating for free, but they would not let me sit there. Lorinda and Joshua were the two flight attendants.

  128. I flew from Regina to Edmonton and be live it or not someone stole from my checked luggage? This has never happened with any other airline and we’ll All I got from west jet is leave a message and we’ll get back to you in a few days. LAst flight with west jet.

  129. I flew from Edmton to Toronto. Toronto to Ottawa. Ottawa to Halifax on flight 3490.
    When we got to Halifax, we parked at a different gate than usual. Every time I flown this route, we deplane in Halifax and get back on same plane. This time our plane was given away and my plane was delay almost 1.5 hours. There were two agents with two different excuses why this happened then they agreed with one of there excuses. There were no announcements of what was going on and tone honest, even if was only 1.5 hours, it was handled ” without care”.
    I fly a great deal over the last 11 years with Air Canada. The service of West Jet has impressed my the last couple of years so I fly more with you. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.
    Thanks for the ear.
    Ronnie Locke

  130. I was severely disappointed in Westjet and their response to helping me out after my flight with them was cancelled. I booked a ticket from Los Angeles to London with a 12 hour layover (typically an ample amount of time between flights) before I would travel from London to Paris with another airline because, as I was told many times, Westjet doesn’t go to Paris. The flight I was on from Toronto to Gatwick was an hour late departing and when we finally took off, an hour and a half into the flight we had to turn around because they didn’t have adequate navigation equipment to get across the Atlantic. The staff was very friendly throughout the whole process and gave each customer a hotel room and meal vouchers for the night. Since I was going to be a day late in getting to Europe, there was no point in going to London to meet my party when they were already in France, so I tried to re-book to get to Paris. Westjet with the help of their partners could not get me there so not only did I have to pay for a flight from London to Paris (that I obviously wasn’t on), I had to pay for a night in a hostel (that I didn’t stay in) and book another flight to Paris with another airline, which is very expensive the day of. Again, the staff was very friendly, but they told me that they were only required to get me to London (even though I couldn’t get to Paris with them), so there was nothing they could do except refund me the last leg of my trip from Toronto to London. After all was done, I ended up losing over $400, which isn’t a lot to some people, but as a person that works in an inner city junior high, I don’t have a lot of cash to spare. I appreciate the kindness of the staff and how they tried to help me, but the fact that I had to lose so much because of the airline and they were only able to reimburse me $200, I will not be flying Westjet again.

  131. It is with feeling if gratitude that I am obliged to write to this comment.
    Travelling from Toronto to Calgary, I came across kind and helpful Westjet customer service staff . I especially wish to thank Nerissa Carino (22905) for her timely assistance. This very level of understanding and trust keep many of us connected to Westjet as airline of first choice.

  132. Flight 669 from Toronto to Calgary on June 22. we book seat near the front of the plane after paying extra, we pay for extra baggage as well. This is not the first time this has happened. the over head bins are full. The flight was late so my bag get put under the plane.. Two more persons come on after we are seated and put their bags in the first three bins and then go to the back of the plane…..My wife had to stuff her backpack under the seat in front of her.
    Why do I pay more for being in row 6 and Zone 4 if we cannot use the over head. We also paid for two bags to be under the plane s we are supposed to. So we play by the rules and others do not.

  133. I am thoroughly disappointed in West Jets’ recommended car rental venues in Toronto, ON. I went to Toronto for six days and rented a car from EZ trans Canada rental cars as suggested by West Jet. There was no breakdown explanation of the billing procedure, the car I found had no coolant/antifreeze and no washer fluid. The gentleman I spoke with told me to go buy the necessary products, fill the levels of fluid needed and I’d be reimbursed for the items when I returned the car. The manager, who I had tried to reach on more than one occasion, offered an insincere apology with a 10% discount. 10% discount only covered about eleven dollars of my total cost

  134. I just came back from Aruba to Toronto. I order online a meal order number DTC 00160030. I received a Asian vegetable wrap. I was told they don’t have anything else. I took it. Because I wanted to eat something. I can’t eat Pepper. So when I had a couple of bites I saw the pepper. And the whole flight and still, Im paying for that. My stomach is bothering me a lots.So really bad to order online.

  135. I travelled to Las Vegas with Westjet recently with my partner to attend a friends wedding and have a holiday, We were booked on your flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas via Edmonton and were due to take off on Saturday 21 May at 10.55am. We had boarded the plane by 10.30am but were still on the runway over an hour later at 11.30am, having been told that the plane needed a replacement part which was on its way to us. Shortly before midday we were told that the part could not be sourced and the flight was cancelled. We eventually disembarked around 1pm. The whole trip was a disaster my flight was cancelled and we experienced a 27 hour delay missed nearly two days of our holiday. There appears to be no proper complaints system or regard for customers as far as I am concerned. I wrote with the details of my complaint to you Calgary office on 16 June and to date my letter has not even been acknowledged. Please someone contact me by email,

    Please can someone email me an give me some assurance that you have my letter and are dealing with my complaint.

  136. My wife and I recently returned from Palm Springs to Calgary on May 29,2016 ( conf. # MEEERU ) and thought I was paying for the flight in Canadian dollars, but upon receiving my Visa statement, it had been converted into U.S. dollars. For the two of us, a one-way flight from Palm Springs to Calgary cost me $1218.67. I feel this was not clearly stated on the website and am feeling quite stung by Westjet.
    Since we own property in Palm Springs and we will be making regular trips back and forth, I was hoping you may be able to offer some type of a small credit for future flights.

    James A. Casey

  137. I have travelled with westjet now at least 7 times on family vacations. We have been delayed before for reasons like aircraft maintenance, bad weather including fog, crew running late from another departure and the plane has not arrived for the next destination. This time was different. Flight # WS1047 was scheduled departure time was 4pm July 2,2016 from Orlando to Newfoundland. Upon checking in I was informed that there would be a delay. Once I arrived to gate #13 the board read delayed until 7:38pm and then changed time to delayed until 7:53pm. Like anyone else I asked the westjet employee what the delay was and she told me it was for “Crew Rest” . Sounds like a westjet scheduling problem or better yet not enough employees to do the job. The plane was present the whole time and available for travel. Crew did not arrive until 8pm which also caused a delay. I always enjoyed Westjet however to be delayed 4.5 Hours for “Crew Rest” in all vacation cities like Orlando where there is lots of things to do and places to go seems to be unreasonable. Westjet was very quick to schedule my travel plans like all my previous vacations. I hope Westjet can offer my family and I a Westjet trip voucher anywhere they fly for my patronage and loyalty to there company for a disappointing departure time for a simple delay for again what they called Crew Rest. I only get 3 weeks of vacation a year and this trip is what I paid for. I didn’t pay for there Crew Rest! That’s unacceptable! It was my vacation not Westjet employees that I paid for. I would prefer to be refunded for the airfare or just simply a vacation voucher until next year when I travel again

  138. We are very disappointed with our flights from Toronto to Gatwick and from Gatwick to Toronto.
    On our trip from Toronto, the flight was delayed by an hour before an alleged medical emergency occurred delaying the flights a further hour before the captain advised a child was ill and the family had decided to leave the plane. At this point, they decided to locate the bags for removal which took an additional half hour. We were later advised that we would be landing at a different terminal at Gatwick leaving us with even less time to make our connecting flight to Vienna. Although we allowed approximately three hours to make the connection, we missed our connection and had to pay $300+ for a different flight before wasting much more of the day at the airport.
    The return trip was also a disaster. We were advised that the flight time back to Toronto had been pushed ahead after making prior arrangements to stay the previous night in Canterbury (1 ½ hours from Gatwick). We missed the our breakfasts that we had paid for and left our hotel very early in the morning to make our flight.

    Do you consider this to be acceptable customer service?

  139. First…..I seem to have lost my glasses. They were in a green soft case. Did anyone turn them in?
    Now in regards to my trip to Victoria B.C. (WS799 and WS798) The service I got when going and coming was fantastic. I had to use a wheel chair and your people were very pleasant and helpful in pushing me to the plane and coming back to the baggage area and out to the Limo area. I can’t say enough, WOW!!
    West jet is on the top of my list.
    Thank you again, S. Anderson

  140. I just booked reservation number
    EGJQJA from Victoria to Kelowna My brother passed away Monday and I’ll be heading home Friday. Every time with westjet, I am treated with a respectful, patient and cheery agent :). Today, he was impatient and a little condescending He never apologized, nor offered condolences after I mentioned that Ihe was being impatient and condescending I’m hoping you have calls recorded and could hear for yourselves. If not I would highly suggest with this agent !! I would appreciate feedback from you.

    With appreciation
    Lynn LaMothe

  141. I just booked reservation number
    EGJQJA from Victoria to Kelowna My brother passed away Monday and I’ll be heading home Friday. Every time with westjet, I am treated with a respectful, patient and cheery agent :). Today, he was impatient and a little condescending He never apologized, nor offered condolences after I objected to his tone. I’m hoping you have calls recorded and could hear for yourselves. If not I would highly suggest with this agent !! I would appreciate feedback from you.

    With appreciation
    Lynn LaMothe

  142. I recently travelled to St John’s, Newfoundland using the new Westjet service direct from Gatwick. While in Canada my mother passed away and it was necessary for me to change my return reservation. I have nothing but praise for the staff at Westjet. Everyone I have dealt with both on the phone and counter staff at the airport has been understanding, kind and helpful. Re-booking was not a problem and because it was necessary for me to return home with extra bags, the fees for these were waived. I am grateful for such sympathetic treatment in the circumstances and would happily recommend WestJet to travellers. I received an excellent service. Thank You.

  143. WestJet Adventures

    Customer service:

    My son is a special needs passenger. On the morning of July 01, 2016 we were booked on the direct flight to Ottawa in order to continue with family to Sandbanks Prince Edward County, Ontario. My son Robin has Down’s Syndrome and more recently Autism. It was his 45th birthday on July 08, 2016. Despite the best efforts of Christine (who has a daughter with muscular dystrophy) he refused to board.

    While retrieving my luggage, but not Robin’s the agent at luggage was able to book us on a flight to Toronto the next morning. Robin’s suitcase went on to Ottawa where a lovely baggage man (Phillip, I believe) had it delivered to my daughter’s home in Ottawa
    In the interim I called the customer service line when a lovely young woman worked through her meal break to make sure that our flight had been re-booked properly. Her name is Char I believe.

    The next day, July 2,2016, we tried again but the group home had forgotten about ID. Fortunately, WestJet sent people in carts to pick up his ID at the gate and this time we boarded.

    Robin had a wonderful birthday week with his sisters and their families. We had streamers and glow in the dark balloons. He was a happy camper.

    The return flight from Toronto was aided by a wonderful agent called Paula from London England, who helped us place our luggage down the chute. The gate agents gave us space and time to organize Robin for the flight home. His sister Gillian accompanied us but of course he did not want to leave her. Eventually he stomped down the ramp, took his seat and even seat-belted himself with the enticement of birthday cake and it seems all of WestJet’s fantastic people.

    I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful 45t birthday experience for my son, Robin.

    Betty Stevens-Guille, Ph.D.
    Registered Psychologist # 2150

  144. Tried 3 times to call and emailed for assistance accessing WJ dollars awarded from a couple bad experiences over the past year. No reply received. When I call, the message says that they are real busy, call back. When I try to send an email there is some bogus thing about me not being a robot that blocks the email from going, even when I correctly identify a Tree!!
    The service I used to brag about is certainly slipping away?? Good news, I was able to go back to Air Canada and had GREAT service! Thanks to WJ, AC looks a lot better and perhaps back on my A list.
    If WJ monitors this, still do want to talk to someone!

  145. I am writing to state that I am so disappointed in West jet I am a single parent with a daughter living out west I worked all year and worked extra just to be able to take time off my job and to be able to afford to go my daughter she is graduating this week and we were on a deadline with our time I was booked on a flight on July 22 2016 Friday morning was suppose to take off at 615 am we were de planed because of technical problems we were given a 15 dollar voucher to eat wow way to go west jet I lost a days vacation and my daughter was deducted 3 hours of pay and than we lost out on our hotel in Banff for Friday as this was the only days my daughter had off to go after day of work a big airline like yours may not see such a big deal with this but to us we worked so hard all year to have this time and saved our money you make this trip happen I feel cheated send ism not happy in the lease

  146. My flight was from Saskatoon to Toronto enroute Calgary. We got to Calgary on schedule only to discover that my connecting flight to Toronto had been delayed by an hour. When it was close to the rescheduled time it was again delayed. And then again it was delayed for the third time and we are still seating in the airport for the past four hours not even sure of when we will leave. What beats my imagination is that in these waiting hours two flights have left for Toronto and twice I went to customer service to see if they could get me on one of the flights and the answer was always in the negative.
    I was meant to catch up with friends in Toronto travelling to the States and that with other plans have been shattered. I have always held Westjet in high esteem but not again. I am never going to fly Westjet again.

  147. Here we go with your staff again! I was travelling from Victoria to Toronto yesterday and had the pleasure of enjoying yet another rude interaction with BJ at YYJ! She was concerned about the size of my carry on. As I am an educated traveller and had not only physically measured it but had also weighed it I told her she was more than welcome to put it in the bin to check. Came out from behind the counter and inspected it and said it is ok so as I proceeded to let her know that I had measured and weighed it she said” please let me finish” I had just gotThe word I have when she told me this. Taken aback my body language and expressions must have shown this at this point she became like an old fashioned bullying teacher talking to a scared child and insisted I look at the bag as she explained and actually forced me to look down at the bag she pointed at a section on my bag that measures 4″ (part of the height) and said that is how high my bag should be since when is your dimensions half of the industry? I thought it is 9″? She went on to say as the pockets are all empty it is ok. Anyway all I wanted was to get away from this obnoxious lady and get my morning coffee. Strangely enough on this flight there were a lot of carry on bags that were so big they could not fit in the over bin as I fitted my questionable yet legal bag with ease I figured it out. These passengers were not a minority. I can’t help it that I believe in my heart that the only reason I was treated this way by BJ is because of my ethnicity. Shame on you!!!! Your flight crew on this trip was however delightfully pleasant! No issues on that front.

  148. I’m really disappointed I booked a ticket for Gail Francis-King Ref “GVJPGV” and the flight was canceled. We were in Dominica and there was a storm which causes the airports to be close on the same day she were to return to Toronto, I called on the night of 27th September and the person I spoke to didn’t even know there was a storm and told her the airports are close and what about the flight back to Toronto she said the flight will be leaving on the 28th as scheduled so I asked if there’s a flight on the 29th of which she can get I was told no and the only flight she can get is the on the 30th and here’s it now I had to buy another ticket for her to get back to Toronto on the 29th. So I called today and spoke to “JEFF” trying to see if I can get back a refund or another ticket to somewhere else when I was told that there was a flight on 29th when I was told by a woman a night before there’s no flight on the 29th

  149. Horrible service. Will not fly with WestJet. Our flight was delayed due to waiting for 2 ppl to get in our flight costed us a couple to miss our connecting flight as we were delayed one and a half hours. We had to buy new tickets

  150. I flew from KW airport to Edmonton on Dec 16 after a one day delay. Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated or believed that my luggage would get stained and any metal or breakable contents be destroyed by someone deliberately walking on my checked luggage. I do not appreciate this in the least. No one should be forced to purchase hard shell luggage to protect their belongings. I sincerely hope I do not have any more surprises on my return home.

  151. On February 26,2017 My elderly mother and I flew West Jet from Toronto to Fredericton. After we boarded the flight attendant proceeded to explain safety precautions and exit doors etc for this flight She was very hurried and fast in her speech and we could not follow her directions . Her demeaner was cool at best without even a smile. She was not even courteous during our snacks. We were very disappointed in customer service.. We will NOT fly again with this airline as we feel it is not safe as instructions were garbled and attendant rude. Flight WS3406 Toronto to Fredericton

  152. My husband and I were flying to Maui with a stop in Vancouver. It was spring break and the line up through security was huge. We were concerned we weren’t going to make our flight, so my husband asked the attendants moving the line if we were going to have enough time to make our flight. The 1st woman seemed to think we would and looked like she was going to check but we didn’t see her again. A few minutes later my husband asked another attendant and she said there are many people in this lineup on the same flight, they won’t leave without you and walked away. We were in the security line for about 30 minutes before we finally got through. We quickly made our way to gate 56 only to find out our flight had left. We had to see a gate attendant to see if she could arrange a different flight for us. As she was checking for flights I asked her why we weren’t paged and she told me they did call us numerous times, to which I replied that neither my husband nor I heard our names being called. When you are on the security side of the airport you are unable to hear your name being called; it isn’t until you get across security into the gate areas that you can hear your name being called over the speaker. She was able to find alternate flights to Vancouver but we weren’t going to make our initial connection to Maui. At this point I was quite upset and asked if we were the only 2 that missed the flight and she said yes.
    So, obviously knowing our names and that we had checked in and our bags were on board, I don’t understand how the flight could leave without us. The other thing is when I asked why when our flight time states 7:15 and we’re at the gate before 7:15, why has the plane left already. I was told that 7:15 is the time the plane is in the air. How does that make sense?
    The gate attendant was able to find us alternate flights but we wouldn’t be getting into Maui until just before 10 pm instead of our original 1:15 pm time.
    While I sat frustrated and upset my husband went to see if he could find some answers. When he returned he told me he had spoken to a security guard who told him that in order to be taken out the lineup we would have to leave the lineup, go back to the check in desk, tell them the lineup at security is quite long and we are concerned we are going to miss our flight. At that point they can escort us through the line faster, it would have been helpful if the attendant had given us that information at the time. Also, why can’t the attendants at the security line up escort us through, seeing that on our boarding pass our flight was leaving very soon. I saw her take a woman with a baby out of line so she could get through faster.
    I have previously had very good service with Westjet and always try to fly with them but on March 24/17 I was very disappointed.

  153. My mother, travelled from Kitchener to Calgary on Flt WS 557 on July 12. She has difficulty getting up from a sitting position and requires a wheel chair as she cannot walk long distances.
    I would like to say Thank You to the West Jet staff who helped her during this trip. She was very pleased with all the help given to her. Also once she arrived in Calgary, a gentleman from West Jet pushed her wheel chair to the luggage carousal, picked up her walker and then proceeded to help with the wheel chair, luggage and walker right to my car parked in the parkade. This extra attention was really appreciated.

  154. At one point I was on planes up to ten times a week. Flying you yesterday was by far the WORST. Attempting to go from Halifax to Austin: First we were removed from plane and put on another. That delay meant all connections were no good. Then we were told computer problems meant we had to go to ticketing in Boston when we arrived to get connections. Eight hours later the best option we were given went to Seattle with less than an hour to switch carriers to Austin where we would have arrived am Sunday. Refused to give taxi or hotel vouchers. Wouldn’t refund rest of trip and us book elsewhere e. Wouldn’t schedule flights we found for you. Eight hours of abuse. Alejandra actively sabotaged helping us. She was tip of iceberg. Corporate culture seemed to be: just move so someone else will have to take care of you. You need to change that culture

  155. To whom it may concern,

    On August 2nd 2017, we chose to travel from Winnipeg to Montreal with Westjet. However, the experience we had with your company was completely unprofessional, unreliable and unenjoyable. Our flight itinerary was as followed: Our first flight was from Winnipeg to Toronto. We left Winnipeg at 11:20 AM and arrived in Toronto to catch our connecting flight at 2:40 PM (Central Time Zone/Eastern Time). This first flight was perfectly fine; however, it was once we arrived in Toronto that things turned out bad.

    We were supposed to catch our connecting flight from Toronto to Montreal at 3:49 PM and arrive in Montreal at 5:14 PM (Eastern Time). Once we landed in Toronto, Wesjet never notified us that our flight was CANCELLED, but this information was already known when we first left Winnipeg. When we went to the customer help desk concerning our situation, the agent at the help desk first informed us that there was no other flight leaving today, which meant that we needed to reschedule a flight for the following day. This left us extremely disappointed and mad, because we had family members waiting for us all day in Montreal. Finally, there was some available seats on a flight that was supposed to leave Toronto at 8:00 PM towards Montreal. We received our boarding passes for this flight and we were directed to head towards gate 17. Unfortunately, another delay for our 8:00 PM flight occurred and we only boarded at 11:00 PM that night. In other words, our flight was delayed for more than 9 hours. Then, 45 minutes prior to the boarding of our flight there was suddenly a gate change and no one mentioned this information to us. Therefore, we had to rush from gate 17 all the way to gate 26 to get onto our flight, when this information could have been given to us prior to the boarding of the plane. However, Westjet did not take the initiative to inform their passengers properly, as the boarding pass indicated that our gate was 17, which was not the case at all.

    Furthermore, from the time we landed in Toronto at 2:40 PM to 11:00 PM, your airlines did not even offer any food voucher for the inconvenience that the delays caused us. Therefore, for 9 hours, Westjet did not care to take the initiative to accommodate their passengers who have been waiting for their flights to get to their destination and that is unacceptable.

    We chose to specifically fly with Westjet because we put our trust in a professional and reliable company, but we did not get the service we wanted. It is not normal that the total travel time from Winnipeg to Montreal took over 12 hours. We understand that some inconveniences may happen and it may be out of your control, but the least you can do as a company is to take initiative to accommodate the people who chose to fly with your airlines. We are very dissatisfied with our experience with Westjet and I hope that something can be done from your end in order to fix this situation. Otherwise, best believe that this will be the first and last time that we choose to travel with an airlines who do not care for their customers.

    • I have always been impressed with WestJet and their service especially the flight attendants. I was recently in Houston and on Monday the 25th of September when I tried to check in on line my flight number didn’t show up. I called the 1-888 number and they told me that my flight was on Monday instead of Tuesday morning, yet on my itinerary my flight stated Tuesday at 8:00 am. My flight number was 1541. I had already booked a room in a hotel near the airport so that I could be 2 hours early on Tuesday morning. It was a good job that I tried to check in otherwise I would have been left in Houston. I wasn’t notified that my flight had been rearranged. I am very annoyed with this and would like further investigation. I will tell you the whole story about this because I was supposed to go to Houston the day of Hurricane Harvey. Flights were rearranged by telephone. The fact that there wasn’t any communication with me is not acceptable especially when I lost the price of an hotel room and wasn’t allowed to cancel on the morning of departure.
      Please contact me on this matte
      Carrol Wilson.

  156. On August 4th my partner and I had a 7:40am WestJet flight #703 from Toronto to Vancouver. I am writing to complain about my 1 pce. luggage that was checked in and I paid $25.00. When we arrived in Vancouver, I picked up my luggage and went to our destination. When I opened my suit case all the straps were unstrapped, the zippered mesh that separated the both sides of the suitcase was unzipped; the clothing was unfolded and tossed around, my make-up bag was unzipped and all my small bottles of make-up, lipstick, eye shadows, soaps, creams, etc. were spilled out of the makeup bags, and of course the clothing, shoes, etc. that was on the other side of the suitcase was tossed around as well. I was horrified at what I saw when I opened up my suitcase. Everything just fell out. I was advised that the airlines sometimes do a spot check of luggage contents but was told they always leave a notice in the suitcase when the luggage was checked. There was no written notice left and I am missing my bottles of perfume. I couldn’t believe the mess as it looked like everything, every bag was opened and tossed around. I often travel with West Jet but if this is how they treat one’s luggage when checked I find this treatment disgusting. Why remove my bottles of perfume which are expensive to replace. I would like to have someone reach me regarding this matter and the loss of my perfumes. thank you.

  157. I travelled with my wife from London Gatwick to St Johns NF on 24 August.This was our first flight with Westjet. Craig made the journey a pleasure with his good humour and willingness to provide a high standard of service for all passengers. This man is an asset to your company.Together with his two colleagues in the cabin Carly and Thali? they made a very impressive team.

    Due to an injury sustained by my wife a day before our return journey from Halifax NS via St Johns to Gatwick wheelchair assistance was required..A call to your Company and this facility was speedily arranged. At the 3 airports and during the two flights we were treated with care and given every consideration by your Staff.We thank you all for the level of service provided which any airline would find difficult to match.

  158. I flew from Toronto to Halifax on Sept 20 at 9 am. The service I received in Toronto was absolutely horrible. I was struggling with the machine ( had booked boarding pass and paid for luggage the night before). I would not read my boarding pass. 5 Westjet employees were standing in a group and chatting and not 1 person saw it fit to come over and help. I finally ask somebody from that group to help me, her response: you don’t have to be so rude. She helped albeit reluctantly , and then told me I had to check my own bag which I think is ludicrous. in addition , she sent me to the US check in because she never bothered to check where I was going. Then I had to walk all the way back to the Canadian bag drop off, again there would help me with my bag. They could clearly see that i was struggling. When I ask for help again, the girl told me to treat her like a human being!! I could not believe it. All these Westjet people standing around and nobody is looking to help people. Other people were having problems too and the staff just stood and watched and told us we have to do everything ourselves. Then, why the heck , have those staff there in the first place? Totally ridiculous. For an airline that prides itself for its customer service this was terrible. Fast forward to Halifax.At my return I had a lovely young man who came right up to me before I even got started and helped me with everything, including putting my very heavy suit case on the belt. I was told in Toronto that it was my job to do so! There I was told I put it on wrong but nobody saw it fit to help me correct it. The Toronto service made me not want to fly Westjet again. the the Halifax experience was great. I think the staff in Toronto thinks because its a busy airport they can get away with doing nothing. Shame on the company for allowing this kind of behaviour.

  159. I had a horrible experience while traveling with west jet on mothers day weekend past flight got delayed in st. John’s which caused a lot of hurrying in Toronto to get to a counter for ticket changes.I didnt have time to eat so my sugars dropped too low which caused me to become confused. While boarding the plane I lost my drivers license. When I got to Calgary I missed my connecting flight so I had to overnight. Next morning I was told to go to cabellas and buy a fishing license and you would allow me on the flight.On the way to cabellas my taxi was rear ended and the man who did it fled the scene which then caused us to be in a high speed chase.I think west jet owes me some compensation for the stress , the missed Mother’s Day plans and not to forget the cost of my fishing licence

  160. forgot my cel phone on flight 1333 from vegas to s’toon. went to airport,flight back to vegas had left . I was in seat # 1f. left it in the magazine rack in front of me. hoping to get it back. will pay the courier. hoping to hear from you. my fault totally. of course I have no land line. girls at the stoon airport were very helpful

  161. I was on West Jet #4 on November 7th, 2017. The flight was fine and the staff on the plane were excellent.

    However, when we landed in Toronto there was an issue with receiving our baggage. Everyone on this flight waited and waited and waited. When we spoke to the West Jet person at the desk they were totally unhelpful. He said we only waited 20 minutes and was totally dismissive to all of us. We waited almost an hour and a half to get our bags, which is unacceptable. People missed connecting flights.
    It was only because we went to the West Jet desk to find out why our bags were taking so long that eventually he decided to look into it.
    This was a disappointing end to an otherwise good trip.
    Lois Greisman

  162. Flight KDSERB November 13
    From New York to Toronto

    3 items that were unsettling
    -delay in flight. A “maintenance “ issue. First notification was a 30 minute delay. Flight was delayed 70 minutes! Had to stay in seat which was very uncomfortable and clostraphobic.
    -seat did not recline
    -sound did not work for screen

  163. My daughter flew from London Gatwick 13 Nov to PHX via Calgary.
    Returning from PHX to Gatwick via Toronto.
    Departing 16 Nov arr:LGW 17 Nov.
    On the website it states: West Jet has an agreement
    With American Airlines Advantage Club. Frequent flyer programme.
    My daughter requested the agent in LGW. To add her Advantage number into her booking. A simple 1minute task. To add a frequent flyer no: into a PNR.
    The agent said she could not do this?
    Upon arrival my daughter. Requested again. However the same issue. Via telephone and again. Upon departure requested again. To have her number added.
    4 requests and no joy!
    What does a passenger have to do? In order to add their frequent flyer number. All airlines world wide can add a frequent flyer number to a booking.
    Please advise why this cannot be done?
    Thank you.

  164. Hi. I was on your Dec 1st flight from Barbados to Toronto and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by one of your flight attendants by the name of Tricia (and who’s # I got from another of the attendants), and if I copied it down correctly it was # 21979.
    I booked an isle seat ( 12D) and found that my two seat companions, who I believe were flying to almost the first time, both required “seat belt extenders”, and due to their size flopped over into my seat without any effort to stay in their own space. After about an hour of me putting up with this your flight attendant noticed my peril, and offered to find me a new seat with no one beside me so I could sleep all the way through to Toronto, as I was connecting to Vancouver and had a long night ahead of me.
    For your information I, and my company, was one of your first clients when you had a “business flyer” program which guaranteed us last minute availability. While I no longer have my card I still remember that my number was # 1625.
    Keep up the great work. Our next flight with you will be from Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta ( WS 2152) on Sat Jan 6th, and we will continue to fly with WestJet whenever we can. Keep hiring motivated employees like Tricia. It makes flying more enjoyable.

  165. Unfortunately, I am writing with a complaint about my flight. I’m sure you will receive many as there were a lot of very unhappy customers. Our Flight was from Puerto Plata Dec. 12 with a connection to Regina the same evening.
    I understand the wait because of snow but how it was handled was terrible!! Customers should of been informed earlier so we could have stayed at the resort those extra 4 hours instead of the airport since WestJet knew very early that day that flights were delayed in Toronto.. The flight from TO to Regina (WJ605) was supposed to leave at 9:45 and of course it was late as well. The updates on that flight changed constantly which was very frustrating because the last few hours of wait had nothing todo with the snow. They were trying to find a pilot. WestJet should have known early that day that they would need a pilot because they are only allowed to work so long. Even the customers figured that out!
    The staff on the plane were obviously tired of waiting as well as there was one that was very rude. I was trying to put my carry on above my seat and he grabbed it out of my hand and flung it up there. All I could say to him was….WOW!!!
    The delay was frustrating and cost a few of us due to work schedules and people coming from out of town to pick some of us up.
    These are reasons I don’t use WestJet very much. The last time there was issues as well with lost luggage with my sister (who I travel with) regularly. I truly hope there will be a big compensation in order to convince me to use your airline in the future.
    Respectfully, Jamie Petit

  166. Here I stand in Terminal 3 at Pearson- my position had not changed since we landed 1 hour & 10 minutes ago. The official announcement for the delay in off loading our luggage was extreme weather – come on guys this is Canada in January – minus 20 is normal not extreme!!! The waiting conditions are terrible – huge lines for washrooms, no opportunity to get a soft drink … worrying about missing my connecting flight.

  167. I have been trying for 2 days to get my flights to Jamaica upgraded. The 1st time I actually spoke to a Westjet representative was told I had to go through my travel agent (Sandals). They tried for 75 minutes to speak to a Westjet agent but never got through. I tried again today and was told there is a 25 to 35 waiting time. All I want to do is upgrade my flight reservation VDAHFB, 2702 to Jamaica and 2703 return. This I can readily pay for! What is the problem here?

  168. What a rubbish service and so not helpful. Talked to one called Michelle, what a bloody idiot! Not willing to help at all and no patience as well…Reconsider getting a job somewhere where you don’t have to talk to people. Such poor service. Really hope never have to use them again!

  169. I am super elite on Air Canada for 15 years. Tried WestJet for first time for a Toronto to Montreal flight as AC was sold out. 3 tickets at $250 each for one way ticket returning Feb 1st at 5. Made mistake booking and called next day to change to 7 return. Penalty was $240 per ticket to make change. I had no choice. THat being said, I do have a choice as to who I fly with, and I will never use WestJet again. No compassion. No ability to speak to a human being about this issue. Not reasonable for a mistake to be made and the penalty to be the same as the cost of ticket 24 hours later. Shame on you. You got my money, but you will never get my business.

  170. My wife and I were recently on vacation in Loreto Bay, Mexico. We returned home Sat., Jan. 27, 2018 on WestJet flight 2253. As luck would have it my wife came down with what can best be described as Montezuma’s Revenge the evening before the flight. By the time we boarded the plane she was suffering from mild nausea and headache. However, fifteen minutes into the flight and she started to suffer a great deal. The flight attendants were quick to respond to her distress and did the best they could to make her more comfortable. But her condition continued to worsen and the attendants called for any medical professionals on board. A Dr. Curry from Calgary came forward and examined my wife, conferred with the flight attendants as to what medications might be on board and he administered an anti-nausea pill. This provided some relief and enabled my wife to rest somewhat. The flight crew remained very attentive and Dr. Curry paid several visits to my wife to monitor her condition. All concerned were completely professional and understanding of the situation. We can not thank the crew of this flight enough for their help and caring attitude as well as the care and assistance provided by Dr. Curry (I regret that I have no contact information for this doctor to again thank him for his assistance). WestJet is to be congratulated for the training they provide the cabin staff. Thank you to all involved.

  171. James and Lynne Zidek
    West Jet you have disappointed us greatly
    We were on a return flight PVR to YVR #2153 on Jan 29, 2018 A wheelchair had been requested upon our arrival into Vancouver. No wheelchair arrived for him. We then went to 2 waiting stations for the carts to deliver us to baggage. There were 2 different carts but no one to drive them. Our getting to Nexus and then to baggage was an extremely difficult procedure for my husband.
    Hopefully in the future this problem can be corrected as we hope to use West Jet again for our next trip to Mexico

  172. Hi
    My name is Darlene Morgan and on February 24th we left St. John’s NL on a direct flight to Orlando, Florida for a dream vacation…to take my grandson and nephew to Disney. Unfortunately that dream vacation didn’t happen. Everything was going good for us until the plane landed in Orlando and I was about 5 feet off of the plane when I collapsed with a massive heart attack. It is a miracle that I am alive today to tell the story. I want to personally thank West Jet for the help that they provided to my family during this very stressful time. They helped rush them through customs, put them up in the hotel at the airport and provided vouchers for them to travel to the hospital to see me…all the while my family didn’t know if I was alive.
    So once again thank you for going above and beyond to help my family. Maybe some time in the future we will be able to take our dream vacation!
    Darlene Morgan

  173. On Sunday April 8th, my wife and myself, planned to take part in a Westjet vacation as part of a 44 person destination wedding at Ocean Rivière Paradise in Mexico. Unfortunately the night before we left, my wife had an unfortunate accident with a Q-tip. The emergency Dr. diagnosed her with a possible ruptured eardrum and so air travel , due to cabin pressure, was ruled out at departure time. THe Dr. set up an appointment for my wife on Monday April 9th with a specialist for a re-assessment. When I checked in for my flight, I informed Westjet of our situation and informed them it was still my hope that my wife might be able to join me later after her re-assessment. They said that they would make a notation on the computer. early Sunday morning, my wife also called Westjet to apprise them of the situation. Since we did not have travel insurance, the check in attendant said she would assign me two seats since my wife seat had been paid for. Much to my surprise, just before take off a young couple sat down next to me occupying the seat that was suppose to be assigned to my wife. It was obvious that my wife’s seat had been resold.
    On Monday, my wife kept her specialist appointment and we discovered that her eardrum was in fact not punctured and so she was given the clearance to fly. Upon contacting Westjet, she was told that their records showed that she indicated that she had cancelled on the whole trip, which would make on sense at all sine the trip had been pre-paid and despite her and my effort to keep it active. A fellow passenger had informed me of his situation where he missed the initial part of a round trip excursion ansd was refused his return flight when he tried to get on the plane. Wanting to avoid a similar situation both my wife and myself independently notified and updated Westjet of our situation but still the records were missed. On Monday, my wife contacted Westjet Vacations, agents name CIndy, to arrange another flight. She was told Westjet did not fly on Tuesday but that Westjet could get her on an Air Canada flight for $580 some dollars. My wife went on line and got a flight for half that amount so declined the offer. When she inquired about the airport transfer, she was told that because she went on her own they would not honour the transfer that she had already paid for, so we now had to arrange our own airport transfer for another $52. Once she arrived at the resort in Mexico. I went down every day to see the Westjet Rep, his name was Raul and the resort customer service department to get an e-mail to confirmation that my wife’s return trip had been re-activated and although we got some verbal assurances I still had no hard copy. On the last day when we checked in on line, my wife’s name was NOT on the list. It took me another two hours in the office before I finally got a new confirmation number so we could book her seat, however by this time we had to sit seperately as all other seats had been pre booked. The Westjet rep. Raul was useless. All he kept saying was that booking seats was not his mandate and that I had to contact Westjet directly to get the situation resolved. My wife and I travel a lot and never have I felt so abandoned. At 70 years old my wife and I had hoped to spend a relaxing and joyful event at my nephews wedding but instead it was a tense and time consuming ordeal. I now view Westjet advertisements from a completely different perspective….customer first, I don’t think so.

  174. Hello my name is Robert Bowers. My wife Sherran Bowers and myself travelled with your airline April 9, 2018 from Toronto to Las Vegas and returned with your airline April 12, 2018. I am a 75 year old man and have done a fair amount of airline travel through the years. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service/policy your airline has and I will explain the occurrence. On the flight between Toronto and Las Vegas I was extremely cold on the plane I may even have had a fever. I asked the flight attendant for a blanket she replied she could not give me one as she would have to sell me one as is your policy. After paying for a fairly expensive flight I was in disbelief that a blanket could not be provided for use free of charge. As well and to my embarrassment I had to use the bathroom, the flight attendant would not allow me to go. I unfortunately had an accident and had to sit in wet pants for the duration of the flight to Las Vegas. This was my first encounter with WestJet and will be my last. In this age of disappointing customer satisfaction I don’t expect anything from your company. A “sorry for your inconvenience” is lackluster lip service. I will be seriously be considering putting this issue in the editorial section of the Toronto sun and my local paper.

    Robert Bowers

  175. Patron of WestJet plus We have been served food that is bad
    We requested the cheese tray which not available .The staff
    Suggested croissant with filling was terrible in my view if can’t provide
    Quality then get a supplier than can Since you changed suppliers the
    Food is second grade at best

  176. Can you explain streaming to your device. I have a long trip to reserve and I do not have a device to use, whereas Air Canada has movies or live tv.

  177. We booked a flight on WESTJET to attend a funeral for our aunt to leave on Friday the 13th for the Saturday morning service.
    WestJet cancelled our flight without any consideration leaving us there at the gate and unable to get to Abbotsford for the funeral.\
    How can you do that to people?
    Your staff person at Winnipeg JANNA 4026 promised us an email and we still are waiting for that. No consideration at all for us standing there so disheartened and sad. Not to mention out of pocket for the flights and the reservations for the hotel at Abbotsford.
    WestJet needs to step up and help us out.

  178. flight 2624/2625 april 14-28. J plus. We were not comfortable in our J plus seats. Several people standing in our space in front area waiting for restrooms. During our flights, the area was always occupied with people in aisle, chatting, coughing, actually doing exercises, touching their toes, flexing their legs. The co-pilot spoke with a guy outside the restroom area for at least 10 minutes. That certainly wasn’t the right thing to do. We paid to sit in J plus and we were disappointed. This was the first in WestJet. We usually travel on Air Transat club class. It was not available this April. Air Transat also serve a hot meal, not a cold sandwich. One prescribed medication in my name disappeared from my suitcase. No med for 2 weeks. J plus should give in priority boarding. In Cuba, at least 25 people paid 20 dollars or so for VIP PLUS MEAL. and boarded before us. The money we paid for J plus was a whole lot more and we did not get much satisfaction. All in all my husband and I were very disappointed with West Jet. I sure hope you treat the Blue Jays a whole lot better than we were treated.

  179. I flew today on flight 585 out of Hamilton Ont. I was tired and slept the first 3 hours. When I woke up Monica, one of the flight attends sat down beside me and with her beautiful smile and with warmth in her voice asked me if she could get me some food a drink etc. I know this is their job, but I wanted to tell you this because her way of approaching me was genuine and made me feel important and cared for.

  180. I would like to cancel my flight from Vancouver to Key West flight no.724 May 28 2018 1045 p I am Bob Waters I hope you all do well on this contract i did not want to take a chance on this flight.I took another flight.Take care.

  181. Good day,I tried or several day to book tickets online, site was not available. Booked over the phone, was not offered seat selection this is a very important point with me. Have been trying for last 3 days to access site, no luck, and trying 6 hours today to contact customer service by phone again no luck. Our flights are July 4th, 2018, could you contact me and offer any assistance, thank you.

  182. Jamaica trip June 25,2018 from YYZ to KIN.

    Two of the flight attendants provided superb service that I had not experienced for many years. They were baby sitting during the quiet period of their shift.
    I usually fly Westjet whenever I can.
    Thank you.

    Malcolm Cliffe.

  183. I travelled West JetWednesday July 11’18 flight #3407 at 7:00pm continuing on flight#445 to Edmonton 10:15pm. I was returning home after spending the time in NB watching my older sister die. We stayed in the hospital from June 25 until her passing July 5. Our family is very close even with the physical distance between us. This was a very difficult time & I left later on the date of her funeral. The staff on both flights were very empathic & compassionnet. I can’t tell you enough how this helped me cross Canada. Thank you for having such caring staff.

  184. Hello
    I am one of the customers of the flight yesterday from toronto to vancover. I lost my passport on the plane it’s on my seat. Can you help me find it back?

  185. Me and my 2kids took WS1699 from Los Angeles yesterday Jul-25. Each member of my group had 1 backpack but I had other bag. Since the person at the check in counter said its ok to bring in my small shopping bag(35cmx45cm) inside air plane, so I did. When I abord, your staff at the entrance told me that I shouldn’t have 3 bags and I have to put one bag in another and make it 2 bags altogether. Yes I have small shoulder bag(25cmx16cm)other than backpack and shopping bag but its almost passport pocket bag size and people at the counter even noticed it. I told her counter person said ok but she said she is in charge here and I should follow. She told me to do it at the entrance, She sounded like she will disembark me if I don’t do it. I followed her, I didn’t want argue with her when lots of other passengers after me but if my group is 3 maybe I happen to carry the kids bag and that makes my bag 3 you never know. It could happen but she didn’t consider those possibilities, but it’s ok plane was full and safety is important.

    What happened next was more shock to me. I had empty starbucks cup in my hand so I asked her to help that. She looked disturbed and silent for a while(didn’t want to help me, I know) and pointed at the garbage pocket in the kitchen very close to where she stand and told me to put it there. So I have to go in the kitchen and walked 7 steps to follow her order. I might not a customer and I m passenger but she s not teacher and I m not her student also. but I rather felt me like her student.
    I hope other passenger would not felt like her student and ruin their day when they r tired after trip. I met many super helpful WestJet crew but Queen Nicole was remarkable exception….She was drinking coffee when she welcoming passenger at the entrance…..Do you allow it?

    Thank you for reading

  186. Sept 12 2018 WHAT HAS HAPPEN to WestJet dependability, One hour and 40 minute late leaving Hamilton to Calgary FLT533 40 minutes of this delay was waiting for extra fuel. I’m now waiting in Calgary to Kelowna FLT 325 and we have another delay of 20 minutes min. probably turn into hour or more like Hamilton flight.
    I use to be a loyal WestJet customer but now I will try other airlines.

  187. So very disappointed with West Jet right now!! We just recently got a RBC West Jet credit card and I did a booking for the first time on my own with West Jet, unfortunately I put the wrong date. When my daughter pointed it out to me and we called West Jet we were basically told too bad, so sad. I had booked for three of us so I was out 900.00 .I just wanted to change the dates, I was willing to pay any extra charges. I was very upset as this is petty much my 2 week paycheque that I cannot afford to lose. I did not see the compassion or caring that is normally associated with West Jet. When I tell others about my experience they are quite shocked that I could not get any help from West Jet on a honest mistake, so basically
    Thanks for nothing West Jet !! Very Disappointed customer!!

  188. FF #s 602295982 & 551209120 RE Reservation KYNAMY: I have a complaint about a delay in Flight WS 387 on Oct 3, 2018 from Charlottetown to Toronto which resulted in our missing our flight WS 605 from Toronto to Regina the same day. I understand the delay was the result of a delayed flight in Calgary the same day. Considering that Calgary is 3700 Km. from Charlottetown it would seem to me WestJet should have other contingencies in such circumstances. We appreciate that WestJet did arrange hotel accommodation and food vouchers for our unexpected overnight in Toronto but that did not offset the inconvenience we experienced as a result of the delay. My wife, Marilyn Caughlin, is a physician and as a result of the delay she had to cancel a day in surgery with a significant loss of income. I also had to rearrange my commitments for that day.
    Please advise what compensation WestJet is willing to provide to offset the impact of this delay.
    George Peters

  189. Can you explain why our 3-hour layover in Halifax on a flight booked several months ago has become a 12-hour layover? So our flight looks like this: Sydney NS to Hfx -1 hour; layover in Hfx – 12 hrs; flight to Toronto 2 1/2 – 3 hours. This is ridiculous. My suspicion is that we were bumped because people booking subsequent to us paid for extras so were given priority on earlier flights. As seniors on fixed incomes, we booked cheaper flights. We don’t know anyone we can visit in Halifax and won’t pay exorbitant taxi fares to get into the city, and do not find public transit convenient for this period of time. Our flight is December 20th so we have no flexibility; your website says everything is booked solid. We are very angry and feel victimized by your behind-the-scenes manipulation of bookings that makes air travel even more unpleasant than it needs to be.

  190. I am travelling the day after tomorrow. I can’t find where to download boarding pass or to request baggage in hold. Help.

  191. For seven hours I have tried to get on my reward program account with no success, no email reply also, what the hell is going on??

  192. hello,My grandsons and daughter flew Westjet 252 on September 25 2018 from Toronto to Halifax and connected on Westjet 3496 from Halifax to Deer Lake..On Westjet 252 they were seated in 30 ABC..One of my grandsons left his “blankie” on the plane to Halifax..It is a small baby blanket light blue in color with white snowflakes on it.He has had ir since he was 6 months old (now 11 years old ) and it is his treasure,,I filed several lost item forms with Westjet- only to be emailed that it hasn’t been found..AS a retired Air Canada employee, we always went the extra effort to locate items left on our aircrafts…I fail to understand how the cleaners of each flight have not located this item..This is not good customer service…

  193. My wife Sherry and I pre-booked return flights on Oct 15 WS2512/3 from Toronto to Barbados to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Bequia. Due to Monday traffic & parking delays we arrived “1 minute late to board with our pre-checked bag and boarding pass, and were told by your agents we would have to come back Wednesday”. What happened thereafter was a nightmare, and apparently an example of “the new WestJet” as defined by several of your employees. I had my wife stand in line with our bag and documents, while I sought out an agent to help. The first agent I encountered mumbled about the 1 hour cut-off and walked away from me. I then pursued Bruno and asked if I could take the bag to the gate and have it loaded there. I was told “no and there was nothing he could do to assist us with this issue”, nor did he care it was a special trip, then dismissed me. This young man should not be working with the public! I demanded to see his supervisor, and was introduced to Michelle, who finally did work with us…. HOWEVER… this process burned 30 minutes of time. She advised we would have to abandon our luggage to get on the plane this day. As a result my wife had to buy another $46 carry on bag and feverishly pack from the main bag into now 4 carry on bags. Michelle then ran us across the entire airport to our gate with my wife suffering from a recent ankle injury, exhausted and crying. During inspection her unopened $75 bottle of Prada originally packed in the checked bag was confiscated from the new carry on bag. Once we arrived at the gate to board an agent snatched the 2 largest carry on bags from me and sent them out the side door to a waiting baggage handler for loading on the plane. I was angry as hell, and asked why they did this when I had asked to bring the now abandoned bag to the gate to do the same, and was told “this was impossible”??? On the way home we then had to incur a $60 cost for 2 checked bags instead of one. WestJet airport staff cost us $300+ including the abandoned bag. The customer service before Michelle intervened was pitiful. When we returned on Oct 22 I checked with arrivals and upstairs at the terminal for our abandoned new bag. I was told they threw it out. I asked why, as they knew whose it was ( ID tag), had all of our flight information, and knew by sight that the bag was certainly not garbage. The girls at arrivals seemed amused by my request to recover the bag. When I went to the terminal I was told a communication would be sent to follow up the issue. No feedback was ever received. We the customer use airlines to deliver us to our chosen destination. If the carrier is inflexible, and shows no empathy for those who require special assistance, then the customer will find a better solution the next time ! I waited a week to write this email as we were so frustrated and angry with the “new WestJet” service standard. If I treated my customers this way I wouldn’t have any…..

  194. Original Booking – Flight WS2 – London Gatwick to Calgary – 6th September 2018 – I would like to point out to you that I was most upset by this flight being cancelled with very little notice. I did not receive your email regarding the cancellation until I reached Gatwick Airport at 9am. The flight I was rebooked on, flew to Calgary via Vancouver which meant I had to change flights something I had tried hard to avoid, which is why I had chosen a direct flight to Calgary with Westjet. I arrived six hours late exhausted from the much longer flight and the change.

    The flight I had been rebooked on did not leave until 13.10 hrs so I had a long wait from 9am, my original check in time. Having physical problems and having requested boarding assistance, I went to the waiting area of the Assistance. Another Passenger and myself were not taken to the Boarding Gate until all the other passengers had boarded. I request assistance for help with transport to the boarding area and also boarding early. Consequently storage space for hand luggage was very limited. No doubt this is not the fault of Westjet but I am bringing it to your attention as I was very disappointed in the attitude of the staff at the Assistance area. I have flown many times and had assistance, usually they are extremely helpful and board these passengers early.

    I am very disappointed with Westjet as this is my third email to your guest feedback department as my other attempts have been ignored. Under the circumstances I would expect some sort of compensation.


    Jill Thornton

  195. I recently flew from Edmonton to Grande Prairie AB, flight 3240 on Nov. 6, 2018.
    I have always enjoyed very great professional service with West Jet but this flight was a terrible exception.
    Flight Attendant (blond one) was very rude and short with passengers. Comments very appropriate…ie. ‘get those headphones up’ to one man, would not allow a man to use washroom for about 45 minutes, passed snacks rudely, then went up aisle being discourteous to passengers as only water was offered (carried bottles with her, ;no cart), then the comment after landing, “get those seat belts done up, I hear seat belts clicking”…there were other various discourteous comments made throughout the flight. She also was texting at various times. I HAVE NEVER encountered rudeness like this on a WestJet flight before, I am sure that you will wish to remedy this from occurring again, thank you

  196. I am currently booked to fly to Ottawa on Monday November 6th arriving at 1;07 pm. DLDXCF.

    I have just had a friend pass away and the funeral is on Monday at 1pm. I called to see if I could move the flight and was told no as it was booked under a basic fair.

    I was told I could pay a one way fair of $280, cancel my booked flight so that I can retain the return.

    I fly with west jet a lot as I was under the impression that you were the compassionate airline. Apparently that is not the case and no flexibility was even considered.

    It will unfortunately affect my decisions in the future as to who I choose to fly with.

    Claire hall

  197. My name is Sandra Isaacs I bought a return ticket for my brother Ray Isaacs from Toronto to Ottawa .On the November 27th my brother checked in to catch Ws3471 @545 from Ottawa to Toronto. On my way home my brother called and stated there was no pilot available and the plane was delayed until 1830 I told him go ahead he will still make the 1000pm flight on Caribbean Airlines to Guyana. Unfortunately the plane never left until after 9pm.I called WestJet and was told flight was delay because weather was bad in Toronto I then called Caribbean airlines and was told it was not so. When my brother arrived in Toronto his flight for Guyana was gone he then went to the west jet counter to explain the situation and was told westjet job was to get him to Toronto safely and they did that. Now if that was a white person they would have never told him that .My brother had to buy another ticket to get to home the next day ,I will be reporting this matter to Canadian Transportation Agency I am seeking compensation for the ticket he had to purchase I will be sending the receipt

  198. Hello,. This morning I was called by someone saying i was chosen for six nights at a five star hotel in puerto vallarta through west jet and i could not understand the lady and i told her sorry i can’t understand what you are saying and she said that’s ok and hung up on me.
    If I have won or been chosen for this then I would like to hear about it and have the opportunity to at least hear this offer.
    My number is 604 930 8707 or 778 255 8912
    Thank you
    Susan Edwards

  199. I have to relate something that happened on my flight from Orlando to Toronto on Dec 22nd WS 1229
    We had just reached cruising altitude when the seatbelt sign was turned off so I proceeded to recline my seat. Within a few minutes I heard the passenger behind call a stewardess and asked her to tell me to move my seat to the upright position. The stewardess then asked me if I would move my seat to the upright position. Rather than cause a scene I did as she requested. I would understand if a meal was being served being asked to move my seat forward but not 10 minutes into the flight. This made it a very uncomfortable flight for me as I had a sore back and wanted to recline the seatback to take the pressure off. Later on in the trip I had to go to the washroom and was amazed to see the person behind me had reclined their seat. I was tempted when I returned to my seat to recline my seat but chose not to.
    Isn’t it the passenger’s privilege to recline his seat if desired.
    An answer would be appreciated in this matter
    George Couttie

  200. I emailed you this concerns on Dec.14, 2018 and as today have not received any answers.
    Our names are Pedro & Lolita Ignacio that bought West Jet flights thru – Itinerary # 7390593147262- West Jet ticket REF. LFZWML. After a red eye flight from Las Vegas to Toronto, on Dec 14,2018 our flight # 3458 was changed by West Jet to Flight 3460 for some landing issues in Toronto. It was noted on your file that Pedro is to require wheelchair and cannot ascend/descend stairs and Lolita just needed wheelchair. This said flight # 3460 boards in Gate B1C which is at the ground level of the runway and the aircraft is a Bombardier Q400. without any ramp or mechanical lifts at that date/time. Without any wheelchair provided we have to struggle to walk with our cane s with great degree of difficulties for at least 3/4 hour thru the customs and to gate B1C. We have to walk at the outdoor grounds exposed to freezing rains for a good distance to reach the aircraft. That Dec 14,2018 -it was raining mixed with freezing rain. We asked for assistance because it was slippery and the answer from the West Jet employees were that they were not warned and notified that we were handicap requiring wheelchairs in which case they can not help us at all. Two male good samaritan passengers have to help me instead and carried me thru the airplane stairs because I cannot climb stairs without assistance and to get to the plane requires going thru several outdoor slippery steps. Another passenger has to put my carryon bag containing my medical equipments up to the overhead storage. When we landed in Ottawa, same situations repeated without any wheelchairs or assistance provided. We have to walk again from the plane thru the customs and to the lobby with more pain this time requiring several sitting stops thereby taking us at least an hour walking. Question: Why did West Jet failed to provide us the wheelchair assistance on our flight 3460 but provided us in our other flight segments ?. Where is our BILL OF RIGHTS if not our HUMAN RIGHTS? We have the names of the people that witnessed the situations and also that helped us and can give you upon request. They are seated in Sections 12 A and 12B.
    Our disability assistance were all provided in all the segments of our trip except for West Jet flight 3460. We have Federal and Provincial certifications of our disability. We are both senior citizens aged 70 & 72.
    We are requesting for a reasonable compensations for our pain and sufferings.
    Thanks, Pedro & Lolita Ignacio
    PEDRO IGNACIO – WEST JET # 557092830
    LOLITA IGNACIO = WEST JET # 557093003
    Cell : 613-325-6742 Email :

  201. I have flown West jet a few times lately and am really disturbed by the fact that all those plastic cups go in the garbage. On one flight the staff said no they don’t recycle them . Monday I flew home from Toronto and when staff went to gather my plastic glass I asked her do you recycle these and she said NO . So I said I am taking it home to recycle. Then she said I will recycle it??? Do I know that actually happened? I feel you must be filling up a lot of landfills. I am surprised that your company it is not setting and an example and a conscience
    to change this policy. Isn’t there enough garbage now. With all your flights you are contributing ???Kilograms of garbage to the landfill??????

  202. I just want to say thank you to the many customer service employees that did help me resolve a booking problem we had with West Jet. I want to specifically thank Erica 22762 . She was awesome

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