Contact Vans Customer Service

Contacting Vans Customer Service Center

Vans is a manufacturer of shoes and apparel specifically for extreme style sports. The company began in the late 1996 in Southern California. Customers can connect with the customer service department by traditional mail, email, by phone and on social media. We didn’t find the customer service hours of operations. We assume the customer service department is open during regular business hours.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-888-691-8889

Mailing Address

VANS, Inc.6550 Katella AveCypress, CA 90630

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Vans website can make purchases based upon gender and style. You also have the ability to create customer shoes. After placing an order, you can check the status. Aside from shoes and apparel, customers can purchase gift cards. If you have questions prior to contacting the customer service team, we recommend visiting the Customer Support Page.

Social Media

We noticed Vans is an active participant in the social media world. Every platform we found, we noticed conversations with customers and the Vans team. Several were in real-time. We suggest testing all of the social media platforms in the case one does not respond in a timely manner.

Customer Service Email

The customer service department email address listed on the site is a contact form. We sent a message asking if the company provides a sizing chart or if the company could send back a link. We didn’t find this information on the site and a sizing chart is valuable to a new customer. We haven’t received a message back from the customer service department. When we do, we will update you with our findings.

Our Experience

We like the customer support team at Vans. When we called, we experienced fastest call in the industry. We listed to the automated system, but were able to bypass the system when we pressed 0. By doing this, our call connected directly to the customer service department. When the customer care agent answered the call, we were pleased with the professionalism and the knowledge of the product and policies. We asked the agent about the return policy for items purchased during the holiday season.

The agent explained the policy and offered to process our return. Typically, returns are generated in a different department. We enjoyed calling the customer service team, but did you? Take a moment and share your thoughts with us below.

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18 Comments on “Contact Vans Customer Service
  1. Hey people over there at Van’s i love your clothing and shoe’s and apparel i would love for you guy’s to sponsor me i will make video’s on the stuff you guy’s send me and post them on Youtube and other social network’s and help Van’s become one of the world’s powerful clothing line in the world please sponsor me well thank you for reading and i hope to hear back from you guys

  2. Hello. I have been wearing vans for years. I love the styles and colors of your shoes and apparel. With that said, I bought a pair of Vans waterproof boots and have to say they are the worst pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. I’m studying in Rome and needed shoes for rainy season but was very disappointed to find out they don’t resist water and they get waterlogged within a few minutes. This experience will make me hesitate to purchase more Vans products.

  3. My son bought a pair of vans while we we vacationing in Oklahoma. We live in Waco, Texas. He now a ays there is a bump in the left sole that is uncomfortable when he wears them for a while so he stopped wearing them. I checked customer service and it states that shoes can only be returned to an official retailer. Well, the nearest one is 82 miles away. Also, this is about day 30 since he bought them. Is this going to be and issue? Is there a way to send them back via UPS/Fed Ex for and exchange? Still have the receipt.

  4. My husband and I bought 2 pairs on aug 5, 2014. The service was amazing however, I am now extremely disappointed and upset. I have bunions and need the extra 1/2 size which is only avail in womans shoes. So I picked 2 pair and said I wanted 8.5 size. When our feet are not swollen that half size is not that noticable so I tried the one on and it felt good, I looked at tag and it said 8.5 womans. But I liked the color on the other better and it equally felt ok so I bought those. Appearlantly, that color was not avail in 8.5 womans so someone decided to give me a mens 7 instead which is not good. Im pissed! Someone should have said something so I could have tried to make a different choice. Now I ha e to go out of my way to return this pair and hope I find something wlse.

  5. We bought our son a pair of Vans not quite one month ago and they are falling apart the rubber is attaching from the shoe. We bought them at Khole’s in Beckley West Virgina. My Husband bought a pair at the same time and they are in much better shape with same amount of wear.Just very unhappy to buy things that are not cheap and last no longer than a month.

  6. Hi I just bought a brand-new plan b skateboard at vans in montebello mall and I just started riding it and it already Has pressure cracks and the board is bending and it about to snap .I was wondering if you guys Can do any thing??

  7. My daughter has been buying your vans sneakers for over 10 years now. She bought a pair of classic vans last January and by May they had plastic on the side had come off the canvas. We thought that it might be because she was driving now. She bought another pair in August and went off to college. She told me last week that the same thing happened. I don’t think that sneakers should last 2 months only. Please let me know what I can do.

  8. I bought my son a pair of vans shoes for school 2 months ago. They have completely fallen apart. The rubber has come off around the top and sides of the shoe. Vans shoes are pretty pricey and I would expect them to last longer than 2 months. He wears these shoes to school only and wears other shoes after school. The shoes we bought were the Winston textile black/chili pepper. I paid $45 for these shoes. I am very disappointed and not sure I will ever purchase vans again.

  9. I am very disappointed in this product I recently bought ! They are black on black orginals and already the sole has started to peel off after a week of wearing them! I wear a size nine and if u could I would like a refund or new shoes!

  10. hi I have recently purchased a pair of Vans from the superstition mall Mesa ,Arizona and the shoe after 2 days the soul was already falling apart I am very disappointed with this product .I love wearing vans but these past pairs I have gotten just aren’t the quality I remember.maybe I please be refunded or sent a new pair of shoes .Thank you .

  11. I have sent below mail last week, but i have not got any reply , can an somebody respond on this matter please , its already too late as i had no time for contacting you people so kindly reply me ASAP

    I purchased Vans shoes from your Kapsons store Elante Chandigarh on 3rd Dec/14. In the period of same month the pasting of shoes got removed do not know the reason behind it i wonder if I can replace it from your store or do I need to get it exchanged from Vans store directly but I do not have address. I appreciate if you could suggest me how to replace these shoes. I can send you bill and current photographs of shoes.

  12. I have wore my vans shirt three times and it has a hole in it I will be going on every website and tell peopl not to by anything from vans if this is not fixed and you will not get any of my money

  13. We bought my niece the new Disney Ariel toddler vans and we washed them
    By hand with baby mild soap the color of the little mermaid spread throughout the shoes they look yellow reddish they colors went all over the place I suggest don’t wash the shoes very poor quality for shoes that aren’t cheap. Very disappointed wish I can post a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.

  14. I’m not impressed with the quality of the shoes. My son loves the look of the shoes and we have bought two pair in the last four months because they have fallen apart. 120$ Worth of shoes in four months and we already need to replace them again because they are coming apart. And that is after my husband has glued them back together once. We won’t be wasting our money on another pair.

  15. Hi, i don’t understand something about buying your products on online. Can you let me know the diffences between store pickup and delivery to home?. Will store pickup be faster than delivery?. And what should i need to bring to the store when i come to pick up my order.

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