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Contacting uShip Customer Service Center

uShip is a unique company that pairs people who need something shipped with shippers willing to bid for the contract. The site is like eBay for shipping needs. uShip has been featured on the reality show Shipping Wars.

When customers use the uShip service they are connecting with shippers. uShip is not responsible for the shippers listed on the website so problems with a specific shipping company should be addressed to that company, not uShip.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

Contact information for uShip is extremely limited. We were able to find a Twitter page, Facebook page and email addresses for investors and press. Member support comes in the form of a FAQs page where some additional contact information is listed.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number listed on the uShip customer service page, but when you search the Member Support FAQs, you can find one phone number.

  • Customer Support: 1-800-698-7447 ext. 2

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address for uShip listed on the official website. This is a bit concerning because the company does take payments and charges fees, so there should be an address businesses can use to contact the company or send documents as needed. We searched the Member Support Center with no luck. We called the customer service department and secured the mailing address.

205 Brasa St.
Austin, TX 78703

Official Website

The official site for uShip is We also found the company on Twitter with the handle @uShip and on Facebook.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact the customer service department by email you can address your email to You can also submit a question in the Member Support Center.

We contacted the customer service department by email to ask if shippers could accommodate special health requests like no peanut products or a special clean-out of trucks to accommodate a fatal food allergy before shipping. We’ll see just how much uShip knows about the businesses that use the website to find business.

Our Experience

The phone number we found in the Member Support Center led us directly to the customer service department. We pressed the number 2 as suggested and the call was answered at 24 seconds by Rachel. The call was unexpectedly disconnected so we called back and it took more than one minute to answer the call. This time our call was answered by Rachel, again. We asked Rachel for the mailing address for uShip. She provided the address with no hiccups or questions as to why we needed the address.

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36 Comments on “Contact uShip Customer Service
  1. My name is Tammy Boulyaphonh i has bought one item crystal abstract sculpture tracking number 130828845825 should be delivery January 9,2013 but until right now we not see nothing I dont know what happen where is going? please help me find out thanks

  2. Your web site sucks what are you thinking its a pain in the ass you should fix . I would never recommend this service to anybody

  3. BEWARE of using to relocate your home! The service provider that won my bid was unprofessional & unreputable. They refused to work out minor changes to delivery location. I had no idea that using could be so risky. Delivery destination changed-not planned. The original location was 40 miles drive distance. New location was 29 miles closer going in the same direction. Agreed to pay xtra for 2nd stop to storage delivery also. No Discussion granted. The day before the scheduled move, the driver emailed me stating that he was refusing to show up but at the same time decided to keep my deposit. What’s even more, I purchased mover insurance from and has decided to keep the money that I paid for moving insurance, even though the mover that I got from their Website did not show up to do the job. After making multiple phone attempts to reach them, I received a call back from the day after the scheduled move stating that the service provider had 24hrs to contact uShip or else the service provider would be terminated off of the sight. It’s been nearly a month now since this has happened and the service provider is still listed on the sight. And has not resolved this issue at all. They also kept the money that I paid for shipping insurance. There has been no refund granted or given. customer service has not since returned any of my phone calls. And now, when I call, I only get their answering machine. This entire experience has been undesireable. Use this service at your own ristk. My advise to you is to STAY FAR AWAY! I would NOT wish what happened to our family on no one.

    • Within an hour after posting the above comments about my embarrasing experience with, I received a call from customer servcie agreeing to refund both my original deposit and the money that I spent for purchasing moving insurance through their organization. The customer service representative appeared empathetic and confirmed that the shipper’s account has been frozen to ensure that no other customers would have to go through what I went through. I received the monies that were owed to me in my paypal account on the very next business day. No, I am not happy about my initial shipping experience, however, I am very greatful to get my money back from

  4. It is a shame that I have been waiting on shippers rhat say one thing and not doing nothing.Won’t even return phone calls…Also shippers telling shippers what they think I will pay……B s its easy to find your phone number when you want to place my add is it

  5. I booked my move with a verified service provider. Uship asked me to prepay. Did so. The service provider came to my house, picked everything up and left. After a couple days, Uship sent me an email stating that the service provider account was disabled because had been busting other customers… now Uship is not answering my emails or phone calls to have my money refunded. So finally all my stuff was sotlen plus the money paid to Uship (i never authorized to release to service P… Uship has it and kept it). Can you believe that?

  6. i was searching the net & found u ship has 58 complaints filed against them with the bbb i looked at them & it backs up what i say about them, this is not a big bussiness it is a few individuals putting on a front, very unproffesiaonal. they finally suspended me from transporting through them. romans 8-28 says all things are done for the good of those that love him according to his purpose. i am so glad i have a big god. i am not a religous freak but am a believer in him & his power, he protects me against peaple like this. i don,t know what was on the horion but he does. i write this not out of vengance but out of responsibility to do waht i can to protect others. i am retired and only get loads when i buy something myself somewhere and wnat to get fuel money to get there. i am retired trucking co ownere. my son took it over. i do have all athority & insurance so i contacted central dispatch, they are responasible, it took me a while to get signed up with them because they do chaeck everything. insurance dot, mc & if it don,t match you don,t use them. you get 30 days freee & then it is $79 per month. no upfront charges for transporting uship makes the customer pay them up frony 7 when you deliver they give you the code to get paid. basically handling your money for about 3 weeks. now if shipper messes your stuff up i don,t know what they do. i will give you a scenario. i ship my new harley ultra witht hem. 30k investment. the shipper doesn,t show up. i already paid uship for shipment so i figure ok they will handle it. they call mem back & tell me they can,t get ahold of the shipper & we will contact you back. then finally they call & say we will refund you. it looks asthough the shipper has defected to maexico. he has stole a whole load of harley,s and they found him in tamaulipas but mexican authorityies won,t deport him. go figure

  7. I was recently shipping my dog across the country. The man and his wife seemed nice. However they only got my dog to San Antonio Texas. At that time the father called to say all his kids loved my dog and they wanted to keep it. I said no. Then after keeping the dog for two weeks, they threatened to not finish delivery my dog unless I wrote a #1 review for their shipping line. So of course I did, just to protect my dog. Well the dog is delivered to Las Vegas now. BEWARE of the extortion that can take place through the site.

  8. booked a shipment, paid the bill, and that’s the last I’ve heard of them. Calling my C.C. company to halt payment. Hopefully.
    Lousy experience !!!!

  9. Great compan. I booked a shipment and ended up wanting to cancel. They refunded all my money no question asked. Would recommend using them! Great customer service never was transferred or even put on hold!

  10. I am writing to express my continuing dissatisfaction with your company’s service on my shipment from Orlando Fl. to Bernardsville, NJ. It took three times to book a shipment at your web site. The first two times the truckers cancelled after agreeing to the contract. Third time John Hill from Tampa agreed to ship a motorcycle, a 32” LCD TV, and 10 boxes to NJ. John Hill’s profile stated that he had insurance and was covered for $10,000.00. I purchased the additional insurance that your web site offers in case a problem would arise. I thought I was covered.
    The trucker stated he dropped the bike and broke the windshield and kickstand. Mr. John Hill proactively called me and told me about the mishap and offered $200.00 compensation. I told him I would have to see the bike and verify that the aforementioned items were all that was damaged. Upon delivery there was significantly more damage. I had the driver sign the bill of lading for the damage done over and above the kickstand and windshield. There was previous damage on the bike before shipping and I told John Hill these would not be included in the charge back.
    We took pictures of the bike before and after the shipment which shows the damages. We had an estimate done and the cost of repair was in excess of $2000.00. The insurance you sell on the web site is useless. They denied the claim because I have motorcycle insurance. Deep in the contract it does state that they will only pay over what the motorcycle insurance covers. Why would anyone buy worthless additional insurance if first I have to file a claim with my insurance and have my rates go up when I did nothing wrong. Mr. John Hill’s profile stated he had insurance, which he did not.
    I know you are a third party regarding disputes and Chole S. has been excellent in trying to negotiate a settlement. The shipper is a deadbeat and should not be allowed to do this again. This couldn’t be the vision you had when you started uShip. All shippers who contract with uShip should me mandated to have insurance. I will be pursuing legal action. I will be adding uShip as a defendant because uShip allowed a material misrepresentation on their web site. That material misrepresentation led to a contract with a non-insured shipper.

  11. A felon sex offender came to my house via this website. I had no idea either. He took my shipment and then they canceled his account in transit because he was a felon sex offender…..I never got my stuff back. Still filing police reports. Meanwhile, their fraud department says its my fault I didn’t do a background check on these guys and i’m out of luck. F these guys

  12. as a transporter im going on the limb saying im sorry for all those customers whos had issues with those bad transporters out there whom make us good folks look bad. my wife and i are military veterans myself us marine corps she was in the army briefly. none the less we take cusomer service and satisfaction to the highest as well as communication taking pics of the item or items prior to pick up so you see what it looks like before we put our hands on it as this saves us from potential blames thats not needed. we have done military moves,furniture deliveries which included set ups,household moves and recently a 20′ pvc composite bridge to omlahoma city oklahoma to a church from six flags over georgia. all damage free as seen in our reviews. one customer we are trying to resolve an issue with for nonpayment of services rendered after falsely accusing us damaging her bed which we never done such which we have pics our attorney and uship customer service saying the same thing backing us up. but anyhow if you want true service go with us as you have three veterans that will pull thru in e suring your items picked up secured transported taken care of from beginning to delivery. when i said three veterans this includes a retired us marine corporal whom is a wounded warrior friend of ours who helps us as needed. thank you and god bless

  13. I arranged a single pallet shipment to be picked up in Palm Beach Gardens Florida on 7/14/14 to be delivered to Winchester Virginia. The delivery was awarded to Landstar Transportation. After missing the scheduled pick-up date, they passed the load off to Roadrunner Transport. They picked-up the pallet 3 days late and kept it in their shipping chain for approx. 6 days and then they passed it off to UPenn Transport. UPenn then delivered the pallet to Wilson Trucking at their Richmond Virginia terminal. After speaking with customer service at their Richmond terminal, they confirmed the pallet is in their possession and will be shipped overnight to our local Wilson Trucking terminal and delivery should be expected 7/25/14 via Wilson trucking. 12 days for a single pallet to my Virginia location from Florida and the shipment passed us twice prior to an expected delivery tomorrow. We will never use this service again.

  14. I picked up a boat for tim danis, got it there before the time frame.. told him i wanted cash, he paid uship, My bank still hasnt received the money.. what gives.. where is my money>?

  15. My shipment did not book and I was charged 4 times on my credit card. I was frustrated considering it was my first experience with USHIP. Customer Service made sure I was taken care of by transferring me over to your LTL Team. The LTL Team… 2 thumbs up and that’s only because I just have 2. I wanted to take time and thank everyone that was involved in making sure all my needs were met. They were very patient and knowledgeable. Not being a big customer I just knew my needs would not be that important. Thanks for proving me wrong. I will make sure I use and all my contacts know about USHIP !!!!
    All The Best,
    James Maxwell

  16. I waited 12 weeks for a delivery in Australia paid deposit to carrier said he was connected to uship he never did job kept depsoit Peter Craig Mann know as Criag is a conman, scammer and fraudster.

  17. I have askt 8times for use to call me or give me a number to call use I’ve never workt for such a Muppet company like uship uk . Wat a joke use are .


  19. My most frustrating part of posting bids on Uship is; I m a slow typist, and I am sooo sick – n – darned tired of typing out a bid which I’ve carefully thought out, and it does’nt post due to taking too long to type. i then have to do it all over again. :O(


  20. I just need to ship a small 1970s motorcycle from Tenesee to Nebraska. So not a big motorcycle like is listed in your examples. Mototorycle is a lot smaller and weighs a lot less. How can I get an estimate? I don’t know your size dimensions either. It’s a small 250cc triumph.,,,

  21. I was buying something off of e bay and was looking for a bid to ship it to me. Heard from some people and replied back but never heard back after that and had to retract my bid on e bay. Will not put a bid back on u ship.

  22. USHIP, I had a motorcycle picked up ebay uship ref # 25710922 by your transport team Stephen and Randy, While turning his 48 ft. triple axle trailer around thru my neighbors drive he side swipted his truck. I have tried to make contact with randy with no luck. Now if got a pissed off neighbor, wanting his truck repaired. Please email me with support on this matter. Thanks,

  23. Your damn company is so screwed up. You connected me with a hauler, he is a jerk, a month, and my load is not here yet. 500 miles.
    You charged him $29.00 so you are responsible for him. It has been since feb. 29, 2016. They say March 2, 2016. But even then, it has been over 30 days, and no cycle. I figure you are responsible being you sent him, charged him, I take it being from you, he is valid. NOhere it is a full month, and I am still waiting. He has had no break downs, just hasn’t delivered it yet. The last thing I heard was, it is in Florida. They had to pass by my house to get there. WHAT A RIP OFF. Next time, I go directly to a company on my own. I will scream to Ebay about it also. They should stop pushing a company like you!!!!!!!! ddd
    May reject the product, you cheat the man out of $ 1600.00 plus ssipping return. You are a crummy no feeling company.

  24. This is a P>S> I can’t get on to my account. A product like mine keeps coming up. Wrong year, wrong model, wrong state, wrong everything. It makes up its own item just because it is similar. ddd
    Not a forgiving web page…..

  25. very hard or impossible too phone dont reply too your emails and getting a refund is very hard i will stick too anyvan least they have a phone number if you have any problems

  26. If the shipper agrees to cancel the booking how many days will it take to get a refund, and the Uship credit that I may book a provider that can deliver? How do I use the credit at checkout to pay for the new booking? Or should I just call you to pay for a booking, and receive my $104 credits.
    The reason that I am requesting cancellation is that the shipper can not deliver the auto within the contract time, and they have no shippers lined up. I have talked to them several times over the last week, and all they said is that they can come to no agreements with shippers because of wages and insurance issues.

  27. Just now I have shopping a combo pack cleft palate feeding bottle from amazon and payment made from my credit card but order show zero. I cosfused. Please solve it.

  28. Can’t get in touch with uship can’t track the number as it comes up not recognised I have been waiting for a van to be delivered between 10/12 today it’s not here yet no replies to emails can’t find a phone number mover to call direct

  29. am missing two diff pkg two orders order #19552952 dated 09192018 & orders #19696230 dated 09/22/2018…both boxes was delivery at front door but I never got them I was out,,,totaling 18.86 & 34.97 please can you re-ship it again..never got it please

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