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Contacting UPS Customer Service Center

UPS is one of the top shipping companies in the United States. Nearly every website and online business offers shipping through UPS and UPS is not slowly expansion. As of 2012, the company is in talks to take over at least a portion of the TNT shipping company.

UPS offers ground and express shipping. Shipping costs are comparable with the USPS and many companies choose to foot the bill for shipping if the customer spends more than a prescribed amount of money.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

UPS does not have any problem listing phone numbers customers can use to contact UPS. There are phone numbers for every department, but there are no hours listed for any. The main customer service phone number is likely open 24 hours a day.

  • Domestic Customer Service: 1-800-742-5877
  • UPS InfoNotice: 1-800-833-9943
  • Freight Ground: 1-800-333-7400
  • Freight Air/Water: 1-800-443-6379
  • Supply Chain: 1-800-742-5727
  • International: 1-800-782-7892
  • TDD or TTY: 1-800-833-0056

Mailing Address

UPS World Headquarters55 Glenlake Pkwy N.E.Atlanta, GA 30328

UPS Americas3401 N.W. 67th Ave. Bld. 805Miami, FL 33122

Official Website

Everything you need to know about UPS and the products/services the company provides is available on the official website at Personal and business users can log in to their account, view packages, track shipments and more.

Customer Service Email

You can use the UPS customer service contact form you want to send a question, comment or problem to the customer service desk by email. The form asks various questions to route the communication to the proper department. You will need to choose a Support Category and Topic. You will be given a list of questions that may help you find the answer you’re looking for. If you don’t find the answer in that list of questions, click the NEXT button at the bottom of the list. The next page will include a form you can fill out and send.

We sent a test message to the UPS customer service department to see just how important these emails really are to a huge company like UPS. We’ll keep you updated.

Our Experience

The UPS customer service line is run by an automated system that requires voice control. We pressed 0 every time a new question was asked. It took just two times to forward the call to a customer service agent. We waited on hold for about two minutes before an agent picked up the call. We asked if the agent could send us a map of all the local UPS stores or shipping points. She said she did not have a map, but she could give us the phone numbers/locations based on our zip code to write down or we could access local spots via the UPS website.

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25 Comments on “Contact UPS Customer Service
  1. Ups driver cut me off scratched side of my car and kept going. Location Las Vegas macadamia from US 95 to US I-15. Lisence plate Indiana P36369 was all the number I was able to get. BAD aggressive driver. I need his name and want my car fixed

  2. The UPS has always brought my packages up to the house, if i was not home they would set them by my door but lately they have been stopping at the end of my drive at the road and just throwing my package out, i’m getting very upset about this because we live on a busy road, i dont want someone stopping and picking my packages up or them getting ran over just because the UPS guy is to lazy or in to big of a hurry to bring the package to me!!! I would use another delivery service if you have a choice…I’m trying to see who i can contact about this so that it will be stopped..

  3. I have been trying to TALK to a human being not an automated voice system.
    No luck.
    My package which I paid to have picked up by UPS was rejected by the UPS truck
    driver. It was later picked up by USPS.
    I want to be refunded the $8 or so that was charged to my Amex card.
    How can I make that happen?
    Suzanne Wunderman

  4. I run an appliance repair business & order a LOT of items. In responce to their (fairly) new price-gouging trick of taking shipments to the post office (then charge extra for that service) I ASOLUTELY REFUSE to let a single purchase ship by UPS – EVER again!!! I mean it. I’ve already canceled some UPS-only vendor accounts and have revised all others to: “Absolutely NEVER send by UPS or it WILL be returned.”

  5. The Purpose of this e-mail is to register a complaint regarding the delivery and random placement of packages dropped off at my house.
    Being an 84 year old senior citizen and under a doctors care many of my medications are shipped by UPS. This time of year the daily temp. Is in the 90’s, to find these medications randomly placed any where outside because the delivery person is too lazy to place those packages inside a closed screen in area (front steps) where it can be seen shows lack of concern or interest.
    Lived here for 20 years and always had a UPS person with caring concern about what was being delivered and noting that in a retirement community there are people of age and certain needs. Not knowing the meds are outside for any length of time is one big concern.
    The area in question is in Florida at zip code 33570-6123.

  6. My husband and I spotted a vacant parking space today on Westwood Blvd, in Los Angeles, a ottos before 1 pm, Monday, June 24, 2013. however, we could not park in the space because there was a UPS truck double-parked right in front of it, We waited patiently for several minutes until the UPS driver walked by, and when we asked him when he was going to move his vehicle, he nastily told us “I’m not leaving yet” and continued walking.

    The license plate number of the vehicle was : 81296G1.

    I think what the driver did by blocking our access to the space is illegal, and his attitude was terrible.

  7. I am very disappointed in your service the last couple of weeks. You have missed projected delivery dates well more than a dozen times and by several days and when you do actually deliver packages it is almost always late at night (after 9:00pm)and your delivery person leaves the packages at the end of my driveway in plain sight rather than coming to our house. There is no way to know if packages have been stolen since we are still waiting for packages that were projected to be delivered 3-5 days ago. We have also had perishable items shipped to us that are several days late or that have not been delivered yet so in all likelihood they will not be edible. This is by far the worst service that we have ever gotten from UPS and it appears that it is now consistently bad and totally unreliable. I will not be using your service again. The other delivery options (FedEx and USPS) seem to be dealing much better with weather issues and the holiday volumes than UPS is doing. You are either poorly managing your core business or your employees don’t care about delivering a dependable and secure service or both. You should be very embarrassed and disappointed in your performance.

  8. In short :

    Went for interview. . Was told I was a great fit
    Was offered a position. Everything was going great.
    I even turned down a competitors offer of employment.
    The day before I was supposed to start , I’m told that something on my background/ history
    Report from approx. 7 years ago was going to bar me from working for UPS. (After I was told how
    All of my skills are such a great asset and I was a “perfect” fit) not to mention,the reason I was denied, was because of a simple possession of marijuana from almost seven years ago. Nothing violent or crazy, and I even mentioned this to them during both interviews. One of the interviewers there even responded to me by saying, ” don’t worry, you’ll fit right in, you’ll run into plenty of people here who still smoke pot on a regular basis, just try to stay away from them the best u can”
    So in short I basically got told by ups
    1.if you do drugs while working for us, it’s ok, you can stay, but,
    2.if you ever tried drugs before working for us, you can never work here.
    I was 100% honest and up front with them, and that’s where it got me, I wasn’t even given a chance to respond, or communicate with them regarding this situation. I would like to be given a chance to prove who I am, not just be regarded as who I was over 7 years ago.
    And not to mention, I even decided to apply w/them because I happened to see their name online under a
    Felon-friendly hire site.. So again, they hire felons, but not someone who smoked pot over 7 years ago.

  9. I received a large piece of custom stained glass, when I unpacked it, I discovered it was broken. It was insured and for 2 months I have been trying to get the claim resolved. I want the piece repaired. I did all the things they requested, to include sending pictures of the crate, the packing material and the damage to the piece. I have made calls, sent emails and have not even received a call back or a response to the emails. This is the second piece they have broken, the first time, UPS made it so painful to get the claim processed, I had the piece repaired myself (it was insured too) and gave up on them making good on the claim. This piece is worth several thousand dollars, I’m not going to pay for this . Your customer service ranks among the worlds WORST.

  10. Dear Customer service, just want to express my disappointment with the UPS services,
    1.waited for delivery for 3 days attendant came to my address never rang my door bell
    3.How can UPS attendant never rang door bell whilst i took 3 days off to stay home to accept package
    4. UPS attendants need to be retrained of how to RING DOOR BELL THAT HOME owner IS AWARE THAT THEY’RE OUTSIDE

  11. Now on a serious note, how can the UPS company have such bad reputation about their delivery services, and what is the Company doing to change that.
    I have personally experienced first hand, extremely poor service
    with the UPS Company and would like to know when will there be a change.
    The fact that i missed two and a half days work whilst i was there when the delivery attendant came by is most disturbing. how can this happen in this company?
    The reputation of the UPS Company is total gone!!. I have heard so many people complaints and disappointments about the poor services of this company that it gets me so very upset to even know that this company exists,and I will take this to a higher Authority , this cannot continue

  12. Hello,would you be able to locate the whereabouts of package#8580061243.This package was delivered on23rd Dhl express and signed for on behalf.
    Bethwel Oyaro.

  13. I call the Info notice phone 1-800-833-9943 at 9:45 pm. the attempted pkg delivery was at 8:30 pm. The recording said high call volume. A 20 minute hold. Still holding at 39 minutes & still nobody is coming to the phone. It is now 10:25 pm. Are you f’n open?

  14. Does UPS no longer deliver directly to the front door? Today I received a package that was left at the bottom of my front steps (17 steps away from my covered porch and front door. A couple of weeks ago a package of dried dog food was left in front of my garage rather than being placed on the porch.

  15. I stopped using UPS as my business shipper about 5 years ago and went with FedEx. UPS customer service is HORRIBLE!! The packages I shipped were always being damaged and/or lost. Trying to get UPS to stand behind their insurance was impossible. Now, I will no longer allow anyone that I buy from to ship via UPS if I can. I won’t ship ANYTHING with UPS ever! Lately UPS has started delivering my items after 7 PM and as late as Midnight. My wife and I are both handicapped and in our late 70’a now and we never know where the UPS driver will put our packages and lately they are not delivering packages that they have had for over 3 days after they were in the hands of our local UPS. We would get tracking information saying a package was coming to us on a Monday and after they kept cancelling the dates of delivery would will get our packages 3-4 days later. My medications for the VA come thru UPS and UPS delivers my medications AFTER we have been out of the medications for days and they don’t care at all. UPS has gotten too big and somehow and someway we need to knock them back down by not using their service.

  16. I had a package shipped next day air that arrived in Hapeville hub at am on Dec 1 at 9:31 am it also scanned out of Hapeville at 10:57 am at 5:02 pm I received notification that a plane was delayed at an unknown location and my package would be delayed. Where is the plane and where is my package that next day freight was paid on?

  17. Does UPS Still get out of the truck and come to the DOOR?? They have been leaving stuff in the driveway for Years!! Not OK! TOday they said they attempted a delivery!! Not true people Home and awake no one cameTo door ?

  18. I ordered 2 handbags.I would like to return them
    .They are too heavy.

    Please tell me ,instructions for mailing them back.

  19. We would like to thank the wonderful UPS delivery person who took the time today to knock on our door to confirm if there were children around before he left our package. It was a gift with a huge photo on the box of what was inside. Very thoughtful!!!

  20. I’ve tried two times to get Customer Care in order to return a toaster oven. Both times I was on the line, and then disconnected. The number on the carton is #
    The item is Breville toaster oven.
    Please arrange foe USPS to pick this up.

    Thank you.

  21. I have a question……Locally we have a drop off for UPS to pick up. I recently returned a pair of shoes via UPS. I asked my husband to take the package to the local drop off. It was completely ready to hand to the representative. I informed my husband that that was all he had to do hand it over. Much to my surprise he was charged a “handling fee” at the establishment. I did not know if that was “policy” or not. I was just surprised. Is this “policy”?

  22. We are a five member office team and we paid extra for morning delivery. I received an alert on the cell saying that our package was delivered. UPS drivers are liars. We have the office door open and all of us are here. I waited on the phone for customer service for 17 mins. STILL no package


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