Contact Viper Customer Service

Contacting Viper Customer Service Center

Viper is a car accessory company that sells remote starters, window film and other car accessories. The company does not sell items directly from the website, but you can find authorized Viper resellers, including large retailers like Best Buy, in your local community.

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Contact Info:

Contact information for Viper is extremely limited. We were unable to find a phone number associated with the company. There was also no mailing address or corporate information listed on the site or in the privacy policy. We did find information that a company called Directed was behind Viper, but no website or contact information could be located for that company either. We finally located contact information on a blog post for the company.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Viper customer service location on the official website, but we did find a contact number on a blog post. Customer service hours are from 6 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday and 7 AM to 3:30 PM Saturday PT.

  • Viper Phone Number: 1-800-876-0800

Mailing Address

Viper does not appear to have a dedicated mailing address, but you can contact the company responsible for Viper products on a corporate level. This address is for the Directed corporate office. Directed is the parent company for Viper.

ViperAttn: Customer ServiceOne Viper WayVista, CA 92081

Official Website

The website we found for Viper automobile accessories was located at The site provides consumers with information on the products offered by the company, including SmartStart, remote start and window film. Contact information, though limited, can be found on the Contact Us page using the link at the top of the page.

Social Media

Viper is a socially connected company with pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can stay up to date on Viper products on these pages, but you can also contact customer service.

Customer Service Email

We were thrilled to finally find contact information for Viper email customer service. It took lots of research before we stumbled upon this email address for the parent company.

Our Experience

There is no customer service number for Viper listed on the official website. According to the company customers must contact their local dealer, but none of the dealers are from the Viper company. When we searched our zip code dealers included Best Buy, Soundtronics and various car audio and accessory companies. Some of the company listings were marked as Preferred Dealers, but that has nothing to do with a connection with the Viper corporate office or company other than the fact that they are featured.

After additional research we located a phone number for Directed corporate, the parent company for Viper. When we called the corporate office we reached Directed Electronics. You can press 3 to reach the consumer support team.

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10 Comments on “Contact Viper Customer Service

  2. I’m sure you don’t want to hear from a disgruntled customer, which is what I am, but be sure I will never buy any of your products again! Any company that won’t have direct contact with its consumers must have something to hide. I have your model 7752V remote and it has fallen apart because of the cheap plastic that you use. If I can find another company that produces a remote that will work on my installed system I will, I’m sure that won’t bother you based on your ridiculous company policy of no direct contact with your consumers. My name is Delbert Thompson, remember my name because you will hear from me again in the future. I am sure that I am not the only consumer to complain about the cheap materials you use compared to the prices you charge.

  3. I have a direct number to one of the head guys in California but I am looking for the phone with the number stored.

  4. The dealer here in Indianapolis is treating me terribly. This is what I hate, after they get your money they treat you like crap on the bottom of a shoe. I have been a customer for over 13 years. Here lately the service is terrible and they want to charge for things that is covered when purchased. I purchased the Viper remote starter and alarm. It continues to malfunction. This bastard keeps hanging up the phone on me.

  5. I’ve sent 2 emails to your customer service and it’s been 8 days without a single reply. Is this a joke? Is Viper customer service non existent? Please help me understand how a large company like Viper can possibly be so weak in this area…

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