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Contacting Visa Customer Service Center

Visa is a company that is spread all over the world. Most often, the bank that provides the credit card or debit card with the Visa logo will have specific contact information for that particularly financial institution. If you are interested in contacting Visa directly, the corporate Visa website may be what you are looking for.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

As Visa does not issue cards directly, the corporate contact page asks customers to contact the issuing financial institution if there is a problem with the card or account. That Visa customer service information is located on your monthly billing statement.

USA/Canadian Customer Service: 1-800-VISA-911

Direct US Customer Service Phone Number: 1-303-967-1096

TTY: 1-410-998-8390

Visa also provides a complete list of financial institutions that currently fund Visa credit cards. This page does not offer phone contact numbers for the companies, but it does offer a link to the main page of each financial institution.

Visa Financial Institutions:

Mailing Address

At the bottom of the contact us page on the Visa corporate website, we found a post office box address customers are to use if they need to contact Visa directly. Again, this is the address for corporate, not for the financial institution your Visa card is associated with.

Visa Inc.
PO Box 8999
San Francisco, CA 94128-8999

Official Website

The official website for Visa credit cards is in the United States. There are international websites as well. The corporate website is available at

Customer Service Email

Visa offers a beefy FAQs section for customers who have questions about Visa and Visa accounts. If the question is not answered on that page, Visa suggests sending in email to There is no mention of how long responses will take, but the company warns customers not to include personal or financial information.

We sent Visa an email – let’s see how it takes for Visa to answer our question.

Our Experience

Our call to Visa was quick and to the point. The call was answered by a rich automated series of questions. After pressing 1 for English, we pressed 0 for a customer service representative. We were asked to take a survey after the call and the call was then transferred. There was some scratchy music and a wait. After 2 minutes and 35 seconds, our call was answered by a representative. Several times throughout the call we were told our call would be answered shortly. The customer service representative has a strong accent. When we asked for the phone number for the corporate office, we were told to visit the corporate website.

When Visa takes 3 days to respond to a request, it appears that customer service is not on the top of the list. The email inquiry sent to Visa did not answer or question, it only offered additional contact information, see below:

From: Ask Visa USA
Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:46 AM
Subject: 17 CVG RE: Customer Service Email
To: Richard Banks

Thank you for your message. Please provide information regarding the nature of your inquiry, so that we may refer you to the appropriate area for assistance.

Visa Webmaster

From: Richard Banks
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 4:22 PM
To: Ask Visa USA
Subject: Customer Service Email

I was wondering if there is a direct contact email for Visa customer service or Visa corporate?

Richard B

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122 Comments on “Contact Visa Customer Service
  1. As a card holder, I am not pleased with Visa’s use of Ray Lewis on its NFL promotion. He may not have been convicted, but to many of us he is a murderer, and should not be glorified. His involvement in that case alone should be reason enought not to have him connected to any respectable company.

  2. Hello. Some info was supposed to mailed. To my adress. Whlch is 781Robindrse/Conyers.ga30094. My conact number 7708204997/I applied for theplatium business card. I belive credit card. And appiled for the debit business platium card. I’m assoated with these corprations sprint/citibank/bnymellon/wellfargo/lg eletronics company. And also micsoftsamsung .your a good company. And thank you.

  3. I am fed up with deductions from my prepaid visa card that have not been authorized by me, this is rediculous that some one can keep doing this and nothing can be done to stop it. I am now refusing to give visa any money to have the card cancelled because someone else is charging on it. up yours visa!!!!!!

  4. Hello,

    I would like to know why, you would allow merchants to charge 50 cents on purchases less then $10.00? To me this is like saying they have a right to steal from people when they can’t afford to spend that much or simply don’t need that much. I love on fixed income and sometimes after my bills might end up with less them $20.00 to live on for the month. So if i need a gallon of milk and nothing else for not them why should i lose money because i’m to poor to spend more. You need to realize how this effects people and your allowing the greed of businesses to rip people off. I am disgusted with this and will soom be getting rid of all cards and never use them again for this reason. You should of never given them the right to steal peoples money that way. I guess the big companies are working together to line each others pockets by taking it from those who have very little to nothing as it is. Us disabled have no choice, we can’t work for medical reasons. so our limited disability income is all we have, and they are taking that away little by little and you just helped us lose even more. SHAME ON YOU

  5. Dear Sir
    Please i need your telephone No and email of your head office at Saudi Arbia.
    Ahmed Mahmoud
    Financial Controller

  6. As a loyal card member I am not pleased with visa. I am out of the country and have called the international numbers that are on your website only to have my call ended. My card was cut off because there was a question of fraud. The first day I called about the feud I talked to some one who told connected me to the visa. The next day I called the same number and someone told me they could not connect to visa because they were a third party. No consistency and I am out of the country an can’t get any assistance. I havnt had any problems with my Amex card. Terrible customer service or should I say none at all. When I get back to the states I am going to get rid of this card if I don’t get any assistance tomorrow. I have spent the whole week haggling with this card.

  7. I will not be using my VISA ever again. If I can’t use it to purchase a firearm – it isn’t worth having. Hasn’t anyone at VISA ever read the Constitution ??? 2nd Amendment perhaps ??

  8. reps should speak english hard to understand and little understanding of issues at hand I am a foreigner but do know how to speak english it is a embarishment to have these folks try to represent an American Company

  9. yes i boght a sprint lg phone with ur visa card and from terra com cell phone service and the batery is shot and i was wondering if i had to pay for it or the credit card comp. would make them make it good they will not deal with me it had a 30 day warranty but this thing was messed up wen i got it so if visa could talk to terra com about this i would apperciate it hteyve got a reputation of puting it to people if u could help id aperciate it harold royse

  10. I have a visa debit card through my bank. My question to you folks is:what gives you the right to my $50 every time I put gas in my car. I take care of my elderly Mother and she needed ensure because she isn’t eating very good and just because of the $50 you took out of my account, I couldn’t get my Mother her Ensure. I had to wait 2 days before I could get that for her. I don’t see why you think you can use my money for 2 days like that. It’s not fair for those who live paycheck to paycheck.

  11. To Whom It May Conceern:

    I, Barbara Burrage would like to know if I can receive a cancellation of debt form. I am currently not working, but I still owe an outstanding debt. So, I was wondering if I can get a cancellation of debt form ? You can contact me with your reponse at the above email address.

    Thank you,
    Barbara Burrage

  12. Tried to use a VISA gift card at a hotel..amount saw to be applied to the hotel charge but when the service rep tried to use the amount , the computer rejected the card. Called vise who then transfered me to another company. I was then advised that an additional charge of $37.50 would be applied to the transaction because I was trying to use the card at a hotel..No where NO WHERE does the rules say anything about an additional charge… I have use AMERICAN EXPRESS card many times before and NEVER was charged additional charges.. guess the answer is NOT to buy vise but AMER EX.

  13. okay but your Visa Prepaid Card when typed the number in it says not active and then your customer service 24 hour hotline is a joke no one answers for hours how can be 24 hour helpline if no one answers!-! about the stupid cards paid visas I can send money to someone that really needed it and nothing happens thank you

  14. dear sir my one peopal he is stay in new air port he arraived today morning no body ceam bickkub him so i need your halpe i have visa number if you can give company telliphone number

  15. dear sir i have one visa number if you can give company telliphone number plz bcs my one driver waitting in doha airphort

  16. With problems in Russia I heard Visa is not honoring transactions with Russia. We are going on a cruise to St Petersburg and wonder if we can use our card?

  17. I wanted to tell Visa that I was traveling to Europe and wanted to use my card while there. Trying to find a customer service number to fall was infuriating. Between commercials for other services, menu changes, lack of being able to speak to a rep and dropped calls, I have decided to look for a more customer friendly card. Do this, try to find a number to all and let me know how you found it. The number on the back of my card started a commercial for med alert. When I declined my call was dropped.

  18. I mailed a payment on September 3, which was due on September 7.
    and as of September 8, no payment was received ! how long does mail
    Take to get from Pa. To wherever ? if I am charged a late payment
    Fee I will part company with Visa.

    Gary P. Hanlon Whitehall Pa.


  20. Yesterday, VISA notified me of an unauthroized charge to my card. Surprisingly, the charge was on a virtual number (I use Shop Safe) and for the full amount on this one-use/one-vendor number, $241. Concurrently, the legitimate online vendor charged me the amount of my purchase, $240.39. When I checked my account, both charges showed.

    I told the Fraud Dept at VISA that one charge was legitimate and one was not. The agent said he would reverse the fraudulent charge, that it was not necessary to cancel my account since I had used a generated ShopSafe number, and asked me to hold. After 12-minutes I was disconnected, and he did not call me back. I checked my account later and found that it had been canceled by VISA, and a new card sent put into the mail. I made two subsequent calls to VISA, one which got a totally unknowledgeable agent, and finally learned that it was impossible to reverse the cancellation (I am going on the road today and need my card), and that they had no explanation of how that one-use number was used twice. The whole point of SafeShop is that I can limit the amount, the number of “dips” into my account, and restrict it to one vendor. The fraudulent charge was made by a non-existent entity.
    It seems to me that either Effiliate (who fulfilled the legitimate order), or the FIA Card Services/VISA systems have been hacked. VISA will not admit to this fact. I’ve also notified the legitimate vendor, who said they are not aware of any problem — a typical response.

  21. I called to ask a question regarding using my debit/credit visa bank card to purchase a Visa Gift card. I have done this many times in the past without a problem. This time I was told by a Walmart cashier that I had to use my card as a debit only in order to make this purchase. Whether I choose to “debit” and enter my PIN number (for easy theft) or to use it as a “credit” without entering a pin has never presented a problem. However, your representative gave me the stupidest answer I’ve ever heard.

  22. I was very much interested in giving your gift cards as Christmas gifts—-
    UNTIL, I saw your ridiculous fees! 20% on a $25 gift card? As I stated—ridiculous!

  23. How come! It takes ages for VISA CARD to be enabled to purchase online. It is more than a month now without any application to purchase online in Tanzania through CRDB Bank has been successful! What is this?

  24. I used my VISA CC for purchases from USA, the (FIRST DATA) sent to my principal that the amount is blocked for security reason and he was not able to provide to proper documents they requested, so he refund the amount (as he said) to my CC on January o6, 2015 and I’m still waiting to get back, I’m using Barclays CC which is owned now by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and they have no idea about all this refund, I send an official application to them shows the refund transaction from USA but nothing to do, please advise.
    the amount is 13,748.00 USD.
    Thanks and Regards,,

  25. My card was stolen, what should i do….im from Japan..and now im here in Philippines.
    please give an options or an information how to use it without card.

  26. I’ve been workin’ out over 40 years. Good for the mind and body. Unfortunately, societal problems appear in gyms, too. My last gym was Fannett Fitness. I’d been a member for months. I was harassed
    by other members, because I’m different. I’m bipolar. Been there; done that. No big deal. I was late with a payment one month. When I tried to w/o Jacy wouldn’t let me in. I told ‘er my mem-
    bership was over, and I found another gym. They’re still draftin’
    from my account! That’s theft! It also falls under the Americans with Disabilities act as abuse!

  27. What do I do with my card thru my credit Union/ I have been attempting to make a large (to me) perches. But car Dealer ship and,or bank will not honer my card.I have printed and given them my Credit unions most current balance, that by far shows I have the money / I am living in the Philippines. Do you have some sort of rule for this country? I do know I have an ATM limit of $250 ATM withdraw twice each 24hrs. Never tried such a large perches before. Help Paul

  28. I called visa twice today and got the run around. I was even put on hold and put back to my bank !! The first time I called, the visa person I was talking to had such a thick accent I couldn’t understand what she was saying and when I asked for a different person she refused.

    I want information as to what merchant reported to visa that my debit card was compromised. I have a right to know. This is the second time this has happened in less that a year. Why is visa protecting the merchant and not letting the card holders have this information ? Why is the merchant more important than the customer ?

  29. Where can i have a vocal contact (a contact with a person) in the french language.
    The site for updating the Visa card with the new procedure is totally unfriendly.
    I need to get an explanation.

  30. My credit union changed from Visa to MasterCard. I am not happy with MC. Can you suggest a Visa Card plave here in Cheyenne, WY

  31. My daughter was recently scamed in to buying 8 pre paid visa cards. When we called customer service to cancel the cards we were on the line for hours talking to someone in India who could not understand the urgency in cancelling these prepaid cards and refunding the money back. After hours on the phone we were assured that we would be reimbursed for all 8 cards. I asked how can we be sure they were frozen and asked for a confirmation number.I was told to call the number on the back of the card and we could find the status of each card. We did that and each card we called on indicated that it was set up for a refund to be within 2 weeks. We even went to the bank to try run each card through to get the money back and the bank stated all the cards have been frozen and that no funds can be taken from the cards. The next day I received a call stating I would only be reimbursed for 3 cards.I would like to speak to someone from VISA and someone from the USA. This is unacceptable customer service. I look forward to you response.

  32. FIFA

    I have several Visa cards

    I would like to ask you to stop sponsoring FIFA.
    I in no way want to support this corrupt organization.

  33. no recuerdo la clave de visa home Y tengo que adicional en el exterior. desde el domingo 31.05.15 estoy tratando de comunicarme. Hoy lunes o tuve opcion atencion con (operador), imposible. Las demoras telefónicas son de 20’a mas. Espero respuesta. Tambien hice 5 mensajes, sin novedad.

  34. I just got off of the phone with Alejandro. Poor customer service. when I asked to speak with his supervisor, he refused. I called 4 separate times and got him each and every time. There has to be more than one person working in this call center, and one who can actually answer a question and not give me the same one line “I can’t help you.” I know they don’t monitor the call for training purposes, or they wouldn’t have associates like this. Sorry VISA, not impressed.

  35. Hi, I was get email from GTB Bank in Ghana they told me that I won a Vis Card after my lottery ticket is winning , So please can you confirm that from your side .


  36. I supposed to get Visa credit card approval by you from Bank of India and all payments directly to CAROLYN BALFANY- GROUP HEAD OF U.S., PRODUCT DELIVERY, VISA CARD WORLDWIDE. I already paid all requirements and still waiting for words from them before I can withdrawn from ATM in Thailand. You can contact me throught my email. Appreciation.
    I am waiting for your answer asap!!

  37. I had a very big problem with an internet based company. The company Web Vision Works, made false clams and promises. I was misled by them and never received what they promised to deliver. Discover Card and Master Card helped me to recover my charges. Visa would not or could not help me to recover my charge? My account was with Chase Freedom Visa account for the sum of #3000.00.

  38. I had a very big problem with an internet based company. The company Web Vision Works, made false clams and promises. I was misled by them and never received what they promised to deliver. Discover Card and Master Card helped me to recover my charges. Visa would not or could not help me to recover my charge? My account was with Chase Freedom Visa account for the sum of $3000.00.

  39. I had a very big problem with an internet based company. The company Web Vision Works, made false clams and promises. I was misled by them and never received what they promised to deliver. Discover Card and Master Card helped me to recover my charges. Visa would not or could not help me to recover my charge? My account was with Chase Freedom Visa account for the sum of $3000.00. When i made this charge it was on my BJ’s visa card, now BJ’s changed over to Master Card. The new card company Comenity helped me, with my disputes ? My only thought is that BJ’s knows that Master Card is more willing to help their customers.

  40. I have paid my Airtel bill by visa bill amount is 932 but still my bill haven’t paid or my amount is not return on my account so my experience with visa is not good

  41. Visa debit card is deth trap totake people money without their permission, I feared if care is not taking many would not patronize visa card any more.

  42. my visa debit card issued by round top state bank was used out of town
    without my permission. i had the bank cancel it. i cut it up. i do not quality
    for a credit card. i am not seeking another debit card.

  43. i purchased a new computer and i am not able to enter my account. u gave me a new id code 98698328 but am not able to enter account very frustrated

  44. Why is there an assumption of a tip when I use your TD visa/gift card to pay my bill at a restaurant? On my first attempt to use the card the transaction was limited to cover only a portion of the bill,even though there was more than enough to cover the bill. The second time my bill was $57.00 and the balance on my card was $70.00, this time the entire bill was declined, much to my embarrassment! Needless to say I will not be using Visa again as my credit source. I cannot imagine why you put restrictions on the card when using it in a restaurant.

  45. green dot is a rip off. When I got my personalized card I put in my s.s.# wrong, and they will not let me change it in their system. Now I can not get cash off my card. green dot is fully automated, you can not get a live operator at any of their numbers.

  46. My prepaid Visa card was stolen 2/1/2016. I tried all-day 2/1/2016 to contact customer service at 1-866-952-5653 only to be told, when I finally reached them the morning of 2/2/2016 that they no longer service the card. The card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association. I would appreciate any help.

  47. I was buying my car and making down payment of $10,000 using my visa card but was rejected and allowed only $3,000 because they said VISA card charges them almost like $1,000 for the $10,000 purchase, is this true?

  48. Today, I had wonderful experience with customer service rep, Alvin. He was very pleasant during the processing of my problem.

    Thanks to him again!

  49. I just need to know if you back up MILLIONAIRE GAMING & LOTTO CORP.DRAW held on the 2nd of February 2016? If you do they said that my husband had won US $480,000.00. And you and Master Card,and American Express,back this up. IS THIS TRUE???please reply back. Thank you

  50. Thank you for this great $500 contest for us prepaid users! Wonderful incentive! I love this company, always have. Many thanks! ♥

  51. An advert in the Times yesterday said “win a trip to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with Visa contactless” To enter the choice was face book, twitter or web “”. I put the later in the search facility on any computer and, after reading all the entries on the total of 73 entries listed, I have not found the web site. I would like to enter. How do you suggest I find the web site, please ?

  52. I had a VISA card but was arrested in another country due to something that I found out after the fact, what happened was not intentional. This is the only reason I could not pay my bills. All of my bills to that point were paid on time every month. I realize it went to collections, but I would like to find out from you if there is any way I can straighten this out with your company and get back in your good graces. Please email me any assistance you can. This non payment was not due to me not wanting to pay, it was totally out of my hands.
    Thank You

  53. Card declined by bank of america.
    Got a call from them checking did I approve 3 transactions .. said yes to all.

    Still declined. Used a credit union card. It was declined also. No reason given.
    Could not order a damn thing! This service sucks!

  54. I noticed some unauthorised transations amounting to more than $1400 on my visa credit card 3 months ago..I noticed it through internet banking and submitted a dispute form the very next day to my bank and 3 months later (this week) they told me that my account will be charged for these transactions as it was made using VALID DETAILS!!!! I have to now pay for the transactions that someone else did..My bank is telling me that someone else using my credit card details is ASSUMED to be a case of negligence..Neither have i revealed my card details to anyone nor written it anywhere..This is really unfair as there is nothing I could have done better to avoid these unauthorised transactions..I read from everywhere that the customer cannot be held liable for such transactions unless it is proved that customer acted fraudulenly, is negligent or fail to report transactions..None of this applies to me..but still the bank is going to charge me for it. Is there anything that you can do abt this?

  55. a letter goes around from a beggar from the Phillipines or so, signed with my Name, but was n o t issued by me!!

    Florian Cerny

  56. The last four numbers of a Visa card used to order something under my name are 0694, I did not order anything and I can’t get the info from office depot.. I need to know the bank that issued this card so I can call them. Thank you

  57. I’ll Pay with cash of take my business elsewhere.

    Only idiot debt slaves willingly hand over interest payments to Blood bankers.

  58. Dear sir,
    My name Ogunsanya Samuel Abiodun. I married Rhonda Marie O’Neill Ogunsanya over 2years ago, in good health but for some months she is fighting breast cancer. She has been going through treatment which has been a great challenge to her while working and communication. it has been an emotional struggle for both of us. Since she has filled for a spoual visa for me it has been a long wait. It was filed in December 2016 which has been 7 months period. However, I have taken the time to write this letter on our behalf hoping that this letter would explain my anticipation to come to my wife soon during her health challenges. Thank u and God bless u.

  59. Hello my name is jitendra sonI I live in gujarat india
    Before sometime my mail I’d mail to American embassy and says my us visa stamping date but his said first cash deposit on Rs.82000 in account number.
    Sir this account number is not embassy his personal account number and branch is gorakhpur so sir please guide me what doing me? ??
    Reply and true suggestion me

  60. You are now being boycotted for your sponsorship of the NFL and there kneeling disrespecting America the flag and Americans.

  61. Dear Visa –
    I have been a Visa customer for years and use my Visa card on a regular basis.
    Due to the disrespect some NFL players are expressing by refusing to honor our flag & country (my father served in WWll and my brother in Viet Nam} I am concerned about your sponsorship of these ingrates who are nothing more than arrogant, spoiled fools who are extremely overpaid to play a silly game.

    If you continue to support these games I will cancel my cards and use other companies. I refuse to give one dime of my money to haters of the USA.

    Barbara Ann Wilson

  62. In light of the recent NFL protest and your connection with supporting them, I have decided that when my card is paid your services will no longer be required. You have some time to convey to the NFL your wish for them to play football and protest after the game, kind of like the rest of us have to. Does VISA allow for employees to protest their opinions on company time and at work? Didn’t think so.

  63. American Express over visa right now until visa drops NFL as a sponsor of an anti American sport. For all the men and women who gave their lives for this wonderful country not a single American on a football field where people are paying money should take a knee. Thugs and cowards and punks who have no clue of history verses real men and women who understood what the flag stands for and gave theirs lives or if lucky to survive are living life without limbs .

  64. Gentlemen:
    I am writing because you are an advertiser, and therefore a supporter, of the NFL. I am very disturbed and offended by the actions of many of the players with their refusal to stand for the playing of our national anthem. These players should realize that this may be the only country that would allow a group of overbuilt, overpaid crybabies to express their opinion by disrespecting it’s flag and national anthem. While it is their right to do so, I also have rights and intend to exercise them. First, I will no longer attend nor will I watch, on TV, any of the NFL games. Secondly, should you continue to support this behavior, I will no longer purchase your product. When you decide not support these misdirected fools I will reconsider. Until then I will make my purchases from a competitor who is more respective of our country’s symbol and values.
    Peter F. Brohl

  65. I bout I camera but is not what I order I call a always is a recorded they gang up on I need to return y get my money back please send me an email as soon as possible thanks.

  66. I’m sick and tired of receiving phone calls from Ft. Walton Beach, FL area about my usage of my Visa card. I expect your company to tell them to stop this activity at once. I’ve requested them leave me alone and they have failed to do so. I’m past aggravated with the incessant calling.


  68. My first bank visa debit card was in the direct television. billing system I called several times for them to bay the bill I was the account holder at 5204 shadygrove due to my inconvience by staff and anyone altering my account I request my refund on the visa debit card for all my recorded transactions for there discrimination act

  69. Visa is alright but to be a credit approved customer find out my first mastercard because of a hacker that’s been reported whats the mastercard account number recovery phone number


    Hello my name is Fuamoli Asoaufua, case is a dispute for a FULL REFUND.
    I filed for a dispute with my bank safe america credit union for a transaction i did not recall reserving on my card and i did not have enough funds for my card for that transaction to go through if i was to reserve it. i reserved before and always on pay at hotel not pay now. My bank safe america credit union told me i had to write a letter, fill this out, send this back and i complied with all request to receive a full refund of $840.57 back to my account. I spoke with a representative (with my bank) who did my paperwork over phone Regina Manipis, she is handling my case and she told me she sent out a form i did not receive and an email i didnt see. I guess i was given til Friday March 30th 2018 by 12 noon to send the letter of rebuttal and now today is Monday April 2nd 2018 i get DENIED for an EXTENSION to write a letter and its too late so NOBODY IS ABLE TO HELP ME AND ALL I GET IS “IM SORRY” if you guys are able and willing to help people then help me and let me get an extension and send my letter DIRECTLY and not through safe america credit union, please thank you and god bless.


  71. You as visa thru BOA does not allow purchase of kratora tea. I’m very up set it is the only thing that has helped my son thru his addition.

  72. I need to know what steps to take to dispute several charges on my Visa account ? My local Credit Union has not been helpful . I want to take this dispute directly to Visa ! Joe

  73. Hi, I registered in Snap Cash Binary and a broker immediately called me and took my deposit of $250 by me dictating the numbers of my Visa debit card. The next day, another guy ,Shawn Paul calls me asking me to submit 4 documents (personal n banking) He told me he was from “binaryonline” I immediately said I wanted to withdraw and asked for a refund but he said : No documents, no refund” How can I get my money back?I’m a widow and a pensioner . in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Please help. Thank you. Hope to hear from you

  74. Hello
    Am a Mauritian resident and holder of Visa Debit Card and would be grateful if you could please enlighten on following issue :
    Recently, Petroleum Price in Mauritius has been increased . The issue is that Petrol Retail Services Stations will accept Petroleum purchase by Card Payment only if we, consumers, pay an additional fee of 2% , which represents the % Petrol Stations should pay the Banks . As per Visa Rules and Regulations, is this legal ??
    Thanks for an early reply.
    Kind regards

  75. I would like to know WHY the Visa I purchased for my daughter for her Birthday was declined at 2 different places!! When I call the number and put in the information it asks for it says there is a balance of $50.

  76. I am tired of Visa Master Card calls stating they are monitoring my credit and there is nothing wrong with my account etc. I have pressed 3 to discontinue the calls but it does no good. I receive at least one call a day. What can Visa do to stop the calls.

  77. i have an issue with sbi visa credit card, where in they have debited 15 transactions of last year now to my credit card worth Rs 4.5 lacs. usually with in 30 days if merchant fails to claim the amount, u need not to debit the cardholder account. why one year old transactions are debited to my account.

  78. I purchased a cinema ticket from Vue at Basingstoke and was asked for details of my visa card for the payment. This was only a one off purchase and I will not be using the service again.However I seem to have been set up with a Visa account that I would like deleted. I don’t wish all my details to remain on this visa collection co. I sent an e mail and received a reply saying that my card details had to be left on until the card expires. I really do not want this to happen and could you please advise me how to delete my details. Thankyou

  79. Michael A. McMahon 202 Cotton Dike Road, St. Helena Island, SC 29920. Please check your records re: a phone call I made to your 8004549078 and spoke at length to one of your representatives – young male. His explanation and helpfulness to me was outstanding – a great example of what I don’t see enough of today – exemplary customer service. Please look at my record, identify this individual and insure that my comments go into his personal file. This individual is a credit to your company.

  80. If you are calling American conservatives or the NRA hate groups you will lose my business and many others will follow

  81. Please reverse your decision to block David Horowitz from donations. SPLC may be popular in your world, but they are not popular with ordinary Americans.

    Perhaps you want to get rid of all your customers who are Trump-voting deplorable mouth-breathers?

    It will be difficult to shop without my credit cards, but I do think that it’s worth a try, if you and MasterCard don’t change your policy.

  82. Dear Visa,

    I have been a long time user of your credit card services through Bank of America. Up until a few days ago, there is no other card I would use.

    I was disappointed to see that you have decided to enter into the political world by banning organizations like the freedom center. A lot of Americans like myself are sick and tired of corporations trying to play politics.

    Sorry to vent but I cannot believe I now need to start researching another option from using your credit cards.

    Best Regards,


  83. When using this lap top I dried to purchase goods from cotton traders using my nationwide visa card & was refused the payment by my visa card. I contacted Nationwide building soc.. customer services & said that you have black listed this computer from using my visa card. please can you tell me why & can I have this laptop reinstated please.

  84. I bought a Visa gift card off the rack from Walmart with the back tab in place on 8/2/18 for a birthday gift for 9/1/18. I put an amount of $200 on it. I wasn’t planning on registering it. I was going to let the recipient do that, but decided to do it anyway. So on 8/30/18, I filled out all necessary fields to register and noticed before I pushed the button to process that there was a balance of only $32.00 on card do I didn’t register. I looked on history and discovered a charge to Sam’s Club in California for $168.00. I live in Kansas. Upon the next week of going to Walmart for explanation, they informed me it wasn’t their problem, but to go ahead and register the card tying it to me before going forward to process a claim against Sam’s Club. I did so and then called Sam’s Club and explained to them everything. They said there is nothing they can do and said to file a police report in California. So I’m coming to you, Visa, in hopes I can just get a gift card for the amount I originally purchased. Please help!

  85. Hi there,

    I wanted to ask if you’ve ever considered what might be possible if we could help drive more traffic and sales to I’ve taken a look at your site, and have a few specific ideas on how we can make that possible.

    Would you be open to quickly connecting with the analysts I work with to discuss? We’d even run an in-depth audit when we’re done to drive home the point (Completely on me).

    If increasing visitors/sales something that interests you, just reply here so I can have my teammates get in touch at your phone number .

    All the best,


  86. Did you get my email about my request for a phone number from you regarding my credit card. I misplaced the phone number which I receive when I got my card yesterday. Please respond Steve

  87. Why is Square Inc, AKA allowed to have access to Visa card holders personal information and then Square shares that information to business associated with them.


  89. I called the VISA number listed on the back of my credit card to speak to a customer service agent, remained on hold for 10 minutes, finally speaking to a woman who listened to my request, told me she was transferring me to “Jane’ who she said was already on the line, and I was promptly disconnected—never to receive a call back.
    Very shoddy customer service. I will be switching to another provider after having been with VISA since 2003.

  90. Hello Good Morning.
    I would like to speak and get info from an expert with
    We would like to know how we can have an ICA/BIN number and IAT number in order to receive direct payments over to our bank account. We have our financial institution (bank) that is connected to Visa. Please contact us and guide us. You can also call on 269-993-5366. Thank you, your assistance in this matter is well appreciated.

  91. Stop these auto phone calls immediately.
    I don’t even have your card, if I did I would get rid of it.
    5 calls yesterday and 3 already this morning.
    This is harassment………blg
    Ps do not send any promotion, update, news emails to my email.

  92. My Visa debit card is not working it did not allow to buy any item online either my money has been stopped. Please help me with that

  93. I recently received a new Visa Debit card. However I did not get a PIN (for getting cash).
    I would like to know exactly what it is I need to do in order to get a new PIN. Any help would be appreciated.
    David Runyan

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