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Contacting Vonage Customer Service Center

Vonage is a voice over Internet protocol phone company. That means the phone service provided by Vonage is accessed over your current Internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, you cannot sign-up for the Vonage phone service. There is a contract associated with most Vonage packages. That contract is typically one year, but Vonage customers need to read the fine print of any offer before ordering service to determine just how long the contract term is.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Vonage is not afraid to list the sales phone number for new customers, but the customer service phone number is not as openly available. After searching around, we finally stumbled on a different website dedicated to supporting Vonage customers. Customer service is available by phone 24/7.

Vonage Customer Service Helpline: 1-800-528-7690

Customer Service (customers): 1-866-243-4357

Customer Service (non-customers): 1-800-980-1455

Customer Service (Spanish): 1-866-243-4357

The Spanish customer service line is open to take calls from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) EST, 7 days a week. The call center is not staffed with Spanish-speaking representatives overnight.

Mailing Address

You can contact Vonage USA at this address:

23 Main St.
Holmdel, NJ 00773

Official Website

The official website for Vonage sales is located at If you are interested in learning more about Vonage customer service and support, you’ll need to visit the support website at From the support website, customers can access FAQs on billing, features, mobile applications, international calling and more.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email staff is available 24/7, so you can contact them at any time through the email form on the Vonage support website. The email contact form is available here

We’ve sent an email to Vonage customer service to test the response time. We’ll report back when we receive a response from the Vonage service team.

Our Experience

The automated response asked us for a Vonage number. We pressed 0 and then 0 again and we were placed on hold for a customer service representative. The call was answered within 35 seconds by a nice gentleman who told us there was no email address for customer service, but he happily told us about the email form on the website. The customer service call was a breeze.

Do you have experience with Vonage? Was that experience GREAT or HORRIBLE? We’d love for you to share your story so we can pass some real customer service stories on to visitors of the site. Leave a comment with your story today.

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78 Comments on “Contact Vonage Customer Service
  1. I cancel my service last few weeks so why I didnt get anythig to send it back the box
    So please can some one can call me or email me the address or how I can send it back?.

  2. I have tried in all the ways possible to know if a mail I send to your office in N.J. 3 weeks back reached there 0r not. The letter may make you think I am CCRRAAZZYY.Even if it is true, I still have the belief that some one in the Vonage home office will have the kindness to let me know. Thanks a lot. My Ref. NO. with Vonage is 2782337

  3. robert asking u to cancel my phone service with vonage i didn’t know i needed dsl to get phone line in my home.i will be inform with bbb to check on business in the way u do business i wasn’t to;d i needed dsl befor i transferred my number.thank u

  4. Hi there,

    I have referred on Labour Day a friend at his resident 5438 C , Bairdale Lane, Dubline,OH in USA and he has applied online whose # 614-408-8244 . My friend name is Rashid jamal and his contact # 404-7299451.

    So Please send all necessary things as soon as possible because he informed me yesterday that

    he did not receive any thing from Vonage.


    Sajid Anjum


    406-75 Stewart Street

    Oakville,On L6K 1×7

    Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 12:55:46 +0000
    > Subject: [ #26475725] P1/VIP/4169390224/1009216639 and 1009944332/Sajid Anjum/billing-number swap/ERT
    > From:
    > To:
    > Dear Sajid Anjum,
    > Thank you for contacting that Executive Response Team.
    > We are happy to hear that you were able to refer a friend to Vonage. However, this department handles escalated issues. Please contact our customer care team at 866-243-4357 for assistance with this issue.
    > We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.
    > Sincerely,
    > Reginald Lawal
    > Executive Response Team
    > Vonage | 23 Main Street | Holmdel, NJ 07733-2136
    > M-F 8:00am – 4:30pm EST
    > Tel: 888.580.4020 ext. 26273
    > Fax: 732.231.6783

  5. It says you wont get charged tell you change over.I havent even hooked it up at all and they have charged my card about $200.00.They better give my money back.I’ll put it on every internet site what rip offs they are and turn them in for fraud. Donna

  6. Vonage promised me to send $100 gift certificate during their promotion deal for month of June now they backed out and asking me to show the promotion ad. as proof of my claim. I have called several times and sent number of e-mails , their reply was ” Next month you will get it. The next month has not here yet. Now they say you do not have any claim to make.

    The customer service is bad and they do not help you.

  7. Well, I WAS considering signing up but after reading the comments, I think I’ll stick with verizon. Never mind. Seems like you guys aren’t any better.

  8. I try to disconnect my account and trying from last month. Today i am calling third time in a row when my call transfer from customer service to account management got disconnected. I left my call back no. but nobody call me back. I am still calling again and again. this time Mr. Derrick put me on hold and I am still holding. IS THERE SOMEBODY HOW CAN HELP ME TO DISCONNECT ME ACCOUNT PLEASE.

  9. We have received an unusual billing this month and can get no satisfaction from the girl in Malaysia. I need a service Representative to make appointment to come to my home to discuss this. In the mean time, I am unplugging the service here and will be, in the near future if you do not send the service rep in the very soon, setting up an account with AT&T. We are elderly people living on social security ONLY, and cannot afford to be over billed. Abuse of the elderly is a crime. Also, I am posting this on facebook for the world to see.

  10. your customer serv & tech support sucks.
    three calls, three disconnects, and some indian dude that
    can’t speak english. give me 1 reason to stay with vonage.
    i don’t have 45 min to waste on the phone trying to reach you ass holes every time i have a problem. your cheep $ is not worth the aggravation ///////

  11. Horrible Phone service, Dont take it. Their customer service is terrible and half the things they promise are false and go unfulfilled

  12. I was promised a 50$ gift card, n now they are saying its not valid since I opened it by calling not online. Disgusting. I didnt open by calling,,, I did it online!! Bunch of unprofessional cheats!!

  13. Hi
    i lost my cell phone and tried to verify my vonage to my new number but it orders me to contact supports. this is my new cell phone 0734994464 and this is the old number whic i lost it.
    i hope to help me as soon as possible.

  14. HORRIBLE!!!! If you haven’t gotten Vonage, DON’T!!!
    It’s just HORRIBLE!!!!! I really think Al-Qaeda is running
    this business, so please people, beware!!!!!!

  15. The worst service I have experienced. I was put on hold for more than 20 minutes. After several calls my issue is still unresolved.

  16. very nice with you on the phone but will not solve your issue. I definitely will not recommend to any one I care about. If you want to get even with some one, and want to give the person head ache, refer them to Vonage.

  17. If you are thinking of purchasing Vonage, don’t. I am a firm believer in good customer service, and this company is TERRIBLE. And if you want to cancel your service because the service itself is terrible (cannot use it when using screensharing programs, drops calls, connection, etc) then GOOD LUCK. They will not make proper notation on the account, pretend that their computer is “not working” to waive a cancellation fee, say that you can cancel but then tell you to call back the next day….seriously it’s a nightmare. I have wasted a good 3 hours of my life on this company to finally have what I originally wanted done – waive a cancellation fee because the service does not do what I needed it to do for a BUSINESS line. If you merely want Vonage for a simple home line and nothing more, then this is a fine service. But if you ever need to talk to their customer service, be warned.

  18. i am vonage customer but i am goig to drop the service. customer service is horrible and they keep increasing your bill without any reason

  19. Vonage has always had some issues with customer service and that’s why I’ve only ever recommended them to people that are tech savvy. I had wonderful service with them since 2005, probably because I had cable broadband and am a geek. I have just switched to Ooma. My phone bills are now $3.73 a month, only thing I gave up was free international calls. If $ is tight and u can support a VOiP phone, try Ooma, just research it 1st so you don’t get surprised, this is an investment.

  20. WORST customer service ever! I didn’t think it was possible to be worse than AT&T or Comcast, but the Vonage support is a 1000 time worse! Their automated voice system when you call in is COMPLETE garbage and SUPER frustrating, and if you ever do manage to get a real person, they are at some outsourced 3rd-world country who has no clue what you’re talking about or how to help you. You’re on your own with these guys, so I HIGHLY recommend to just stay away and suck it up with AT&T or one of the other REAL phone companies, even if it does cost you a lot more. Beside, the Vonage call quality is not better than what the other guys offer, so there’s really NO advantage at all!

  21. I have been a vonage customer for over a year and today I cancelled my service really upset over when a customer service rep back in Dec when I was going to cancell my service then I could keep my service for 9.99 a month I checked my charges on my credit card today and found out I’m being charged 17.97 for the past 3 months so I called today to question this and ended up still cancelling because of the rude service I received then was told the charge that was put on my card could not be credited back this is unacceptable and I will make sure if people are considering your service not to do it.A very upset former customer

  22. I absolutely hate vonage! They have terrible customer service and they dont actually tell you that they automatically charge yoir account. I feel like how they charge should be discussed with the customers upfront. They charge whatever they want whenever they want without any kind of notice. I was supposedly set up for $9.99per month plan but somehow I got charged $75. Simply put, Vonage sucks!

  23. Vonage has a promotion for free phone minutes and free text from the Caribbean to US and Canada via downloadable Apps however the quality of calls are poor,you cannot hardly get through, texts don’t connect instantly, if at all and both parties have to be in your vonage screen to see calls coming in or that there is a text!!

  24. You folks are absolutely correct: Vonage has the worst customer service of any phone company ever … and they strictly do not care the first thing about any one of its customers. Vote with your feet … and spend your money with some other company.

  25. I am so very disappointed and angry with VONAGE because I am also disgruntled with their customer service. However, we may have a course action through banking and consumer laws. Let us stop being angry and be SMART. I’m taking my own advice.

  26. Poor service. A nightmare for everyone. This is a bad choice. Don’t ever use this. Money stealer. I will get an advice from lawyers.

  27. vonage, I agree with a comment above, “vonage must be operated byt the Taliban.

    Be warned if a company on the internet does not list their business address and/or only has one telephone number they don’t want to hear from you but they do want your money. If give you vonage

  28. My rates kept changing without my knowledge so I changed to Time Warner. I received a new phone number but Vonage charged my bank account even though they could see I haven’t had service on that old number since beginning of May. Group Manager Eric Rodrigus employee#55672 wouldn’t refund my $24.33 or give me a supervisor name or number or email to fix this. He just offered to cancel me so that I wouldn’t be charged again. I’m very disappointed since in the past when I was being overcharge which he saw I didn’t ask for refund but when I did he’d rather just cancel me.

  29. I enjoyed my phone service except when my internet went down and I lost phone service. The other problem was that in 2007 I paid $16.95 a month and now 2013 it is $36.00 plus. If you go to change your portability phone number use Vonage’s address not your own because it is V.O.I.P. and the transfer is from Vonage on paper. I went with Straight Talk for the price/phone service ONLY . There customer service is terrible (language problem) as it is off shored to Guatemala. It is wireless (via Verizon) with battery backup so it works even without power. Take it in your RV, home, cabin, etc.

  30. I was wondering my contract will be up with Vongage. I moving in with my son and closing down my home. Would like to cancel contract without any penalties.

  31. vontage is no good if you have a problem. I have been trying for a week, no one in technical support knows nothing to fix a problem with my phone to get my phone fixed. I have written to the executive and called them and they have not called me back or tried to fix my phone. I have told them, I am not spending another dime until my phone is fixed.

  32. I have read customer comments and can not believe, I have had the same issues with vonage.Just tried to get some service on the phone and after countless transfers was hung up on,as soon as I said :hello!This is my 2nd time to try vonage service and in spite of all requested feedback from vonage, nothing has changed.So,I will probably cancel again.I am also senior citizen on a fixed income and can not allow selective debits on my account.t is too tight and also unlawful to charge whatever vonage wants,instead of honoring promises.I will pursue this through the better business bureau.

  33. I bought a phone of Vonage in Waltmart,Stockton<California as a gift for my friend in Vietnam. If he wanted to use phone,he would have paid monthly for your company.

    I wasn't order phone for myself. Why your Vonage charged from my account in Bank of America monthly $40.00 ?

    Please stop doing this and pay back to my account $40.00 as soon as possible
    Thank you so much

  34. vonage is a fraud co. they say to people unlimited calls but after using they charge like hell and then they explain lot of unnessary thing and again charge lot more money u expect..
    first three months they charge my account 9.99 as they said promotion.. after that 29.99 and then 2 months later they say i am using more minutes then they charged 49.99,, then after 75.00 and after couple days of charge 75.00 they charged 95.00…….they arer big cheater……government should take action their website says unlimited but they dont do…their plan for 29.99 for 3000 min.. and for 49.99 is also for 3000 min. they said to me……does it any make sense……….now i disconnected my service……….be carefull with vonage…….

  35. TERRIBLE customer service. Called to cancel, they continued to offer better pricing to just put the account on hold (meaning I’ve been paying $20/month more than I could have by trying to cancel). When I got the first month bill from being on HOLD, they charged $25 for taxes, fees, and the other line they neglected to cancel. Now I’m in an email war with their customer support that can’t understand why their first rep wouldn’t have put both accounts on hold, as they’re never wrong. I’m never using them again.

  36. I was VERY disappointed in their customer service. I suspended my account for 6 months. I received an email 5 days after the 6 month period expired showing a past due balance of $41. I called into customer service & I ultimately dealt with a Mary/10872. I explained to her that I needed to cancel my services due to my living arrangements & I would like to get the $41 waived considering it’s a prepaid charge, I haven’t used the account in 6 months & it had only been 5 days since the bill had generated. She replied with a hard NO! We went back & forth & still NO! I will not be doing business with Vonage again due to the mishandling of this situation.

  37. I would be ashamed to have my company name associated with that sloppy and offensive idiot that is advertising your service on TV, and for that reason I Will NEVER use your service.

  38. I just got off the chat help site and was very pleased with the help I received from Gloria T. She walked me through my problem and put up with my slow two finger typing. She is a very helpful young lady. To me she is an Angel for the help she gave me. She deserves a raise. Sincerely, Philip Daly Jr.

  39. I joined the Vonage who informed me that my membership with AT&T is already severed some one day ago, however at have no phone services at present

  40. I cant get my phone to work and cant get ahold of customer service. I cant hear the other people on the line. It was working fine and now nothing. I would not recommend this service to anyone even if it was for free.

  41. I love my vonage, it’s the best phone service I have ever had. I want to add vonage to my other locations but I’m not sure how to do that.

  42. Just call your c/s to disconnect a call forwarding. Ref # CR369134577 and the c/s rep in Col. was very nice and helpfull. Thanks. Go Seahawks.

  43. Why do you pretend to charge me a bill because you suspended the service since the first contract was not paid. I did not owe anything

    and I will file a complain with Consumers Affairs in New York, there is taught Law against kind of Fraud and Scams.

    Furthermore, Some representative that I can made International calls to cellular and it was not true. I never signed a contract with Vonage and do not intend to send me email to my EMAIL. ITS AGAINTS THE LAW IF YOU DO IT AGAIN, IF YOU HAVE RIGHTS GO TO COURTS

  44. account # 1012184769
    Why do you pretend to charge me a bill because you suspended the service since the first contract was not paid. I did not owe anything

    and I will file a complain with Consumers Affairs in New York, there is taught Law against kind of Fraud and Scams.

    Furthermore, Some representative that I can make International calls to cellular and it was not true. I never signed a contract with Vonage and do not intend to send me email to my EMAIL. ITS AGAINTS THE LAW IF YOU DO IT AGAIN, IF YOU HAVE RIGHTS GO TO COURTS

  45. Vonage will go up on your phone bill without notifying you. Considering they operate only to deduct from your account. This happened to me twice within the same year. I want my servcies discontinued ASAP.

  46. I was sold to subscribe Vonage international. I was offered the $14.95 a month for the next 3 months and after the 3 months it will go to $29.+. My first bill was charged $47.00 and I disputed which they did not credit me and they did not give me the 3 months for the promotions that I should be entitled based on their promotions. I did not pay and I told them to cancel my account from the day they misled me.

  47. Cheap company with unprofessional customer service agents. Highly Recommend to stay away from Vonage, unless if you are willing to take the chance.

    Personal Story: I ordered the vonage service for $9.99 per month for 3 months then $29.99 for the rest with 1 year contract. First month they charged installation, activation, and other miscellaneous fees. Activation and installation was included in the deal. I had to call them 5 times in order to get in touch with someone professional. They had to review our call history to make sure I was right. This pissed me off since they don’t even trust the customers. The other 4 agents kept on telling me that there has been some misunderstanding rather than listening to my concerns. I cancelled my service the same day! I hate companies with BS customer support.


  48. The WORST customer service you can experience ! I have been on the phone for 4 days but every time they try to connect me to their ‘BILLING DEPT’, the line gets disconnected… They increase the rate whenever they feel like and then don’t want to talk about it. No response to emails either. You spend 45 minutes trying to get a hold of a CSR, only to be disconnected !! DO NOT TAKE VONAGE…GET A PREPAID PHONE OR USE TELEADVANTAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL CALL – VERY REASONABLE. VONAGE SUCKS…BIG TIME!

  49. I originally cancelled my Vonage service 8.27.2014. After realizing they were still charging my credit card, I called again to cancel. I was promised this time it would be cancelled. I then receive another bill with a past due balance. I’m so frustrated with this company, this has to be an intentional practice and is illegal.

    Do not use Vonage, can’t stress this enough.

  50. Use to be a great service now its terrible. You would be much better off with Magic Jack and much cheaper. I have both and Magic jack is better. Its so nice NOW to hear hold on we are tring your call sorry cannot connect try later. Thats your first signal to change to Magic jack. Vonage NO NO NO NO

  51. I am not satisfied with the service..

    I called voange few days back..and customer care person gave me a plan…

    I.e vonage world plan…for next 6 months with 15 dollar bill every month..and for another 6 montha 20 dollar approx every month..these all are inclusive taxes..

    You can check my ref no. For the call is
    S5 A 1VWS31NE ..person name was fred..please go ahead and check the call recorded..

    This luks like a cheating to me..we are really old customer using vonage from last 3.5 yrs..the previous no. Was on my husband name you can check. MR piyush Ohari..

    As i have seen resent deduction from my acct ia 20 dollar rather than 15 dollar as promised for 6 months..and its showing me the next deduction will be 29 dollar …so thats clear should give me what u promised. .i am highly disappointed with vonage this time…

  52. I have tried 3 – 4 seperate times to cancel my service and have been denied or lied to that it is cancelled. You are rip off artists and don’t deserve to be in business

  53. Have to agree with everyone’s comments. It’s impossible to cancel with these guys. Have been trying for the past 3 months with talking to multiple off shore people. I’ve been deliberately hung up on several times. They ask for info from accounts of 10 years ago that no longer exist and tell you that it’s your problem not theirs.
    Am sending a registered letter today as a last ditch effort as even putting a stop payment with the bank has had no effect on them.

  54. iam not happy with the service cause everytime i place a call to my family in the philippines, i cannot contact them because the glove always do”nt have a signals. since vonage is associate with glove they should take care of the problem.

  55. I purchased a new phone. I need to program it. The instructions require that the server participate with the activation.
    Can you help, please?

    Dr. Alverio

  56. To whom it may concern: for almost 3 years one of your agents made me enroll in this B.S. and until today I never ever realized a call and I paying almost $7.00 dollars for nothing. Please stop the payment because I am not using that service. Thanks.

  57. I have never used the services of Vonage, nor do I even live in a country that offers them. However I regularly get spammed by them because someone somehow managed to link my email address to his account. I have been unable to contact Vonage about this oversight because I refuse to spend a ton on international phone charges for their help desk and I cannot find an email address to mail to anywhere. They do however have a contact form but of course since this requires you to know the associated phone number I am also unable to use it.

  58. Have been with you since the beginning. However, I am not liking your switching me back and forth into higher payment plans. I asked for 14.99 month plan and find that I have been switched back to 24.99 a month plan. I don’t appreciate this disregard for my money.

    You have also stopped being a responsible business since it is impossible to reach your customer service representatives. You are out of the country, which means you should pay better attention to your customers stateside.

  59. I just saw a commercial on TV that completely should be taken off. It shows a baby puking on a mans suit. If this is the quality of your company….I want nothing to do with your service.

  60. Vonage–I am having a terrible customer service experience. They are 5 weeks overdue (after the 90-day waiting period) in mailing my promo rewards card for signing up. This is part of what I have written them: ” I HAVE BEEN SCREWING AROUND ON THIS SITE WITH CHAT BOXES DISAPPEARING BEFORE AND AFTER I FILL THEM OUT and looking for help for an hour. I NEED A PHONE NUMBER. So your response to my e-mail referring me to chat “instead of waiting for an e-mail” now is infuriating. Chat didn’t work, even though I tried it with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and each time (4 I believe), the chat box disappeared before or after I repeatedly wrote in it and submitted it….Instead of recommending Vonage to my friends and acquaintances I’m going to tell them that the promo is bogus. What does Status Invalid, Missing Rebate Amount mean? The rebate amount, $75, is right there above the Status. And why have I not been contacted that there is a problem? I don’t believe that you ever would have contacted me, and I’ve wasted HOURS now on this. “

  61. I just signed on with Vonage. The port I re dived in the mail on 11/21/17 was to be installed today 11/22/17. There is no yellow port so I am unable to connect. Now, I am without a phone. Please advise asap. I am 70, live alone and am on heavy medication. Please help.

  62. I’m trying to talk to a live person. I had an outstanding balance that has been paid. But you’re phone service is telling me I owe it..and that is as far as I can go. Can someone call me to clear this up

  63. I am 83 years old, in questionable health. My phone was disconnected due to an oversight on my part. I was unaware that the payment was being paid automatically on my credit card. The card was cancelled due to someone charging on my card. Therefore, two months bills have gone unpaid. I have set up payment on my “auto pay”. However, they will not get the money until a couple more days due to my accounting. IIt is already in motion to be paid. I cannot make phone calls and I must ask you to return my service immediately. I have had emergency ambulance calls on a regular bais due to my health. I am requesting you to restore my phone iby tomorrow. You hare leaving yourself open to serious trouble should I fail to get help due to no phone. I live in a rural area, 20 miles to a hospital. I have been very happy with your service and this has been an unseen factor due to the cancelling of my credit card. Please advise.

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