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Contacting Vodafone Customer Service Center

Vodafone is a cell phone company that operates internationally in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. They offer personal and business mobile solutions. The official website for Vodafone offers central contact information. From that central location, customers around the world can access information about service in their area or be connected to a local Vodafone customer service center.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The central phone number for Vodafone customer service connects customers to England. There are also contact phone numbers for a variety of other locations.

  • Central Vodafone Switchboard: +44 (0) 1635 33251
  • Albania: +35542283072
  • Australia: 1300 650 410
  • Czech Republic: 800 77 00 77
  • Egypt: 888 (mobile) or 16888 (landline)
  • Germany: 1212 (mobile) or 0800 1721212 (landline)
  • Ghana: 100 (general inquiries) or 212 (Blackberry inquiries) or 0302200200 (corporate)
  • Greece: 1283 (free general information) or 13830 (fee-based)
  • Hungary: 1270 (free general information) or 06/1288 to 1270 (fee-based)
  • India: 111 (from mobile phone)
  • Ireland: 1907 (from mobile phone) or 1800 22 55 88 (sales support)
  • Italy: 190 (from mobile phone) or +39 349 2000 190 (from foreign phone)
  • Malta: 247 (from mobile phone) or (356) 9999 9247
  • Netherlands: 1200 (from mobile phone) or 0900-0940 (from landline)
  • New Zealand: 777 (from mobile phone) or 0800 800 021 (from landline)
  • Portugal: 9 16 12 (from mobile phone) or +351911691200
  • Qatar: 111 (from mobile phone) or 800 7111
  • Romania: *222 (from mobile phone)
  • South Africa: 082 111
  • Turkey: 05463542542
  • United Kingdom: 191 (from mobile phone) or 08700 700191

Mailing Address

Contacting customer service via mail involves sending a letter to the England address where the central office for Vodafone is located.

Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Official Website

There are multiple websites for Vodafone. You can find links for all international websites at the bottom of the main Vodafone website here: From the main website, customers can find contact information for the central office, but they cannot sign up for Vodafone service or log in to their account. This website is all about media, investors, careers and company history.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer email listed on the Vodafone website and you may not easily find an email address. There is a section of the website dedicated to fraud emails and scams using Vodafone email addresses. These include asking customers for personal information.

Our Experience

Unfortunately, we were unable to contact the customer service line for Vodafone. All of their service lines are international. There is no number for the USA.

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80 Comments on “Contact Vodafone Customer Service
  1. hi my name is gustavo,I live in Brazil, I got a cell phone brand sony xperia st18i, I’m having problems with using other phone company, what should I do? Because the phone works only vodafone. When I insert the chip of the Brazilian operator asks for a PIN number .. I already got in touch with my carrier and the center of sony xperia and they said I have to get the PIN number with vodafone. help me please. thank you

  2. I live in Post Code area CF62 7HA. For the past three weeks I have been unable to send or receive calls or text with my phone, (I am PAYG ). I have phoned and told there was a problem but as the equipment was on private land they were waiting permision to go onto the site, that was two weeks ago and still nothing.I would make an urgent request that this problem be resolved ASAP. I would be pleased for your comments and thank you for you attention.


  4. Whenever I top up with voda they seem to take money out ov my balance & I don’t know whyy. I precisely only top up £5 for blackberry internet services so them taking money means I don’t get my internet services the first time it was 2p & this time its been 98p I am 100% sure I do not make anycalls or text so I don’t know why this is happenin if I could get replied to by voda this would be nice

  5. what is this email address I receive a masage from +31684013719 and mentioned that i won some money and send my details to above mention email address tp claim that money. I want to know that is this true or false.

  6. We bought 80 TL from Vodafone Bodrum as they promised our lost, government registered SIM card would work. It does not. Not only that, the man that sold the SIM card charged us 12 TL too much. We are unable to use our phone to call Customer Service. How do we get our money back? We are traveling on a sailboat and need the Internet. We have invested four hours of our time and time from other Vodafone personnel as we move from town to town. No one can help us. What is our next step? We have all the documentation and receipts and wonder if this is a fraudulent issue that should be taken up with the police. Please advise.

  7. I am in Brasil traveling for business.

    I can receive calls but cannot make them

    I discovered there is no Passport plan and that vodafone customer service does not connect

    I need a code to make calls and it’s no where to be found on a vodafone web site

    • I have been in Thailand since September 13th and my October and November bills were three times higher than they have been since I had the contract. I do not have a sim in the phone as I use it ony to access the internet from my Thailand wifi.. How is this possible and what can I do about it as it seems there is no way email contact for Vodafone. I do not wish to phone as the costs will be horendous from Thailand… Is there anyway I can make contact so that it is noted I have had this problem and have been trying to contact Vodafone to sort it out. I dont want to leave it for another month as not back in the UK until 2016

  8. Dear / Sir Mam
    Ma Aapka Number Use Karna Band Kar Ra Ha HO
    Kyuki Mere Number Pa Se Kabhi Bhi Pasa Kat Jata Ha
    RESION :- Company Wale Khata ha ki Apna Message kiya tha
    Jabki ma koi massage nahi karta
    I kan kindily respect
    Mere number per se message suvida band kar na ka kasht kare na koi message aay / na koi jay

    Thanking You
    Ankush Gagat
    Mobile :- 9536953105

  9. I can’t not access emails on my vodafone webbox w1, the arror I receive is “unable to connect to server”.
    I can’t also view attachments. and can not download data files.

  10. I want email address for customers service in turkey
    please , please

    them website lang. is Turkish so I dont understand any thing

  11. I cancelled my subscription for two mobiles in March 2011

    and i send again a letter beginning of November 2012 but

    in my German Account c/o Deutsche Bank i see your are still

    charging 128,84 euro per month .How is possible ?

  12. Dear sir
    Data card not working in My phone error showing in valid web setting, you are requested kindly send me web setting SMS,my mobile no is 9582990105.

    I am awaiting your response…
    Thanks & regards
    Shashi Prakash.

  13. Hello,
    I’m a current user of your network and for the past 2 days I’ve had no signal whatsoever. its caught my attention and become a huge problem not only for me but for many others. I’m not the only one with this problem, this is due to your network being down. I would much appreciate it if you could kindly sort this out before I and many others swap networks. I’m 15 years of age and this is doing my head in. Sort it out.
    Would be appreciated if you email back.

  14. I need the lock code for a samsung galaxy fit gts5670. Im back in the us and need to unlock my phone. If you can please email me the code, i would apreciate it. thanks again, kevin gaines. Imei# 359235046384946

  15. Please can you send a valid customer service email address to my account. I have tried your unhelpful assistants in our local shop and have also tried to cancel via your unhelpful customer support service via the mobile phone. All have said I need to Email but none give an email address. One can only presume this is to discourage customers from cancelling.

  16. i have problem while roaming in saudi arabia it gives me no network access- i tried manual and automatic searching for network- and nothing connects

  17. Hi my name is Nicola,I live in Italy, I got a cell phone brand Nokia E5, I’m having problems with using other phone company, what should I do? Because the phone works only vodafone. When I insert the chip of the Italy operator is write card not registered .. I already got in touch with my carrier and the center of Nokia and they said I have to get the PIN number with vodafone. help me please. thank you

  18. am 4rm south africa, my phone is showing MM6 and for no reason it just stopped working on all the SA network, plz help

  19. I am using vodafone no. (+91)8402041723 for the last one year which I purchased at Tezpur, Dist.: Sonitpur (Assam), India. It works good. But in the last week when I came to Mangaldai, Dist.: Darrang (Assam), India, I was restricted in outgoing calls. Today on 09.03.2013, the same thing happens. Then I registered a complaint of no.61138454 on 09.03.2013 at 1.05 PM (I.S.T.). From customer service I was told that the problem will be solved within 1 & 1/2 hours. But just after that my outgoing is completely blocked. Then a message was received stating it will be solved within 9 days. But how can I wait for 9 days. Please help.

  20. I just recently brought a Blackberry 8310/Vodofone and I am unable to establish an email account of my own. Need your help.

  21. After 20 years I suggested kindly to Sr Mario Correia,and many others this week in your lojas etc.:
    1.Sr Correia to confirm the offer of a Nokia Asha 311 for euro 33,50 via internet/club viva +375 points.
    2.Upon permanent rearrival in algarve we already have 1.715 points only for 91-2794158 and 91-5435895 plus various pens.
    3.I gave my new permanent residencia to copy in your ‘official’ loja in forum algarve. I wish, like in the past, to receive all you info plus club VIVA info on our new address: Travessa Ti Guerreira Parteira No. 6, 8100-012 Alte,
    4.Very polite people in your lojas and filiaals, but I find it VERY painful that your filiaals an not even your ‘OFFICIAL’ loja’s have any stock or brochure to show. None of your own ‘loja’s’ has 1 club viva brochure, after that you just ‘launched your new campaign’ (?????) yesterday via sms. I am am only sales and marketing professor, but this is a very poor performance!!!!
    So, I now provided you in Forum Algarve with all official address info, I expect to be updated continiously via mail/correia en my above gmail sddress.
    I want to effect the purchase of the Nokia Asha 311 via internet for euro 33,50 + 375 points, agreed yesterday .with your Sr.Oliveira and today with Sr Mario Correia in Vodafone Forum Algarve. PLease inform a potentially more important your info. incl. Club Viva.
    Cc. Dra. Patricia Reis, Advogada, Tavira.
    Best regards
    Willem Arthur Kampman.

  22. Sorry to be contacting you through this forum but couldn’t find any other way.
    Since moving house to 32 Boverton Brook. CF61 1YH I have been unable to get a signal on my phone 07584162765
    For this reason I wish to terminate my contract with immediate effect.
    Please confirm receipt of this mail. Thanks
    Howard Pownall

  23. Hello, i just want to tell you that i am not happy the way your services goes, i am a new customer who switched from wind inforstrada to vodafone, but my problem with vodafone is that up till this moment i have not gotten my mordem and its about two months now, so please if you do not want me as a customer, do let me know so as to move to some other network. Am living here in italy. Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Izundu Emmanuel Anikammadu

  24. Good morning sir,

    Pls my phone got stolen with my registerd Vodafone chip with it.As a result,l will like apply for another chip with my old number.pls assist me to apply for one while am still here in Ghana.counting for your urgent reply.

    Best regards,
    Alfred Ofori.

  25. looking for a phone number to get out of united states…prefix??????????????????
    looking for a sales rep, to talk to……………..please email something….anything,..

  26. hi my name is hany ,I live in Egypt, I got a Vodafone 903SH handset by Sharp, I’m having problems with it , where are Vodafone by Sharp service center Mobile in Egypt . help me please. thank you

  27. Hi,

    We wish to inform to that we have paid Mobile Bill of our CSG Connection on Dated 24/01/2014 vide Cheque But this payment not updated till now because of this our some number has barred . Pl unbarred below mention numbers. It is not fare

  28. Vodafone in Cefalu Sicily is less than worthless. We got our simcard and paid for one month.The phone did not work. After 3 trips to the store and several hours of our vacation they insisted I had made a call before the plan was activated , which I had not done, and I needed to pay 5 euro more to get it working. Last night we paid another 10 euros for more time. I reminded the clerk about the problem last time. He said all was fine. I have been there twice today, again wasting our vacation time and still have no message about more time. DO NOT USE THEM!





  31. Sir, i gave my phone to a friend about three months ago but i removed my chips from it. Now i have bought a new phone and fixed the chips. Unfortunately, my credits on my Vodafone keep on reducing without me making calls. The message that keeps coming is “You have used 336 bytes, you were charged 0.00019 and your remaining balance is ….. Dial 5454 and enjoy free mins, sms and data for only GHS 20.” This message has come several times. Why is it so?

  32. I bought a new samsung galaxy duos phone but i’m unable to download apps from playstore. Other people i know using the same phone but different networks have no problems.I need help asap or will be compelled to use a different network

  33. My server is sprint.iwould like to know if i use my cell phone with a new sprint international pan ,has the person i contact (vodafon client) to pay any part of the call?

  34. I purchased what I was told was a 1 month SIM plan eligible only for travelers coming from abroad in Genoa Italy a few days ago. It was at the Vodafone store on the pedestrian street in the town. I was told the plan allowed for 200 min of voice, 200 SMS messages, and 1GB of data. I told the rep that I only needed the plan for 14 – 15 days, and he stated that since that was the case he could up the data to 3 GB. I told him I did not need that much data, but if that was the best plan he could provide, I would take it, as I had already waited in line a good 15 minutes, and had spent too much time already trying to find a store. I was also told that the plan allowed for calling back to the US, at a modest charge – something like .17e for connection, and I think around .15e per minute.

    I was told that the plan would not be active for a few hours, til I got a SMS from Vodafone. I received a sheet of paper with my phone number on it, which was in Italian which did have voice and data checked, along with my name and the phone number.

    I got an SMS about an hour later, did not read it, as I was already using the phone. In fact I got a couple of SMS’s from Vodafone over about an hour period, but again, did not read them – they were in Italian, which I don’t read.

    The rep stated their credit card system did not take my card, so I paid $25e in cash. I should have suspected something then, but Vodafone is a reputable firm so I was not worried.

    About a day later I started getting SMS messages stating there was insufficient credit in my account for internet usage, and that I should recharge my account. I tried to log in onlineto find out what the account looked like, but the phone number was initially not recognized by Vodafone. I tried contacting Vodafone by email, but found no way to do so. I tried a chat, but the Vodafone person responding did not understand English. I spent another hour trying the online side, to no avail, and tried chatting again, this time getting to someone who could understand some English. We went back and forth for a few times, me telling her I had a plan that I outlined above, she telling me the number I have is not authorized for any promotion. I told her I had already paid for the promotion, and wanted to know how to enable it. I thought I was getting somewhere as she then helped me register the phone, which I thought was enabling the promotion. I asked for confirmation of the plan, and exactly what the charging was, but she had disconnected.

    I get SMS messages from Vodafone 2 times an hour 24 hours a day, telling me to recharge the phone. I can’t find a representative to speak English well enough to get the problem resolved. I am traveling thru Italy. I can’t use the clock functions of the phone for alarm, as if I leave the phone on, I get pinged every half hour telling me to recharge. I have spent 25e for what looks like a steeply priced 10e plan – with no promotion.

    I had an Orange SIM plan in Spain for 20e that worked great. Thought I was getting something similar in Italy from Vodafone. I have either been ripped off, or Vodafone just got the plan registered wrong (unlikely) but am unable to get this fixed, and have now spent 3 – 4 hours trying to contact someone who can help. I will be in Venice tomorrow, and will try the store there.

    • after reading all the below as well as other sites,no matter where in the world, you will find that money comes first and the service stinks.
      Here in South Africa when phoning for help a service provider can barely speak English and are of no help.
      I think that if we went back 10 years and had something like a Nokia 3210 as a phone and all the rest was via a PC we would have far less problems.
      Just think of the old Morris 1000 20 years in production, in year number 20 it had to be dam near perfect same as the VW Beetle.
      Today the new models come off the production lines so fast and the latest are waiting in line how can one get perfection when one takes into account the amount of junk they are trying to squeeze into them

  35. Dear Mr Colao,

    I am a castaway and have thrown this bottle in the sea of the internet in the hope that it will reach you. I plead you to listen to my ill fated and long lasting absence from the internet. My problem is one that is deeply engrained within the Vodafone system and I fear that I will never be able to untangle myself from its maze unless I receive the intervening help of the hand of the Vodafone CEO himself.
    When I saw your comments in the documentary ‘Girlfriend in a Coma; (2012) on the state of the Italian economy and the reforms that were necessary for Italy to survive as an efficient, transparent and effective state in the modern world, I was positively encouraged to seek Vodafone as my internet provider when I moved to Italy in September this year. A CEO with such a clear message must of course instil this philosophy first and foremost within his own company. At least, such was my, with hindsight, naïve reasoning when I walked into the very smart looking Vodafone shop in the centre of Florence at the end of August to get my internet contract.
    At present I am still without internet and the message from the Vodafone centre is that I will perhaps receive internet somewhere by the end of October. However, based on the previous experiences, it is likely that this will not happen. The origin of my ill fated and extended period without access to the internet lies in the conclusion of the contract in the Vodafone shop. It was a small and stupid mistake. But small and stupid mistakes have big consequences, as it turns out.
    I have moved to Fiesole, which is a small border town in the hills of Tuscany, ten minutes away from the Florence city centre. As is common in Italy, most of the street names in Fiesole are the same as in Florence. The evident mistake that was just lying around to happen was of course to insert the wrong city into the contract. I am willing to take some fault for this as I had handed out my address details to the Vodafone agent in the shop with the expectation that it would be processed correctly into what I later came to understand was ‘the Vodafone system’, where seemingly small and insignificant mistakes have bigger and long – sometimes indefinite – consequences. I had confidence that this would go smoothly because just minutes before we had checked if there was Vodafone coverage in that area, plus I expected Vodafone to be very careful with these details. Allas, if only I had checked the contract details just one time, I would now not have been in this insoluble web, where I have to resort to pleading with you, Mr Colao, to see if my problem can be solved. However, I have visited the shop three times and called Vodafone a dozen of times and the problem is seemingly unsolvable!
    The Vodafone installer has been at the wrong address in Florence already three times now. The first time was one week after signing the contract, which was fast since the average waiting time for internet to be installed in Italy is two weeks. Each time I have tried to get the address changed to Fiesole in the Vodafone system. Unfortunately, this simple administrative intervention is seemingly impossible. I don’t know the origin for this but it seems to me completely unacceptable and understandable that it is so difficult to fix this.
    I am a student at the European University Institute in Florence and 150 new students – all seeking for internet access – arrive here every year and stay for at least four years. You will recognise that – although modest – this is a market. I have now arrived at a point where I will actively advise new students – and we have well functioning platforms for this – not to take a Vodafone contract if they conclude internet packages. I therefore plead with you to have this problem addressed.

    With hope,

    A disappointed Vodafone customer

  36. I have tried for two days to contact someone at Vodafone Customer Servie……there is no way calls go through!! When asked to enter my mobile number, the recording is stuck on “I didn’t get that”. You need to do something with your system!!
    Please respond to my e-mail so that I can address my problem. It has to do with pay monthly system.

  37. This company is robbing people blind. I just moved back to Hungary, after living away for many years. I purchased prepaid minutes and a SIM card, it is best, as most phone companies are corrupt. VODAFONE takes the flag, as most corrupt, lying and robbing people blind and laugh in your face!

    They do not let you know how many minutes you have, the unused minutes disappear at the end of each month, data is paid for but not most times NOT available… When I called customer service, I was placed on hold for exactly ONE HOUR. They informed me that if I send an SMS to ask for my paid minutes, they automatically deduct the monthly fee (multiple times in a month)!

  38. My wife and I bought SIM cards for our iphones from a Vodaphone outlet at the Stuttgart Germany airport. The “CallYa” service did not work. We visited Vodaphone service centers in Tubigen and Berlin. No one was able to make our phones work. We paid 70 Euros on our credit card. We have placed a stop payment dispute. We are unable to reach Vodaphone to request a refund. Do not use this service.

  39. I am Hungarian UK resident, I went to Italy on Holiday and on June 12th 2015 I purchased on the Vodafone shop in Bari a prepaid Data Sim card for 10 Euros to use internet for the my week holiday.
    On July 12th I checked my credit card statement and saw a pending charge of 15.5 Pounds.
    As I had only used my card at Vodafone Italy in Bari and nowhere else my husband contacted Vodafone Italy via chat and was informed that I had been set up on two year contract and in order to cancel it I should pay 100 Euros.
    I could not have been set up to any type of contract:
    1. I am not Italian or resident in Italy
    2. I have no credit history in Italy
    3. I do not even work
    4. I only paid for the Sim card and 10 Euros credit for Data
    5. I do not even speak Italian
    The operator did not cancel this supposed contract that I have never agreed on and I am not even able to log a complaint in the website as it is not availble.
    As I do not speak Italian I have to google translate every single communication.
    Please help and do not charge me for something I have not purchased or agreed with. I fail to believe that Vodafone would agree with this sort of scam.
    Nora Marques-Leitao

  40. I am very disappointed with vodafone in Turkey. when you dial customer service no:00905425420000 you hear press 9 for English.However you get a stupid girl answering in Turkish. So vodafone Managing Director should delete this option for start. vodafone is an international company and there are many foreign nationals who work in Turkey or are visitors, and they need to contact customer service. The whole website is in bloody Turkish and there are no contact numbers at all. a phone company that doesn’t provide even one contact numbers for customers with queries in not customer service oriented and therefore is a shamble. I have a package for my 11 years old son and now I can’t get explanations for the overcharges which were not stated in the initial contract. vodafone website in turkey doesn’t even show where the head office is located so that I can go in person and speak to whoever is in charge. I have the right to understand the overcharges that I have been paying for the last 3 months (70 TL, 90 TL, 85 TL) CAN YOU OR ANYONE İN THE WORLD OF VODAFONE EXPLAİN THIS TO ME. Awaiting your valuable response as an international company!!!!!!!!!

  41. Vodafone in Turkey sucks! They’re ripping people big time. They are not honest with their customers. they don’t practise what they preach.

  42. Tried to check my bill earlier as I got a letter saying I was in danger of getting my phone disconnected. The person I talked to said that I answered my security questions wrongly and I have to go into a Vodafone shop with ID. I am extremely busy at the moment and don’t want to have to do that. I have checked my balance on line and I know new bill was sent out but I don’t think I owe any money.

    Please get back to me asap

  43. I’m trying to speak to someone with regards to a number of things on my account!! I’ve phoned 3 times and each time been on hold AND before speaking to anyone had the phone put down on me!!! Furious!! Can someone contact me urgently please

  44. hello

    you have the most worst customer service. no exact phone, no reply, no email
    just have a look at your comments!!!!!!!!

  45. Distraught is the only thing that comes to mind. Having problems with my BlackBerry & when prompted to push the button for BlackBerry services they tell me I’m not phoning from one!
    Not happy at all!

  46. i would like to know how to use your service in the USA.?. i want use the phone i brought from Germany in the USA?. Thank you

  47. my experience with customer service team is very bad(s***),i set up direct debit 3 time over last 3 month they still not taking the money and they charge you the late payment ,the phone is for my daughter (12y old).try to call explain noone listen ,i even tried to pay by phone ,they said no .
    they take the restriction off for couple days back as normal .
    called my bank ,direct debit nothing wrong with my account, vodafone not taking the mone ….why is the 3/12/15 direct debit set for this date of the month.
    i realy had enough of waiting and stress and putting me on hold all the time

  48. customer service when they say to do something they don’t do it and sometime they cut you off.
    05:42 in the morning and i have to do this.
    i m not happy at all.
    take your money direct debit is been set up for the third time .
    my daughter need the phone to pick her up from school , her time schedule is different every day.
    get this account sorted .

  49. Hello sir I m in cypurs and I have only uk data in my contract so how can I use my mobile net in cypurs so please allow me to use Vodafone app in my wifi , I haven’t any other way

  50. customer care phone number 111 is provided on your website. I tried to call this number. The recording said this number does not exist. i need a proper customer care phone number to inquire about the service and product that you provide. so please forward me the proper customer service number. Thank you

  51. I had the worst customer service experience ever although I be been a customer for more than 16 years
    I also made a complain and was promised to be called within 48 hours and offcourse no one called nor tried solve my problem which is really unacceptable and disappointing

  52. I was calling to vodofon and cancel my rolling contract in June 2016 last payment was paid in -07/2016. I leave UK, and now live in Latvia. I want to ask why you sent me bills? Since 06/2016 I never use this phone number.
    Olga Penkova

  53. hi I have taken the time to contact you via email regarding this issue as I am sick of tired of being messed around by the people over the phone as they have been for well over a year incapable of sorted out a simple problem.
    my name is Oliver Lewis Jones I have had an issue with a contract renewal over 18 months ago and have not been provided with the service I was promised. I had been promised 3 months free internet service yet I got charged for it, I rang up a number of times and the problem wasn’t sorted after several promises, time and time I rang and I kept getting massive bills. I hardly used the data and didn’t go over my minutes and calls and still I was getting billed stupid amounts. I have spoke to many people who have had problems with Vodafone, by this time the situation has became laughable. I gave up in the end and sent my sim card and phone back. Ive rang up to see if the problem has been resolved and guess what? it hasn’t. I know who ever is reading this it isn’t your fault but it has became stupid how this hasn’t been solved. I am moving to Australia in 6 weeks and would like to see it resolved

  54. The incompetence of those employed at Vodaphone in Via Independenza in Bologna, Italy is beyond reason. They are impolite, not customer oriented, they give superficial, partial or no information at all. Very bad image for the company. I will never be your customer again!

  55. -100% SATISFIED
    its like a fraud in india /…..
    they used to deduct money …asap we do recgharge ….if i got a response from vodafone den its fine or els will b deactivating al…..

  56. its like using vodafone n wasting time for us … no time for eating food and u people cut the amount as v recharge…..m using from 7years this sim ,,,,,but from last year i knew all this thing ….today i m fedup,,,,,from 2days jus speaking to ur executive ……

  57. Hi All,

    I would like to leave a feedback. Yesterday I had contacted Vodafone via livechat and I spoke with Sanchit and Aine between 10 to 11 Uk time. They were very helpful and the service was great and resolved. Most of the time when I went to the shop in Bournemouth or Poole, the staff were always pleasant and helped me in the best possible manner. I had a feedback at the end of the chat but unsure it went through. Many thanks, Antoinette

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