Contact Verizon DSL Customer Service

Contacting Verizon DSL Customer Service Center

All Verizon products, aside from Verizon Wireless, are supported via the main Verizon website. Veri8zon DSL is considered high speed internet, so all customer service inquiries need to be made to the high speed internet department.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-837-4966

Mailing Address

The mailing address for customer service is dependent on your zip code. You’ll need to visit the customer service page  and scroll to the bottom of the page for the Mailing Address link. Click the link and enter your zip code.

Verizon Corporate Office140 West St. New York, NY 10007

Verizon Headquarters1095 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10036

Official Website

You can find information on Verizon DSL and other Internet products and services on This landing page is where customers choose what type of service they want to learn more about. For Verizon DSL click Residential or Business and then click Services at the top of the page.

If you are interested in finding out if services are available in your area, you can check service availability for Verizon DSL and other products via the main website. You can also log in to your account at any time to pay bills, modify services and add services. If you are under contract for a specific product or service tier, contact customer service before making any changes.

Customer Service Email

The Verizon DSL customer service department is available by email, but you cannot email them directly. You have to send your communication using the high speed internet contact form When sending the form, you are required to provide your account number from your bill, so the customer service department does not accept emails from non-customers. We filled out the customer service contact form to ask if Verizon DSL was available in our area. We placed six zeros in the account number field and the contact form sent without a hitch.

Our Experience

We called Verizon DSL to ask about when service coverage will be available in our area. We were asked to enter our zip code for identification purposes, but the automated system did not move our call to a customer service agent, it told us that Frontier was responsible for our service based on the phone number we entered. We did not enter a phone number. We called back in an attempt to bypass the system and reach an agent. We pressed 0 twice but we were given the same message despite not entering a phone number the second time either.

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19 Comments on “Contact Verizon DSL Customer Service
  1. Horrible, horrible horrible when you don’t publish your phone number so customers can get problem resolution. I’m dumping this overpriced service asap.




  3. if u guys dont get the fox channel back before football i am canceling my home service and will switch my cell phone service to sprint. thats a total of $4000.00 dollars between the two services. imm getting sick of being throw to the dogs with this company. When u guys were on strike and we had the hurricane i didnt have tv for a week,im sick of suffering for something we used to get free before cable was invented

  4. Verizon customer service and reliability does not exist. stuck with Verizon due to location. I have had three modems in less than a year and a half. my internet needs to reset multiple times a day. after way too many calls to you incompetent people, my internet still is sketchy at best. I have been on hold for over twenty minutes now……waiting….waiting…waiting.

  5. still waiting…….waiting, getting more irritated by the minute, 3:1 odds that these jokers disconnect the call actually talk to “Steve or Maria, or some other very American name.”

  6. I love how the last technician I spoke with lied to me. Is this part of the training?

    Because he told me that the wireless router was free and he’d send it to me. He did not tell me I needed to send the old one back for credit.

    Imagine my surprise when I suddenly see $99 on my bill for the modem! NOONE told me that I could send in the old one! Do you sneak in charges like that all the time?

    Not only that, the last two technicians cannot speak and understand English.

    Verizon is going downhill… not only that, my internet connection is still very slow after two calls to Verizon.

    I’m looking into T-Mobile. Sorry, but your customer service sucks! After years as your customer…. I’m looking around….

  7. I certainly made a bad decision going from ATT to Verizon. I’ve been on the phone for over one hour. I called your customer service number 800-837-4966 (listed above) and was told I had the wrong number but she would transfer me. After about 5 minutes I was told “We cannot continue processing your call. Please hang up”. No one appears ready to address Verizon DSL internet problems.

  8. After working through your automated “help” line, I was told to access a support website, which I am unable to access. An internet search also led to sites which I can’t access. This is just another in a series of unacceptable customer service experiences with Verizon.

  9. My son has set up Verizon DSL installation at his new home FIVE TIMES. And five times no one has shown up and no one has even called to cancel the appointment. This is a travesty of customer service. Unfortunately, Verizon is the only internet provider in my sons housing development. We are going to try and set up yet another appointment. At this point, we are just curious as to how many times we will have to make an appointment before we actually get so much as a return call. Horrible! Just horrible.

  10. I was just on a phone call about why my bill was so high and discussing the possibility of canceling service when the customer service representative told me I had been charged twice. First of all, how does that happen when I’ve been a customer for the length of time that I have? Secondly, how does it get rectified? Finally, the customer service lady redirected me back to the main menu for some reason and I never got a solution. Your offices were apparently closed although I was mid-call. That doesn’t feel like good customer service and I want some closure, so I can figure out what to do with my service. Customers deserve better than this.

  11. I’ve had nothing but problems with your dsl. You lie 2 me and say it’s fixed from your central office. Two weeks later still drops the internet light and boots me off. You have done 0 2 fix this and after 10 years of your poor customer service we’ve had enough. Maybe you should hire people who do their jobs.They have sent the best tech out 2 help me but nothing he can do since the problem is the equipment in your central and frankly they don’t give a damn. Been going on for over 2 yrs<changed my port and worked 4 a bit. Sorry your company doesn't care so time to find 1 that does.

  12. For the last month it has been very straightening that the service has been so intermittent. Very unreliable! Couldn’t be more disappointed in service.

  13. I’m also dumping this awful service. Can not get my email. Have not yet found a way to get ahold of Verizon to resolve this issue. Its just impossible to find anybody or a telephone number or an email address to get help with this. I give up. Time to find another provider that has customer service.

  14. Who in the hell am I supposed to call to get the correct final bill? I don’t owe what they’re showing and won’t pay until I get the right bill!

  15. The only phone number these morons post for internet tech support is the number to Verizon Wireless–a separate company.

  16. I have been trying to get my $250.00 deposit back from Verizon for months and keep getting conflicting stories about when I will get the deposit amount back. First they told me November 2017, then I was told Dec 25th 2017. Now it’s January 9th 2018 and still I’ve NOT RECEIVED A refund for the deposit amount. Why is it Verizon will take your payment within 30 seconds but takes months to return funds that don’t belong to them. Verizon has had my money so long I feel I should get interest on the amount. Please advise me what I need to do to get my deposit back!!!

  17. My customer service was zero satisfaction. I was connected to a chat for service on my internet connection and the call was dropped and the representative did not call back on the phone number given to her

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