Contact Vitalchek Customer Service

Contact Vitalchek Customer Service

Contacting Vitalchek Customer Service Center

Vitalchek is a company that works to provide customers with certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records and divorce records. You can research and place your order online. According to Vitalchek, some government agencies suggest customers order documents from Vitalchek, but others offer direct document ordering. Vitalchek charges a fee for their services, in addition to the fee a government entity may charge. Vitalchek is not a government agency.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no Vitalchek customer service phone number, but we did find a number for the corporate office on another website. We checked out the phone number and managed to connect with a Vitalchek customer service agent.

  • Customer Service: 1-615-372-6800

Mailing Address

Send your letter to Vitalchek customer service at:

Vitalchek Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 1703 Brentwood, TN 37024

You can address most customer service issues by mail, but you need to remember to include contact information if you need the company to contact you back about the topic of your letter. There is no mention on the official website that customer service responds to standard letters.

Official Website

You can order your documents from Vitalchek on the official website at If you need to learn more about how the company works, check out the What We Do page at

Social Media

There are two social media pages for Vitalchek. Both are available to contact Vitalchek customer service, but remember to log in to your account on the website before attempting to send your message. If you have an issue with payment or billing, contact Vitalchek by phone or email to address those issues. You should never send specific financial information via social media, email or contact form, however.

Customer Service Email

We did not find a contact form or a Vitalchek customer service email address, but we did manage to find a contact form on the support page. You can use the contact form to submit a new question, but your answer will appear on the support page, not as an email conversation.

Our Experience

When we gave Vitalchek customer service a call we didn’t expect much as the phone number is not listed on the official website. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find few options and the ability to press 0 to connect directly with a customer service representative. The call lasted no more than 25 seconds before we reached a representative.

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39 Comments on “Contact Vitalchek Customer Service
  1. I need help. I have an order that was delivered via UPS 3 times, I was not home, due to my work hours. The order has been returned to Vitalchek. I’ve already been charged for the order and I need it by Thursday 16 Jan. Please resend the order and do not require a signature as I am not home during business hours.

    Thank You

  2. This company is one big ripoff. I submitted for a birth certificate. it said to go to a web page to do states application and the page was down. There is no response to emails. I will have to mail to state hopefully they will honor the order.

  3. when I was putting birthday in for verification purpose my computer jumped and the year was wrong.Instead of 1977 the year should have been 1981.

  4. I applied for a copy of my birth certificate through your website in full confidence that you were the agency and best way for me to due that. you post that it takes 30-35 days to complete.I’m trying to apply for a passport and have waited 50 days as of today and have not received a certificate or notification that it has been mailed to me. Please do a follow up and let know what is going on. You banked my money two days after I applied. I’m not interested in hearing it is the government’s fault. you advertise results and I’d like to see some. Thank you for your attention to this problem. DLM

  5. quisiera saber sobre una orden de un certificado de defuncion de mi padre que solicite, o me pueden ayudar con un correo o un mumero de telefono les agradeceria mucho.

  6. I would like to express my thanks for your service. It took less than 20 days, regular mail, to get my document I requested from American Samoa. Great service!
    The only thing I recommend is to make sure the size of the return envelope is properly fit for the document(BC). I received my document folded in a regular size envelope. I believe your company has nothing to do with this. Maybe you could relay a message to the office in American Samoa. Thank You.

  7. I ordered 2 birth certificates for my son and paid a very hefty price of $19.50 for shipping that also said I would have to sign for this. My dogs chewed this to shreds. I have never paid this much for shipping, but wanted to be sure my sons birth certificates were safe so I paid it only to come home and have to pick up the shreds out of my yard. This is very poor service and to pay a total of $47 for 2 birth certificate’s to come home to have to pick out of the yard????!!

    • Pretty sure that was the fault of the delivery carrier not Vital Check. I’ve never had an issue and have used this service multiple times. I’ve always received fast, accurate and safe service.

  8. I am livid. I ordered expedited shipping and vital check stated that I “may” be required to sign for my delivery. I’m not home to recieve and sign. UPS wont deliver to a neighbor or accept a sig on the “first attempt tracking notice” I’m receiving the delivery for my mother. I just moved so my drivers license and passport do not have the delivery address on them. UPS refuses to give me the delivery as per instructions by VitalChek. So, in other words, No ONE can receive this delivery before they send it back to VitalChek. So my mother is not going to get the birth certificates and we are not going to get her passport and she is not going to be able to go on our trip to South Korea all because VitalChek did not clearly communicate the delivery process. Had I known that I had to be here to sign, I would have saveD the money spent on UPS and had the doc delivered by USPS and not had my trip completely ruined.

  9. the name on the birth certificate should be: thomas slavcho pauley, not thomas clavcho pauley. thanks, thomas thomas c pauley

  10. I was not home to receive my delivery due to my work schedule and UPS will not leave it unless someone signs. They are sending back my documents back to VitaChek. I would like to have these sent to my work address (which I was trying to avoid doing since it is not work related). How do I go about having these resent to me?

  11. I am so disappointed and extremely angry!!!! I placed an order for my birth certificate Monday, 12/7 and received it Saturday, 12/12. Time wise, great! Unfortunately, it is of no use to me. My mother’s maiden name is incorrect. It should be HARRELL.

    The certificate received shows HARRISON.

  12. Order # 53995028 was ordered on Jan.9,2016 was charged $18.00 shipping plus other fees totaling $48.00. Today is Jan.30,2016 and I still have not received my Birth Certificate. What is the problem here?

  13. Hi Customer Service,
    I originally ordered a birth certificate back in 2006 and in order to apply for a passport I am being told to send for another because my parents signature is not on it!! Not happy, but whatever! Please expedite as soon as possible. Much Appeciated, New Order#57458114
    Mark DeAngelis

  14. I paid $48.00 and received the wrong Birth Certificate. Order # 20160418652 My mothers name was Anne Veronica Atkielski (married name Sklarek) I received a birth certificate for Annie Akielski – no T in the name. I am going to Poland in 2 weeks and wanted her mothers name. The name of this woman was Romsky – I know that isn’t correct. Her birthday was June 15 and I think in 1912. Can you please get me the correct one soon so I have it before I leave? Thank you Dolores Gearhart

  15. I placed an order for a death certificate, expecting it to list the cause of death. They sent a “death verification” instead I received a “Death Verification”, which I didn’t see as an option on the order form! I contacted them and they said I requested the wrong document. Where is there an option? If it depends on the reason for seeking the certificate, then they need to make that clear! I paid $30 and received a useless document! This was a biological father to my husband, who he seen once since his parents divorced when he was 4 years old, now 54. We justed wanted to know if he was still living and if he did in fact pass on, it would be nice to know the cause of death, in case it was something that is hereditary.

  16. I needed a copy of a birth certificate and was redirected to VitalChek. I placed an order 1/14/17. Received a confirmation email that my identity document was uploaded and that VitalCheck would email me if more was required. Kept checking the site, which for nine days showed the request pending. Finally called tonight 1/23/17. Needed to try four times before getting a rep. Wait time was 45 minutes – 90 minutes per call. Why four times? I was disconnected three times. The rep tells me my order can’t be processed. Never received an email to that effect. She says one was sent on 1/21. NOT. This is not a “service.”

  17. WOW! I sent off for my daughters Birth abroad certificate and after calling was notified that I wont receive it for 8-10 weeks. I expressed that I will need it for her to start school and that the site indicated that I would be charged for overnight delivery. She then informed me that I would be charged that amount after the 10 weeks. What kind of processing takes 10 weeks and why aren’t we as consumers informed of that. I am so disappointed in this service.

  18. I order a pa. Long form birth certificate on June 19 2017 I paid the ups air shipping thinking I would received it within 25 to 35 days it is now Aug 29 still haven’t received it. I have received a email after ordering a confirmation number and a pin to check on status. after 45 days you no longer have access to your status of your order.Not happy with this company Can you contact me

  19. Terrible experience. Birth certificate ordered 8/3/17 as of 9/5/17 did not receive certificate as promised (5-7) business days. and paid for. On 9/6/17 personally went to the Dept of Health in NYC traveled 3 hrs in the car and paid $60.00 for parking and picked up certificate in person. Was told the Dept of Health was busy.
    If you cannot deliver what you promise, then you need to inform your customer and maybe not offer such a service. After numerous phone calls no one could give me an answer. Very poor customer service

  20. Person who assisted me “Leslie” was horrible. She was rude and condescending and would make me repeat myself over and over. This will be the last time I connect with VitalChek… I understand validity/fidelity, however you can achieve this AND BE NICE. Train your staff!

  21. I paid in advance for this service and UPS did not leave it.

    Nothing was stated about signatures being needed. How do I reach a caring person and get information resent to my work address.
    Is this just a rip off company taking advantage of customers and get double payment.
    I am contacting BBB, etc, they want a comment but it is not accepted box is grayed out.

  22. VitalChek is the WORST service I have ever used! They lie,(I have proof!), they do NOT perform the services they offer, and I now have a corporate lawyer looking at the case! They promised that the certificate would be delivered overnight after the processing time! I even received a UPS notice that it would be delivered on the next day, dated! I paid extra money for this. They, VitalChek SENT me an email stating that the document had been processed AND SHIPPED! UPS sent me a message the day AFTER it was supposed to arrive, stating that “my ordere could NOT be delivered as ordered. I contacted Corporate offices of VitalChek as to if they could see the email stating that it had been shipped. The rep said that yes she could. I asked then why did it NOT ship. She told me that the company sends that out to the customer when they notify UPS to create a label, even though it hasn’t been shipped yet! I said that the company sends out lies to their customers? and she repeated the same thing she told me before! UPS sent me a notice on the day I was supposed to get my certificate, stating that they couldn’t deliver my package as promised. I AM FURIOUS THAT VITALCHEK USED ILLEGAL practices and continue to get away with it! There are over 4,000 complaints on the internet where people have NOT even received their certificates….,EVER!! I am filing a BBB report now, and then on to the Attorney Generals Office. THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!

  23. Ordered Birth Certificate
    Received paperwork, filled it our , had it notorized and FAXed it as asked
    FAXed material was refused saying the seal couldn’t be read.
    Re did paperwork had it Norarized and mailed it USPS.
    Received notice that the material could not be accepted ????
    Was told to redo paperwork ant Scan and e-mail (although we earlier received a mesasge saying we-mailed material was not acceptable)
    Took 20 minutes to locate a phone number. then was on hold for over one hour and still no answer

    • I ordered a marriage license, received order # and pin . Not knowing how to complete started over and finally figured it out, now I have a second #. I have tried several times to speak to someone and can’t get through. I have received my document under order #81583080 pin 522171. The order I didn’t finish is 81582108 pin 742439. I tried to call right away but like I said couldn’t get through so I don’t know why I would have to pay for it. This type of company just wants your money. You should make it easier to speak to someone.

  24. Customer Service number always busy.800.255.2414. Also, 866.550.1846 does not work. You are requesting a copy of my driver’s license, but how can I fax when their is no way to contact anyone at this company. Reference #81069157. Can anyone help. Please contact me at 787.325.1174. No reply on your e-mails do not help. Thank you. David Velazquez

  25. I am trying to apply for a copy of my marriage certificate
    I have an issue with faxing documentation identification and have been trying to contact customer service all day long – All I get is “you’re very busy please try later”
    This is not good customer service

  26. when ordering a birth certificate through I read that a signature would be required on delivery of package. The package came Monday, August 20, 2018 as it suppose to. However, UPS left it and I did not know, and did not find it until next day. That’s not how it suppose to have been done.

  27. It has been a very frustrating expierience with getting documents to you constantly getting emails from vitalchek stating documents not clear enough. The document ID will not show up lighter in black and white due to skin color, so this is a wasted effort…

  28. I have been trying to complete my order for a marriage certificate from Los Angeles, CA. I have tried numerous times to fax….the phone is always busy! I then called VitaChek, scanned my documents and sent them via your website. I repeatedly get an email indicating the Sworn Statement Notory Seal is illegible. I was then told to fax it. Again, I always get a busy signal (I have tried this on automatic redial for days). So, what do you suggest how I send you the above document to complete my order.

    Very Frustrated.

  29. Pls a request a B C on Nov 07, 2018. Not recibes a today Dec 3, 2018. Pls contact me If possible 813 361-8946. Thanks

  30. I just received a copy of my marriage license after I check my dates on my records you sent me one for December 9, 1994, my marriage was May 4, 2004 which you have that date on my receipt yes I was married twice to the same person my order number is 86853138 PLEASE get back to me as soon as you can I am trying to get a passport for a trip Thank You

  31. I don’t know how you charged me through US$ 65 13023194668
    Please cancel all this as it is not required an old man and I believe this is spam

  32. Received an E-Mail saying you could not send my birth certificate until I FAXed
    a copy of my drivers license. I did this on Monday, 3/16, 2020. Yet I received another E-Mail today saying the same thing. Didn’t you receive my FAX ?

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