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Contacting Weebly Customer Service Center

Weebly is a place where anyone can start a website for a fraction of the cost of hosting and site maintenance through other companies. The company also offers free websites with free hosting as long as the customer doesn’t mind the site name having the Weebly name attached. Weebly makes money by offering upgrades and special services for a charge. Customer satisfaction falls on both sides of the fence when it comes to Weebly products, services and customer support. Some customers love the company and host every site they own with Weebly while others hate the service and find it impossible to master. This makes for some interesting customer service communications.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Weebly customer service does not list a customer service phone number out in the open, but there may be a number provided for customers who pay for Weebly advanced products like hosting and domain names.

  • Corporate Office: 1-415-375-3268
  • Fax: 1-413-375-3268

Mailing Address

Don’t worry about finding a customer service address on the Weebly support page – it is not listed there. At the bottom of the Privacy Policy we found a complete address for the company. You can use this address to contact them, but you may never receive a response.

Weebly, Inc. 564 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133

Official Website

There is a ton of information on Weebly on the official website at At the bottom of the page you’ll notice a link for the Support Center for customers or potential customers who have questions about Weebly products and services. You can also visit Weebly on social networks to ask customer service questions.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Weebly customer service to report SPAM and copyright infringement.

The main customer service email for Weebly is We sent a question along to customer service about paid hosting to see if the team answers our question personally or simply copies and pastes a general answers into the response box. We also wanted to see just how long it took for customer service to respond.

If you are interested in learning more about Weebly you can email We found this address listed on the domain registration page for the company.

The support email according to Weebly corporate office is:

Our Experience

We tried to contact the customer service department at Weebly Corporate using the provided phone number. We pressed 2 for customer support, but the company does not offer any type of support by phone. You can contact Weebly by phone in regards to a billing problem or issue. The recording for customer service listed an email address that we had not previously located.

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88 Comments on “Contact Weebly Customer Service
  1. The support is awful. Can’t move forward with the business without the web site being up despite them sending me three emails congratulating me on the site being born! So far this is a joke. Not happy.

  2. I cannot get into my website to build it. I clicked on reset password button. I received a link that does not link to anything. I clicked the reset button again–same thing. I sent in something through e mail support as urgent. I got a message statig it may take up to 24 hours for a response. I called the company. Received message–Does NOT offer any telephone support.

  3. I just found out the fax number given for corporate is not for San Francisco as displayed on their site. It is designated for Hampden, MD.

  4. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

    • had the same problem with wordpress. thats why I had to get rid of it & went to weebly. My wordpress got hacked twice to the point where I couldn’t even edit it anymore. I can say that I havent had any issues w/my website being hacked since Ive been w/weebly the past two years.

  5. I am trying to transfer my domain from to your site…I have paid for 2 years of service with NO F’ING HELP FROM YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE…Terrible..THIS IS FOR A FUNDRAISER IN MEMORY OF MY SON THAT I HOST EVERY YEAR”…I need this done NOW…

  6. I have been trying for 24 hours now to receive email response so I can reset my password and work on my website. Despite it saying instructions have been sent they never came. I must have pressed that button at least 30 times.
    I have also just tried to call. Don’t bother as it goes to answer machine and tells you to email them.
    24 hours of time lost is very frustrating as I need my website for work.
    If there is a technical problem that I would understand but no contact is so frustrating and stressful.

  7. I have tried for 4 days to have my pw reset and NOTHING happens.
    Then I asked to speak to a tech with a support phone number; they
    say you need to email us which takes up to 24 hours for them to reply back. I can’t LOG on period. What a JOKE and glad I found now so I won’t renew my web service.

  8. Weebly has zero with a capital Z customer service. I recommend avoiding this company. No savings is worth the lack of service!

  9. if you cant get hold of any company then just spam there facebook pages with your complaints then you will get a reply for sure

  10. Tried tried to sign in to website to view my web pages and found it impossible, the log in banner keeps moving all over the page in the end I gave up out of frustation. Not good for a business when you cant access your own site .
    Hope you can improve this otherwise I will have to build a new website elsewhere.
    Marie Robinson.

  11. Their customer service SUCKS! No way to talk to a real person.I tried the new BETA store feature and my site is completely frozen up. I cannot edit anything on my site now for 5 days and no one will help me. Just that my case has been “escalated”. But for 5 days with no help!!!

  12. Been trying to contact them since friday. Its now Monday Evening. all i have to show is the usual automated response.

    The least they could do is have a chat on the site with us.

    I bought a domain name somewhere else, because i had no help with buying it on weebly. I have however built a weebly site and believe it would be easier, as i am a novice, to have website and hosting and one place, weebly, but they dont instill confidence because they are not answering my queries at this stage

    i have my card in front of me, i intend to upgrade, but would be a good business decision.


  13. I purchased a URL from you and had it forwarded to my nonprofit site URL, which is hosted by you, Weebly. The new URL does not work. We have printed the new URL on materials that are being sent out to many people. They will receive a URL that does not work!

    How hard is if for you to simply forward to the URL I provided on your site. I followed the instructions to a tee. The email is finally working, but the URL is not! This is terrible customer support to not be able to reach someone in a dire situation. I have sent two email with no response.

    FIX IT NOW!!!! If not, I will post to my thousands of friends supporting our ministry why things aren’t working. Word of mouth can ruin a business. So can lack of customer service. Weebly is not the only free hosting available you know. From the comments above, I would say we are watching the beginning of your demise.

    You have my email address. Use it to access my account or call me. Do SOMETHING!!!

  14. very disappointed. Have been a customer of weebly for several years and I always got a quick response back from the support team. with setting up another website and paying for pro and also for a domain name we can’t get any support help and have sent a few emails. they have taken our money but we can’t publish our site and our advertised site is being wasted. It is very poor service and very disappointing, what has happened to this outfit they used to be really good!

  15. Weebly is NOT USER friendly!! Customer service reps are rude and unhelpful. Emails from customer service are brief and unhelpful. No one is available to help. I would not recommend this site to any institution or anyone.

  16. I can not get in to my website and you guys haven’t helped can you guys at help me with my password for my website
    Because I need for school really bad.

  17. Customer support seems to be less than 0. I put my hard work and need to finish my site, and can get no help. I have already paid so I guess I don’t matter.

  18. Sheeeez- does anyone have any good comments about Weebly? I was so ready to start building my site here bcuz of bad experience with wordpress, but not sure after reading all the problems people seem to have… What to do?

  19. I don’t like the last chat agent I just talked to. She said my question could not be solved on her end, and I should contact online support and hung up before I could tell her more.

    The problem is that I have published a contents page with 17 articles attached. But when I pull up the page it only shows 8. All the pages are published.

    What to do now?

  20. This is the very worst customer service I have ever been exposed to. I’ve been out of business because my business site doesn’t seem to exist any more – even though it was running on Weebly just fine since 2008. When I first became aware of the problem, I upgraded from my free plan to the one for $4.08/mo. After a series of emails that were all like reading Greek to me, I understand that my domain resides in a different place than I thought it did and I moved it. Now they want an additional $3.29/mo to use my GoDaddy domain on their site. I went from free to $7.37 a month and it still doesn’t work. I’m so frustrated I want to cry. I will be removing my domain if possible. I don’t want anything more to do with this company who cares so little for their customers that they don’t even have live people for non-technical people like me to talk to.

  21. I’ve used weebly for years. I’ve built extremely complex web-sites using them, never having a problem.

    And when I say complex, I’m talking about a site with 50+web pages, the need to have support sites (using weebly. Its never crash, I’ve never lost a page, and it was 100% free.

  22. Used to be a great company. I would get a response same day and sometimes they would even call me to discuss a solution. Now customer service sucks!!!! I got a generic copy paste answer to a clear request. My request was “please restore my site to the last published version.” Instead I got an email saying,.. “good news, your changes are automatically saved.” I don’t want these changes. There’s no “undo” feature and I want my last published site. No response in days. I can’t run a business with this poor response and poor functionality.

  23. My wedding website was disabled last night. I have sent multiple emails to fix the situation with no avail. disappointing is not even the word to use. My wedding is in 6 weeks and i need my guest to RSVP via the website. this is unacceptable. no one is responding to me. I cant even chat online!!

  24. I have requested for NO more payments to be removed from my bank account! I have paid for the services I used, and Do NOT wish to be billed any further, It has been 4 months. Please refund the money you have already taken out, and stop billing me. The website has already been removed, and yet I am being charged $30.00 for every time you try, and take money out! I expect for $120.00 to be replaced, since that is what my bank account statement says. STOP TRYING TO TAKE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT, AND REFUND $120.00 BACK TO MY ACCOUNT FOR YOUR GROSS NEGLIGENCE. I have tried being civil, and even tried getting ahold of someone/ANYONE with no return emails.


    Thank you,

  25. Weebly charged my credit card for something ? that I didn’t authorize. Now I have to close my charge account! Their contact number is bogus, I wouldn’t use them.

  26. I just spend a better part of my time pointing out obvious problem when a client’s page says it does not exist but it was never deleted – yet the chatting agent FRANK N does not have a clue. So your services are basically eliminated by WEEBLY. All these started with their new design.

  27. This company does not have a customer service department, and the people they do have answering your question through email are rude and unprofessional. If you ask them if you can speak to someone they totally avoid the question and give you some obscure answer to your original question. Their answer to most questions are check out for helpful articles. I would like to make a special note to say the weebly rep Ken S is very unprofessional and rude and comments that he made to my associate was unnecessary.

  28. Weebly’s customer service is horrible! They are rude and never really answer your question. The give you FAQ’s to solve your problem. They never answer the phone which is bad for my business! I plan on switching web hosts asap! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND WEEBLY!

  29. tried publishing website about 10 plus times without success. Seems like a scam that keeps funneling me into an upgrade site. No free website building found here. support is terrible sorry I wasted 3 hours building a fictional site .

  30. Can’t get ANYONE to reply to question about my account being published when I did not actually publish it. I saved it but it showed up online anyway. Not finished and certainly not ready to be published. Nice
    Can’t seem to get it off either

  31. I just clicked to get a temporary free website with Weebly as they advertise and as soon as I started to upload they ask me for a credit card. I try to call and no phone numbers anywhere on the web until I found this site. They are also very careful to erase any complaints on them on the web. This is the first site I ran into who has complains. Then I see them and thought WOW … everyone got the same experience no one to guide you as your starting up your site. Beware don’t give out you credit card numbers to sites that don’t have any kind of communications with there customers over the phone ..

  32. I tried setting up a weebly site using the above name and email. Then I found that my host provider had a version so I opted for that.

    Now, I find that the host’s version does not offer features that I would need to be really effective. These are features that I saw demonstrated in tutorials from

    I am assuming that your version has all of these features.

    When I tried to re-do my earlier attempt to access my previous work, it only appeared to let me create a new project, but rejected the name and email as already being in the system.

    I need to be able to continue trying out the trial version before I contract for a subscription.


    David Wright Sr.

  33. Weebly don’t get back to you and they charge your card without authorisation. Avoid this company. Zero customer connection with them. I have had to cancel my card in order to stop them from debiting me. I have two charges from Weebly under investigation with my credit card provider.

  34. I have been trying to open a website with weebly; but I am not trained to do that, so I have been depending on someone to help me do that. This has caused a lot of delay, and the person had moved to another location. we started the process, but I can’t remember the my website account/domain.
    Can you please help me retrieve my domain?

  35. Hi. I’m okay with my free website. Finally, after all of those other free websites I’ve been knocked around on, I tried you guys and yours gave me what I was looking for. Thank you. I’ve finished and it’s up and running like it should. I’ve even submit the url to search engines. I am satisfied with the system’s interface and service. 🙂

  36. sir/madam i want to make free website with but speak for payement in last step . pls hlp so i make free website. Thanks

  37. I just called customer service and got right through to a live person who fixed my problem immediately. She was very pleasant and I would rate this experience as excellent! Monday at 9 AM, FYI!

  38. I hate this website…… go to webs or go daddy this is not worth your time. Here’s my problem, I will type a title with the title box and when I go to type in the “text” box it erases all of my previous work like I said not worth your time…I sadly have to use this piece of crap website for a school project. If you do not have to use this website don’t!

  39. I got an unexpected charge from weebly because they automatically renewed my website. It was impossible to find a phone number for contacting weebly on their website as I am sure it is purposefully so, but an internet search brought one up. They quickly and painlessly canceled the charge for me although you only have 30 days to do so.

  40. I am questioning getting started on a Blogging Site. I set up for Weebly, however I am wondering if I need to do more to get the Blogging Site set up. Do I also need a Domain? Please help me with this because I want to get my blogging site set up as soon as possible.
    Thank You
    Deborah Trudell

  41. Evidently, if you can fog a mirror, you too can be a Weebly customer support rep. I felt like I was dealing with a drive thru worker, trying to correct my order. Complete waste of time… find another website development platform.

  42. Hi there,
    I would like to no longer have my weebly account tied to my facebook account any longer. How can I do that? I live in Vietnam and unfortunately they block facebook from time to time. When that happens I can’t sign into my weebly page for editing purposes.

    Kindly advise.
    Robert Flynn

  43. I just read your piece about Jews..they arent Israelites.they dont deserve Israel. You disrespected judaism…WOW…you sound like Hitler and his Godless heathens. I dont like what you preach. You sound like a despictable, vile muslim. You definitely don’t spread God’s word…i think perhaps you’re vile.

  44. My Weebly account was shut down recently, I’ve just been notified that someone objected to my posting and have legally requested from Weebly the IP address of the posting.Does Weebly store my actual originating IP address or my local ISP server I go through . They are obviously trying to prove the origin of the IP address. Google GMail for example removes your IP maddress and substitutes with one of theirs, any help or advice greatly appreciated

  45. Truly awful. I am attempting to obtain some support and answers for their substandard ‘service’. Yet I am finding it nigh on impossible.

  46. I seem to not be able to link a word to go to a certain page. Every time I click the link button the window pops up and the disappears. What do I need to do?

  47. I used their support page which had a “chat” link. That first got “no agent available” but later connected me to a support agent for a good helpful chat. So I ended with a favorable impression of their support. I’m still not a paying customer – that wasn’t a barrier.

  48. Hi weebly- I have a question. I bought pro website which expires 2/2/18. I want to be sure this does not automatically renew and card be charged. I have had not one business or even comment contact me through this website so don’t see renewing it next year.

  49. My experience with Weebly Support has been fabulous for 2 years now. They always answer even in the evening hrs…. The folks there are courteous and patient with me even though I am somewhat computer illiterate. They have always helped me resolve my issues and supported me in my endeavor @ I love Weebly! I couldn’t believe how easy the site is to navigate….still have lots to learn, however I know they don’t mind my calls…. I have probably called at least 8 times and they patiently spent 10 – 20 minutes each time tutoring me. I highly recommend this site! Go for it, it’s easier than you think ; ) Much Love to all the crew at Weebly!!!

  50. Oh my god! I was just about to email Weebly about them taking another £15.00 out of my bank and without prior notice, neither did they verify my payment by email for the setting of £69.00 I just saw it on my bank account, this is very rude of them and they do not sound very genuine, what a disappointment I’m going to my bank to get them to stop Weebly taking any more money out of my bank and will possibly go with another domain say Wix or something.

  51. I need to update my domain Please get back to me ASAP. Your guy’s “support” system is a joke by the way. I’d consider working on that before everyone switches to Wix.

  52. Please cancel automatic billing ($67.90my account.) I was not able to build a site for myself and no longer require your service.

  53. There support system is a total joke. I have been trying to reach out to them for WEEKS!!!! to have my password reset because I have not received any emails to do it myself. I’m giving up and going to WIX!

  54. I have tried numerous ways to find out why I can not login to my website to make changes ! And still I have no answers ! Please make it clear why this is happening ! The customer service on the company is complete rubbish ! So stuck with a website I can’t change/ update! What a load of crap !!!!

  55. I am having a terrible time getting photos on my blog, Ever since Weebly arbitrarily put a backdrop photo, it’s been a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve changed the backdrop, but little thingies come up on it that I have to delete. Then, when I try to put a photo, the photo just goes to a black background NOT my blog. It is very, very, very bad if I have multiple photos. This is a fairly new happening. I write a community blog, and “my” people like to read what’s going on in town.

  56. I have just seen a sum of money (£36) taken from my bank, and i don`t know what it`s for,I would like it back, please.

  57. Dear Sir

    Yesterday, July 22, 2018 I paid to update my website to Pro.
    An email has been sent to my old email address ( this email is no longer used ..
    Can you send that message again for me at my new email address so that I can take notes of what it says.

    thank you

    My experience with Weebly Support has been fantastic for over 3 years.
    I enjoy it a lot, that’s why I went to Pro.

  58. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I need your help. the issue is:

    When i input on my cellphone it comes well, but when i input on my cellphone it does not comes up (appears at “internal server error”, how come? i need your help, thanks.

  59. Hello, i am website of, i purchaed weebly service via hostgator. my issue is: when i input on cellphone then it comes up, but when i input on cellphone then it does not come up, how come? i need your help, thanks, john.

  60. I have had my web sites with Weekly for 2 years. Then they shut my web sites down and tole me that these “Free” websites would have to be paid for on a monthly basis. Trying to get help with weekly is like trying to fit a square peg in a round home. No one answers the phone. You can be on hold for hours trying to get someone. Even their sales department. I had to transfer my domain name to them in order to get my web sites back up. I did that, paid them, and nothing. After trying to get ahold of them for days, I finally got someone after about an hour wait. They told me there was a new regulations and it would take a few weeks to get that taken care of. Well, 3 months later, I contacted them again, as obviously they did not bring up my web sites. They had the problem fixed and agin I paid them to transfer my domain name. That was over a week ago, and still my web pages are done. Had my domain names with Go Daddy, who responds to phone calls immediately. I tried emailing Weebly, but surprise, their email does not work I would save your money and go with someone else, because obviously they do not care.

  61. when a company cant list a customer support number and advertises 24/7 contact us. there s big red flag to work with a firm willing to earn your business than attitude that you owe them your business.

  62. Horrible,

    Youd think a big company like weebly would atleast send support aknowledgement letters. Its not been 12 hours i have no received even a hello back, no chat option, and i do not even know if my website will be up. But i see that they charged my credit card already.

  63. My site will no longer open. What is problem now? I have a moderate political blog that is my way of helping my local Community. I do not sell/ advertise anything, just put out the Truth and try to free my City from a Corrupt City Administration.
    Need help ASAP.

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