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Contacting Walmart Customer Service Center

Walmart is the mega-store that carries everything from iPads to diapers, gourmet wines to prescription drugs. The one-stop shop also offers a huge website with tons of special product offers not available in stores. If you are a coupon shopper, Walmart offers coupon printing. There is even a section of the website for requesting free samples.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

With such a big company customers are bound to find tons of contact phone numbers. Below are the Walmart customer service phone numbers for a variety of consumer needs.

  • Main customer service: 1-800-925-6278
  • Financial services: 1-877-294-7880
  • Business card services: 1-877-294-1086
  • Gift card services: 1-888-537-5503
  • Pharmacy refills: 1-800-273-3455
  • Find a store near you: 1-800-881-9180

Mailing Address

The corporate mailing address for Walmart is available for traditional mail correspondence. It is important not to send any personal information, like credit card numbers, via mail.

Walmart Home Office
702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AK 72716-8611

Official Website

The official website for Walmart is, but contact information is available on the Walmart Stores website here:

If you are looking for information on products available in store or online, or you want to check on an order or place an order, the main Walmart website is the best option. If you are looking for information on Walmart stores as a whole, the Walmart Stores website offers that information.

Customer Service Email

You may not be able to contact Walmart email customer service with a traditional email address, but you can submit a feedback form via the Walmart Stores website. The feedback form requires following a three step process to collect information before submitting the form. We submitted a customer service request to test how long it takes for the company to respond.

Our Experience

We called the main customer service phone number. We pressed 0 to bypass the automated system and the system just restarted. We pressed 0 two more times in an attempt to be connected to customer service. The call was disconnected after the recorded message said the call could not be completed. We called back and followed through the entire automated system. We attempted to find a local store, but that system was automated as well. After a third call, we finally reached a customer service representative in the customer relations department. She answered our question about a product being recently discontinued, but only with a general response that store inventories were constantly changing.

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1,056 Comments on “Contact Walmart Customer Service
  1. Please get more gluten free items in the walmart store on Jefferson St. in Joliet IL. The times are changing and people are eating gluten free more now. This walmart does not have many choices. Every grocery store by us sells gluten free frozen pizzas, gluten free mac and cheese. Please get more items at this store. I really like to shop at walmart for all of my shopping but that will have to change if this store does not start carrying more gluten free items.

  2. Greetings-

    I need to talk to a Wal~Mart human being associate for help to get a refund on a $750 MoneyGram to purchase WM Stock. It was sent back due to USA Inc Patriotic Act legislation. Have tried to get through to MoneyGram but all I got for 40 minutes of music and cyberspace comments on how to give them money.

    I was an WM Associate for 10 years as a greeter at Store #1989. I figured that age 76 was a good number to get out of the rat race. I loved my job.

    Would appreciate any assistance. My phone # is (805)736-8934

    John Spooner
    Capt RetVet

  3. Walmart refusal to honor price match for the tax free day in my Alexandria Walmart on 6225 coliseum blvd .
    The Staples store advertised filler paper for .0 1 with the purchase of $5.00 minimum! My wife asked if they honored their competitor’s ads and coupons. She was told that she could not price match with that particular store deal.This ad was in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk News Paper. Limit 5 per customer while supplies last We have been using these Alexandria Walmarts for years. Our home address is now 5407 Old boyce Road Alexandria Louisiana

    • Walmart does not accept the coupons where you spend so much money and get money off another item. That is a store promotion item only. Sorry.

      – former associate cashier

  4. To Walmart Management: I recently was made aware of your company decision to sell Monsanto’s GMO corn. The customer will not be provided with that information. Therefore, I will no longer purchase any corn product, fresh, frozen, or canned from Walmart. Consumers have a right to know if they are being sold GMO foods. I am sorry that Walmart does not respect such a basic right for their customers. I will begin buying all food products from other sources immediately. Walmart is setting another terrible example when they could show themselves as leaders concerning this subject which has been proven to be of great importance to most Americans. The dollar is the only thing that matters to Walmart, or so it seems. My money will go elsewhere.

  5. Until you have that obnoxious drink ad removed from popping up and ruining what one is doing, I will be asking everyone one I know or can contact to boycott your stores until it is stopped. You obviously will NEVER get a sale from that so why not remove it. I can’t see this will do much good but I am disgusted.

  6. 3 days ago when we pass by Yellowknift I buy hot water maker when I got home To Kugaaruk put water into it the water is trping at the bottom the model number JK-1199
    is a saltan cordless electric jug kettle


  8. Walmart is about to become over automated. Humans are sometimes not as expensive as automation. If SOMEONE read this I’m sure they could have sent a better response.

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for contacting regarding the incorrect address on you order. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We are glad to look into this matter for you.

    We have checked our records and unfortunately we are unable to locate and order on your account on the last 90 days. In order to assist you in a more efficient and accurate way, we would appreciate if you could provide us additional information in regards to the issue you are experiencing. If you could provide us the order number or the email address related to the account on where you placed the order. This information will help us answer your question properly.

    Andy, we thank you for your understanding and look forward to helping you. If you have any additional questions, please reply to this email.

    Sincerely, Customer Care

    Original Message Follows
    08/16/2012 09:41 PM from you:
    my store displays JACKSON MS. I live 200 miles from there. Please set my store to Picayune, Ms. I’ve tried every thing to change it–no luck.


  9. The new grocery bags dont seem to be very stong. 3 weeks ago one of the bags ripped and 1 of the 4 bottles of Gatorade broke. It really wasnt a big deal to me, the bag just might have had too much weight. But today when I was bringing in groceries, one bag containing a jar or pickles and a jar of nacho cheese/salsa broke. (Not much weight) AND a bag containing a 2 pack of kitchen clorox cleaners broke. I was able to salvage almost all of the bleach. But, that wasnt heavy at all either.

    • I submitted an application and resume several weeks ago and have received no response. How long do I have to wait? I do a lot of shopping at walmart and did not think it was that hard to get a job stocking shelves, cleaning, etc.

  10. I would love to use ur service with photo , every time I try to sign up for it it says I have an account already
    I have not signed up
    Please help………
    Liz christison

  11. I shop @ walmart exclusively to save $.Cleaning supplies vitiamins pet food auto supplies etc. Today was not a typical shopping day item 1 prohealth tootpaste item marked$2.88 I was charged $3.27 item 2 arm & hammer cat litter marked 10.83 charged $13.98 item #3 schick razor marked $5.77 charged $7.37 i noticed this when I got home. I bought a few other item that were priced as marked. Walmart Quincy Ma TC #1648 7747 8977 8643 8836
    I need to find a new store I guess

  12. This comment is directed to the Presque Isle Maine Walmart.
    Well for starters I often get sarcastic remarks from cashiers and often times one will try to get a lame joke going and won’t let it go.Or sometimes try to get personal with you with there sarcasm and piss me off to the point that I don’t want to shop Walmart anymore.Many of the cashiers I deal with there are very slow!I also don’t like how hundreds of customers get carraled into three or four open registers in long lines making you wait very long to pay for your items when they have several registers they can use.This is one of the many things I see that shows walmart is not there for the customer,The customer is there for walmart.Notice I’m not capitalizing there name anymore!It takes very long to get to a register and you pray that the cashier is not sitting on a bench while working and be slow or border line incompitant.Walmart doesn’t care about customer service,it simply takes to much time and is a huge inconvenience to employees there.I would like to finish by saying that many of there shopping carts have wheels that drag and are half squared off making them difficult to push around,but you don’t notice it till you get off of the rough tile area.once again Walmart is not there for the customer.Time for me to shop elsewhere!walmart you suck!

  13. I have tried to contact someone, anyone about my son’s applications. He has been applying every 60 days for the last 10 mths. Not once has he been given the opportunity to complete the 65 question assessment. The store told me face to face that he failed the assessment test. He never took the assessment test. The problem is the woman in personnel who has a problem with everyone who has an injury claim at the store..myself included. This woman Jill, was all fine with my son and his intial application until she found out he was my son then she became rude, very rude and ignored him and his phone calls about his application. She lied to him continously telling him she was “goofing off today, call later” or she was too busy to talk to him..meanwhile 20 people would be hired. I carefully watched all that was going on. I watched the “positions needed” board in the personnel room and waited for positions not being filled for months while my son was ignored. He IS a student, never had a real job, is willing to be trained. He is a hard worker and has people who will say so, if he was ever given a chance to get that far in an application process. He has been a “senior volunteer” for yrs with wonderful references. I think its sad that Walmart will not give him a chance. Everyone has the right to complete the 65 question assessment. I want to know why HE has not been given this chance? I also want to put in a complaint about the HR person in our store Jill…she needs to leave since she hates everyone so much. Most of the employees at my store has a horror story about her attitude with them. Thank you. I look forward to some help with this. Please just let my son have his assessment test, that he NEVER took. This is just crazy to have went on so long with no help from my management team. Do not send me back to Jill in personnel!

  14. I have been trying to get in contact with someone in Corporate. I have been on FMLA since July 26, 2012, and I have not gotten any pay since 8-10-12. I have used up all my Vacation, Sick and personal time. I have found out that I still have 2.48 left of my sick time,. but my HR says that is not enough to make out a check for. I have applied for a Food Card and Medical from Job and Family Services, but they need a verification that I will not be getting any more pay, and that I have Medical Insurance through Wal*Mart. I have been trying to tell them for over a month, that my Wal*Mart cannot give that out, so I am hoping that you can give them that information. There address is Job & Family Services of Guernsey County Cambridge,Ohio 43725. So if you could please give them that information right away, that would be really appreciative. I think their e-mail address is Thank you. Marcella K. Calvert Store #3262

  15. I bought a Pioneer car radio and had it only 3 month and 2 weeks and I tried to return it after the 90 days, I just wanted another radio that worked, didn’t want my money back just wanted replaced, I purchased the radio at your East Windsor Ct store, the manager was rude and didn’t give me the time of day to explain, her name was CRE, the radio is was only 88 dollars and it was the point that I spent a lot at Walmart and all I can say from the bad service department that runs that Walmart, I will never buy anything from Walmart again and I will tell everyone I know to not to buy from Walmart unless I get this resolved, I expect to buy good product from Walmart not product that breaks a week or two after your warranty is up. Very Disappointed in Walmart

    Thank you

  16. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Your ad on TV says Wal Mart will match any advertized price but when I shop at the Wal Mart on Slaughter St. in Austin, they say they won’t match item that are so many for so much. For instance 3/$1.00. They say they can only do it for items priced by the pound.

    If that is true Wal Mart should chance their ad on TV to say so. Otherwise, it is false advertizing.

  17. Not allowing “God Bless America” to be sang by school children on 9/11 is a pretty sad headline…. What are you people thinking? How soon we forget the tragedy that happened that day.

  18. I live in Santiago, Chile and cannot use your regular email as it will not take a message without a zip code. Your stores here do not restock your ” Great Value” products and I have been spending a great deal of time going between six of the Lider stores. Is there a place here that will let me place an order and pick it up. Your products that I am trying to find: Canned: chile beans, tomatoes, beef soup. Frozen: cheese cake, creame broule, waffles. boxed: garlic potatoes, red beans and rice. Bring in some really smoked bacon and southen sausage with sage and red peppers. Please step up the supply of your products. Thanks, Howard Richardson


  20. Hello! Deepak here. I purcased an Apple iPod Touch 4G 8GB from your stores on Aug 4th 2012 @ 11-32-51am in the Edison area store. The quality of the Ink on the bill is too bad, the characters on it have completely disappeared and even the bar code is not visible. This is my iPod serial no. C3RHXE9TDT75. This was the terminal number 40002641 & this was above thebar code tc 366401517328137086743. Please send me an another copy of the Bill to so that its useful for future use. Contact me +919448709811 (India, Bangalore)

  21. My expiriance was horrible. I waited for 15 minutes to check out at automotive. I was only second in line. 3 or 4 other employees were talking and pretending to be busy. The checker said she could not process my order because her computer was locked. There was other computers at the desk. She requested a “Store Manager” several times while we waited and waited and waited. I finially left without my purchase. Won’t be back anytime soon.

  22. This is another message I want to send to Walmart in Milford and Camden. I found something else on AOL that I don’t like and it has to do with the Gov’t (Obama)saying that it’s alright for our grocers to sell out expired food to put out on the shelves so people can get them and take them home for them to eat and when they find out after eating it they will be poisoned and killed and I’m telling Obama wants to see all kinds of people be killed and if he runs again he’s going to get a whole lot worser than he is right now. I don’t ever myself eat any kind of expired food because before you go and eat something that is not good you check the dates first. Eating expired food is not good for you because you will get sick and believe me my Dad has done this before and I’m telling you he was sick like a poor dog and it took a while for him to get back to himself again. I am very serious about this and it’s not funny and besides you don’t want to mess around with expired food because it will upset your belly ad it will wind up killing you. Just to let you know that I do love my Dad and I don’t need him be killed over on me because he’s my only father I have right now and I’m just so thankful that God the Father has taken good care of us but when I get sick there have been people taking good care of me but if my sickness gets any worse like when I feel that my breath is lifeless and almost gone the Father brings me back in good health and why he does that is because he knows that he is so close to me and I’m real close to him to because He has always called me his Believer in Christ and Christ Bearer and also his servant, in other words he feels that he is not ready for me to come home yet because he wants me to live my life and stay with your Dad because he needs you right now. The last thing I want to say about Mitt Romney is that once he gets in office he will make sure that the food stores will give us good food to eat so that way we won’t be eating any kind of food that’s expired and what is not good for us.
    Thank you for your time and your patience for me writing all of this and the only thing I feel about Obama is that he is sick because that is all he is anymore and I don’t give a crap of what he says. Thank you for your appreciation and your generosity and please give us good food so we can stay healthy. May God bless you always with all of his love and grants you with all of his peace ! Have yourself a good day and a great and wonderful evening.

  23. Just cut up my Sam’s credit/membership card. I am through with GE Credit. We pay electronically and if they can’t process the payment on their end the day after they receive it I am not paying the $25 late fee. Customers should not be responsible for slow processing on their end. We had problems with GE Credit before through HH Gregg because the store clerk entered the wrong address for us. Trying to correct it with GE Credit was a royal pain!!! Never again anything through GE Credit.

  24. On the evening of 9/29/12 my fiance went to our local store ( Ruckersville, Va. ) to purchase groceries and household items. After going thru the checkout, she was stopped by ASM Jeff, before even getting to the doors. He proceeded to demand to see her register reciept. She stated that it was in one of the bags, she was unable to locate. He continued to demand the receipt and proceeded to search thru the bags, untieing each one. Still blocking the exit with his body all the while demanding the receipt. She had become very distraugh and was asking the cashier to verify that she had in fact purchased items. The cashier confirmed and he still demanded to see the receipt, at this time she asked cashier if a duplicate receipt could be printed. The cashier was able to print duplicate and ASM still not satisfied and again said I need to see your receipt. My fiance was in tears and felt threatened by his demeaner so she contacted the sheriff’s department to send an officer to the store. At this time she returned all items for refund with the duplicate receipt ( she found original ). Still the ASM was not satisfied until the deputy arrived and talked with him and then my fiance. The manager told deputy that she was free to leave at any time and that he was not detaining her, not what employees and other customers saw. She had been detained in the front section of store between registers and door.
    I contacted customer relations via e’mail and received a call from area rep., she would not discuss incident with me because I was not there. She contacted my fiance and spoke with her about the incident. She was told that an investigation would take place and she would be contacted after that but would not be advised of any outcome. I feel that she should be advised of actions taken, receive an appalogy and restitution for damages from company.

  25. after seeing this stuff i am appolled and disapointed I thought walmart might be a good place to work for but i am learning and seeing that if you work there they heard you in like cattle at your shift and do not respect their employes i am very upset and will not shop there any more. theres aldi, bottom dollar, even giant eagle.ETC. HEY WALMART TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS

  26. Good Morning: I had a very bad experience with The Sikeston Walmart Super Center Store #9 on 10-28-2012. I called the auto center Saturday afternoon and asked if there service department could service my Mazda CX7. I was told to bring in to the Store early Sunday Morning, 10-28-2012 and they would service the car. I arrived at the Auto Service center before 9:00 AM and I sat in the service center lobby for almost an hour before I was told that I had to go to the shop area and have my car put on the list to be serviced. I talked to a Lady named Tina, she took my information, I requested an Oil Change, Air filter replacement, tires balanced and rotated. Now the time is almost 10:00 before they ever talked to me. I still have the ticket that Tina gave me to prove the time. I proceeded to shop in the store while my car was being serviced. I went back around 11:30 AM and my car had never been brought in the shop. I asked Tina about my car and she told me that mine was to brought in the shop next. I waited until 12:30 when they started working on my car. The mechanics put my car on the rack removed the right front wheel then all work stopped. After some time passed I asked what was going on , then they told me that they had lost the wheel locking key and they were looking for it. My car has to have a lug key to remove the wheels. I addressed Tina with my concerns, she then called the Service supervisor in and I talked to her, I did not get her name. She asked that all of the mechanics look for the wheel key. The key was finally located now its after 1:30 PM. The supervisor told me that there would be no charge for the tire rotation since i had been there so long. When I paid for the service which I have the receipt , I noticed that the rear wiper blade had not been replaced, I asked about it and they told me it had been. I went to my car and the old torn one was still on the car. I went back in and then they told me the reson was that they did not have one. Then I noticed that my air filter had not been replaced as I requested. The told me that I had to get back in line before they could get my car back in the shop. well I had already been at this Store # 9 since 8:30 AM, This massive delay caused me to miss Church and delayed my Sunday plans. I finally left Walmart around 2:00 PM , I drove my car to the main highway, #61 and stated down the road when it stalled and the engine died. I tried to crank it several times when I asked myself what the mechanics did under the hood. I raised the hood and found that they had left a wire loose on top of the air filter. I reinstalled the wire and my car cranked up. I then went back to Walmart Store #9 and wanted to make a complaint but NO supervisor would come back to the Auto Center. I then left Sikeston and approached 60 MPH when I noticed my steering wheel shaking bad. By this time I am so aggravated that I drove it home to New Madrid Mo. I am taking it today, 10-29-2012 to a professional service Center.Its a good thing this happened to me istead of my wife. I have also tried to go on Walmarts customer sevice site and it will not go through. What happened to customer sevice?

  27. I wish you would quit moving stuff around. Went shopping today, & of course things were not where they were before, so asked a stocking clerk…..”oh we don’t stock that anymore”……well several items they said that about, we stumbled on as we toured the aisles!
    This is one reason we quit shopping at WalMart as much as we used to! This was your store on Razorback Rd in
    Colo Springs Co.

  28. really wal-mart??? i post on ur page and its remover immediatly? awesome to know how you silence feedback if it dnt make your store glow! i wish i could post the pics i have here as well but i cant here the og post ur removed!
    so tonight my wife 8 month old daughter and myself decided to go to wal-mart in brookpark ohio to pick up a few things we needed for the house as well as a couplke of tires for her car and this was my expierence! firstly I entered the store about 620 pm through the tire center enterance into an unlit darkened lobby where there was a sign explaining that they were closed from 6 til 7 due to the entire tire center being on lunch. now initialy it was no problem since we needed to do some other shopping as well. after placing the baby into the cart we were off and shopping. almost immediatly 3 young men who i am assuming were stock employees nearly knocked me over while horseplaying in the aisle walking by then look at me and refuse to even acknowledge that i was almost shoved into a we shop we realize the store is obviously under construction but still unnecessarily crowded and messy with carts pallats and random un accompanied messes! so my wife and i find all the baby things we need the proceed to the pharmacy after killing a little time browsing electronics and candles and such. the ladies in the pharmacy helped my wife fine what she was searching for which was the bight spot in our visit. around 650 pm i started to make my way back to the tires center where there was already a group of people also waiting for them to reopen. this is where it all goes down hill! there is now about 8 people waiting for theis section to reopen and a few of them with kids are already annoyed and restless. about 705pm a worker returns and says the area is closed so a few people started complaining that their cars were dropped off earlier and there is no way it can be closed. while this conversation is happening the young lady who is slotted to work the counter returns from her break flips the light on and reopend to what should be everybodys delight……. WRONG!!!as thhe lights come on it illuminates the disaster of an area in which we are all crowded into. i look around as a slippery mess sets on the floor in front of the display tires that mess i counted at least 5 employees walk past without concern until i eventually left with it still sitting there. the ceiling tile was missing with random wires just dangling, and the mors disturbing thing i saw on my whole trip was a random cart filled with broken down boxes left in the aisle just outside of the lobby…. the cart alone not to bad but i watched a senior citizen in a moterized cart try and roll down the aisle past the cart wne a piece of the cardboard hanging over the edge of tha cart clips the man in his face! it scratched him just below his eye and i asked if he was ok and he replied he was. WHY??? unattended card board cart? it couldnt be pushed into a safer place?. moving on the young lady starts to help the 1st customer who was there justy b4 they went on break and was told to return after 7. in the middle of helpin this family she lookes up at the other 8 people and says ” what is everyone standing here for?” really? thats the greeting we get after waiting in a dark lobby during regular business hours for services that are closed but open but closed but on break? i man had dropped off tires and the 1st lady she helped needed something called and epc approval? i dnt know what that is but apparently it needs a manager and managers are hard to come by because it was about 40 minutes until it was approved and they were looking for another approval still for the second person cause it was forgotten when the manager was there. after sorting this out a lady with her 2 small children who were waiting ahead of me was asked why she was there and she said she needed a tire the clerk say to her she can purchase a tire but they are not taking anymore cars where they would have to make the changer or do a service. the lady says “but my car has a flat can i at least get someone to help put the donut on” she was just given a smug look and not answered. i stood there and watched this woman get increasingly frustrated at being ignored and storm out screaming at her kids taking out her frustration on them. just after that a gentleman who had dropped his car off befor their lunch returned to check on its progress just to be told it wasnt even in the garage yet… frustrated he said i better get a discount since i been waiting all night when the lady replied she would give him her employee discount but wasnt doing it for everybody. it was soon apparent that she had know the man personaly since there were continuing to converse on a personal level. at this point there is 2 more people ahead of me who are basicly told they could work on their cars but it would mean there were there till 1030 or 11 pm and that wasnt gonna happen. one was for an oil change and the other for tires. all this time i was trying to catch the your ladies name but her name tag was on a necklace and conviently flipped backwards so i had no clue who we had all been dealing with. this whole time i waited patiently even letting others go ahr=ead of me because i was in no hurry and honestly wanted to see all of this play out. finaly when i am the last person left she asks how she can help me and i said i needed tires but not put on. she asked my size and needed to check if she had them. she then buzzes the door to go outside and asks if i would go holod the door on the other end of the lobby so she could buzz it and go into the garage. SUREEEEEE let me do that for you i thought! but i nicely said yes and proceeded to hold the door for her. i purchased my tires and disney castle i had randomly decided to by while standing around. by the end of the transaction she managed to squeeze out a smile and offered to get me a cart remarking that there is always carts sitting around and even retrieved one for me! i watched her grab one of the carts from the group with the cardboard hanging off nearly blinding a gentlemen leaving the cardboard filled one directly in the center aisle. i then went to my car where the lady with the flat was still waiting for a family member to bring a jack so i helped her put her donut on myself then came home! i will forever remember this and i am not a person to complain ever! my wife says i take everything on the chin but i honestly tonight cant justify spending over 300 dollars in a place that is a unsafe disater who is clearly understaffed in 1 department but pays 3 guys to play and toss product around in other departments. next time i think id rather burn my money or shop at my near by falling apart superK. it is just sad that i helped fund what i watchned go down…. and if your reading this i hope you wouldnt want to fund this kind of disaster! i can only imagine what my expierence would have been if i would have had to vist other parts of the store for any length of time. im not even mad about this whole thing just really saddened by it that in essence i paid someone to treat me and other customers like we were piles of crap. maybe we are on your time wal-mart…. is that it?

  29. I do NOT believe that WALMART or your employees strive to excel in providing a positive shopping experience in any way, shape, form or fashion after what I have experienced in your Irondale, AL store two nights ago. I came into the store with my wife on Monday night to return Redbox movies, load money onto my Walmart Card, and shop for a light-weight jacket. While trying on a jacket in the Men’s Department, my wife and I were confronted by a Birmingham Police officer serving as your security guard and a boy covered in tattoos, wearing ripped jeans. The officer (with a horrible attitude and nasty tone of voice) asked us, “Did you pay for that?” To which I replied, “What? No, I’m just trying it on.” He intentionally ignored my response, and asked if I could produce a receipt for “it.” My wife, who apparently understood what was going on, pointed to my back pocket, where I had a 20 oz soda that I had purchased at a gas station BEFORE I entered the store. My wife and I tried to explain to the officer and the boy (who ALSO had a the EXACT SAME DRINK IN HIS BACK POCKET) that we purchased the drink BEFORE we came into your store AGAIN, at which point, he asked us to produce a receipt AGAIN. We told him that we didn’t have the gas station receipt. We also pointed out that the boy who had apparently brought us and OUR drink to the officer’s attention, ALSO had a drink in HIS back pocket! The boy finally said (with an even nastier, haughtier attitude/tone of voice than your security officer), “Well, I work here,” as though HE was somehow excused from behaving like HUMAN BEING because he is a Walmart employee!! My wife has some serious health problems and was becoming VERY VISIBLY upset from the PUBLIC HUMILIATION caused by YOUR employees accusing us of theft (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE!). We have never been treated this way!! We went straight to customer service to report what had happened and that your employees have NO TACT whatsoever. We were embarrassed beyond belief and your Manger on Duty, Lawrence, added insult to injury with his pathetic, “I’m sorry that this happened.” Lawrence then gave us the Store Contact for Jason, apparently another Manager. My wife called him to explain what had happened, and he passed us off to someone named Kim (who is supposedly in charge of security) . I HAVE NEVER FELT SO PUBLICLY HUMILIATED OR MADE TO FEEL LIKE I WAS A THIEF!! Where was your “Loss Prevention” person when two young boys came riding by us on a scooter who could have fallen and busted their heads open? Where was your “Loss Prevention” person who is supposed to be standing at the door with “PAID” stickers so that this doesn’t happen? Is your “Loss Prevention” Department going to pay for medical bills sustained when I have to take my wife to the ER because she is having a panic attack and can’t breathe?? I don’t think so!! But maybe you should consider THAT the next time your employees publicly ACCUSE innocent people of THEFT!! RESOLVE THIS ISSUE, PLEASE!

    • I was at Walmart in Wintersville ohio today and bought several things including a apple pie that was on sale for $1.50 ,but when she rang it up it was $2.98. I didn`t catch it till I got home. I just wonder how mush they make in a year using this trick.I called to talk to a manager they put me on hold after about 15 minutes I just hung up
      I guess that’s how they handle complaints.So much for Walmart in Wintersville

  30. Why I will NEVER shop at Walmart again!!!!!
    I went onto to order four new tires for my Jeep. I entered my Jeep info and the standard tire size and an optional factory size were both given to me. Since the optional size was about the same size and over $20 cheaper per tire I ordered the optional size. The total was $474 and I had to shipped to the New Castle DE store. The order was placed on Oct 30th. Everyday I checked the status of the order and it always said “being processed”. Finally on Nov 7 I click on the “track package” link and I notice the item was delivered to the store and signed for by Tvornes. I call the store and after trying for over 2 hours because no one would pick up the phone a very rude lady told me she couldn’t help me because Site to Store wasn’t open yet and then she hung up on me. I then called the customer service # and spke with someone would all she could do was tell me the tires were there and I could pick them up, I asked about why I never received any emails, as promised by Walmart, to let me know the tires were in? It had been 4 days since the tires were received in store. She told me “I don’t know what to tell you”. Funny, as soon as I hang up within ten minutes I start to receive a bunch of emails from Walmart telling me my tires are in. At this point I know there is no way I will trust the New Castle store to install my tires so I call the North East MD store and explain the situation to the auto dept. I am told no problem, bring them in with the proof of purchase and we can install them. I bring them in on Saturday, Nov 17 and then am told that they will not install the tires because they are not the size that is on my Jeep currently. I ask where on does it tell me that. Or when I called and spoke with the auto dept no one told me that? I was told go talkto customer service, can’t help you. SO I go up fron to customer service and again, I want to know WHY will allow me to purchase tires for my Jeep but won’t install them? If Walmart will only install same size tires then Walmart should have a HUGE disclaimers explaining as such. Customer service then told me that my only option was to buy the other tires and pay the $20/tire difference. I told customer service I will not pay for their mistake and return the tires. After waiting 10 min for a return, the woman starts saying they can’t return the tires. I told her no way, they were just picked up from Walmart on Nov 11 and there is no way that is past when I can return them. Eventually they end up returning the tires as general merchandise so I can get a full refund. This whole situation proves how little Walmart cares about customer service and they simply want the quick buck. It was nothing but problems from the moment I ordered these tires. Trust me, I will never set foot in another Walmart again! I also will make sure to let everyone I know about the appalling way I was treated when it is without a doubt Walmart’s fault!

  31. I have a little one at home so could not get out to the stores to take advantage of the deals for Black Friday. Instead, I got on the website, made my orders but could not get to the payment screen. Everytime I would reload the page ( I began at 7:30 am and finally gave up at 9:45 am) it would tell me one or more of the items I was purchasing was out of stock! I believe it is just one more way to get people into their stores. Shame on you Walmart for not having the courtesy to make sure those who cannot get out of their homes, for whatever reason, not be able to take advantage of the prices by shopping via the website! You just lost another sale.

  32. I went to walmats yesterday (black Friday) and again today only to find there was no one available to help me to purchase a tv. I waited friday for 30 mins to no avail. went back today waited fifteen minutes for nothing. An associate was paged twice and noone showed up. I wish I culd say this was the first or even the second time this has happened but; it isn’t. This is no wasy to coduct business. I am talking abou the walmarts in Hamden’ the one on foxon blvd leaves alot obe desired. no employees working on very busy days or saturdays for that matter. I hope something will be done soon to rectify this matter. I am thninking of going to the media.

  33. I went to walmart in Baxter Minnesota and was looking to upgrade my husbands phone. I eneded up buying a phone and my daughters boyfriend asked if we found an ad cheaper in town for the same price if we brought it back would they match it and we were told yes, so I bought it knowing it was advertised for free at best buy. So when I take the ad back to Walmart they say no we can not match that. The same lady that said they would was still working and I told them that she said they would match it if I brought a paper ad in so I did. Well she said we were not talking about the phone well no crap we were only talking to her about phones. I think Walmart better change there ad if they will not price match any paper ad brought to the store. The ad does not say will not match save 99.00 and you pay 0 we will not honor well it should not say any paper ad, what bull crap. So instead I return the item and go get it for free from the other store anyway plus walmart ticked me off enough I will not shop there anymore and I did all my shopping at walmart before I mean all my shopping. Now I will not shop there and I will get everyone I know not to also. Walmart is miss advertising and I will be talking to someone about this also it is not right breaking the law by false advertising. Sincerly Ticked Off!

  34. THE worst customer service.It’s stinks I was on the phone
    for 20 min,and for the last 10 min answering service
    saying ” THE ESTIMATE TIME IS 15 seconds

  35. I think you need more people to work out side pushing cart not just one person,I think it is not right for any one to do the parking lot by themself.that why ever one walk out of there job because there is no help.

  36. I am extremely dissatisfied and frustrated with the services at Wal-Mart as of recently. I have been a faithful shopper for a few years now and would never imagine something as grave happening to me from you guys. On November 5th, 2012, I purchased a brand new car audio for my boyfriend as a belated birthday gift from the Wal-Mart in Quincy, MA. After that date, he finally installed his radio on Nov. 13th back at his house, which is located in Bridgeport, CT. But we noticed the remote control was not working. So on Friday the 16th went to buy new batteries because we thought that was the issue. That didn’t work so we found that the actual remote was the issue. We initially were going to exchange for a new remote at the Wal-Mart where I bought it but he left his receipt back in Connecticut. So he planned on getting the exchange done at the Wal-Mart near him. On Nov. 17th, my boyfriend went to the Wal-Mart in Stratford, CT to exchange the remote for a different one that works but was told the exchange would need to be the entire product and not just the remote. So my boyfriend put the radio I bought for into the box and handed it to the clerk, Jose. The exchange was made for the same radio (so we thought) where it was one of two remaining on the shelf. When he got home, we started to video chat and there he opened the box for the first time. When he opened it, he found a different radio inside the box which was already used and scratched. He was pissed off. And tried calling Wal-Mart back but the store had already closed. He went back to the store Sunday morning, telling all that happened and was told to return back. I came down to Connecticut that Sunday when they spoke to him because of this. We came back that night and returned Monday after his classes. When we got there, the person in charge of Loss and Prevention radioed the assistant manager at customer service saying “no” and wanted us to leave. The work they performed was a run through the product saying the radio inside was a 2007 model and was never sold at Wal-Mart meaning it’s not an item Wal-Mart sells and looking at the surveillance, the box didn’t appear to be damaged. Basically the blame is being placed on us. We demanded to speak with the guy head of security and he said the box didn’t appear damaged and he understands our frustration and this “happens all the time”. Why does this happen all the time? We exchanged a new radio box with the matching radio inside for the remote and for them to believe that we would put a used radio to get what we a new one doesn’t make sense because we could have just stayed with what we had from the start. Someone within that store had to have access to this product, and switched out their old radio for the new one. Because it is one of their own that could be responsible they have dismissed the case. I am not letting it go because I purchased it for $300 plus tax and I am a full time student with a part time job that doesn’t pay much. $300 is a lot to just go. I am going to take this to the authority and take it to news station because things like this should never happen. Everyone I am encountering is going to know about this situation because I am furious. I can’t believe that actually happened? To be sold an item with a used item in it? You guys should inspect the inventory. Check for broken seals or something.

  37. I bought my wife a pair of ear rings and you shipped them by FEDEX. I cannot get Fedex to track them or you to HELP me find them!!
    Your 800 number is wotless. I cannot get a human.

  38. I shop at your store in Aberdeen, SD Was in there yesterday and here sitting out in the cold was an elderly man ringing the bell for the salvation army I asked him why he was sitting out side and he told me that he wet inside on Tuesday the 27th THE EMPLOYEES TOLD HIM TO GET OUT . IF THIS IS YOUR POLICY i WILL PUT IT ON LINE TO PEOPLE NOT TO SHOP AT YOUR STORES, ALL OTHER STORES AR LETTING THESE PEOPLE INTO THE LOBBY AREA WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.

  39. You have the worst customer service and customer care service. It is damn near impossible to find a representative, you charge credit cards and weeks later still do not give fedex the package. I will never ever shop on

  40. I recently ordered a Samsung Galaxy II family phone and it arrived earlier as expected. I went to the site store at Lacey, Washington the closest to my home and pick it up. While reading the information on the box, the phone should have a SIM card but nowhere to find. According to the note on the ohone, the old SIM will not work. My question is where is the SIM card that came with it? Was it aacidentally omitted. This is my first order and I am not happy about this

  41. Can you please answer my question I sent you Thursday 22nd of November? I lost an item that I bought at your store and I’m afraid I might have forgotten to take one of my bags. Also when I send you a question over the internet (at your web page) I don’t get any reply from you. Please reply my request. I also do not get any confirmation in my e-mail that you received my request. So in the future, please sent a confirmation with e-mail that you have received my question. I cannot go to the store as I am not in USA anymore, but I have friends you could pick it up for me if you just answer my question ASAP. They will be leaving soon, so please just answer. And at last, I was totally unable to choose the correct store. I went to Walmart in Concord NH.

  42. I purchased a new ipad2 at the Walmart in Fern Creek, Ky. I then decided to purchase a case for it. I bought a Griffin case that I thought was a bit pricy for $80.00. Imagine my surprise when I found the same case on your website for $25.00. So where is my price match? Your store, your website.

  43. Hi I am truly disappointed in the Custermer service management who did nothing to help me or my family. it’s raining and they closed the doors to the side of the building were I parked in the handicap my mother and I are handicap and bought over five hundred dollores in merchandisers from your store. We had two baskets full. I asked a few of the girls who were getting the go back baskets if they could get someone to help us. they said that side is closed and we would have to go around. i explained our handicap and they said sorry we cant help you. My mother then went to look for a manager and asked a customer service manager named Rick if he could help us or open the door to where we parked.he said he would have to get someone to open the door and Ihe couldn’t do that. So my mother and I both got soak and wet packing our two baskets full in our car. I can’t believe Walmart would have such unhelpful Custermer service. They didn’t even help us at all we both were in the electronic wheel chairs and our items were wet to I really hope I do not have to return any of my items for being damaged due to this inconvenience.

  44. I think that it is Absolutey redundant that Walmart advertises things in their weekly ads and dont even have the sense to have the items in the store
    And God forbid you call around to different stores in your area, the coustomer service is terri
    bly AWFUL!!!!!.Walmart is too Big of asues company to have these issus.Get it together Walmart ,your losing coustomers. U have definitely lost this one.

  45. I’ve been shopping at Wal-Mart for as long as I can remember knowing that they exist. Today they proved to me that what I think doesn’t matter. I had trouble cashing a Comdata certified check. The company Wal-Mart uses, TeleCheck, acknowledged that the check is good and that I am clear to cash good checks but sent back a reply that tells the Wal-Mart representative not to cash the check. When I visited with Lewis and Erma, a couple of upper level managers at The Supercenter in Colonial Heights, VA, I was provided with a number to Wal-Mart corporate, There was no option for me to speak to a helpful Wal-Mart representative. I was allowed to explain the problem to someone who will add my complaint to a pool of thousands of unresolved issues. The customer has no voice. The customer will not receive a call from the correct agent of Wal-Mart or any agent of Wal-Mart. You are nothing but a drop in the bucket to Wal-Mart and they are more than happy to make that clear to you.

  46. There is a Pharmacy Manager named Jeffrey who works at the 17275 Nw Cornell Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006, Wal-Mart. You need to know that He is VERY “customer oriented”! He went (as we used to say at intel corporation) “above and beyond” the call of duty in order to assure that I received the medication I needed. I have been dealing with so many health issues, I wouldn’t know where to begin, just know that Jeff did in 1 hour what others couldn’t do in 6 years! I’ve never met a Pharmacist that really CARES for the patient, like Jeff. Please give him “Kudos” at the next employee recognition. He deserves it. Sincerely, Tammy Dill, (My Son-N-Law is an Assistant Manager at another Wal-Mart Store, and I know that “positive feedback” is always appreciated). thank you so much for hiring Jeff!

  47. On Monday Dec. 3, 2012 I called the Walmart in Kilmarnock, Va. looking for a 16″Mongoose Mutant Orange bike w/training wheels that we wanted to get for our grandson for christmas. It was not in stock and not in stock in Gloucester, Va. I went to the site to store and found the bike and ordered it to be delivered to the Kilmarnock Walmart. at 11:39 I got a email stating that my order had been received and I would receive a email when it was ready for pickup. Your site said that there would be same day delivery if order placed prior to 6:00 pm. I was taking bets against that with office staff. Yeah right delivered to Kilmarnock same day. At 12:02 I received a second email stating that I could pick up the bike in the Kilmarnock store after 3:26 pm. I left work at my usual time of 3:30 pm went home and picked up my husband so we could verify it was the correct bike and when we got there why yes it was. We were so shocked and elated at this easy process. We asked when it could be put together and they said when do you want it. We told them we would like it by Wednesday early evening is possible. Went back last night and there is was all put together and shiney. I must tell you it is the orangest bike I have ever seen but it was beautiful to have it there no muss or fuss. I did call the store before we went up there and was told Paul was gone for the day (by some other young man) and he did not see the bike I was asking for. This young man must clearly be blind, you cannot imagine how bright this thing is. But never mind we have it the customer service and same day site to store is amazing to me especially when we live in such a small town. Thank you WalMart this aspect of my shopping is over and I am telling everyone I know about your site to store. Good Job WalMart, Good Job. Sincerely ………….Lillian and Dale George, White Stone, Va.

  48. I was in a Wal Mart store in Port Richey an A lady was bringing in her dog. That not right dogs should not be alound in a store thats sells food by the way animals shouldn’t be in sores anyway They need to put a stop to this was next they going to bring in

  49. My husband and I decided since it is the Christmas season that we would go to Walmart to buy the things we needed a little later in the day than normally. It was Friday, Dec 7 around 9:00 when we got to Walmar in Cleveland TN Keith Street location. We purchased a sound bar for our TV, a Christmas CD, and a set of Walkie Talkies for our grandson for Christmas. We then proceeded to pick up a few groceries and on the way over picked up a 4 quart crockpot. You can tell we spent a considerable amount of money before we actually bought groceries. We were done shopping, tired, and ready to check out and get home to put things away and rest. WELL you know you’re at Walmart and you better not get in a hurry to check out because they never have enough registers open. HOWEVER what we encountered was worse than ever. It was 9:55 and NOT ONE REGISTER LIGHT WAS ON. Not one. There was one 10 items or less and one 16 items or less lane open. I went to see the manager to see what was going on. She tells me they are changing shifts. That I should go get in the 16 items or less line. I told her that wasn’t right. People with less than 16 items want to check out quickly and get out. It is very frustrating when you have 5 or 6 items and you get in the quick lane only to have someone with 40 items checking out in that lane. She told me the self checkouts were open. Let me just tell you, I am not on Walmarts payroll and I am NOT checking my self out. I told her this is exactly why I hate shopping at Walmart. We continue to wait, contemplating taking our big items that we paid for in electronics out of the cart and walking out the door. I was not thrilled about having to shop for groceries again at another store. So we decided to get in the fast lane and apologize to those around us and tell them our situation. Finally at 5 minutes after 10 I heard someone say isle 8 was now open and could check someone out. That means there was 10 minutes that not one register was open at Walmart on a Friday night during peek Christmas shopping time. I work for a customer service company….Whirlpool Corporation….and we know our customers must be handled if we want to stay in business. We stagger our staff at 15 minute intervals and they are released with this same time difference so that we always have someone available to answer phones. This isn’t rocket science and surely your workforce management team has figured this out. There is no excuse for a store of Walmarts size to treat customers like this. We have a new Publix coming to town and there is a Target in town so I do have choices and I’m sure you don’t care if I don’t shop with you again. That was certainly the attitude I got from the store manager and from the young lady that passed us when we were first looking for an open check out lane. Remember, one day someone is going to knock Walmart off thier pedestal and take all their business. You won’t be number one for ever. Fed up customer.

  50. While traveling I forgot my toietries and stopped at a WalMart in Lumberton, NC around midnight. WalMart is one of my absolutely favorite stores! This store, however, was filthy! There was only one check-out line open with 30 people in line. Employees walked by and looked at the line. Worst of all disgruntled employees openly and LOUDLY complained about what previous shifts had not done and what they would not be doing! (One employee refused to restock over 10 baskets of what looked like returns) This is BY FAR the worst WalMart I have ever been too. ABSOLUTELY no TEAMWORK….

  51. Walmart needs to have a separate lane for people who decide to haul the ads to the store while shopping for other stores sale prices. It holds everyone else up in the check out lanes who did not use the competitors ads. I have waited in line for 1/2 to 45 minutes some Saturdays. Please consider a special lane for price comparison shoppers who want to save extra money. If this continues I will go to another store. They have special lanes for 15 items or less why not this too? Denise Stelma

  52. bonjour,

    Je voulais souligner la qualité du service offert par une membre de votre équipe. Le 30 novembre 2012, j’ai magasiner dans un magazin Wal Mart près du carrefour Angrignon. Le service était honteux et sans issu. J’avais cumulé des achats de plus de 100 $ mais j’ai déposé mon panier et je suis partie sans acheter quoi que ce soit. Samedi le 1er décembre vers 9h45, je suis allée au Wal Mart sur le boulevard de Val-des-Bris à Laval. Quel plaisir de magasinage. Le magazin était disposé de façon dynamique. De plus, je tiens à souligner la qualité du service à la clientèle assuré par Cindy au département des Cosmétiques. Elle était charmante et très aidante.

    Merci et bonne journée.

  53. I’m in a same sex relationship with a woman and my partner and I recently visited our neighborhood Walmart in Elizabethton TN. While there, my partner hugged me around my neck and kissed my cheek and lips. (No groping, indecent exposure, or even tongue was involved.) It was then we heard someone yelling, “Girls! Girls!” When we looked over we discovered it was an employee. “Yes?” We said. “You guys need to cut that out right now!” was her reply. I said, “Excuse me?” Then, the customer who she was helping at the time said, “Yea she’s right! My children are watching!” The employee and customer just agreed back and forth with one another. Being humiliated enough, my partner and I walked away and found a manager. After informing the manager of how her employees treat their customers, we were told the employee would be “talked to.”I left my name and number with the manager asking for a call back with feedback as to what happened. I was later phoned with the information that the employee “would more than likely be written up.” ‘More than likely’ just does not seem to be very good reassurance to me. And even if I was assured that the employee would in fact be written up, I don’t think that is any where near justification for what we were put through and not to mention laws being broken. Discrimination law is the branch of law that covers discrimination and refers to unfair treatment that is based on a characteristic protected by the federal and state nondiscriminatory laws, such as age, disability, sex, national origin, race, color, or religious beliefs etc. Unfair treatment that occurs in the workplace, housing, public accommodations, education, voting rights, or criminal process may implicate anti discrimination laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, and the Voting Rights Act. This woman, this employee of a major business, discriminated against my partner and I and were humiliated publicly. For that, a slap on the wrist will not suffice. I hope a Walmart executive does come across this review because they should be warned I am currently seeking professional help with the matter and legal actions will be taken.

  54. You have the worst customer service and customer care service. It is damn near impossible to find a representative, you charge credit cards and weeks later still do not give fedex the package. I will never ever shop on

  55. I bought some of your great value soda crackers and they are great. I gought Zesta for a while but sometimes ther were cooked brown on the bottom i complained they gave some free ones same thing burned on the bottom bought Krispy same thing got yours and an now a happy camper how come I don’t see your own great value oleo anymore really liked it for cooking think conagra made it for you.

  56. I have spent my entire morning trying to place an order, talking to coustomer service reps that may have been well intentioned but they were not well informed. Evidently someone named Ivan at Bill Me Later placed a hold on my account and never communicated this with me. Why? Well that is the big question. I was not contacted by Bill Me Later so I had no idea this had been done. So my attempts to place an order over snd over were rejected and I was told to contact my credit card company which I did and they assured my they had give authorization. I have a 15,000 limit on my card with excellent credit. Walmart Customer Service was unable to provide any help, sending me down a variety of dead-ends. This was beyond frustrating and I am still unable to place my order today. Si I have decided I am going to Target’s online store! This is absured. Maureen Price

  57. my daugher died 6\67\2012 i ordered my grandson a photo fleese blanket withe their pics on it for christmas ordered it way ahead of time.. i as very patient waiting for it.. it was never delivered to the store so ihad to cancel order.i myself work for the post office. every package we deliver is scanned so that we know where that item is. so my comment to you is how could you lose it with a comfimation number with not explancion to me wher e it is……

  58. On December 9, 2012 I ordered TWO Velour Santa Suits (Item 0002316807509 – Order # 26772377-31705 – Incident # 121213-006714) with a guaranteed delivery date of December 12, 2012. I paid extra for that since they were to be used for a party for Children on December 14th & another one on December 15th. When the box was delivered there was only one in the box, despite the fact that the packing slip said two were shipped & none were back ordered. I tried going the email route as instructed but only got an automated response. I called the 1-800 Customer Service on December 14th. After investigating & being placed on a long hold, I was told a replacement would be sent with Rush Shipping. However, I would not be receiving it until Monday, December 17, 2012. I asked that it be sent with Saturday delivery, which I know can be done. I was told the order had already been placed & that I should call FedEx to change it. I told them that was not an option since I am the Recipient not the Shipper & I was not going to pay for the shipping. After being put on hold again I was now told that the item is out of stock & I had to get a refund. I explained how upset I was & wondered why she had done a replacement order if there were none available. She kept apologizing I I did say I realized it was not her fault, but that it was not acceptable. I did not at any time raise my voice. However, she asked more than once if I thought she had answered all my questions & settled the matter for which I called. The last time I told her I wasn’t going to even answer that because it would be an insult to her. She said Thank you for calling Walmart – Have a nice day & HUNG UP. And to add insult to injury, I just received an email saying the order had been processed & I would be receiving a new Santa suit. Obviously that order was placed in haste since it now appears none are available. What would you do if you were me? I am so upset I could cry. This is a great disappointment & will be so to the children I purchased these for. I am at a loss but will not be ordering the balance of any gifts from Walmart this season.

    • oh my GOD i am so glad that some else had a bad experience, i am sorry for you problem, however i have tried for two weeks or moore with wal mart customer service asking me if they had answered all my questions,–ll no!!!! this has been the worst experience of my life, this was for xmas, now it is to late, and the shipping company contracted it out to another company? bad omen

  59. i have tried to send many e-mails to wal mart which are not unacceptablble, but they (WAL MART) will not except them about a xmas order and thier shipping company, i want to kno w why, consumers have a right to know!!!!!

  60. I call your store in Alliance ,Ohio at 11:20 to see if tou carried the product Animal Planet Backpack Harness ,but ofcourse the person who adrresed the phone told me to call back after 2:00pm when someone would be in the department. She said there would not be anyone on teh floor until after 2:00 pm. What a way to run a store. Great customer service!!!!

  61. I was absolutely appalled and sickemed when I read this post on Facebook this morning. It is spreading like wildfire! Here is the post: Through a post by a friend, I found out that Walmart does not sell gift cards that say Merry Christmas. I verified this through their website. Target does have several from which to choose. Please share this posterity your Christian friends. I want to know first hand if this is true! I have been a customer for years but no longer will be if it is. You make millions off of Christmas ! Which by the way is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Yet you refuse to sell a gift card that says Merry Christmas! How dare you be so anti Christian when A Christian holiday is filling your pocket! I would also say that alarge percentage of you emloyees are Christian also especially in the south! By the way that is where you got your start… REMEMBER! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  62. I shop at the Princeton Indiana store. I enjoy shopping there, including the Pharmacy. I get all my prescriptions
    filled there.They have always been helpful, however I don’t understand why they do not carry valsartan. It has been advertised in your circular and is on the Pharmacy
    list for generic drugs that are available now. What do I have to do to get this generic? I am retired and I need to my cost of drugs down, I need help.

  63. Its ashame there are not all cashiers open especially here at one of the busiest time of the year. I shopped Columbus Georgia Whittlesey Blvd store today and all six lanes were backed up into the asle were people couldnt get through It was crazy when you have all the other lanes closed. You complain and they tell you there is nothing they can do. Well hire more people. The LaGrange Georgia Walmart is run the same way.

  64. I ordered a scooter for my daughter for the holidays. Apparently it “got lost” with Fed Ex. This is the 2nd (and LAST) time you have managed to screw up my family’s holidays! I originally filled out a form to e-mail & got NO REPLY back! There was a phone # to call yesterday when I checked my account, today there is no phone # and no way for me to speak to someone about my missing item. It was scheduled to arrive on 12/12 & it’s 12/19. When I did speak to someone from Walmart “customer service” yesterday (when you did provide a phone #) they pretty much blamed Fed Ex & had me call them. At least Fed Ex contacted me to tell me that there were a bunch of labels that had fallen off of Walmart packages in the Charlotte distribution center. On a scale from 1 – 10 for customer service you guys are about a negative 10!! Seriously – what web site takes orders and yet provides NO PHONE # for customer support!?!?! Who does that?!?! This year I ordered from Amazon & Toyrus – both orders arrived on time & with everything. Not only will I now NEVER shop at again – I’m NEVER going to visit one of your stores. This was THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!

  65. I was on my way to your store in Norwalk last Friday when I heard on the radio that your store sells the guns that kill little children as in Newtown.

    I turned around and I will never step foot in your store again. I am emailing all my friends and relatives to inform them of this.Your management should have this on their conscience for the rest of their lives.

    • Pamela,
      Walmart does not have the necessary Federal Firearms License to sell “automatic” weapons they only sell semi-automatic which means you have to pull the trigger for each shot. I am more concerned about their lousy customer service and lack of cashiers when 40 or 50 customers need to check out. As for Newtown it makes me sick. All crime in this country is out of control, you can thank our leaders for that.Gns r here 4ever.

  66. I am a consumer that shops at wallmart and was shocked to find out that your stores sell automatic weapons. What purpose other than profit do these guns have for you? This county that supports your stores is faced with knowing that you sell guns that have killed children in this country. Shame, Shame on you for not protecting the people in the U.S.A. Any store that sells automatic wepons for profit should know they are part of the problem with weapons in this country.

  67. I was in line at 2:01 and didn’t get out of line until 2:44. Their was more 20 item and less lines and express lines open for your customer than for your customer with more than 20 item. It’s the holiday you need as many lines open as possible. I’m sorry to say but that store will not get my business anymore.

  68. please switch back to quilted northern 3 ply bathroom tissue so I don’t have to go to Walgreens to get it. last time you only had 2 ply!

  69. Attn: Esther Roberts
    Consumer Correspondence Rep.
    Fax: 707-648-1060

    On 12/20/2012 at about 8:00 pm I was eating some Mezzetta of California Hot Mix which I purchased at Wal- mart on 260 Bobby Jones Expressway, Augusta, Ga. My sister Nadine Watson was on the computer and I shouted when while eating the tomatoes with a fork, and not looking I had placed a inch and a half stick in my mouth that was in the bottle which had a safety seal on it; I bit down on the object not knowing what it was at that time, it was about a 10th of an inch wide and had red paint on it, that s not good.
    I returned the item back to the store with only 75% of the product eaten, explaining I have no desire to file any suite, I just wanted an apology from Wal- Mart and your company, and have that shipment removed so no one else can experience what I went through. I never got a call from the manager’s which stated that they will follow-up and return a call to me, they never did even to this date, not good, I left the product, which I eat on a regular basis, the store wouldn’t even replace the item that I brought to them, again not good! Now I place the ball in your ball park and await your reply. Yours truly

    John Hatney

  70. On 12/16/2012 I placed an order on when finished they said my order would be delivered on 12/21/2012, Only two things of my order was delivered. Then i got a email saying that the other two things would be delivered on the 24th and it never came. My two sons woke up christmas morning with only two things under the tree because Wal- mart never sent the orders out when they said. What kind of people work at Walmart. i will never shop there again.

  71. I recently tried to purchase a hd television through your store as they had the best price and terms that I could find in the Antelope, Ca. area . after repeated attempts (5) at 3 different stores to get assistance for a purchase and having no luck, I ended up going to a competitors store where I was waited on within 5 min. of arrival. I gladly made my purchase at that store. I do not want a coupon/discount or any other such stipend. I want service in whatever store I am in. If it means charging more to hire more people then please do so. I have never been in a store and found it so difficult to spend money than I was at your local walmart stores recently.

  72. I purchased an online photo puzzle box on December 19, 2012. The order was a rush order. The estimated time of arrival was between 24-26th of December. As of today I still have not received the item I placed a rush order on. At 11pm last night I received an email stating the item had finally shipped. I will be cancelling all future purchases from Walmart. From now on I will only purchase online items from Target.

  73. You idiots did not debit my checking account until TWO weeks after I received my product from you, thereby overdrawing my acct. and causing fees. Yes, I was checking my acct regularly but you were also sending me daily e-mails about all the products you were NOT able to provide from my order and I thought that you were billing me as you mailed the order-like every other company did-not two weeks after my last item arrived!!!So when I discovered that you had caused $75.00 in fees, I called customer service and was assured by “Frank” that you will gladly reimburse my fees and he gave me a phone number to call. It turned out to be a fax machine. You are such crooks.I will be suing you and never shopping there again. Besides, your store brand foods are awful!!!! And your customer service reps are rude.

  74. I wrote you about 2 weeks ago complaining about the Paoli, Indiana store about the fact they are so often out of every day items. At this store today {12/28/12} they were out of almost everything. There was no milk , no hamburger meat, no frozen chicken breasts, and many other items too many to mention. This is intolerable. Maybe this is not important to you at Corporate. but it is very discouraging to your customers. As I told you before, we spend well over $1000 per month in this store each and every month. If some changes don’t start to show up in this store soon we are going to be forced to look for other shopping facilities. We would like to hear from you telling us you care or don’t care about our complaints.
    Thanks for hearing me.
    Robert Wood

  75. I purchased the mainstay 12 opening collage and found it is the absolutely WORST picture frame I have ever bought. Being that it holds 12 photos, you can imagine the frame is not small. The backing is held on by numerous plastic phillips head screws that strip out as soon as you try to loosen them and if you guessed they won’t tighten back up….you’re right. Let’s not forget to mention there is no way to view your photos as you are trying to organize them in the frame because without the backing on, everything falls out everywhere. The frame itself looks solid with the cardboard box securely around it but what a flimsy piece of junk out of the box. C’mon Walmart, you can do better!!!!

  76. I recently had a tire issue @ Walmart in Westminster CA. I had a flat tire and drove 500 ft to a safe place which was a gas station. I filled the tire with air and then heard it leaking. So I changed it out with the spare. Upon taking the tire to Walmart they accused me of abusing the tire and refused to give me any type of credit and charged me full price for a new tire without prorating the damaged tire to help me. They also charged me for tire disposal and I kept my tire. I was also charged for roadside hazard again and i asked why if they dont honor their policies. The asst. Manager was another story in her uncaring attitude and when I said I would contact corporate headquarters she said ” so what they won’t help you” what the hell kind of policy says customer satisfaction is first when they treat you like garbage and belittle you in front of other people? Walmart is a very greedy company and to think I bought four tires and they couldn’t help me with one replacement.without trying to suck our wallet dry.

  77. this is not a comment, its a colmplaint about your rude-ass costumer service! i was hung up on while in the middle of asking a question. the employee was extremely rude and not helpful in any way.TRAIN YOUR DAMN EMPLOYEES!

  78. Please ; maintain your stock of Steam Distilled Nursery water ; “DS Waters of America Inc. Alanta, Ga.” wife and i use a minimum of 45 gallons per month ; more if we have visitors ; why cant / won`t you keep this item on ths shelves ? I have digestive disorders and this particular product keeps me healthy ; Please ? 580-224-1919 rather be contacted bye E Mail “” thanks ; i have problems holding a phone . and my hearing is quiet varible ! Please stock this item . Thank you .

  79. I cannot believe the crappy customer service that Walmart has. I placed an online order that seems to have been cancelled and cannot talk to an actual person about it. Calling the local store did not help, as they have no control over online orders. They gave me the same number I’ve already tried, but there are no actual people at that number. Every option available just refers you back to the website. Unbelievable! I will shop Target from now on.

  80. I am sick and tired of hearing about how Walmart matches prices!!!!!!! Try shopping at the walmart in Tulsa Oklahoma located at 81st and Sheridan. They refuse to match most advertised prices, even when I have the ad with me. A cashier recently told me “We do not have to match a price if we don’t want to.” I try not to shop at Walmart but the store is near my home and it is farther to REASORS where I usually shop…..GOOD BYE WALMART. I will not be back.

  81. I went to the walmart near my house to buy a TV for my bedroom. I goto the electronics department and find a TV i like with no price. Theres NO ONE TO BE FOUND that works in electronics. When I finally find someone, this young dude. I asked him about the price. This guy just looks at me, doesnt say a word and grabs his price check machine. He brings this other employee with him. The other guy checks the back of the sample tv for the UPC. He couldnt find it. When he was trying to put the TV back, he couldnt so he gets mad and slams it against the metal counter and says “screw it” and walks away. No “we will be right back” or “sorry we have to check the back” nope, nothing. They finally come back tell me the price. The price is cheaper than Best Buy. DONT CARE, I went back to best buy to buy the pricier Tv bc they actually have a good customer service. And I didnt want to spent another minute with those people that obviously did not care about helping anyone. This isnt the first time this happened either. Never going back. Dont buy electronics from walmart, bc if that guy can slam a tv on a counter, who knows whats going on in the back.

  82. i ordered my tablet its a View iVIEW-754TPC with WiFI 7″ Touchscreen Tablet PC Featuring Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Operating System i want to know if it came in yet

  83. I experienced the worst customer service at the Walmart located at 150 Harrison Ave in Kearny New Jersey . The associate was name Stephanie ( African American)and she worked in the layaway department on 12/14/12. She was ignoring customers, as well as myself. One man was standing in line , and she told the gentleman behind him . Get off his back , why are you close? The gentleman was in shocked. It was my turn to be waited on . Stephanie replies yea whatever wait to the side . Then another young lady from layaway came on the sales floor and said y’all ,meaning the customer should not have xe on the last day to ick up your layaway. Walmart is a great company , in which I been shopping over a decade. I will never revisit this location. It sad how a couple of apples can spoil a bunch .

  84. I just got back home from Walmart and I am pissed off. I drove halfway across town to the only twenty-four hour Walmart for nothing. I went there for a specific item but the section that the item was in the floor was being cleaned. I asked them if they could get that item but they said they couldn’t. I don’t care if they have to go in the back or drive to the warehouse to get me that item, I want them to get me that item. I REALLY don’t like wasting gas. I applied for Sears one time and they told me that customer service is there main policy…

  85. I placed an order online and it did not arrive. When I tracked the item it said that the item was lost “in the store” I tried calling customer service but never got to talk to a person. Very poor

  86. I have been purchasing White Stagg Pull On Womens Pants,
    in your store for a few years. The material use to
    be good quality, over the last couple of years, the
    quality of the denim, has gone done to very flimsey.
    At first the quality was great a stretch denim. Recently, I was shopping at your Stockton CA store,
    notice the material, was thinner yet. Please remendy,
    this problem. Pls. advise your findings.

  87. i went to walmart in springville ny just as i allways do when traveling to my cabin. I could not purchace 38 cal bullets for my 38 caliber revolver, i presented mt nys department of corrections id and badge and was told i could not purchase the ammo, unless i had a permit for a handgun. I am happy with walmart and there staff and am happy they ask for id.I have peace officer status (hr 213) and penal code 35 nys trained in use of deadly force

  88. As a customer of Walmart I am disapointed in the inability of our local store (Osewgo, IL) to keep the productd on the shelf. their response to the blame the distributors for this failure, the Store ManagerKent Sheldon is cosipous by his abesense. I have seen him once since he came to our store, and tends to send young ladies to deal with customer questions. Since every item is recorded at the Cash Regsiter, why is this information not available to your Warehouse? It’s time Walmart dragged itself into the 21st Century! And I would appreciate a response to this e-mail

  89. I want to know when you will be getting more ammo, if you go against my 2nd amendment. You will never get another penny from or friends .

  90. I volunteered in a Mission Of Mercy convention in Dec 2012 I had dropped off a letter of donation for the Store. I had asked for water, nuts, juice, milk, fruit for the doctors donating their time for this event. The State of Arizona was really giving as they could. I rec a phone call for this store manager and she kindly told me the only thing she could offer was a $25.00 gift card. I was attending the final meeting and gave the money out of my pocket and express in this meeting that Wal-mart on Glendale & 75th had donated $25.00 It wasn’t the amount it was the thought. I’ve been in this store maybe once a week since. I’ve spoken to asst manager, associate, and today I spoke to the Manager and reminded her of this event, as the assistant manager said she did. She was very rude and said DEC IS CLOSED OUT AND SO IS JAN THIS YEAR. I looked at her and told her if this was on inventory in Dec 2012 it would still show up as not used! So where is it? I also started telling her I gave this money because you called me! Why would I do this for Wal-mart? She said well this is your fault you shouldn’t of done this with the gift card.. Honestly Customer Service is the key that keeps her in her position! After managing a 7/11 for 14 years in New Mexico I would of never spoken to any customer in this matter. Another customer even told me Wow she’s having a bad day. I will get a hold of my cell phone bill and prove she did call me why would I lie over $25.00 Not a happy customer at all..

  91. i purchase a cannon gun safe from Haleyville walmart they give me one on the display no box and when we got home no peper works , how can you program the number when,you dont have any book .

  92. I am not sure who to contact about this but the Walmart in Aberdeen, WA is by far the most disgusting store I have ever seen. All of their over stock is piled up in the center lanes of the stores. Junk is literally every where. garbage on the floors. This place looks like a dump yard, I will never go to this walmart if I am in the area again! Something needs to be done about the filth in this store I am sure they are breaking a lot of health code, safety, and fire laws.

  93. I tried to fill out your survey to possibly will a shopping card. I was asked for the same information a half a dozen times, a lot of which is none of your business, and never did get to the to the part where I give the ID# from my receipt. I did not like the way I was treated on the survey just to get my personal info. The intentions for your survey suck and I will remember it the next time I am deciding where to shop. Thank you for your service.

  94. I have a complaint about your store on Creighton RD in Pensacola, FL. You need to train your cashiers and managers for when their is a problem at the register. I was left standing in line for over thirty min. while the cashier stood waiting for the manager to help her with a problem it took them over twenty mins to fix the problem. I worked at the Commissary at NAS Pensacola my job was the cash office and training cashiers. We never ever left people standing in line for more than five min. We either opened a register to handle those people or cleared the register to take care of the people in line. Someone from the cash office took the customer to another reg to re check the grocery items. I don’t think Walmart is very efficent by working smart neither the cashier or manager were very cutious there names are Cashier #12 Thelma and the manager was Malldon. Your people need some serious training in Customer Service.

  95. I asked her if she would be willing to try to get a doctor to start documenting these things and she looked dubious. And she has a right. She went to the local clinic and was diagnosed with pleurisy. She was in terrible pain and could barely breathe (she won’t go to a doctor unless she is nearly dying) and when she asked the doctor for a note to be able to take a couple of days off work the jerk actually responded “No! If I have to work, so do you.”

    No wonder she doesn’t trust a doctor to help her.

    This is only one example of what she has experienced. At the hospital she was having a horrible asthma attack and the receptionists left her sitting there until a nurse came out, took one look at her and panicked. I took three treatments to get her breathing eased. The nurse said she had never seen anyone need three before. Dd had gotten very close to death.

    So I am very worried about dd. No one deserves to be treated the way she has been treated most of her life. And it isn’t getting any better.

  96. I am at you store on Santa Rita road in pleasonton California. I walked into the store asked politely if I could get some boots at 659 am. Manager who name is Eddie called me stupid and said I should stay in school. Because your store opens at 7 am. Mind you it’s 659 this is awful customer service and I will not becoming back an I will share with everyone I know.

  97. I went to Walmart today in Fayetteville WV to buy some 22 shells and the man at the counter told me they were out. But I could see one box on the shelf. I asked again and said are you shore i can see a box . The guy looked at the box and said we are out sorry. This is two days in a row that I,ve seen this happen they put stuff back so they can buy it or their buddy can. Monday I watch this guy go clock out and come over and tell the other guy I,ll buy those knives now . They marked then down then put the knives up so he could buy them when he got off work. I will be finding other places to spend my money!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I had a bad experience at Walmart at 1807 West Craig Road, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032 pharmacy. Not feeling well I took my prescription there for refill. I was given a three month supply of medication and charged for it. I thought I was picking up a month supply. When I wanted to know why the medication was so high. I was told my insurance had gone up and prices change. Once I was headed to the door I was told had a three month supply. I feel they should have made me aware of them giving me a three month supply and not lied too about the cost. Beware of the pharmacy charges. At the register it was as if it was a game and the cashier and her other co- worker was laughing as she nodded I had paid. ????

  99. I signed up for a credit card on Jan 22 and order a steel slling 12-piece patio dining set & leisure set. when I checked on the order I was told that there was no record of this item being ordeered. Can you tell me what happeded?

  100. I was at a Walmart store in Camby In 46133, TE# 25 Manager: Kevin Mearkl, on Sat. Feb.9th, 2013

    I am so tired of going to Walmart and not leaving with all my packages,( bags ) I know 4 out of 7 times I go there I am missing a package or almost walk away without one unless I check for myself, and if you ask them if I have everything, they act like I accused them of stealing. They give you a dirty look or a smart answer. The when you call customer service they tell you to come back and get it, like we have nothing better to do with our time and with gas prices at a high. Is this how Walmart wants to do business, if so there are other stores in the area. I feel you should give a coupon or something when a customer has to drive back to the store when it is the stores fault. I am very upset with your service and will let all my family and friends know on Facebook, how your compamy SUCKS. Employees suck also.

  101. Dear walmart
    I bought a store brand it
    But the sticky things under the neck area
    Cut my lil terrirs neck..and becuze she wore it thry refused
    .to exchange or cash bak & i had recite …thats never been like your store
    Plz contact me
    Ms fran sandoval
    14624friar st #119
    Van nuys ca 91411
    A refund or new better sweater please
    she wears medium in some styles or small .
    sadl i will be happy tp donate this one i bought to a rescue .
    My lil girl love pink yellow purple coloer thank you amilion iam sute you
    Will handle this case
    …the van nuys store in calif

  102. Original Almond Dream out of code 9/28/12. I pulled it off the shelf 4 weeks ago. They restocked it. I took pictures this time. Store # 1521
    8451 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

  103. Per my wife’s desire, we purchased an HP home computer from WalMart this time, as well as the extended service plan. It should of said LACK of SERVICE PLAN!! Its been 3 weeks now, the repair tech finally showed up. I completly went over ALL trouble shooting procedures with an online tech in the beginning but I guess thats not enough. Now he has to stay on hold FOREVER still delaying the repair and tieing up my time. I even offered to bring the unit to a facility but NO….
    I canonly promise you that currently I will NEVER buy a computer from WalMart again. GO BESTBUY!!

  104. The Niles Michigan store is by far the worsed I have seen. They were out of tomato juice for 8 weeks Last night we went to buy a Televison. There was one person working with 3 people in line and the employee was on the phone talking. She was no doubt helping that person.I finally stop someone and ask about the tv’s She said she does not work in that dept. She said that she would find someone. After almost 15 mins she found someone to help. He was nice and asked which one I wanted so I told him. He asked if I had a plan B in case they were out of the first one. I gave him that and he left for the back room. About 5 min laterhe came back and said they didn’t either one. I asked if he would sell me the display and he said NO. Now I have invested 20 to 25 mins in this stupid store and came out empty handed. Now my question is, Instead of wasting my time Walmart could put signs on the tv’s that are out of stock.Gee how simple an idea is that would speed up things when you don’t have the help!!!

  105. I have shopped at Walmart too long. I have taken the negative comments from cashiers for too long.
    I use cloth bags. I wash them and keep them clean and yet I continue to get negative comments from cashiers at the Belen Walmart. I am told that my bags slow down their time. I reassure the cashiers that my bags are washed and I help load the bags on the racks to fill. I still get negative comments. If I go to Albertsons in Los Lunas or Sun Flower or Costco in Albuquerque I am treated with respect and the cashiers take time to be nice and communicate.
    I will buy as much groceries as I can at other stores. I live in a small town for which Walmart’s coming to town has closed other businesses and lessened out choices.
    I am so disappointed at the atmosphere that is being cultivated in our community by Walmart.

  106. To Whom it may concern in charge of inventory.
    Today is February 24th
    I tried to buy a pair of snowboots for my Grandson tonite at the Evergreen Colorado store. It took two associates to finaly find some winter boots in a clearence section. Now I realize it is almost March, but here in Colorado that is STILL WINTER!!!! People here still purchase things like warm coats and snow gear this time of year. This is NOT the first time I have experienced not being able to find climate appropriate outerwear at your stores. GET WITH IT AND LET LOCAL STORE MANAGERS WHO KNOW THEIR ENVIRONMENTS DECIDE WHEN TO TAKE THE WINTER PRODUCTS OFF THE SHELVES, NOT SOME MEMO FROM A DESKJOCKEY IN ARKANSAS. WE DON’T NEED T-TOPS & SHORTS HERE THIS TIME OF YEAR, WE WEAR LONG PANTS AND LONG SLEEVE WARM CLOTHING!

  107. Hey…I just got a Samsung galaxy 2 a straight talk phone and it just got there anyway we can take the box it came in up wallmart n they can replace it wit that same exact phone?

  108. On February 27th I went to the Walmart in Dawsonville,GA with a problem concerning my Straight Talk Phone. I experianced awesome help by a young man named Colton. He was not only friendly and helpful but also very professional and helped me to fix the problem in a short time. Thanks to Colton I can use my phone again.

    GREAT JOB, WELL DONE! THANK YOU COLTON! please submit this comment to his supervisor.

  109. I’ve just had an extremely helpful man named Dennis help me with a very complicated problem. I had attempted to solve the same problem several times before with no luck. He suffered through my rant as well as the long explanation of the problem, then proceeded to solve the problem quickly and easily. After all the negative comments about, I felt it was time for a positive one. THANK YOU DENNIS!!

  110. Walmart has the most horrid, disgusting attitude of any on-line ordering system I have EVER witnessed. It is now 5:51 pm. I started at 3:30 pm.
    Jump through all their hoops and endless switching around I have ever witnessed. For the biggest Retailer in the country, If you order online and haven help you if it’s not right, then you will spend endless time trying to talk to a REAL person of going in and out of your “ACCOUNT” still with no answer. I think I’ve Had IT with ordering on line. What a crock.

  111. im a long time customer dont know whays happening VERY VERY BAD…go to store last week out of soooo many products deli was out of 4 different idems tky breast…cheese cooked idems i also place order on for shopping cart im disabled take paratransit bus need cart to get idems home never received cart called they sent me another one box in shreds and broken cancelled that

  112. Walmart location in Pratt, KS has the most complacent, lazy, rude and ignorant employees I have ever encountered in a business. Ask for help and if it is not their department…they tell you. Fine, but they also do not offer to locate the department manager or a person that would know. The Manager that I spoke with today was terse and acted as if I had asked her to come wash my windows and clean my house. Does anybody actually interview these people or just pull a random application from on-line that seems to fit the requirements. Transfer and pay a manager that has organizational and motivational skills.

  113. I bought a blank-DVD set from on January 31st. By late February I still hadn’t gotten them so I called’s customer service line. The lady apologized, told me they’d reship them (expedited this time since I had to wait so long), and that I’d have to sign an affidavit via email to authorize it. So I did. Now it’s March 9th and there are still no DVDs at my doorstep. So, once again, I called’s customer service line. The lady insisted that I didn’t not sign the original affidavit even though I told her I had (I mean, how often do you sign an affidavit for Walmart… come on people). Her tone the entire time was that of a child sitting in church against his/her will. Sure, it might be Saturday but I have a job too where I have to deal with customers and other human beings and there’s just a certain line you shouldn’t cross because they haven’t done anything to you. I was nice and courteous from start to finish but I guess she just couldn’t muster the energy to do so as well/at all.

    So, in conclusion, this message is about 2 things: customer service is terrible. I’m insulted that I’ve even done business with Walmart. It’s a shame that I still buy my food from there. This lady’s customer service on the phone has left a terrible taste in my mouth… and secondly, where is my affidavit??? It’s been 12 minutes since I hung up and still haven’t gotten one. I’m completed disappointed with Walmart.

  114. customer service has no purpose! Why do I need to call someone to say that they can’t help me. They cancelled my order cause the store that said it was available didnt have it and now I have to wait for my bank to release funds they took and send back 3 minutes after it was places:O:O:'(

  115. To whom it may concern,
    I am very aggrivated with the eyecare center at Brainerd Rd Walmart in Chattanooga,Tenn.I have been upset with customer service in this particular store before but this is the first time I have been mad enough to write a comment.
    I have bought contact lens there before with relatively few problems but today I got hold of an associate who really didn’t act like she wanted to help me in the first place.As i approached the eyecare area I noticed she was in a room talking to someone who appeared to be another employee.she finally greeted me and when I showed her my prescription for the lenses she informed me I couldn’t use it because it was for glasses.(My physician had already assured me that it had both on it)when I pointed that out to her her she said she still couldn’t use it because the doctor hadn’t even signed it.I pointed out to her that it was an electronic prescription and had been signed electronically by the doctor.It said so on the prescription.She told me I would have to contact my doctor and get another prescription.When I asked if she could call while I was there,she sighed and said she guessed she could but the doctor would have to fax it and it could take several days.I told her at that point to forget it I would go elsewhere.I reported this to the manager(Dave) who said that although he couldn’t say he knew exactly what they needed, that my perscription looked like the one he had used before so he wasn’t sure what the problem was but he would talk to her about her attitude which is what I was mad about in the first place.I told him and I am telling you that I will never be using your eyecare center again and you can be sure that all of my friends will know not to use them either.
    When I returned home I called 1-800-CONTACT and got hold of a very nice customer representative who took my order and said I could either fax my perscription or she would call my doctor and my contacts would be in the mail and delivered to my house in 1 week or less.
    Had your Walmart associate been as nice I would have ordered my contacts from her and been willing to wait for the order to come in but I feel she didn’t want to help me.
    I don’t need you to have the manager call me because as I stated I already talked to Dave but I would like someone to make sure to tell that particular associate that she lost not only 1 sale but probably many more and to be sure somebody follows up on the complaint.
    Thank you for your time.

  116. I live in west palm bch, Fl I was in one of your stores on yesterday 3/20/2013 around 5:30pm and there was only 4-5 registers open the lines were so long it was awful, there was no one in jewerly to wait on you so i looked into customer service and they had a line as well I then went to electronics and there was no one in sight well I finally went in the back where your sign read employees and I found someone to help me i’m not sure if I’ll be back and I wasn’t the only person that felt that wayand by the way was your store on 45th street in West Palm Bch Fl this needs to change or you will lose a lost of good customers I would rather spend a little bit more money than stand in a line taht seems never ending very dissapointed. My phone number is 561.370.4092

  117. Today, 26 Mar 13, I visited store # 1184.
    I prefer to use cash and appreciate the convenience of self-checkout. This store has 8 stations, but only one will accept cash. It is set up so that 4 are for credit/debit cards and 4 are for any type of payment, three of the any type stations have a handwritten paper sign scotch-taped to the machine that says, “NO CASH”.
    I attempted to complain to the manager about the situation, but he refused to come to the customer service area to speak with me.
    Please correct this situation.
    Thank you.

  118. On 3/22 I walked out to my car to find the battery the battery I brought at the Aurora, In store on 2/14/11 inop. My son took me to the Aurora store with the battery to get a new one. I asked about the guarantee and was told I would need the receipt. I came home, replaced the battery,found the receipt and went back to the auto guy who sold me the battery and was told I had to go to the customer service people. After standing in line for perhaps 15 minutes, the lady behind the counter told me I needed the old battery. On the way back to get it I spotted a valid debit card laying on the floor.. When I got back to the desk after another wait inline, I handed the debit card to the lady who recognized the name as someone who had worked there. She then started to process

  119. On 3/22 I walked out to me car to find the battery I brought at the Aurora, In store on 2/14/11 inop . My son took me to the store with the inop battery where I brought a new one. I asked about the guarantee and was told I would need a receipt. I came home, replaced the battery, found the receipt and returned to the store. I showed it to the guy that sold me the new battery and he said I would have to talk to customer service. 20 minutes later, I got to the counter and was told I needed the old battery. On the way back for the battery, I found a valid debit card on the floor. After another line, I handed the card to the lady who said this person worked at the store. She then started to process what I thought was my refund. I think on the second page she said she couldn’t go any further. Another women came and tried to process my claim and said she couldn’t help. I asked to see the store manager. The lady called the auto service mgr and we waited again for perhaps 10 minutes. He came and told me the guarantee was only good for 2 years. One the sales slip for the old battery, I had asked when I brought the old battery about the guarantee and was told by the guy who sold it to me that the guarantee was good for 3 years and pro rata for 6. I owned a garage and service in Anchorage some years ago and thought the 6 year might be of use so wrote what I was told on the receipt. When I found the old receipt with the note, I expected the matter to be settled in short order. My wife is an invalid who’s med costs are eating us alive falls frequently and I am told that what I was told when I brought the old battery,”we don’t do that anymore”. The asst store mgr showed up, took the auto mgr aside for several more minutes. I walked to about 5 feet from where they were talking and heard the asst mgr say to the auto mgr something about 25 dollars. I heard that even Soloman heard from both sides of a dispute before he made a decision. This guy told me to leave the store because I was obviously unset. I asked if he was going to honor what the auto employee had told me was the guarantee and he said no and leave or he would call police and have me escorted out. I am 79 years old and while I was waiting to get this resolved what I think was an older man was also having a dispute over a battery he had in his cart.I expect all this is on tape; it took place about 5 pm.

  120. I had a VERY NEGATIVE experience today at your Paducah KY store on Hinkleville Rd.
    From the “Greeter”? who stood there while I got my own cart to the unfriendly customer service clerk who processed my return…..I found your clerks looking stressed out and unfriendly….It was frustrating trying to manipulate my cart through isles blocked by shopping carts filled with merchandise, obliviously left there by clerks who had been stocking. I feel it would be most beneficial if your personnel had training in being more courteous, friendly and helpful….Perhaps rewards for such improvement might encourage them…

  121. When I first walked in there was people making fun of my out fit and I could not find my way , I was lost in the Gardening section for about one hour and when i made it out i was not the same again. I found men’s underwear in the women’s section and unfourtantly they didn’t fit either. There also is no 3x’s section. Overall very dissapointed.

  122. I see it posted on some of the facebook ,that walmart is sliding down hill,i guess i would agree with that, i have e-mailed two times about some tires i purchased from walmart that had a 60000 thou mile guarentee and i only got twenty-three thousand on them and they were worn down to the wear line,i went in to the local wal-mart and showed them the tires, well ,the first thing they ask me was,did you by the road hazard guarentee, i said why would i buy that,i thought it would only cover hitting an object in the raodway,BUT ,they said it covered wear also ,ANd i said why didn;t someone tell me that,now ,i was starting to get upset,the asst manager told me that he would check it out and call me back,by the way he never called me back ,,does that surprise you?years ago this would not have been a problem,thats the reason wal-mart is sliding down the tube,when you walk into our store,maybe one or two registers open always have to waite,they want you to used the self serve registers, i went to a meirs store in another town last week, and every register was open,the registers are there walmart ,used them,i almost give up on the tires ,but, i;ve almost gave up on walmart,ibought a set of tires to replace the worn ones so, with the first set and the second set i spent almost $800.00 dollsrs and all i get for it is a snow job,

  123. Lam not glad with you because l have not received then yet after 15 facturation days, so until now l can not a feedback for you my items are a wireless mouse and a table pen both sinsingtone…. thanks

  124. Felt very scammed by Walmart. Called to check tire prices and make appointment for tires yesterday. Was told they had my tires and at a better price than Costco and Sears. I asked is it better to make an appointment to have them installed. I was told no, so I proceeded to drive down to Fresno. When I got there, they told me I would need to wait 3 to 4 hours before they could get to my truck and then come to find out they didnt have the tires they quoted me for on the phone. Proceeded to try and sell me different brands that were more expensive than Costco. I was very upset to say the least, made the drive on a busy day, just to get a run around. Will never recommend Walmart for tires or any type of automotive service. Very obvious employees have little knowledge of their departments. They wasted my time and especially with gas prices the way they are, I did not appreciate driving there for nothing.

  125. Had a horrible experience returning a new lawnmower (dead on arrival). People at the store were most unhelpful and uncapable of resolving issue. Spoke to Corporate about the problem and they said they could not do anything, everything was handled out of the local store. Be aware if you have a problem with Wal Mart they apparently have no corporate policy — you get what the local store gives you – no one higher up to help out.

  126. In your store #1073 you took all the tables and chairs,soda
    machine and coffee machine,hot choc.out now a costomer can
    not sit and have a coffee or soda from the deli,or even
    rest a min.Please think about it and put them back.

  127. My e-mail was not a comment but a complant.You have the worst manager in the Lampasas store.I worked for walmart
    ten years and was booted out because I had to take a sick
    leave.I worked in two other stores and they were great had
    great people.

  128. Went to the store in Sealy,Texas and there were only 2 registers open. I stood in line for 20 minutes and finally walked out with out My approximately $200 worth of stuff. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to do this. Most of the people that work there are good people but the management sucks really bad.With out customers those B-holes wouldn’t have a job. They need an attitude adjustment something fierce.

  129. On Wednesday April 17, 2013, four of my friends and I were shopping at Walmart in Bethany, Missouri. We walked in around 12:30am looking to purchase prizes for our school’s function. We were in the store for about twenty minutes filling our cart with goods that we thought our classmates would like. Much to our surprise, we noticed a cop and the town sheriff showed up and watched us while we harmlessly strolled through the aisles. We had come up with the conclusion that the staff at Walmart found it necessary to call law enforcement on us.
    The policeman and sheriff tried to nonchalantly converse while we were shopping, making sure to keep an eye on what we were doing. We continued to shop, walking down numerous aisles trying to grab a variety of items. Wherever we went in the store, the police and sheriff were right behind us making sure not to lose sight of us. The police and sheriff tried to make it appear like they were looking at items, when in actuality we knew they were keeping a watchful eye on us.
    Why were the cops called on us? We were not causing a ruckus nor were we pocketing items. Did I forget to mention that three of us are members of the minority. I am a Native Hawaiian and two of my friends are Mexican. We are all contributing members of society, currently pursuing our degrees at a nearby University. Racial profiling was the first thing that came to mind. If we were all white males would the cops have been called on us then? Probably not.
    I was completely offended that the management of Walmart found it necessary to call law enforcement. We were just five customers looking to purchase supplies for a house activity. I did not appreciate being followed around the store like I was some kind of criminal. It got to the point where I wanted to leave our almost full cart and walk out of the store. Fortunately for this Walmart, we needed everything that we took off the shelf. We got to the register and still noticed the police and sheriff watching us. After all the items were scanned the total was almost 400 dollars. If I had it my way, that Walmart would have 400 dollars less in their store, but I didn’t.
    Because of this experience I will NEVER EVER shop at the Walmart in Bethany, Missouri. In my three years of living in the Midwest, I have never been racially profiled before. My experience was so bad that I may never shop at ANY Walmart again. I’m sure racial profiling is illegal and the staff at this Walmart should be ashamed. One customer is not a lot in the Walmart chain, but I cannot continue to shop in a place that is not accepting of minorities. I regret purchasing the items that night because that just shows my support for this crime. I hope that the people of that Walmart get this message and reflect on what they have done.

  130. For at least the past 6 weeks (possibly longer), I have tried to get a drink of water from the drinking fountain in the Howell, MI store. The fountain is inoperable. I have spoken the store manager several times and have been informed that the manager has been advised that the “parts are on order”. I have a minor medical condition that requires that I stay hydrated. It is impossible that the parts needed to fix the problem take this length of time to be obtained and the problem repaired. I am to the point where I will cease shopping at Wal-Mart and will start to shop at another store in my area.

  131. hi,
    in December 2012 i bought a Google Nexus in a walmart store in Kissimee Orlando while on vacation in the USA.
    in March 2013 the glass of tablet broke by itself!, i mean it literally spontanious cracked. Since then i have been googel-ing information on where and IF i can get the glass fixed. to my surprise i’ve read numerous complaines of people that had the same spontanious glass break.

    Walmart, can you refer me to a company where i can get the Tablet fixed? or can i get a (partial) refund? or a replacement?
    please help

    thank you in advance

  132. I have been a long time Kroger shopper. But about 3 months ago I decided to try grocery shopping at your store in Livonia. Well, I was amazed at not only the great selection of stuff I found there but I saved so much on the things I bought even NOT using coupons. You have Kroger beat by a mile in selection and price that even though I have 2 Krogers within a mile from me I will drive the extra 5 miles. Keep up the good things as I am now a regular Walmart customer. Thanks

  133. Just wanted to let you know that I want to commend 2 of your employees for being so helpful. I was shopping @Walmart on 4-11-13 on W. Military Dr.and David assited me in hardware and cashier #00004097 assisted me in taking groceries out to my vehicle, both were so courteous. My only request of the store is PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get more electric carts. I’m told they are stolen, can’t you use GPS to monitor their location?????????,I don’t think that would be an impossibility!!!!!!!!

  134. I waited 30 mins for a car radio. I had 6 employees walk by. A girl at the desk. Andstill had to wait for a manager to unlock them. Thia was at Batavia Walmart in Genesse county in NY state. I give this experience a zero rating… U suck to costmer service

  135. i want to talk to walmart people so that they can bring the services to ugandan malls and i nvest in uganda thanks may God bless you amen.

  136. Your change to plastic wheel weights may seem like a money saver, it is costing you money and customers. I have used you automotive services for 15 years in different states. I will not be using your lifetime balance & rotation again. Plastic wheel weights don’t stay on, many of your customerd are going back repeatedly to have their tires rebalanced numerous times. I took my vehicle to another company so I could drive my vehicle on the highway after my last rotate & balance. You are driving your regular customers to your competitors. I worked in your TLE and know your workers are doing what they can with inferior products.

  137. Marketing Department

    Older people are increasing exponentially and they are having a tough time with sausages with tough casings, because of their dentures, as well as younger people with the same situation.

    Obviously, I’m not a Food Buyer. But, I think your revenues would increase substantially, if your sausage had a skinless or thinner casing. They are good, but better without the tough casing.

  138. I just came back from buying items at Walmart at 3223 E. Hammer Lane Stockton Ca 95212. The overall experience was very poor. When I requested help with items, I got an answer like “Look over over, I don’t know.’ The cashier was extremely rude. There was no greeting, no thanks. Her attitude was like she was doing me a favor.
    Please look into overall employee attitude.

  139. Ive been looking for the snowballs you always carried. Have you discontinued them in and mesquite tx.Please reply
    thank you

  140. I was at your store on Sheridan drive at 9 am this morning had to use the restroom it was filthy. This is a fairly new store. I was so surprised that this store is so neglected . I won’t be back!

  141. I called the Portsmouth NH store twice yesterday–afternoon + evening–Lawn + Garden wouldn’t answer. (Lafayette Rd store)

  142. omg their online order are horrible. they charge your account and then tell you it’s not available. then take forever to credit the money back. OMG

  143. I want to complain about service at Walmart in Springfield, Tennessee. We shop there weekly. Today when we got ready to check out, there was only ONE checkout line open in the whole store other than two “20 item or less” lanes. There were two customers ahead of us, and at six in line behind, ( that is as far as I could see because some of them were beind the displays.)
    When we asked the lady, apparently the manager, why there were not anymore lanes open she said that it was summer hours and that most of the ceckers on duty had already left and the other crew didn’t come in until 3:00 p.m. It was 2:45 p.m. at that time. It was after 3 O’clock when we finally got checked out and only two additional lanes had been opened. This is not the first time this has happened. If this is the way Walmart wants to operate we will take our business elsewhere.

  144. Please make sure the checker makes sure you have taken all your purchases from that stupid bag carosel before leaving. when the bags are filled and in the back you can not see them!

  145. I went to your Store #3781 in Indianpolis In. today and as usual customer service was horrid. Your shelf price says one thing and then rings up a higher price at the register.. I decided to complain about it today as this is notthe first time this has happened. The majority of your employees are rude and unfriendly, no wonder they call that store the Ghetto Walmart.When you tell your employees that something didn’t ring up right they look at you like your crazy. The lady at the customer service desk , said she couldn’t do anything about it cause it was grocery items. What kind of crap is that> You have lost a good customer and I am making sure I tell everyone I know not to patronize that store on Lafayette Rd You need to retrain your employees in customer service

  146. Both stores in Woodbridge Virginia had trouble in the past of keeping items stocked but both stores are doing better now hopefully they will continue this trend. The problem I have is that the prices under each item is not up to date and when you select an item the price posted under the item seldom matches it’s usually more. A recent purchase in store #1852 Gold Medal Flour price was posted at $2.29 but the actually price charged was $2.62. During checkout it usually fast action so shoppers in line behind don’t have to wait but when you get home you discover the higher prices. Shoppers can’t price check every item!

  147. I am unhappy to hear that you are cutting back in the fabric department. Many of us quilters buy our fabric from Walmart. We were so happy to see you put the fabric back in, now to be taking it out. I don’t understand


  149. Wanted to purchase a TV, went to Avon, CT store – no one was in the department. People at front desk said no one from that dept. came to work that day. Still looking for a TV I went to the Bristol walmart. All the TVs were covered with a “thick” layer of dust. Of course the smaller TVs that I was looking for were not plugged in. I actually found a clerk who assured me the TV had a base (it’s for the kitchen). Well guess what? No Base it sits on the counter. So now I have to go back again. Just another quick mention. I stopped in the ladies dept and say a pretty rain jacket. I tried it on and wanted to see what it looked like. Guess what? There
    WAS NO MIRROR!!!!. The only mirror was in the changing room. So you have to wait to get into the changing room.
    I left the coat. I can’t believe you learned these methods at Wharton. Boooooooooooooooooooooo

  150. Have used your great value plastic wrap for years – why the change in the cuttiing edge design! This is much more difficult and does not produce an even and hassle-free cut that I am used to! Surely you have gotten complaints in this regard! Back to the old design PLEASE!!!!!!

  151. Caro Michigan went to the gun department this morning and bought a box of shells and was still in the store and discovered the Walmart employee gave me the wrong shells. Took them back and the receipt was exactly 7 minutes old and was told no exchange policy on shells. It was the WALMART CLERK WHO GAVE ME THE WRONG SHELLS. Was told I am out $23.00 What kind of store is this when it is not my fault I am a senior citizen and $23.00 is a lot of money to me to just waste. Thank you Walmart

  152. I just love to shop at the Pasadena,tx on Fairmont. you never can tell where any thing is or if its stocked in the right place or something else is going to be there,maybe someday you will hire stockers that care and speak English and leave ther cell phones at homeand tend to there jobs.

  153. It would be nice to be able to get help in the material department. Been there 3 times and can’t get anyone to cut material for me. 3 strikes and your out.

  154. You fired an employee who came to the aid of a female customer who was being attacked. As a retired police office I would like to say that this is really stupid! My wife is disabled so if she was attacked in your store no employees would be allowed to come to her aid. Sounds like grounds for a good court case. We spend appx. $8000.00 a year at your stores, but not anymore. I wonder if Meier has the same policy? You people need to get a life. Sam Walton would roll over in his grave. What if it was your wife or family? I wonder if I will hear back from you people.

  155. i bought a vanilla visa card from it was shipped out on oct 16 and i tried using it on oct 21, declined everywhere, and i called several times a day since then and explained i needed to use this card, i paid for it, i should be able to use it, and someone somewhere did not activate it, so im stuck needing to get food and meds and walmart is saying it will take them 7 days to resolve the matter, they do not care that i am out of insulin and my kids are out of food, i think i am done with walmart for ever

  156. Bought pet medication at Walmart in Tulare, ca. Latanoprost 0.005% paid $98.00. Can buy at Costco for $23.44. Can buy from my Vet for $35.00. Walmart has coupons online for $19.78. Call pharmacy where I live to try and get refunded partial difference. No luck! Called Walmart relations 1-800-331-0085 and spoke to a very nice person that told me it would be taken care of. We will see. I will post the results. Walmart says they are there to help people with medication! They helped me out of $58.44 this time.

  157. I am very mad concerning how my attempt to obtain a walmart credit card. On October 23,2013 I completed an application and was approved for a 3000.00 limit. I have the email confirming this giving acct # 2785. After attempting to order I’ve nothing but difficulties and after emailing 5 times finally receiving a response I was told my application was declined and to complete another application. I completed another application yesterday and was approved again for only 150.00.

    I am very disapointed in this process as I’ve had an order in cart for over a week and now will cancel and shp elsewhere as I do not appreciate how my account was treated from 3000.00 to150.00 and only wanted 500,00 credit limit. I know my credit is in good shape and don’t deserve this treatment,

    Scottie Nichols
    Xcustomer of walmart

  158. good day I will be visiting Orlando and Miami in December, in the physical stores Wal-Mart still sell the iphone 5 unlocked, know what value?

    thanks for the reply

  159. I just ordered a case of Sprayway Glass Cleaner from Obviously, Walmart has stopped carrying the best glass cleaner I have ever used. You are getting to me. First,you stopped carrying Paula Deen products and I had to buy my pots and pans from Kohl’s. Please stop being so judgemental and take care of your customers.

  160. I went to the Walmart in Gardnerville Nevada .. Nov 10 I bought a freezer..and Christmas items.. I am a person that will pay some in cash and the rest debit .. The cashier put the cash in and said ok , I was very tired was on a trip and not much sleep, and my kids were with me. So I went to put the debit # in and looked at what I still owed I said what this is not right my bill was $ 272 and after I gave her the cash $ 40.00 it should have been $232 it was $ 268 I told her this is not right she kept saying yes it is and so my 15 year old looked at it and say no ,, so she looked at us and said very very low voice for no one else could hear her,,,oh I am sorry I put $4.00 in I will fix it , she so tried to rip us off and she knew it. She even followed us out to take her break. My hubby wanted me to go back in and report it . But I was so tired so told him I would contact them on email ,, we shop a lot lot at Walmart I still have so many gifts for Christmas to buy . But I don’t think I will do it at Walmart, this was so very wrong and upset me and what is sad my kid knew what she was doing what a piece she is

  161. I sent my 1st and only e-mail to you about 15 minutes ago. I got a message that I had previously sent this same e-mail. What the hell? Reading through your customer comments, I can only say that your company lacks integrity but abounds in incompetence and arrogance!

  162. I did not get the rain check on the $98.00 32 inch televison that was on sale for Black Friday. the store I was in ran out of tv’s and I was wondering how do I get a rain check

  163. When i called you customer services the wait time was 3 times longer then they said that should be fixed. Don’t say you have a 2 minutes wait that turns out to be 35 minutes. Then when you get a person they tell you they can’t help but they will transfer you to someone that can help. when that happens it another 20 to 30 minutes wait. Super Great Service!!!!!

  164. Hello, I bought a back cushion from walmart(manager william bartell 4650 W north ave, chicago IL, 60639) via credit card, then I return it to the walmart, But I have not received refund yet.

  165. I’ve just spent over 2 hrs. on line about an item I ordered on Dec. 3rd 2013. Wrong item was sent. As the item I ordered is a Xmas gift it has been extremely frustrating I am a 91 yr. old veteran and have traded at Walmart for years, also the pharmacy. Many years ago we were in Bentonville & visited the original store. We also met one of Sam Walton’s sons. Hopefully my order will arrive before Xmas.Thank you for your consideration.

  166. Horrible customer service.Very unprofessional service. After waiting 45 minutes on hold, the rep said they couldn’t provide anymore info on my order and hung up!! Don’t buy ecards. I bought mine over 2 days ago. They still haven’t processed it! Worst retailer.

  167. Cyber monday , was so excited to shop your store But instead I got totally screwed that day , I didn’t know till I started getting emails about shipping !!!! Everything shipped separate “”” so after 5 purchases

  168. My weekly shopping trips to Walmart at the St Lawrence Center in Massena, N.Y. are now discontinued because of a lack of electric handicap carts. On a recent visit, after waiting for a cart for over an hour, I noticed that my portable oxygen was nearly empty and consequently, had to leave without shopping. When I checked with a cashier about a cart, she said the store had only 2 or 3 carts. Is it possible that more handicap carts could be furnished at all Walmart stores? Surely, the Walmart corporate has enough funds for something so necessary. There are thousands of handicapped people who like to do their own shopping in-store and NOT on-line. Please help!!!

  169. I am upset about the site to store program. I ordered two DVDs on the same day. One has come , however the other has not come yet.

  170. Didn’t get item on or by date they stated. Even though I went a step up from free shipping to ensure item would be here without any more holiday stress. Can’t get anyone to answer online .. Last time I rely on Walmart for low stress shopping. Total waste of time. False advertisement has ruined my daughters christmas. And in turn mine as well. If my daughters not happy I’m not

  171. I’m very disappointed in Walmart at 1731 Blakeslee Boulevard Dr E Lehighton Pa. On November 28th 2013 my boyfriend and I went to Walmart to purchase 3 RCA 7″ Tablets for my daughters for Christmas. Which I discovered later we were giving the wrong ones but thats not the issue. One of the tablets was broken. So on December 28th, 2013 my boyfriend called Walmart. They told us to bring it down. My daughter brought it to Walmart and they told her that they couldn’t do anything because the couldn’t read the serial number on the tablet. So when she got home I contacted Rca customer service. They told me that they will fix the problem. All they need was some information. Proof of Purchase was one of the information that they needed. They told me to try and go back to Walmart to see if the can print me out a receipt. On December 29th, 2013 my boyfriend and I went to the store to see if they could print us a receipt. The customer service rep Hope said she will have to call someone. So she did. I guy named Eric came and I explained to him that I need a copy of my receipt. I gave him the date and time of puchased ( November 28th around 8:00-8:30pm) Also let him know that when we purchased the items that a manager had to come and correct the price of the tablet because the came up has $69.99 when the were on sale for $49.99. I get the Eric the box from the tablet as well. I’m assuming he call for help because two sercurity people a male and a female came over. The male sercurity came to me and said that they couldnt find the receipt. So i wasn’t able to return the item I told the man that I am not trying to return the item all I want it a copy of the receipt. He then tells me that they still can’t find the receipt and that they sold alot of the tablets. That the only way is to go throw everyone to see if the serial number matches. I said ok then can you do that. The man then tells me that there is nothing that he can do because they can’t find the reciept. If I paid with a credit card the would beable to find it quicker. I then replied with you just told me you could if you went throw everyone with the serial number. He then relies that he didn’t just say that and that there is nothing he can do. I can relied saying you said you can then the female security told me to shut up and that there was nothing that they can do. I asked what are they to lazy to do thier job. So i grabbed my box and processed to shop for other items that I needed. Has I was shopping security decided to follow me and I assume called the manager Girvin Janicki. Has I grabbed Hamster food the manager told me I have to leave. I told him that I will leave after I purchase my items. He told me that I wasn’t purchasing anything and I had to leave. I told him yes I was. So the manager said he will ring me up. Has he was ringing me up another employee(don’t know where he came from) to me I had to leave. I again stated as soon as I purchase me item I will leave. As this is going on the manager is ringing up my items. The other employee then treaten to call the cops. I told him to go ahead. The employee then tells the manager to not ring up the items. So now I am argueing with this employee that had nothing to do with anything. The manager finishes ringing up my items. Before my boyfriend can even finish paying the employee keeps on trying to argue with me. I just started to walk to out the store with everyone following me like I am a criminal. I have never been so disrespected before. I am so appalled with the way Walmart employees can treat customers. I will think twice before I ever step foot in that or another store again.

  172. Hello I ordered a fun tab 7 kids tablet,item # 81770701212 n gave to sum one as a gift and the same day he opened it the button where you turn it on n off at already have fallen off n now the tablet is cracked. I’m trying to see if its replaceable. If so what I need to do?

  173. As you may or may not know the St. Louis mo area is going to experience some heavy snow tomorrow 10+ inches will below 0 temps.. So your local walmarts are very very busy today I just visited the collinsville Illinois Walmart to find Many items not stocked, and this is not the first time snow storm or not. It would appear that management of that store can not only keep it stocked adequately during normal business but don’t know how to keep the store stocked in times of special circumstances. We have known about the appending weather for several days. Take the initiative like the highway dept did and make sure u bring in extra employees to keep shelves stocked for ur customers. I can guarantee if it is a matter of OT some if not all employees could have tomorrow off since little to no ppl will be shopping during a snow storm. Also it is a very normal occurrence, again special circumstances or not, to have to wait 15 to 20 minutes to check out today was no exception.

  174. I’ve been reading the comments from customers on here. I am shocked that you are not doing something about the length of time people are waiting to be checked out. I’ve read it over and over again. Do you not care what customers think or how they feel? It seems that way to me. Does anyone one in the corporation even read what customers are writing or don’t they care? It’s just to bad Sam Walton died isn’t it. He is the only one that seemed to care about customer service, etc. To bad he left the store to the worthless human being that he called a relative and probably had faith in. That person could care less about anything but the profit. It’s not that you can’t afford to hire more employees. You just don’t want to because it will take a little of the profits to pay them. You are losing money because people are finding other places to shop where there is lots of help and the lines at checkout aren’t a mile long. Get a grip and do something about the mess you have in most of your stores.

  175. I spent $10 on 2 giant cans of your Great Value mini beef raviolis. Tastes like rotton crap! I did NOT burn the raviolis. This is unacceptible!! I am demanding my money back.

  176. For the most part, my experience with Wal Mart has been good. Nothing bad at all. It’s just that some of your cashiers have very bad attitudes and need to work on their people skills. But I must say, there are some cashiers who are friendly and helpful. I think Wal Mart needs to work on the moral of the staff and perhaps, a positive attitude will bring sales. the one thing I learned in customer service as a retired flight attendant, people who complain all the time are professional complainers! they have nothing better to do than to sit and complain about everything. people are not satisfied. your cashiers work their ass off and I can certainly understand their frustration.

    otherwise, I’ve really had no issues at all w/ wal mart….

  177. Hi i M tryin to locate an invoice that i did not received with my order of vitamins, and would like it for the customs purpose

  178. I think shopping at the Tipton,Iowa Store is one of the best Walmart’s to shop at! I think the employees are friendly, good selection, lower prices, clean store, and quicker checkout lanes! So please give the employees a round of applause for their hard work and excellence!

  179. im not satisfied with my time at walmart and then on the phone for over 30 mins which was pretty much all on hold and then and a rude lady talk to me all i wanted was the scrub bundle in L in red and dark brown and all i have got is rude people every time i talked to a walmart employee wont be back for a long time

  180. The Walmart Pharmacy in Laurinburg, NC is awful. I called several times. I then went to the site 3 different times. Was given different reasons it was not ready. The order was sent directly from the Doctor and I had no contact with the prescription.If there was a problem with the order they should have contacted the Doctor when they first received the order and not waited an extended number of hours after my first contact. I am not alone in my complaint some customers had been waiting 3 hours for their order. The attitude of the staff is I don’t care if you are waiting. It is not our problem. I still have not receive the order since they waited until the office was closed to try to supposedly contact the Doctor. There was plenty of time for contact to be made since I waited a reasonable amount of time before calling. This medication is vital to the well being of my husband who is battling Cancer at this time. I am very disappointed in the service. There is no telling how long he now will have to wait for his medicine.

  181. Dear Walmart,

    Hello I’m a 6th grade student at South Hamilton. I’m writing to the walmart in Ames Iowa 3015 Grand Ave.I would like to tell you that I’m very happy with your service. When I come you guys have awesome service and the employes are very polite. I’m very happy that I the games I buy from there work. and last longer than other places like Gamestop. The best thing I like about walmart is that you guys are organized and not messy.I hope you keep up the good work and not change anything you do and thanks for everything you do.

    Travis Storm

  182. I went to Walmart today.The Northside Montgomery Hwy, Dothan Alabama location. If your goal is to drive the customers away you are doing a wonderful job of it!! If it were not bad enough that there are never any checkout open! You longer have door greeters! The self checkout don’t work correctly! This is why you need three or more Employee’s over there! And to Top it ALL OFF I had to go to THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK Today and deal With CHERYL! She is the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! MAYBE if they would spend LESS time being RUDE to customers! AND more time HELPING you! But NOOOO I got CHERYL! She was Joking with the Other Employees. Yelling Across the Room to get someone back to the counter. (ANOTHER EMPLOYEE!) Laughing, Talking, Talking, Talking! But couldn’t have cared less about the LONG line of People WAITING! I was AMAZED with her Rudeness and Lack of concern for the customers! Who Picked this Employee For CUSTOMER SERVICE? ***(Customer Service! Implies! That your there to help the CUSTOMER!)*** Not that Walmart cares how long you wait! Due to the LACK Of CHECK OUTS OPEN! You should hear your Customers Conversations! While WAITING!

  183. facebook post: Tristian Bailey I work at Wal-Mart inside the money center…say if u go to any Cvs, Walgreen, or Wal-Mart and buy a green dot money pak what ever u deposit on the card I can put a zero behind it….so say if u put 200 I go in the computer & put 2000 no bull stuff real fast & easy money hit me up if you want to make some money…

  184. I have been happy with the Great Value Chewy Protein Bars Peanut,Almond and Dark Chocolate and take them along for a high protein snack. They are very similar to the Nature Valley brand but much cheaper.
    I would like to request that you make the same product like the Nature Valley Protein bar Salted Caramel Nut. My husband does not eat chocolate so there is no good 10 gram protein bar for him with no chocolate.

    Thank you for considering this. Joyce

  185. I work for a non profit organization that is called Everything Must Change Through Divine Light. We help men and women get back on their feet and provide them with housing. We just ask for donation that consist off soap, deodorant, and other hygiene products.

  186. I have all but quit shopping Wal Mart in the last 5 or 6 years due to the complete breakdown in customer service, and quality of products. Got tired of clothes that do not match the size on tag(due to Asian influence I think ), and the complete filth in the stores in the Rochester, and Greece New York area. Also the complete lack of employee respect on the floor, they are either on a cell phone having old home week conversations with someone, or outrunning customers with question or problem.
    I am happy to say that my wife dragged me into a newer store in Victor ,New York Managed by William Fisher. The clerk at the register by the name of Faith was extremely warm and friendly and made me feel like Sam Walton was still alive and looking over his tried and true methods. This store is immaculate, and I was asked by SEVERAL associates during my cruise of the store if there was anything I needed help with. So refreshing after the poor attitudes in the Rochester, Greece metro area. We ended up spending $113.46 and actually enjoyed our time at this one store. My reading of my receipt , if I am reading it correctly, is store #2785 at 441 Commerce Drive , in Victor, NY. Can’t tell you how impressed both my wife and I were with Faith, and several other associates in this store. Even though the stores here are only a mile or two away, we will not drive the 35 miles or more back to Victor and this store if we want to do the Wally world thing again.
    Just wanted to give you a huge well done instead of the steady roll of complaints I am sure you get daily.

  187. I want to know if you would continue to buy or order from Bob Evans On the Go Breakfast Bakes Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Hash Browns, 4 count, 14 oz and Bob Evans On the Go Breakfast Bakes sausage, Egg, Cheese & Hash Browns, 4 count, 14 oz. It is a good breakfast meal in Chicago. If you check this frozen breakfast product sold pretty good. Please put back in stock at your stores. item# 007590000629 and 007590000627. Please restock through Bob Evans.
    Thanks, Jane Powell

  188. It makes no sense to me if you place a order not even 5 minutes ago and you need to correct the shipping address that you can not call customer service to have them correct it . The only option you have is to cancel it . Well that was a $1000 order they will not be receiving again !!!! Thanks for the lack of help .

  189. Within the past week on two separate shopping trips, I have presented coupons at checkout and later when checking my register receipts, I have noticed that coupons I presented were as not deducted. One was for $2.00 last week and today I presented two $l.00 coupons and only one was deducted. The coupons that were not deducted and were not returned to me. Both times this was at the garden center checkout which I started to use in the past two weeks.

  190. this is not a comment I was just woundering what u do with ur broken or crack secreen if u still have some of them could I by it for like 50 dollars if that is ok with u

  191. People by multi grain products because they are healthier. That is why I purchased Great Value multi grain crackers. I will not in the future because Any health Benefit is lost because they are loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

  192. Worst online sys / cust svc i evr had – I tried to send a $100 email gift card – it said on the site that it could take 48 hours but almost all were sent immediately – it was an emergency that the card be sent immediately – well it wasn’t – got a cust svc agent that was rude and didn’t listen to me – the order was cancelled – nvr using walmart online svc again and will avoid stores at all cost have a nice day

  193. Terribly disappointed when I arrived at the Walmart in Severn Maryland at 7:15 am om March 18th to purchase Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks. After the release was advertised for months, I find out that they only had Frozen available. 3 sales people looked around and in the back stock as I waited and all they had to say was that they couldn’t find it.

    Glad there was a Target 5 minutes away that I could go over there and purchase it with no problem, they had plenty of Frozen and Mr. Banks on their shelves.

  194. I want to tell you about my pharmacy experience, Ordered two perscriptions, one was available the other was not, it would take a few more days, they had to get it at another warehouse. When I did pick it up the pharmacist said it was of a different company, that worried me a little and asked a few questions in which she got perturbed and told me that it was the same as my regular meds. I asked to see one of the pills and she tore up the package to let me see the pill and let me know with her eyes she was annoyed. this is the same person that let me stand at the pick up counter for ten minutes without even acknowledging that I was there. A couple of days later I went back to talk with the manager. and then found out she was the pharmacy manager. I feel you should know of this uncaring person that is working their and is in charge. Thank you Mr. Cavallo

  195. I want to tell you about my pharmacy experience,I Ordered two perscriptions, one was available the other was not, it would take a few more days, they had to get it at another warehouse. When I did pick it up the pharmacist said it was of a different company, that worried me a little and asked a few questions in which she got perturbed and told me that it was the same as my regular meds. I asked to see one of the pills and she tore up the package to let me see the pill and let me know with her eyes she was annoyed. this is the same person that let me stand at the pick up counter for ten minutes without even acknowledging that I was there. A couple of days later I went back to talk with the manager. and then found out she was the pharmacy manager. I feel you should know of this uncaring person that is working their and is in charge. Thank you Mr. Cavallo

  196. I stop Walmarts in wallingford, ct. I think your prices are great, Especially for beauty products compared to other stores. My only problem with this store is every time you shop the shelves are always empty and not restocked regularly. It’s not just one particular item but several. This also pertains to some food items also. It is convenient, great prices, but very frustrating to not find what you want on return visits. I’m hoping that things will change soon. This has been happening only in the last severally months, Thank you for listening to me vent, I am not out to see people lose their jobs. Your associates are working and always helpful when you approach especially the door greeters.

  197. I visited your store #3425 on March 28,2014, my friend just had dental work and she needed her pain meds.Well while we were there i lost my car keys and my apt keys all on the same ring I have never been treated like this. On Sunday I called the store to report lost keys. I spoke to Ricadi who was the loss and prevention person, and he said to me he was not told about my keys. “He said this was the first time hearing about my keys”. So I asked to speak with Travis Grasha the manger of the store. He spoke with him briefly. came He place me on hold and Allan was no help at all. came on the line and i asked Allan what is postion there? I tell you the true I was pass of like a piece of meat. Nobody wanted to help me with my issues. All allan was saying to me that ” I cant, I cant, I cant,over and over again to me. So by this time Reggie comes on the line and she at least asked questions and took my phone number down and said that she will look into the matter. I also , left my name and phone with customer service the same day, and no one said anything to the loss and prevention person. I am so glad that i did not slip and fall, Allan, was saying to me the keys were too small to find. I explained to him it was not the keys but he could see me in the store. Allan just refused to do anything.Walmart is a Billion dollar company and customer Service is not one of its High on the List. I believe Customer Service should not be taken lightly.

  198. Hello. This is a question not a comment. How do I go about changing my credit card due date?
    Thank you very much.
    Ms. Debra D. Glenn

  199. I purchased a Gateway Computer Monitor 20 inch from you on line, When we got it all was great. had it one week and the pixels died, so we took it back to the walmart closest to us, The walmart in West Branch Mi. they didn’t have the one we purchase so they told us we could pick another and pay the difference. We get up to customer service desk, and they said no we couldn’t do that, We would have to send it back through the mail… I am so upset over all this. I thought the customer was taken care of….Guess not If you can resolve this please email me..

  200. I have never had a more aggravating experience then trying to buy an item in a retail store. The personnel don’t listen to the customer, the customer is given different information from each employee and no one answers the phone at Customer Service. There is more but I don’t have any more time since I have been trying unsuccessfully to purchase an electronic item for 4 hours.
    the North Bergen New Jersey store is a horror.

  201. I have never had a more aggravating experience then trying to buy an item in a retail store. The personnel don’t listen to the customer, the customer is given different information from each employee and no one answers the phone at Customer Service. There is more but I don’t have any more time since I have been trying unsuccessfully to purchase an electronic item for 4 hours.
    the North Bergen New Jersey store is a horror.

  202. April 24, 2014
    Dear Wal-mart,

    I am writing this letter to say I am very disappointed in the service that I have received in one of you store in Lake Jackson Tx. I travel back and forth to Texas and Florida. I usually get my oil change at this store. The last two visit was unpleasant. It started with my oil cap crack and they would not change the oil, which I understand. I when and got a new oil cap. Then on april 4 they notify me that the oil cap is crack again and I told the man in charge Vivian that the store was the only people to touch the oil in my vehicle. I don’t take it to anyone else and his response was that it was odd that it broke in less than three months. I repeated myself and said this store is the only ones to do the oil change and no one has touch it other than the store. When he finished the oil change and got a new oil cap for my vehicle. He said it might have been that someone force the cap to twist and broke. I DID NOT get an apology. On April 22, in the evening i notice that my oil has spilled all over my vehicle the bottom and top on the engine, around my wheels, on my side step, EVERYWHERE. I took it immediately to Erin’s a mechanic near by and was told to take it back to where I got the oil change because it look like the oil filer WAS NOT put in right. On April 23, I took it to YOUR STORE ask for a print out on the last service I receive just to check if they replace the filler, which they did. I asked to speak to a manager. LINDA spoke with me and I explain what has happen to my vehicle and that I took it to a near by mechanic shop. Her response was let me get a tech because she did not understand what was going on. I waiting for the tech to look over my vehicle for about 45 minutes to a hour. The Tech VIVIAN told me that he WOULD NOT find ANYTHING WRONG. They washed what they would from the bottom and put 3 quarts of oil that LINDA the manager told VIVIAN not to charge me for the oil. At this point, I told VIVIAN I am going to take it to Sears and find out what is going on with my vehicle. He advise me to drive around and then park somewhere were was not oil spill and see if it still spill because since he washed the bottom it may not spill any more and if I told it to sear they would charge me a lot. I drove it a bit and it still spill. I took it to sears only to find out that they think someone double gasket, but it is not spilling any more. The only reason why it still drips oil because the oil the when to the top of the hood is coming down. I believe that when I told Vivian about what happen to my vehicle. He fixed it and did not want to get blamed. NOW IF WAL-MART WOULD HAVE TOOK RESPONSIBILITY AND TOLD ME. “WE MADE A MISTAKE WE APOLOGY” OFFER ME A FREE OIL CHANGE AND WASHED DOWN TWO MORE TIMES. That would have been the end of it, but no. I am a single mother that does not know anything about vehicles. I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 14 year old, so I rely on the people who check my vehicle. I rely on the sticker that you guys put on my vehicle to check when I need to go back. What if I drove with my children in my grey navigator and did not realize that oil spill because you store double gasket and my engine explode while we are in the SUV? Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention the store where I take it is 30 minutes YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION TO YOUR EMPLOYEES. I WOULD HAVE LOSS MY FAMILY, MY NAVIGATOR, AND MY CHILDREN MOTHERLESS. I UNDERSTAND THAT THEY HAVE ALOT ON CARS TO DEAL WITH DAY IN AND DAY OUT, BUT THIS IS SERIOUS. I KNOW YOU HAVE PROCEDURES TO CHANGE THE OIL ON VEHICLE PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE REENFORCE AND REMIND YOUR EMPLOYEES.

  203. Today I visited your location in Okeechobee Florida where our government agency shops regularly. I collected my items and went to check out. As always I handed the cashier my tax exempt credit card. An error message popped up on his screen and he went to customer service to get clarification. As I waited for his return another employee emerged and hollering across the check out for asked” What agency?” I said excuse me? Were you talking to me?” Then she turned her back still 10 feet away and began to mumble to another employee. I then said,” mam if you are talking to me you actually need to get within earshot, make eye contact, and not turn your back to me”. She payed no attention and went back to customer service. I then gathered my things and followed her only to find her venting about me to other employees about how I should be better prepared!! I again said,”excuse me” ? She then, finally faced me and said that I would just have to come back as I needed my own tax id number for walmart. I then told her that all state government agencies utilized the same one and could she look it up. Again she huffed and leaned on the counted propping herslf up. I stated that,” certainly other employees from the state had used p-cards here before?” She said,” oh plenty” and proceeded to show me a book full. I then said ,” that number matches mine right”? She said ‘ “Yes”. I then said,” What is the problem then”? Her answe was, ” I guess there isn’t one”! I was horrified to look at her name tag and see that not only was she a customer service employee of walmart, but a manager!! She should set an example for other employees, she certainly did not. She should be polite and introduce herself in conversation, she was not! She should of apologized for the mix up, she did not. In no way shape or form was she a good representative of your company. I too am in customer service, this is totally unacceptable. Please make sure that Gale in customer service at the Walmart in Okeechobee is required to go to some refresher customer service training as soon as possible. Make sure she turns off her phone and does not talk to others. She definetly was not paying attention when she went last time. Thank you

  204. Just a little up-date from my poor customer service experience (a faulty stereo)in Susanville Ca. The car stereo your susanville ca. store refused to exchange even though it was within the gift time frame per. your website, Your manager BOB told me to deal with the manufacture, so i went to best buy and puschased a higher quality stereo for less money than i paid for the junk in your store. It was a much better experience for sure and i have been spreading the word in susanville, its been said that if i was a tweeker he would have worked with me, sad its this way. By the way i havent spent a dime in your store since totaling about 1,200 bucks todate, 150.00 dollar stereo, thanks, I have found that prices in competing stores are really quite good.

  205. I would like to comment on the Great Value Salty Stix pretzels in the 3 Lb. bag. These are the best pretzels in the history of pretzels. We bought a bag last summer and they were so good we bought 10 more and are about out. We would like to know when Walmart will be selling these again or how we can get some more. Please respond ASAP as we only have 2/3 bag left.


  206. Purchased cell phones from you in Feb.25,2014 and have had nothing but trouble with the phone and service. It took months and many phone calls to my family service to trouble shut problems. Never got the same story twice. After trying our own tips we found we had a bad SIM card.My family mobile said the insurance would cover replacement.The insurance company said no. The stores haven’t helped.There is suppose to be a replacement SIM card for $10 but it is not in stock.I have attempted to call electronics in Dublin and they hang up on me at the front desk. It seems totally unfair to have to spend more money when the product was faulty from the beginning.Very disappointed in Walmarts lack of service.

  207. Customer service at the WM on Wade Hampton in Taylors, SC is almost non existent. After we waited for long periods of time for someone to answer and finally got an answer we were disconnected several times. It is obvious the girls working in customer service do not know how to use their phones. We waited 17 minutes to talk to a manager. Finally gave up and will have to deal with the credit card company because of overcharges made by WM.
    Could someone encourage this WM to develop better management skills? Target is looking better every day.

  208. I have been shopping at Walmart stores every since they opened in Vero Beach. I am thrilled at the customer service, product price, quality and selection. The stores in Vero Beach have always lived up to and beyond its reputation. Until tonight! I was in Walmart on 20th Street in Vero Beach Florida. I went to buy a TV. The Customer Service person Kathy in the TV and electronics section was carrying on a personal conversation with another customer. I walked over to let her know I was waiting, she turned her face away from me. I again tried to get her attention and she looked over her shoulder and turned her back to me. I called out for my wife so she could witness what was happening. My wife on the disabily cart, watched Kathy talk for a few minutes and said excuse me are you the only person working this area. Kathy appeared agitated and attempted to call for help but said the phone somewhere “was off the hook and she could not help us.” She went back to the white female she was talking to and did not attempt to help us any further. She carried on a 30-45 min conversation and would not acknowledge us. I asked my husband to go to customer service to see if they could page someone to help us. He spotted a manager Victor from the food section who went and retrieved the TV we wanted. In the meantime another white couple walked into the TV section. Kathy finished talking to the first white female. She walked from the register to the end of the isles where my wife still waited and I was approaching, Kathy looked at us and walked over to assist the white couple with a TV. She refused to help us! We have dark skin but our money is still green! We asked to speak to the Manager and Terry the Assistant Manager came and listened to our story. She asked us to trust that she would take care of the way Kathy refused to wait on us. Q: Was there anyway Kathy could have assumed we were taken care of? A: No, when she walked to the end of the isle no one was in that department but me and my spouse and I was walking back from customer services where I had gone to look for help, the other white couple had just walked up. It was obvious that she had antiquated ways, and didn’t believe she should wait on Black people. I have been a law enforcement Officer for 28 years and lived in Vero Beach all my life. I lived through racist behaviors and attitudes and I never intend to live it again!!! Kathy’s behavior is not acceptable and can’t not be associated with Walmart! I will continue to be a consumer and spend my earned income where I choose and will not tolerate a person like Kathy as part of my consumer experience. Yes, I am an extremely unhappy customer! And I do not want anyone else to deal with what I experienced in Walmart tonight! I will follow up to see if this woman has been left in a position to treat other customers as she did me and my wife. It was obvious that we were not the only ones that thought she refused to help us. The wife female she was waiting on shrugged her shoulders and made a face as if to say she was sorry and couldn’t believe what was happening either. LES

  209. After my experience at the Deli in Zephryhills Fl I will now try shopping across Highway 301 at the Publix and see if their employees have a better sense of service. This Publlix is the same one that the 84 yr old won the largest Powerball ever. I’m sure service will be much better as alot of the local public here is sick of lousy service at Walmart. Goodbye Wallyworld!

  210. I came in there a few days ago and bought a reloadable wal-mart debit card, and when i got home i was not able to activate it because it keeps saying the card number is invalid. I have contacted both numbers on the card to activate it and for customer service and i can’t even speak with customer service about the card because the card number and 3 digit security pin are both invalid.

  211. I had purchased a HP printer 2510. As I was printing a warning came up stating the ink cartridges were not genuine HP cartridges
    and to continue using could damage the printer, and that I should contact the store where they were purchased. I removed the cartridges called the Wal-Mart talked to a manager and then took them to the store where the purchase was made. Their whole attitude was unconcerned and “ya, what ever” I was not permitted replacement cartridges for the “bogus” fake ones. I had to purchase a new pack. So I can only assume Wal-Mart doesn’t really care if their selling bad ink cartridges that can damage your printer. So for the sake of others who are going to run into this problem my friends and I are making a video for you tube. Thankfully HP did not share the same attitude as Wal-Mart and are sending me replacement cartridges for the bad ones I had purchased. Thanks for nothing Douglas Mcmillon who could not be contacted.

  212. Why do you have the WalMart home address in Alaska (Ak)??? The two letter abbreviation for Arkansas is Ar., while the two letter abbreviation for Alaska is Ak…

  213. I was at your Sault Ste Marie, Mich. Store on May 20th, 2014.
    I drive a 100 miles round trip to get my grocerys, only to find that you are always out of basic products like sugar, veg. oil english muffins sausage links, our brand of dog food.
    There is 3 of us that go in together, so on the average we spend over a $1000.00 between us. This happens all the time, the staff are rude,store is dirty.
    We have decided we would be better off to drive to Lower Michigan and shop Meijer. Your store is a disgrace and you need to do something.

  214. Today’s lack of cashier service after long wait is the straw that
    broke my back. This is a constant repeat of poor service at your
    store at 81st & Sheridan in Tulsa, Ok. I’ve had other problems
    regarding pricing methods whereby the actual price is covered up
    with the lesser price next thereto; I called this to the managers attention, he assured me it was an honest mistake. Two
    weeks later the same exact bacon price appeared??? Honest mistake, I think not. Costco is coming to town, so goodby walmart. Sorry your profit is too low to adequately hire help.

  215. Yuor management team at your Alexandria mn store could learn about customer service from the management team at your store in McAllen tx. We spend six monthes at both states. Your management team at the Alexandria stoe doesn’t recognize customers with eye contact, a hello or even a smile. Courtesy starts at the top. The management team at your McAllen Tx store do the above things.

  216. Ditto on all the negative comments had the same happen to me. 1 1/2 hours to 3 Walmart store looking for 2 marine batteries. I expect that any negative comment that I would make has already been made and I hope Walmart is trying to improve on them.
    The saving grace was a senior citizen working in the auto department. Knew what I needed made sure they had them by checking the stock room and when I arrived help me get them into a cart. I gathered several others things I needed with his help. Yes, if Walmart wants to improve service study people who gives good service. (Walmart at Somerdale, NJ)

  217. Is the Antigo, WI Walmart going out of business? The shelves are never stocked with merchandise.

  218. WOW! I am shocked at the difficulty to reach a human being in your customer care department. It’s horrifying! While I was on hold for now 10 minutes and still listening to your “on-hold music” that is anything but relaxing, I was browsing through the “Write a Review”. Seriously Walmart, so far I have not read one positive comment. I am a small business consultant and my career is based on educating small business owners in this competitive service driven world….Walmart Corporate Executives…You should be embarrassed and ashamed.

  219. I’ve been shopping at Walmart for years and most products have been delivered in good condition. However… Twice in the last year I’ve purchased HORMEL Sausage and pork links. When I opened the packages this morning they had a lot, And I mean a lot of fuzzy gray/black mold growing on them. All in all I’ve had six packages of this product be moldy like this morning. It tells me that someone is letting them set out of the freezer for long periods of time. This is a awful health risk with meat. The store I bought them at was in Pell City, Alabama on Vaughn Lane. While this was not a lot of money it was $6.00 + $ .60 tax totaling $6.60. It would cost me $7.00 to return them to the store. I’m not a business or real smart like you guy’s but I can’t afford to pay for bad food. I don’t pay you guy’s with bad money. How many other food products are you guys letting thaw before putting them out for sale? It’s nasty, gross and I feel cheated!

  220. My dad had ordered a tablet for my daughter’s birthday and it was supposed to have the 2 year warranty and it wasn’t in the box and now it is messed up and have been trying to call them to see what I can do about it and no one will answer the phone at all and I am so mad

  221. We purchased some DVDs, and received a shipping confirmation on June 9, 2014. We were told to wait 24-48 hours to check our tracking progress. It’s now been over seventy-two hours! They told us to wait 3-5 more days!! FEDEX says they never got our package, and refuses to refund our money. Internet fraud is a FELONY!!

  222. On 6/12/14 I went to Walmart Dee Zavala, San Antonio, TX to get my priscription filled. I noticed on handicap woman was in her wheel chair and going from one register to the other, asking for her prescription. Looked like was under lots of pain and crying. No one was paying any attention (people who were handling register) I asked her what was wrong. She said that no one is handling her prescription for antibiotics? Suddenly, one big guy comes from back of the line (Where he was standing) was not in Walmart uniform, but threatens her in a loud voice to her “Mam If you do not settele down and quite down, I will throw you out of the store” If I was him, I would have given a spot to park her wheel chair and would have offered to find out what was the problem and would said that I will take care of it.

  223. Today my husband & I had the opportunity to work with the finest associate Walmart has! Marissa Frederick, at store #1373 in Lilburn, GA. My husband had spent sometime researching the purchase of a new grill on line.. Online it told him this Walmart had this particular model. We approached Marissa with the information my husband had gathered on line. After looking at every grill in the garden section & finding nothing Marissa went to her “gun” punched in the numbers my husband had & it came up saying there were 6 of these grills in the store-some where! Had it not been for Marissa tenacious efforts to locate this grill Walmart would have lost a $300 sale. She located all 6 grills in the meat department! After helping us load the grill my husband is 82 & could not be much help. It’s too bad Walmart doesn’t have more associates of this caliber. She should be congratulated for her above & beyond customer service skills!

  224. Contacting customer service is like banging your head repeatedly against a concrete wall thinking it would help you win a beauty contest. Endless digital chatter with extensive wait times to contact a human after a maze of buton pushing lunacy to get you nowhere. Sam would be turning in his grave.

  225. We went to purchase paint at your store #1680 on Saturday 6/21/14 and they did not have the light base satin finish. The clerk at the paint counter suggested that we should go to another store. Today, 6/24/14, we went to the store #5854 and we found only two gallons of the satin finish light base. In addition, you did not have any of the Glidden primer we also needed so we willhave to find another store to complete our purchase. We are regular customers of your stores and love your products and prices but we are very disappointed about these experiences.

  226. The Chicago Great Steak Company sold at Walmart has the an awful product. The country fried steak is the size of a sausage patty.
    The gravy did not resemble gravy in taste or texture. It was the worst. The cost was very high for a low quality product.
    In the past I have purchased from Walmart a country fried steak in a plastic bag that was great.

  227. I called twice on tonight. On 6/10/2014 items out of my order was suppose to be deliver, it has never been deliver and on the tracking order it says to see shipper/merchant about it. I been trying to call customer service to see what was the holdup on the order.

  228. Tried taking the on line survey from your cash register receipt, and it forced me to answer questions that I wanted an educational course. I stopped in the middle of the survey because it should give you an option to complete survey with out forced answers. I got a call while on line about my interest and could not hear the caller, but told him to ignore the survey not interested in educational classes. I am 72 and retired. Can’t you fix this survey relating to your store? It stinks!!

  229. Gosh!!!! after reading the comments of others that popped up when entering mine….. is shocking,
    Maybe I need to come out of retirement and work on your efficiency problem!!! And training in customer relations-classes.

  230. we had to go buy a me blow up mattress on the first day of our trip because we blew it and it went down twice. So today u tried to return it and was told I could only exchange it because it was opened. We had to leave and go buy another one on the first day of our trip. So the store manager told me that was not walmarts fault that is there policy. After more debate she did it oh and said since I told her I was in the business I should understand true but I would have been fired for that comment. I had my receipt and it was only $20.00.

  231. I ordered items online and never got them. Fedex told me they delivered it to the store where a C. Brown signed for it and they said they do not know a C. Brown

  232. I visited the Guntersville, Alabama store last week and it was very warm inside the store. I figured the air conditioning must not be working, but I went back to the same store today and sweated all through my trip. I don’t know if you’re trying to save money by turning the air off or on real low, but it’s Alabama and it’s summer surely y’all can afford to keep your customers reasonably comfortable. I was miserable, it was only in the 80’s so not really that hot for a July day. Please do something about making our shopping experience a little bit more comfortable.

  233. I recently attempted to make a payment using check free and the two ladies that helped me were very professional and patient. The check free site was experiencing high volume and a long wait time for processing. Mrs. Shirley recommended doing a money order as the processed was not resolved by the other vendor. I just want to say thank you and and keep up the good customer service despite the problem on the vendor side, both ladies were courteous, professional, and patient.

  234. I had ordered another Monster tablet from and I had to sign this thing on-line to get another replacement one because it is a defective product and I couldn’t find the order number online. So they told me that i had to keep the one I have and won’t send me a new one which is a bunch of b.s.. So if they don’t send me another one I will be writing them a letter telling them how I feel about this and it is not going to be pretty. I am so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. last saturday i went to walmart with my daugther for her to get her medicine. he was the rudes pharmacy i ever saw. the way he act to use he should ever be working there. he act like he didnt like african american and that we was borthing him.


  237. I am the Property Manager of a 107 unit complex. Recently, Byerlys bought out Rainbow Foods, where all of my Residents shopped for their groceries. Byerlys is just too expensive for them, as they have voiced to me. I am inquiring into Cub Foods, as well as Walmart, to see if you would like our business? Would Walmart be receptive to giving out Gift Grocery Cards and/or coupons to me, so that I can insert these Gift Cards into their Resident Handbooks? You would be benefiting greatly from all the business I would be forwarding to you. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

  238. I spend a bunch of money each month at walmart, including 200.00to 300.00 in meds. Well it’s about to stop. Every time I go in I get so aggrivated. As much money as I spend, and out of 10 registers, 2 is open, Lines are out of sight.DON”T TELL ME SELF CHECK> I plan on going somewhere there is real people. Every one else I talk to in line feels the same way. One man was asked to step over to self check, she would help.. He said, I am not using the self check. My sentiments exactly.cutting back help will probably be o.k. You’re probably not going to need them anyway if all your customers go somewhere else

  239. Hello.I came to your store after I was told that you have my item on Wednesday.The moment I got there trying to find somebody to help me,they sent me at the customer service. After a big line there they sent me to Online pick up area.Another line there,they sent me back to where I started at the pool area.Same person at the pool area not only didn’t try to help me but she even didn’t know how to find my item in the computer. So from there she sent me back to the pick up area. Again back there finally same girl start to help me to check for my item,which she should helped me from the first time by her.She checked for me and told me it was by the toy area which I was looking for a vacuum for a pool. I couldn’t find it even there and left the store very disappointed.Your employees are not very customer friendly.

  240. Goodmorning: I live in Rochester Hills Mi. I have learned never to frequent your store before noon on the week-ends. There are grocery baskets,(15) full of returns all along the walls by customer service dept.and only 1 employee to handle that mess. I don’t understand the logic. If the returns came in at night, why were they still there in the morning.

  241. Goodmorning: I live in Rochester Hills Mi. I have learned never to frequent your store before noon on the week-ends. There are grocery baskets,(15) full of returns all along the walls by customer service dept.and only 1 employee to handle that mess. I don’t understand the logic. If the returns came in at night, why were they still there in the morning. No I did not send this complant in before. Thanks for trying to delete it.

  242. store # 2045 referance # 140716-007635 Flor E pharmacy
    our medical card number changed 1-2014. since 1-2014 staff at pharmacy placed in position to tell us that our EASY PAY does not work. they entered a 2nd time and it works. you need a programmer to correct the problem so that , the clerks and us are no longer placed in the uncomfortable positon of this situation.
    sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your email. it is difficult finding the site to email walmart . and also , i have been busy

  243. Hello

    Walmart has said goodbye to customer service for they are terrible. They no longer follow the 10 foot rule, never asked a customer if they need assistance and that includes management at 1617 and 3778 in Casper, WY that I can admit to. Then with Comments from others around the country it is nation wide. Walmart don’t care for its customers so needs to change their policies badly and take care of their customers or else face going under. For I will never shop with them ever again if I can certainly help it.

    John Dobson

  244. I am extremely disappointed with Walmart online ordering!!! I ordered a glider rocker as a gift and requested it be delivered to a different address from the baby registry. When looking at the tracking info I noticed it was set up to deliver to the registrant which is NOT what I wanted. I called customer service, spoke to a representative and was assured that she had contacted FedEx and changed the delivery address. She even gave me a reference number from our conversation. However, the delivery address was not changed and as a result the item was delivered to the registrant’s address. The problem is that she had moved the week-end prior to the glider being delivered. Luckily, her husband just happened to drive by a day or two after they moved and there was the glider on the front porch.
    This is a totally inefficient and ineffective way of doing business. I will not order from Walmart in the future and will and have shared my experience with friends and family members encouraging them to not order as well. For the same shower, my daughter-in-law ordered an item to be sent to her home. It arrived damaged. So, for the two items that were ordered from Walmart for this baby shower………NEITHER one of them was a satisfactory order. One was shipped to the wrong address and the other one arrived damaged. NOT at all satisfactory customer service.

  245. I just received order #2677203494585 item #0003700086998 GAIN THAI DRAGON FRIUT HE LIQUID LAUNDRY- seal on plastic bag was open and liquid leak on other items in shipment.
    I do my shopping online because of my disability. Do I need to return the entire order, including food items? Thank You, for any help!! Sharron Swartz

  246. My wife and I were in the Walmart in Brooksville, Fla. Trying to find items in the store is an ordeal. I was looking for kiltz to spray on the ceiling of my Mother-in-law’s mobile home. I was wondering all over the store before I finally found an employee.
    He was apparently a supervisor. Then I looked for a nasal hair cutter for her. I finally found a lady in the food department who knew what I was talking about. We looked for Perogies and was told that you no longer carry them. Check out had only two cashiers with long wait lines. While my wife waited in line to check out, I went to The in store MacDonald’s to get some French fries, a coke and an iced coffee for my wife. I paid for them, and was given my Coke cup and told I would have to wait for my order. Twenty minutes later (I timed it) my came by with her cart and asked what was the matter. It took another 5 minutes before I finally told another customer who had just come in, in a loud voice that I was waiting for my fries. My name was written
    on the sales slip, along with several other slips on the counter.
    One of the employees grabbed some fries and put in a bag and another got the iced coffee and handed them to me. We almost got out to our car when a lady came running out yelling my name, saying I had forgotten my fries. She took my bag, saying it was someone else”s order.
    It is obvious to me you do not understand that people can only
    do so much work. You do not understand that
    GDP = C + I + G + (Ex – Im). The more you cut C or G or I
    the less people have to spend at your store. It in simple math.
    You have also forgotten service, in your race to the bottom of lowest cost. It is no wonder my wife says she hates going to Walmarts and would rather go to Publix.

    John Adams

  247. Walmart in Laurinburg, NC allows customers to push carts around their store with dogs in the carts. I do not want to eat food out of carts that have dogs sitting in them. I find this disgusting. I have seen this twice and have reported it to the person who is the greeter at the door. Evidently nothing is being done because people are still walking around with dogs in carts where people place food If these were service animals then they should be walking on the floor and not sitting in shopping carts where people carry their food.

  248. Walmart in Laurinburg, NC allows customers to push carts around their store with dogs in the carts. I do not want to eat food out of carts that have dogs sitting in them. I find this disgusting. I have seen this twice and have reported it to the person who is the greeter at the door. Evidently nothing is being done because people are still walking around with dogs in carts where people place food If these were service animals then they should be walking on the floor and not sitting in shopping carts where people carry their food.

  249. I have ordered some stuff that supposed to be delivered to my trans express but i got the emails from wallmart saying it was delivered ..apparently transexpress never collected my delivery

  250. On Wednesday the 27th, at about 11:30, I visited your Chilliwack store. I was looking for a particular cell phone which was out of stock in your store. A young lady went out of her way to assist me. She checked her orders to see when it would be back in. she also called another store if they had it on hand and check the internet for Walmart. Even though she was not able to help me, she kept her positive attitude and wrote down the item number as well as the department number.
    Unfortunately, I did not get her name but only describe her (which I normally don’t like to do). Modern haircut -shaved on the side.
    It is refreshing to see that customer service is not dead.

  251. I’ve bought over 8 silver batts from walmart in past year. I’m Wayne (engine dr)
    I work on all kind of stuff.
    Well one batt in past 2 years I take it out
    For free an batt under warranty says on side free
    Three year replacement. So I eat this job cause
    Walmarts batt failed !!!!!!
    Get this I take it in to have it replaced that’s all
    Honor what the 78 year old man bought for his van.
    First it was recipt now with out my id I was told to take my battery
    An leave. Come back with id. I ask just to keep the ball rolling
    On the exchange an they were very rude by means
    Of telling me to take batt an go come bk wit id
    An basically do it all over. Mind you I been there over
    An hour to find out I needed id hassle free every were else
    When you just want an exchange but now I have to eat this twos also.
    Thanks walmart for all the bs. You giant corp. pigs

  252. i am trying to use your site to order some crutch tips ,pop ups from e bay ,amazon others come up and block all your info to order without me asking and ruining my ability to order what i need ,it,s a waste of time to try, as i have tried several times and they intercept anything i do,if you don,t fix this i will have to go somewhere else. i feel you are being violated if you don,t do anything then i guess you want it this way.

  253. I went into a Walmart in Charlton,MA. I saw that a customer service person was struggling with the shopping carts. I was trying to help, but this so-called “customer servicperson named Brenda read me the riot act and ignored me. She didn’t bother to thank me for my help citing liability. When I tried to talk to her she was ice cold. There are far better ways to let me know about liability than being downright mean. I told the nice Assistant Cassie what happened and said she would take care of it. Usually, the people are very nice, but after that incident, it will be a Long time before I even Think About going back to that Walmart. There are lots of other stores that woun’t abuse their customers.

  254. The Walmart located in Montgomery Alabama at the corner of eastern blvd and Troy highway has always been my go to store… Close to where I live and they have gotten alot of my business I shop weekly for gro and medications but after today I will NOT return to that store the employees are unbelievably RUDE!!! To day I went for a quick purchase and their were cashiers not busy which is rare they usually don’t even have 3 cashiers working even when it’s prime shopping time ! I asked her if she was open as she was just standing there and saw a line forming but never opened her mouth to say “I’m open.,.” And her response to me as customer! “You see the light on” I have never been so mad!! That’s just rude Walmart needs to hire people that want a job… She clearly does not and should be FIRED!!! I expect to hear back from
    Someone at customer service! Very Unhappy customer !!!

  255. I had the worst service by four employees and the Assiatant manager! I went to walmart (Story Rd. San Jose) to return a Tv I had bought the day before to exchange it for a different brand, all of the electronic employees ignored me or walked away saying they were busy. And other employees told me that this wasn’t their department and left. It took 30minutes for someone to help me. I was disgusted by their customer service!

  256. Re: shopping at 0700 Selma, AL Walmart. The buggies’ wheels do not roll. They stick as you try to roll the carts. Today, shopped and the wheels do not roll/September 10, 2014 afternoon. Tried to report to the greeter enroute out after shopping today. Greeter was just not wanting to hear about the buggies’ wheels. Greeter made a sarcastic remark to me “do you know how long this buggie has been in this store – 2 months.” I told the greeter the buggie I was going out of the store with worked fine. But, the three (3) I tried to roll and use upon entrance did not work. I repeated myself to the greeter. Natalie B. Smith, a weekly Walmart shopper and a long time supporter of Walmart.

  257. Let me preface this by saying I have never made a complaint before so I am not a constant complainer. On 9/12 I went to the Walmart located in Waynesville, NC to purchase 4 items. The lines were backed up at the main entrance so I decided to go through the garden center. There the lines were just as backed up with me being the fourth or fifth person in the only open register line. There was a female associate standing by the door talking to a younger male. After about 5 minutes I was finally the second person in line, while a woman purchased a cart full (later totaled out to $117 dollars) of groceries. I then saw the young man the door greeter was talking to walk over to a cooler and remove a soda. He then walked over to a closed register, and the greeter left the door and opened the register for him to buy his soda. Seeing their opportunity the people behind me ran to this register. Finally after totaling the woman in front of me, she handed the candy chewing clerk some kind of piece of paper to pay for her items. The clerk asked for ID and the woman replied it was in her car. He replied he would wait while she went and retrieved it, leaving me and several customers behind me standing there with our thumbs up our you know whats. At this point I’m about 10 minutes in (estimated) with no end in sight, so I walked out leaving my items and cart. Upon arriving home I tried to call the store to complain but after an hour of busy signals on both store phone numbers I gave up and decided to leave this post. I read the business reports which say Walmart might be heading for trouble, which I always found hard to believe. I’m now starting to wonder if they might be right.

  258. I am NOT writing this to get a free box of crackers! I just felt compelled to write and THANK you for a great product! Its a complimentary email! I have long been a great almost fanatic consumer of sunshine cheeze-itz crackers. I was very disappointed when they raised their prices. But then you guys came thru with great value cheddar cheese crackers at a much more reasonable price and I also enjoy them immensely. They are a fantastic cracker! I go to the wal-mart here in st. aug. for all my grocery needs. I will only say that almost without fail, there are no great value cheddar cheese left on the shelf. The last time I went there was ONE squished package left and I bought it anyway. They werent too badly smooshed and I enjoyed them anyway. Seriously, it is pretty remarkable how many times I have made the drive and the crackers were all gone. I guess this ended up being a little critical , but needless to say, I really enjoy your product and will always buy it instead of the sunshine product because your crackers are every bit as good and at a far more reasonable price. Thank you very much! s

  259. I placed an order for a chair mat on 8/22/14 and paid cash. I received an email that it should be available for me to pick up at the Troy Oh store on 9/9/14. I would receive notification when it arrived.I have called “cusomer Service” 3 times. They said they don’t know when it will be in. Today I was told to call “1 800 walmart”. I was on hold for approx 35 minutes before Cathy actually talked to me. She could not help me because their system is being “up-graded”. I was told to call back later. I asked her to call me when the system was back up. She replied they don’t do that. What good is Walmart’s “Customer Service”?? They could save money by eliminating it.

  260. Hello, my name is Linda Walden and I am trying to get a donation from the Walmart. I have a nephew that was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome and I am holding an event to raise money for things that the medical card will not cover and we need donations…here is the story


    DaMarcus Cash Graves was born a completely healthy, beautiful, totally perfect baby. His birth was even a miracle, . Despite the hardships in my nice life, a precious angel was born , a gift from God.

    DaMarcus was not your usual fussy baby. He was so good-natured, so full of life. From the time he woke up until he went to bed, he was smiling or laughing (unless he needed fed or changed of course). He was just so happy and social. At four months old, he already had such a strong personality. his four year old sister
    was the first person to get him to laugh.

    On June 20, 2014, my nice dropped my nephew off at his father’s house for their first visit alone. His father had come around since the birth and was very adamant about wanting to be a bigger part of his life. He had done so well with our him before, she thought this would be a great opportunity for him to start getting closer to his dad.

    On June 21, her son was rushed to the hospital by EMTs. her communication with his father had only been through texts because he wouldn’t answer her phone calls, so the information she got was only basic. she didn’t think anything of it because her daughter’s father acts the same way. there texts consisted of him saying that DaMarcus had puked twice out of his sleep on the 21st around 3 AM. she asked if meant vomiting instead of spitting up formula and told him to make sure there wasn’t a fever in case he was getting a virus. All she heard back was that he was fine.

    After waking up and starting her day, she didn’t hear from his father for hours, so she finally got fed up with waiting on an update and asked how he was doing. she was told that he had slept all day and not gotten up for anything, so she assumed he must be getting a virus to be acting that way. she told his father she didn’t have anyone around for a ride to come get the baby and since he lived right behind the hospital, he might as well take him over there to be checked out.

    Around an hour and a half later, she got a text to come to the hospital because DaMarcus had stopped breathing. she asked, “What do you mean he stopped breathing?!” she was told he just went limp and stopped breathing, so he called an ambulance. When she got to the hospital, she wasn’t told any more detail than what I’d been told in the texts.

    DaMarcus’ father and I were seperated after that to be questioned. Over four hours later, a doctor finally came in to give her the news about her son’s condition. All she remember is he was saying things like, “He’s anemic,” and something about his respiratory rate and blood pressure, so she thought something like he passed out due to having something she didn’t know about, or had cancer maybe. she knew it was horrible, but she didn’t expect to hear what she heard next. she told him all this mumbo jumbo was too much, that I needed to know whether or not her son was going to make it. He told her he didn’t know. All he knew at that point was that the injury was non-accidental. He told her that her son had been abused.

    His father, Shawn Anthony Graves, is now in jail as a result of shaking her son and hitting him with what the nurses believe is a blunt object. . In one night, his whole life has changed forever.he has endure more pain than some people experience in a lifetime. He is one of the strongest little baby. I know. He has fought back tremendously. His story has been shared all over the world. Thousands have prayed for him. no child deserves to go through.

  261. We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad. yet the ad has to have a price for the item so I can get the sale price (RIGHT) as posted on your web site, so your saying I can tell the casher any price for any item and they have to match it even if I have no add with me.

  262. Cerritos store in California 90703 has the worst shelf supply of any Walmart I have ever been in. Also when I looked at my receipt from yesterday I was charged for 5 lunchables when I only bought 4.Can u tell me what item #003760010321 and 00210000451 are? Can’t tell by the description on receipt.
    Thank You,

  263. The only problem I have with Walmart is no one ( or hardly ever) do the cashiers check I.D’s when a credit card is used. I am a retired law enforcement officer and it makes me upset that when I ask the cashier don you want to see my I.D. the comment I get is that is not required per corporate. with all the I.D. theft going on has it ever occurred to Walmart how much money they are losing. I do not know how many walmarts are in this world , but, if each store loses only $10.00 a day by not checking I.D’s and you have 500 store ( which I think there more the corporation is losing $1800000.00 a year. I personally what all stores to check for mind and your benefit. The other day I bought something with a credit card and the I did not have to sign or show an I.D. This is ridiculous. I would thick that Walmart would change there policy after seeing what a mess it was with Target and not Home Depot. Please reconsider your policy for all concern.

  264. I honestly cannot believe the experience I have had today with customer service. All I can say is I will never spend one more penny at or walmart stores ever again! I ordered a loft bed for my daughter’s 9th birthday (today). I have spent 2 hours trying to get someone to help me because the frame of the bed was bent horribly. Of course, it was the last piece of the bed I got out of the box. I know that walmart has to be the largest retail store and can do certain things to make your bad experience a bit easier. The unwillingness to help me was unbelievable to me. They told me I could box everything up and take it back to the store and I could get an entire new bed in a week or so… Remember this is for a very excited 9-year-old who was dying to sleep on her bed!!!! Anyway, they finally told me that I could call the manufacturer and ask them to ship the damaged part to me. The supervisor gave me the phone number to the manufacturer for me to call… The first 4 numbers he gave me were disconnected. The next was a wrong number and the next just rang many, many, many times. I am so mad right now that they did not even try to help me… They are flippin’ Walmart… I know they can get things done faster and better than me… I mean I ordered the product from them (first mistake) … Not the manufacturer. I regretfully got off the phone without my problem resolved. There was really no way he could make it all okay, as it is a Saturday, but he could have had the part sent to my house overnight and I would have it Monday… I just know the saying “guaranteed customer service” is a lot of crap!! They say what they are instructed and just try to quickly get you off the phone. They don’t care. I would be ashamed to know that I was in a “customer service position” and didn’t care about the issues of customers (who without – you would not have a job)….

  265. Im ust to.the poor customer service @ the Spencer Ok Store,
    Today, with expendable cash and toying with the idea of buying the box set blue ray along with a blue ray player.
    chip was helping me look for a box set of dvds, and we only blue ray set, when a young male, wearing earrings in both ears interuppted, told him these people needed help, ok im fine with that, poor customer service as usual.
    But this young black male looked at me Like I was Garbage
    Then proceeded to help another woman
    Leaving my Cash in Wallet to go to Best Buy.
    I spoke with a very nice female manager
    But, the customer service just Did it for me
    Im not those folks you post on The People of Walmart.
    I was dressed, had my teeth in my mouth, took a bath today, didn’t have undergarments showing
    But He Still Looked At My Like I wasn Garbage

  266. I would like for you to give Megan at Marion, Eye Vision Store a big fat raise, she has always been there for Bruce and I when need help with our glasses, we awalys look for her or Jessica. I try new glasses in spring but could not see close up, so they refunded my money (Jill the Manager) and than a month ago I had to get new glasses they put my current lens in the new frame, but they continue to slide down, to night Megan adjusted them to form more to my face by curving them, WELL IT WORK, and they remain right where they are to be…….Please make sure she hears about this, Megan is a very valuable person at Marion, Indiana’s (Walmart Eye Center) Again I am very happy with these 3 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. We were regular buyers of Almond Magnum full size ice creams but these have disappeared from our local store in Peachtree City, Georgia for about 9 months now. Are they available elsewhere or can they be re-stocked in Peachtree City again.

  268. Your website did not and/or doesn’t help me at all. Your automated phone secretary doesn’t help me. Sam Walton himself said if your not being treated well or you have had a bad experience you can fire everyone in the company by not shopping at that company. So if enough people become dissatisfied with your massive company and it keeps on failing the customer eventually you will fail. So for me no more walmart.

  269. What time is the tablet coming on the 31 I have to work from 8:00 until 2:00 I won’t be home until 2:50 can you come after 2:50 please

  270. What time is the tablet coming on October 31 I work from 8:00 in the morning until 2:50 can you send it in after 2:50

  271. RE:chunky mixed fruit – I bought(3)cans,threw(2) in the TRASH; the only thing totally chewable was the GRAPES. P.S. Iam a fan of Sam Walton,I shop twice a week (grocery,pharmacy,household,etc.) Not one of the nuts that bad-mouth Walmart,but unchewable fruit ???

  272. I wanted to compliment a young lady named Amber who works in the Wal Mart in Springfield, Illinois on Dirksen Parkway. She answered the my phone call and switched me to customer service at my request. The phone in customer service (typically) rang for over two clock minutes to no avail. The young lady came back on the line to try to help me. You see I had lost a set of car keys and was frantically looking for them. As she could raise no one in customer service, she went herselfm to look for my keys. It is unfortunate that they weren’t located, but it was certainly refreshing to find a young woman who was concerned about how her store looked to me and wh extended herself to help someone in need. i hope she will be recognized for her efforts.

  273. I have never filed a complaint and I don’t want to now, but I would like to make a couple of suggestions. #1 when the store is open it would be helpful to have a manager available…having a manager in the store and having one available is not the same thing as I found out when shopping at 2am. November 7, 2014 #2 Have someone available to assist in the jewelry department for customers that would like to purchase jewelry…regardless of the time of day, I cannot get help in this department. When I selected a piece of jewelry in the locked display cabinet, I was told the manager was not going to open it for me and I should come back at 7am…..#3 have complaint forms available so that customers can have a way to register their concerns #4 have a store manager that will actually answer the phone and not leave you on hold for several minutes and disconnected several times….summary….if you do have a complaint against the Walmart in Chanute, there is no apparent way to voice it, you have to accept poor service….but can a store that is not concerned about customer service continue to stay open? Time will tell.

  274. This comment is more of a question and warning. During the last Black Friday sale in 2013, Wal Mart advertised Guarnteed in stock items. I dont know how wide spread the problem was, but in Ohio that guarntee was not honored. Myself and others followed the rules to the letter, but were told that the items were not in stock. infact the store managers were very rude about the situation. It is my hope that the same situation does not repeat itself this year. Becaus sereral people have said the news media would be contacted. and this practice will be exposed.

  275. I have been purchasing the Great Value Brand Styrofoam dinner plates and on each plate in between layers of the plates we are always having to wipe away chunks of Styrofoam. That could be a hazard if you don’t notice it and it gets into someones food and it becomes ingested. At family potlucks there are numerous small kids who may not see this. I’m very concerned over this and may have to start buying other products. I will also be calling the phone number on this product as well. I do about 99% of my shopping at wal mart, this too may have to change.

  276. Walmart just does not not care!! They are so large, the individual customer is of no concern to them. They lose one here, they will get another one elsewhere!

  277. Tell me how can a handicap person get some of those sales like TV’s that be on sale for a few hours when people be pushing and won’t let u get near the appliances. Thank in advance

  278. I called Thanksgiving Day after racing home at 6pm from work to place an order-the site said in store. Earlier in the day it had not read that way. The agent who was awesome checked it and told me they had some problems between store and online and put my name on a list to be emailed when the item became available and told me I would be able to purchase for the $199 price. I just got the email and the machine is $219. I called Customer service and was told by three customers service reps they could do nothing and the price is the price, the girl who told me that gave me mis information….bla bla bal. I told them I got the email so she must have been telling the truth otherwise I would not have gotten the email. Each one told the other what had transpired and told them -they told me anyone would tell me the same thing. Well they did -I was on the phone for approximately 45 minutes and nothing is any different. It was $20 difference. They toss the customer service for $20. I had totally quit using their service a long time ago and it was a wise move. I will be going back to NOT using for anything. The customer service SUCKS!

  279. My fiancée and I both agree your new ice cream flavour; Sea Salt Caramel Truffle is so delicious! Perhaps one of the best I’ve tasted, albeit somewhat biased in that I am a caramel fan. We’re looking forward to what you offer next as your new flavour, although this Sea Salt Caramel Truffle flavour can satisfy me for life.
    Thank you for this fantastic product!

    ~Drew Lee

  280. RANT for the evening! Wal-Mart Pharmacy….I was the 17th person in line, 5 behind me, 1 checker, took forever…than she said $375, I said “what?” had to go to the other line, where you drop off presciptions, talk with the pharmacist and he said “oh, just an error, must have been a training error,someone didnt run it through your insurance, is $9. better?” Are you kidding me??? I’ve used that place because of my insurance for a year, no changes in prescriptions, and that many people in line with one cashier????? Oh, did I mention the 2 screaming crying kids in front of us???? grrrrrrr…………… — feeling stressed. Also, 2 of prescriptions have changed to come in “punch out cards”, I hate those things!!! You cant pull them out of the package and have to cut the foil to “try” to pop them out!!!!!!! If you have arthritis in your hands & wrist, its near impossible!!!!!!

    • I bought a Black&Decker toaster 2 months ago for $24 It will burn the toast. On its lowest setting 1 it will still over toast the bread. I tried returning it but they said they no longer stock that model so they refused a replacement or refund. In the managers words we can do NOTHIBG for you, PERIOD. I no longer have my receipt so I can’t even get warranty work done by Black&Decker. I’m 70 years old have shopped at WM all my life. I hope WM likes losing a customer of my longevity for a lousy $24 toaster. I am so outraged at WM response to my issue that I will make every effort in any social media to bring to light WMs terrible customer service. I’m retired so I have lots of time to let everyone everywhere know what a LOUSY Company WM has become

  281. I bought a Black&Decker toaster 2 months ago for $24 It will burn the toast. On its lowest setting 1 it will still over toast the bread. I tried returning it but they said they no longer stock that model so they refused a replacement or refund. In the managers words we can do NOTHIBG for you, PERIOD. I no longer have my receipt so I can’t even get warranty work done by Black&Decker. I’m 70 years old have shopped at WM all my life. I hope WM likes losing a customer of my longevity for a lousy $24 toaster. I am so outraged at WM response to my issue that I will make every effort in any social media to bring to light WMs terrible customer service. I’m retired so I have lots of time to let everyone everywhere know what a LOUSY Company WM has become

  282. Went to Walmart on Navarre Ave, Oregon, OH to purchase an Ipad. The sales person was so busy checking her texts that I felt like I was bothering her for help. Asked where the Ipads were and was told in the case. Said I would like some information regarding purchase. Did not get much information. Did end up purchasing one along with a 2 year extended warranty. I might ad nothing to do with her good salesmanship. A little disappointed in the experience. This was not a pair of shoes it was a $478 purchase.

  283. I placed and order with Wal Mart and my order was canceled so I tried to purchase the item again and again my order was declined. I finally got a hold of customer service and was told it was my card to call my credit card company. I called my credit card company and was told it was not my card but Wal Mart. Now the item I so needed is now sold out , so I am very upset with Wal Mart. There was no reason for them to cancel my order not once but twice. This is unacceptable, unprofessional for a company as big as Wal Mart. I hope they will take in consideration the time and disappointment we consumers have to deal with. It’s unfair, rude and dishonest.

    • I purchased HP refurbished Black 2005 Pro desktop PC with Athlon 4 GB, 160GH hard drive Windows 7 Home Premium. This is what the description on line when I purchased in Nov 2014 that’s caused me to purchased on line.

      Today, the screen says the Windows NOt Geniune and it says very risky to use this PC with Windows 7 Not Geniune. It also has a limited time and it will be blank out.

      I would like Walmart to give me a valid Product Key for Windows 7 as I already have used my computer.

      Why your description is misleading or cheating the customer.

      I am a very loyal active customers on line and in store and I would like to be compensated by giving me a valid key product for Windows 7 Home Premium. Or I will report this to the Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

      Please reply soon as I am running out of time in using your PC that I bought from Walmart.

  284. I bought RCA 48 inch tv on line when I brought the tv home I was that there was a crack on the screen , I took the tv back Walmart for exchange but I could not find the same tv. I told the costumer personal to order one for me she told me that they do not order tv on line

  285. I bought RCA 48 inch tv on line when I brought the tv home I was that there was a crack on the screen , I took the tv back Walmart for exchange but I could not find the same tv. I told the customer personal to order one for me she told me that they do not order tv on line

  286. Tue.16th I emailed tiffin Walmart and order a folding table on hold until today that would be picked up by son,Guy Hartsel,but I cannot get thru to them to let them know when he will get there and need price they gave me so I can write out a check w.hartsel

  287. I purchased HP refurbished Black 2005 Pro desktop PC with Athlon 4 GB, 160GH hard drive Windows 7 Home Premium. This is what the description on line when I purchased in Nov 2014 that’s caused me to purchased on line.

    Today, the screen says the Windows NOt Geniune and it says very risky to use this PC with Windows 7 Not Geniune. It also has a limited time and it will be blank out.

    I would like Walmart to give me a valid Product Key for Windows 7 as I already have used my computer.

    Why your description is misleading or cheating the customer.

    I am a very loyal active customers on line and in store and I would like to be compensated by giving me a valid key product for Windows 7 Home Premium. Or I will report this to the Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

    Please reply soon as I am running out of time in using your PC that I bought from Walmart.


  288. I wrote a comment a few days ago regarding a sewing machine.
    For a few days all I got was the run around about purchasing a sewing machine that was on sale.
    To my surprise today a Nice assistant manager (Pat) gave me a call and we worked everything out. A sewing machine of my liking was purchased at the sale price of the original machine I wanted to purchase as a gift.
    I must say that after talking with many people and writing to Wal*Mart I am once again a happy customer.
    I would like to thank all the people involved in helping to clear this matter up. A special thanks to “Pat” assist manager at the Whitinsville, MA store for her kindness, professionalism and for handling this matter. She made it right.
    Happy Holidays to all ~ Your local customer

  289. had a laway at wal

    had a layaway at Walmart that was cancelled 3 days before I could get there,i went to get my refund,this angel whose name is Toya Lawrence is the most wonderful person I have ever met at any Walmart,she went out of her way to help not only me but another lady and her husband,i really neede thoese dolls for my two granddaughters,and the lady really wanted this big wheel for her grandson, she went into the back could not find our stuff she came from behind the counter did all she could to find the lady;s big wheel she found it,i was happy for her,then she found my dolls for my granddaughters I told her she made my Christmas and that ladys she went over and beyond to help satisify the customers I thank God for her she made us happy so we can make our grand kids happy,she was so kind and she is a jewel a great asset to this company,seeing her working in the layaway department was amazing she helped every one with such a great attitude,she kept smiling and working,when she did what she did
    for me and and that familywe were so happy as if the toys was for us we wanted our grand kids happy and she did that for us and them and I could not stop thinking her,thank you for hiring her ,I wish every one was like her she also found my grandson drums,i wanted to shout I had to tell you about this wonderful woman please honor her.Merry Christmas to all of you.

  290. These customer service people are a joke have talked to plenty of people during this past 3 weeks and all we get is LIES….. There routine is to say we will have someone call you back with the answer in 3 days… NEVER happens…… We spend thousands of dollars at walmart.each month I am so upset with how the lack of anyone you talk to having the authority to make a decision at walmart . Com just astonishes me .. And even have posted online and still get the 3 day run around.. just unreal Apparently this company is to big for itself.

  291. Indio Walmart on Avenue 42 has the worst service in the jewelry department I have ever seen in any store anywhere. No one knows anything. They have to keep calling someone else to help who really does not know either. I have the receipt for items I purchased and they will not take them back. I was there 3 different days for over one hour each time and the girls could not even remember what I purchased. They managed to lose one of my layaway items. When I picked something else out they lost it within 2 minutes and could not find it. The original item was found on top of a counter and I was able to get it. The other item was broke and they would not refund because they have a memory problem. The items where gifts so yes I took off the tags. I will never purchase anything from that store again. I will drive the 20 minutes to the other Walmart that has there act together. I should not even bother with Walmart again, but it seems to only be the Jewelry department in Indio who lack the ability to handle customer service.

  292. your costumer service is awful & ignorant. I ordered 3 bikes for my 3 kids along with multiple other items. One bike never came I’ve been waiting for over a month. When I finally called to inquire I got the most ignorant women who did not help at all I will not be ordering from Walmart again

  293. I ordered a chair about 17 days ago and walmart said that I would have it before Christmas. I wont be getting it until the 31st . they lied to make the sale.

  294. The customer service that you recieve at the walmart in Prescott AZ off of Gail Gardner road zip code 86301 is so dissipointing. The fact the you can call the hot line talk to a polite nice customer service representive and they understand your frustration but the co manager can call and be rude saying that their store has no bad service is utterly horrifying of what Walmart is coming to. I have never had a manager ever tell a costumer they were wrong and I should have known to ask the persons pay grade before asking them for help

  295. Purchased all Christmas Gifts at Wal mart. I used my Wal mart Credit Card which will be paid off as soon as possible and cut up. My medical from your pharmacy will be changed by the end of the month. When a company as large as Wal mart must pay Rev. Al Sharpton instead of offering job to the young people in this great USA we are in a great deal of trouble.

  296. I will NEVER order from Walmart online. NEVER! A basic stroller/car seat was ordered on December 29 and order was to be delivered to Walmart for me to pick up. They charged my credit card immediately (which is fine) however, I still have yet to RECEIVE THE ORDER. I track the order and it is in limbo in Texas. I call for support and basically I am told they have no idea what happened and the shipment is delayed. No other offers from customer service regarding resolution. TOTALLY DISSATISFIED!!!!!

  297. I know one thing, I won’t order any tablet or anything electrical from Walmart again. The Monster tablet isn’t worth anything. I got to use my tablet that I bought for Christmas on November 13 for my daughter, and she used it for 1 week before the pin that holds the charger in the tablet came out. I can’t get Monster to do anything about it. I want to return it before the return time is up. I don’t think Monster is going to do anything, any time soon, I’ve talked to them 3 times in 3 weeks and they still haven’t given me information on what to do with the table, where to send it or anything else. I would tell anyone that is thinking about buying a tablet, don’t buy the Monster 7″ table, its a piece of junk. I would like me money back, and I’ll send the tablet back to them. I hope Walmart will make good on this refund and return of the tablet.

  298. I find it very convenient shopping at Walmart, despite some people’s concern about the company. This morning, for the first time in all my experiences shopping at Walmart. I had a very unpleasant experience shopping at 8333 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402. Their office number is 818.830.0350. The incident happened to me at 10:14 am at Terminal 12 or TE#12 (it’s on the receipt) on 01/30/15. The cashier there went out of her way to make sure my experience at Walmart was unpleasant. The person she was checking out asked her how much the blue tote bags at her register was. The cashier said 10 cents. The person behind me said wow 10ct that’s great! And I agreed. Well when it was my turn to check out, she simply ignored me and helped someone else who was not even in line. The cashier didn’t ever bother to say to me, excuse me sir but may I help this person over here. After she helped the person who was not even in line, it was my turn again, so I asked her how much the blue tote bag was. She said 10ct, I then asked for one. When I later checked the receipt she had charged me 50ct. But my issue wasn’t even that, I asked for $20 in cash back, I asked for a $10, $5 and 5($1’s). She said back to me a $10 and 2($5). I said no that’s not correct, may I have $10, $5 and 5($1s). She simply ignore me and gave me 4($5s), rather than cause a seen, I simply took the money and asked her to have a nice day. She simply ignored my greeting of the day. When I look back at the experience, I can’t say that she treated everyone else the same way she treated me, so I could not “shrug” it off as a bad day for her. Therefore, when a person is singled out and treated badly while everyone else gets friendly service. I have to ask myself, was she discriminating against because I wasn’t the same race as her. In my mind I felt she and I were similar since we were both minorities. The reason I wanted 5($1) is because I was going to give the man outside the store a few dollars since he was asking for donations because he needed help. I gave him $5, instead, despite the treatment I received from the cashier. In the customer service industry a little courtesy and respect goes a long way, as consumer were spending money for goods. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore?

  299. I find it very convenient shopping at Walmart, despite some people’s concern about the company. This morning, for the first time in all my experiences shopping at Walmart. I had a very unpleasant experience shopping at 8333 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402. Their office number is 818.830.0350. The incident happened to me at 10:14 am at Terminal 12 or TE#12 (it’s on the receipt) on 01/30/15. The cashier there went out of her way to make sure my experience at Walmart was unpleasant. The person she was checking out asked her how much the blue tote bags at her register was. The cashier said 10 cents. The person behind me said wow 10ct that’s great! And I agreed. Well when it was my turn to check out, she simply ignored me and helped someone else who was not even in line. The cashier didn’t ever bother to say to me, excuse me sir but may I help this person over here. After she helped the person who was not even in line, it was my turn again, so I asked her how much the blue tote bag was. She said 10ct, I then asked for one. When I later checked the receipt she had charged me 50ct. But my issue wasn’t even that, I asked for $20 in cash back, I asked for a $10, $5 and 5($1’s). She said back to me a $10 and 2($5). I said no that’s not correct, may I have $10, $5 and 5($1s). She simply ignore me and gave me 4($5s), rather than cause a seen, I simply took the money and asked her to have a nice day. She simply ignored my greeting of the day. When I look back at the experience, I can’t say that she treated everyone else the same way she treated me, so I could not “shrug” it off as a bad day for her. Therefore, when a person is singled out and treated badly while everyone else gets friendly service. I have to ask myself, was she discriminating against because I wasn’t the same race as her. In my mind I felt she and I were similar since we were both minorities. The reason I wanted 5($1) is because I was going to give the man outside the store a few dollars since he was asking for donations because he needed help. I gave him $5, instead, despite the treatment I received from the cashier. In the customer service industry a little courtesy and respect goes a long way, as consumer were spending money for goods. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore?

  300. today i went to your store on state road 200 in ocala fl to buy some garden supply’s. i was told to load my truck . i am 70 years old and so is my wife and cant walk good we needed 2 bags of jungle growth which are very heavy . she was told this after she paid for it . I WILL NEVER GO BACK IT ANY WALLMART AGAIN ! some way to treat your senor citizen

  301. I have never received such terrible service in my life from employees of your store on HWY 64 Tyler, Texas. I was placed on hold for 1 hour with no respond. I was also told to call back because no one could help me with a warranty. I’ve cannot believed such a large corporation as your with such deplorable services.

  302. Sure would appreciate adding Fabric Department to Laplace Walmart in Louisiana. Everyone is learning how to embroidery and we really do need supplies. I have to travel 30 miles to a specialty store in New Orleans or 40 miles to Baton Rouge to purchase what I need. Would really like to hear your reply on this request….

  303. on feb. I ordered an Igloo Ice chest on line.Walmart charged my gift card then turned around and cancelled the order.It’s now Feb. 6 and still do not have my money dispite 3 calls to customer service.Worst online shopping experience I have ever had.

  304. First of all – why doesn’t Walmart let you e-mail them? I guess because they are smart and it keeps them from being responsible first hand since it prevents them getting complaints directly and provides the opportunity to claim being “unaware”.
    On to the gripe! I made a special trip from Charleston SC to the Walmart on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC because, after checking on line for this item, the Walmart website said this item was “In Stack” at that store location. After looking down 5 different isles (why are different coconut milks on 5 different isles?), I finally found a shelf tag for Golden Star Coconut Milk, but the entire shelf was empty. I could not find any one who worked in the store to help me. That was 4 hours and 220 miles of my time and money. I am not happy.

  305. I have been trying to enter a receipt to savings catcher and am told it is invalid however I know that the receipt is valid, I am told to enter a 16 digit code but the code is 20 digits. I am also told that the time for entering is expired the purchases were made at the Hammond La store on 02/10/15 this is 02/13/15 two days later why Am I having so much trouble oh yes I also have problems entering the date, Is there a fax # I can send receipt and proof that it was rejected

  306. was sent a pre approved application for walmart card. was approved but have not received card yet. have unexpected day off so wanted to shop walmart for items I need. called to get my card # so I could put purchases on card. was told I could not purchase with account # until had card in hand. very disappointing

  307. I made purchases yesterday and today at the store in College Place Wa. From the automotive counter, This being said I had to wait for no less than 10 mins yesterday when only one person was ahead of me and by the time the clerk came back from his break which he stated to us he was on break and said he had seen us there while he was at break. Then again today one person in front of myself and my wife at the same counter we stood waiting then a man came from the shop and started helping but it was taking some time so he asked the women employee to handle the other register and she had been B.S ing just behind us loudly in SPANISH to another women then she completely ignored us and said a few words IN SPANISH to the women and they both laughed and still DID NOT help us I’m disabled so I left and let my wife wait till the man was done with the customer. What the Hell do you pay these people to do I don’t think we will shop there any longer and I will tell all my friends. Also the women employee who ignored us had tatoo’s all over her arms and I had a strong feeling they were talking about us….It”s B S no matter how you look at it…..

  308. 2nd trip in a row ONE ONLY SOLE SINGLE loaf of French bread on the stand. Asked clerk ‘what day of the month they stocked it?’ no answer. 8:45 am ONE SINGLE SOLE ONLY regular check stand open!!!!! counted EIGHT girls standing around the front DOING NOTHING!!!!!!! sad to say that’s the usual checkout experience If Smiths would just lower the dog food prices, I’d NEVER have to go to wallyworld AGAIN!

  309. I shopped at our Waco Walmart store (5389) this morning.
    KISHA assisted me in the paint department.
    She is a wonderful and very capable Walmart employee.
    I appreciate people “going the extra mile” in their jobs.
    KISHA is one of those people.

  310. I ordered a marshmallow flip sofa for my child’s second birthday coming up. I received the wrong flip sofa. I immediately called customer service and spoke to a person named Joseph. After explaining what happened Joseph put me on hold for a few minutes and after coming back on told me all they could do was either refund my money and I would have to return the item or keep the item and they would give me a discount. I asked for an explanation as to what happened and was told the flip sofa I had ordered was out of stock although I had only ordered it a week ago! Needless to say, I am very upset! I searched such a long time for the right Marshmallow sofa and chose Walmart because they seemed to be the right choice, but after my experience, I know it wasn’t. Joseph did not offer any kind words or even seemed to care, for that I am extremely disappointed. I used to like Walmart but after having several bad experiences, I will avoid shopping there and will share my bad experience with others. I have five children and my son who was to receive his special sofa for his second birthday is also disabled, I am truly disappointed!

  311. I shop at the Walmart at 9301 Forest Lane in Dallas, Texas This store is terrible , no customer service, never enough cashiers, They have a store managers name posted in customer service and a number to reach him. I do not believe this person exhists as he can never be reached, when you call and ask for him they say just one moment and then no one ever comes to the phone and you are jusrt let on hold

  312. I am very disappointed with Wal-Mart. The associate, Shannon, was very helpful but could not guarantee that the product I was looking for (Lego Classic Box, #10695) would be available for an Easter gift. Wal-Mart advertised the above item in the Sunday, March 29th newspaper (St. Louis Post Dispatch) for $20.00. I saw the ad on Saturday and immediately went to my local WalMart store. Two associates tried to help me but indicated that they only received 3 of this item and they immediately were sold on Saturday morning. I went to 2 other stores with the same results. A friend also checked 2 of her local stores and I phoned the rest of the stores in my area. No luck. I checked on and they are out of stock. I do not understand why a hugh store like Wal-Mart would advertise an item and then only have a couple in each store when it would be popular (especially with Easter next week). Why have great sales if you are not going to have enough merchandise to handle the demand. Thank you and hopefully Shannon has contacted my local store to see if they will order this item for me. She was most helpful. GG

  313. I want to inform Walmart that I don’t intend to continue to do business in a Walmart store until you withdraw your support for the veto of the religious freedom bill in Arkansas.

  314. Its evident that Walmart does not care what their customers think. Tonight after a long day at work I needed to stop for Dog food. My first clue should have been when there were no shopping carts in the store. I found one inside the store but quickly learned that it needed an alignment, i pulled it instead of pushing. I gathered a few more items of interest and quickly hurried to a register. Only to discover long lines and I mean long. The first of the month and 4 register open 2 reg and 2 express. 30 min later and 3 abandoned carts full or perishables I made to the front. Manager John Shy nowhere to be found. Needless to say Walmart doesnt

  315. Very disappointed in Walmart. I ordered 3 sets of 2 cushions each and I only got 3 cushions instead of 6. I am having a backyard party on Saturday and ordered them last week. I will not get the rest of my order until after the weekend. How can I only get 3 cushions when they come in a set??? It looks like someone opened up the plastic and took one cusion OUT! Quality control is really bad for online orders. This is the second time that I have only gotten half a shipment.

  316. Today as I was walking into Walmart on Ledo Road in Leesburg, GA, I found a receipt that had a twenty dollar bill wrapped up in it. I took it in to customer service & turned it in. I ask if it was not claimed what was Walmart Policy on unclaimed money. I was told that they give it to the Children’s Miracle Network. I walked off but then went back to tell them that if it was not claimed it should not be donated as a Walmart donation. After talking to two ladies that told me the same thing about it being a policy of Walmart to donate to Children’s Miracle Network, I ask to speak to their manager. He came out & I told him the same & he told me he did not know why I was told it would be donated. He said it would be turned into the police. I ask him his name & he told me Allen. I ask him for his last name & he told me that was all I needed to know. I ask him his title & he told me he was Zone Manager. So if you ever lose money at that Walmart & someone honest turns it in, I hope you do call & get it back. I really doubt that money will ever be returned to the person that lost it. After this experience, I will just turn it in to the police myself. I will never go to them again with money I have found. I do not trust this store!!

  317. I paid extra to get an online order only to be told from FedEx that the merchandise is still in the hands of Walmart. I thought that when you pay extra to have anything shipped it should be shipped at that date that you paid for. Walmart send me an email with one date on it which is Today May 11, 2015 but FedEx tells me that do not have the merchandise and that Walmart still have the merchandise.

  318. I would like to know if the Walmart chickens are on strike? Reason Iam asking is the one thing I purchase at Walmart are t

  319. my husband and i love your great value 100% arabica coffee 48 cup==i buy 3 boxes at a time, but could you please think to make a variety box????
    i think that would go over great, think about it, and how about some coupons for it to?????? thanks

  320. I just received a free sample from walmart for some night cream. It was a nice little suprize. I believe that if walmart sent me samples every week or two weeks or maybe even a month I would visit and may even purchase more. Also when you got rid of certain stores off the savings catcher it is pretty much useless now, I suggest putting them back On There for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck. The money goes right back into your store anyway so it doesn’t make sense to take our chances of money back away. Thank you for listening.

  321. HI was on on the phone for 20 minutes and the phone rings 25 times no body pick up and my call was dissconeted what kind of customer servive is that STORE AT ROOSEVELD BOULEVARD DO SOME ONE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT

  322. I ordered 3 bird x bug repeleller on wall mart website a week ago and it clearly stated in store pickup on june 18 now today is june 18 th and its just now being shipped with estimated arrival date by june 29????How that is fair to me as a customer to wait 3 weeks for my order to arrive at local store????

  323. Your great value “twist & shout” vanilla sandwich cookies are as good or better then any cookie I have ever had. They are fresh, crisp,and plain delicious!!

  324. Poor phone communication on telephone numbers on line. round about questions to steer you from directly speaking to customer service. Long Long silent wait on telephone line….just blank after being informed your wait time is greater than 5 minutes. Very Very poor phone service to get to customer service.

  325. We placed 3 orders for laptops with Walmart. The last order was placed on June 24 and was supposed to arrive the next day, which is today. It did not arrive and when I called they told me it will take 24 to 48 hours. My manager needed those laptops today. So I have been instructed to not order from Walmart again for this company.


  327. No Confederate flags but you’re still selling COMMUNIST Che Guevara garb?!! SHAME ON WALMART’S EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT– I will NOT shop at your STORES anymore. Tired of cowardice & ignorance. Lincoln was a white supremacist who wanted to deport American blacks to Liberia. He sought to hire Confederate Army leader Robert E. Lee FIRST to head the Union Army- how could that be if the Civil War was fought over slavery? Slavery flourished for 70 yrs under the Stars ‘n Strips– are you going to stop selling America flag garb next, as Louis Farrakhan is demanding??!!

  328. 7/3/2015. I called the financial services department and after answering all the prompts. Edward answered the call. he asked me several questions. I told him i was calling about the Walmart Mastercard i just applied for and he asked me if i was the primary holder. I answered that I was the one who applied for it. he told me to answer the question. I repeated what i said. he then said is there anyone else on the account. I said i didn’t think so. he then said who is the primary holder of the card. I said is there anyone else listed on the application. he said you need to answer for verification. I said i don’t think there is anyone else listed on this account. he then said are you calling from a cell phone or land line. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor at this point. He told me before i could be transferred that i needed to answer his question. I told him my phone situation was not required for a supervisor. he wouldn’t transfer me so i told him my cell phone was my landline. he put me on hold for a couple of minutes then said a supervisor was not available for about 5 or more minutes. I waited then hung up and called back. a nice lady answered and told her edward gave me a hard time and i wanted a supervisor. the supervisor came on the line within 30 seconds. and handled the situation. Edward need more training and a monitor before he is cut loose on the public.

  329. hey my name is william chapman and i wanted to share my experience with u guys.I ordered a vintage tuffed soffa in burgendy they sent me a grey one not once but twice there customer service sucks

  330. Wal-Mart is refractory. Doesn’t respond to complaints. I have told you that you do not sell wall mount can openers. You do not sell vegetarian chili although you handle Hormel products. You dot sell flat cloth 27″ shoe laces, the most common size for men’s dress shoes. I shop at the Wal-Mart at Metairie, LA. It is 4.5 miles from my home but in adjacent Kenner you have two Wal-Marts. You need a store that is close to Causeway Blvd. and Veterans Blvd. in Metairie–it would be far closer than Wal-Mart in New Orleans for Orleanians and would serve a lot of Metairie. It has far too few parking slots for the handicapped. If you buy goods from the bakery the bar code presents a problem. You can check out at a counter or do self checkout. This presents a problem because if the bar code is on the bottom of a box a clerk has to turn the box over to read the code and that smashes iced articles against the lid. If a bakery clerk gives me the sticker to put on the box I can’t be sure if I will find the clerked counter or the self checkout to be the fasted service. Your 20 items or less counters are not equipped with a moving counter. The canned meats are not listed on an aisle sign. Sam’s soft drinks are in an aisle that is labeled beer and wine.

  331. On 06/08 I called concerning information on my company purchasing a Visa prepaid card. The store transferred me the a customer service line that rang and rang, but was not answered. Today 07/09 I found a number online that sent me thru numerous different automated options that that did not address my questions. Extremely Aggravating


  333. I am contacting you regarding your Edgewater location in Oakland Ca. I tried calling on the evening 7/28/15 and no one ever answered. I tried on & off for 2hrs finally someone picked up to hang up never answering. I tried again someone finally answered, transferred me to domestics, they never answered. I hung up and tried again. Now I want to speak to the store manager. The jewelry Dept answered and transferred me to the fitting room after I ask to speak to the store manager. No one answered in the fitting room, so I called back she answered again(jewelry Dept)she then told me she didn’t know that extension & to hold on she had to walk over to the next dept.she then transferred me to another extension that didn’t answer. I’m really heated at this point. I waited half an hour and tried again. I called back and reached the electronic dept and reached a young man, told him what I had gone through, told him what I was looking for, he went & checked and problem solved. The young man(K.J)apologized and thanked me for being so patient. The only reason I kept trying is because the other locations within the bay area was out of the Queen size Beauty Rest 20″ Sky Rise. This is a hot item & your merchandisers need to order more of this its a top seller at Walmart. That was too much time to spend to get through to any business.

  334. I been cashing my checks at your store for about three years now until last week I went to one of your stores in TN and they charge me $5 to cash my check the $2 wasn’t the problem until I cashed my check the next week at a different Walmart and they told me that the check cashing fee has not went up. I think this matter needs to be look at and Im going to need my money back thats wrong to to people like that

  335. My wife and I shop at the Dunnellon, Fla. store. She says the Great value white corn tortilla chips are the best she has ever tasted. I like them also, but she is a better judge at that than I am.

  336. I have shopped in your stores for more years than I can remember and can’t imagine how much money I have spent there. On Saturday I went to your Neighborhood Market in Hampton, VA to pick up some prescription refills. I approached the register and some man, I presume the pharmacist, started hysterically yelling at me, “Get behind the line, Sir! Stand behind that line!” What is his problem? I have noticed the pharmacy there does little business and perhaps for a reason. You need to deal with him and whatever his problem is.

  337. i made an online purchase for store p/u this morning for in stock items.. there was some mixup or delay and that’s when i met one totally useless sales assoc. and one outstanding customer service rep. Her name is Shantae. There was only one item of the 3 i ordered on display. Shantae herself checked the stockroom and found 2 more.. Thanks to her i left with my order. She did a great job and went far beyond what would be considered her usual duties. Please, if you can, pass on my thanks to the management of your Manchester, CT store so they can recognize her for what she did.. I think it would mean a lot to her. David Fitzpatrick

  338. Terrible customer service experience at the Walmart pharmacy. Rude staff member who took 15 mins trying to look up my name and then I was told that it would be another hour before my meds would be ready. Even though I had went online to the website two days before and had ordered my refills.

  339. I was in Walmart today first of September going through check out .I had asked for some tabbaco product and when the bill was tallied I gave a twenty and only received 5 in return asked the checker she made a mistake on the change no chew cost 15.00 It took 30 minutes to get the 10 owed back to me and giving my id and drivers license is not right to show when trying to receive my change .This was wrong way of handling this

  340. I shop at Wal-Mart, Bristol, VA VERY frequently and observe that the food handlers wear hair nets. THANK YOU FOR THAT ! However, today Wal-Mart let me down and disappointed me immensely. A food handler, stocking meat packages, had hair falling into her eyes, and she repeatedly was pushing the hair back so she could see what she was doing. PLEASE make it mandatory for all your food handlers to wear nets on their hair. I don’t like eating it ! ! ! !

  341. i have a question that no one seem can answer it…i got a credit card so i could get a gift and they could pick it up at the store but this is in fairbanks alaska and i would have the party pick it up . when i picked something out a car seat they told me i can’t do that . if i would of known i would of never got the credit card this was the purpose because they live so far away and i want to get something for there new baby a car seat . can you tell me any way i can do this so she can pick it up at the store, since they will not ship there. thank you.

  342. My husband and I were at the Tigard, OR Walmart returning some dinnerware (didn’t fit in cupboards) and Karen in Customer Service treated us fantastically. She was kind, understanding and was able to get all of our return finished to our satisfaction.

  343. You guys are more interested in finding out about me than taking my order and letting me check out! I know what my e-mail address….I do not need for you to tell me to use the one I used before……Take my order and shove it! Stupid that I cannot just check out as a guest. I have never had an account with you and with this confusion don’t guess I will.

  344. I’m usually ok with the service except with the vision section because it’s difficult to get someone to wait on you. Like yesterday, after spending nearly $240 in the store, I couldn’t find the eye wipes so I went over that section & waited & waited, nobody waited on me. There was 2 persons on the computer & could see from the hallway, ppl going from one room to another but everybody ignored me so I left without buying even though I needed them. It always seem to be a problem but I usually end up getting waited on. Seeing I was being ignored I left.
    This was in Williston, Vt. They need to be told to wait on the customers.

  345. We have been trying to fill our prescription for novelin n insulin at the Riverhead store since last week. We went to the store on five different occasions over a period of three days. Each visit we received the same response, “the order was expected to be delivered from New Jersey, but it was not yet in”. Today, the sales rep. suggested that we travel to the Middle Island store where there was no shortage. We did so, and were able to get the insulin. We are having difficulty understanding why it has been taking so long to get an insulin delivery to one store and yet a different store, less that 30 miles away has no difficulty with delivery???? We were lucky in that we have a car and able to drive the distance but sorry for others who are not so lucky I Hopefully you will look into this issue and have it resolved quickly. Thank You….Callista Tully

  346. I went to your Superstore on Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas and receive horrible customer service including cross contaminated deli meat. The deli was not properly managed and the clerks were touching their cellphones and ready to eat meat without washing them in between. The manager Jose was no help, he wanted to confront the deli with me in toe, but never adjusted the price of the deli meat. The head manager Stacie or Stephanie was equally as bad, she made excuses for the managers and said she would not do anything unless i could find the receipt some two weeks after the incident. This was all after I tried calling the store to speak to her and was repeatedly told she was not there or on vacation both were false statements. Walmart has really gone downhill in Las Vegas, more people should shop at Target, I will contact the health department on them.

  347. Your billing practices need to be amended to fit with the law governing “interest”. I closed my account when I kept making payments but the balance never showed a reduction, and in fact, sometimes increased even though I made no purchases. I investigated your billing practices and found out that you send a monthly bill; we make the payment requested. You deduct it. The next month, you figure the actual balance, add the interest due on it and then go back to the previous month and pick-up the interest charged on that bill, bringing it forward to the new monthly bill, adding it as “unpaid interest”. You do not show this extra interest charge on the bill. You just keep doing it and the actual balance due is increased over and over and over because of this practice. There is a Truth in Lending Law and also laws governing the billing of interest…you have broken both laws. What I intend to do, is go back as far as I can on my account, get all of the “unpaid” but really paid interest added back to my account. I will keep a running total and when I hit the paid account mark for everything I purchased from you, I will just drop the account and never pay you the extra “unpaid interest.”

  348. I purchased a sleep sofa bed from Walmart. Confirmation date for delivery was Oct 3rd, 2015. I’m getting e-mails stating that my merchandise will arrive Friday Oct 2nd. Well there will be no one home on the 2nd. Does anyone understand that people schedule deliveries according to their schedule? I called their customer service department who basically told me to take the matter up with Fed-Ex to see if they can change the delivery date. Well I guess this will be my first and last time ordering anything with Walmart. Thank you for the headache.

  349. i paid extra shipping so that my order could have arrived for the 25th, when i tracked it it showed that i would be deliverd by the 29th. i contacted walamrt to get a shipping refund becasue i was so pissed.

    today is the 30th and walmart trackling is stating that the order will be deivered by the 28th, and i am still waiting up to this time at 11:53.

    What kind of service is this? I am very disappointed in walmart. Your customer satification rate is obviously diminishing. What a shame.

  350. Wells Fargo neg chipped card does not work when slide into ship place at Wal-Mart checkouts in Statesboro, GA superstore.
    Why doesn’t Walmart carry the following items at my local store any longer:
    Reach Dentotape
    Hartz Dentists Best with denta shield small bones for small dogs.

    Why did the new manager keep the store open when the water line was broken in front to the store? There was no water in the store. That is against the EPA and health department. Now the store/Walmart is being find $$$. He let two long time assistant managers go/fired. One employee worked putting together bikes/display for over twenty years. This young manager let this nice gentleman go. Now the bike display looks very shabby. Moral under this manager is not good. This the the Statesboro store on Hwy 80. Do not let this manager know I wrote this.

  351. This is not the first item nor the first time, I look up a product you say pickup today
    so I go to the store no employee can find it some don’t know where it is and others tell us to look were we had already been and it was not there. So it seems your willing to put your customers out of their way just to get them in the store and then they can buy something they do not really need just to make the trip and the previous trip relevant. Sorry state of affairs in this store on cortez rd Bradenton.

  352. I am not a thief and will no longer be treated like one by having my receipt and bag inspected at the door in the Redding, CA store as I exit. If you walk around the receipt checker line to leave a clerk runs in front of your cart keeping you from leaving. They think they are TSA agents. It is a huge time sync. When I object they say that I must comply. That all the stores require it but I was recently at a couple of WalMarts in San Diego County and wasn’t treated like this. I will still visit WalMart online with delivery to my door but will not go to the store. Target and Maci’s will get my clothing and housewares business. Winco, FoodMax, Grocery Outlet and Trader Joes will get my grocery business. Not one of these stores treats me like a thief, just WalMart.

  353. ordered product on line received order reservation number , went to Collierville tn store to pay and after about 40 minutes and fourth employ I left ,do you have any stores in Memphis area that know how to handle these procedures

  354. i went to layaway the lumina 640 at the Belmont walmart store and it was on my screen saying in stock for 74 dollars but the guy says that’s a cross reference and they did not have it so naturally I am disappointed cause it says aisle l.18 only a few left well I says why not with the add does it not warn you that this could be a different one than picture of 640 very uncustomer helpful

  355. Was trying to return a bow and arrow they first would not let me because they said the receipt and skew would not match but went back to the shelf and the numbers cross referenced and then they said it was over forty five days old and that was there policy and I said I would rethink what I buy there anymore that’s my policy I told them to take down there customer service satisfaction guarantee sign I am very displeased with Wal-Mart they sold it to me with no problem but don’t try to return it but if I don’t buy from them anymore I guess they won’t have to worry about it and neither will I thank you I will spread the word to friends and family

  356. Lawn Company damaged auto and will not cooperate and Store hasn’t back up customer and Claims Management Company doesn’t return calls. Claim L5098464

  357. I had received some damaged products, one I was aware of the time I received it, the other I discovered after I opened the box, and I had some things that I had ordered, that I did not receive. Who do I contact pertaining to these issues. The order numbers were Sandy Upton 5361577-370346 and 5361577-960834 and also for Gwen Leflore Thank you.

  358. I’ve just returned from a Walmart in Greensboro North Carolina located in Pyramid Village. To some this may seem picky but if you constantly have issues when visiting Walmart stores it’s a big problem
    1. I was charged for an item that had a different price in the isles. All of the items were the Same. A clerk told me they were the Same but they had different codes. The clerk did not do a price check
    2. The have pumpkins for sale. Jumbo for $9 or so and the other is &4 and something. I asked the clerk if I needed to put it on the counter since it was very heavy thinking she would scan it she said that she would get it. I told her I had the smaller one. I checked my ticket without scanning she had charged me for the larger. Then told me I needed to go to customer serve ice to have the error corrected. They of course did after s long wait in line

    A very frustrated former customer!!

  359. I’m very dissatisfied. 15 minute wait and had to leave a message. I even had to look the number up online. No where was it on the walmart website. I’ve never had this bad of an experience with any customer service.

  360. My order # 5481582-040183, I called your customer service line and spoke with a very rude unprofessional and nasty representative named harison, he was no help and didn’t answer any of my question, I didn’t receive 3 out of 6 items in my order and wanted to see what happened, he just answered I will sent a replacement, I asked did they ship out or was it lost in the mail, he responded it doesn’t matter didn’t I say I’m sending out a replacement, extremely rude so I requested to speak with a supervisor, as a customer I feel I should get a simple explanation as to what happened to my order, system error or glitch, lost in the mail, or delivered, as per the email I should have received the package, if I never called would I never get the package even though you already charged me? And after I requested for a supervisor the representative places me on hold and hangs up on me! This is absolutely unacceptable for customer service, why hire someone to be a customer service representative who doesn’t seem to want to help customers! Thankfully I called back and had a nicer representative that assisted me, she gave me a explanation which was all I wanted, wasn’t trying to be a difficult customer

  361. I have already sent Walmart 2 emails about what happened when I purchased a Ice Cream cake for my daughter on 10/20/15 and when I got home and took it out of box the sides came off and frosting was slime and black mold spots I noticed after I tasted the ice cream cake and it was so gross. I looked at expiration date and it expired 8 months ago and so we had no cake for my daughters party . I have emailed Walmart several times but of course I have never had anyone even email me or even call or offer to pay for other cake or do a thing for ruining my daughters party.

    Thank you and I am pretty sure I won’t here from anyone from Walmart because they haven’t done anything yet .

    Tina cousins

  362. This is the second complaint in just a few weeks about your Marketside greens in Ephrata, PA produce section. The first complaint was about that product no longer being shipped in plastic boxes and not being satisfactory in bags.
    That complaint should be in your files.

    On 10/20 while shopping there – and truthfully was very much out of stock in grocery in general – I found an Organic Marketside Greens package in a plastic box. The use by label stated ” delicious greens if used by 10/30/15 and on close inspection appeared fresh and to my liking. On 10/21/15 I opened the box and immediately smelled a bad odor and found a wet, soggy mess of greens clumped in the bottom of the box. Since it was for a dinner party I was having I immediately blotted what water I could and attempted to dry the greens to no avail.

    My question to you is about the turn-around time from delivery by truck to the Ephrata store and how long it takes to get to the refrigerated section in that particular store. The day we shopped many stocking carts were present in the aisles with employees frantically trying to fill the empty spaces. on the shelves. There seems to be constant disorder in many aisles and nobody working seems to be able to answer our questions when we ask. I have tried to call the store but cannot get an answer when I ask for Produce

    Hopefully you will find a solution to the above problem.

    Judy Dockeray

  363. How is possible that?

    I’m very disappointed, 2 weeks ago I purchased this item, and now you said is CANCELLED? WHAT’S GOING ON?
    my house is empty, I NEED MY ITEMS, I lost other opportunities and deals to buy my sofa, only because I already purchased in your website..

    NOW my order was cancelled because is out of stock, I DONT CARE THAT, when I purchased this item it was
    available, you have to resolve it you cannot say your order was cancelled and that’s all…. I will contact to customer affair


    is the first time that I purchase some stuff and I have this problem,, I think your website is not TRUSTABLE

    I look forward to hearing back from you ASAP

  364. No buggies in store. Saturday entered 3 pm. Employee standing outside front door on cell phone. Had to get own buggy from parking lot. Passed 3 employees on the way standing inside doorway appeared to be doing nothing. Mobile al store on belt line. The reheated won’t take our chip credit card and we have to stand in another line. Wow. What a day

  365. I inadvertently phoned our local Walmart store (#01954) this morning, thinking I was calling our local Lowe’s store. When the receptionist at ealmart asked how to direct my call, I asked for plumbing, and wondered why I didn’t get the usual automated choices (I missed THAT tipoff!). One Sara(?) answered, I began asking her about plastic pipe and the local codes, and she quickly, but nicely, asked me if I could hold while she found someone who knew about such things. One “Garry” came on the line, and as I explained my situation, he patiently answered my questions as best as possible. This went on for several minutes. I eventually said I didn’t think the store had what I needed, but I’d drop by anyway. I cannot remember what I said next, but his reply prompted me to ask, “Who IS this”? He replied, “Garry”. Well, I’d meant, what STORE is this? I certainly wasn’t going to add to my increasing height of embarrassment by telling him I realized that I’d dialed the wrong store, that I had Walmart on the line, not Lowes! I thanked him and hung up.

    A few hours later, after I’d visited Lowe’s, next door, I went to Walmart, where I encountered “Corinne” (who helped me with a different venture), and then I asked her where I could find Garry, if she knew him? As she raised her phone to her face, I realized I’d stumbled upon one of the bosses. She called and located Garry, led me to him, and in font of her I explained to him everything that had transpired. I commended him for his knowledge of materials that were not necessarily in the store (he’s a GUY!), but mainly for his honest answers and forthrightness. Professionalism par excellence. I asked to shake his hand. He and Corinne were both smiling as I left, and when he said, “you didn’t have to come over here to tell me this”, I replied, “yes I did”!

    Sam would have been proud!

    Ed Clark

  366. I want to know why my order isn’t being processed. The order number is 5731595-176951. Please explain to me what exactly is going on. This is making me really angry and I have never had problems ordering and receiving things from you before. What is going on here?

  367. I was in the WalMart store in El Dorado, Kansas this afternoon and made quite a few purchases. I had some store coupons from Walgreens and was going to use them, for some of my purchase at WalMart. However the cashier said they could not accept them., as they were store coupons and not manufactors coupons. I have always heard that WalMart would price match with other stores. To me if it is advertised at another store, and is the same size and brand, it should be honored regardless of what kind of coupon it is. I was very disappointed in this policy at that particular store. It was not a very large amount difference, just the principle of it.

  368. I am very disappointed with Walmart – Our family and friends had been following your veterans green light campaign – yet after visiting 4 Walmart stores was unable to secure and green bulbs – one store told us their store was not near a military base so there was none shipped. We live about 20 miles from Newport Navy base , Quonset Air Station and Otis Air Field – seems like a pretty lame excuse. I was not the only disgruntled customer. Hope to hear your reply ( Vietnam Vet)

  369. I shopped at the store #1313 on 11/01/2015. After paying at the register, I walked off with my purchases. I stopped by the ladies room before leaving the store. When I was washing my hands the cashier walked in looking for me because I had left part of my purchases behind. Another employee was in there and teased her about looking for me. Rosanna (my cashier) said “I want my customer to go home with all of what she paid for”. My hats off to a great cashier and great customer service attitude.

  370. i have had a prepaid money card from walmart for five years. and i have never had a problem. because i moved i didnt receive my current card that replaces the expire one. so i contacted customer service, and in my opinion, i was given very poor information by three different women, two claiming to be supervisors. i remember one name jennifer. she was the first to give me bad information. because of what she told me i purchase another walmart money card to transfer my funds from the expired card. and found out i couldnt use this card. i called back and requested an expedited card to be sent to me in five days for fifteen dollars. i requested the card november 3, 2015. and was told today that it would be coming in two weeks. not what i asked. the last lady i talk to told me she was a supervisor. i asked for there corporate number, she would not give it to me. i then asked to speak to her boss. she said he was unavailable. i am very dissppointed in the service i received.also the supervisor had an attitude. but so did i. i got the run around i am still displeased with how i was treated. i will not recommend this service to anyone. nor will i use it again.

  371. Purchased a bottle of your Clear American Pineapple Coconut water without reading the label all the way through and I will never make that mistake again! Are you aware that aspartame is killing people, or is that your new goal? I will do everything in my power to encourage people to always read the entire label!

  372. You advertize about green lights around veterans day and then your stores in this 60188 area don’t even have them! Who the heck is speaking out of one side of their mouth and contracting it on the other. Your materialism is going to be your downfall. Be concerned for what is important and not just important to you but more to your customers.

    Disgusted with WalMart and all your loaded advertizing that just doesn’t hone up to what is seemingly the intent.

  373. You had a store on the North side of Midland, TX to re-open on last Friday, well before you closed you carry the Dog Food that is kept in the refrigerator can you please get it back, because I know that if sold because your store was always out.

  374. I was in the Walmart on Old National Hwy in College Park, GA this afternoon. The cashier who checked out my groceries was nice. However, the were 2 of her friends who didn’t work at Walmart talking to her the whole time and there were about 3 customers in line behind me. I think cashiers should focus on what they are doing so they won’t make mistakes that cost customers money, like scanning items twice. As the cashier was bagging my groceries, her friends were grabbing the bags and putting them into my cart. That may have been a nice gesture, but this is not is appropriate. Since they didn’t work for Walmart, they should not have touched my groceries which I was paying for. After I left the store, the friends were still there talking. I think the store manager needs to talk to the cashiers about having social conversations with each other and their friends while they are checking out customers. I have seen this several times at this particular Walmart. Especially since we are coming into the holiday season. Thank You.

  375. I had to come back and add another comment because I just realized 2 of my bags were left at the cash register. I called the store and the manager told me when I come back to the store to pick up the bags, go to customer service. I can show them my receipt and I will be able to pick up the items. If the cashier had been paying attention instead of talking to her friends, this would not have happened. So now I have to go back to the store. This is very frustrating. The cashier was on register #7.

  376. Its terrible. I’m trying to ask a question about an entry on my statement in the summary of account activity. Your automated answers give you the run around.
    Can someone

  377. You encourage us to do you Walmart survey but each time I have tried the site would not except the ID # on my receipt….the one I tried only had 11 digits and the second one I tried had the correct amount on digits but was still not excepted. I am not sure what is wrong with the site but I could not use either one of my receipts. The first ID # expires tomorrow and I wanted to get it in today so I won’t miss out on the giveaways. I shop a lot at Walmart and have been talked to about the surveys many times and thought I would do this time but I am beginning to wonder if it is a true giveaway.

  378. Order # 5821590325207 No one in your customer service can seem to locate my purchase, or tell me when I can pick it up. It was to be sent to the Westerville store by Nov.16th. The online status says it was received and shipped, yet despite several calls I got no assistance form your company

  379. Greetings Walmart. I bought a 18 oz.container of Great Value Pitted, dried prunes.Do they have to be refrigerated, or can they be left out to be eaten?

  380. i have an incompleted order ok…..but i started another cart with a few items.

    when i order more items they won’t show on the 2nd order but go to an empty

    2. can’t find the list of 1st order. can’t find any help

  381. i have an incompleted order ok…..but i started another cart with a few items.

    when i order more items they won’t show on the 2nd order but go to an empty

    2. can’t find the list of 1st order. can’t find any help CHECK UR RECORRDS


  382. Dear Customer Service,
    I tried to order online and send a crock pot to a daughter in a different state. The billing address is my billing address not the same as the shipping address. Can’t complete the online order.

  383. I have been trying to shop on your website for black Friday since 3 am, it is now 4:15 am and I was only able to put 2 items in my cart as every time I tried to put an item in it says that you are having technical difficulty, Then when I try to go check my cart , it says you are down for required maintenance SERIOUSLY ? In the beginning of the biggest sale of the year are you kidding me? And pretty much all of the stuff I wanted to buy was out of stock within minutes , You know I thought that by shopping online I would save my self the hassle of the crowds this year, but all i did was stay up half the night wasting my time on your site. I had planned on spending over 200 on your merchandise , but right now instead of wasting more of my time online or going to your store tomorrow I will take my business else where , Now that I only have a couple hours to sleep before having to get up and prepare a huge dinner for my family I will wish you a very happy Thanksgiving ..

  384. Just spoke with customer service . Her Name is Cheryl. Such a nice person. She answerd all my questions.
    I’m not sure where she is located . But you chose well when you haired her.

    I’m a very happy customer
    Rosella Garchow
    Crossville TN

  385. On Friday, November 27, 2015 my adult daughter, Mandy Schreiber, was shopping at a WalMart Store, located on Georgesville Rd, Columbus, Oh. It was after the crowds had thinned, so it was not busy. She had a severe migraine headache and collapsed in the girls’ department. She had spent hours in the ER the night before because of it. Sitting on the floor, she sent her daughter for help. Her daughter returned with an employee. The woman stood and stared at my daughter for a short time, said nothing and left. She did not return. My daughter called my husband and me for help.When we got to the tore, She had made her way to the front of the store and was sitting on a bench, head in hands, unable to function. No one had stopped and inquired as to whether she was OK. After I got her to the car, I spoke to a manager, who seemed very concerned. She spoke to the 3 employees working in the girls’ department. My 10-year-old granddaughter identified the employee who had failed to respond to my daughter’s need for help. The manager explained that the employee only speaks Spanish and that she had not understood what my daughter needed. I disagree. A person sitting on the floor in the middle of a store, looking ill should be universally recognized as a situation of distress. A child came to her asking for help. She understood the child well enough to go with her. The manager also told me that a Spanish speaking manager was working that night. The employee should have approached a manager and guided him/her to my daughter. I understand that protocol is to call a code white so that assistance will be summoned to the scene. This, of course, did not happen. Migraines can result in stroke. This incident could have ended badly for my daughter. It could have also resulted in lawsuit. This isn’t just poor customer service. This was seriously negligent.

  386. I have a gift card that when I tried to use it was told it was an invalid card number.
    I have tried It was a gift, probably had it maybe 1 to 2 years. The card is for $100. So you can imagine I am upset. went to a store close to me and they told me to call
    call the 800 number I did, still can’t talk to a live person. I feel you have $100 to your gain and I am out a gift that my son thought he gave me. Will wait to hear from you. If you are inclined to call me you will get a live person.

  387. There will be no more shopping at Walmart for me!! When the day comes when you throw a Marine out of your store for trying to help kids for Christmas, it’s time for me and my friends to drop Walmart as our main shopping store!!! To top it off in years before he was allowed to use the store!!!

  388. Hello,
    I went to walmart to pick up my pioneer woman mason jar kitchen utensil holder only to be told it never made it to the store.I forgot my order number they looked it up with my license and it was not there.Very disappointed!!!
    Diane Dwyer

  389. Made an online purchase. Go to store #2440 Sylva, NC to pick up. Wait and wait in line. When it is my turn for pick up, the employee needed to go to receiving to get the item. Waited and waited again. She returns, but I have to continue to wait and wait because there are two employees working and only 1 register. My info was in the register, but the other employee went into the register and put in another customers info. The customer waited a refund. Had to wait and wait for the manager to come and put his key into the register and walked away . I waited until she was finished and then the other employee could use the register. RIDICULOUS! Why would you have two employees working 1 register? The manager was oblivious to the situation or he didn’t give a hoot, or he just didn’t get it. He saw the line of people, he saw two employees, and he saw 1 register. Went to CS to speak with him, but he was busy. I told the employee the situation and she told me it was a CORPORATE decision to only have one register in the back. I called Corporate CS, but I know that person did not get the gest of this complaint.

  390. Online order, site to store, was supposed to arrive 2 days ago. Still hasnt arrived. Called customer service and was told, “sorry, the item was never shipped” had to place a brand new order, and wait even longer now for the item to arrive. A corporation as big as walmart should be able to deliver a package without any problems. Furious cant describe how I feel about this situation.

    • i feel your pain, i order a site to store item and received an email stating it was shipped however, it was never shipped and the iteme was out of stock, now i am just waiting on walmart to do something about it, no luck there. i keep getting hung up on while trying to reach customer service

  391. I bought a portable phone in the last 2 months from Walmart at Cone Boulevard. It was a VTech white phone. The battery is already gone/dead. I went to Walmart to get a new battery for the phone I purchased there. Walmart does not sell the battery for the phone. Why would you sell a phone that you can not buy a replacement battery. Very dissatisfied with this lack of service.

  392. Ii went christmas shopping on 12/4/15 at the south hill walmart and there were’nt any shopping baskets in the store. The outside baskets were full. It seems they would have had someone bringing the empty baskets back in at a time when people are christmas shopping.

  393. I received an e-mail from Walmart to say that my item was shipped out through FEDEX. Went on FEDEX to track it and FEDEX shows no shipment made, I even called FEDEX and they say they do not have the item to ship. So, I called Walmart Contact Number and they said it shows on their end that it was out of stock. I asked the girl at Walmart,” then why did I receive an e-mail that it was shipped and was charged for it or a an email to show it was out of stock”?. Also, I told the girl that it clearly says that Walmart will not charge my account until it is shipped out and not out of stock. She apologize for it and asked me if I wanted a refund. I told her yes.and I am very disappointed in Walmart policy.

  394. I’m not even sure how to begin this comment. Sonia, A Customer Service Supervisor at the Wal-Mart Marketplace in Port Charlotte, FL. Store Manager is Franklin Oliver. She made a comment to me that is insulting, to say the least. She said to another customer, “that guy is a PUNK, and a child molester”. (I was directly behind her in the self-checkout) this information is based on rumor. Her comment was clearly defamation of character, insulting, embarrassing, and completely untrue.

    As a Customer Service Supervisor, she should hold herself to a higher standard.

    I found it best to ignore the comment and not create a scene. Please address this issue with her and take any action necessary. Thank you for your time.

  395. very very bad i tryed to get a lay out they could not find it i was in the store for 1 hour it was not busy 2 customers in front of me i had to go on the floor to pick out my ps4 and games out i guess i was BLESS they were there 12/7/2015 they did not give me my reciept back call the store on 12/8/2015 @ 12;30 and talk to Lawrence who trying to help me i am still holding waiting for a respone Please can someone help me get a paid reciept from 12/7/2015 amount wqas 212.15 carolyn best

  396. Hello, my husband bought a TV 60″ around 1 year but my son was playing a little box, it was unintentionally. It is inoperative. Is possible to help me please because a new Tv is expensive.My husband got for online, no is smartv, our living in Kalamazoo 49009.

  397. Hi .i go to your walmart on rangline road Mobil Alabama 36619.First of all I love WalMart .Since last winter the WalMart brand cocoa with marshmallows canister is hardly ever on the shelves.I see them stocking every product regularly but this no its not there 98%of the time.when we ask they know nothing an they are sticking.The employees seem to act kik its bothering them when you simply want to know if they are going to stock it back anytime so we can come an buy it.since last year.I end up spending my money elsewhere because of this.Can you please look into this matter .I would rather have my money spent on a wonderful WalMart product not some other product in another store.

  398. On December 4, 2015 my husband and I went to Walmart in Mt Pocono PA and I needed a battery for my watch which is a Armitron, unsure of spelling,. There was no one at the counter to talk to so this other lady came over from the dressing room area. I told her what I needed and she took my watch and said she couldn’t help me because I didn’t purchase it at that store. This is the only store we shop at because we live about 10 miles away and as my husband is in a wheelchair and this store is set up so we can fit through the aisles easily. Although I was so disappointed in this lady she wouldn’t even sell me a battery.
    Well, I just wanted someone to listen to my concerns. Thank you.

  399. I am absolutely livid. On Monday November 30th I placed an order for a 40′ LED HDTV that was on sale. Your website said that the order was placed and processing. I did not write down my order number. A few days later money was taken from my account, it was 211.99 (I think) and a few days later that transaction disappeared and the money was back. What happened to that order? Was it cancelled and if so why? So today I placed another order for a different TV. I had to make a new account, which I did under the same email address because it’s the only one that I have, and I wrote down my order number. I called your customer service number and tried to find out what happened to my initial order. The girl couldn’t find anything for it and couldn’t even find the account that I had just made under the same email. I finally gave her my new order number because now that I know your site is a P.O.S. I was smart enough to write it down. So this order said it was placed and processing and will arrive on Dec, 21st. Now I cannot log in to the account that I just made. When I try to login with my email and the last six of my order number it says that they don’t match up. What the hell? If something happens with this order then I will not have my item by Christmas. Oh, and after I made the person I talked with on the customer service line transfer me to a supervisor, he hung up on me. So I got absolutely no help from either of them. Is the problem that I live in New York and I am shipping the item to Pennsylvania? Or is the problem that I am order from you. Which I will more than likely never do again.

  400. About 5weeks ago I put things on Layaway for the first time. However I wanted to put eveything I purchased on Layaway only to find out things I wanted that were less than$10 could not be put on Layaway. The customer service rep was more than glad to show me the “POLICY”. After standing in line for two hours to put my Christmas list on Layaway to find out alot of things I was purchasing, i could not put on Layaway, so therefore I put them back on the shelf.
    This past year has been very difficult for me as my husband has been very sick and is unable to work, so therefore I am the main bread winner in my family. So in order for my family to have something for Christmas, layaway was the only way I could do it. But thanks to the “policy” I was not able to get the things I really wanted to purchase! 🙁
    Today I go to pick up the two things I put on layaway totaling $231. I went all the way to the back of the store at layaway to pay and pick up only to be told by Cynthia the Customer service rep. “obviously you didnt read the sign you just walked by or you would know to go to register 16 or 17 to pay for the layaway and the come back to the dairy department to pick it up. So I walked back to the front of the store to pay for my layaway to register 16 only to be told that if some of the things I put on layaway may have gone on sale and she would not be able to tell me on her register, but if I could go around the store and make sure the two things I purchased wasnt lower in price and come back to her register. I then asked to speak to the Manager on duty to tell her WALMART needed to put a sign at the entrance with better instructions on where to pay for your layaway. I spoke to the manager and she stated that was a great idea and they would implement that today. The manager also told me that if I went to one of the other registers in the sporting goods deparment the registers there would automatically discount the items I purchased if they had gone on sale.
    Now that I have been to the back of the store to the front of the store around the store looking for lower price, then back to the front register only to have to wait in line again for 30 minutes paid for my layaway and now back to the back of the dairy department to pick up my layaway with Cynthina the same customer service rep I originally started with 3 hrs prior. JUST DAMN RIDICULOUS!!!! Now my personal “POLICY” for next years layaway is SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! without Laway hassel.
    Now grant it I know I am not the only person on a limited income, However it took me a total of 3hrs of my day with my sick husband at my side to just get two things out of layway. On the other hand Cynthia Customer Service Rep, needs her own policy when it comes to handling customers.
    When I went into to the layaway department first. there were 4 employees standing there doing absolutely NOTHING but talking and laughing with each other.
    So if there is a next year for us we will not be shopping at our local WALMART!

  401. I made a complaint about the store on East Washington Street in Indianapolis, IN. Asked to have the Store Manager Bob contact me, however a Robin called left me a message, when I called back she was off, then I have left 4 messages for the Store Manager to contact me this week and he has not, no one from this store as attempted to contact me back. I would like to have a Regional Manager Contact, obviously the manager does not wish to discuss the poor customer service received in this store. This store has horrible customer service, rude associates, is constantly under staffed, dirty and always has items mispriced. It is very apparent that the store manager is not engaged in his location

  402. I purchased Great Value Cut Italian Green Beans at your Alpharetta store, GA Highway 9. The codes on the top of the can is as follows: IPBN2 1 F09FX; B-B12/31/17 IPBN2 1 F09FX09; B-B 12/31/2017 IPBN2 1 F09FX 09. I found it strange that it had so many stamps on the top of the can. When I opened it there were so many stems in it that I just had to toss it and opened another can. We really like this kind of your green beans and have never had a problem before.

  403. your customer service really sucks 20 minute hold time!!!! to speak to someone then get someone that can,t speak English!!!!! guess I,ve learned my lesson I,ll be going to Costco from now on!!!!

  404. i am very dissatified with walmart right now, i have been having problems since 12/11/15 when ordering an item through, i have spoken to several people regarding my issues. i am currently on hold with customer service for over a half hour after speaking with some one who transfered me to the incorrect number after being on hold that time for an hour, no one seems to be able to resolve my issues correctly, i am not going to use any more and maybe not even shop at the physical stores. this makes no sense that a person has to go through as much as i have had to go through for a wet of walkie talkies.

  405. Why is it so hard to get in contact with the Walmart in Suffolk County NY, Islandia, store # they have the worst customer service there. I have trying call walmart store for 2 days and the phone just ring, ring ring. I even try at a different time AM, PM, AFTERNOON. I tried on Monday, and Tuesday which is today. I finally got a employee and she said I will transfer you, it just rung no one answered….I have been a resident in that town since 1970. That store needs a Good cleaning up and Out. I recently started shopping there again. in July. 2015. Because its badly run Inventory is poor. Its Dirty, the lines are always long( lack of cashiers). The prices are always incorrect(Scanning Department). The shells are poorly stock. (stocking department). I have spoken to the Manager there several times about the problem at that time. He didnt seem to care. The problem right now is my layaway there.

  406. For several days I have been trying to contact a human being to address two bad checks I wrote not aware my ex-husband had stolen my band card and drained my account. I have dialed numerous numbers to no avail; I have been on more Walmart related web sites than I could have imagined existed, and still no human to help me fix this problem. Could someone please provide such info asap!

  407. I was on the phone for thirty minutes waiting for the Sporting goods department at your Northline WalMart store in Houston TX and all I wanted was the price for a pair of either 45lbs dumbells or 40lbs dumbells and I was told that they were shorthanded in the whole store. Then I was told that they found someone to go find out the information I requested, but after another half an hour I just hung up. I didn’t want to go all the way over there and discover that they didn’t have any dumbells in the size that I requested. But the service I received was pathetic and would cause me to go elsewhere for what I was seeking.

  408. Account 96014979 layaway one cashier other area to dispatcch from 8:00 am on line 8:21 cashier service and still waiting the dispatch need more employees in both areas change the way of the line three time coordination rush

  409. This is concerning Order #6261533009700. I placed the order with a promise from Walmart that it would be delivered on 12-23-15. It is now 10;20PM on 12-23-15 and my order was not delivered today as promised. I was supposed to leave this evening to visit family for Christmas with that order. Because it was not delivered we are unable to make the trip. Thanks Walmart for ruining our Christmas.

  410. Dear Walmart

    I will never trust your online shopping again. I have a child waking up tomorrow without gifts from Santa. I called 800 customer service number and dialed option three as instructed and it didn’t even route my call. On the wait ad it said if something wasn’t going to make the guaranteed date, the customer would be notified which didn’t happen either. I called fedex to find out where my stuff was and they said it wouldn’t make it but at that point all stores had closed. 6251532-451588 And 6251532-451588

  411. i have3 been a customer of Walmart since they first started in ten then I moved to west va after my cancwer surgeru to be with my family my problem is I went to the local Walmart here to have a new battery put in a watch from my collection my mom had given me it was a very nice black ceramic watch that had gold in the band the lady that took my watch apart to replace the battery had a screw jump out of the watch an she could not get it to run after she replaced the battery it had wh8ich the watch was workin when I handed it to her but AFTERshe worked on it it is now a expensive piece of useless metal she handed it back to me with the old battery out that was the only way she could get it back together an now I have been trying to get hold of someone to handle the problem an I have received lots of excuses why they had to let someone else look into the problem but I think they will just say that they copuld not do a thing about it which I believe is not at all right I truly believe that they should replace the watchg or have it repaired since it was to be a Christmas present to my son this year but now with my very limited resouses I had nothing to send to me son but I guess that Walmart doesn’t care about its customers that have been supportin their stores wherever they have them which is a shame I also want to thank the staff at walnmart for ruining my Christmas with this stressful affair which has been handled in a very bad manner inb my opinionand I am sorry for my bad spelling but I have been trying to say things in a nice manner which is very hard

  412. I had the worst experience ever. I got put on hold forever and still no one answered. I called back several times and the same thing happened. WalMart has made me regret ever wanting to make a purchase from them. Just terrible and I still have not talked to anyone about my issue. I just want to check on the release of a hunting rifle I went to purchase but now I don’t even know if I want to buy it from WalMart.very unsatisfied customer.

  413. I have tried numerous times to purchase some fruit of the loom big & tall v neck undershirts . when I get to check out everything done except phone # and pmt. info , it shuts off and sez it can’t load page . it’s been that way since 12/22.
    I already have a billing setup ,but unable to log I because of forgotten password . the damned thing keeps on saying enter password to change password. if I knew the damned password I would …………

  414. I just tried to talk to a technician online and he or she wanted 28.00 cash deposit what r u nuts or what over there, all I want is a new microwave not stocks/bonds fom Walmart if I had u stock/bond I would burn them

  415. I buy great value decaf instant coffee have been for years and it was very good. last week I bought a jar of it . and if you wont people to stop drinking great value instant coffee you have done a good job. It taste awful, Iwont be buying any more.

  416. why is it you no longer carry the $1.00 no nonsense ultra sheer pantyhose? These were cheap but were the best. All my Church ladies bought these because they liked the look when on the leg, they were the best for black women as far as matching leg color. Can we please have them back as soon as possiable. We cannot find color to match our legs. . Please help us.

  417. I received 2 emails from WALMART saying
    Congradulations here is your $1000.00 gift card Happy New Year, and when i
    reply its says it is not valid. As a WALMART shopper, this is very discerning.
    Its a heck of a way to start off 2016!

  418. The only item that I attempted to order from for Christmas this year was a total disappointment!!!
    The air hockey table I ordered on 11/28/15 was immediately verified and a ship date to the store nearest me was received by email, so I stopped looking any further for the item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When 9 days had passed (12/6/15), well beyond the promised ship-to-store date, I went to the store to check on the status. No order was even found!
    I went home to call the dot-com phone number, and was told that the item had not shipped because the supplier had not manufactured enough items!!! How’s that for” passing the buck!!” Your representative continued to call it a back-order item!
    I then called the supplier, who assured me that I had no back-order–that the order had been canceled the same day I ordered, and I should have been notified that I would not receive my order THAT SAME DAY.
    There were no air hockey tables in that style to be found–Home Depot, Amazon, everyone was out by the time 9 days had gone by.
    The notification of cancellation came on 12/14/15–16 days after the order was placed!! Unacceptable in this age of technology!
    Not receiving my order after a verification was sent was disappointing, but the way I was “left hanging”, expectantly, for too long, was, I think, a huge injustice on your part!!
    That was not my first on-line order with Wal-Mart, but it is definitely my last!!

    Beverly Smith

  419. I bought some great value garbage bags, and they are completely defective. Its like the cutting machine was off balance when these were cut. They are not tear resistant at all! We went to walmart in Alcoa tn. The seams kept splitting open and we had to use 2 bags each time.

  420. On 12/4/2015, an employee at the Portage, MI WalMart (Shaver Road) crashed my 2005 Mountaineer into a brick wall after an oil change. I am having a lot of problems getting CMIW to respond to me. I cannot get the car repaired until they approve payment for it. They sent me a check for the initial estimate on 12/17 (including rental) On 12/23, I provided a revised estimate, and have been calling and emailing the adjuster and his supervisor since, with no reply. My vehicle was specially chosen for me as I have 2 prosthetic legs and it is hand-controlled. I have now had to renew the rental for 2 more weeks and the body shop will not start work until they are assured of payment. Can you help me? Thank you

  421. I ordered IPAD to picked in Princeton store
    Order #6031513-093583
    I went to store to pick it up and after 4 hours of waiting they could not locate the order
    I called many times to cancel this order
    They dropped the call more than 5 times
    don’t know what to do since walmart want me to pay for this order

  422. I just herd about the closing of our local Walmart and I must say they sucks!!!
    The Walmart Express in Loretto, TN is the best thing that ever happened to this town & surrounding communities. I’m just saying you didn’t even give it a chance to make money. The grocery store we have is over priced & all of there food is out of date & there produce is usually rotten so if you shut down the Walmart I have to shop there again & that sucks!!!!
    Please reconsider leaving open the Loretto, TN branch it was truly a blessing for the community!!!!

    Thank you, Vince Santini

  423. i,purchasem,your,great,value,pie,crust,it,falls,apart.i,used,it,i,was,very,on.happy,with,it,does.not,work,out,at.all

  424. I just want to than Wal Mart for having Linda in the Avon, Ct. Photo Dept. My husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary and went on a trip to Italy & Israel. Of course, we took hundreds of pictures. I also celebrated my 70th birthday on Jan. 15th. My husband surprised me by working with Linda to pick out & frame two great and memorable pictures. Thank you for having such a caring and knowligible

  425. I just want to thank Wal Mart for having Linda in the Avon, Ct. Photo Dept. My husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary and went on a trip to Italy & Israel. Of course, we took hundreds of pictures. I also celebrated my 70th birthday on Jan. 15th. My husband surprised me by working with Linda to pick out & frame two great and memorable pictures. Thank you for having such a caring and knowledgeable employee. Barbara Vasquenza

  426. Once again I was at my local Walmart and was NOT satisfied with the costumer service. I was looking for a Hungry Man frozen dinner -Mexican Fiesta. The only one on the shelf was boneless fried chicken. When I asked the employee if you had any more, I was told you have not carried it for a long time. I think I have bought it there in the last 3 months, My complaint is that the employee argued with me. This is the second time this has happened.
    Do you ever teach your employees customer service?
    The last time this happened the employee happened to be in customer service. I shall not shop at a Walmart store again.
    I will drive 60 miles round trip to Chico where there is a Target.
    Barbara Gates

  427. on 12/5/2015 a friend bought a emerson 50 inch tv it was a Christmas present for me it was not working properly I took it back to the wal mart store in Indiana pa. it was bought at Blairsville pa wal mart they did not have the tv in stock Indiana pa had them. when I took it back for exchange I was told I could not exchange it because it was a black Friday sale purchace. which I find wrong the tv was bought at wal mart it was only a month and two weeks old well within your 90 day return policy. why was I not allowed to exchange it for the same tv to me it makes no sense just because it was on sale the thing is it was bought at wal mart it was a bad tv then it should be replaced this here has me not returning to wal mart for anything I was a good coustomer all grocery shopping was done there I spend a lot at your stores now I will go else where for my things thank you

  428. Re: Mistic electronic cigarette pricing. The local Walmart at 1575 Space Center Dr. as of 1/14/2016 increased the price of a ten pack of refills for the Mistis E-cig from $19.97 to $28.62. This is almost a 50% increase, first I checked that the politicians were to blame, nope. Then checked other Walmart stores close by, no increase, I start to smell fish at this point. Made several attempts to call customer service in Bentonville after navigating all computer prompts I only got a busy signal or transferred to the website customer service. Guess they don’t want to know they have a fox in the hen house.

  429. In Jan. 2015 a Walmart Neighborhood Market was built in Frankston, Tx. Walmart caused our only other store to closed down due to their lower cost of goods. In Jan. 2016 they are closing and leaving the town without any store. The closest other grocery store is 15 miles away and it is a much more costly store. The closest Walmart is 20 miles away. In my case add 3 more miles. There are many people being hurt by this. We can not buy ANY produce here. There are people who will have great difficulty due to this. I have heard so many people that they will only go into a Walmart now when there is no other choice. I understand that we are a small group compared to the millions of others, but Walmart has hurt this area in more ways than I can list here. It can’t be that the store was not making money. The parking lot was almost always full. It didn’t accommodate just Frankston, but an area of 5 to 10 miles in a radius around the town. They are building two more just 25 miles away. I was in the store today which is closing next week and the anger among the people was palatable. I know I personally will go out of my way to go to any store other than Walmart. You have hurt us beyond words.

  430. why is walmart/humana walmart rx for part dprescription prices higher than comparible plans. example: costs for first health part d is $1708 ,synphonix prime saver rx costs are $1970 , and costs for humana walmart rx is $2197

  431. on 1/21/16 was doing my shopping like i always do at the clinton walmart in utah, when i seen sandwich makers and they were a good deal they were on the end of the isle by the bread with the price marked in big bold numbers as always 2.98 so i said to my husband we should get like three and they could be good xmas gifts so we finished our shopping and proceeded up front to check out, that when we had a problem everything was going well until they scanned the sandwich makers and they rang up not 2.98 so i told the cashier that was wrong and she was polite about it and got what i think you call a csm ? thats when the trouble started she said in a very rude tone that was not the price and that we could not purchase for that price even though it was clearly marked for 2.98 each , and that we could buy 1 for that price and they would have to go back and change the price where they were located at and purchase the other 2 for what ever the price was for them. So She the csm went and talked to another lady not sure what her title was she was in an dark blue shirt and she authorized it. Have to say i do all my shopping there for food and spend quite a fair amount of money there!!! Have to drive a good distance and pass several of your competitors winco and kents market and maceys to do my shopping at your store. MIGHT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT SHOPPING THERE INSTEAD. WAS A VALUED CUSTOMER. No reply back means you dont care

  432. I called at 9:30 pm and was put on hold by an employee. She was put me on hold to check and see if they had a lawn mower battery. She never came back. I called back after one hour and got a guy. I explained my situation to him and he was hateful. I explained again about my wait time and then became the nice guy. I asked if he had a battery and he said that he was on a cashier and could not check and I would have to come in. He then explained they were closing in one hour. I told him I could have been there in less than an hour if I can be waited on properly. He got hateful again and started yelling at me. I told him that I would be contacting customer service. He would not give me his name. I have shopped my last time at Walmart. I spend at least $150.00 a month at Walmart. I can see that they do not need me and I certainly do not need them. Good bye Walmart.

    Store Located – 671 South park Blvd Colonial Heights, VA 23834

    I am writing to you about the great service I received from one of your employees.

    Yesterday morning at approximately 4:00 AM, I paid a visit to the Wal-Mart noted above. This area is expecting a major winter storm in the next twelve hours Given that the store was busy and the checkout lines were long. I had the good fortune of coming in contact with an associate named Francis, a customer service supervisor, she immediately opened another checkout line and the problem was corrected. She was extremely helpful, upbeat and polite, in addition to being very knowledgeable.

    I’m sure that a business like yours, customer service and relations are an important part of your operation. Because of the friendly care and assistance I received from this individual, I felt a need to pass it on..

    Thank you and please extend my thanks and gratitude to this fine associate and others who should know of Francis performance.


  434. I was at the Quincy,MA Walmart on 1/16/16 and 1/22/16. I was looking for Johnsonville breakfast sausage links. I think they are 14 to a package. I looked in the refrigerated aisle where I knew them to be located. It seems they have been replaced by Thick Bacon. I have been buying the sausage links for about 7 years. Are they being dis-continued? Has a spring type scouring pad that sold for one dollar each been dis-continued? It was located where the SOS and Brillo pads in the Quincy store. I have not seen those for several months.

  435. Well I have been to the Randleman Walmart Tire and Express libe several times in the last year. The first time was to exchange a battery under warranty in which the assistant manager Kevin did not want to do; which went down to a CSM Linda who did; Kevin did not apologize for his poor service towards me. The most recent was to get someone to give me a quote for 4 tires in which no one showed or came to answer the call button. If this is how the TLE part of the store handles business and customer relations I shall seek to do my business elsewhere and never buy anything else from any TLE department in any Walmart ever again. Do you want to lose customers?Is the question that should be asked in this case.

  436. I have been to the Quincy,MA walmart at 301 Falls Blvd twice in the last two weeks looking for Johnsonville breakfast sausage links. Have they been dis-continued?

  437. Why does the policy change every other week? The south gate store does not care about the customer. I had the worst service today at the south gate store. No manager ever is available , always out of the store !

  438. Overcharged me on an item (Mr.Espresso) $29.92 that was suppose to be on sale. When called into customer service waited 49:37 and finally hung up. I called back to speak to manager Ron Smigla and he never came to the line. Very disappointed with this store all the time, for this same reason, I hardly ever shop there at store #02881 Te# 04 TR# 07941 Item 007217923117

  439. My frustration has prompted me to send this detailed note to Walmart Corp for review and consideration, perhaps someone in the Corporate’s Supply Chain Department can help us break the code. We own a large dog who consumes (2) 13.2 oz. cans of Pedigree +, the “Healthy Digestion” variety daily, UPC: 0 23100 34973 2. Walmart offers/stocks that item in its stores.
    PROBLEM: My wife and frequent two stores located in New Hampshire, Store # 3549 – Keene, & Store # 1907 – Hinsdale. The shelf space for that product is limited and never any stock in the stores beyond say 1 (12) can case. My wife and I continually “try” to order 10 to 12 cases at a time to keep ahead of our use. We physically speak 1:1 to the Pet Department Managers, they scan the can and enter the order quantity in their hand-held devices. Then we wait, weeks go by without a word, this constantly happens despite assurances and after we provide our Contact Information. There appears to be NO In-Store Ordering Process/Procedure for a store representative to capture our contact information and tag it to a specific order for a specific product. Often times orders get lost, the Pet Department Managers don’t recall taking our order and the list goes on, a real mess. Is there a way we can order this product on-line for shipment to store or can someone identify a process to simply tag a customer to a specific high quantity product order, we’d be more than happy to pre-pay to ensure this insanity doesn’t continue……. ANY ASSISTANCE WOULD BE APPRECIATED…………THANK YOU………….

  440. I was just shopping online for a coffee maker and the one I wanted would take a week to get. You should put more products on your half empty shelves. Just another reason to shop elsewhere. I only shop at your stores when I have no other choice. Meijers has the same coffee maker on the shelf for less money. I will start 2016 by avoiding Walmart at all costs. Your customer service is non existent. 2 weeks ago in your Urbana IL store your card reader would not read my debit. 2 employees stood around chatting offering NO assistance. I left everything for them to put back in stock. My card worked fine at Lowes 30 minutes later. Keep up the way to bankruptcy.

  441. I was in you store yesterday 02-12-16 looking for weight watchers peanut butter brownie bliss there was one on the shelf so I went up and ask the magt. if she had any in the freezer she sent a girl in to look and she came back out and said they had none. I asked the magt. to scan the bar code to see if any was coming in it showed she had nine on hand so she done change and order some she said it would take four days to get it that the magt.wont finalist there orders. So today 02-13-16 I was And why do youhave all that junk on to of the deil cases they can not see anyone standing there it is junkie Thank You Mary

  442. On Feb. 3, 2016, I purchased 4 new tires from store #05035. I purchased the entire plan of life time rotate and balance, hazard conditions and any other plan for tires. I have 3 vehicle and Walmart supplies all my vehicles services and maintenance. My daughters even take their vehicles to the same store. Now, after I purchased the new tires, I was told by technician Luis, “I needed to get a front end alignment. The tire service was completed at 08:53am. I immediately went and got a front end alignment at 09:18 am. I had to go back and have the new tires rebalanced again on Feb.,07, 2016 I don’t remember the technicians’ name that performed the services. But, he explained to me that who ever performed the last service miscalculated the procedure. Later in the same week I called the auto services manager and explained to him the my vehicle was still out of balance. He said, “I should bring it back in to be corrected.” (Mr. Richard). Today Feb. 15, 2016, I returned to the store to have the new tires rebalanced. This time I’m told one of my rims are bent. I asked tech. Luis, “you put the tires on originally, why didn’t you say something at that time? You told me to get an alignment I did as you told me.” He then began to tell me that tech. Russ told me of the bent rim. I did not speak to tech. Russ at anytime about the new tires. All managers were in a meeting, so I could not speak to anyone in management. The cashier (auto motive clerk) servicing me at the time for me to check out could not find my service receipt. I had to stay at the store another 15-20 to get a receipt. They did not really want to give me a receipt. They finally gave me one after I demanded it and told them that I am going to contact customer service. I have been a loyal customer of Walmart automotive service for many years. I have purchased all my vehicles and boating equipment from you for many years. Please review my receipts # 04148, 04290, 04547 and the files on my many other services at the same location. Please do not throw away or mishandle our great provider to customer relationship. A reply is being greatly requested.

  443. WALMART, You promote the WALMART Home Phone which works good, but now you no longer sell the monthly prepaid cards on for the home phone system.

    I live 60 miles from a store so buying them at a store is not feasible.

  444. Can you tell me when the label maker for the disks in the photo department will be fixed. It has been down for a while. I was paid for a cd and it had the pictures on it but the disk was plain white – no Walmart label with some of your pictures. They shouldn’t be selling something that isn’t complete.

  445. We have a room with walmart paint.We went to the paint counter no one was there. We walked to the closest counter sporting goods no one there. We walked to outdoor and they paged paint no one came. My wife walked to customer service and had them page for paint again no one came! So keep your paint The store in Sebastian Fl. sucks!!!

  446. I emailed you before Christmas and I was hoping you would get this item in by now. Are you ever going to get it into your stores? If not, please take this and any other item you won’t be getting off your page. Thank you.
    I hate this site. I kept trying to tell you I DON’T KNOW the product #, lot, or UPC because I DON’T HAVE the ITEM!!! I am WAITING for the item. But this stupid site insists I put one in or it just keeps putting me back to the same page. Please FIX this!!! Thank you. I normally am very polite with, “Dear Walmart representative,” and end with “Sincerely, ” but this just made me so frustrated, I almost had a seizure. It’ is doing it again. I can’t even send this email to you on your page.

  447. I was in the walmart on Hanes Mill Road, Winston Salem, NC on 2-29-16 around 8pm. I purchased a color ink 920hp and a black. The color was in a bundle back so I thought that was what I was buying. After I paid for my merchandise I realized that they had took one of the color packs out of the bundle. I asked the cashier about it and he said that they were saling them as single packs. I told him that was false advertisement because there was no signs or nothing that said you only get one and each of the packs back there was 2 packs with a sensor on it. He said because they were short on supplies they doubled them. When I went to customer service they said the same thing that he said. I think that is bad advertisement. None of the other hp inks were bundled together so how are you suppose to no. I will have2nd thoughts about purchasing ink from that location again.
    Jackie Parker

  448. Who decided to move the bags in produce section above the display area? Stopped in to pickup peppers and other loose produce and the plastic bags for the items are way to high for those of us who are vertically challenged. Myself and two others who are not 6 footers were trying to decide whether to walk around and hope there were bags someplace else or just to leave and go to Kroger. Come on people, as bad as it was for us, we were mobile. If it was someone in wheelchair, I hope they have basket handy to toss items in because there is no way they can get a plastic bag for those peppers.

  449. I just wanted to tell you I just tried your new” Great Value Cotton Candy Ice-Cream”. It is super yummy! I couldn’t stop eating it. I had to make myself stop! I hope you keep it on the shelve’s for a long time. It makes you feel like a kid again.Thank’s for a great product.

  450. I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes, or more trying to shop my local store via the internet. The store is on Francis Lane in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I got absolutely nothing accomplished.. Kept getting a message that “Walmart is not responding”. Being quite physically disabled I need to avoid having to shop at many stores for the few items I need. But, now your website has hurled me into this most uncomfortable situation. And, I am not at all good with this. I wonder how Walmart has managed to stay in business for so long. I’d have several complaints but I’m tired now and need to get this off of my mind so I can sleep.,


  451. Today I tried to a return a music CD. It was one that a variety of songs from the 80’s. When I listened to it I could tell it wasn’t the original singers. I was told by the service desk person (Kayla?) I couldn’t return it exchange it because of copy right laws. I have never heard of such a thing. I want my money back. The receipt info is trans #07086 store #02681 date 3/5/16 upc# 080315100712 for $9.00.
    I would appreciate a quick respond to this.
    Thank you

  452. I was in the store # 03349 on 3/5/16 at 15:48pm reg # 22 tr # 05670 The lady their was very, very rude It’s people like that , that makes us go to other stores.
    Something should be done about her and she should apologize. I will not go were I am treated like trash……..

  453. I am very disappointed with the loaves of Walmart split top wheat bread. the price has been increasing steadily and the product is not of good quality for the money, the slices of bread are considerability smaller and the price of a loaf is considerability higher, I will no longer be buying that bread. I can understand the price increase but not when the product shrinks in size.

  454. I bought a Hoover SteamVac at the WalMart in Van Buren. I used it one time and it just quit working so I used my old one. Today I called Hoover and they told me to contact WalMart to see if you could give me a receipt so I could sent the nonworking carpet cleaner back. I used my debit card as I do when I shop WalMart in Van Buren or Alma.

  455. I found my receipt and called the WalMart Van Buren and they told me it had been too long and they couldn’t do anything about the Hoover SteamVac that I had purchased from them. I understand; however it is aggravating. Thank you.
    Patricia M. Stephens


  457. Hi,
    I was so offended yesterday when my buddy Audley Crayton told me that an older white male in Alabama gave him a hard time about buying a shotgun. Im from Alabama and it is sickening that the people there are still as racist as when i was a teenager in the 80’s. You owe my buddy an apology asap!!! His number is 256 529 2213 and his address is 355 Graves Blvd, Hillsboro, Al. He has been ill with an arm and back issue and is disabled and now racism while purchasing a shotgun for protection. Unbelievable!!! You guys have been rude to me many times over the years. Your workers are unbelievably umeducated and rude and could care less about customers but Thos is the cake!!! We are going to start botcotting Walmart if you all dont get it together. You have more than enough cash to make service better. And I’ve lived all over the country and seen it. Look up optical places in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Arizona and California and South Carolina. I work for the airlines and have been a customer service manager many times. Y’all can get better people. Stop hiring racist whites and ghetto blacks at your stores. Hire more students who need jobs and Hispanics who are better in service.

  458. Hello to Citron and Walmart,

    I have been taking Warfarin since my Aortic Valve replacement in November of 2006. My current dosage is 8mg on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and 6mg on the other days. The last time I picked up my prescriptions, at Walmart, for 2mg and 6mg, they were the same color and shape. The only real distinction is the tiny number 2 or 6, that I have to use a magnifying glass to read.

    For someone dealing with a serious medication condition, this could be very dangerous. I have been told by Walmart that this is the only option they have with Citron as their manufacturer. What are my options? Accidently taking 12 or 2 instead of 6 or 8 is not safe.

    What are my options?

  459. I am so tired of the service at the Athens, Al. Walmart that I wanted to vent. I just got home from the store and was over charged on 4 items and two items that I paid for I didn’t get. I tried to make sure I looked at all the bags, but I think it is the cashier the should make sure you get you items. I have called the store twice and get put on whole and no body picks up. this is not the first time this has happened.
    Last week I bought 15 bags of mulch and could not get anybody to help me load it. It was wet and heavy and I am 72 years old. the only reason I shop at Walmart is the cheap price, but I am starting to go other places.
    When Sam started Walmart the customer meant something.

  460. This week I was waiting for my disabled wife to come out of the store in Boise, Idaho, on State St. The gardening department had blocked off a huge part of the parking lot on the lanes where the handicapped parking was located, and there were no other spaces available. This is a busy store and lack of parking near the building is not uncommon. As I’ve done under these circumstances for nine years, I drove behind the store and returned, pulling up against a red curb ACROSS from the fire lane, behind another pickup that was also displaying a handicap placard as I was. I stayed in the truck with my engine running as I’ve done hundreds of times in the past years. Out of the store comes a fork lift and two employees on foot. One of the guys on foot walked up to the window of the truck in front of me, and the guy on the forklift stopped and hollered that he couldn’t park there because it was a fire lane. I don’t know if the man said anything in return, but he pulled very slowly across the lane, closer to the doors, and his passenger, an elderly lady, hobbled out of the door and got into his truck. When the guy on foot was walking towards me, I began to pull forward and told him that I wasn’t going to put up with him talking to the man ahead of me, as the forklift driver had done. He stood there, then turned and went to the back of the store. As soon as a parking place opened from which I could see my wife come out, I pulled out to the lot and parked. The fork lift came around the corner and pulled up in the lane in front of me. The guy who’d been on foot stood beside it, with his arms crossed and staring at me, obviously to intimidate me. That didn’t work out for him and he finally left the lot.

    I’m 73 years old and have a handicap. My wife is also 73 years old and handicapped. When we go to Walmart at least twice a week or more and spend our money, we usually come away after being treated well by employees. This was the first occasion where I felt I was being put in a defensive mode, which, after more than 35 years of law enforcement work, I can back up in spite of my physical condition. As for my “parking” in the fire lane, which was on the opposite side of the lane, I know the difference between “parking” and “standing”, and I was definitely ‘standing”, engine running and prepared to move immediately if emergency responses came to the area. But I wouldn’t have been doing that, maybe, had the lot not been filled up with gardening products in the first place.

    I won’t be going to that store again. You’ll still get my business elsewhere, but not there. And you might suggest to the ‘tough guys’ on that crew that they need to be a bit more cautious about how they present themselves to strangers. I know, because doing that was my job, for years. Yo never know who is in that vehicle, or what they might do. I hate to think a young man could lose his life because he thinks he is a Ninja bad ass.

  461. I am not sure why walmart has made the change there bank card users policy. If the purchase total is less than 50 dollars the bank card holders choice to choose form of payment (debt or credit) has been removed.
    I do not use my bank card as a debt card period, this is to better protect my self against ID. theft. If this policy is not reversed, I will be forced to stop shopping at walmart period.
    The store I have been shopping at is at 4400 W. Tennessee Street Tallahassee, Florida. 32304 The Store Manager is Greg Coggins
    Thank you
    Michael Garrett

  462. I was at the Anderson Wallmart with my husband who was in a walker with a seat, He wanted to try to help me buy Easter candy for our Grandkids, He has had a heart attack and sometimes he gets weak. He got weak and I placed him in a place where he wouldn’t be in anyones way. He called me on the cell phone stating they thought he had been there long enough and said they would time him and they did. They came back to him and made him look suspicious. He walked out to the car(in which was dangerous). I came to get him and he was gone. I was scared and walked out to the car to see if he was there. He said I will not go back in there again as they intimated me. I felt so sorry for him and went back in and told them what they done. They acted innocent. I will not go back again either and have told all my friends. He was dressed up and clean and did not say anything to them..I woud not say Wallmart is a not a friendly store

  463. Poor listening skills. Service reps seem to hear what they choose to hear which is selective hearing or don’t have the training or brain cells to work with customers . Many promises made although few are delivered. If it were not for their prices I am sure many of us would shop elsewhere. I have had very few positive experiences in the stores and less with customer service. Today it took 7 minutes for the rep to spell my name correctly and I have a simple name. Then I was asked if my first name was my last and visa versa. Where is the training and the reps taking ownership of their jobs? I have not seen such a lack of professionalism and stupidity with one
    company. It seems the jokes and pictures posted on line regarding Walmart are true and Walmart should be ashamed of themselves and the people they hire. I see that the customer service rating is 2 out of 5 which is nothing to be proud of. Again, if you did not have the prices I know others would shop other stores just to not be exposed to the ignorance and lack of customer care. I hope I live to see the day Karma hits Walmart.

  464. Every time I log into your site the page will just freeze and I can’t move around to see what I am shopping for. When will Wal-Mart fix the problem? I have had this problem for some time and I just can’t think that I am the only one who has this problem. There are items that I always buy at Wal-Mart and I need to check my local store to see if they are on hand but, your site isn’t worth the time to spend looking at. Is Wal-Mart aware of the problem? I hope to get an answer from you, and no it’s isn’t my computer I have 2 and the same problem happens each time.

  465. I returned a Wal Mart .com purchase to my local store. They refunded my credit card and shorted my purchase for .5.00. I ask why this was they could not answer that. My order #3611678402847. The credit card purchase was for 66.64, I was returned to my card the amount of, 61.56. They cannot explain why I was not refunded my full purchase price. Can you explain this?? This was done at the store in Opelika ,Alabama Store #355.

  466. French Vanilla coffee creamer UPC code 7874205859. The creamer does not mix well, there is settling on top of coffee even after stirred well.

  467. Gentlemen:

    Today, I was again disappointed by my visit to your store 1737 in Villa Park, IL. When I entered the store, I asked your greeter where I could find a small shopping basket. She advised me that they only had one left in the store and she did not know where it was located. I needed to pick up a few small items and did not want to push a big shopping cartdown a bunch of narrow aisles. Instead, only bought what I absolutely needed and left with half of my list unfulfilled.

    This is not the first time that I contacted you about this issue which is common in most of your stores. I believe this is the 4th time that I have written to you about this same issue.

    On the other hand, whenever I walk into a Target store I find mountains of hand-held shopping baskets. I must assume that they care more about their customers.I think this tells me where I should be doing my business.

  468. Hi, I ordered to items the same address the same info, A folding bike which I received rather quick and thank you for that however I ordered a silent cat scissors for 35.00. Did not receive said is was wrong address written 56 newport ave. and it’s 656. Don’t ask me how that could happen seeing that I ordered together, p.o. said it was sent back to you. So help me out: Tracking #:9400111899563704191514

  469. I have avoided complaining before—–but too many times now,,,,I have to complain.Many times,,,in the canned fruit-I have found stems,,,,,,,,,,most of the time—skins still on the fruit.Going to take this one back to the store,,,if I can find my receipt.I know I don’t pay much for it-and I am thankful for that.I guess it’s a case of “you get what you pay for”,,,,,but I really thinking I am going to have to go else where to avoid this problem.

  470. hello a friend of mine send money to me through Walmart so i want you to check this information for me if this is correct.

    here is the details of the information
    here is the receive information

  471. I purchased a Diaper Genie Elite at your Jerseyville, IL store last night and was told it would be marked off on Sami Dixon’s Baby Registry. However it still is unmarked. Can you do this for me? Thank you

  472. lets just cut to the chase…wal mart lost one of it best customers about one and a half years ago…november 30, 2014 when the store manager, marco, of the martinez, calif. store came to me and said that in order to shop in his store, i could not come in, in a pair or shorts and tank top…he further stated that a shirt and shoes are required to shop in any wal mart and my call to bentonville customer service confirmed that it was a new corporate policy…there are lots of other stores out there who have the same or better products at the same or better price, and, with no customer dress code at all…with amazon or ebay, i can shop clear nude if i want…please reply…

  473. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Steven Carney, I have attempted to return a laptop purchased last week (order # 3761684588826) on the website not knowing that they use your company as a third party. I contacted to see how I go about returning the unit and they told me I could return it at the store but once I arrived I was told I would be unable to return the laptop at the Wal-Mart store here in Colorado Springs and needed to contact your company. I have tried contacting Focus Camera but was unable to speak to anyone due to your office being closed until May 1st, 2016. If I wait until the May to request a return, it will put me outside the time framed allow to return an electronic item.

    I contacted Wal-Mart once again to try and resolve this issue and was told there was nothing they could do since it was a third party purchase, I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting another 40 minutes on the phone I was greeted by and agent Sara who has tried contacting your company as well with no success but assured me she would keep trying.

    This letter is to inform all parties that I have in good faith tried to the best of my knowledge to return this item within the time frame and policies that have been told to me by Wal-mart staff. This has become a significant inconvenience to me and I’m sure an unlawful act according to the return policies of both your company and Wal-Mart. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as seeking an attorney’s advice.

    Steven Carney

  474. I placed and received an order recently. It was packed in one box with a 30# bag of dog food. Tea bag and snack boxes were smashed, there was a bottle of RID X septic treatment with all the food and was not placed in a Ziploc bag. It should not have been shipped with food. You need to determine what is acceptable packing and educate your employees. I do not feel that packing RID X with human or dog food products is an acceptable practice

  475. I have purchased 6 Ozark Trails chairs only to have them collapse from beneath me while sitting in them. I have also purchased 12 pairs of faded glory jeans only to have the belt loops tear off the material.Since this appears to me to be the quality of your products,and you have driven all other businesses from the area. Can you tell me who is your closest competitor.

  476. Get some new carts for your stores. Most of your carts are back breaking to push. None of the major stores have terrible carts like this. Surely you can afford this.

  477. I live on Lake Seminole in Georgia – I have to drive 40 miles to Bainbridge GA to the nearest Walmart. This is my complaint: The scooters for handicapped people at this Walmart are worn out and they only have about ten. They have about 30 handicapped parking spaces. My last visit was horrible – I am unable to walk and after sitting in the parking lot for about 20 minutes my friend finally got a scooter – alas, the battery was on its last leg. This has happened to me numerous times. When I do need to go to Walmart, I usually spend around $200. This day I went to Went to Winn Dixie, where the carts are in good condition and always charged and spent $219. Don’t tell me that this store can’t get more scooters and better ones for the handicapped people!!!

  478. I got a IPod touch 5th generation from Walmart but I forgot apple id password so I went to apple but they said I needed a receipt so they had proof that is was mine. BUT WALMART NEVER GAVE ME A RECEIPT!

  479. Sir or Ma’am,

    I wanted to write you a quick note today on my recent dealing with you and one of your Vendors. Early last week I ordered the Bushnell Shield Series 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent. I got free shipping and I expected it would take a little over a week. I got it in 4 or 5 days which was outstanding. While checking out the tent in it’s carry bag I felt that it may be a little too big and heavy for the potential trips I had planned and I went to the Walmart store in South Fargo, ND. While there one of the staff brought out a Ozark Trails 6 person cabin tent so I could roughly compare size and weight of the two. I had originally flip flopped between ordering the 6 and 9 person Bushnell tent and chose the 9 person tent because I thought better to have and not need the size. But once I saw it I changed my mind. Comparing 2 similar tents side by side helped make that decision. I returned the tent to the Store with no complications and reordered the Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent online. It came in a faster than expected way which again was awesome! Last night I set the tent up and it was perfect. However, there was a sewing flaw on one of the guyline attachments on the rain fly. I had noticed on the online PDF owners manual where this tent was made and I was dreading calling the customer service number and trying to resolve a small manufacturing issue. I called and was greeted by Jennie the Customer Service Rep for Insight 2 Design (I assume the contracted service contact for Bohemian Travel Gear Ltd). I explained the issue, sent a picture along with my address and I’m not joking had this issue resolved within 5 minutes. I even got a confirmation that they are sending a new rainfly within 10 minutes. I must tell you that I am 110% satisfied with the way your staff worked with me on my indecisiveness and I am absolutely 150% satisfied that your vendor’s customer service provider immediately rectified a small product blemish. This experience had renewed my faith in customer service hands down! As I told Jennie in a thank you email, I have done industrial sewing, manufacturing, sales, and customer service during my life and I am absolutely impressed! Thank you so much! I look forward to getting this tent out and putting it to some use with my family. Sincerely, JR

  480. please remove comment 523 for walmart in regards to a bushnell tent. I did not realize I was not sending this directly to Walmart. Thanks

  481. Your website sucks!!!!!!!! You tell me aisle the item is in but you don’t give the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I know if I’m being ripped off. I don’t buy anything without knowing the price first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  482. There is a design flaw in the feminine optima plus pad by equate. The stickie stripe on the pad does not extend all the way to the ends of the pad on either end. When one goes to put it on, the back end will bunch up because it does not have any thing to ad hear it to your undergarment. Ask any woman whose legs are heavy and are close at the top. Please can you do something about this design flaw? Otherwise as much as I like the absorbency, I am going to be forced to buy another product.

  483. I want to thank the pharmacy at walmart in Bristol Tn. My dog had major surgery yesterday and needed a pain prescription. When they learned that she was in the car waiting for me, they rushed the order through so she did not have to wait for long.
    Thanks for caring!!!!

  484. I shop at WalMart often but on Friday May 20th I stopped to take all my plastic bags in for recycling as well. I had a LOT of them and couldn’t find the recycle bin. I saw a janitor, Jose, who was sweeping up refuse outside and I asked him where the bin was. We didn’t see it and he said I may have to take it to Customer Service. It was about 8 at night on that Friday. But, this is the nice part, since I am an old woman and the recycle bags were many, I had a huge bag full. Jose told me to just leave it inside the door and he would gladly carry it up to the CS desk for me so I didn’t have to lug it there myself. Now this is above and beyond what his duties were and I am wanting to recognize his very nice gesture. All too often employees do not go out of their way to help, if it isn’t in their immediate job description. Thanks to your smart decision to hire a great guy, Jose, I did get great kindness and service above and beyond his duties. Please recognize Jose for his great customer service. He deserves it!

  485. 06/03/16 walmart at 7855 moffett rd semmes al 36575
    22:19:40 purchased Kodak ink combo pack $32.97+tax
    drove home(minutes)and prepared to install ink, immediately on opening the box I noticed the cartridges were not sealed in the silver wrappers you normally tare open. The cartridges were used and the box re-glued shut. I immediately returned to Walmart (again just minutes) I was told that walmart never does returns on ink, they didn’t understand how this happened and that I was out of luck. I find this outrageous! I have had my printer for about 5 years purchased it and all the ink that has ever went into it at this same particular Walmart. I shop at this store almost daily and I feel very betrayed. I understand someone did something dishonest but it wasn’t me.

  486. Hi,
    I am attempting to get to the bottom of an issue regarding two separate payments I made through my local Wal-Mart stores in Federal Way, WA. I paid $150 in October 2015 to Puget Sound Energy and when I revived my following months bill from Puget Sound Energy the payment had not been credited. The same thing happens again in the month of February 2016. I misplaced the receipt from Wal-Mart for the payment in October and the receipt from February was lost in a house flood. Wal-Mart tells me there is “no way to track the cash payments without my paper receipt”. I am on Social Security Disability and make less than $2,000 to my 4 children and myself. This is a crime that I am planning on getting to the bottom of. One would think that the same camera they viewed the other day to see that the customer service associate at the return counter didn’t hand me the $18 for a return w/ receipt would also have been looked at when I went in the store to inquire about my stolen $300! Why will Wal-Mart not help me get to the bottom of this matter? I spend thousands of dollars a year at Wal-Mart and this is not how I expect to be treated. Sarah Vadnais

  487. I ordered a Farberware 4l Dual Deep Fryer online. It arrived DIRTY. Not some fingerprint smudges that wipe off. It needs to be washed. I don’t know who you have packing but the box was sealed. While I wash all dishes before they are used I do not expect to have to do a major cleaning. What ever it is it is all over the outside and the inside of the stainless steel outer frame.

    I could not get a hold of anyone through your customer service line and I did not want to eat up the minutes on my phone waiting for someone to answer my call. It was answered the first time then they disconnected me. Guess they didn’t want to work. When I called back I was told I would have to wait 8 minutes.

  488. Your customer service employees probably should not be making inappropriate jokes about transgender people loud enough that everyone in line can hear.

  489. Yesterdays visit to WalMart in Casa Grande, Az left me with compassion towards its employees in the garden center because of the manager’s (Karen?) decision to take away a/c and or fans in that area when it was 115 degrees for their monitoring station entrance/exit to that area of the store. I wouldn’t treat my dog or cat like this manager is treating their employees and believe she should be reported to OHSHA because of this situation. What do you think??

  490. We purchased a 24″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys’ Bike for our grandson. it didn’t fit him. It was much too big, It was winter at the time. Now that the weather has warmed up he still cannot ride the bike. We would like to return it and get a store credit.
    Please tell us what we need to do.
    Paul and Kathy Noran
    Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051

  491. Your new invite for 2 day shipping states no purchase minimum; yet it requires a $50 purchase. What am I missing?

  492. Your super center located in New Bern NC is the most deplorable Walmart I’ve ever been in. The bathrooms are disgusting, the shopping carts are mostly dysfunctional, the floors are constantly filthy and lastly the front end service is a disgrace. The past two nights the lines have been absurd, including the self-checkout lines. There were no less than five customers deep in every line. Making matters worse, there were only six or seven of the 20+ lines even open. Management was nowhere to be seen. Completely unsatisfactory in managing customer wait times. I routinely visits the Walmart(s) in Jacksonville NC and Havelock NC. All three represent the best Walmart has to offer. Clean store, friendly employees, responsive customer service, etc.. Unlike the New Bern store which is a disgrace to the town of New Bern. Sadly this store and represents our town to our visitors. Management from the top down needs to be reprimanded or removed immediately. Corporate leadership needs to make a personal unannounced trip to this store to see first hand exactly what I’m talking about.Feel free to contact me via email if you would like additional information.

  493. I called and the wait was 9 minutes. I want to know what handicapped things you have for a toilet such as bars

  494. Tried to return 2 items purchased 2/11/2016. Items have never been open, boxes are in gold standard conditions & I have receipt. Did not want cash back, just wanted to exchange for something else or gift card would have been fine. Was never told about return policy or saw notice of return policy at any time of original purchase. This happened at store #1113 in London, KY. I would like for someone over the London district to please call me ASAP. 606.682.9203. I have all the team members name & titles that would not help me with this return & can pass it along if needed. I left the Wal-mart store for the very first time with a bad taste in my mouth and that customers satisfaction is not a option anymore. Where have the values gone. I very rarely return items and the one time I do am treated terrible and questioned to why I took so long to return, in which I explained why knowing it would not really matter to the MOD.

  495. Every time (MORE THAN 10 times over the past year) that I’ve gone online to order organic food, 99% of the items are ALWAYS out of stock. Will you ever remedy this? If you can’t supply the organic items, then REMOVE them from your site!!!! But boy do I have an angry resentment about all of my time that Walmart has wasted!

  496. I am very disgusted with the level of help I am receiving regarding a return for a replacement item that I did not even order. I printed the label and shipped it off according to their instructions. I was told many times that the refund amount had been credited to my account which had not happened. I have contacted Customer Care many times about this since the END OF MAY and this issue still has not been resolved. I contacted them again today and have sent proof in of no refund as well (prior to today too). I also sent screen shots of the package in route in addition to the tracking number AGAIN. I will never shop online at the walmart website again.

  497. Walmart has the exclusive right to sell Yoplait Lemon Meringue Yogurt. The problem is that there is rarely any in any of the two stores in Norfolk, VA in which I shop. It seems to me that if they have the exclusive right to sell this yogurt, they could at least always have it. We always shop at Walmart, and most weeks spend close to $200.00. The two stores which I shop at are the Walmart on North Military Highway in Norfolk, and the store on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk.

  498. Ordered your fried chicken for a family reunion..50 pieces. So embarrassed. It was horrible..overcooked to the point of being BLACK inside. Totally inedible. Heard later all stores are ordered to prepare this way. Need to hire a new food czar. Not for me…I won’t ever purchase prepared food again. Hope someone in corporate office cares about their customers. If not….everyone else…save yourselves!!!!
    Signed….still hungry for chicken!!

  499. We order certain items online to save a trip to the store. We received our last order today, and once again, the box (UPS) was broken open and many of the contents spilled—oatmeal, raisins—because they were put in the same box as 9 bottles of 64 oz. size prune juice! Too much weight in one box with fragile paper products. We are not going through the ordeal of returning anything (that is why we order online, for the convenience), but we thought you should know the packing at your plant is faulty. We won’t be ordering from your website again. Too bad, we are older and need to avoid as many trips to town as possible.

  500. Some weeks ago I purchased what I thought was a 2 oz. bottle of Great Value Pure Vanilla Extract; at least that is what the box said. Since I had not used up an opened bottle of vanilla extract that I already had, I didn’t open up the box until today. What I found inside was a 2 oz. bottle of Watkins Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract. Since pure vanilla extract costs a good bit more than the imitation variety I feel cheated and I no longer have the sales slip.

  501. July 3, I went to the store in Roseville to get some paint. I found the paint-it was under lock. I tried finding someone-8 min. then found a guy that said in a round about way I could talk to him. I showed what I wanted and asked if he thought it was the best way to go; he floundered around to give me nonsense advice, and told him what I wanted and deleted his advise. He pulled out a can next to the one I pointed to, and put it in my cart. then we went to the spray can and got that-He gave me the can and I said”this is BLACK”! and I looked at the can and it was also! So, he proceeded to give me the correct color in both-WHITE! I put the can and spray in the top of the grocery cart and as I was pulling away, the can slipped out and landed on the very top of my foot;the bone/skin part!!! I commented of “OWE< that hurt"!!! In a minute the guy came over and said"are you okay?" I said "No, it really hurt"! That's it, so I walked away and went to the front to pay for my stuff and (not in a very good mood) and I couldn't put my show back on and limped!
    I found the Assistant manager and he said he was sorry, and had to go get a form. Well, he headed in one direction, then past me again and said the same thing. My foot was throbbing and I would have like some ice-but I couldn't see any in the ice machine bin. So, I wait,…waited,… and finally I decided to get in my car and go home so I could get some ice on it. THE END.
    Can you see where all went wrong? Now I have a bruise on my foot and it is swollen.
    I'd appreciate it if you'd train you "help" to be more compassionate in the future.!!!

  502. shopped at the Walmart store in east Sioux Falls, SD The customer service at this store needs an evaluation. We were shopping there on 7/6/16 between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. Many items we were looking for were not on the shelves. I stopped at the liquor area and this area was completely neglected and I would say that 25 to 40 % of the shelves were depleted of items I was looking for. I did attempt to by a bottle of vodka and went to the check with our othe items and the poor clerk could not check out the liquor. She called for some to cash us out and we waited for at least ten minutes and no one should up to check out our liquor. The line behind us grew and kept growning and finally we told th e checkout person to skip the liquor which she did. I brought this to the attention of the greeter and her comment was (that’s to bad) We then went to another store to finish out shoping

  503. It is an almost impossibility to talk with a person and when I did I was transferred again and again to wind up disconnected. Time is money, my time as well. Just wanted to know if you shipped to US Virgin Islands, St Thomas. Horrific service, dicourtest people.

  504. I never complain, never get upset but today you pushed my button.
    I was a city commissioner and honored to be the Mayor for the last two years of my term. I sat on the commission when you came to Atchison and wanted to build in the spot you are in now. Your store is so uncomfortably hot for both you workers and especially for your customers. Could you take care of the AIR CONDITIONING before someone has a heat stroke or calls the health department about the temperatures of your food by the time people get to your registers.
    I went for my twice a week shopping trip to your store, spent about an hour there. I was soaking wet by the time I was done. You people were hot, my cheddar cheese was melting.
    I will check if it is cool when I walk in if it is not, I am going to your competition.
    I hope this gets taken care of unfortunately judging by your customer service rating it might go on deaf ears. I

  505. i recently bought a package of great value whole kernel golden corn 1lb.10oz.. i was suprised to find out it is feed corn ,animal feed. not for human consumption. why? are you selling it in the frozen food section to your human customers. 941-225-0365

  506. i ordered a Bissel 3in1 vacuum and received an e-mail that it was ready to pick up at the Cicero,NY store. When I went to pick up area they could not find it. I have ordered another AND have to pay shipping again. I was there almost an hour while the person helping me looked for it. the rest of my order was there as the e-mail said(I have a copy of the e-mail. I have ordered often online with no problem, this was a discouraging event. I only hope my new order isn’t also lost.

  507. I have been trying to cancel my shopping pass . And I have not been able to find out where

    Please let me know this is cancelled.

  508. First I have been a valued “customer” for many years, enjoying the low costs and the wonderful selection. However, I have recently been to Wal-Mart at the St. Albert Location in Canada. I have noticed some changes, There is now a “Security Guard” position where the greeter used to be. I now feel uncomfortable just walking in. Am I entering another country? I realize that they do provide certain benefits for both customer and for company. They do however also have certain drawbacks. I feel so uncomfortable with the search at the end of my shopping experience. “Let me check your receipt for the items on the bottom of your cart.” I’m told by a “security guard” as I’m rudely interrupted from conversing with my son as I leave. This is now the second time it has happened to me. Surely there are more polite and discreet ways to handle a search. Don’t you use cameras anymore? I’m sure you have one on every till. Isn’t that why you have “checkouts” ? ? ? To check out the items in my cart…. In the short time it took me to move my cart from the checkout to the door you forgot what I purchased and then I need to be publicly humiliated by being subjected to stopping and the reaffirming my receipt. It wasn’t even busy in the store. Although, I was certainly in a rush. I promptly put the items from the bottom of the cart into the top and I replied “oh, I guess I have to stop putting things on the bottom of my cart then.” to which I was told by the “security guard”, “don’t be so rude” in a condescending tone, making my experience as a paying loyal customer extremely unpleasant. I am now seriously entertaining the idea of taking my business elsewhere……PERMANENTLY……. My integrity is far more valuable to me than a few odd savings on general items that can be found at any of the other big name competitor companies where I will not have to go through “customs” to get to my car.

  509. I had a terrible day today with Walmart and it’s happened to me twice now in 12 months, so it is a systemic problem. When one of your clients moves to a new state and hence to a new Walmart pharmacy, for some reason (twice now), they create a new profile, even though my email address hasn’t changed for fifteen years. So when I get to my destination, I cannot see a single new prescription that was prescribed by doctors in the new location. Then I have to call for hours to find someone intelligent enough to a) listen to the issue b) understand the issue and c) if need by escalate it to someone who can. I went back and forth today between customer service, Walmart home delivery and technical support. I had to argue with the last woman I spoke with for she wanted to send me back to home delivery who has nothing to do with this issue. I insisted she hand me off to someone who understood the problem or I would still be pinged and ponged as I write this comment. Even now, the escalator never asked me for my phone number in case we get disconnected, which according to Murphy’s 612th law, I will; at which point I will change Pharmacy companies. It is now obvious, that you stores do not understand profiles. They need to be taught and reminded periodically. I was just told there were about 15 profiles for me as if it was my fault because I was on the move as a traveling pastor. If your personnel understood what do do and the repercussions of doing it wrong, perhaps it would not happen so frequently. I doubt I am the only customer that has had or has this issue. Thank you for listening to me rant. I just could not let this go. My time, as your customer is valuable also. When I was working, my hourly fee was $150 so if I still was employed, I would be out about $750. What I couldn’t do with that much in your store if I had it as a man on Social Security.

    Pastor Randall L. Timblin, Sr. (long time customer and Human Plan D Walmart partnered)

  510. NOT EVEN WORTH 1 STAR!!!!
    I recently purchased my sons Christmas present online for him from Walmart online. It was IN plenty of time before Christmas and the delivery date was December 19th… the day passed and I called to see where my item was. I spoke to several people at management level and was told there was delay, that the item was shipped, that the previous manager lied and that it was not processed properly, that don’t worry he will make sure we will have it by Christmas….. On Christmas eve I got an email from Walmart saying that it would not be here in time and that they are sorry! I then phoned up and asked Walmart to provide me with a gift card so I can go and get my kid a Christmas present so last minute due to the lies that I have been told regarding this order and that the refund would not be back in time! YOU SAID THAT YOU COULD NOT DO THIS!!!! so 28th December still no item, the people at the call centers that are in a different country can not understand where the item is yet you still have my money! so upset you are LIARS, THEIVES & BECAUSE OF YOU MY SON DID NOT GET A MAIN CHRISTMAS PRESENT THIS YEAR!!!! HOPE YOUR HAPPY WITH YOURSELVES!!!

    • Tried to order on line for about a week and each item I want is out of stock, so far 5 items. So ask to be notified when back in stock and within 24 hours all are back in stock. So I go to order and each item goes into cart and when I go to checkout it is put into save for later. Have received sometimes 3 emails stating back in stock and does not go through. Very frustrated. Any answers would be good.

  511. Walmart in Rayville, LA needs to be closed down. Whenever you go to the electronics department the person who is supposed to be there to help you cannot be found. Today I wait for 10 minutes for someone, when she got there she had to call for keys to get into the phone case and after wait another twenty minutes the manager; Katheryn tells we that she has tried all the keys and the case cannot be opened. If you do not close it down please put people in the positions that knows what they are doing.

  512. I had a new allergy medicine filled in December and I went to get a refill and was told it couldn’t be filled it was to early. It was a 90 day prescription what I got was 30 days and I told them that. They said I got a 90 day which I know I didn’t. It will be the last time I use Walmart pharmacy if
    I have to wait 60 more days.

  513. The cable modem I ordered online via was returned since I did not know that I had to pick it up at the specific store within 7 days. I am requesting that the modem be sent to me free of charge, due to the inconvenience.

    I already called customer service, but I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor, and they said I had the incorrect customer service, that they are not associated with “walmart online”

  514. I usually have pretty good delivery service when ordering on-line, but this time a company being used, Cagney Global, has been horrible. I’ve tried calling, writing, etc. 3 emails and 5 phone calls later, and 2 weeks after the supposed delivery date, I’m still waiting. Walmart Customer Service Reps keep referring me back to this delivery company and they keep telling me “someone will call you tomorrow to arrange a delivery.” Never happens! Feel free to contact me if you want additional details that would help improve your service because it really needs improvement.

  515. I ordered an elliptical machine on 1/15 for scheduled delivery on or around 1/24. On 1/30 I contacted Walmarts customer service and the agent wasn’t able to assist me.I contacted them back later on and Marco was very aggressive in trying to assist me. He was also appalled with Cagney tracking and I was told that I lived in Orlando Fl, when my information was clearly in Walmarts computer as NE.Georgia.Cagney also had the correct info along with MY PHONE #. Cagney called me back on 1/31 that they had lost the merchandise and couldn’t deliver it. I will cancel my order and Order thru the Competitor. This same thing happened months ago with a Kayak order that was over a month late. I’ve had it with Control your delivery service sub contractors or I imagine you will lose alot of business like mine.

    • i refunded somethings on my credit card yesterday and it didnt come back on my card. how long will it take. thanks

    • 5-13-17 Walmart automotive depart Milledgeville GA. The department is very unorganized. Vehicles are not serviced in a timely manner, no one can give or answer a question with a definite response. I was very displeased and after having in there for over almost 1 hour I left without having my vehicle serviced. There was a time when the service was great I don’t know what has happened but it needs to be fixed.

  516. I bought a canon camera from paid 349.00 for it got it out and it is in Japanese language box said to be sold in japan only I cant use the camera because of the language I have dealt with Walmart .com for last to weeks for either a refund or the right camera and have not had any luck always putting me off going to call but never do I bought the camera for my wedding and honeymoon trip and it looks like I am going to have to buy a new one so I can have one I am very frustrated with yall and will never buy anything from Walmart again this matter should have already been resolved

  517. Trying to reach my local store is soul destroying…. 1st try, the phone rang for 4 minutes and 56 seconds for customer service. I’m not sure which department answered but when they heard my problem I was told wrong department and the call was disconnected.
    2nd try, the phone rang for 5 minutes 13 seconds, i paid attention and it was the home and garden department. I told them my issue, he told me I had the wrong department to try again, I told him I had dialed 0 for an associate , he said I said this is not that department, try again he hung up. 3rd try the phone rang for about 5 minutes before it was answered this time by electronics, this person was a little more friendly and helpful and apologized and said he would transfer me to customer service, the phone rang for 11+ minutes, the girl who answered asked how would she transfer my call, I told her my problem and how long and how many times I had been waiting and hung up on, she too was apologetic and said not to worry, I will get you to the right person, the phone rang for 17 minutes more, it was picked up and promptly hung up.
    Calling head office is a waste of time, I told them I cannot go back there tomorrow as the storm is due to dump possibly 2 or 3 feet of snow, she told me just bring my receipt whenever possible and they will check video surveillance at the store to determine what happened my missing items…. that might happen when pigs fly

  518. Walmart store Monaca PA 15061. For whatever reason the money center was closed so customers had to use Customer Service. I had forgotten to use a coupon at self service, so I proceded to Customer Service. Three customers were in front all paying bills, paying phone bills etc. I find this unacceptable.
    First of all Money Center should be staffed, second the attendant at self check out should be able to process a coupon that was not scanned in error. Regards

  519. I want my name and address removed from your mailing lists, no correspondence whatsoever to be sent to me ny usps or e-mail. immediately please. Thank you

  520. I’ve came to Walmart Auto center twice now the first time I waited over an hour and I left because they only had one service tech. Today they have 3 or 4 and I’m still waiting for an oil change. Got here at 1:50 it is now 3:03 and my truck has not moved. I’ve had enough of this BS service you will never get my business again. If it going to take over an hour tell your customers we do have thing to do in our life’s besides waiting here. Sandusky Ohio Walmart auto service sucks

  521. Overall I have very good experiences with Walmart. I am sometimes disappointed with the limited selection and how often regular items that I shop for are sold out.

    The reason for contacting you today is that I am extremely disappointed in an item purchased today. The packaging says that there are 20 treat bags, there were only 18. I needed 20, I would not have bought them if I had known I would be short by 2 and have to buy an entire package for 2 more bags. Sure enough the second bag contained 18 as well. Do not advertise 20 on the packaging if you are only going to provide 18 bags. Consumers do not appreciate false advertising.


  522. I’m an independent truck driver, Walmart has always been a great place to go get what I needed in the truck and sometimes even park overnight. For over a year most walmarts have done away with overnight parking, and just in the last few months most will not even let you in the parking lot so you have to ask permission to shop so you don’t get towed. Today was a first I pulled into a store in Ohio, signs said no parking, I asked the security guard if I could just park long enough to buy a few things, and he told me to ask management, I went in and asked to speak to a manager and a lady said for what, and before I could answer she said are you in the semi? I said I was and she said 15 min that’s all you have or the truck may be towed, and had to proceed to tell me how they don’t want truck driver around. If she was a manager I don’t feel even qualified to be a greater. This was it I will never have dealings with Walmart again (shopping or pulling a load for them) it’s very sad to see how things change.

  523. Yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:15 I purchased a Market Side Chef Salad for lunch today. I ate lunch today at 11:30 and halfway through my salad I found a plastic glove. I returned the remaining portion to Walmart Customer Service. I did not have a receipt and did not want another salad or food item of equal value.It was less than $5.00 and the money is not the issue. I did speak to a manager and he agreed to follow up as this should never happen. Over the last year I have had a salad every work day for lunch but no more. I just want to make sure the issue is addressed and doesn’t happen to someone else.

  524. Good morning,i was at walmart April 11th.2017 around 6;30pm and i purchase pies small ones for easter at the Va.location.6303richmond hwy,Alexandria,va the cashier hand me my bags when i got home in Fort Washington,Md notice my pies are not there,well the next day,so i will take the lost but i think they need to pay attention to the customer in front of them,not rush to get to the next one,or let us get our bags off our self,it was to late to call back and ask about this,but i am sure someone had to turn them in,Please let me know if they did i will drive back down tonight or tomorrow,i have my receipt.

  525. i just need you to understand the cashier need to hand us all of our bags,caused me to leave behind my pies for easter,so now i have to go back and purchase something i already paid for,he should have let me pick up the bags myself on april 11.2017 around six pm to 7pm in the 6303 richmond hwy.but once he hand the to me it’s now his responsibility to make sure i have everything and i shoulsd have checked it’s always something at that location.

  526. I wanted to tell you I love shopping at walmart supercenter 2481 every time I shop there is get help from some one in produce his name is Marlin he is polite and he smiles all the time with people like that .that’s why I love going back to Walmart and I’m tell my friends about how nice he is ty for listening to me

  527. I have had a horrible time trying to find out the proper email address, to contact the proper customer contact service, other than going to your headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

    Order No 3821778-108077

    Wasted two hours trying to send an email, but no luck.

    Most recent order arrived left at the door step, the final carton of my order.. it was quite mutilated, but needed to double check everything. Ordered, was three(3), 4-pak of Libby’s Sweet Peas. Two(2) of the 4 pak, (8 cans in all 4-cans each-pak were badly damaged. I am unable to return them, No driving of any kind…(a senior citizen.

    Would like them picked up, or credited please. I have no other choice.)

  528. I did a cash back for $60 at the Riverdale UT Walmart at the self check-out. When I left I forgot to pick up the $60 cash. I got in my car, drove for about 5 minutes, then suddenly remembered. I returned to the store, kicking myself for leaving money we desperately needed and figuring this was a wasted effort. I went up to the lady monitoring the self checkouts and told her what I had done. She asked me which station I was at. I told her and she said “I figured you might be back. I saw it after you had left and kept it in the drawer here”. She pulled out the cash and handed it to me. I thanked her profusely and asked who her manager was or where I could send a thanks about her. She said “You don’t have to do that–I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I didn’t try return it” WOW! PLEASE, if there is any kind of a recognition system add her to the list. All I know is her name tag said Jinx. She said that was her name–wouldn’t tell me her last name. Thank you, she deserves to be recognized and commended.

  529. I’m a loyal customer at the WM, Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara CA. 95054.
    This store has been out of the frozen pineapple chunks for over four weeks. Requested a reason from store manager,Skeikh Imtiyaz.” Warehouse is out of stock”
    Does this mean that I no longer can count on WM to provide me with such a simple staple. Will Go to Lucky’s/ Safeway, from now on,
    Dr. W E Hartford

  530. I paid significantly more to have my mattress delivered on May 5 FRIDAY!!!! Tracking shows it won’t be delivered until MONDAY!!!! I’m a little upset, very disappointed and ANGRY

  531. As a faithful shopper at Walmart I love the stores. When I go out of town, I just have to visit Walmart. Walmart is my No.1 place to visit. I will always be a Walmart shopper, but I have one question, how come Walmart do not sell 5x and up? I wear 5x clothing and my wife gets on line to find me some shirts and pants ( jeans). I like the clothes there and prefer to spend there, but never my size. Anyway keep up the good business provided by Walmart and thank you and I will continue to support Walmart!

  532. I am a long term Walmart customer.
    Love your stores and service and , up until now, have not had a complaint.
    The Walmart store in Plaistow NH has a blood pressure check machine, as do most Walmarts, but the Plaistow store machine has had an “OUT OF SERVICE” sign on it for 4 weeks now.
    I know many store customers use this health tool on a regular basis, and repeated attempts to get it repaired have yielded “0” results.
    I personally have talked to Pharmacy personnel and store manager but it appears all are helpless to resolve this problem.
    Please help us customers who use this great service.

  533. I am trying to send an order to my granddaughter in Boston and it will only recognize my address. How can I get around that?

  534. I try to order online, unable! last order did not come in 2 days. tell me why you donot want to sell to me.

  535. Went looking for Halos or Cuties, but found Kiddie Clems. Did not enjoy them, they were tasteless, only good for roughage. When are we going to get back our Halos or Cuties in Evans, GA?

  536. I went to the Walmart store on Austin Peay Road, Bartlett, TN to purchase tires for my pickup. I asked what tires were on sale and was informed the Goodyear Trailmark was on sale in the size I needed for $70. I asked for four to be installed but they could only find 2 of the 5 the computer indicated were on hand. They asked if they could direct me to another store and was sent to the new store on Kirby Whitten Road in Memphis, TN. They installed my tires and when I got the bill it showed $139 each instead of the $70 I was quoted. I elected not to make a scene at the store but would like explanation and adjustment on my Walmart Credit Card. Thank you for the attention I am sure you will render. As of now I am disappointed and disgruntled.

  537. I would just like to say how nice and pleasant my clerk (Nancy) was last night.
    She had a personal fan around her neck and told me about it. I fear I would not have been so pleasant and personable in her position, standing and working in a not very cool store. It was at the Walmart in West Des Moines on 8th St, 01764, and her name was Nancy.

  538. Danskin Now – Front Close Plunge Sport Bra-Medium Impact
    this was the best bra and you changed it from the nice racer back style to something with all those criss cross straps. It fit well and was an excellent bra until you changed it bring the old style back!!

  539. I recently tried what I believe to be a new product in the meat case; fully cooked 4 pack of chicken drum sticks. As these are my grandchildren’s “favorite piece”, I purchased 2 packages at a retail of $2.98 each package. They are horrible! The kids wouldn’t eat them, I tried one and couldn’t stand it, and the grandkids father also was unable to eat one. You have some funky smoke flavor on the meat and they taste horrible; they are also a bit on the hard-firm side and should be cooked longer. AWFUL!! Treat yourself to one for lunch! ( I shop at the Turtle Run store in Coral Springs, Florida.)