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Contacting Weber Customer Service Center

Weber is an outdoor grill company that sells all kinds of grills and grilling accessories. The company websites provides information for the customer to research, register and shop for grills of all shapes and sizes, but that’s not all Weber sells. For the true grilling master, Weber also sells grilling books and special accessories for cooking, cleaning and protecting your grill.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Weber customer service is available in the US and Canada. There are no hours listed, but the Grill Line is open 7 days a week.

  • US Customer Service: 1-800-446-1071
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-800-265-2150
  • Grill Line: 1-800-GRILLOUT

Mailing Address

The mailing address for the Weber company is available for customers who seek a more traditional contact. Mail contact is slow so urgent issues like warranty claims, parts replacement and defective product calls need to be addressed by phone, email or contact form.

Weber-Stephen Products LLC200 E. Daniels Rd. Palatine, IL 60067-6266

Official Website

Shop, learn and contact Weber customer service on the official website located at The help side of the site can be found at, which is where you’ll find contact information, manuals, FAQs and more. If you register your grill on the Weber site you can sign up for updates on recalls and other important information.

Customer Service Email

Weber gives customers two means of contacting them by email. First, you can simply address your email to and wait for a response from the customer service team. Or, you can choose to use the customer service contact form on the help page to send your email. All you have to enter is your message, name and address and click SEND.

Our Experience

When you call Weber customer service you don’t have to worry about pressing any numbers or waiting through a lengthy introduction and list of options. The customer service line is answered with a brief introduction and then the call is moved to an agent. Our call was answered in about 30 seconds.

When we spoke with the agent we asked about the grills available from the company. We wanted a grill that worked for a large family that cooks once a week instead of nightly, but we also wanted something that was small enough not to look like a pull-along grill used at community barbecues. The agent helped us navigate the website to find the best Weber grills for our needs and even suggested some accessories to make cooking with Weber easier.

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14 Comments on “Contact Weber Customer Service
  1. I just bought the weber q320 from a Lowes I put about 15 BBQs together over the years. Let my tell you something,this was the most simply BBQ you can put together 1hr 15 minutes I was cooking burgers .Simple design and efficient this what America needs.Hats off to all your Engineers that designed this Thank You Weber

  2. bought a weber E320 last August and finally took it back to the store where I purchased it.
    After several attempts with tech support of “guess” trouble shooting and waiting for parts,because it would not heat over 300 degrees I gave up and took the unit back. Never used it once.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to change some part of my BBQ Weber.
    I leave in France in Montpellier.
    Could you give me some information for do that.
    Could you give me the answer in French.
    Tank you.

  4. Need to order an igniter for a Weber Genesis Grill. This is a four post Yellow, black blue, and green for a Three burner grill. Called the replacement parts number recommended and the Model no. 1863-13 that is listed on the part was listed as an incorrect number.
    What do I do now?


    Lawrence Aytes

  5. I have a $900 grill and have a difficult time finding a replacement part, an igniter for the 3 burner model Genesis grill. What should I do? Can you help?

  6. Several months ago, I purchased a Weber 330 Genesis (NG). I have had a great deal of experience with propane-fired grills, but this is the first natural gas-fired unit that I have owned. In using the grill, I discovered that the maximum internal temperature to be had was 500 degrees, and this figure was achieved only after 15 minutes of pre-heating with the cover closed. All 4-burner propane grills that I have used were capable of 700 degrees within 5-10 minutes (cover closed). I began to investigate this issue on the internet. Of course, one of the first observations to be found is that propane runs hotter than NG. Subsequently, however, I uncovered discussions related to the supply hose provided by Weber. After further investigation, I began to understand the situation. The factory supply hose is 3/8″ ID. A rating of .7 is desirable from the NG line running to the grill. My plumbing/heating/AC contractor did the installation, and ran a 1/2″ line to the grill location. After initiation, a rating of .7 was achieved.

    I will not go into how much time I spent trying to figure out this dilemma. Leave it to say that on my request, based on research I conducted, my plumbing/heating/AC contractor installed a 1/2″ supply hose running from the NG outlet to the grill, thus eliminating the factory-supplied 3/8″ hose. VOILA!!!! I am now able to achieve a 700+ degree internal temperature within 10 minutes. Now, the so-called Weber “sear burner” is actually functional. It surely was NOT prior to this modification.

    I realize that this action will void the Weber factory warranty. I am writing this review with the express purpose of voicing my extreme disappointment and dissatisfaction with your concern, given the trials and tribulations I went through in order to achieve what I regard as “reasonable performance” from this grill. I suspect that some silly Ralph Nader-ish safety concern lies at the bottom of this whole affair. I WILL say that I am otherwise very happy with the grill: it’s all-stainless construction; easy cleaning; and extremely solid engineering.

    In sum, I really do not care about the status of my so-called “Weber warranty.” The important dimension is that I am now able to achieve efficient operation of the grill. Prior to the modification just described, nothing but pure frustration prevailed. My experience will figure into all subsequent evaluations of Weber grills. I have a great many friends and acquaintances. I will make sure that all of them are apprised of what I learned from this experience.

    I am quite certain there will be no recompense for all of my time and trouble, but this does not change my opinion that there SHOULD be.


  7. I would like to thank you for the great customer service we recently received. This summer we received our Spirit gas grill as a gift and love it ! However, this winter our deck had ice and snow on it, along came a huge gust of wind and there goes the grill off the deck ,(yes we had the brakes on and full tank of propane) about 4 feet it fell. I was afraid to go see the damage….however, the only bent part was the right side table. The grill itself was fine, but we did decide to get a replacement side table and when we called to get the part number, we were wonderfully surprised that Weber Grill offered to send us a new part at no cost !! This was totally not expected…just goes to show what a great company Weber is and how generous they are. Thank you so much- a company that went above and beyond!!

  8. Sent e mails&pics to j Mackey with no response to date.genesis spirit grill flakes off grill lid falling on food.material as shiny as grill on one side.material “not gease “despite company will not burn & no grease present over flame test.

  9. Jennifer Cherry had helped me with my grill. She was kindest, most helpful employee I had contacted. I had called on several occasions to Weber. I first replaced the regulator on my g139315928Fill, then I ordered new burners and last but not least the manifold. There was nothing else to replace on the grill. The first manifold that was sent was the wrong one. This is when I talked to Jennifer. I was quite frustrated , because of all the expense and time trying to fix the grill. Jennifer said they would send the correct manifold and would credit my account (for the manifold)because I had such a problem and expense. She then called me a couple day later and said her supervisor would not approve the credit on my card. I was very disappointed about the credit , but Jennifer was the best. I would still like to get the credit.

  10. I ordered new grates for my grill and told them I needed them by Sunday the 30th and I ordered them on the 27th , and of course was told there was no way possible I could get get them them that soon. Much to my surprise I got them on Saturday. So thank you so much.

  11. Question: In 2017 we saw a Genesis II gas girl that a hammered (green) cast-iron with aluminum lid.. Went by Ace Hardware store in Fredericksburg, TX last week and they didn’t have that model any more. Is it discontinued?

  12. I called to find out about your kicking chicken spice which does not seem to be available at retailers listed. Wanted to order some but was left on hold so long I finally hung up. Wanted to order it.

  13. My husband purchased the Weber Grill at the local hardware store in Atlantic Highlands,nj May of this year (2018) (this is our 3rd one, over the years). This new one with the pull up side tables are beginning to rust! They look like stainless steel, why are they rusting? Is there a produce we can purchase to prevent this from happening? We keep it covered when not in use!

  14. I would just like to take a moment to say thank you to customer service rep Dianne. I had called last night at approx. 5:30 pm in regards to a few missing parts. Dianne was more than understanding and very gracious to offer her help and expertise in assisting me. It’s not too often people say thank you anymore, however I would appreciate it if you would please pass along my sincere thanks and a job well done to Dianne for me. It’s people like her that make a business like yours what it is today !!!



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