Contact Vanity Fair Customer Service

Contacting Vanity Fair Customer Service Center

Vanity Fair is a magazine publication with stories dealing with current events, fashion and pop culture. The publication began in the early 1980’s and is still going strong. Now Vanity Fair is available as a digital format. The current circulation exceeds 1.2 million. With such a high subscription rate, the customer service team must be on their toes in order to keep the customers happy.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-365-0635

The customer service department specifically for the UK is available Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm; Saturday 8am to 4pm GMT.

  • Customer Service UK: 0844 848 5202 or 0844 848 2851
  • Customer Service International: +44 1858 438819 or +44 1858 438815

Mailing Address

Vanity Fair4 Times Sq New York, NY 10036


The Condé Nast Publications LtdTower HouseSovereign ParkMarket HarboroughLeicestershireLE16 9EF

Official Website

We visited the official Vanity Fair website and found ways to subscribe to the print magazine as well as the mobile versions for smart devices and iPads. When browsing the site, you can read the trending section, look through photos and videos as well as read the corporate blog. In the event you are having difficulty as to who to contact, visit the Contact Us page to find the source.

Social Media

Considering Vanity Fair is a fashion forward publication, we would have expected to see more interaction on social media. The company has a Facebook page and a Twitter page, but there is little activity aside from information from the company. In the event you attempt to contact the customer service team on social media, we cannot guarantee a speedy response.

Customer Service Email

When you want to send a message to Vanity Fair, you will need to have an account. You can sign into your account on the Log In pageand proceed. We have an account, so we sent a message to the customer support team asking about cancelling service and the associated charges. We received a message from the customer support team stating another representative would respond within 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service hotline, we heard what appeared to be a million options. To put it lightly, the automated system is rather confusing. In order to bypass the system, we attempted to press 0 several times to no avail. We waited through the system and eventually reached the customer service department. This process took approximately 4 minutes. By the end of the call, the agent answered our questions and concerns. Aside from the wait time, the experience was okay. Was your experience any better? We would love for you to share your experiences with us.

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54 Comments on “Contact Vanity Fair Customer Service
  1. I am pissed i cannot get intouch with the new yorker or you guys if its a peak time hire more people the customers should not have to suffer for you incompetance

  2. I was going to renew a gift subscription for my granddaughter. I gave them her new address via email-now they sent me a bill with her parent’s address on it! Why would they change it after I sent the right one and they verified it by email? Now I am so upset, I am not renewing my subscription or hers. This magazine has good articles, but I will fore-go reading them since they don’t seem to know what they are doing.

  3. Hi my name is Kerrie, I’m enquiring about the vanity fair bra 76134, i have been wearing this bra for years i live in Australia and would always buy therm from the states, i cannot find it anywhere, please tell me that you haven’t stopped making it???? My size is 42 DD please please tell me where i can buy some from i am desperate, if you have stopped making it is there a similar one?looking forward to your reply.

  4. Dear vanity-fair: I would like to know who authorized you to be sending magazines without my knowledge. I didn’t give you the authority to mail me any books. How dear you? Please do not send me any magazines. I do not know who is doing this soliciting. Thank you for your cooperation. Fredine Alleyne

  5. Greetings, I may not have contacted the correct Department but I am trying to source two back issues of Vanity Fair which I lost due to a flood. I would really like to replace them.Could you let me know how possible this would be please. The issues are:- May,2004,entitled. PRIVATE CAMELOT, with a photo of JACKIE KENNEDY on the cover. The other issue is September,2003, entitled YOUNG and ROYAL, with a photo of the Prince on the cover. Thanking you for a positive response.

  6. I have received a copy of vanity fair. I did not order ths magazine. Please remove my name from your mailing list. Do not charge me for something I did not order.

  7. Vanity Fair,
    The stiff cardboard-type ads make it annoying and difficult to read the magazine. They are annoying and awkward. Many people rip them out so they can resume their reading. They also act as a sort of tab that interrupts the flow of reading the other content. Guess it’s all about the money but just know that they really discourage the reader.

  8. The cover with Bruce Jenner was the trashiest yet. You should be ashamed. He is still a man, not a woman. Why not just pose a drag queen? No difference!

  9. I just read your article of the situation in France. I am truly heart broken. Even thought it was hard to read such sad news I had to finish the article. Your article had the most full comprehensive information on the years of this awful troubles in France.These young frustrated people know nothing of world history and how destructive it can be to your life, your spirit and your soul. Where is the enlightenment that their religious beliefs should bring them? Where does it say anywhere in these beliefs that it is ok to murder innocents? Where are the leaders of these groups? Please world stand up show them another way, to live and get along with each other.

  10. I have received two copies this week of Vanity Fair. I only want one copy! Please clear this up! Don’t want two copies each month-can only read one! HELP!!!!! Thank you.

  11. I’m writing about the Generation Gaps wrote by Bruce Feirstein ,poor taste sound like someone that like to bad month Americans.I will never subscribe too your Magazine again after it expires.Tell the Jew that for laughs.

  12. Vanity Fair
    I have been a subscriber for many decades. Recently I paid for the continuation of my subscription. A few days later I was offered an additional year for $15.00, which I accepted. I emailed to let you know I wanted it consecutively. So what did you send? Three October issues and two November issues. You ignored my request.
    I want credit for the three issues sent erroneously .
    Send me the remainder of my earlier subscription, and the total of the new subscription and the special $15.00 add-on, CONSECUTIVELY
    That should be at least two years plus!
    Ilse Henderson

  13. I was the top writer for the late Frank Zachary who was editor of Town & Country Magazine and a long-time, close friend or Graydon Carter…whom I would like to get in touch with regarding an article on non-talking Susan McDougal of the White Water scandal during Bill Clinton’s concluding tenure. I am the only journalist who had access to Susan during her jail term. I wrote the only profile article on her, based careful selections from 25 hours of taped interviews…most of which were too controversial, sexually and political, for the piece I chose to write. Susan having broken an agreement to write her story with me, I’m free and eager to write it now. PS PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO MR. CARTER. Thanks, Harry

  14. Suddenly, I’m getting TWO magazines: one for my wife’s subscription and a second one for myself!
    About a month ago, I renewed my wife’s subscription to include a second FREE ONE, as a gift, for Angelia Molina, which has not arrived!!!… So the second one that I’m now getting must be it…
    Somebody made a mistake?… Please take care! Send Angelia her magazine, her gift bag and remove the duplicate coming to me….

    Ah… and please let me know so I’m not forced to cancel the rag… Thanks

  15. I did not order your magazine…I throw them in trash. Remove me from your mailing. I will not pay for this which I did not subscribe to nor order

  16. Megyn Kelly? Seriously? What could possibly lead you to feature a snarky talking head who recites the Fox “news” copy of distortions, lies and, at best, half-truths all dedicated to convincing viewers that they should hate anyone to the left of the aisle, both elected representatives and voters? Why not cut to the chase and put an equally photo-shopped snap of Ann Coulter on your cover?

  17. I have been a subscriber ma y Heard and I have not received the Hollywood Issue not the february Issue, Willian YouTube please tell me what’s going on? Thanks, Rita M. De Valdes

  18. as a subscriber to vanity fair i’ve had numerous occasions recently of not receiving my issues. i’ve contacted you in the past, but the problem continues. i have not received jan.-feb.-march issues. previously, my account has been credited issues to make up for missing issues. i would appreciate the missing issues as noted above, and then you may close my account, and reimburse me any outstanding money due. i love your magazine, but this problem seems to be impossible to resolve. respectfully, jeanne woods, 551 anita st. laguna beach, ca 92651

  19. I have not received an issue since Jan. 2016 even though I have a subscrption for the entire year. I have spoken to customer service 3 times and nothing has been done.

  20. I never received my issues and after 3 attempts to resolve the problem I am disgusted with the customer service dept. This magazine was a Christmas gift from my mother, unfortunately she wasted her money, which I expect her to be refunded since customer servce cannot do their job.

  21. why should

    Why should I renew my subscription to Vanityfair at $29.95 when it is
    available at $15.00 ???
    acct nbr# 055149710


  22. Hallo! Found and lost an advertisment in Vanity Fair from Quatar Airways.!
    It´s about chance to win “incredible week”-travel. Could you be so kind and send mia copyof theadvertisement?

    I’d love you for that! Sincerely yours Barbro

  23. I subscribed to your magazine WITH a gift sub over two months ago. you have cashed my check. please send the magazine!

  24. In May I requested a gift subscription for my sister in St. Louis & paid w/said request. On June 4, 2016 I received the complimentary Vanity Fair tote that I assumed would be sent to the object of the gift. Why did this happen?. Can my problem be rectified or must I send the tote to St. Louis myself???? Please advise as her birthday was on May 25. Thank you… P.K. Weissman

  25. i contacted Customer Service – I used a card inside a Vanity Fair magazine for
    your address – I then mailed a $12.00 check for a subscription—time went by – no magazine, I contacted Customer Service -a staff member said I would be
    contacted soon —-six days ago, I recede a tote bag, with the name Vanity Fair
    across the front–as of today, I have not received the magazine-=-I would appreciate hearing from you,

    Jayne Antes

  26. Ten times now I have had to enter my email to be removed from your vf hive mailing list. You keep spamming me. STOP SENDING ME VF HIVE EMAILS. I’m canceling my subscription if the emails do not cease.

  27. Congratulations on selecting Beyonce wannabe as your best dressed. Your childish sandbox behavior is shining. Grow up as it is just a matter of time before your publication will collapse.

  28. Congratulations on selecting Beyonce wannabe as your best dressed. Your childish sandbox behavior is shining. Grow up as it is just a matter of time before your publication will collapse.

  29. Melania Trump is an outstanding First Lady and you have treated her badly. I don’t read fashion magazines because they are filled with advertisements and do not have any content valuable to me. However, I do like to watch what Melania wears because she is very beautiful – and you can’t take that away from her.

  30. I would love to know who the tasteless people you had picking out the best dressed women of the year. How could you put Michele Obama on that list and leave off one of the classiest women in the USA Melania Trump. Mrs.Trump dresses from head to toe as if she stepped off a runway at all times. Michele Obama was one of the worst dressed first ladies we had just ask people!! I will not buy your magazine again and I know a lot of people who will not buy it either. Really Michele Obama one of the best dressed give it up!!!

  31. I have purchased under panties,I really like them because I can’t wear anything with rubber next to my skin,but everytime I buy this particular underware it stretches,I wear a size 8 but after a few washings the stretch so out of shape,they look like a size 12,I wash them out by hand and I never put them in the dryer,I don’t know what else to do with them,right now I have 4 pair that I have had for a couple mo’s,they are starting to stretch.These are the ones,that I wear,
    95% nylon 5% spandex,100% cotton #RN 16345 made in Honduras,HELP.

  32. I was just hung up on. I wanted to let the company know not to send more magazines because I never signed up for a subscription

  33. Someone gave us a gift subscription to Vanity Fair a few years ago. However, since your publication has become so radical and biased, we trash the magazine each month without opening the plastic mailing wrapper. What a shame! Your magazine has become an arm of the crazy far left. We have no intention to renew the subscription when it expires.

  34. Shame on you! Your rag has gone too far with the BS. America finally has a well respected beautiful First Lady and your magazine has the audacity to publish Lise about her. Your products will never enter my home or shopping cart. You must print an apology for that garbage!

  35. Read your article on Melania Trump. Tossed the issue in the garbage in disgust.
    Will not be renewing your rag magazine.

  36. Didn’t want to send again email You can pass this on. I have to say I am floored that your article on David Bowie is so inaccurate and flawed.It seems as though someone needs a lesson in comprehension. NO, David Bowie did NOT die two days before his 70th birthday and he NEVER told Mike Garson he had a “dream” about dying at 69. How can someone get two major issues so wrong when in fact the actual facts are in the film? This says a lot about your mag. More proof that journalism is dead. What a disgrace! I stopped reading it as I knew there’d be many more inaccurate lazy writing. I’ll never trust your mag.

  37. I just canceled my subscription after having it for only two years. I used to like the articles, which is the only reason I subscribed. Over the last two years this “rag” has become nothing but a Trump trashing and Trump family bashing paper. You have proven to many that you have absolutely no idea of what real, true Americans think in this country! The MAJORITY like President Trump, and find his wife and family to have the same family values and beliefs the good people of this country believe in. Shame on all of you to attack his BEAUTIFUL wife and family. They have poise and grace, unlike MANY of your obvious leftist Hollywood morons(WE don’t care what THEY think, stick to acting), and other people YOU think should be important! I hope that Graydon Carter is never to be heard from again! What a jerk!

  38. I have received several issues of Vanity Fair through my subscription of
    another magazine. This morning, after finally taking the time, I called
    your customer service and requested it be canceled although it was not
    a charge on my part. i find your magazine very biased and I never wish
    to support such material! You articles present ridicule of our president
    and his family and yes, even his political policies which I cannot in
    fairness support. Hopefully my call will prevent the “trash pile” I am
    once again adding to. Our president deserves at the very least, respect!

  39. Terrible article about gymnastics!!! It was biased and contained facts that were not true!!!!! Published two days ago. There are many other gymnasts in this world besides Aly!!!! Some of them liked the Karolyi camp!

  40. Imagine the audacity to boast how loud and ons sided Fox News is…. let’s be honest your far left ranting and raving mob style is no piece of cake! Trump is your enemy and it shows….I’ve and over again! Yes and you lost- livs with it… we had too! And we did not pull off Kavanaugh hearings disgrace that your sad sick side did! Time to get over and grow up! It helps your soul

  41. I have received a copy of vanity fair. I did not order thIs magazine. Please remove my name from your mailing list. Do not charge me for something I did not order.

    I subscribed to two magazines owned by the same company “Vanity Fair,”, and “The new Yorker”, on a 12 month, dollar per issue basis in June of last year. Almost immediately I started receiving mailings that my subscription was running out, and that I needed to re-subscribe a $8.99 per issue. I receive these mailings almost every week. The mailings are designed to give the impression that the subscription is in peril of running out if I don’t renew “immediately!”
    The most recent notice states that “my last issue was mailed in September 2018, meaning they are lying or failing to fulfill the contract I entered into with them. I can provide documentation showing they debited my bank account for the initial payment.
    I decided today to attempt to cancel both subscriptions in order to stop the nuisance mailings. When I try to cancel online I get an “error” message which forces me to call their so-called customer service. I called both magazines, and was told by each there would be a 20 minute hold period for a rep, which they qualified by stating that they couldn’t “guarantee” that the waiting period would not be longer.
    It is my hope that your office has the ability to stop this company from doing further business in Oregon.
    Michael Kiernan
    159 SW Florence Ave #49, Gresham, OR 97080.
    Submitted to Oregon Attorney Generals Office !/#/@019 at 1pm Pacific

    • The Vanity Fair subscription department is totally deficient. This is the second time I have paid subscription renewal, VF cashed check and continues to send me dunning final notices every week!!
      Marginal interest on continuing with this magazine owing to the ad content vastly exceeding the interest content.
      Subscription department incompetence will accelerate decision to finally walk away from VF.

  43. The Vanity Fair subscription department is totally deficient. This is the second time I have paid subscription renewal, VF cashed check and continues to send me dunning final notices every week!!
    Marginal interest on continuing with this magazine owing to the ad content vastly exceeding the interest content.
    Subscription department incompetence will accelerate decision to finally walk away from VF.

  44. I want to cancel my subscription but I can’t find a way to do it on the internet,. My address label is #VYF0899855076/0#. My subscription expires August 2019. Please send me a refund for the remaining issues.

  45. Calling Vanity is a joke.
    Had to listen to 35 or more offers which, was infuriating.
    Sent me to another # where I couldn’t speak to anyone again
    and all I wanted to do was reorder my subscription.
    Vanity Fair has no customer service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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