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Contacting WebMD Customer Service Center

WebMD is an online source of medical information. The website is clear about the fact that information on the site is for educational purposes only – not for diagnosing or treating a medical condition. While the company started online, they’ve expanded to print – so visitors can subscribe to learn more about their health. Information in the magazine is not necessarily always available online. WebMD also offers links to other health information portals online, including the FDA, MedicineNet and Medscape.

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Contact Info:

Most internet companies like WebMD tend to offer very little customer contact information. We were able to provide just about all the information a customer would need, but most of the information was not found on the WebMD website.

Phone Contact Numbers

You cannot contact WebMD customer service because the company is not a retail business, but there is a number for the corporate office.

  • WebMD Phone Number: 1-212-624-3700

Mailing Address

You can address your letter to WebMD to:

WebMD LLCAttn: Customer Care Center1201 Peachtree St NE200 Colony SqSte 2100Atlanta, GA 30361

Official Website

The official site for WebMD is located at

Social Media

Many Internet users are turning to social media sites for medical information, so WebMD offers active pages to share trusted information consumers can read and learn from online. These pages are also the perfect way to get in touch with a representative from WebMD.

Customer Service Email

If you click on the Contact Us link on the WebMD website you will be taken to the customer service email form. This is the only piece of contact information provided on the site. The customer service team answers emails from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET.

The form is NOT to be used to ask for medical advice. Inquiries requesting such advice may not be answered.

Our Experience

The main WebMD phone number listed on the corporate page is not a customer service number or a medical advice line. There are a couple options presented to the caller, including entering the extension of the person you’re trying to reach. If you make no selections you are placed on hold for the switchboard operator. When the operator picked up the call we asked to speak with customer service. She told us the only way to connect with customer service is by sending the email form located on the Contact page of the site. The agents are available Monday to Friday and answer emails in the order they are received.

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29 Comments on “Contact WebMd Customer Service
  1. I too am thoroughly amazed at how WebMD refuses to listen to it’s customers. I have filled out “unsubscribe” forms, called and put on hold for long periods of times, forwarded all the emails back to WebMD and continued over the past 2 weeks or more, to get someone to STOP sending anymore emails to me, but I am still receiving emails daily, often 5 and 6 before noon and it continues and continues as if I have not asked them to stop. I am sick and tired of this crap. I would never have anything to do with this company, because they don’t care and don’t listen. Recommend them…hell no!!!!
    Lydia Juarez

  2. I am thoroughly disgusted with the attitude of your Customer Care service. They have not been resolving my problem for the last many months.With the result, I am not getting my Newsletters for the last 8 months or so.
    It is a pity that my problem has still not been resolved by you despite my repeated feedbacks to you; my final e mail sent on this subject is again being forwarded here. With the result, I am not getting my WebMD Newsletters. Can you intimate if my problem is too intricate for you to resolve. If so, I will stop bothering you.

  3. Have been trying for more than a week to find out if WebMD is still offering CME credits as I need to complete 30 hrs prior to Dec 31, 2013. Have not received any answers to my e-mails and now I have been on hold at your corp office number for 15 minutes with no one picking up the line just an automated voice saying that extension does not answer, to enter another number press one for assistance press three, to exit press star.
    I now understand the comments regarding the total lack of service by your company.
    Merry Christmas

  4. I’ve reported several times to WebMD that they have my office number in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery listed for numerous doctors specializing in everything from podiatry, to child psychiatry to CT Surgery. I’ve been answering approx 25 extra calls per day and helping these individuals contact the doctors they need. To date WebMD has not made any attempt to resolve this issue. Not a reliable source of information.


  6. Horrible service. They are unable to solve problems on the spot then they say that they will get back to you and they never do. You end up calling back and time it’s the same thing. They never respond to emails either so you can forget about that route.

  7. Problem using other contact info on website even when all required fields (and some do not put topic I want) are filled.
    SELECT study and SWOG stopped the clinical trial of Vitamin E or
    E + selenium in 2008 due to a finding of an increase in Prostate Cancer over the group w/placebo, even though it could be the result of chance. (updates 2011, other material on this 2014)To continue to recommend supplementing over normal intakes by food is not good practice without including this information

  8. You have succeeded in rendering useless your previously excellent webmed sites with slides and text. Your text is useless now since you choose to conceal by overlaying the text , mostly by ads or other means. Your previously excellent presentations have become frustrating and largely useless, you have ruined an excellent program. I, and many others, would like to have it restored to its prior excellent status.

    Hopefully, E. Loopesko MD

  9. I cannot open your unsubscribe to emails. I have been trying to unsubscribe to all the emails I’ve been getting from you!!!!!
    Janine deacon

  10. I called your customer service no answer, mail box ful.dr montomery put a charge
    on my credit card for 1995 I don,t know who he is and never replied to him for
    anything but I got a1995 billing
    sam murphy

  11. I have sent two e-mails complaining about the Customer Service representative I spoke to at 1-866-852-6435 (number on MyBlue Wellness Card) and received NO response. Nature of call was to get an explanation as to why I needed to press 1 to get information in ENGLISH rather SPANISH. Customer Service representative told me that not everyone speaks ENGLISH. Considering my call was made in the US, I find this response unacceptable.

  12. I wrote over a week ago in regards to charges on my card and that there should not be any. I never received a response and now I got hit with another charge. Please stop all charges and refund the ones you did charge.

    Thank You

    Todd Speleman

  13. I have been attempting to correct my address. Please correct this inaccuracy, as I would like my patients to rely on WebMD.

  14. Trying to contact Medscape for the past week for an “honoraria” and no response after three e-mails except three “tickets”! Now see that there is no option to call them. Will stop participating in their surveys.

  15. Apparently your service is not satisfactory, or all your past customers wouldn’t be begging you to stop emails, and return charges on there credit cards. To all you unhappy customers, the owner of WebMD is Dr. Phil and his son. LOL so try calling the Dr. Phil Show.

  16. I am getting daily Newsletters as subscribed by me but when I click to get details an e mail for its details, It doesn’t open up. Examples of your emails received today are being mentioned to explain my point. Sleeping well, I click it for its details which does not open up. Similarly, ‘ How to calm anxiety naturally’ and also ’15 reasons you are always hot.
    Above are only a few examples. I have checked firewall where ‘allow these programs’ are ticked for Firefox as well as google chrome.
    Can you help me solve this problem?

  17. I would like to update my Practice location and have sent multiple emails. My patients are being directed to the wrong address.

  18. I just now tried to email their customer NERVOUS “dept.” What a joke. All I wanted to do was notify them that my Dr. that they have listed, has been RETIRED for over 2 years. WEBMD only cares about getting advertisers for their site. Not accurate updating.

  19. I have been using WebMD for several years as a trusted source of medical information, as a supplement to what I am told by my doctors. Several times, I have made a suggestion to a doctor of something that I read on WebMD, and the doctor agreed.

    I am very sorry, and upset that you have decided to use Captcha before anyone can use your web site. Most of the time Captcha does not work properly. Even if I correctly select the pictures that it presents, I am rewarded with yet another Captcha puzzle that I have to do, sometimes 3 or 4 times. As a result I never get to actually view WebMD. I will have to look for medical information somewhere else. I will never use WebMD again, since you have made access so difficult.

    Shame on you, or whoever made the decision to require Captcha before using WebMD. You are making WebMD essentially not available at all to senior citizens. (I don’t and will not be forced to use Chrome as my browser.)

    Jim Adams

  20. I couldn’t find a site for cust service.When I go on my emails it brings me to article I want to read,but it won’t let me advance past the first screen.It won’t advance to next page. Could you let me know how to fix it or you can fix it.It only does this when I try to read articles on WEB.MD.

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