Contact Wageworks Customer Service

Contact Wageworks Customer Service

Contacting Wageworks Customer Service Center

Wageworks is a financial company that works with businesses to coordinate pre-tax funding programs like Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts to reduce payroll taxes and increase employee take home pay. According to the company biography, Wageworks works with 50% of Fortune 100 companies and 38% of companies considered the best places to work by Working Mother magazine.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Wageworks customer service is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday EST. There are no customer service hours on the weekends and the offices may be closed on major holidays. Customers and employees have the ability to log in to their account online even if the customer service offices are closed.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-990-5099
  • International Customer Service: 1-262-238-4000

Mailing Address

Mail communication is available, but customers should not use the mailing address to send private communication, including information about payroll deductions, financial details or personal information that could be used to steal your identity.

Wageworks Attn: Customer Service 1100 Park Pl. 4th Fl. San Mateo, CA 94403

Official Website

We found the official website for Wageworks at Participants can choose to log in to their account directly from the front page of the website or they can navigate to information specific to participants using the link at the top of the page. Quicklinks are available for various information and online functions, including access to a list of eligible expenses at and claim forms at

Social Media

There are no social media pages listed on the official website, but the Twitter page for Wageworks customer service lists all social networking accounts for the company.

Customer Service Email

There is no dedicated email address or contact form for Wageworks customer service. There may be a way of contacting Wageworks by email from within your personal account. If you need to contact the sales department, Wageworks customer service is there to help.


Our Experience

We called the Wageworks customer service line to find the fastest way through the system so you wait on hold less time. You can press 0 to access the operator as soon as the automated list of options starts, but that will not connect you with customer service. You must press 1 if you are a participant and your call will be moved to the customer service automated system. From there enter your ID number or hold on the line for an agent. You may have to listen to the request for your ID number two to three times before the call is connected with an agent.

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7 Comments on “Contact Wageworks Customer Service
  1. I think you are the worst company I have ever dealt with. You are borderline to a scam company. I have tried to get an issue resolved by contacting your Customer Service at least 4-5 times and they were not able to help. Everytime I asked for a supervisor I was put on hold indefinetely

  2. Even though claim forms are mailed to Lexington, Ky, they must outsource their customer service. I have called three times in the last couple of days and have to ask the rep to repeat what they’re saying over and over. The only info they can give you is what is already available on the website already. Every question was answered with “they” are processing it. “They” are working on it. These reps can help you solve nothing because they’re not even in this country!

  3. Worse customer service ever. I asked to have a Wage Works Supervisor call me back and the reply was “Sorry, our supervisors will not call you back?” When asked who is above the supervisor ……I was cut off

  4. Informative blog post ! I loved the info – Does someone know where my company could possibly locate a sample WW-HRA-RT-PMB copy to edit ?

  5. i received a few checks for the amount of 108 but they’ve been lost. I cashed 2 out of the 4 can someone contact me and let me know how I go about this.

  6. i am a retiree from albany international
    i got my reimbursement from genesis
    albany AmWins told me that vwageworks wiil take over
    when i called wageworks i was told they no nothing about albany international
    please tell me which form i have to use and when you have the information that i can sign in

  7. I have had a terrible experience with your company. On April 6th I scanned in 4 receipts which are blocking my account.One receipt was processed on Monday 4/9 however none of the others were processed. I called on Tuesday and was told they were in the system to be processed. By Thursday I had no response and called again. Finally it seems that the 3 bills which were scanned together with the first bill were never processed. I talked to a supervisor who finally admitted that you dropped the ball. I would expect that at that point you would expedite the claims. I was told that they had to go back in the “q”. Very poor customer service mistakes happen but then to do nothing is pretty poor.

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