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Vistaprint is printing and promotional website specializing in affordable products. Started in France prior to the dot com crash of the early 21st century, the company filled a void in the printing industry. After the crash, the business went through a transition period and subsequently rose from the dead. The company now has more than 25 local sites servicing international customers. With such a global reach, customer service is at the forefront of every business decision. When contacting customer service, customers can either call, mail or visit the official website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed on the customer service page. Customers have the ability to contact customer service either by phone, mail or email messages. Customers can call the Vistaprint customer service phone number Monday through Friday 8am to midnight. In the event a question is not resolved, a customer service representative will return a call within 24 hours with the appropriate response.

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-614-8002.

Customer service recommends providing your account number when calling customer service. Doing so expedites the customer call.

Mailing Address

Vistaprint has several locations around the world where customers can contact customer service. The locations include:

Vistaprint Corporate Headquarters
Hudsonweg 8 5928 LW Venlo


95 Hayden Ave.
Lexington, MA 02421

Official Website

The official Vistaprint customer service website is Upon visiting the website, customers can check orders, print invoices, cancel orders, change account information and sign into an account. Customers do not have to have a valid account to access the information on the website.

Customer Service Email

Customers can reach a customer service representative by emailing the company at The anticipated response time after sending email communication is 24 hours. The only required information needed is the subject, the issue/concern, the customer first and last name, email address and any applicable comments. In the event customers do not want to send duplicate messages, customers can visit the recent communications here by signing into their respective account.

Our Experience

The customer service number listed is an automated system. After selecting 1 for an English menu, we followed the prompts accordingly. After following the prompts for approximately 5 minutes, we finally spoke to a representative. We asked general questions regarding the ordering process and the anticipated time it takes for orders to arrive. The customer service representative was helpful, knowledgeable and answered our questions without hesitation.

When ordering from Vistaprint, what was your experience? We want to hear your stories, both positive and negative. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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33 Comments on “Contact Vistaprint Customer Service
  1. Following placement of my order (Order No: QJ3LO-P1A53-7N9 dated 15/08/2012), I then received confirmation that my order had been printed and despatched 17/08/2012 with an anticipated delivery of 05/09/2012.
    Although I requested a slow delivery, as someone responsible for procurement of millions of pounds worth of instrumentation to the nuclear industry from worldwide manufacturers, I find it puzzling that it takes currently over 23 days to deliver a small package via the post (still not received).
    Although you quote Shipment ID (143190528) and carrier (Postal service) you omit to give details of courier, therefore unable to track.
    Conclusion: From receipt of order, which is completed within 2days, it then takes a minimum 23 days to deliver.

  2. Even when you ask for a slow delivery, you complain because the request was honored? Sounds like a disgruntled ((Bleep)) to me. I say..WaWawomm…ask and you shall receive.

  3. I am trying to order some custom T-shirts that I already designed on your website. Now I hear you are running a sale for $6 each. I need these for my students. I tried looking for your phone number and can’t find it. Can someone call me at: (303) 876-7136????

  4. I was going to try you out. Seems a lot of people are not happy with your service. I had a card made but it was going on twenty minutes and my card was still loading. I gave up. I run a business and I know how important it is to have happy costumers. Seem like you have a lot of unhappy costumers.

  5. Ordered several items, received promotional offer for free shipping, no where could we find where to place the code in order to take advantage. Tried calling the company which stated it was closed to weather conditions…not…and no where on the site does it give you any email information to contact them. Totally disappointed will not use them again.

  6. On Nov the 28th I placed and order for lables and have not recieved a response or e-mail to indicate this order
    has been place . Could someone check into that order someone in your costomer service assisted me with the order placement so that I can keep track of this order and have payment posted could I please have that sent to my e-mail address.

  7. Apalling service. Paid for a 14 day delivery. Items didnt arrive on final day so called Vistaprint. Was told I was GUARANTEED it would arrive by the end of the day. needless to say it didnt arrive. Have spent literally HOURS on phone to Vistaprint who offered to reprint the info and re send – so its obvious that, despite their protests to the contrary, my order was never sent in the first place. Never ever will I use them again

  8. i did have a coupon for shipping for over $50 but in last minute u guys pop op bonus discount whatever.and i did put my information for pay…..and finally i just have discount for 38%??????? and no free shipping too? i ordered 500 gift card…..

  9. I ordered some personal bussiness cards and was extremely disappointed .The cards were cut very uneven they looked as if a child had cut them, they were very unprofessional looking. I am trying to contact them to have them remade.

  10. I placed my first order for cards about six months ago and was very pleased when I received them. The people to whom I gave my business card were very impressed with the design and quality. I have just finished reordering more cards.
    Thanks for your service and very reasonable prices.

  11. I’m trying to place an order with you. when i order my cards it stated buy 250 get 250 free.also get a free card holder case to. but at the end of my order when i check out.They’re charging me more money. why? the price is $10 plus free shipping.But things changed as i place my order/

  12. You sure make if difficult to do business with you!
    responded in June to you ad order 250 business cards and get 250 free with free shipping. Designed card and
    tried to place order. Had to enter payment info 3 times..
    would just keep asking for payment info over and over.
    Gave up..tried again on july 2nd. designed card..order
    250 get 250 free. when order placed, it took payment info and said order confirmed..then rcvd e-mail stating
    needed payment info. Went to web page where it said “update payment information here”..nothing but trying to sell more stuff…Finaly,desparate to just be
    done with the whole mess..i ordered 500 cards..cardstock “included” and free shipping.took payment information but invoice showed 250 cards,$6.93 mention of free 250 or free shipping. Will not order again.

  13. Made two separate orders for printed mugs, delivery guaranteed in two working days. First delivered in two days. Second delivered in five working days on Christmas Eve. Vistaprint apologised citing a problem in the factory during their very busy immediate run-up to Christmas. Their very helpful customer service kept me fully informed on progress and, unprompted by me, issued a refund for the Express Delivery charge.
    Clearly problems can occur at exceptionally busy times and under the circumstances I couldn’t have asked for more. Full marks to Vistaprint.


    REMOVE ME FROM YOUR ADDS & MAIL…………………………………………………………………………………………………

  15. I want to begin by telling you that I had messed up both the mailing address and the return address on the postcard I ordered. It could have turned into a real problem. But, it didn’t, thanks to the great reps I was lucky enough to get to help. I have never before experienced the truly super customer service I got from each and every customer service person I got getting this mess straightened out. And, with some really great considerations, as well. Thank you all at Vistaprint! Really!

  16. Hello my name is Brenda Rincon and I am administering an account and I am having trouble login in to my bosses’ account can you help me I will be available by email. I would like to know if we could start a new account or if the original one can be restore. than you!

  17. I am trying to contact customer service thru email since I work odd hours plus I can better show you what I am trying to do instead of talking about it over a phone. so can somebody email me that I can discuss what I an trying to do. thank you

  18. Hello ! I ordered and received our wedding invite and I have a error on them. I guess myself and Vista print didn’t notice.. I’m kind of upset about it and want to know if there’s anything Vista print can do for me ?? It is just minor.. there is no space between the venue address and street number.

    Thank you !

  19. Thank you to Tasha in Jamaica who guided me through the maze of choices and styles available from VISTA. What a delightful, amiable, well-informed person! I have spent way too much time on this website this morning because I didn’t know my way around. Thanks to Tasha’s patience and help, I’m feeling very happy with my order. Ginny Keysar, Belmont, NH

  20. Thank you to Tasha in Jamaica who guided me through the maze of choices and styles available from VISTA. What a delightful, amiable, well-informed person! I have spent way too much time on this website this morning because I didn’t know my way around. Thanks to Tasha’s patience and help, I’m feeling very happy with my order. Ginny

  21. Please post the comment with just my first name, not the one with my full name and address – didn’t catch that on the first e-mail I sent – thanks.

  22. I have been a customer for 10 years and I think that ended today. After patiently waiting for customer service help for 15 minutes I then had to beg to get some one to track my package. I leave for a huge show in two days no business cards ( business has moved due to divorce) order cards January 7 they are missing…best offer give me 1/2 my money back and send digital file. I have file I created it” when I asked to talk to supervisor manager was told no she didn’t have one….

  23. I wrote a E-Mail to you that I am not satisfied the way my business cards tuned out.
    I never heard anything from you about it.

    Give me a call or E-Mail me!!!
    Rev. Singleton

  24. IT IS A SCAM ?


  25. I ordered cards and some of them were blank
    Called company and they are sending at no charge extra cards
    good company
    Grady Sewell

  26. my husband received 2 t-shirts and asked for 2xl and was very disappointed when he opened the package and lo and behold it was just a large and does not fit so will you please correct his order we cant get out of the house to return this by going to the post office.

  27. Hullo there,
    My banner arrived today, it looks great. But the banner stand did not come yet… I thought they came together …did you forget the banner?

  28. Please email me and let me know where the banner stand is …thanks.
    Angela Richardson vonMizener

  29. I just received 100 postcards. They are appallingly bad. Totally unreadable. I have sent 3 emails which have bounced back to me. I have been a vistaprint customer for at least 10 years. I am extremely unhappy and feel that I should be refunded!

  30. I just received our shipment and a couple of items have a problem. Your phone line is apparently down. I need someone to contact me as this shipment is time sensitive.

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