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Contacting US Bank Customer Service Center

Banks used to be all about money, but multi-tasking and the need to grow business and branch out meant moving into other financial arenas. US Bank is more than a personal bank. This company offers everything from personal checking and savings accounts to credit cards and student loans. Any and every financial service you could imagine is available from US Bank.

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Contact Info

US Bank lists more than enough contact information for the different branches of the bank. We are focusing on personal banking; because those are the consumers who typically need the most help finding the best way to contact US Bank customer service.

Phone Contact Numbers

When calling the US Bank customer service call center, you’ll have to call during local bank business hours. US Bank lists customer service phone numbers by city.

  • Cincinnati Metro: 1-513-632-4141
  • Denver Metro: 1-303-585-8585
  • Milwaukee Metro: 1-414-765-4636
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro: 1-612-872-2657
  • Portland Metro: 1-503-872-2657
  • St. Louis Metro: 1-314-425-2000
  • All Other Banking Locations: 1-800-872-5065
  • US Bancorp Investments: 1-800-888-4700
  • Order New Checks, Deposit and Withdraw Slips: 1-877-838-5287

Mailing Address

US Bancorp
US Bancorp Center
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Official Website

New, current and potential US Bank customers can view the official website at The website is the hub of account activity and business promotion. The front page is where the bank sells new rates, savings and checking accounts. From there the current customer can log in to their account and make changes, order new services and apply for credit or additional bank accounts. Customers can also access personalized or secure contact information.

Customer Service Email

In order to email customer service for US Bank, you need to log in to your account and click the Customer Service link. According to the email instructions, the link to contact US Bank customer service can be found on the left side of the page.

Our Experience

When contacting customer service, we encountered an automated system that was confusing and did not have a direct link to a customer service representative. After waiting approximately 3 minutes, a live customer service agent answered our call. We simply wanted to know if the company had a customer service email for non-customers. The representative explained that the email service was only available for customers with an account.

We didn’t like the answer, but the experience was satisfactory. When you contacted customer service, how did you feel when the call ended? Share your experiences with us below.

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28 Comments on “Contact US Bank Customer Service
  1. I have been on hold 1 hour and 44 minutes and still holding!! The bank withdrew my mortgage payment twice causing enormous headaches for me

  2. First bank denied payment for a flight on my kroger visa card. I tried phoning you and was bombarded with endless offers for one service or another. Tried twice and never got to anyone who could help me. It was all mechanical voices. Miserable service.

  3. Hello, I am overseas on vacation in Lebanon. I am not able to even get to the main page of US Bank. I have tried from several computers and I think there is something wrong with the website overseas. I would kindly appreciate it if you can email me back telling me if there is something wrong. I even contacted US Bank and they said there was nothing wrong but there has to be because I have no been able to open in general it wont load. Thank you.

  4. Tried opening a JOINT checking account a week ago (application stated notice within 2 days) – STILL HAVE NOT HEARD FROM US BANK !!!

  5. on 03/30/2015 American standard rent to own we needed a house they said that they had houses all over that it would cost us 199.00 we paid with check card when we got on the web we could not do what they said we could and if we were not satisfied after 90 days we could get our money back I have been trying for a long time went to my us bank they put in to get our money back and when they talked to them the bank took back out the money and gave it back to them but the bank had no right to do that the company is a fraud that we found out so I would like to get my 199 back that the bank should have never gave back to them the should have looked in to it further I would appreciate help with it thank you phillip anderson

  6. The mobile app now requires an update and Android users are not able to get/download the updated version.

  7. I sent in a notice about credit guard of America, well this time they messed up 5 accounts and now they are closed out and do not have any credit and no credit cards at all, anyone know what I can do? any ideas? help!!!!!!!

  8. Regarding ‘the’ experience, some time back, an offer was responded to for face crème. One of us asked for the FREE sample, only to pay the 4.95 postage, a trial offer. The product arrived, NO enclosed paper work, NO return address (PLEASE NOTE THIS), I did try the product, within about 5 days I had a rash on my skin, where I’d used the product. Within a few days, there was a 89.95 charge, Plus 4 postage charges 4.69, etc. I called the only number I could locate and the ‘security’ person answered. Then another 89.95 charge on the card. NO place to return the product. RASH took time to clear. In calling US Bank, first we got the charges reversed, then re-charged. Please be clear one package arrived, 2 sample products, NO other charges for postage nor for additional product were approved. I have written, with all of the paper work, twice now and . . how strange NOT one word of response from US Bank. This is condoning a rip off and fraud. I am strongly considering NOT doing business with US Bank, due to the handling of this matter and further for NO response to my written inquiry and complaint. We have been charged $198.87 for NOTHING, but this headache and nightmare. Product caused an awful skin response, plus the fact of re-charges and NO way to return this product, without even an address on or in the package. YOUR help in this matter is required.
    Shirley M. Pisano

  9. They don’t return phone calls promptly. and do not operate on a first come, first served basis. They will just focus on whoever is in front of them until the end of the day, then maybe leave you a message, or call the next day. You get to stand by all day for a return call. Hopefully it wasn’t an urgent matter. Doesn’t matter if you leave a voice message or a message for a specific bank employee. Happens routinely. I’ve also had emails to a branch not responded to. There is no way to email the corporate folks with questions or comments. I have three accounts there and I’m seriously considering moving them.

  10. I have been locked out of my account even though I know the answer to the security question was correct. They want me to hold on for 15 to 30 minutes for help. I am in Canada and because I only have a call phone so I cannot do that. Is there another way I can resolve this problem. This has happened to me before and is very upsetting.

  11. I keep getting emails from US Bank telling me that my account is frozen due to: Our system has detect login attempt error while login in to your online banking account.
    We have temporarily suspend your account and your access to online banking and will be
    Restricted if you fail to update.
    However, I do not have an account and unable to contact US Bank by email without one. Can you assist me with this? Do not want any fraudulent transactions.

  12. I just received the worst Customer Service, I have ever expirence with Banking.

    I will definitely try to make this short as I possibly can but please understand my frustration with said branch. July 12, approximately 11:30 I entered the Capitol branch in Little Rock, AR to use the inside ATM. due to me entering the incorrect Pin number the ATM captured my card, I then walked over to the Teller’s Makayla and Shannon to inform them of this. when I explained to both tellers what happened they both looked at each other and Makayla spoke up asking Shannon if the Loomis guy came in. Shannon told her he had already gone for today. Both are still looking confused at this point, told me to just come back tomorrow to retrieve the card. I patiently said ok I’ll be back tomorrow. Today I called the branch just to inquire about the card status and spoke with Makayla. we went over which type of card was entered and I explained it was a US Bank Reliacard card. Makayla then told me the ATM guy did not turn any cards into her so it probably got shredded. I then said I was not aware it would get shredded yesterday when I spoke to you. Makayla, apologized for this but sometimes it happens to the captured cards.

    I told her I wasn’t informed of this yesterday and this is something you may want to pass on to your customers when we report it instead of saying come back tomorrow. She did apologize again and I asked for the ATM attendant Information or his company contact to try to correspond with that company for more information since she doesn’t have the card. Makayla told me that typically we cant give customers that information that the Bank would be the only ones who makes that communication. Honestly at this point I’m a little livid of how little Makayla knows the banks policy and asked to speak with a branch manager and before I could even finish my sentence Makayla had already placed me on hold. I held on for 8:00 mins before I pulled out my cell to get back in que, at that time I place 5 calls to the branch and each time Makayla and Shannon who both took turns answering continue to hang up on me! At this point I’m furious of the lack of respect and called the Markham branch.

    I held a whole 13:00 Minute conversation with Veronica (who’s On TOP of her game),who explained the whole process of what happens when the ATM captures a card. while still on hold waiting for Makayla to get her Branch Manager. When I hung up with Veronica I viewed a miss call on cell, Tiffany the branch Manager of the Capitol office called to try to smooth things over. Tiffany was very apologetic and sympathized with my experience which did make me feel a little better. The point of all this Is for you guys to provide more training to Makayla and Shannon due to them being unaware of their company policy on ATM services and obvious lack of Customer Service. But some cases common sense is just not teachable those two definitely makes your company looks incompetent and which has lead me to have my father close out his account and move on else where. where Teller’s atucally care about their customers and not Just the Branch Manager, Tiffany was very pleasant she should not have to pick up their pieces as Branch Manager she just needs to send them to receive to proper training needed to affectively do their job.

  13. Why is it that every time I mail in my Mortgage Payment to your overnight delivery address, it takes approximately 14 days or more to post my payment?

  14. Seriously? There is no real way to contact someone directly, outside of calling in?! I went to one of the local U.S. Banks that is open over the weekend(Saturday 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.)! Now, I was there at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, August 4, 2018, and the bank was closed!!! The phones were ringing off the hook, I was the only one there at that time! I went to leave the store just before 3:30 p.m., and not only were they STILL closed, but there were more people outside the strapped off area, wondering why the bank was NOT open?! I have no access to MY money without the bank being open!! I do NOT have a debit card, and need to go into a bank to withdraw money, so what happened to Customer Service?!

  15. I have made “Double” mortgage payments since I opened my account in October 2017, all received on time. Last night, 6:45 pm, while out to dinner with my Family I received a “Collection Call” from US Bank regarding my August Payment. I spoke to the attendant and the Supervisor, I have a copy of my “Cleared Check” that was posted within Terms. I would like someone to call me and explain the US Bank procedure that authorizes Employees calling customers at 6:45 pm on “Friday Night”! I WILL NOT tolerate this type of unprofessional Customer Service! I would be happy to provide my Account, Cancelled Check, Credit Rating etc. – I have never been called for collections.

  16. Have now been on hold for 36 minutes and 46 seconds trying to tell someone we will be traveling and using our usbank Visa while we are out of the country. I was first on hold with the 800-953-7392 number for 15+ minutes but gave up and tried the 24-hour Cardmember # at 877-978-7446. There is no option to give travel dates or information so apparently no option other than to tell a representative. I am so frustrated right now I could spit. You need the “hold” service where you can leave your phone # and a representative will return your call. What I am going through is utterly ridiculous.

  17. Hello,
    First, I love dealing with your bank! Such friendly and knowledgeable people.

    Second, I just moved to the west side of Albuquerque and was disappointed to find there aren’t any US Banks within several miles of my home. There were two near my previous house before. Please consider adding another bank to our side of town.

    Thank you.

  18. All I wanted was to find out whether or not a large check I received is valid. In have never been through so much to find out nothing. Give me an 800 number I can call to provide an account number and verify the authenticity of my check.

  19. US Bank tried to ruin my life under ridiculous circumstances. I will do everything possible to move all my Business and commercial accounts away from this bank as well as my family’s accounts. None of you care so this is where this will end but what happened to me was bad faith by US Bank.

  20. My name is Daniel Henslee, Called Friday to retrieve a bill that was taken out 2 times on truck loan. I was told they will return one payment to us on Monday. still have not recieved money.

  21. Have called three times today. Had to hang up twice as I am at work and the hold was so long. Third time to call 32 min. and still holding.

  22. I bought a 2019 Volkswagon Jetta SE at from Rudolph Enterprises, Inc., here in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Liz (?) who was the finance person got U.S. Banks to finance the auto at 3.7%. I mentioned to her my intent to change finance agency. Thank you. However, I am sending this email notice to inform U.S. Banks I want Notre Dame Credit Union to finance my loan. I have authorized the Notre Dame Credit Union representative to finance my loan. Once more, thank you.

  23. There is no fuinctional email or fax contact – EVEN WHEN LOGGED IN – to the bank via the “customer service” contact… one must find a fax number or email by some other method. US Bank is strongly iscouraging email and fax contact, else they would enable those methods.This strange policy. detracts from their credibility, and encourages customers to go elsewhere for up-to-date IT (which is if course oxymoronic when refrring to a bank)
    I do a lot of banking with usbank, but won’t trust important transactions to them….

  24. US Bank obviously is an unscrupulous financial institution that is all about getting hard working citizens to join their bank then does everything possible to take their money from them. Rather than clear up matter quickly, their policy is to frustrate their customers with long wait times in ques and more run around buy incompetent employees, inadequate means for releasing their customer’s funds when they’re is a problem and literally making their customers’ lives more burdensome by having to call back over and over again. My advice … Run from doing any business with US BANK of you know what’s good for you.

  25. Could someone check my account?
    Corporate promised to credit my account for a reserve account set up I didnt need.
    This was several weeks ago and I havent seen the credit.
    Thankyou, holly

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