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Contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Service Center

Virgin Mobile is a huge company with 11 media/mobile, 18 lifestyle, 12 travel, 3 money, 3 music and 3 people/planet divisions. There is very little that Virgin Mobile doesn’t offer the customer, though many customers have no idea there are so many different subsidiaries under the huge Virgin umbrella – and Virgin isn’t stopping growth any time soon. There is a section of the main website that tempts visitors to submit a Big Idea to the company.

On the main contact page for Virgin Mobile there is are contact phone numbers and an email form – no other information is openly listed.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service agents are available in the Virgin Mobile US call center from 4 A.M. to 9 P.M. PST. There are agents answering calls seven days a week.

  • Virgin Mobile/PayLo Customer Service: 1-888-322-1122
  • Broadband2Go: 1-877-877-8443
  • Assurance Wireless: 1-888-321-5880
  • Customer Resolutions: 1-866-794-8049

Mailing Address

The customer relations department of Virgin Mobile USA has an address listed in the Privacy Policy. Customers who need to resolve a problem with a plan or phone should not send communication to this department. Customer service or your local Virgin Mobile store is the best place to get the service you need to resolve your problem quickly.

Customer ResolutionsVirgin Mobile USA, L.P. 10 Independence Blvd. Warren, NJ 07059

Official Website

Virgin Media operates a ton of websites, but the one dedicated to the US division of Virgin Mobile is available at This site is where customers can order products and services, access their account, make payments, contact customer service and more.

Virgin Mobile is also available on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

Instead of listing a dedicated customer service email address, Virgin Mobile offers a contact page. The contact page requires your name, account type and email address, but you have the option of entering your mobile number and account PIN if desired.

You can also email the executive escalations department at:

Our Experience

Virgin Mobile customer service is considered some of the best in the nation so we wanted to test it out. Our call was answered by Alex, a virtual representative. You have to speak your options, but we waited to see if the call would be moved to customer service if we said nothing. (We tried to press 0 to move straight to a customer service representative, but that didn’t work.) If you are not a Virgin Mobile customer, it doesn’t appear you can talk with a representative.

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105 Comments on “Contact Virgin Mobile Customer Service
  1. I have had no internet broadband for 7 days since 02/13/13. Have been on the phone everyday, after 2 days of phone calls, I was told there is an outage problem and will be fixed between 24 to 72 hours. With continuous phone calls, still told another 24 to 48 hours, today is 02/20/13, refilled for a day of connection and still badly connected, was told I will be reimbursed for the days I have no internet. Plan rates changed and was not informed on 02/12/13. I was told i used up my MB in an hour and was cut off, then outage problems…and till one has any clue to when it will be solved..the 1st person I had was rude and not co-operative at all, it was a male..after which the other service personnel was alot better and asked my return phone number. please fix the problems and train service personnel to answer question and not have to repeat the problems everyday, even though I was told my account has a notification of my problems…nothing doing, still had to repeat every time I get a human…ugggg

  2. I am PISSED I live in Alexander City, Alabama and I have HAD NO CELL PHONE SERIVCE for weeks now. I paid alot of money for this sorry phone and I pay $60.00 a month for the sorry service. You people should be ashamed of youselves for taking advantage of your customers. We can’t talk to a AMERICAN SPEAKING HUMAN BEING!!!! Your company is stealing money from people who expect good serivce and get NO SERVICE AT ALL!!! If I do not hear from you or have service restored in 2 days. I am going to my Alabama District Attorney’s Office and file a suit against your company!!! I want my money back because I have no serivce!!!!

  3. Good luck with the “contact page” at Virgin Mobile. I’ve tried a dozen times to contact someone, anyone, at VM. Every time I fill in the fields and try to send, it simply deletes. The only way I can call or text is if NO BARS ARE SHOWING! I have a -106 dBm 0 ash on my signal strength. That’s right, NEGATIVE 106. If bars appear I can’t even text. I’ve tried to explain this to the call center people but have no clue what dBm is. Great support! Getting on the web is nearly impossible since they “improved” their system in January. I just order my new VERIZON phone!

    Super pissed Chuck in California.

    P.S.: Just tried four times to post this message and it won’t send either.

  4. This review is from: Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Prepaid Mobile Hotspot (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    After a week of research looking for a proper solution for a Mobile Broadband requirement with my company, I bought the Overdrive Pro and paid for overnight shipping in order to use it for a very important function Easter weekend 2013. So far I have spent endless hours on the phone ( about 15 calls in 3 days all with numerous promises to solve the problem or call back…no one EVER does ) getting a vague series of conflicting promises and a basic jargon run around from support ( they all completely understand my frustration of course as I was told a few dozen times…) but I still I cannot sign into my account and get this device in operation a full THREE DAYS LATER. This is by far the WORST experience EVER buying and setting up a new tech device in over 30 years. If your looking a for Mobile Broadband solution and would enjoy spending endless hours on the phone with tech support agents talking through voice modulation devices from an unknown overseas location and ultimately arrive at a completely UNWORKABLE solution and NO SERVICE – then look no further. You have reached the APEX of technical dysfunction and hyperbole!. ENJOY! but be VERY VERY WARY!!! Oh! if only there was a MINUS Star Rating function . . . .

  5. I am having problems with my phone it wont download my picture messages & I paid the 45 plan on the 27 & it still does not work I called and ask that why is it I can send but not recive and the lady told me they were going to restart my bill on the 4 & thay they well send mi a message tha same day and it be fix. She lied to mee! !!

  6. Im traying to return the replaced phone but i dont know where to send it can you please email me the addressmy case #47795647

  7. Hi my name is silvia devora and im trying to return the old phone but i dont have the address can you please email me the address my case #47795647

  8. Yes this virgin mobile is a joke your right all They take their customers money…my phone Bill was due on May 8 2013 I went the Night before and bought a card and put time on it…thw next day They charged 58.85 to my Bank card which need to remind I took off the account a month agi…that being said them taking that money from my card that I did not have it cause my Bank to with90.85..that includes 34.00 overdrawn fee and virgin mobile told me They would refund the 58.85 ouldnt 34.00 because its not their fault Bank was oowing I bought my card the Night beforw and added it to axcount
    It to my phone as soon as i bought it….its been a week and still no refubd my Bank said They would take care of 34.00 as soon as 58.85 is refunded so you allnna take need to get on the ball my husband gets país tomorrow and They are juat go

  9. Virgin mobile is a joke we talk to a bunch of forners cant talk to an american WHO understands what we are talkobg bout youll dont care bout your customers or you would improve the quality of satisfying them a little bbit betterthan just an everday person we are paying customers and we want what we pay for and youll just taking it away from us…….IMPROVE…GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF YOUR NOSE AND DO YOUR JOB!!!

  10. Please I just got virgin mobile Samsung intercept and am in Ghana. Your Service is not in Ghana and when I on my phone it’s asked me to active it. Please I want to use a different network in Ghana. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  11. I have never had so many problems with a phone virgin mobile needs to up their game and have better service and better phone. this is retarded I have and two replacement phones in the last month and they both suck im sick and tired of this, and not even that I didn’t get the service back I wasn’t able to use. ughh

  12. Virgin Mobile charged us for a phone we had disconnected for over six months. They admitted fault and paid for 3 months and that’s it. Over 6 months we were charged closer to eight or nine now we’re just asking for the other three months and today we were guaranteed a refund but because our bank shut down our account because of these sorts of issues they say they will cut us a check then we are hung up on. Now we’re told they have to do another three day investigation which they already did a month ago never called back. I call today because I notice not only had they neglected to cancel my husband’s phone but my old phone is still on. I called they said the investigation on my husband’s phone was over and we were guaranteed a refund. Now they are saying we can’t have a refund until they do a three day investigation. I feel like they’re singing this is the song that never ends and are laughing at me because they said we get our refund but we don’t and they’ve been giving us the run around all day. They wasted our whole day and they have stolen from us. My husband’s a disabled Veteran and we have a seven year old son so they have taken a lot from us and no one cares or is willing to help. I plan to switch cellphone providers asap.

  13. Virgin Mobile is great until you have a problem. I’ve been trying to get a problem resolved for a week now. They keep telling me someone will call me back and they never do. I’m unable to send texts and get an error message when I do. They say I have the unlimited service and this shouldn’t be happening but nobody can tell me why it’s happening. I need to text for my job and they obviously don’t care about their customers. This should not take over a week to resolve.

  14. I’m very tried of my calls dropping and then can’t get any calls in or out. took phone to Radio shack and the said nothing wrong with the phone it’s the service so I want credit for all of the time Icouldn’t use my phone. you shut off the phone when the bill late but what are you going to do about the time my phone wasn’t working because of you? you better leave my phone on after my due date. if not you will hear about it .

  15. Im calling you about my LG Optimus f3 phone the phone haves a unlock google account on it but I put my google username and password in but I cant get on it I tried to reset the phone but it still doesn’t work googletried to email me but my phone is locked so I need a reset activation root on my cell phone

  16. my boyfriend received a virgin mobile phone thru q-link without an instruction manual is there anyway he could have one mailed to him so he can get his phone set up? thank you,Wanda

  17. I am not happy with the bill i received via text..i am in Florida for the winter when i talked with the rude person on the phone she hung up on me….my bill at that time was $389 i have been paying different amounts each month but still have received no bill therefore still not sure what i owe. I am a senior on a fixed income and can only pay a small amount each month. The reason my bill was so high was that i was not aware that i had to call each month to set up my $20 a month text out of country plan…at the moment i no longer use my phone and will not be back in Canada until mid April so i would very much appreciate a bill being sent to me via e-mail.

  18. Could not understand guy talking when I called about my top up code not working. Need better english speaking representatives taking calls. Rated 1 star

  19. Virgin Mobile, why don’t you just put the stupid phone number on your page? You won’t let me get my lost phone replacement unless I talk to someone, now I can’t talk to anyone? I’ll switch to Metro PCS if you don’t make yourself available like right now.

  20. Every time ill try to make a phone call it get cut of even to your phone number I change phones hopping the phone its the problem but its your antena service its not good @ all.

  21. Horrible service. I was waiting for a very important phone call. The person I was waiting for called at 5:34 p.m. on 09/26/2014. I did not get the message delivered to my phone until 09/27/2014 at 10:20 a.m. That is almost 24hrs later the message was delivered to my phone. When I got the message the next day I called the person back asap and was told it was to late. The animal had died because I did not come when they called. I informed them I did not get the message until almost 24 hours later. I can not express how upset I am. If I had know that Virgin Mobile delivered this kind of service I would have never signed up with them. Do not choose this phone provider for your phone service. I would not walk but run when you hear their name. VIRGIN MOBILE PROVIDES HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!

  22. I have bought a Broadband 2 Go Mingle around September 22 for work. Today November 14 the product has been constantly cutting off while I am working. I have spoke with 3 customer service reps and 2 supervisors. I recently bought a new product for $80 in September. Now in Mid November the product keeps cutting off while I’m using it. I would like to cancel my service and get a refund on my product. This customer service is unacceptable and frustrating. I bought a brand new product and they want me to pay to get a refurbished product and they expect it to work. there is no guarantee with them. I don’t want to deal with this service anymore and I want a full refund and I would gladly return the defective product.

  23. Your customer service is some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’m changing services at the end of the month, and I will not be returning. I have had so much trouble with this company and its products that I will never again be making a single purchase or receiving service from you. I will also be spreading the word to friends and family, of the terrible service which I have received. This poor level of customer service, phone service, and products speaks for your company as a whole, and let me tell you I’m sincerely disappointed.

  24. I purchased a Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 816 the beginning of 2015. After only 8 weeks the phone started to fall apart while lying on a coffee table splitting everywhere. I called Customer no-service and they were rude and condescending. Eventually was given to what they call an escalation team that sent me an email requesting my sales receipt which I sent. They were to call back in two business days which they did not. I called again and got the runaround, was disconnected and they wanted to sell me another phone. Fortunately I was able to cancel on my credit card. Do not use virgin Mobile they have no customer service and do not stand behind what they sell.

  25. I cant even activate this phone online or speak to a representative…says the number or code you dialed is invalid..what do I do?

  26. would love some free minuets. paying my 20 to you tommarrow. thanks for good service. tried another free phone but your phone has always come through for me. thank you.learning to text. just had a great birthday on easter. let me hear from your company on my e-mail . ta ta for now.

  27. EVERY MONTH I have a issue with “Not having enough minutes”.
    The money comes out on the 3rd like always.
    The last month when I went to one of your stores I had a unpleasant interaction with one of your employees.
    I don’t care of that I just am TIRED of every month going through the same crap over and over and over.
    PLEASE CORRECT THIS ISSUE ASAP. I have patients that need to get ahold of me and CAN’T! TIRED OF IT—TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your time on this matter.
    Debbie Johnson

  28. Customer service is terrible. If I could get hold of a person, I think this could be solved in a minute, but unable to do so. Sitting on phone for hours–and emails are returned asking questions I can’t answer.

  29. im trying to check on my over the phone oreder for confermaiton number vmtohr 21`88614 pease text me at on my phone or email me the status.

  30. i cannot get anyone to help me. i need to talk to a person NOT a computer. I am helping my mother who doesnt have the internet with her phone. We need to add minutes bc she has run out. I have added $50 to her account to use when she runs out of minutes. I do not like the idea of her not being able to call someone in case of emergency. I do not have a pin # for topping up and im not really sure if that is how we go about adding the minutes. I really need some help.

  31. Appalling. Been on the phone to three people who have not sorted my issue!! Changed to Virgin mobile and carried my number over. Still can’t receive calls and at this time still not working

  32. My husband finally joined the 21st century!!! He used to have a company issued phone and when he retired he was so fed up with being called 24/7 he swore he’d never have a cell phone again. He finally decided after a couple of years it was time to get one, so he went with his son-in-law and chose a plan with Virgin. We went yesterday to pay his first bill to your store at Shoppers World in Brampton. The first person there told us (without looking up from his phone) that they didn’t take payments, we’d have to pay on line. My husband muttered something about bad customer service as we left the store. We were followed by another young man who brought us back into the store. I think his name was John and he was wonderful! He showed a couple of old schoolers like ourselves how easy it actually was to pay online and patiently guided us through the process. We finally left the store with a very positive feeling about GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, thanks to John. You should be very proud of him and we hope he’s going places with your company.

  33. Phone used to be enjoyable but seems like everyday Im having problems. My WI-FI dont work when I leave my, i could be talking on the phone and the phone will say the number or code u have dialed is incorrect then just hang up on my caller. Also today 12-1-15 i have been trying to call CS and the number online and in my phone is disconnected. So good luck people!


  35. I had the worst customer experience ever the lady shut my service down and all I wanted to do was transfer phone and I believe something needs to be done about it either I get a new phone with a month of payment or ill switch service or if that don’t work ill contact someone above you guys plain and simple

  36. I would if i could get someone on the phone instead of advertising. I needed to talk to a customer service rep to have a phone number blocked on my phone since I am receiving nasty texts

  37. I would like to leave a comment on service. On the 14 March I had a problem with our phone service due to a change of email address, however an operator by the name of Elle I guess that was her name, gave us very good service and solved our problem for us, Many thanks, I could not use your servery on the phone ,hence the email. Regards Tom

  38. Your customer service representative hung up on me I have a virus in my device You sent me a different phone that wouldn’t connect to internet I’m very disgusted by your company I do not appreciate your rudeness and your sharing of my information with outsiders Tsk tsk No thank you to you


  40. Per my understanding after speaking to a representative, I have been grandfathered for unlimited texting and data I have copied and pasted this information from my home page. I keep receiving messages that my data is used up!!!! please contact me at either 219-331-5424 or by e-mail. Thank you. Julie Hayes-Peck

    Your Virgin Mobile Plan


    Anytime Minutes

    Messaging, Data & Web
    Unlimited Text & Data (1GB 3G/4G high speed data) + Data-free Music

  41. Your Virgin Mobile Plan


    Anytime Minutes

    Messaging, Data & Web
    Unlimited Text & Data (1GB 3G/4G high speed data) + Data-free Music

  42. I am a cell phone customer. Your telephone service from outer Mongolia is terrible and rarely helpful. They have been trying to fix (unsucsessfully) a problem with my phone mail box/ this has gone on for two weeks. They won’t connect me to technical service. Give me a number I can call in the USA or I will be forced to cancel your service.

  43. F.U.B.A.R. !?#% Up Beyond All Repair = Virgin Mobile. Too much to type!
    Bought a brand new LG Tribute at Walmart after a month I purchased more minutes then all my problems began. Phone would not call out even though I got a email confirmation that I bought $30.00. When I tried calling their toll free #
    I would be switched auto to Sprint? Virgin mobile has no chat service so how do I get my problems fixed? Worst carrier I ever seen & one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. When I finally got someone at Virgin mobile it was a foreigner who could not understand or fix my problem. Since I purchased the phone from Walmart I had to call another number.

  44. Been waiting 5 weeks for refund on returned never used phone. need to speak to real person for the 10th time with no resolution!!!!!!

  45. I recently switched to Virgin Mobile and so this was my first experience trying to get some help. A disappointing experience. I called because I can no longer send emails with my phone, but this kind of problem didn’t fit any of the options I was given for assistance, so I just stayed on the line, but the computer simply hung up on me. Does anyone have another number for Virgin where I can connect with someone who can help with this issue?

  46. BAD, REALLY BAD Customer Service!!!!!!!!!! After six calls regarding two disputed credit card charges, I could not get anyone to call me back. No English speaking reps. I’m looking for a new provider and am also filing a BBB complaint. Encourage you all to do the same.

  47. Hey, this is a technical issue, which your service options do not cover.

    Here are some recent show-stopper problems. I hope they can be resolved.

    When I try to launch Google as an internet accessible app, it asks me to create an account – ? – never has before.

    I received responses to some telephone access messages that I never sent. Why?

    I composed some response messages to emails, and when I sent them, got an error message saying (1) I was working off-line, and (2) at other times that my message could not be sent but could be stored. Checking my Settings app, it indicated I was working online through the Virgin Mobile Portal.

    When I attempted to check my settings, the app icon had disappeared from my active apps. I later found it in a long list of available uninstalled apps.

  48. Very unprofessional and disrespectful.
    After confirming my order for a new phone (to be paid for from my credit balance), Virgin Mobile keeps cancelling the order, without checking with me first, or even offering an explanation later.
    I call and reorder, and receive a confirmation, but then 3 days later another notice of another cancellation.
    VM makes it impossible to contact the division that is doing this cancelling, and that “back office” WILL NOT take phone calls or give an explanation.

    • Clarification to my above comment:
      The VM customer service personnel are very polite, and they do as much as they ARE ALLOWED to do.
      I meant that the COMPANY is very disrespectful and unprofessional in how they SET UP their operation, seemingly to defeat their customers at every turn.

  49. I want to top up my phone – I have my phone for a long time – over 10 years- my email acct has been changed several times and I don’t remember my password-

  50. I cannot talk to a rep verbally which I need to answer my question regarding my acct#. The phone # does not give you a option. Bad planning for us, good planning for Virgin Mobile.

  51. I had purchased a virgin mobile refill 35 top up card at walmart and paid for the phone and it did not work good as I could hardly hear the person on my phone which was another reason why I am taking the virgin mobile back to walmart and getting a refund of 35,

  52. Grasham Welsh am send you did not send out his moblie to him @7 victerer road Horsham West Sussex You Mack him pay for it but he have not got it so send out new moblie to him ok from keith

  53. I just upgraded to an lg g6. 4 times now I have had no service in the middle of a text conversation. I just updated the software. And again no service sitting in my living room in Barrie Ontario. Not happy. Go online and you give a number to call. How am I suppose to call with no service?

  54. ii’m trying to tslk to someone about joining virgin mobil but am unable to be directed to a person. The system asks for my cell phone number but I am not a customer. How do I get more info and join virgin mobil? very poor customer service!

  55. I just bought a new cell phone and have been trying for 3 days to activate this phone on line and nothing works. None of the meid or s/n don’t work, so I will have to go to Best Buy and have them activate it. You need to fix your web site-it’s quite annoying. Maybe I should go over to Boost Mobile

  56. I need to ask a specific question. Do you still offer the opportunity to purchase pre paid minutes ? Customer Service will not talk to me unless I give them my birthdate. Not going to happen!

  57. i have had a problem topping up my mobile for months so i got another sim sent from virgin so i didn’t need to change my number.after four days of calling customer sevices my new card was still not activated. on my last call to virgin i was told that they would have to unlock my hand set to resolve this problem. i was on the phone tonight with promotional mins that they gave me and i got cut of to find that i have suddenly got no sevice so i took my old sim out and put my new sim in and waited for an hour in to find that it dont work. now i havent got a working phone at all. because i am pay as you go i have never botherd with an account number and you cant contact customer sevices online without one. so basicly im left buggerd. mr angry

  58. I have been out of service for 1 week, I have told 3 times that there is an outage in my area and all 3 times I was told it would take 24 hours. This is crazy.

  59. Service is very ,very poor. Gets me extremely aggravated. I tried for several times to add money to my phone,and all I can get is ” oops,something went wrong” Indeed something did go wrong. Your stupid system needs fixing.

  60. I guess that Virgin Mobile can afford to lose a few customers. Approximately 24 hours after paying my bill in full, I lost service. I went to Best Buy twice for help. The second time a young lady from Best Buy was on the phone with a Virgin Mobile rep when she said the Virgin Mobile rep yelled at her and then hung up. Then I contacted Virgin Mobile and requested a pro rated refund due to their rudeness. I was told that I didn’t qualify for a refund because I had used too much data. I am on a unlimited data plan, How much is too much? Then I was told that they were going through a “System Optimization” and I would have service in two days. In two days I will have service with someone else. It is now 6am 8/15/2018. If I don’t have service by 10am, adios amigo. I’ll check my e-mail to see if Virgin Mobile wants to make this right. They can’t text me or call me, because I don’t have service. You have my money, now give me service. Step up to the plate please.

  61. I would like to advise of my complete dissatisfaction today when I called to renew my lounge membership. In my work calendar I had the lounge membership expiring today. When I rang to renew the membership, the woman on the phone told me it was too late to do (it had actually expired on 14 August – so I had written the date down incorrectly). The woman told me she could not accommodate me. I have been a loyal member with Virgin for years and am very disappointed for being treated this way when it was a slight error. I travel regularly and am now being penalised by Virgin. This is very poor customer service, and shows completely lack of loyalty.

  62. I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for 14 years! Customer phone service is horrible, there are so many ads you have to listen to and then press # if you are not interested. I have spent hours this morning on the phone trying to talk to a living person re my account. What is happening to Virgin Mobile? I used to get connected right away. I’m 72 years old and need to take live to a representative! I am not a computer technician and have an old Virgin Mobile flip phone. I still need to talk live to someone on my landline 760-251-3645.

  63. My account shows PAID until OCT. 8, with a $10.00 EXTRA balance! It is Sept. 15. 23 days before any money due! WHY am I SHUT OFF!!!

  64. I received great service today, however I do not feel that I should have to pay the $35 charge to change my telephone number. When I was given my telephone number, it was based in High River. Nearly all of the people who phone me are located in Turner Valley or Black Diamond. The calls are long distance to the high River number. No one when I originally received the number advised me that it was a High River Number.
    I have changed the number so that my contacts can call me with no long distance charges. I therefore believe that I should not have to pay the $35 fee.

    Thank your for your time
    David Wegelin

  65. My mobile phone – 0795 206 2953 – is not working. Please help. Emergency calls only. I was recently sent a new phone but have not been able to activate it yet. Could this be the reason my phone is not working as usual?
    Thank you.

  66. Virgin Mobiles web site is useless. Finally got thru to tech support and the “expert” told me to charge the phone. It was on the charger all night.

  67. i am not paying some tech to help e set up my new phone, and get me a phone number. this service should be offered by Virgin mobile. how stupid is this…..

  68. Horrific! I bought my son a phone after his was stolen. Apparently the person who stole it called VM and was able to set another password posing as my son!! What? So when we tried to attain new service with a new phone and transfer his $ account etc onto his new phone, customer service grilled us for about an hour then hung up on me! Finally we spoke with a guy that started my son’s service..with his same phone number as before. Then at 7:50pm pst the same day, his phone turned off. Deactivated. I called VM and the woman who spoke to me grilled us again! Asking the same questions over and over again. My son gave her all his info including his pets name in which the person who stole the phone would not know! She was so annoying getting the phones ID # wrong etc etc etc..I told her I wanted, for all this trouble, a free month of service and she hung up on me! Really? That’s crazy. What happened to dignity, to the customers always right. .empathy? Now he has no phone service and is expecting important employment calls! I want some answers asap.
    Erin O’Donnell

  69. Been trying to top up and of course it won’t take my info, tried calling customer service and of course it won’t go thru because I’m out of money. What good is customer service?????
    Tried thru email…….no sucsess. Not liking GO so much!

  70. You want me to tell you about Customer service!
    First, you have to have a customer Service!
    I bought a New Android Phone, it was suppose to have a wand to touch the apps, numbers etc. When it arrived at my home, Not only, did it not have a wand, it did not have the box nor the manual. it was only cell phone. No charger, no nothing. I call what you say is customer service, told them. I was told, there is nothing they can do about it. I don’t know if they could not understand English well, I know they could not speak it very well. I am looking, now, for another cell phone service.

  71. I have call virgin mobile service on several occasions each time I’m told the same thing. My cell phone service at my home stopped working. not getting text, calls, and not being able to send text or calls. I have been told that two of the three cell towers in my area are not working, but that they are working on the problem. this has been the answer since April 2018. My service works everywhere else I need it but at my home. Why do your service staff continue to lie and give false information. I have been told someone would contact me, which has never happen.
    Its just a simple problem to fix why has nothing been done. C.Barlow 703-405-3360.

  72. I was a virgin mobile customer for about 9 years. i recently needed to change my
    phone. I took to new phone to a shop to be connected to virgin mobile and the lady said that it is not allowed with virgin mobile. i through i read that virgin will connect any phone.. i had to leave virgin. but now i want to continue with virgin again. i will like to buy a new phone again it is a blu deva flex flip. will virgin connect my phone.
    let me know before i purchase. I am 80 years old and love virgin mobile.
    thank you and looking forward to a reply

  73. I am utterly disgusted with VIRGIN MOBILE – missing webpages, NO ACCESS TO ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE.




    As @Douglas Brazell said, above:
    “You want me to tell you about Customer service!
    First, you have to have a customer Service!”


  74. I received a text this morning stating that Virgin Mobile USA is ending my account and it is being transferred to Boost Mobile.

    As a Virgin Mobile USA user I thought that with all of the “SCAMS” going on, I assume that this is just another “SCAM” and I thought that everyone should be aware of the “SCAM” going around with regard to Virgin Mobile USA.

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