Contact Vitacost Customer Service

Contact Vitacost Customer Service

Contacting Vitacost Customer Service Center

Vitacost is a huge online store offering spices, vitamins, supplements, foods products, baby products and more. While Vitacost does offer a personally branded line of products they also sell products from other brands. The website is a little confusing as there are so many links, marketing pushes and categories to choose from, but prices appear to be lower than several competitors and the company has been around for nearly 20 years, as of 2013.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Vitacost customer service is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customer service hours may be altered or eliminated on national holidays.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-381-0759

Mailing Address

If you have an issue with a Vitacost product, customer service or order of any kind you can contact Vitacost by mail. Mail contact is slower than any other means of contact and it is not safe to include payment or financial information in your letter. Most customers reserve mailing a letter to a company like Vitacost when there is a compliment or complaint about customer service.

VitacostAttn: Customer Service130 Lexington PkwyLexington, NC 27295

Official Website

The official Vitacost website at is a fantastic source of information, including articles and videos. You will immediately notice the marketing push for new products on the front page. Coupon codes, special offers and new products are prominently displayed to increase sales or ease access to information for consumers. Across the top of the website are categories, including Diet, Food, Pets, Home and Kids. These categories help narrow down the extensive product lines available from Vitacost to make it easier for consumers to find the products they are looking for.

Customer Service Email

A quick and easy way to reach a Vitacost customer service representative is to send the contact form. The form is simple enough asking for a name, email and reason for sending the email. There is also a link to the FAQs page at so customers can find instant answers to the most common questions.

Contact Form:

Our Experience

The Vitacost customer service line opens with a message about long wait times because the company has many happy customers calling at the same time. After the introduction message, which lasted 35 seconds, we pressed 0 to skip the list of options. That just restarted the long message all over again. Instead of pressing 0 you can press 3 to reach a customer service agent. We were then placed on hold for about two minutes before we were connected with an agent.

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71 Comments on “Contact Vitacost Customer Service
  1. almost impossible to contact you about an item that does not match your description. E-mail won’t go through since your site thinks my address is not valid (it is). chat is always offline, phoning gets me a person who wants me to call the manufacturer, and it’s almost impossible to find a mailing address.

  2. Order # 17988563 (order date 09/11/2014) arrived at our home today poorly packed, so that 5 of the 10 packages have a significant amount of the granola pulverized. Until now past orders of this granola have come well packed, with good results. Please ensure that the granola is packed correctly the next time. Thank you! Louis De Sitter

  3. I have been on the phone for past 15 minutes and the recording keep going on, no one answer the phone, I trying to located my package and I am frustrated.

  4. This is my 4th time using vitacost. It has previously come on time, well packed and if I have a question, I got right through on phone. Today…not the case. I ordered over three weeks ago…can’t get through to help on phone…keeps me on hold. It’s mid-day on Friday. I wouldn’t think there should be a problem. WASSUP???

  5. Received my order and need to report that 2 of the coconut waters were damaged and leaked into the plastic bags and thru a small hole into a corner of the box. On the top where the cap and the cardboard meet, there was a tear in one container where the leakage occurred. The other container must have sat for sometime in the leaked liquid because the bottom of that one had water damage and swelling to it. These were both the plain coconut waters. Please credit my account for the 2 boxes at $4.14 total. I’m leaving on vacation (which is why I ordered these 8 bottles) and cannot have replacements delivered during this time. Thank You

  6. When I click on “unsubscribe” in your too-many emails, I’m brought to a page to “sign-in” using my password that I used to get into your site at first visit. That trick should’ve died out 10 years ago.
    I can’t remember the password, and now hate you more intensely with each additional email offer I get. I won’t go to your site, and I won’t buy from you. I hate you. UNSUBSCRIBE ME

  7. Hi !
    I really appreciate your reliable service.
    I ordered 7 bottles of ocugurad plus on 9-14-2015 ( # 19439195).
    one bottle was totally crushed and I don’t what to do.
    Please, let me know what to be.
    Thanks !

  8. Your service has been great with all the orders that I have made. Next day delivery on many of them. My problem today was being charged shipping and handling when I had bought $26.97 worth of Vitacost products. I believe that I should receive $4.99 off of my next order.

    Thank you.

  9. Been a customer for a couple years, called to place a order, 11/5/15, my phone is 760-419-5724, I’ve mostly been happy, but today I’m alnost ready to shop elsewhere. . Tried to order by phone, and 1st two items ,I was told are out of stock, vitacost items, in both watehouses, I ask can you tell me of comp products, and it sounded like rep didn’t want to help look them up or indicated she would have to look through all the items. Isn’t she supposed to do that?? I had several items to order, but said please contact a manager and got nowhere, so I said contact me if you want a order and then was told that she could probably email on one of the items if it gets in!!!
    Items you were out of stock in both warehouses were…coq10, and krill oil. Really???
    Are you still interested in my business. Your sales rep, wasn’t the most helpful and couldn’t tell me when product might be in.

  10. I recently received a sealed box containing order# 030482792. When I opened the box, a small roach crawled out. I am not concerned with any of the products being contaminated, but I thought you might like to know and take some preventive measures. Thanks

  11. I just got home and pulled into my garage and realized I ran over something. I got out and checked and there was my smashed box of vitamins. My husband had been outside cleaning the driveway a few minutes before I got home and left the garage door open for me. The package was placed inside the garage and I did not see it. I checked the smashed box and two bottles were smashed but do not appear to be broken. Hopefully, the vitamins will be ok. This is the first time the delivery has been left inside our garage – they always leave the packages on our front porch. I was shocked and upset about this. Please tell your delivery service to leave packages on our front porch in the future. Thank you.

  12. YOUR Site is SO ‘screwed up’ I don’t even want to order ANYTHING from you anymore, until you FIX it! ūüôĀ

    I have literally wasted hours of my time TRYING to log in, enter user names, and passwords, only to be told they are incorrect, and try again, etc., and yada, yada, yada‚Ķ.. ūüėģ

    Well, to HELL with VitaCost and all your damned geeks who seem to keep doing everything they can to keep me OUT of their ‘digital tree fort’, and keep everything to themselves! The data world seems intent on usurping what the rest of the world has always seen as normal, and replacing it with their own ‘geek view’ of ‘normalcy’. ūüôĀ

    I’ll just go back to normal shopping at my neighborhood, retail outlet stores.

    Perhaps, if, & when VitaCost’s Management gets back to providing REAL ‘Customer Service’, in the old-fashioned sense, instead of letting ‘the tail wag the dog’, as the IT community likes to have it, there is a chance you can capture a piece of this part of the market again.

    Sincerely disgusted, I remain,

    Robert Biccum

    On Nov 27, 2015, at 2:03 AM, wrote:

  13. Hello and Merry Christmas, I called and you are closed. Good for yall. I am very pleased with the service at Vita Cost. I do appreciate the quick delivery of my last order. When I opened the box everything was in great shape but my coffee. I ordered French Roast and two of the k-cups were open and spilled out. I wanted u to know. My order # was 308227319. The box was slightly crushed on one side and the coffee is in a flimsey little box. Well when you get back to work let me hear from you. Happy Blessed New Year.
    Sincerely, Donna

  14. Order # 605226201 shipped on 12-27-15. It is now 1-5-16 and I have not received this package. That’s ten days. Should be here by now.

    Tracker number 74899991067932610430 doesn’t tell me very much. Can you find it.


  16. I just placed an order about 1/2 hour and it was incorrectly precession and went through  as a triple order. Order 905349074.  PLEASE correct so that I get a single order or cancel the whole order  entirely. It is most frustrating and not acceptable  that one cannot reach a representative or engage in a live chat. Please contact me when this is rectified. 
    This is my 4th attempt at trying to reach Vitacost. My other emails were returned as not delivered.
    This is most disconcerting and makes ordering from Vitacost more trouble tham

    I am a long time customer of Vitacost but ordering is often cumbersome and I have to call.  Unfortunately,  customer service was not available. 

    Again, please contact me when this is RECTIFIED

    Please contact me ASAP.
    Cecile Yager 

  17. I just placed an order about 1/2 hour and it was incorrectly precession and went through  as a triple order. Order 905349074.  PLEASE correct so that I get a single order or cancel the whole order  entirely. It is most frustrating a d not acceptable  that one cannot reach a representative or engage in a live chat. Please contact me when this is rectified. 

    I am a long time customer of Vitacost but ordering is often cumbersome and I have to call.  Unfortunately,  customer service was not available.. I will rethink ordering from Vitacost if this is not resolved satisfactorily.

    Again, please contact me when this is rectified ASAP.

    Cecile Yager 

  18. I’ve placed several orders before and have been very pleased! On my last huge order I realized I was missing a product and waited for weeks hoping I had just misplaced it when unpacking since it was more expensive. Gave up looking today and found customer service number. Rep was great and will send replacement. Have been holding onto another order for a month, and will be ordering again! Thanks!

  19. I placed a order and received a partial order, just open box and my tea tree antiseptic was missing. I am a long time customer and never had this problem before. Could you please response asap, thank you

  20. I received My order NO#20225716 Liver-rite Liveraid. I wanted The Liver-rite With Thisle-milk,I ordered incorrectly. How Do I get A Rtn Authorazation so I might exchange for The Correct Item ?


  22. The week of April 8, 2016, I was told that there was a shipment of 1200 quantities of VITACOST TAG NUTRA-GRAVY in route to your facilities, which should arrive by April 13. As of this date [April 15] this item is still indicated as “Not in Stock”. What is the fact?

  23. We’ve tried to e-mail this to “customer service” but ended up in a dead loop. So here it is for all the world to see. We’ve been pretty good customers for over a year now – til today. Today we realized that spending 30+% more for organic food doesn’t make sense when all the vitamins we take are stuffed full of magnesium stearate and dioxide, soybean oil (probably GMO) and a handful of other junk that’s only there to make manufacturing easier and cheaper. So we’re trying to reach someone at VitaCost to arrange to send all this crap back. We are no longer going to fill ourselves with these additives. We will be saying goodbye to some old-friend-brands, too, but we’re not about to undo everything we do with our food, by filling up with even more of the same junk we’re trying to avoid. We hate to do this in a forum, but we also hate websites where “contact us” doesn’t mean it. Dunno what it’ll take to get some attention, buit there are other forums. Eventually someone at VitaCost will see it..

  24. I spent HOURS searching for the things I needed.
    I placed them in my cart.
    I added the promo code.
    Everything in my cart disappeared!
    This has happened so many times.
    I simply can’t shop with you anymore.
    It’s not my computer.
    It’s your website.
    So disappointed. And then so angry at the loss of time.

  25. I ordered two bottles of Nature’s Plus Ultra Cranberry and paid the highest price. Since then I have been receiving all these “sales.” I will not order again.

  26. I ordered my Metagenics PhytoMulti on 3/22/16 but did not receive them in a timely manner. In fact I feared it didn’t go through. My coupon good on next order expired 4/30/16. Could you send me one that expires 5/31/16? Thanks.


  27. Ok. This is the second time I typed my comment. The first time it just disappeared when I tried to send it. I ordered my Metagenics PhytoMulti on 3/22/16, but it did not come on a timely basis. In fact, I feared it hadn’t gone through. My coupon expired on 4/30/16. Could you send me a coupon that expires 5/31/16? Thanks.


  28. I’m having a hard time finding the page that mentions refunds etc. I keep getting the same page & no where will it show to click or when I do click, nothing happens..Anyway, I placed an order6/2/16 for 2 Designer Whey Natural Protein..2 Gourmet Choclates & 4 bottles of the liquid protein..I received the liquid & one gourmet choclate, & the other was french vanilla..Wondering if they ran out of the other choc???? order #308811123, I actually fill that it isn’t worth it to send it back..I will keep it, but wish the order would be checked well before sent..I do love your service & products.
    Thank you

    • This is Bonnie again. I called customer service to just let them know that the mix up with the choc & the van, was ok, but just wanted them to know. I wish I could remember the name of the young lady that helped me. I called Mon, 8:30 their time..N. Carolina. She was extremely polite, helpful & couldn’t be more pleasant & helpful. She right away took care to send me the choc powder that didn’t come with the order…What a great company to be so great to their customers. More should be like Vital Cost. Kudo’s to the company & the young lady that has been out of school 4 yrs. May her dreams come true..

  29. I didn’t get the discount on my order….this has happened before! As I didn’t print the code vitamin…if the order hasn’t been sent out I want to cancel….

  30. You cheated me out of part of my order
    Order # 22271552
    I ordered 6 nettles tea and 6 organic ginger teas
    There was only 5 organic ginger teas
    One was missing

  31. I placed an order this morning, was wondering why I haven’t received a confirmation.
    Would appreciate a response. Total of order was $115.76 sept 09 2017
    Thank you, susie

  32. Just received my order. Delivery time was great but packaging not so. I had eleven dented cans out of 36. Was surprised they did not come as factory package in sets of twelve. Bottom of one box was no longer sealed. Might have been the shipper but all things were accounted for. Also bought marshmellow and they were totally squashed by the cans.

  33. Placed order on 11/26/2017 at 2135. All pertinent information was submitted, cart cleared, screen blanked and no Confirmation Email sent. Please confirm you have received the order and send a confirmation to email on file. Thank you.

  34. i have been buying from Vitacost for years now. At first , it was just to get hard to find products on account of my many food allergies . Now I shop much broader because you carry many more items . Plus, your shipping has become quicker and you pack better and better . I appreciate the promo codes you offer in that my tight budget limits volume buying , but I can still get the essentials . Thanks . Bonnie Twiss in Michigan

  35. i placed order #22764808. Total price was $64.14.
    When I placed the order I use Promo Code FSBWV6VJ for 15% off on the entire order. This Promo Discount was not applied to the price Charged. I just called
    you customer service. no one answers the phone. Please credit my account

  36. Can’t get any info on returning a product (#607858605)
    Do not want this in powder form.
    Phone line has too long a wait.
    All other methods of communication do not work for me.

  37. Hello my name is Ophelia aldran boateng,I ordered a product from your company yesterday but didn’t receive order number from you hope to hear from you soon .thanks

  38. Please sell Whole wheat Panko crumbs. A few years ago your company did sell whole wheat, I cannot find them now. Grocery stores in my area do not sell whole wheat panko and I am having problems finding them online.

  39. Gentlemen,

    It’s difficult to get in contact with your customer survice as none of your forms will be sent due to the fact they are for U.S. people only. I had no order number yet and my German telefon number could not be read by your system.
    My problem: I could not delete your local tax. You export my order to Germany and you cannot ask for tax in Germany. We do not have any local tax, only governmement duties which one has to pay in Germany only.
    Further point: Two days later I received an e-mail with a code for minus 10% deduction for taking my forgotten basket. I found my basket but the code was rejected and the approx. 20% local tax was still asked for.
    Since my wife died I oder from Germany only. If you have a specialm form under my name pls. correct it. I do not have to pay this local tax and it was not asked for it in the past. You are the only company doing so!!!

  40. Gentlemen,

    You see, that’s the problem with your forms! It’s ALL incomplete!

    One cannot see if the comment was sent. A plain square does not say anything!

  41. There isn’t any services online, chat or phone being answered on Sunday like stated until 6pm. Nada. Take it off your site its misleading.

  42. I have been a good customer of, and had trouble placing an order with a 20% code, and needed assistance. The rep asked me where I got the code, and I told her it was emailed to me. We got it to take the discount, then I was told to place order, which I did. I still had iterms to order, so when I went to use the code again, it told me I already used the code. Nowhere did I see where it said it’s a one-time code. It gives a date until 9/2/18 9am. When I called and talked with a customer service rep, I was told I could place the order but woud not get a discount. Both my orders are over $100.00, and he refused to help me. I am surprised that Vitacost,com would not help a good customer. I am very disappointed in this billion-dollar company.

  43. I waited about 20 minutes on the phone to place an order. This amount of time is unacceptable so I hung up and did not place my order tonight. What is going on? I have placed previous orders with no wait at all!!

  44. People complain over things that are their own fault. I’ve had no trouble with Vitacost. Been a customer for years. Rarely,someting gets damaged in shipment. I take a photo and send an email. They cheerfully replace. Had to call about a more complicated matter and a friendly rep explained my mistaken calculations. Very pleasant experience but then, I don’t rant and rave.

  45. I had ordered 2 packages of Pascha Organic Chocolate Baking Chips. When they were delivered, both packages were completely melted. I called to request a replacement & was hassled at the beginning…But after some more conversation, the representative contacted her supervisor & they agree to send 2 more at no cost. I received them & they are perfect! Thank you very much! I love Vitacost!!!!!

  46. I received an email from you that my password has been reset recently. I can assure you I did not do that. I suggest you close or suspend my account for security reasons.

  47. To Vitacost: Thank you again and again for your TIMELY deliveries! I received my order again today in approximately 2 days from time of the order being made. This is just amazing – and for me, MUCH appreciated!
    This is why I will continue to order from Vitacost!

    P.S. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of a 10% or 20% discount on the items that I order, once in a while. The offers that I receive only come on items that I am not interested in ordering, and don’t need.

    Thanks again!
    Joyce Ruparcic

  48. Have been ordering Almased from Vitacost for years with quick and reliable service and non-problematic packing/ delivery. Just received my timely order of 5 containers of Almasd. It was not packaged properly (unusual) and the contents of 2 containers was in the box and a 3rd container was opened but not spilled although it had been remolded. I have requested 2 replacements. My request was approved. Much appreciated. I shall continue to order my Almased from Vitacost.

  49. I have been trying for over 3 hours to place an online order and your PROCEED TO CHECKOUT will not open … so now there is my order sitting in the CART and I can’t buy it … and by the way your 15% off coupon says it expires at 7:00am, 10-03-18, although your hours are 8:00am ET … so I can’t even place this order with a human? Go figure!
    Claudia Davis It is now , 10-03-18 @ 1:53am

  50. I just received my order..#908886765…I’d like to return the face mask ETR 4332057 as it lightens your skin.I definately don’t want that!!

  51. I recently placed an order P04235423 and there was a $.43 cents tax added to my bill. I didn’t understand why there was a tax on an all food order and your rep was not quite sure what it was for, it just tallied up on the bill. I have been purchasing
    from you for several years and this is the first time I have encountered a tax on a bill. I decided to place the order and question you later to find out why.
    Could you explain it to me. Thank you.
    Ann Napolitano

  52. Have tried for 45min on phone and e-mail which failed to send message Tried this afternoon for customer service and still waiting on order or for someone to respond

  53. I believe today is the last day of the 15% off sale and I would really like to place an order. I have called you twice and waited on “hold” for a long time. No one ever picks up the phone — the recording goes round and round.
    I would hope you will honor the sale prices when I call you back, because right now I must hang up the phone.
    thank you,
    connie larue

  54. need to return a item that i did not order i order one and got two of them need to return it so I can get credit back to my account please let me what to do for return asap thank you.

  55. Just made order online, FORGOT to put in discount code, SalevitsS20. Your customer service phone is closed to due to bad weather.

  56. I was sent a promo special and it contained 2 promo codes. It was very confusing and I used the wrong promo code. I didn’t get my 20% discount. Could not get anyone on the phone to cancel my order or have Vitacost to reflect the correct promo code.

  57. I have waited over the course of two day over an hour to reach you-very poor repeating recorded voice. I never had this problem. Wanted to make use of the two sales ongoing yesterday and today. Now what. I used to order from you. Now/… were you bought out? You are only as good as your products and customer service. So if I do not hear a quick way to TALK WITH YOU….

  58. How in the world can I contact these people?!!!! No one answers the phone!!!!!

    They took my money and I need my order!!!!!!

  59. Serious failures in Customer service, I started before 4pm Saturday afternoon, both phone and chat are down.

    I am very upset with 3 things:

    #1 the jars of Tahaini only about 1/2 had the jar lids on secure, this appear to be a factory problem as the seals are on yet the lids leak.
    #2 The count was off by 2 jars, this time, 15 instead of 17. Not the first time it seems to be about a 50% failure rate of Vitacost packages to have the correct # of items.
    #3 You make it difficult to reach customer support, it is not available as it is posted.

  60. FYI
    Ontrac is not a good carrier, it appears they have lost the second box of my order, just as they have lost 2 Home Depot order in the last 3 weeks.

    I strongly suggest you get another carrier as they obviously are seriously incapable of providing reliable delivery services.

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