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Contacting Washington Post Customer Service Center

The Washington Post is a US publication that reports news from around the world. The paper started in Washington DC, thus the name. A digital paper is now available online and on select mobile devices. Visitors can choose to access the US version or a Regional version with more news from a select region.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Unlike other newspaper customer service departments, the Washington Post lists all customer service information with links to the page where the information is located. What is not openly listed is a customer service phone number. After a little searching we found a chat session log where the customer service phone number was published.

  • Customer Service: 1-202-334-6100 or 1-800-477-4679

Mailing Address

You can send mail correspondence to the Washington Post for customer service issues and letters to the editor. If your letter is to be delivered to the editor, please add the line: Attn: Letters to the Editor

The Washington Post1150 15th St. NWWashington, DC 20071

Official Website

You can find the official website for the Washington Post online at This page is where you’ll read news online and access your account if you are a digital subscriber. Delivery areas are limited, according to our call to customer service, so you cannot receive home delivery outside of the delivery area.

Customer Service Email

The customer service department is available by email, but you may have a little trouble finding the correct email address. Most addresses are hidden behind links to the different departments of the newspaper.

If you wish to send a letter to the editor via email, you must keep the letter to a maximum of 200 words and include your name and contact information. Letters sent via email are more apt to be published because they are timely, unlike letters sent via standard mail delivery.

Our Experience

Our call to the customer service department was answered with a voice-activated automated system. We pressed 0 to bypass the system and our call was immediately answered by another automated system explaining the 24-hour customer service system available online and automatic payments. These messages are clearly used to fill in the time the customer is waiting on hold. Our call was answered in less than three minutes. Our representative explained that digital delivery was the only option for our area.

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167 Comments on “Contact Washington Post Customer Service
  1. home delivery we did’t not paper on the 21th this his not the first time. We were told there was a late print so does that mean know body get a paper. Name on house is under owner name but we rent long term. We ordered and pay for this service somebody not during there job.
    thank you

  2. Hi, I really like the on-line version of your paper. It saves paper and the comics and puzzles are readily available. Here’s the thing; a whole hell of a lot of your on-line comics are unavailable. This is not the first time this has happened. Come on get someone to monitor the on-line comics and fix the problems. By the way the daily crossword is screwed up too. Maybe it’s the new ownership. Those of us in Connecticut are used to really bad management by the Sox ownership who, as I’ve read own a fair chunk of the WP. Try to fix problems before they run for three or more days. Maybe firing whoever is supposed to be in charge publicly will get the rest of the staff whipped into shape.

  3. I am so disgusted with the delivery of the Sunday paper I will never fall for the Post’s subscription drives again. I do not have the local delivery person’s phone number. The paper delivery has been spotty, to say the least. The post owes me $7.50 for non-delivery incidents, and none of my complaints ever get answered. But, when my subscription comes up for renewal, and I don’t respond, it has no problem dunning me for that.

    thanks for nothing. I don’t expect an answer, based on past perfomance.

  4. December 21,2013 My Post as well the Frederick News Post was not delivered today and I called the delivery number- only to receive a message that no one was available after 12–how do I get my paper delivered.

  5. If your carrier cannot fulfill our request then I suggest you get another carrier who will be more customer friendly.

  6. Dear Washington Post,
    By the way, it is a foolish policy to send people like myself seeking to email Customer Service — that is, people who almost always have a complaint — to a website where their comments are published for all the world to see. This is no way to run a business! You are eroding customer loyalty at a time when newspapers can ill afford to do so.
    Seriously and Sincerely — Loisa Nygaard

  7. I have an electronic subscription to the WP. The WP continues to charge my credit card each month. However, I am unable to down load the “paper.” This condition has existed for some two plus months! Can you please correct this situation. I would expect a credit to my account to offset this no delivery problem. An explanation and acknowledgement to this dilemma!
    Tom Millard

  8. I have asked that the newspaper delivery person throw my paper up my driveway. On several occasions a week, the paper is stolen or the paper is not delivered. We have asked that the delivery person call us and we were told by the Washington Post that he would – NO AVAIL. How do we find out the name and telephone# of our delivery person. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING. We are about to cancel our subscription. Please help.

  9. website is pathetic. can’t get a number from Washington post website. can read the news but the links below for contact help etc do not work!!!!!
    and the numbers on this page do not work either!

  10. I too have had spotty sunday delivery service. Also when it is delivered I am usually missing the sales ad and coupon inserts. Since this is the only reason for my paper delivery service, this is worthless! No wonder their print business is so low. Horrible customer service!


  12. Readers of the Post in Middletown, DE are being “ripped off” by Post or distribution agent people, making deliveries to newsstands in Giant Food, Acme Food Markets and Walgreen drug stores. Home delivery of the Post are non-existent in this area and must be purchased in the stores cited. The last five Sunday deliveries of the paper to these locations are always short portions of the paper. My purchase today only included 4 sections. We pay premium prices for the Post here in Middletown and never receive the full paper. This is the 3rd time I’ve complained to the Post and it is never corrected. You’re forcing us to buy other out-of-town papers. Please correct the problem.

  13. I have been a printed edition of the WP for many years. My wife does not come near a computer and that is why we need print.
    I cannot accept that you will not credit my account for days that I called in yesterday and suggest to use the digital edition. I and my wife are 80+ seniors and do not ever access the digital edition. I want credit for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday or you can cancel my whole subscription altogether. In fact, I am looking for you to give me a much better price for a 10+ year subscriber and a senior. The present price is just way too high for us on a limited fixed income. I hope you can and will help. Regards Karl Menzel

  14. The Washington Post needs to be delivered each morning by 6 AM. Otherwise, it is useless to me since I am off to work by 7 AM. Each day it is not on my door step by 6 AM, I will be requesting a credit. I hope you will have it delievered on time which is 6 AM. Thank you!

  15. I believe in freedom of the press but also in the consumer’s right to not purchase the newspaper if it offends me. I do wish that the Post will go bankrupt as people stop buying the paper. MONEY is the answer the people can use to show their displeasure. I have purchased the Sunday paper as long as the Redskins have been in existence and will stop it starting with this edition.

    “Redskins” is a name that symbolizes a fierce competitor that almost kicked our butts with few and inferior weapons. It should be an honor for American Indians who were/are proud people and should know that Washington would not have picked this name if it meant cowardness, ingorance or any other low class name. Just because one tribe wants to get their name in the press (which the Post fell for) should have been challenged not condoned.

    Hopefully everyone will stop buying your newspaper and maybe you wealthy people can use the surplus copies to keep you warm this winter.

  16. I wonder why america is not completely analysing the situations in the world, some decisions don,t look so wise, america is big name and people throughout globe look her as final authority of problems solving,so america should always support tranparrency ,democracy,and reality.
    the situations in pakistan is nothing a frustation against corruption and dishonesty,sense of deprivation among youth seem to blazing,umran khan supporters are maximum educated youth,if US support nawaz sharif, america will achieve nothing except hatred among youth.hence future?

  17. Late consistently after thirty years of great delivery service. Complaints are ignored. Three strikes and we’re out.

  18. You done a article on a insurance agent of Sliver Spring

    Md that was murdered in Md ,in 1974 , of Silver Spring, Md
    might be able to send a issue of that copy ?
    I am inquiring for a friend, and I understand he was afficated
    with a group known as : “Ohio Players”. However, after doing
    a research on the song ; “Fire ” there seems to be a
    conversary on this . My friend found this very interesting, and my copy was lost.

    rance agent of Silver Spring
    Md in the Express newspaper.

    Will it be rerun again ?

  19. Home delivery is becoming increasingly problematic. I leave at 6AM each day and 7AM on weekends…my understanding is paper should be delivered by that time. So far this week, no paper Saturday (Oct 11)…Tues (Oct 14)…Wed (Oct 15).

    I would give my address…but see you are publishing these comments online

  20. We have requested that our newspaper be delivered to the inside of the our screen door and today this did not happen. I think it best that I report this immediately as this family has been a loyal customer for home delivery for over 60 years. I do not think this is an outlandish request so I appreciate your attention to this matter…..Thank you

  21. Your bill is entirely wrong. I have not subscribed for 52 weeks.
    20 weeks were at a reduced rate.
    You can mail me an itemized list before I pay you. Please state starting date of reduced rate, amount of reduced rate, and ending date of reduced rate. After that you can make note of starting regular rate and what that rate is. If you can’t do this, I will cancel.

  22. I have your digital via my local subscription to the Syracuse Post Standard.

    I want to unsubscribe and the local paper offers no help.

    Please unsubsribe my digital subscription.

  23. I find I am increasingly not receiving my paper. It will be fine for awhile then I will not get it twice in one week, then one day no paper. I haven’t had this problem in the past but seem to be seeing this the past 2 months or so and I am paying for the papers I do not receive.

  24. I do not like the idea that when I put a vacation hold I will not be credited for the newspaper – cause I still have access to the digital format – The news paper is not for my reading – it is for my father in law who is 86 and has no clue of using a computer or accessing a digital subscription – it is a shame that you cannot credit us for the time we put the newspaper on vacation hold. Your editorials publish about injustice done to people and societies and ask that it be stopped but yet when it comes to your subscribers you treat them indifferently and not giving them the due respect- Please credit us for the time we are not receiving the newspaper.

  25. I am a digital subscriber to W Post. I have limited vision and need to enlarge articles. I have always used your Sudoku and crossword at the bottom of the digital page. Today it is missing, and the one listed on the sidebar does not work at all for me. What’s up with that

  26. After receiving many emails from the Post offering me an annual digital subscription, I decided to go for it and subscribe electronically. When filling out my information, I got a response that my email address was already in use. When trying to access as an existing, however the system would not let me in. I called your 800 number and selected digital subscription from the choices I was given. I immediately was put in a cue and held for 7 minutes before hanging up and calling again, selecting subscriptions this time. My call was answered in about 30 seconds, however I was told that I would have to be transferred to digital subscriptions. I explained to the lady that I had just held for 7 minutes for them and gave up. She apologized but said that this was my only choice. I was put on hold again for 5 minutes when a lady from circulation picked up. After listening to my story, she told me that she would still have to transfer me to digital subscriptions. I can see why you folks are so hard up for subscribers.

  27. To Whom it May Concern:

    I had every intention of letting this go and chalking the entire situation up to the fact that I was conned by the salesman. That is until I spoke to a representative in your office today. After today’s experience I felt the need to escalate this further as well as request a full refund of my subscription.

    I began a subscription to the Post after a student came door to door soliciting. Both myself and my neighbors declined the Post due to experiences with our delivery man. The student claimed he was aware of the concerns, that the delivery man had in fact been let go and that this student would personally be delivering the newspaper. Because of this and only this, I agreed to a subscription to help him with his schooling. I received two newspapers. Two. That is all. They stopped after the second day they were delivered when I had a run in with the delivery man and it did not go well. After that he never delivered a paper to my home again. The original concern with the delivery man was that the papers are all over the place. They are not placed in front of doors and seem to be at random locations on the floor (I’m in a condo) throughout the level. No one knows who’s paper is who’s. I realized why it was this way on that second day when I ran into the delivery man as he was literally standing on the second level and randomly throwing the papers up to the third floor with no regards as to where the land. I confronted him and said this explains why this was happening. I let him know I would be contacting you and he begged me not to promising that he would begin actually walking up the stairs and delivering them to the door as is required for his job. He specifically asked me what unit I was in and assured me this would never happen. He wasn’t lying I guess. My paper was never placed in odd places again. It simply was never delivered again. I did not report this and let it go to avoid another confrontation with the delivery man.
    Yesterday I received a renewal notice. I called this morning to advise that I would not be continuing the subscription since I wasn’t actually getting it and because of the concerns above. I made it halfway through the story above when the representative cut me off and said “I’ve canceled your account.” I told him that he did not let me even finish my concerns and he was not listening to the fact that I didn’t receive the paper. I asked for his Supervisor. He placed me on hold for 35 minutes before I finally had to disconnect the call. Had he not treated me this way I would not be asking for a full refund. I would have blamed the delivery man and student solicitor and simply not made the mistake of obtaining a subscription again. The service from the customer service representative was appalling. I am now requesting a full refund of my previous subscription as I only received two newspapers, I would like the account cancelled and I would like my home and address placed on a do not solicit list. No mailings, no students coming to my door. I expect a full refund and an acknowledgment as to this situation and how it has been handled at all parts of this experience. I will also be following up with my Condo Association, as I am a Board Member, to see what can be done about this on a community level. We already have no solicitation and I will be enforcing this and contacting local authorities the next time I am solicited to my door. Thank you.

  28. WE stopped delivery on Sept 4 to begin on Monday Sept 7. We got home from our trip to find the Post in our driveway as expected but have not gotten one since!!!!! What’s going on???? Not only is your website to make these changes very unfriendly (have trouble even finding it) but the service is unreliable. Been Post customers over 40 years and expect good service

  29. Up until three days ago, my daily delivery was excellent. The pat three day I have had no delivery. I thought we we paid up to date and beyond, but I have not received a recent invoice.
    Can you please check to see if we are current with payment ? If so, please restart the deliver my newspaper immediately, If not, please send me an invoice as I am an avid reader of your newspaper and I hate to miss it. Thanks, William N. Stehle, Sr.

  30. I have been reading the Washington Post for over 65 years. I started out delivering the Times Herald and then the Post when they bought the Herald. Now I can’t seem to get home delivery. Four times in the past two weeks I have not received the morning paper. To make matters worse the automated phone complaint doesn’t work. Please let me know what needs to be done. I DON’T WANT THE ON LINE ADDITION. I want the hard copy delivered to my house.

    By the way the sports section is not about sports, human interest stories only. No golf, no horse or Nascar racing, only the Nats and Redskins. Very sad.

  31. I have a week-end only subscription. Paid up to 12 weeks in advance. Saturday someone drops the Sunday advertising and magazine package BUTNOT THE NEWSPAPER???? I have to call for REDELIVERY. Why doesn’t the person who delivers the Sunday ad package also delivery the SATURDAY NEWSPAPER AS WELL.

    I have contacted Mr. Mallory whom I was told is my Zone Manager as I could not reach the Distributor: Diane White. PLEASE ADVISE.

  32. I did not get the TV guide section of the Washington Post today, October 25, 2015. I tried to contact my carrier supervisor, Glenn Dana and found that his voice mailbox was full and cannot accept any messages. I assume that it was a general failure of your subscription service to my area {Loudoun County-
    Ashburn }. Please contact him and have him arrange delievery of the TV guide section with my Monday paper. I assume the fact that I did not receive my TV guide insert is do to your delivery service to his area.. This is sloppy management from the circulation department and does not reflect neglect on the carrier or his supervisor. Considering that we pay extra for the purpose of receiving this guide and use it for the entire week, we both deserve delivery of the guide with our next daily paper and a credit for the missed issue.

    My name is Paula Gl.ick. My telephone number is 703-724-9131, my address is 42842 Falling Leaf Court in Ashburn VA. You may call or e-mail me at the above address.

    I expect to receive the TV guide with my daily paper on Monday Octboer 26, 2015.

    ThanY you for your prompt attention to this matter.!!!!!

  33. I am very concerned that the person who delivers my daily/Sunday paper does not place or throw the paper so that it lands on my front porch. .We are senior citizens. Furthermore, our paper gets wet when it rains. We pay too much not receive this courtesy. Thank you
    My home address is 4800 Russell Ave Hyattsville MD 20782

  34. I would like to have the delivery of the paper discontinued from November 10 through December 11. When I made this request in October, the papers were still delivered and gathered in our driveway. PLEASE make certain the paper is not delivered during this time frame. Thank you…Bill Heflin

  35. Dear sir/madam.
    I am in INDIA Mumbai,and i want print copy of Washington post news paper,through post,courier,but many time email send you there are no response in your side please suggest me can you possible to subscribe print copy Washington news paper single copy

  36. For the second week-end in a row, I did not receive a TV Guide with my Sunday supplement. Has the Post discontinued this, or are they just forgetting to put it with the paper?

  37. Been on the phone for 30 min.
    now still on hold. Trying to find
    out about my account under
    William Rice…703 960 0006.
    ? On bill.

  38. Please take me off your list for
    Computer subscription. Was unable to access. I find many of your articles,and editorials disgusting. PLease cancel!

  39. The paper is really slacking, this week no Health section on Tuesday and no Local Living for Fairfax and Thursday. One day no crossword but two puzzles the following day. This is not the first time and with cost of home delivery I find this appalling. With subscriptions down, I just thought the Post could do a better job, my paper is 1/4 the size it used to be.

  40. I have nothing but outstanding ratings for my Washington Post delivery person, and the quality of my newspaper, which I have subscribed to for many years. But I am disappointed at recent actions of the Post: 1) taking away cost credit when we have a newspaper stopped; 2) charging extra money for the Thanksgiving newspaper; and 3) no Washington Post Magazine on new year weekend. I’m thinking… what is next?

  41. I am still getting my WP but am unable to post comments. Is it because I bought a new computer or are you censoring my political views especially on guns?

  42. Awful customer service. Took many attempts before I could even get through to someone. I was trying to re-establish payment via my credit card, which will allow a discount on the cost of the paper. I finally got connected with someone (probably in India) who told me I could get a gift card. I knew that was wrong and said so, he put me on hold! I finally hung up and called back. It was a huge waste of my time.

  43. New customer. Out of the last seven days, we have had one paper delivered. We have called customer service several times, once speaking to a human but it did nothing. Please have a human (in this country)

  44. Last week I contacted the Washington Post to cancel my subscription. I had no complaints about my service or the newspaper. Right now, my husband and I are travelling often – we were stopping the paper more often than we were reading it. I explained this to the representative who put me on hold twice to seek advice — I guess – as to how to convince me not to cancel my subscription ! She then told me that I would continue receiving the paper until February 26th because it was paid for. I WAS TRYING TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION ! I finally gave up, told her to CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION and hung up. Rude, yes, but I saw no other way to end the conversation. Again last week we were out of town, so, since my subscription could not be cancelled, I called to stop the paper while we were away. We came back to find four copies of the Post at our door. This is unacceptable. The paper is delivered to 20818 Wallingford Square, Apt. 102. The phone number for this subscription is (703)406-7836. I WOULD LIKE MY SUBSCRIPTION TO THE WASHINGTON POST CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY. I DO NOT CARE THAT IT IS PAID FOR UNTIL FEBRUARY 26th. I DO NOT EXPECT A REFUND. Please notify me by e-mail ( or cell phone (703)401-2482 when my subscription is cancelled.

  45. Our POST delivery person just delivered all the papers, incl. today, that we had not received during the Blizzard. We live on a circle, and saw our first plow only this morning. Very impressed–thank you.

  46. Our POST delivery person just delivered all the papers, incl. today, that we had missed during the blizzard. We were only plowed out this morning!
    Thank you for excellent service.

  47. Yesterday i was contacted regarding if i wanted to renew my subscription. I asked it was possible to use the last credit card on file (as my spouse was actually at work who mainly takes care of bills) they said no. I said thats fine please send the bill via mail and we will take care of it that way. I was told thank you we will and the conversation was over. I have proceeded to get 3 phone calls today. The last one at 745 which awoke my sleeping grandson in my arms. Rediculous, please stop harassing me. You were not able to accommodate my wish of using last card in file so i asked for bill to be mailed you said that was fine yet keep calling my home!

  48. To Washington Post Customer Service Group:
    I called this morning to STOP and START my Subscription, due to vacation and a rep. answer the call to tell my I won a gift card, and asked for a credit card for an activation fee, I told him not interested as I NEVER give credit card number over the phone, ONLY wanted to STOP and START SERVICES, he than gave me a bogus number, this was very unprofessional and a WASTE OF TIME. THIS REP NEEDS MORE TRAINING AND HOW TO TALK WITH CUSTOMERS!!!

  49. I called on three different days about last Sunday’s paperand never got it. Our street was driveable by Monday.

    The last time I requested a missed paper from the New York Times they willingly did as they agreed to do for last Sunday. The person said I don’t know if we’ll do that. I again request a copy from you.

  50. for 2 weeks in a row we have not received our TV week publication with our weekend news delivery. Please be sure to have the TV week delivered to us right away.

  51. I’m not a subscriber and I’m really tired of the Savings Now Coupons TRASH being left in my driveway and yard for me to pick up!

  52. The delivery person throws the newspaper in the rose bush every day. It’s full of thorns. He can throw it in the driveway, or in the grass, but NOT THE ROSE BUSH!!!

  53. The delivery man throws our newspaper in the rose bush every day. Rose bushes have thorns!

    He should throw it on the driveway or in the grass.


  55. No hours shown for customer service number. So I call and get “unfortunately we are not here” at 7:05pm
    No link to get digital customer service via the web site. Not very digital.

  56. I decided to subscribe to the Washington Post but had trouble with their web site. I found the CONTACT US page, completed the fields and hit SUBMIT; the response screen said “unauthorized” with no further details. Went through the process two more times with the same response.
    Found this web site while searching for a FAX number to send in my complaint. Apparently there is no FAX number.
    The litany of subscriber complaints show here, from 2013 right into March 2016, suggests the Washington Post has some serious problems.
    R C G

  57. Billing issue – In October, 2015 I was offered 6 months daily service for $49.33, taking me to April 13, 2016. I asked if I could pay in 2 payments and was told yes. I mailed a check October 21, 2015 in the amount of $30. $10 of that was a tip for for Donald Cook ( I mailed a second check November 18, 2015 in the amount of $39.33. $10 of that was a tip for Donald Cook ( Total amount sent was $69.33 of which $20 was tip. Last month I received a bill in the amount of $13.53. I called immediately and was told I should discard that I didn’t owe and I would receive a new bill the end of March to further my subscription from April 14, 2016. I discarded. Today I received the same bill as last month. I called, put on hold for 15 minutes, called back and only on hold for 5 minutes. The woman I spoke with insisted I owed the $13.25. I ended up saying I would mail the check, but would also cancel my subscription unless I received a better offer than the 6 months. The numbers she gave me were not satisfactory to me and I said I planned to cancel. It is very upsetting that I paid what I was suppose to pay and yet I get an argument when I spoke with the woman today. I have an excellent deal with the NY Times and if I don’t get the Washington Post it’s the Post loss, not mine. I personally feel customer service in billing is not customer friendly.I plan to contact Mr. Cook to be sure he has been receiving the tips I always include with my payment. I have never had a problem with paper delivery – he even delivered when we had the snowstorm.

  58. Concerning home delivery: Sunday, April 3, 2016 newspaper not received. Today, Wednesday, April 6, 2016 not received. I’ve tried to phone today using number in your newspaper without success.
    I believe no one at the Post ever answers these complaints and further, has the worst customer service imaginable.

  59. This is the third Saturday in a month that my paper has arrived without the real estate section. I have just now (by phone) requested re-delivery of the paper in the hopes that the re-delivered paper will include the real estate section.

  60. Have you stopped Sunday delivery to the Virginia Beach area? We have not had Sunday papers in three weeks in our area.

  61. you have the most stupid and difficult vacation hold access. impossible to find how\ to do a vacation hold you can learn how to do it by checking the WSJ or NYTimes site. You are the worst ever

  62. 04/23/16 paper not delivered. Reported by phone at 10:11. Told a paper would be delivered within 1-1/2 hours. Didn’t arrive. Follow up phone call at 11:40. Told paper was on way. It is now 1:40 and still no paper. WTF?

  63. I’m very unhappy about your delivery during rain 2 ruined papers Sat/Sunday all because they can’t knot the plastic bag….. 2 soaked papers I don’t want replacements don’t read old news and we had papers all over house drying we read those.. credit sat/sun please.

  64. I signed up for the Election Year Special for Sunday Post delivery in April. I jgot my first paper on April 17th, I have not had a paper delivered since. I have made numerous calls, April 24, May 1, May 5th when I got a real live person. I was told that my account was active, my subscription would be extended for the missing papers. I was assured I would get a paper next Sunday. However, May 8th, and May 15th, I did not get a paper. I called today, May 16, 2016 and requested a refund. I am tired of the promises/lies. I am tired of having to call repeatedly to get delivery of a paper that I have trusted you to provide by paying in advance. You should not solicit for a service that you can not provide, while you pocket the money. Perhaps this is a scam and your prey is seniors. I’m just not that senior enough yet. I have already started sharing my experience with people I know.

  65. My paper delivery was supposed to have been held starting on Sunday, July 10 and my friend just called to tell me that it is still being delivered. PLEASE STOP DELIVERING TO 6227 JEAN LOUISE WAY IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT RESTART UNTIL SATURDAY JULY 30.

  66. I can’t figure out how to post a vacation stop online. The instructions you provide do not work. I had to leave a vm with customer service. I hope that works.

  67. I did not receive my Sunday paper inserts this weekend 3/26/17 or last weekend either. I did receive the news on Sunday though. Just not the Sat inserts.

  68. I used to like reading the newspapers on sunday but the delivery of the paper is unreliable. The paper is either incomplete or not delivered at all. More often than not, I am calling the Wash Post to complain and this is not what I want to do on a sunday morning. When my subscription ends I will not be renewing it.

  69. I hate the POST!!!! After years of service and years of billing problems I am DONE! They charged my credit card a higher amount than I authorized – ILLEGAL!! I am taking action

  70. Again, I did not receive Saturday and Sunday papers. I called at 9:55 AM and was told my full Sunday paper with inserts would be delivered. At 11:10AM, there was no paper and I called again. I was told its after 11 and its too late!!!! BUT I CALLED BEFORE 11. I asked to speak to a manager and she repeatedly said she will escalate this. I have cancelled the paper numerous times because of this problem and they keep convincing me not to cancel and they will resolve this. I asked why should the 11 o’clock deadline apply to today’s delivery when I called at 9:55. She just repeated how she will escalate this. This is a terrible service in ASHBURN. I’ve been getting the paper for almost 5 years and cannot count how many times this has happened. Horrible service!

  71. I have had nothing but problems with delivery, since my subscription started last November. I have made complaint after complaint that I receive no paper delivery; it is then corrected for 1-2 weeks, then it goes for a week or 2 that I don’t receive the paper, until I file another complaint.

    I don’t understand how a delivery person can fail to deliver a paper, time after time. There have been so many missed deliveries that I want to cancel my subscription and start a NY Times subscription – nothing could be worse than the experience I’ve had with the WP. I’ve even spent money to buy the paper at the newsstand!!

    Totally unacceptable!!

  72. Customer service
    We have a WP delivered as subscription to home. My spouse seems to be able to access on line version via twitter but my twitter account limits me to a couple of articles generically. How can I digitally access WP on my twitter as I have paid for subscription thanks

  73. Greetings, I am contacting you to report a problem. You have a news paper carrier that serves my neighborhood (The Reach in Gaithersburg Maryland) and the courier speeds through our neighborhood between the hours of 4:00 am 4:30 am. There have been two occasions with which I have been pulling out of my driveway to get ready to head to my office and I was met with a speeding vehicle that this morning almost hit my car. As I was backing out of the driveway, the driver impatiently attempted to speed by me but I guess they used discretion and determined that they could not. After they noticed that they had a sliver of room, they speed down the cul de sac, threw another newspaper and continued to speed through the neighborhood. To provide a barometer of the speed that I’m referring to, the driver is going anywhere from 45-50 miles an hour through a residential area. He does not stop for stop signs and this is an area with neighbors that jog and and walk their dogs. This report is long overdue and this is not acceptable. I would like to speak to someone immediately and have this person removed from my neighborhood. Thank you

  74. Yesterday my paper landed in the driveway instead of being placed in the delivery box. Today it was found strewn on the road near the box. This is the third time I have registered a complaint about this shoddy service. Since the Post is either unable or unwilling to effect proper delivery, i.e., placing the paper in the proper receptacle, I will be given no alternative, after being a subscriber for 25 years, other than to terminate home delivery. The increase in cost for this service appears to have coincided with a decrease in professional delivery, making it a lose-lose situation. Your handling, or, rather, should I say, mishandling of the situation is totally unacceptable. Is this the “new normal” I must accustom myself to? In accordance with the “three strikes and you’re out” rule, failure to take effective action in this matter will, regretably, result in delivery service being out of my life.

  75. No paper today???? should arrive by 0600… now 0830. Where is it?

    have you become an afternoon/evening paper?… didn’t do the Wash Star that much good, you know.

  76. We did not get a paper today. Your automated service is unacceptable. I know we are too late to get a replacement (we work for a living) but I at least want a credit and an explanation.

  77. Once again the TV Week insert is missing from both the Saturday inserts and the Sunday Post itself. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! We would prefer – 1 – receive a copy of this week[Aug.20-27, 2017] ASAP!!!! – 2 – Receive all future copies of your TV Week within the Saturday supplements = only fair for pre-scheduling Sunday morning shows without the curses for what I/we have missed and would have liked to see/record, PLEASE!!!! & Thank you. Nina Krantz, Mrs. Kenneth Krantz

  78. Twice this week I have not received my Washington Post and now today I find out there was no delivery to any of the Delaware area today. I don’t understand why as the weather has not been a factor. and Bethany Beach always get delivery. I live in Ocean View and always had gotten my paper. The Washington Times seem to have made their deliveries. Is there a reason why the post can’t get delivered and the Times can?

  79. Why has happened to the Washington Post? Twice this week I did not receive my Paper and now after going to the store to get a paper, I find out there was no delivery in the Delaware area. The weather did not seem to be a factor. How come the Washington Times made delivery but the Post could not? Please tell me if I have to change to the Times in order to get a paper? I am 86 years old and I enjoy my paper but should I switch so I I am sure I will get a paper?

  80. I understand that home delivery is not available to my zip code 11432 Jamaica Queens, New York City, NY I think you should expand delivery to all of NY City, not just Manhattan.
    In the meantime, could I try a mail subscription to the Washington Post.

  81. I have a subscription for the Washington Post digital edition. For days, i have not received my copy. A couple of days ago, I called your office and reported this problem but nothing has changed.
    I want both my daily digital copies for which I am paying but also a refund for the almost 2 weeks now that I have received nothing along with an explanation of what is going on.
    SteffiB. Rath

  82. So far, I am not at all together happy with your service nor how my initial complaint over the telephone was handled, i.e. completely ignored.
    I either want the rest of my subscription reinstated with a refund for the time I received no digital copies or if that is beyond your capabilities, a total refund on the remainder of my digital subscription plus the the one for the time I already have received nothing.
    Steffi B. Rath

  83. I called your customer service several days ago to report that you suddenly stopped sending me my daily digital copies to which I have a paid subscription. I still have received no more digital copies and want you to resume this service asap while refunding me for the more than a week now without copies.
    If you are unable to do so, I expect a refund for the remainder of my subscription plus for the time you already haven’t sent me any copies now – plus an explanation of what happened.
    I cannot understand that a paper of your renown has such a substandard service and customer service.

  84. I want to complain about the online website. When I try to view different articles from regular news to sports articles, it blocks me out. It won’t let me read the articles and instead tries to push home delivery. If this is designed for that purpose then what’s the point for the website? If anything this turns me off from subscribing.I can just as easily go to the library to read the paper, so you lose either way. Way to treat your online customers.

  85. I am frustrated because this is the third morning this month I haven’t received a paper. I called for redelivery or credit the first time–no response… I am retired and I enjoy reading the whole paper edition even though it’s gotten quite expensive. So what’s going on with the delivery of my daily and Sunday expensive subscription?

  86. I do not know if our delivery person has multiple neighborhoods, I would guess most likely. However, our newspaper is constantly delivered late. Weekdays, our newspapaer does not get delivered until after 7am(avg. time 7:10) and today(9-30-17) our paper was not even present at 8am. Perhaps the paper delivery person could reverse their route occassionally so we could receive our paper at an earlier hour. Thanks.

  87. I have subscribed to the Post for decades. I try to sign in with my email and password, and it keeps kicking me back to the sign-in screen.

    You would think that something as simple as this would work. Maybe you should ask Bezos about how to make it work

  88. I have a WP tube on my mailbox post that the carrier used for many years. However for the last few weeks the carrier ignored the paper tube, and just deposited the paper on the driverway, lawn, gutter, or where ever it landed. This morning the paper was in the gutter, and even though wrapped was soaked. PLEASE INSTRUCT YOUR CARRIER TO PLACE THE WP NEWSPAPER IN THE TUBE!!

  89. Hello. I recently cancelled my digital subscription and have yet to receive a credit card refund for the unused portion. Please follow-up accordingly at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

    Louis Rolla

  90. I am beginning to learn that you are not interested in customer service. I did not get my WAHINGTON Post yesterday. i called the 3 numbers that were in my phone book yesterday. On only oner did I get an answering machine. It told me the message box was full. The others I got no answer. I finally found you DC phone number for reporting a milling paopper. I called that and entered the datta to report the missing paper. After that it told me you were closed for the day. I shooud have called before 10 am. Yes it was 1 PM after I finished checking my for the POST several times, two phone books for your number and finally found the number on my computer were on the first sheet or google. Today the google did not show and thing for Washingtyon POat yEW i AM GETTING MAD TYPING THIS UNTIL I GOT TO THE FORTH PPPAGE OF GOOGLE AND i AM NOT GOING TO CONINUE WITH MY TYPING CORRECTIONS AND FOUND A NUMBER FOR YOUR CUSYMER SERVICE WHICH IS NON EXISTENT. i DON OT WANT TO BECHARGED FOR YESTERCDAYS OpAPER AND AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDER ING CANNELLING MY LONG TERN SUSSCRIPTION. yOU PAPER IS BETTER THAT bALTERMORE sUN AND ROUGHLY THE SAME PRICE BUT AT LEAST AI CAN GET SERVICE FORM THME

  91. I am a subscriber to the Washington Post digital service. However, I can no longer access my subscription. My email address works but the password is not allowing me to read the newspaper.

  92. I am a subscriber of the Chicago Sun-Times-long time and have not been getting my digital WP digital subscription-when I call the Phone number it is always busy-please correct

  93. Three days this week I have had to call about missing paper, for the Saturday paper, it came but with no Sat. paper only the Sunday supplements. Again on this Sunday, no paper, had to call again for delivery. Is the problem with the delivery person or what. Three times in one week is a bit much.

  94. I have found the “news” paper quite tedious lately and called earlier this week to cancel. “Logan” said he would be happy to credit my account and stop delivery…. however, checking my credit card statement tonight, I wasn’t credited, but CHARGED again.
    The Washington Post seems to display more and more incompetence all the time and this is unacceptable.
    I will be calling tomorrow during your business hours to get this resolved.

  95. Today I received a call telling me I owe 55.00 because my subscription ended. Why couldn’t I have been notified that my subscription was running out. Consequently I won’t renew the Washington post again. Also I never knew when my paper would be delivered. When I didn’t receive a paper I would get 2 the next day.

  96. im now done with the Washington post. David Weigle lied on purpose. You are fake news. Now the truth is coming out about you. You as a publication have no character, like I’m realizing about the entire liberal way of thinking. I used to look at everything you put out, always considering it, but after the latest save Weigle story, I can’t do it any more. I see why conservatives now call us liberals librards. Thank you David, for showing me the truth about liberalism

  97. I do not want to receive your commercial “Post Marketplace”. Please remove “7309 Dulany Dr. McLean, VA 22101 from your mailing list permanently.

  98. I just got notification to get the digital Post at a discount price. I already have the digital Post. This is the reply I sent back to them. ”Why would I take advantage of this offer when I can no longer respond in your comment sections since you changed your digital system? For awhile, 1/2 the time I could reply-evidently on your old system. Now, I can never respond—sorry. May have to change my digital subscription to another paper when this subscription is up in March.”

    Ann Powell
    act. #116878

    I have contacted the Post many times about this problem over the last 2-3 months. The problem still continues.

  99. New Zealand is the only western nation with the courage to stand up to you murdering spineless parasite jewcunts
    there’s a valid reason you’re the most hated despised filth in the history of mankind

  100. 1/1/18 I couldn’t fine my paper & reported it missing. Late in the evening my neighbor found it hidden in snow. Called this morning 1/2/18 to apologize and let them know I didn’t miss a paper and they misunderstood me and received an extra paper today. I have a good carrier and don’t want anyone blamed for one misplaced paper.

  101. I am very concerned about the emotional status of your opinion columnist, Jennifer Rubin. Her columns and opinions appear to be more and more devoid of rality and factual information.

  102. Really? Bi-partisanship?
    WP, I thought you were better than this……Trump’s speech vaguely cloaked his racist speech and intention. WP, you should know better. Call Trump out and stop catering to this destructive and loathsome man.

  103. Why do I have so much trouble getting my electronic copy of the Washington Post after I paid $100 for the subscription?

  104. I initially authorized $1 TO JOIN THE WASHINGTON POST NEWSLETTERS. This month my bank statement shows a charge of $10.00.. I AM BEDRIDDEN WITH OSTEOPORSIS. I HAVE BROKE MY LEFT LEG THREE (3) TIMES ALONE. i cannot afford it.

  105. I am Bob whitsett. this is the second week that I continue to have problems with my Post delivery service–not been delivered. I called sunday at 0900 and it was finally delivered at 10. Either the delivery improves or I will cancel my serices.

  106. Good after noon.I do not expect to get any reply for this complaint ,however I fell that I have to say something.,I have been a coustomer for the Washington for about 25 years on the 12 month of last year I was informed that my paper was going to be cut of because the contract I was on was no longer good,and I owned the company 69 dollars.,I did not understand but I paid the money by credit card and told the Lady to send me a bill she said I had to pay 69 dollars every two month, OK,i never got a bill on tuesady I got a call from this same Lady saying that she was cutting my service of for the same reason.I do not tthink that the Washington post had any one that sounded like a credit collector,as I said to her I never got any bill she said I got it she was cutting off my service .I am going to pay that bill ,that’s not the point I feel that a long time customer should not have to have a person call,and talk to them as she did

  107. My name is Daniel Walker,I have been a customer for the Wasshington for approx.//30 years.on December of last year I was called be some in your collection department she was very rude .she told me that a promotion that I was on was no longer in service and that I owned the post 60 dollars,and she was going to cut my service off the next day I did not understand what was goimg on but paid the 60 dollers by credit card..I told her to bill me so that would not happend again .this went on until last week on Tuesday this same Lady call again to tell me that she was going to cut my paper off on Wednesday ,, I had not got any bill for the past two month but she tells me I know you got a bill because it was sent to you and ended it with you have good day.I have very good credit I pay my bills and fell that as a customer does not matter that I have been with you guys for 30 years i think that this is no way to talk to your customer.this person do not need to be in the position she in in I do not think any thing is going t put right but I just had to get this of my mind

  108. Paper not delivered or mis-delivered to neighbor, April 22, 2018.
    Last Sunday, retrievedpaper from neighbor’s property.

  109. We enjoy reading our Washington post, but were unable to do so today because it arrived sopping wet despite the fact that it was in 2 plastic bags.

  110. Daily and Sunday subscriber to Post for many years. Starting about a month ago, our weekday Post plastic bag also contained a copy of The Washington Times. We do not subscribe to The Times, do not wish to receive it, and wonder why The Times is suddenly piggy-backing on our regular Post delivery man to also deliver their paper. Would like to request that delivery of Washington Times be eliminated.

  111. I’m so tired of hearing your writers constantly degrading women republicans, what the hell happened to your once noble paper, respected around the world. No more I just ended my daily reading of W.P. along with my membership. I do hope you wake up before the crap your spuing comes back to bite you.

  112. I am really getting upset and will probably never renew with you again, you keep on cutting me off access and I have paid for a year !!! This is the third time you have done this to me !! What gives I paid

  113. Looks like I am not the only person who is having problems I also can not get the POST on MY I pad? How come I paid

  114. How do I get a refund this is terrible service !!! I can never get in to read something I have paid for , Tried yesterday and today no luck!!! DON ALLEN totally useless

  115. tried again to get into my subscription This the most retarded paper I have ever been in contact with. There must be morons running it, All I wanted was what I paid for. ( a subscription????? Don Allen

  116. I have not been able to get into my subscription for about 2 months . Could you refund me the money as it is a totally useless time to even try to get into it DON ALLEN

  117. What are you doing for concerned readers, YOU CANNOT READ ANY ARTICLE WITHOUT THOSE DAMN CONSTANTLY MOVING ADS??????


    IT APPEARS you are LIKE TRUMPyou care more about money than us poor American people attempting to find out and read your paper about Russian influence in our elections

  118. After my family taking the Washington Post The better part of 75 years I was dismayed to find my subscription cost went from 98.60 for 52 weeks to 270.00.
    The post offers a lower price but only to new subscribers??

  119. I have spent more time requesting the stopping of daily phone calls from Washington post for the past 4 months…… no avail. I have filed complaints with FCC and DNC registry. I was promised my number would be removed and I continue to get daily calls in the morning, mid afternoon, high noon…….I don’t answer them but this is so annoying. spoken telephonically 2 times with customer service and 3 times on the chat email as recently as 7.16 calls continue. Must stop now!

  120. I am a subscriber to the WP. I am having trouble with links within WP emails in different collections (i.e. Opinions, etc) The links do not open! I have no problem with links in other folks emails, nor with links on the WP websites. Please fix it or tell me what to do!

    Morton Libarkin

  121. Today is the fourth day in a row where the Post failed to deliver prior to my having to call WP failed delivery. Do I have to call every day henceforth to get a late delivery?
    What gives?
    I want my paper without having to contact the Post!!!!!!




  124. I am REALLY FED UP. I have a digital subscription and my new items keep fading out and when I try to sign in a notification says it is taking longer than normal and to contact the WP. When I try nothing happens. I have been a customer for 2 years, why do you keep fading away on me?

  125. I have a late model Mac and not having any problem with getting to “read more” in LA Times and NY Times editions.
    I complained yesterday but so far no answer.
    I am paid up with the Post for a year. Aug. 10 $99.00.
    Over. a hundred years of age and not a Happy Camper with the Wash. Post
    You have my name and e-mail and I’m ready to try to read a full article
    in Wash. Post like I can in other papers or I will cancel thePost.

  126. Your phone line is not working since yesterday! Just sent an email about my missing Sunday paper. Hopefully someone will reply to my email at least.

  127. Service couldn’t be worse. Have not got a Sunday paper in two weeks and they do not “redeliver” in my area. How can one redeliver if they never delivered anything in the first place?

  128. Have you stopped delivery in Montross/Westmoreland County? For 25 years I have had to purchase my POST at the local newsstand/grocery store. Now it is not available even there. You have had an arrangement with Richmond TIMES-DISPATCH for shared delivery. Now even that seems to have broken down. Temporary or permanent? RADM Robert R. Fountain USN(Ret)

  129. Subscription fees are taken out of my Visa card every month and yet you won’t let me see the articles on FB?


    I will cancel my subscription next month if this doesn’t clear up.

  130. Comments on “Contact Washington Post Customer Service”

    I have been trying to termimate my washinton post digital Washington Post subscription since

    2180901 without success.

    My only option now is stopping per direct with paying the subscription

  131. I am a delivery person and have a customer who was waiting for me this morning to complain that his paper was in a puddle of water yesterday. I apologized and noted that it was raining so I really had no control over the paper being wet. It was double bagged to prevent it getting wet but I guess it still did. He threatened to call the post but I feel that he was harassing me since there was nothing I could do about the puddle being there.

  132. December 3, 5, and 6 were not delivered. Has the delivery employee retired, resigned, or been terminated? Is The Washington Post planning to discontinue home delivery?

    Please respond immediately.

  133. I have downloaded the post App and paid the subscription fee on my Ipad. But it will not allow me to read the paper. I keep getting popups to sign in, for which my Apple id and password are “invalid”.

  134. Very spotty deliver of my paper, having been a subscriber for many years, it seems that at least 6 times a year we have a missed delivery. Calling to report it sometimes results in a delivery. Once Again not today. Is this way the Post saves money? I wonder if the advertisers get a refund when we don’t get a paper? We never do.

  135. I called last week to ask about getting a 2019 Wash Post calendar. Mine either was not received or was thrown away in error. I was told that the calendars were sent out in early November. But, the agent said that she would see what she could do to get me one. My expectation of getting one was low. I was blown away when one came in the mail to me today. I worked in a customer service business for over 35yrs. I think it’s important to give compliments and positive feedback. I am sorry to say that I did not get the name of the person who took my call. But, I hope you might have a way of identifying her and passing my compliment along. It was much appreciated and very refreshing to see such follow through on a small request.

  136. My weekend paper is always late!!! Never here before 10am, but today it is worse. 10:40am and I have no Saturday paper. This has been happening for months, please correct this problem.

  137. My Saturday paper was stolen. It would have included the Sunday insert. Could you have the carrier deliver that insert when he delivers the normal Sunday paper. Thanks. Jerry Milligan. 301-990 7864

  138. Accessing Redskins coverage on the app is extremely hard. Doesn’t anyone ever try to search for articles at the paper? There is a big article in yesterday’s paper about Daniel Snyder, but when you search Daniel Snyder on the app,, it doesn’t come up. I get gouged every month from the richest man in the world for this service and every week I have to search all over the website for Redskins stories or go to Google to get the article, like I did today. I hope someone can search for this article and respond to my concerns.

  139. I’ve been getting your paper even though I don’t have a subscription. Can you guys quit throwing your trash on my front lawn every morning? Thanks

  140. My white delivery tube is damaged and I have called at least 3 times over the last 3 months and I still have broken tube! I just rec’d my current bill which is $20 more than last month’s Bill. Please help me.

  141. Washington Post customer service with respect to home delivery is somewhere between pathetic and non-existent. In the past it was efficient and effective. Now calls are handled by a call center in the Philippines, where the folks answering the phone have only a passing appreciation of English (not their fault to be sure). They cannot provide useful service nor can they provide useful answers or connect one with someone who can. It is just depressing

  142. The Post has left the far suburbs. I have been a subscriber for many years in the northern neck. Now nothing. No delivery-no local retail sales-nothing but digital. I hate digital. Maybe this business decision will be the beginning of the end for you.
    The Richmond Times is a poor second choice but here I go!

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