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Contacting USA Today Customer Service Center

USA Today is a national newspaper delivered all over the United States. Unlike other newspapers, USA Today does not report local information specific to just one area. An annual subscription to the newspaper costs $195 as of 2012. There is also a shorter four-week subscription that customers can place on an automatic renewal policy if desired. The USA Today is delivered in person or by US Mail depending on your location. All delivery costs are included in the subscription price.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Calling customer service can quickly resolve problems with subscriptions, delivery and payments. You can access customer service online as well.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-872-0001
  • Corrections: 1-800-872-7073

Mailing Address

USA Today offers the following mailing address for all customer service contact.

USA Today / USAToday.com7950 Jones Branch DriveMclean, VA 22108-0605

Official Website

The official website for the newspaper is This is not the customer service portal, however. If you wish to access the customer service portal for subscribers, you can do so at You can also log in to your account and manage your subscription, view a digital copy of the paper and more.

USA Today is also available to answer your customer service questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

A customer service email is not published on the contact page, but there are several forms subscribers can use to contact the customer service department.

Letters to the editor can be sent via an online form located at This form requires writers include a phone number that will be used to verify the submission before publication. All letters should be a maximum of 250 words. Editors reserve the right to change your submission (from an editing perspective) as needed before publication.

Our Experience

The USA Today customer service phone number is answered by an automated system. On the day we called the service line was busier than normal so all calls were routed through an automated system. We pressed 0 to bypass the system and our call was immediately placed on hold. The hold time was less than 30 seconds, but it took two minutes to make it to the hold line. We asked the customer service representative if there were any deals for new subscribers and she quoted us the introductory price of $195 – the same price listed on the website as the normal subscription price.

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110 Comments on “Contact USA Today Customer Service
  1. I received a letter in the mail from USAToday for a $22 a month subscription fee called ‘EZ PAY’. As I am a daily reader, I’m interested in this program. I called the 800 number at the bottom of the letter, and the ‘voice’ told me I need to use the internet for that program. I see nothing mentioning an EZ PAY program. Assistance, please.

  2. Customer service USA Today- what a joke -what a pitiful excuse for a (major?) player. After waiting on the 800 line and finally opting for a next in line call back- the call back put me on hold/wait never to be connected to a rep. Did this twice just to prove to myself that this was no random problem. And all I wanted to know: Was there a print edition paper on Memorial Day? SHAME ON YOU USA TODAY SERVICE- You are really a TERRIBLE representative for the word SERVICE. signed FRUSTRATED

  3. I have been a loyal customer since the early 1990s. I made a payment of $277.98 on 11/7/13 that was confirmed at the time to carry my subscription through 12/28/14.
    Recent invoices changed that date to 12/8/14 and raised the cost to $300 with a $4.82 credit. Three calls to your 800 number offered no explanation for the change, but in each case I was assured that someone from Billing would call me. No one has bothered to reply.
    As a senior citizen on a fixed income,I am not interested in paying $300/year, especially when I see that new customers are offered a $180 subscription.
    Please reply.

  4. account #344252597 I didn’t receive my papers on or for Monday (2nd) or Tuesday (3rd) and expect you to issue credit for those papers to my account – I usually get them the next day but that didn’t happen either. Thank you for doing what I expect you to do.

  5. We have had delivery issues with this newspaper ever since we started the subscription. We are getting tired of calling the newspaper at least 1 time per week to report the problem. We are at the end of our rope after the time runs out on our subscription. We will switch to a different newspaper.

  6. On 2-25-2015 I mailed you a check for a two month renewal. Last Monday I rec’d a paper delivered to my home. I am still waiting for the 2nd one to arrive. Not sure why your delivery person does not deliver the paper I believe it is the San Francisco paper carrier but for some reason he/she is not delivering the paper. If you cannot get it to me please refund the amount of my subscription.


  8. I have not had a paper delivered in a week! I have called four times, but no results! I am canceling the subscription.

  9. Dear Staff ,
    For the last three weeks ,I have not been able to pull-up the e copy of USA Today .We have called customer service at least six times to get help ; but to no avail .We have literally
    spent hours on the phone . None of the suggestions of the representatives have helped .I login and get the editors’ picks page ; but no content shows. The latest time that I tried ,the
    message(there is no document loaded) appeared on the right side of the screen .Over the three weeks , in the process of trying to login ,a number of different messages ,such as(no record of your email)have popped up .
    USA Today is delivered to our home M-F , and that is great ! But ,I would like to read the e versions on Saturday and Sunday .
    Your help in resolving the problem will be appreciated .Thank you
    ps:I have been a subscriber to USA Today for a number of years ; but my account shows only three months

  10. We have not gotten a paper all last week and so far this week. It seems you have a delivery problem every where. I don’t want to read this on line, I want the actual paper. To get results I have to keep getting on line to you every day. This is no way to run a business. We have no alternative but to cancel and we will think about doing just that if you can’t get your act together.

  11. I ordered the advertised special of USA Today. The quoted price listed was $19.95 for three months.
    USA Today responded with a confirmation of the order but stated that the order was confirmed for $25.00 for a one month subscription. Not what they offered and not what I ordered.
    I will point out that USA Today does not display the agreed upon order before you punch the accept key. I want the order cancelled or changed to what I ordered. Lewis B Manges

  12. I have not received my USA TODAY FOR 11 BUSINESS DAYS. EACH DAY I CALL IN TO 1-800-872-001 AND NOTHING HAPPENS.

    WHO CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!!!



  13. We have not received our paper for three days. What is the problem?

    Thank you,

    Vince Finnegan
    5207 Via Capote
    Thousand Oaks, Ca 91320

  14. I continue to have problems receiving my daily USA Today on the day it is scheduled to be delivered. I often don’t even get the newspaper at all. I have been instructed to call the 800 number when I don’t receive my newspaper. The phone call this morning said I had to wait for the mail to be delivered even though I had not gotten one issue this week. We have tried to talk with the person in charge of our area; we’ve tried to talk to the post master for this area. No luck, they don’t return our phone calls or they are out of the office. I am asking for your help in this matter. I’ve done all that I know how to do. Please help get this matter straightened out and help me receive my newspaper on the day I should get it.

  15. I called a few weeks ago to report poor delivery. Nothing has been done and no one has gotten back to me after my phone call. Yesteday I had no paper. Today I had no Tuesday paper but received Mondays. Last week I missed Tuesday and Friday. Almost always miss Fridays.
    I would like to cancel my expensive subscription. Enough is enough.
    Please get back to me.

  16. I have a complaint: I have 2 homes, my summer home is @ 1612 Prestwick Dr,Lawrence, KS 66047. Phone: 785-841-1629. My winter home is @ 48-744 Vista Palomino,La Quinta,CA 92253. Phone 760-771-5177. For 18 years I have taken USA TODAY 6 months in KS and 6 months in CA. I called the last week in Sept. and told the USA TODAY representative to stop my paper in KS on 9-30-15 and start my paper in CA on 10-2-15. Still no USA TODAY even though I’m paying for it.
    I called USA TODAY number on 10-5-15 and she said she was with the DESERT SUN and she said I could expect my USA TODAY by 10-7-15. This should be an easy transition, but not for your people. I take 4 newspapers and I have no trouble with them getting the address transferred. Can someone help me? My name is L G Noller

  17. I am having a local problem here in Oregon. I used to pick up your newspaper at a local 7/11 store about 1 mile from my home. We had no problem with the fellow who was 80 years old, after he retired about a month ago ,there hasn’t been any bundle of USA delivered to that location. I have sea ached several other locations all over Albany Oregon with NO SUCCESS.The shop owners really DO not have any answers about WHY they are NOT getting the PARERS delivered to their location…..Got any ideas WHY? Lee

  18. I am lost without my almost daily USA TODAY newspaper. Cannot find them in several locations until about 6 weeks ago. Please check out your files to see what is going on here in Albany oregon THANK you Leon

    • Waiting for more feedback from USA TODAY about lack of sites to find for USA TODAY NEWsPAPERS in ALBANY OREGON LAD

  19. I just sent my request for info of WHY has so Many EX( or soon to be ) readers extremely upset about your Very POOR handling of request concerning USA TODAY Newspaper. Question,,,,,Has China grabbed up this newspaper like it has grabbed up every other phase of our daily life?

  20. I find the placement and press sensitivity of your add for the Uber App a royal pain…It is almost impossible to read a story on your web site with out activating the app…I am going to delete my app for USA Today and USA sports due to this issue…It really does suck

  21. What has happened to the daily 4-5 puzzles (word)??? I have been trying for 3 hours to log on and nothing happens!! I have done these puzzles for the past 8 or so years.

  22. After waiting for 52minutes, and 31seconds I hung up on your “some one will be with you shortly”. Why do you people refuse to talk with real people. Unfortunatrly my respect for newspaper has been downgraded from an 8 to 2, because of this fiasco. All I wanted was to be clarified about the notice We received regarding our subscription. My account # is:346654749. Look it up! Also look up how long we have been subscribers.

  23. I just received a bill for $75.78. I have not been receiving any issues and have not had a subscription since we moved here from 43 Card Sound Road. Please adjust your records. You are billing me for service I have not received.

  24. Without going into a lot of details about my problems with USA Today.I can summarize them by saying DISGRACEFUL. Customer Service at USA Today does not exist.It is the most frustrating time I have ever experienced. All I wanted to do was get my paper delivered.

  25. I have called last week to complain about not getting the newspaper on time or not at all. A representative was supposed to get back in touch with me. No one has and I have been trying to talk to a REAL person for hours now on the phone. I WILL BE CANCELLING this subscription!! I will stop payment of any amount after this day because I can’t get in contact with anyone who will cancel for me!! Your avoidance is SOOO annoying!!

  26. The crossword puzzles this week have been lame. Until Monday, March 7, they were simple enough to do in a few minutes, but still had some of a challenge. Yesterday and today my 5th grade aged granddaughter would have no trouble with them. Please go back to the other ones.

  27. Ihave been trying to get my new carrier’s name & phone to mail qtrly tip. Please help me with/wed,thursday,friday Name. I have the Mon,, Tueday name.

    dale grafton
    869 wager rd
    rocky river, OH 44116

  28. I am furious……again. Since you have such a blatant disregard for customer service this will probably be ignored, as per usual. I have notified you numerous times and……surprise! nothing happens .I did not get the March 16 and 17 and again paper. I realize you have the advantage but I would think someone on your staff would make a move in the right direction and correct these errors. Oh, I forgot. You’re the boss. Act like one and correct problems.

  29. as a subscriber for 28 years and every year i was able to get a discount
    PS the discount was received/but not with the cust sv people my acct number 3114795
    please reply

  30. I have home delivery to my house everyday. I live on Main Street, Stratford, Ct. The delivery person that we have has not been leaving the newspaper everyday like he should. It seems that we receive the paper every other day. I am not paying for this newspaper to be delivered everyday if it is not being delivered every day. I will cancel my subscription if this continues. Thank you for your help.

  31. This is the worst customer service ever! I can’t get the people on the phone; it sounds like a bad foreign language recording with no humans. The web sites are all full of advertising for other products. All I wanted to do in the beginning was change my address. I tried to cancel my subscription in frustration and was told I had to do it in person after waiting ten minutes twice and having them hang up on me. All this after home delivery for four years!

  32. i was supposed
    to get a paper last Wednesday, I was assured for 3 days that a paper would be brought to me. you have my address and e mail. Please tell me the name of my carrier and i’ll call him. Is it the same carrier as the Press Register? I assume you’ll credit my account for the no deliveries, but you may flop on that ,too.

    Incidentally, your service personnel spew such a ridiculous condescending blather of apologies , that you know they’re not going to do or change anything. And guess what? No Paper! Nothing happens except I try on Email.


  33. We are receiving a USA Today newspaper everyday. However, we did not subscribe to it and would like it to stop coming to our home. Thank you.

  34. In your article written by Jane Onyamga-Omara about the UK gun violence she spelled the country Wales as Whales, seriously, how could this get by her and a proofreader. You should be ashamed.

  35. I have tried every method known to God to unsubscribe to USA Today. My husband recently passed away, and I no longer want the paper, especially since your editorial writer apparently would rather have someone who thinks she ( Hillary) is above the law be President than Donald Trump, who at least does not lie to the American people daily. I want nothing to do with a paper which would print such trash. How dare you! I have tried all your phone numbers, gone on line and cannot unsubscribe….PLEASE STOP SENDING ME YOUR YELLOW JOURNALISM AS OF THIS MOMENT, 10-l-16 I will expect a final bill in the mail soon.

  36. I am trying to cancel the paper for a vacation location and the 1-800 number keeps saying “call back during regular business hours” and then the recording gives the hours…………….and I AM CALLING DURING THOSE HOURS. What’s the deal. Can’t get thru on a Sunday at 11:30 EST and yet, the recording says they are available during this hour????

  37. I subscribed to USA today with a promotion on 1/13/17 . Promotion code 8K3FD and to this day I have not received gift card for $15. NOT GOOD

  38. I ama veteran, northerner, retired teacher and a very big observor. Get on with sports leave the statues alone.we have enough hate by the Hillay losers.

  39. The utter incompetence is stunning. I never renewed my subscriptions. I am done with USAToday. Your coverage is unprofessional at best. Do not send me a bill. I am paid in full. Do not send me another paper. Do not hound me by phone or email. I have had it. Remove my personal information from your database. Do not contact me again. Do not tell me to call on Saturday and then have your computer tell me that they will not accept my call on Saturday.
    I hope I have made it clear enough for you.

  40. I have been trying for the past two weeks to get the paper delivered to the correct house. We apparently got a new delivery person that can’t read house numbers. My house is 4603 and the paper is delivered to 4606. We live in a town home community and the houses are all similar but this was not a problem when we moved here over a year ago. Unfortunately our delivery person we had at that time no longer delivers the paper. I have sent USA Today two emails (never responded) and I’ve called the 800 number twice and was told they would refer my complaint. Nice customer service people but nothing changed

  41. I have tried calling numerous times , the web and voice recording over the phone are Clear that you should be open today Sunday from 7am to 3pm. But the call center says they are closed. Then it gives you the regular business hours which include Sunday. I am not happy that I have been trying to reach someone for the past two days and I have not been get connected with anyone. This is false advertisement and your Customer service center is never available. Your business is required by law to provide accurate contact information. You customer service center is not open therefore you are not properly conducting business. I am most certain that the BBB, would considered this to be misleading and false advertisement.


  43. I am very displeased that our USA Today newspaper is not placed in our newspaper box (directly below our mailbox)!!! Instead, it is tossed in our yard, driveway, beside our flower bed or placed in our mailbox (a federal offense).

    I would like this corrected before the snow flies, as I don’t want to “hunt” for my newspaper amidst the snow piles!

  44. We have been subscribers USA Today while living in Tennessee. This past week we moved to St. Joseph MI. I requested
    An address change and received an E mail confirmation. Also noticed a payment showing up on my bank statement.
    BUT have NOT seen a paper yet. Should have started
    Dec. 11.

  45. Not happy at all trying to contact you has been a big lie said you would call back in 30 to 45 min. That has been 4 hours .tried to call now its up to 2 hour and it won’t let me leave a number to have a call back. I have tried on line will not let me on said I have wrong password .what can I do to have my service stopped

  46. In my opinion, your paper should report the news and not express your views. Regardless of who is the President, you need to respect the Office. Your comments about a sitting President has forced me to NEVER purchase or read your newspaper. It’s amazing no comments from your “newspaper” never made such outrageous comments in the last eight years under President Obama. It is, however, refreshing to see the “true colors”.

  47. Very upset! I changed my address to St. Joseph, MI from Fairfield Glade TN where I have gotten USA Today delivered by a carrier, for years always on time and never a problem. Now in MI where service was to start on Monday of this week, nothing except on Wednesday there was a Tuesday paper in the mailbox. Nothing today.
    I have sent messages and called, but no responses. If the USA Today is undeliverable to me in St. Joseph , MI, THEN tell me. I am paying for this subscription, and would like an answer. Thank you.

  48. I haven’t received a newspaper this week and this is Wednesday. When I complain to my local carrier, they tell me there weren’t enough USA Today papers. Therefore I am canceling my subscription.

  49. Bruce lehman #007413087# 4253 N. Missouri St. Harlingen, Tx 78550-3104
    I did not receive the paper on Friday Dec 22 but I was not too concerned as this happens every once in a while and I get it the next day I do not know if it is the fault of the paper or is it the fault of the postal service. This time I did not get the paper at all. Since there are puzzles that I like to follow, it irritates me when it does not come and of course I go to the computer and your policy must be you read it that day or you don’t get to read it at all via the internet. So I call this morning to tell someone about the situation and was put on hold which went to a busy signal after waiting a few minutes I realized I had been hung up on. This does set well with me and is no way to treat a customer. I would like Fridays paper either in hard copy or via the internet.

  50. I have called several times to have my paper delivered to our home in NC. The average wait time was 1-3 hours. I put my name on the call back list to be called in the order I phoned – from 2-3 hours. I sat by the phone for 3 hours which ended at 7:30 p.m. I then called again and was told you were closed. So no one called me. If I can ever get in touch with you, I am going to cancel our subscription.

  51. Trying to contact you re change to my autopay account. Someone in customer service was supposed to call me at 2:00pm yesterday–NO CALL. Today unsuccessful at contacting you via website.

    I am not impressed with access to your costumer service department.

  52. I have been trying to change our address for our USA Today since around the 20th of December. I have never been able to reach anyone. Please help!

  53. Your PLEDGE “satisfaction delivered” is fake advertising. “Highest standards of customer service” is a joke. You have no customer service. I’ve tried every avenue (phone, e-mail chat, e-mail message) over the past week to cancel my subscription, and have yet to speak to a live person. Your “pledge” to return my call does not happen. Am now sending a request (by regular mail) to subscriber address in Dallas to cancel my subscription –hoping some person will honor my request.

  54. I have called customer service with “tired of waiting on the phone”, this time 38 min. What is wrong with you people? I am letting you know that when this subscription runs out I HAVE CANCELLED. Do not send anymore after that date.

  55. I have tried contacting you on-line and on phone without results, so I have to say your customer service is non existent and unacceptable.

  56. I having been trying for over a month to obtain a W-9. I was told to send the request by fax and have done so 3 times. My company’s back office changed accounting systems and therefore I lost the vendor for you. We would love to continue getting the paper but I can’t pay the invoice without the W-9.

  57. Contacted your customer service when after I placed a hold on my subscription for the month of Feb. I was still billed. Was told even though bill was
    over $27 I could only receive 25$ credit. Service rep was unable to explain why your mistake costs me money and didn’t even try. She was also more than happy to cancel my subscription for good. I am recontacting you to double check that she processed my credit and suggest maybe more customer service training is in order.

  58. I didn’t get my paper today, nor did I get it one day last week. I’m having a hard time finding the webpage to report it.

  59. The USA Today online Crossword Puzzle for today can not be worked because it keeps “locking up” and won’t respond to keystrokes. This has been an ongoing problem. Please fix this.

  60. I know USAToday will never see this but thanks for allowing me to vent. During our last subscription USAToday automatically renewed our subscriptions without our permission. When I called to restart they said I owed them money for weeks of papers I didn’t order and didn’t received. I think they waived that fee but who knows.
    The new subscription has been a nightmare. We started Dec 26, that paper was received Jan 3 because of the WRONG ADDRESS. Even though I made it perfectly clear that the address HAD TO BE EXACT – it was wrong. We sent in a note asking them to correct it. In the meantime, no paper was received. Finally a couple of old papers came to the new address given – WHICH THEY STILL DID NOT GET RIGHT. After that, we moved.
    Since the 1st part of February I have been trying to get through by phone. After literally hours and hours of waiting on hold I have given up. None of the online “choices” allow me make my complaint OR CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION. UNBELIEVABLE. We are going to cancel and will NEVER subscribe to USAToday again.

  61. I have not received my Billy Graham booklet as of this date, order # 290028 shipped on 3/7/2018. This was ordered on 2/28/2018, please check on the order and let me know.

    Merl Fagan

  62. On receipt of our latest credit card statement, we noticed that you put through an additional charge of $4.73 on April 2 for an extension that we neither authorized nor requested.Our last payment of made on March 8 of $21,14 was to have been the last charge on our credit card. Upon receipt of this charge we called USA Today and were told too bad we placed this charge and you must pay it. Considering that we have left the location where the paper was delivered and the fact that we feel that USA Today should not be able to put charges through that were neither requested nor authorized. This does not leave us with a good feel for USA Today.

  63. No home delivery of USA Today today (5-16-2018). This has happened nearly every week since Sept, 2017. Please correct this situation, or I will be canceling my subscription. Very exasperating!
    John E Hunt

  64. Hi


    Why on earth is your site no longer available in Europe?

    There is nothing to see on what you call the “USA TODAY NETWORK EUROPEAN UNION EXPERIENCE”. Is that part of Goofy’s err Donald’s “America First” experience?



  65. Once again, the newspaper was not delivered.
    I’ve complained several times but to no avail.
    My newspaper comes often during the week after I leave for work. It’s delivered from 5am to 8am….never consistent. Sometimes I am so irritated I don’t comment to you and buy the Wall Street Journal or NY Post on my way to work.

  66. Did USA Today stop home delivery?. Signed up in May at our new address in Camp Hill, Pa. and they billed us on June 1 and our credit card was charged. Neither us or the largest grocery chain in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is receiving their newspapers. Is USA Today going the way of Sears? None of our telephone calls or emails to their customer service have produced anything but empty promises, and nobody will tell us what the problem is.

  67. Sunday my newspaper was soaking wet I called customer service and they asked for my phone number. Itold them it was 321 241 3471. They said there was no record of that number and HUNG UP. I do subscribe to Sunday/Wednesday
    delivery and want to know what phone number you have?.

    My address is 609 Mimosa Ct. 32940

  68. No delivery of USA Today (again) on this day. (9 July). This has happened 3-8 times per month for the past 10 months. I have notified you many times with no results. Crediting my account is not adequate. I am credited 54 cents, but it costs $2.00 to replace the paper, plus the inconvenience. You’re losing me!


  69. RE: post card and Premium Editions. I do not want these “extras” that apparently are delivered with the Sunday edition of Cincinnati Enquirer. It seems these extras will be automatically charged to me after Aug 1st. Why would I pay for something I don’t want and will only put In the recycle bin?

  70. I have had a subscription for several years delivered to my home every day but I moved and received 2 copies in 10 by mail 4 days late. I do not wish to read history but I would like very much to have my paper delivered daily to at my new address. My new address is: Lionel Hartzog, 3002 Jack Rabbit Rd. Temple Texas 76502

  71. It seems like not getting your paper is a common thread. I had the paper delivered 2.5 years and lost count as to how many times it was not delivered. Then I called Feb of this year to cancel and the girl said I was paid until march so I said cancel after that. I dropped the ball in checking my checking account and sure enough the account was not canceled and I have been charged since April for a paper I am not even receiving since I moved out of the area. The customer service girls was very nice and said they would refund 90 days maybe. I should get the full 5 months due to mental anguish over the amount of missed papers. So accounting I want my 5 month back.

  72. I ordered the newspaper 2 weeks ago. It has never been delivered, either by carrier or in the mail. I have called 4 times and results promised have never occurred.

  73. I have NEVER had such horrible customer service. I advertised for years with the Ventura County Star which was bought out by USA Today (Ginnett) I tried to call there local office only to be told by a machine there was a 1 hour and 42 minute wait. So I then drove over to the office only to find the door locked and a note saying if you need assistance call . . . . REDICULOUS!!!! I am an advertiser looking to advertise in the local paper and can’t get ANY assistance. This explains why newspapers are going out of business.

  74. worst home delivery we have ever experienced! Want the paper, but it keeps on being cancelled. Multiple calls from me on hold l forever! Will cancel, if I can ever get anyone.


  76. My brother is receiving two papers instead of one. One has #006779352, the other has #004687732. He is only suppose to be receiving one paper and the sports weekly. I have tried calling customer service and have not been helped. Worst customer service experience ever. Tried to do call back and person acted like they couldn’t hear me and hung up. Waited on hold and person just said all I see is one paper, so no problem. He is still getting two papers, so yes, there is a problem. His name is Arthur Callahan. Also, website was not user friendly. My USA Today experience has not been a good one.

  77. We fail to receive our paper at least 3 times a month. The following day we receive 2.Any suggestions as how to resolve this ongoing problem?
    Thank you,
    Mary Cox

  78. Its getting to be a problem in not getting the news paper. We have missed two of the last 3 delivery dates. You can’t talk to a real person at USA Today. They assured me the last time it wouldn’t happen again. If my paper is not delivered again I will just cancel.

    Jim Holder
    7739 La Cabeza Dr.
    Dallas, Texas 75248

  79. Your service is terrible. I have missed two of the last 3 days getting the paper. Just getting your bill corrected.doesn’t give us a paper for that day We will give you another chance. It this doesn’t work we will just cancel.

    • My home delivery service has completely stopped after many days of irregular service. I have recorded my missed papers with your automatic phone contact each day in recent weeks but I had a long period of poor service that I didn’t report. Last week after waiting on hold for about 15 minutes I spoke to a USA Today customer service employee who didn’t seem to have a solution to my morning delivery issue. She promised to have a regional USA delivery person contact me via phone but that did not happen. I prefer a hard copy to the electronic version. For more than a year I received my paper via mail which was usually a day late but that worked fine for me. Can you reinstate mail service if you can’t correct the morning home delivery issue.

  80. I have called this department 5 times because I am NOT getting my paper here in Portland, Maine. I have been told my account is up to date and everything will be taken care of…..NOT!!! Today I waited for the carrier to come and again no USA. He said he was told I was not to get it anymore????? Could you please get in touch with this carrier or do something so that I can get this paper delivered!!!

  81. I am not getting the online copy of the usa today so I have to go back in old mail and bring it up. Please start sending it so I do nothave to find an old emial to see the new paper

  82. I am not receiving the USAToday on a regular basis. For me it comes by mail carrier but has been very sporadic at best. This has been going on for about 4 weeks. What is the problem and can it be corrected.

  83. My USA Today was not delivered today, December 10. Your customer service number is not working. Please credit my account.

  84. Cancel my subscription after Dec 31, 2018. I will contact my credit card to report any charges after 31 Dec 2018. Thank you. Marilyn Rowlette Cell: 13168473898

  85. Cancel my subscription after January 7. 2019, the last day for which I have paid.Thank you. My phone # is I-985-893-2763.

  86. My husband has been a long-time subscriber to USA Today, is handicapped and cannot start his day, it seems,without the paper. However, for the past 3 weeks the carrier has not delivered the paper which is very upsetting to us both. Having contacted our carrier and USA Today about this delivery problem, the situation has still not been resolved. Reading the paper via email is not an option, by the way. Paying for the subscription and not receiving the paper plus getting no help from your customer service is very frustrating for us as loyal customers!!!

  87. Dear USA today,

    It explains in revelations of The Bible: Revelations 13: 16-17 Also it cases all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666. Get food and water supplies before it is too late. Jesus Christ returns for his church soon. Take care! If you already have a microchip you could leave your job and have it removed. You can work until the microchip comes into the public arena.

    Yours sincerely,

    Natalia Truex

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    Could you please unscribe me from all your newsletters.
    I’ve done it a few times but I keep receiving your newletters.

    I don’t want to receive any more newsletters from USA TODAY.

    Thanks to confirm that this has been done.

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