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Contacting Union Bank Customer Service Center

Union Bank is a privately-held bank with a headquarters in California. While the main website requests customers enter a zip code to locate a nearby branch for contact information, you can access information for checking, savings, loans and more via the Union Bank customer service page.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple customer service phone numbers listed on the Union Bank website. Choose the number for the type of account you have. If you need customer service, which do vary between departments, visit the contact pageand scroll to the bottom of the page to the Call Us section.

  • Personal Accounts: 1-800-238-4486
  • Personal ATMs: 1-800-453-1573
  • Personal Home Loans/Lines of Credit: 1-866-825-6267
  • Personal Investments: 1-877-634-3890
  • Personal Retirement Plans: 1-800-304-3854
  • Business Internet Banking: 1-800-238-4486
  • Other Business Help: 1-866-876-7065
  • Cash Management: 1-800-322-2778
  • Electronic Banking: 1-800-396-1143
  • Equipment: 1-877-800-6770
  • Foreign Exchange Help: 1-866-868-4034
  • Global Trade: 1-800-696-6082
  • Business Investments: 1-877-634-3890
  • Commercial Customer Service (S California): 1-800-298-6466
  • Commercial Customer Service (N California): 1-800-898-6466
  • Treasury Management: 1-800-322-2778
  • Private Banking: 1-888-826-2669

When in doubt, you can always call the general customer service line.

  • General Customer Service: 1-800-238-4486

Mailing Address

The headquarters address is not listed on the customer service page, but there is very little information listed so we didn’t expect much. We were able to locate the address for the corporate office located in San Francisco.

Union Bank350 California StSan Francisco, CA 94104

Official Website

There is a main official website for Union Bank at, but clicking on any of the tabs at the top of the screen will change the way the site looks. There are various banking division websites available for more detailed product and service description. Customers can choose from personal, small business, commercial or private banking.

Customer Service Email

Have a question but don’t want to listen to options only to wait on hold for an agent? Contact Union Bank customer service via email at If you just want to leave a comment or give some feedback about the company or website, use the feedback form instead.

Our Experience

When calling Union Bank customer service press 1 to access your account using the automated system, 2 for ATM help, 3 for loans, 4 for online banking and payments, 5 for check orders, 6 to change account information, 7 for merchants, 8 for bank location information or 0 to talk with customer service. After pressing 0 you have to listen to another list of options. The same list of options was given the second time around so we pressed 3 this time for online banking. We were placed on hold for just a few seconds before the call was answered. The agent helped us locate a nearby Union Bank ATM, but the call took much longer than it should have because of the double option list.

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