Contact Webroot Customer Service

Contact Webroot Customer Service

Contacting Webroot Customer Service Center

Webroot is an anti-virus, anti-spy software offered to individuals and businesses across the world. According to the company website more than 30 million people have decided to trust Webroot as their means of keeping personal and business information safe while protecting the computer equipment they use each day. Webroot started in 1997 and with the backing of venture capitalists, grew to 400-employee business it is today.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Many online companies refuse to offer contact information for consumers, but that is not the case with Webroot customer service. We found an entire page of contact information, including the phone numbers for customer service.

  • Purchases: 1-866-612-4268
  • Technical Support: 1-866-612-4227
  • Business Support (Endpoint): 1-800-870-8102
  • Business Support (Web Security): 1-877-612-6009
  • Business Sales: 1-800-870-8102
  • Corporate Office: 1-800-772-9383
  • Fax: 1-303-442-3846

Mailing Address

When you have an issue with a company it is often best to start communication with the top of the food chain. At Webroot, the top is corporate headquarters.

Webroot Attn: Customer Service 385 Interlocken Crescent Ste. 800 Broomfield, CO 80021

Official Website

The official Webroot website can be found at There is a ton of information about the software and company, but visitors will also find some interesting general information on web security and why customers need anti-spyware and anti-virus software.

Social Media

The two social media pages we found for the company are Facebook and Twitter. You must have an account on the social media page to send a message to Webroot customer service.

Customer Service Email

If you are having technical issues and you need to contact Webroot customer service about those issues, you must visit the Technical Support page at to begin. It can be a little confusing, but go to to initiate contact with technical support.

Business Support (Endpoint):

Business Support (Web Security):

Business Sales:

Our Experience

There is no direct customer service number for Webroot customer service listed on the website, but there is a sales number. You can press 2 to reach a customer service representative from the sales department, but that representative will not answer customer service questions. An agent picked up our call in less than 1:30. When we called the technical support line, the call was answered by the same automated voice, but a different automated message. Press 2 to reach an agent. You will have to listen to a long message about where you can find information online. We were then told the wait time for a technical representative was in excess of 15 minutes. We actually waited on hold for about 22 minutes before the call was picked up and immediately disconnected by an agent. We could hear other representatives talking in the background.

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8 Comments on “Contact Webroot Customer Service
    • Recieved notice of auto renewal next mont. Do Not want renewal. Called multiple support #s to no avail. Was disconnected as soon as I said I wanted out. Still have yet to find a live English speaking employee of Webroot.

      What kind of scam are you running?

  1. i,have a mac book air apple computer,and the webroot,since we be living in gilmore park aera ,southbend indiana,21mons,we had nothing but problems.the st joesph county sheriff,been call quit a few times ,about people having keys to your house,we change our locks 21 wife ,and i are both handicap,we bough your webroot ,for chistmas but ,as you know,somebody else use it on there computer out here in gilmore park southbend indiana we,have geek squad,from best buy mishawaka,indiana,you can change your locks on our house,and leave for 45mins or less they have a lock smith out here ,cause it the sheriff kin folks that doing the brake in thats way nobody goes to jail out here in gilmore park southbend,indiana,

  2. Been trying to download a purchased program all day. Followed instructions to register, got email, opened website. When asked for personal security code, I get an error report for my entry. Please help me.

  3. I have been a Webroot customer for several years. My service was about to expire but I did not get around to renewing. Suddenly, I noticed on all my computers, but not my cellphone, that a yellow dot was attached to all Google entries about my blog site, Bob Braun’s Ledger. I am a journalist and a lawyer and I have been publishing this blog since May of 2013. I have received international attention because of my exposure of Pearson publishing’s spying on students taking the PARCC test. My posts on that story received more than a million hits on FB/blog. But back to those yellow dots. When I clicked on them, I discovered they were notices from Webroot warning my readers not to look at my site because of a “probability” that they could be infected. That is a lie and you know. IT is nothing short of extortion. I demand that you stop this defamatory practice immediately. I am buying another antivirus protection package–I would have renewed Webroot but for your extortionate behavior.

  4. I logged on to Webroot and provided all the required info to extend my protection for two years. You excepted my credit card but you keep telling me my protection expires very soon.
    Please give me an answer.

  5. I am a subscriber of webroot and today I am not satisfied.
    I belong to a Investment Group and Have a Cd to upload the different stocks
    we are following. Today everything is blank I call ICLUB redarding the CD and was told WEEBROOT does not recognize this program .
    The Better investing co has issued directions to be able to access our documentation, which is not the best .I have to to turn off Webroot while updating. Hope fully when it is time to renew it will be corrected or I will go elsewhere. Thank you
    IT is a legitimate co.

  6. i contacted paypal whe i saw an antomatic withdrawal for webroot in the amount of $79.99 on nov 25, 2017. i did not authorize this. however, webroot denied my claim for return of funds and informed me that i had authorized this automatic withdrawal. all i can say is that there was contact only through my e-mail and you indicated that this was the case, i do not remember doing this. well, NO MORE! take me off of this automatic renewal IMMEDIATELY!!!. this withdrawal screwed up my checking acct resulting in over draft.since palpal denied my claim, apparently have webroot for the year! will install it!. again, remove me from automatic renewal ASAP! very upset! i have been a webroot user for years, however, very upset with this problem!

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