Contact Under Armour Customer Service

Contacting Under Armour Customer Service Center

Under Armour is an American sports accessories and apparel company. The company, also known as UA is based in Maryland, but has offices across the globe. Considering Under Armour sells merchandise, customers have a tendency to have questions of concerns relating to purchases. In the event you need to contact customer service or the corporate offices, you can do so by phone, email, traditional mail or the company social media pages.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service is open for calls Monday through Friday 9am to 10pm; Saturday 9am to 6pm EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-727-6687
  • Customer Service Fax: 1-410-454-6535

Mailing Address

Under ArmourDistribution/Return Center1010 Swan Creek DriveSuite C Dock Floor #33Curtis Bay, MD 21226


Under Armour, Inc. Sponsorships and Community Relations1020 Hull StreetBaltimore, MD 21230-2080

Official Website

The Under Armour website is divided into gender, accessories and clearance merchandise. Customers can locate the nearest store to make purchases ad return items. We found the Under Armour Help page with provides FAQs and assistance with returns and warranty information. The company recommends visiting this page prior to contacting the customer service department.

Social Media

Under Armour embraces social media. Each of the pages we visited had active conversations between customers and the customer service department. Similar to the email system, the responses to the customer questions occurred within 24 hours.

Customer Service Email

The customer feedback form did not require personal information prior to sending a message to the customer service department. The only required information is your name and email address. We sent a message asking is Under Armour offered a sizing chart for kids as well as men and women. The company stated customers will receive a response in less than 24 hours.

In the event you want a real-time answer to your questions, you can use the Live Chat feature.

Our Experience

You will be delighted when you contact Under Armour. We called the customer service hotline and were speaking with a live customer service agent in less than 30 seconds. We asked questions relating to the return policy of clearance merchandise. The answer we received was what we expected; returning clearance merchandise receives the same treatment as regular merchandise. The call ended in less than 3 minutes. The customer service department at Under Armour is one of the best we have encountered. Can you say the same thing? Please share your thoughts relating to your experience with us below.

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13 Comments on “Contact Under Armour Customer Service
  1. I brought men boxer jack at your Niagara Falls store the underware was on sale but when l got home the price on the box was $4.97 l paid $9.97 l would get the diffier back.

  2. Compliments to the Camarillo Outlet store and staff. They have always been helpful, but today was extra special. The young man helping me went over and above, time and time again. He went to the back without my asking to look for shoes that met my specific needs in my size AND FOUND THEM! Not used to having “HELP” of that type from store employees. And, the lady checking me out was so pleasant and informative.

    Good work you can be proud of as a corporation.

    Best regards,

    Cristin Allen Goetz

  3. Unfortunately there is no way to email customer service. Either way in line for a chat, currently 20 minutes, or call. Really too bad in this day and age.

  4. The worst !!! Can’t speak on the phone, never to get to speak with a Chat rep and no info on their site for orders waiting more than two weeks for delivery or information. Products VERY GOOD. Customer Service VERY VERY BAD.

  5. I am trying to speak with someone regarding my order!!!!! Can not reach anyone by phone and live chat is a 35 minute wait
    I need someone to please contact me!!!!

  6. I have been on hold for 40 minutes trying to speak with a customer service representative. What kind of “show” are you running that someone has to be on hold 40 minutes and still waiting!

  7. Because of your support through advertising during NFL games neither my family,friends or myself will no longer purchase or use any of your products. We find it offensive that you support the league and its players that kneel or raise the black power fist during the playing of my nations National Anthem. Hopefully this boycott spreads and your stock losses will effect your company enough to discontinue advertising during any and all NFL functions.

  8. Although Under Armour makes a number of quality products and apps that I have been using for years, I will no longer be purchasing any more of them.

    I can not support a company that will not take a stand on choosing between my country and politics.

    The statement you sent out was very lame, you are trying to play both sides. That does not work for me.

  9. I would just like under armour to know that I, my family and most of my friends will not be watching any NFL games this season due to the complete disrespect shown by the NFL and their employees ( players ) to our national anthem, our flag and all of the men and women that have sacrificed for them . They obviously have the right to protest in any way they see fit, but not on my time, not on my television and not in my living room. I will also not purchase any product advertised by the NFL.

  10. so I bought a window decal couple weeks ago and it was bright orange few days later it was yellow color. now its ugly shade of white. ive been trying to reach out to someone. the live chat ignored me. twitter was no help they blew me off, been trying for days to message on facebook with no response. cant even find a email. really under armour. sad I buy a lot of your stuff half my closet your clothes. after all this I may never buy anything again. I get a defective window decal and you don’t care. all my other decals ive had on cars in past cheap ones never faded. yours did after a few days. no way to email customer service. even posted picture of faded decal on my facebook and instagram everyone says same that shouldn’t of faded especially after few days. I literally just got my jeep and was excited because I hunt so got logo that is antlers.

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