Contact Vivint Customer Service

Contact Vivint Customer Service

Contacting Vivint Customer Service Center

Vivint is a home automation, security and solar power company with offices in the United States and Canada. According to the marketing information on the company website, customers can access home security systems and home systems linked to the automation program from the comfort of anywhere with a mobile data connection or Internet connection. Vivint wants to make sure solar energy is affordable by helping customers access home solar panels connected directly to the grid so power is fed back into the grid when less power is used than is produced.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Vivint customer service team is trained to handle calls about all three products and services offered by Vivint. If you have questions about home automation, home security or solar power you can call customer service though no hours are listed with the Contact Us information.

  • Home Automation Billing and Technical Support: 1-800-216-5232
  • Home Automation Sales: 1-855-616-6589
  • Solar Energy Customer Service and Sales: 1-877-404-4129
  • US Corporate: 1-801-377-9111
  • US Corporate Fax: 1-801-377-4116
  • Canada Corporate: 1-403-214-6740
  • Canada Fax: 1-801-377-4116

Mailing Address

We found two mailing addresses for Vivint – US and Canada.

Vivint USAttn: Customer Service4931 N 300 WProvo, UT 84604


Vivint CanadaAttn: Customer Service3030 9th St. SECalgary, AB T2G 3B9

Official Website

The Vivint customer service website can be found at The website is amazingly designed, easy to use and full of fantastic information, including videos, about the product and services offered by Vivint. If you are interested in connecting with Vivint on social media the company actively uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Customer Service Email

There are times when you want to ask a question, but you don’t want to call customer service. You can email questions about Vivint products and services or your personal account to Vivint customer service. Leave out any information that could be used to steal your identity as email addresses are not secure, especially when you are emailing to a direct email address.

Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

When we called the Vivint customer service number we pressed 2 for customer service. There are three options to choose from in the customer service queue, but you can choose to wait and the call will be immediately connected with a customer service agent. We were connected in less than one minute with an agent who helped us find information about solar power on the official Vivint website.

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33 Comments on “Contact Vivint Customer Service
  1. I would like to cancel my security systems. Please do not take out of my account anymore. I have found someone else to get my system though a lot cheaper
    Brenda Whatley

  2. My customer service rating is a minus 10!! I am very dissapointed in how my installation is not going and I do not plan on keeping this service past the contract limits. Customer service representative was uniformed and didn’t seem to care about the fact that my security system installation was not completed. I set up an appointment with a technician, (who has not responded to any phone messages left) for 11:00, not 11 to 2:00. I received no phone call to inform me that they were running late, or would not be there. I leave my home at 3:00 and there is a note on my door telling me that I missed the technician who supposedly sat in my drive or outside my home from 2:11 to 2:45! I was not only at home, my garage door was open and my car was parked in the garage. Tell me why a technician would sit in a driveway or outside of a home and not call the person to say I’m here! The technician did not even ring my doorbell, but I know he saw it when he left the note on my door! I call and make a report and I’m told that there is a 35.00 charge for missing an appointment, but you will waive it … really!! I didn’t miss any appointment, obviously the technician is out of his league when it never occurred to him to call me or, get out of his truck and knock on the door, or ring the doorbell! I am worried that your service will not be much better. I will honor this contract until it’s over but I will not continue to use your service, as you have bad customer service relations and untrust worthy technicians!!. I maybe just one of your customers, but I prefer to deal with companies that care about that one customer! No one offered me any consellation for the fact that I spent a day waiting for your phantom technician who did not even have the courtesy to call, this seemed to be supported by your customer service department, who couldn’t tell me if your policy is to call the customer when arriving late or not coming and then want to assess me with a fee. I will definately not recommend you to anyone, and as I said previously I intend to discontinue my service at the end of my contract and I will discontinue it sooner if I find out that I can then I will go with a more reputable security service. I have another appointment scheduled which now I am told that all of there appointments are in a time range, (convenient cover up) and if this fails, I will discontinue this service for breach of contract!

  3. I had one of your guys come to my door and I threw away his information but I think he said his name was Jeffery. Do you have anyone by that name that was in Wichita KS on 4/25/14

  4. I’m notifying your support center, about these storm warning and
    that the security system has not stop warning us. What us our next
    step? What do we need to do to stop this warning device?

  5. I am happy with Vivint security, EXCEPT for the fob for the medical alert. Those who are older need a fob that can be worn without (a) being afraid the other fob will somehow push the button on the medical fob (this has happened to me and to my husband) (b) it isn’t waterproof and it NEEDS To BE! Every time I call and complain to the person who answers, I am told that
    is being studied and we should have a waterproof medical fob with GPS soon. I have received this numerous times. When are you going to give customers a good fob for medical alert?! No, I will not put the security fob on my key ring, because I don’t always have my keys with me. I hope this email is actually read and doesn’t just float around in “cyberspace.” Thank you for your time, Jerre Knoblock

  6. You did not fulfill your contract with me why do I have to pay you for the contract that I tried to drop with you? I know that you will not answer this email yo0y just want ,money but do not do what you say you will i8n your contracts.

  7. my security system has cause nothing but grief.I want removed.I have made calls nearly every week.Techicians from Vivint have come and fixed it .The police have come regarding false alarms.I pay for a service that is suppose to ease your mind not to get stressed out on it.

  8. Just want to let your company know that I think this stinks. Your system is malfunctioning and you can not get to service it for 2 weeks. It started to malfunction while away whick caused distress wondering why we are getting all these alerts. Then told I have to reset the system which I can’t do while away then when I get back and it can be fixed, Im told it will take 2 weeks to get someone out. Totally wrong. Customer satisfaction is nowhere to be found. Sorry is the best you can do. I would never recommend this company!!!!

  9. Took money out of my bank account that IDid not owe caused over draft on my account hate this system would like to have it taken out brooking most of the time want money put back in my account and your company to pay my over daft to be pay Judy Mcardle

  10. door to door salesmen did NOT respect my no solicitation sign, nor my nonexistent interest in talking to him. Kept asking me question after question, almost as if he was trying to find out what kind of security I had in my house. Because of his disrespect, I will NEVER consider switching to this company.

  11. This is the worst company I ever had to deal with. Liars and rip off. I had nothing but problems since I have had this service. I will make sure I go on every web site to let customers know TO RUN LIKE HELL FROM THIS COMPANY.



  14. Our thermostat randomly decides to increase or decrease the AC or heat settings making it extreme in either direction. I’ve checked the settings and the settings do not reflect what the output on the thermostat is reading. This has happened over multiple times in 1 week. This is wasting my money paying for temperatures we never wanted – so much for helping us save money!!! We’ve also never received the emergency pendent we discussed at the time of installation. We’ve talked to the rep that set up the installation (Austin) and no help and no pendent. The customer service knowledge and helpfulness is lacking as well. The do not seem to care about their customers needs. I will look into cancelling the coverage. It has to be cheaper than dealing with this.

  15. I have been trying to get a bill from your company for months… My 87 year old mother wants to pay her bill but can’t get one. She does not have internet or computer nor does she know how to use one. Charge her postage if you must but send her the bill. I have tried to help her with this problem and your people do not respond through any of the channels available. She has never been late on a bill in her life and if you’d mail the damn bill you’d have bed paid promptly as well. It upsets her and is very poor customer service on your part. Next step will be to take legal action to remove the damn thing if you can’t manage your invoicing. Have never seen anything like this ever. Please respond with a solution and date she can expect her bill.
    Re: Barbara Hiltscher

  16. I have been trying to get a bill from your company for months… My 87 year old mother wa nts to pay her bill but can’t get one. She does not have internet or computer nor does she know how to use one. 619-449-2986. Charge her postage if you must but send her the bill. I have tried to help her with this problem and your people do not respond through any of the channels available. She has never been late on a bill in her life and if you’d mail the damn bill you’d have been paid promptly as well. It upsets her and is very poor customer service on your part. Next step will be to take legal action to remove the damn thing if you can’t manage your invoicing. Have never seen anything like this ever. Please respond with a solution and date she can expect her bill.
    Re: Barbara Hiltscher
    1356 Vulcan Street
    El Cajon, CA. 92021

  17. My home security system went off at 1:35p today. I was not contacted. I went home to check at about 1:55. My home was secure. Please do not dispatch police, as I spoke them before they got to my resident.

    I cannot find a direct number to report this.

    Thank you

  18. to whom it may concern,my name is maryRamos,need some one to disconnect our services,its been about a week that we have been calling so they can come after there equiptment an no one shows up,we are getting tired of all the calls,an no one does nothing.WEare elder people over 70,we live n McFarland,you have all our information.

  19. Been trying to cancel my service. Which is becoming impossible. Sent in a email and never received a conformation.

  20. I’M canceling right now. JULY 17 2016. This is the worst company. ANYONE READING THIS DON’T CHOOSE THEM. YOU WILL BE SOOOOO SORRY!!!!

  21. Vivint terminated me cause they said I gave customer to much equipment if I would been warn about it I would of taken care of that issue in fact they got rid of 150 reps they said my name was on the list I never broke any sales rules at all don’t understand I want to talk to tod Peterson about the sittuation

  22. I just had one of your people ring my doorbell and when I told him that I didn’t want his service, he kept asking me if I knew what your company was. He was trying not to be rude, however he would not take no for an answer.
    Please note that when your sales people ring the doorbell for a cold call and will not take no for an answer- -they are trespassing on private property. If someone is not interested in your product do not hassle them- -this is harassment.
    You might be a good company- -but cold calls are not the best way to get people to purchase your product/service.

  23. Customer Service is the worst!!!! I AM CANCELING SERVICE NOW!!!. The customer service alleged Managers, Gabriel and Taylor were so rude on the phone. I have been from under the contract for 6 months and didn’t know it because I was lied to on last year by someone in customer service as to when my contract term expire. He actually had given me a different date. They are a rip off. After all of that they tell me I have to have a 30 day written notice to cancel. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE

  24. My name is Jonathan Fields I called Vivint Security Company to cancel my service. I was informed that My Account Is Closed but now I needed to get in contact with speak with their Customer Loyalty team. I’ve tried to contact them. Now I keep getting letters stating that we need to pay. I have contacted a Vivint Rep. Numerous time on this matter. I want this to end. My wife and I feel harassed by your Company. We are now looking at other ways to stop the harassing Letters.

  25. Not impressed I lost service since 30 June 2018 couldn’t get an appointment until 12 July. Appointment was between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Technician arrived at 5:45 . Left my home at 9:45 pm. Got the system security back up but I have no cameras and no doorbell….What good is the system if I can’t see what’s going on. Just wonder if I can get a refund since I’ve had no security system or almost two, oh but they did collect their monthly fee.

    • After months and months of trying to get the job completed and numerous visits before I was told that the system was ready to go. IT REMAINS not in service. There a number of phone coversations with accounting (started taking money out of my bank account based they say on estimates which continued until I had to put a stop payment on my bank account. The last thing AFTER they completed completing the system and saying it was ready they reffered me to accounting who was to have them come back and turn the system on. This has not happened and the conversations that I have heard from one of your people is that they are reviewing my accounts AND what you owe me from the funds you took from my account. This make no sense. My address is 2123 Falling creek rd Silver Spring MD 20901. Please have a decision Maker to be in touch with me to get this matter resolved. I have any number of emails from your various departments and was placed on hold for over an hour just yesterday. Without ever be spoken to.

  26. I have had vivint for several years. Customer service is NEVER AVAILABLE. You have to wait for 45 min and who has time, not me. I have been trying to get mailing address since I cannot trust Vivint with my credit card. They took out an enormous amount of money and now I have to mail my payment every month. The battery in my alarm system has been out since December and it is not an easy task to reach since the area is so high and they are not accurate instructions to change a simple battery. When system is working, it is great but when it is not they still expect payment and will not cancel your service. I found out that they put me on this outrageous contract that has some limitations when it comes to cancelling. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECHS ARE NOT TRAINED OR EFFICIENT…. UNPROFESSIONAL WORKERS – THAT IS ONE REASON I HAVE NEVER VISITED FAST FOOD PLACES. THE BATTERY WAS CHANGED IN DECEMBER AND WENT OUR IN THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER. THE TECH SAID THE BATTERY SHOULD LAST A YEAR.

  27. you have a lot of Stones to say you have a Customer Service of any kind
    I have tried my sales Rep George Williams Badge ID 144464.he doesn’t return my calls. I tried your Customer Service,and I was promised in a week at most I would get the help I needed-no call. I tried to call US Corporate one would think there if no where else there would be one person who could help,and no one there. I am beginning to think maybe no one is in the( help the Customer). I am beginning to think this all might just be a SCAM. a CON. there is a different thought they pay people who do not give a Sh-t. It really is a sad sad thing. i have a hole in the side of my house it’s been over 70 days now. So if you try these people you may have even worse times then i am.

  28. I am a customer.
    I can honestly say, you have the worst website and customer service I have encountered. I cannot get help whatsoever.
    The website totally “Sucks”.
    The phone calls ( if I get thru) are constant hangup every time they put you on hold.
    I cannot wait to sell my home and get a solar company that will answer any question. Absolutely the worst, ever!!!!
    I cannot in good conscience recommend your company.
    Now you are into home alarm business, good news for the crooks.

  29. The worst Customer service I have encountered.
    Go elsewhere, you will never get help.
    Also, the savings are not what they promise.

  30. I tried to email to cancel service, btw, email given from a Vivint rep. No such email address. They took my money to close the account but are still charging me monthly. This company is acting in a fraudulent manner and should be shut down. 3 months after they took my money to close the contract, I’m still being charged! Today I phoned and yelled at a manager (Which they initially didn’t want me to talk to. ) I told them I would sue for fraud, and scamming people into paying more.

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