Contact Uber Customer Service

Contacting Uber Customer Service Center

Contacting Uber Customer Service Center

When you need to travel around the city and do not have the time to rent a car, Uber is the solution. With a touch of a button on the application, you tell your personalized driver where you want to be picked up and ride to your destination. There is never a need for a cash transaction. You make payments through the application on your smart device. The pricing structure is located here The service is currently available in major metropolitan cities as well as cities abroad.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Uber does not currently have telephone support.

Mailing Address

Uber800 Market StreetSan Francisco, CA 94102-3033

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Uber website have the ability to download the application, learn about the service, read through the pricing structure as well as connect with the customer service team. An invaluable resource is the Uber FAQs. This area answers several questions about the products and services. Throughout the website, you will notice customer reviews and testimonials relating to customer service levels.

Social Media

As stated on the official website, the best way to connect with the customer service team is to use social media. The average time to customer concerns was less than three (3) minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent an email to the customer service department asking about corporate rates and corporate discounts, considering this information was not readily available on the website. We received an automated response stating the customer service team would respond within two (2) business days.

Our Experience

Calling Uber was not negotiable. The company does not currently have telephone support. In order to reach a customer service agent, you will need to send a message through social media or by email. We sent a Tweet asking for information relating to the hours. The company stated on the website that a customer service agent answers questions fast and they were correct. Within minutes, a customer care agent answered our question. We have to say this is what customer service looks like. We send a message and the customer service department answers. Our overall experience was ideal. Your thoughts on the situation? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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1,599 Comments on “Contact Uber Customer Service
  1. Dear Cistomer service, I am extremely angry. Up until this evening we have had 5 star service fro
    Uber. This evening I attempted to order uber to pick up my daughter fro a dance class. He never showed and claims he was there when in fact my husband ended up picking her up and did not see any black car or taxi service in site. I received a call from him after she was picked up by my
    Husband and the driver claims he was waiting and texting ( after my daughter was picked up all within a five minute window). Shortly after I received a 58.00 fee . I fully expect that u will reverse this charge. Dawn

    • I am a driver for uber . I get an e-mail saying you are going to deactivate my account if I don’t start driving with in the next week! I told you guys I was on vacation for a month. Well anyway I come back 3 days ago and find my account deactivated. I was told all I had to do was send an e-mail saying I was back from vacation and you guys would reactivate my account asap . Well I have send u you 4 e-mails in 2 days and still nothing. Either reactivate my account or I will contact me lawyer . I am an independent driver ( so u claim ) but yet u act like I work for you which would constitute as me being an employee .

      • After reading all the comments from the driver’s there’s NO reason for me trying to contacting you ! NO customer number and you can’t return email or answer questions ???

  2. I wish to become an uber driver i have a good working Toyota Camry 2004, i don,t know you can accept the car.

    • My credit card number was used they had no card just the number I know I can dispute the charge but it is a pain if you do not have card in sight do not take.

    • Hello I am under the impression that you are hiring. I’m interested but don’t have a car. I looked on the uber website and it said that you would be able to provide a car. Is this true? Please email me with the response. Thank you.

    • Very poor website. No customer service whatsoever. It’s a miracle your making any money at all. From the comments in reading,it sounds like all your doing is ripping people off. Get it together UBER!!!


  3. I was taken the wrong way on the highway and charged 23 dollars to travel a mile. I still was not dropped off in correct stop and just got out of car. I expect this will be refunded soon. Please email to confirm. Check the ride gps for proof

  4. This was my first Uber usage. I called Uber x but a black car arrived. when I refused to go, the driver said that I will get 30 dollar discount and it will be almost free. I took his word and travelled. But it cost me 32 dollar and I received no discount. I feel cheated now and will never use Uber again. how can a service cheat me on my first experience.

  5. Hi. i am unable to contact because i have question and unable to fillout the w9 form and send. please send email about the work day and time.

  6. I am writing bc I was charged a $10 fee early this morning for making the cab driver “wait greater than 5 minutes”. As it turns out, I had been waiting outside as soon as I set my pickup destination. After waiting several minutes after noticing that the uber car had stopped on the map, I called him to see where he was. He was waiting 2 streets down from me. I told him where I was and where I needed to go. As soon as we hung up, he canceled my trip. Then I had to wait for another uber driver this morning who was excellent. I am requesting a refund of $10 because my driver was at the wrong location and then canceled my trip after I was under the impression he was on his way to get me. Thank you.

  7. I just recieved a text saying my uber is arriving. I didn’t order one. Please contact me immediately

  8. Hello,

    A friend and I took an uber ride yesterday and I want some of my money back from that ride. The driver took a route that made absolutely no sense and I am convinced he did it for more money. We were traveling from West Hollywood to National and Veteran and at one point we were on the 90. He turned the meter off once we complained on the 90 and it still cost me $28. I am very disappointed.



  9. Just don’t understand why my uber was cancelled 3 times in a row and that 6
    Or 7 times after requesting a uberX, they had to cancel the requeat due to no driver !
    This to make me wait for 40 min.

  10. I have applied for a driver with Uber South Carolina. I have not heard back. They said they needed my proof of insurance and I sent that today and Uber said I am all set. Please let me know what else I have to do. There is no customer wervice number to call

  11. Hi. I’m a driver for this company & certain fares the money doesn’t show up. I don’t know why can you help me ?

  12. Yes I am tring to drive for uber services and when it ask you if you have a car and you push no you are then take to a screen that presented with Contact a toyota dealership make and appointment then walk in thier and tell them you a uber driver and they are I guess suppose to set you up with the car that Uber buy for you then take out off your weekly pay and now the Dealership Does even Know what or who Uber is Nobody know what uber is They more then willing to let me Test drive something. So with nobody to call about this and i have sent 2 message to the online customer service NO answer to any question i sent so i am still wait on my Background info so I guess if I pass that mabye somthing will come in this kit they send Me. I think a billon dollar inc would have some to talk to about this unreal maybe they need to redo thier app or sign up do know but it really make me look bad.

  13. Guys I don’t like the way you treat me every little things you take off my points when someone call I did good no one says anything I went to someone malden to day I wait more then 5 minutes before she camea out you guys didn’t see that. Why you guys keep take off my points for no reason number on I have no training number two you should me enouh times to understand number no reason to take off my points

  14. Dear Customer Service,

    We used Uber for the first time this weekend. We took it from the Woodstock area to Topgolf in Alpharetta. Well, the gps of course could not find TopGolf so we had to use our phone GPS to tell the driver how to get there. I am guessing because its fairly new. However, it did take us a little out of the way which I am sure we ended up paying a little more for that, ended up being $32. Well, later that night when we logged on the app and asked for a driver to pick us up, her name was Kim, she drove a Mazda6 and it gave me the license plate #. After waiting and waiting and it saying she was a minute a way, we never saw her. She never called or anything. So, me thinking I did something wrong, did it again. This time it was a trailblazer with a guy named Deon. Of course, he couldn’t find topgolf either so we had to call him and give him directions to pick us up. So what was suppose to be waiting an 11 min on Uber ended up being over 30 min because of the first girl never coming and then Deon not even being able to find the place. Later that night, I see where we were charged $72. Holy cow!! Then I see where it has this surge charge fee. I had no idea about this. When trying to find a phone #, I read where you have to type in surge charge rate or something like that but I do not remember doing that. I now will be aware of this and will not make this mistake again but feel like we should be credited our surge charge amount back. Please let me know if this is something you can help me with.

  15. Hi I took a.uber today everything was fine until I checked that he didn’t end the trip. I had to cancel it because I was getting charged more and more . I was like to get my money back because it is unjust.

  16. I tried to set up an Uber app on my phone but every time I tried to set up a driver it said it sent me a text message and I was suppose to text back GO but I never received a text. So I tried to redo the app but it froze up on me and it wouldn’t accept my password so I clicked on the link forgot password and I supposed to have received an email but nothing is coming thru. What do I need to do to fix this problem cause all my info is on the app like my credit card number.

  17. I took an uber early on august 3rd aroubd 5am. I dont know who the driver was but i was taken from 2427 ellsworth, berkeley to lake merrit. Anyway, i left my wallet in the car and was wondering what the procedure is to get it back. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  18. Hi There – I used Uber Services last night and I had a very frustrating experience with Teresa. I literally watched her picked someone else up about a block from me – it appeared to be a friend and drive right past me. I texted her and said you drove right by me – no response – so I cancelled the trip so I would not be charged. Next – I requested an uber again and it was the Teresa again – after I could see her sitting in the same spot for 10 minutes she started driving in the opposite direction for some time, I again contacted her, no response – therefore I cancelled. I ended up walking several blocks in the dark before I could find an uber driver that was responsive. Once I did get a driver – he was great – Iurie.

    HOWEVER – this morning I see that I have been charged $11 twice [totaling $22.00] for Teresa’s services – which I didn’t even use. It was a terrible experience with her and I am demanding a refund of $22 for this – Based on my experience with her – I appears she is using Uber successfully deploy some type of scam for some extra money without actually driving anyone to their destinations.

    Please Confirm how you plan to handle this…

  19. yo Uber.. you come to my city, give me 20 shirts and head bands when I make an uber account then you charge double or triple ever time i wanna use you. that’s like business rape. i feel dirty, and for that reason i’ll be taking mustache rides from now on.

    ps at least by me dinner first

  20. I recently did my first Uber ride I put in my $20 credit coupon and want to make sure I was just charged the 5$ over the 20 pls let me know thanks

  21. Is there a limited time to register to urber miami please let me know cause at the end of this month jm gonna have my car ready

  22. You aren’t screening your drivers, I have had too many unpleasant and inappropriate drivers. They show up late, and are unable to navigate basic roadways. My ride on Saturday at about 9pm was 5 minutes away. It took the driver 30 minutes to arrive because he couldn’t navigate through my neighborhood. I live at a major intersection in Capital Hill (Denver). The driver was clearly inexperienced, he wasted my time, didn’t follow my directions, nor could he speak or understand English.

    Are you even examining background checks, driving abilities, or basic English speaking and comprehension skills? It’s obvious you’re not. I may as well delete this application and start taking taxis again. If my experience is going to be the same (or in many cases worse) than using a traditional taxi then Uber is worthless and as is being proven through much recent news, a threat to my safety.

    Additionally, I used the Uber service twice on Saturday night and was charged 4 times? Twice as many charges appear and I’m going to address this issue with the fraud department at my credit union as well as MasterCard’s fraud department. Uber simply cannot be trusted as you have proven over and over. I will no longer support uber in my community in any way.

  23. I have apply for driver three week a.go not heard anything from uber.can some one let me know please I thank you in advance .

  24. Joined Uber and can’t get signed in! Contacted
    Uber tech service and was told to sign in!
    Still can’t get in, what garbage!!!!!

  25. Have had nothing but outstanding service from Uber…great drivers, great cars, both clean…drivers more intelligent than any two cab drivers…not make that three cab drivers…The govenment will try to shut Uber down…free enterprise is an anathema to most governments…

  26. Uber is an impossible website and service. 1st-How can they not have a customer service telephone number with actual people to take to about issues.? Ridiculous and so unprofessional!No real business I know is run this way. There is no way to contact anyone or any website to get questions answered. The website comes up completely black with no links. Have not been able to use at all. Totally confusing. Uber is so quick to take your credit card. but impossible to cancel. No information on where to cancel and I want to cancel the whole thing!!! Immediately!! But no one will ever see this or help me.!!

  27. My phone died during ordering. When I returned home by taxi not a uber driver I noticed a charge on my account. I did not receive a ride and want a refund on my account or credit atleast.

  28. I applied for a position for a driver. My application was approved and my back ground check was done. I sent on Monday 8 Sept with all documents needed to drive. Can you please let me know what the status is so I can please start driving.

  29. I rode in an Uber last night in a crowded city. Once the Uber ride dropped me off at my desired destination I openned the app to give him a 5 star rating, but what I saw was a ride had been requested for pickup so I canceled the ride because it was not necessary. What I did not know is that my current ride was still pending and I canceled the ride after he dropped me off and I was subsequently charged an additional $6.00 for my cancelation fee. Can you please look into this charge and correct the $6.00 cancelation fee.

    Thank you,

  30. How do i contact a driver if i have left my phone in their car? i imagine this happens very often, yet nothing on your website regarding it

    • Hi, left my iPhone and wallet in the Uber car last night. The driver is not responding. Are we supposed to fill out a police report?
      Thank you

  31. Someone please contact me regarding my last ride with über. My friends and I always use this service to the same destination and the fee is only $7 tops and this ride was $17. This is absurd for a 4 minute travel. I would like for someone to email me regarding this as soon as possible to discuss this issue.

  32. I want to change my state,,by mistake I applied TX Austin..actually I live in long beach ca ..please as soon as possible sent me information.

    • FORGET IT–I drive for them and the worst thing is that you cant talk to a live person ever— every thing is email and texting— very unprofessional that you cant speak to a person.
      Good luck

  33. Hi dear,
    I in Suwanee GA 30024 and I did signup for Uber but it not complete and there is no option to solve there is no phone to call,
    Can you send me your ph#?

  34. Hi.Yea no more Uber.I was picked up last nht from midtown to Clairmont road.I pay 7 to 10 each time.Lastnight charged me 36 dollers.your a joke uber.Alot of peaple uses uber cause of me.But you blew that.

  35. I waited for 15 for my uber, it said it arrived but was across the st and never came back to my side. I tried to call MaNU times and now answer. I do NOT believe I should be charged for a service I tried to obtained on multiple occasions but did not receive. I had to get service from a dirty taxi can, since you FAILED at the ONE job you had.

  36. I would like to become an über driver but do not know where to find or do the inspection form part ? Can you please let me know ?

  37. I recently applied for a driver job. I have a clean record and excellent credit. For some reason raiser said they didn’t want to go forward with me. Hirease said everything came up good. I would gladly appreciate any help. My wife recently found out she’s pregnant and I need this job to help out because she’s knot going to be able to work a few months down the road. Iam sure you guys will help me out. I can’t wait to start working for you guys.

  38. We are staying at sixty hotel in LA on Wilshire. Driver failed to show up. We looked rather stupid because we were telling people how reliable Uber is (was). Does this happen often? Glad we were not late for meeting! Had to use Beverly Hills can company!

  39. I forgot to start the trip until about the last minute of the trip. What do I do? The passenger this is regarding is Jordan and the time was about 9:15am 10/3. Thanks!

  40. First time I ever had an issue with Uber.
    I ordered a car from the airport and after I called the driver to make sure he knew exactly where I was he missed me completely. I then called the driver and told him to please stop that I would go to him, he left the airport entirely. He never once contacted me to see where I was or even apologize for missing my exact location. So disappointed!

  41. I applied to driver for Uber. I couldn’t finish my application as the library was closing. I have tried numerous times to get back in but, the website says that I have the wrong email or phone number. I then tried to request to reset my password but it won’t let me.
    Why don’t you have a customer service phone number
    I would like to driver for you but how can I?

  42. I applied to driver for Uber. I couldn’t finish my application as the library was closing. I have tried numerous times to get back in but, the website says that I have the wrong email or phone number. I then tried to request to reset my password but it won’t let me.
    Why don’t you have a customer service phone number

  43. Their demise will be the simple fact that they believe it’s not necessary to have the intervention of a human being. I’ve sent an email about a subject and the reader read all of two lines and responded about how they don’t accept 2 doors. This wasn’t even the point of the email.

    I’m done with beating my head against a wall with a machine.

    • this friggin uber is a joke I got a zillion emails to join as a driver in sept 2014 and they never answer a question ..some guy named sam …yeah tell us everything about you, but don’t call us to ask a question FRIGGIN insane!!!

  44. Hey Uber,
    I signed up to be a driver and filled out all the requirements but I haven’t gotten any feedback on the next step process..

  45. Hello, I am very disturbed by the amount you are trying to charge me for car service for 10/31/2014. I didn’t know you were charging such as astronomical amount. I try to protect individuals by taking a car service and you are charging way more than i expected. I am not satisfied as a first time customer of yours and not sure that I want to use your service again. The driver was excellent inspite of the charge. please email me as soon as possible to resolve this issue. Thank you

  46. I send this email because I try to put application for job but I cant continue because my drive card I yes moving from NJ I will have my in two weeks.

  47. I filled out my ap. But it refused to except my licence plate no# I wish that some one from Uber would call me . are send me an email with a contact nomber. Sasap.

  48. I was in San Francisco last weekend and wanted to use Uber but in trying to sign up it says my email and cell number are incorrect. I need help. I tried to reset but to no avail. Can someone help me?

  49. I have tried to upload documents to complete my application but every time it tells me uber has stopped working . Need to get on the road to generate a income but with the site not working I’m speechless

  50. I recently signed up to be a driver. I might have made a mistake.
    As far as my opinion goes, does it really matter what I think?

  51. Hello,
    I was given a promo code. I just started using uber.
    I tried to enter the code and it was denied cause it said for first ride only.
    I was wondering if there could be an exception for this promo since I wasn’t made aware of it and never
    Got to use it. I have only just started using uber a week ago so can this promo code please be applied?
    I would appreciate it a lot.
    As a single mother with no car, every little bit helps so it would mean more than you know.
    Thank you
    (Uber customer)

  52. I have received an email asking for several missing documents, however I don’t have any of those missing required documents, how do I speak with a representative or get this message to whomever this concerns?

  53. Hello good morning I had a free ride upto $30.00 and I used it yesterday morning. But my credit card alert send me text that uber charge me $1.00 and again $28.38 from my card. It’s my first and free ride than why uber charge me. How can I get my money back. Where should I complain.

  54. I used Uber from La Guardia into New York City. The cost was $93 – ridiculous!! Going back to LGA I used a regular cab which was under $50. I would like to complain by phone but apparently Uber is not contactable by phone. I expect an email from Uber or
    I will NEVER use this service again. Very disappointing

  55. Just after noon on November 25th, an Uber driver named Marcellus nearly ran me over backing quickly out of parking space in our lot at 555 de Haro. I avoided injury only by jumping out of the way and by rapping on his truck, which angered him immensely. He began to berate me for walking behind his vehicle. After yelling at me for a minute or so, he finally sped off. I think this man is a dangerous driver who is unfit to safely carry your passengers.

  56. I recently used uber to get a ride to the airport this past weekend and had to use three of your drivers just to make it there. The first of your drivers had previously gotten a citation at the airport and was not allowed to return therefore wasting about 20 minutes while we called another uber driver and waited for him to come. Then the second driver got a flat tire in the middle of a very dangerous neighbor and forced us to walk most of the way to the airport. Due to the inability to enter the airport in anything other than a motor vehicle, we were forced to call a third driver to take us the rest of the way in. This entire situation caused us to rush in the airport and nearly miss our flight. A refund for only $8 was given but that is completely ridiculous. We did not even properly make it to our route from your service and walking was a huge inconvenience for us and I don’t feel as though we should be expected to pay for either of the cabs. I expect a full refund of the money or I will never use this service again and will recomend that others do the same.

  57. I don’t know who you people think you are but you have been charging my credit card without my permission. In other words someone has given you my credit card and you have been charging me for their rides. I am getting in contact with the Fraud Department of Washington, DC Police Department. You have no phone number to reach you you just say e-mail. This is not a way to run a business, You need to make sure that the credit card has not been stolen or the number has not been stolen. I will tell everyone that you do not secure anything. The Washington Police department will be contacting you.

  58. hi i had applied almost three months ago.i received e mail from uber that i have been not approved due to some credit issues but i dont know what are those issues. please let me know so i can fix those issues.i am a commercial truck driver since 1993.i have my own truking compnay r. n.trans inc.but i want change my profession.i sold my trucks.recently i heard about uber.i like the uber,s concept and i got interested.i really want try it.plesae help me out so i can start as soon as possible.thanks.

  59. I want to drive for you but I can’t upload the pic. I need help please tell me how or give a number where I can call you. I would like to start as soon as posible.

  60. Hi, I’m trying to get ahold of some customer service I guess this is it…? So last week I used uber for the first time and input a promotional code for $30 off my first ride. Te full amount for the ride came to $35 and change. My dilemma is although the application confirmed my coupon I was charged the full amount. This is my first experience with uber and I’m about to delete the app and spread negativivity about the company of my money is not restored. You should really get some phone support, this kind of support contact makes it seem like you are dodging customer service problems. I am not pleased.

  61. dear sir or madam , i would like to know which year of vehicule is require by uber. i am ready to start but iam confuse about a year of the vehicule
    thank you sincerely kuiken . i have a 2004 hyundai fee is it ok

  62. Ive been driving for a month- – the biggest problem is when there is a problem with the phone,,everything stops. There is no communication with a human,so I have to wait for 3 days for an answer to an e-mail- – silly,, thank god I don’t need the $$ to survive- –

  63. Im tryig to see how to become a part of the uber team? I’ve been trying to fill out the application form but it keeps kicking me out.

  64. The app won’t let me sign in – it says my email address is incorrect. When I try to log in with a new account, it says my cell phone number is already in use. When I click on FORGET PASSWORD it says my email address is invalid.


  65. I received an email today thanking me for the generous contribution to feed needy children. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY SUCH MONEY ,,,PLUS YOU DID NOT EVEN TELL ME HOW MUCH??? I WILL BE CONTACTING MY ATTORNEY. YOU HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER, COULD NOT LOG ON TO GET A RIDE AND NOW THIS????

  66. Good Afternoon Uber! I would like to let you know of a really great driver you have on your team. His driver code is kbj6q I believe. It just so happening that my car was towed in the city of boston on 12/17/14 and I was stranded with no money on me with a long way to walk home. My cellphone was towed away with my car. One of your uber drivers asked if he could help me as I was very upset. I did explain to the gentleman what had happened with my car, my phone, and my pocketbook. This gentlemen gladly and freely gave me a ride in an extreme time of need. I believe the driver name was Chris but he gave me his driver code and I just wanted you to know that he was a life saver for me yesterday. If there is anyway you can thank him for me I really want to show and express my appreciation to that gentlemen and your service.
    Happy Rider

  67. Help!

    I could not complete my application because my vehicle is 2003. I want to sign up today sir. What can you do to help. Thanks and merry xsmass.

  68. UBER sounds like a wonderful thing. I think I might have been good at it and made some dough. Here’s the trouble; I discovered, a few days into the process that it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this right now. I CAN’T GET THROUGH TO ANYONE AT UBER SO THAT THEY STOP WITH THE” PLEASE FINISH FILLING OUT YOUR FORMS EMAILS!!
    I’m a little frustrated, is it coming through? There is no click here at the bottom of the emails, so I can stop them coming. UBER support has no phone number. If you are like me, I don’t know that you are, but I get a bunch of email that I don’t want every day. So this really turned me off to UBER. it feels like you don’t care.

  69. I want to return the phone that you sent by mail…need return address. I also want to discontinue my employment agreement…since I was not told about it being illegal to drive in the Corpus Christi, TX area without being given a citation for driving. Please contact me with the information I requested and I will return the phone immediately.

  70. how can a business not have a phone number? I keep getting phone calls and emails about working for uber. im not interested in working for uber and I want the contacts from you to cease! I know you have a phone because I get calls from you.

  71. how could a company not have a phone number.. i dont know how legitimate is this company or authentic. not to happy…

  72. Today I was totally disappointed with Uber service. I should say LACK of service. First I was informed that the driver would appear in 5 minutes. After waiting maybe 15 minutes, I was informed that the DRIVER CANCELLED! Of course, I then had to call Barwood Taxi service which I know is a bit more expensive but RELIABLE! Do you think I want to go through the angst of dealing with Uber?

  73. I was traveling to boston and I did not want to have to get around in a cab. I only wanted to use Uber. The app kept telling me to verify which I did various time and would not let me. Horrible experience! The fact that Uber would not work, it ended costing us 3x the amount on a cab. I do not recommend it

  74. UBER Charged me $400 after the College Championship game Monday night. Hiking surcharge up to 5.6 times. A ride from Arlington to Downtown Dallas, barely a half hour ride. Going to the game with a Dallas Black Car cost $85. I will never use this service again. Should be ashamed of themselves. And good Luck trying to reach them to complain.

  75. I requested an uber from west portal to mid noe valley which would take approximately 10-15 minuets, after sitting in the uber for over 40 minuets , taking 7 U-turns, and taking a ridiculous route through the excelsior and passed mission, to turn around and go back to noe valley, the uber fare was $46. This is completely unexceptable and it is only apropriete to get a refund.

  76. I can’t upload the information you require at this time, ie: Drivers License, proof of insurance, etc.

    If you could e-mail me your FAX #, I could fax it to you right-away, or you could send your mailing address and I could mail it to you.

    Thank You,
    Robert E Whitfield

  77. I have the app on my phone. Every time I log into the app with my email then my password, done correctly!! It doesn’t recognize it??? Or it’s an error….come on, what the hell is going on. For the last three days I have had to reset my password ten times. I was trying to get all the information together to become a driver. I do believe I’m getting second thoughts….If I can’t get in with my password, gezz what next??

  78. My first experience with Uber about 2 weeks ago was great…fast service, reasonable rate, no problems. Tonight was another story…exact same trip requested…1st time driver said he was there but he wasn’t, would not answer his phone, then he charged me for a canceled trip. Second request driver was en route…I called to make sure he knew the pick up location and he never showed up, tried to call him, no answer…he listed my trip as canceled…no charge. Third driver showed up and was extremely nice…great service, no problem! I’ve already submitted a complaint regarding the “canceled” trip charge.

  79. I read that one needs to be notified of “price surge” before agreeing to the ride. I was not notified and the price was 3 times the normal amount. This was distressing.

  80. I had ordered an uber and hee was no where in sight but had already been running the meter then I cancelled the trip and got another uber but still was charged for both I would like my refund

  81. My son signed up for Uber using my phone number, but his name because he pays for my rides. My question is, can I sign up using my credit card with same phone number or add my credit card to his account?

  82. My son ordered Uber this morning in Philadelphia they had some snow in the taxis were shut down and they charged what should’ve been $40 they charge $130 to go 10 miles to the airport.

  83. You guys need a contact number we would like to speak a person. U for got password. So I’m unable to use service because email is on file please help

  84. I use Uber quite often to get to work, today I requested an uber driver I wanted to go 4 blocks I let him know that I needed to pay cash and that my card was at 0 he said it was fine and we agreed on 4 dollars and I cancelled my transaction. So now I’m being charged $10.00. the driver should of explained That if I canceI and pay cash I will still get charged either way! I would of rather been overdrawn at my own bank. And why take my money anyway it’s not right. all in all I need my 10.00 refunded.

  85. Have an issue with my account. Have attempted to contact Uber via email on 2 separate occasions without success. Been waiting weeks. Terrible.

  86. Hi there,

    I am in South Africa, Johannesburg and trying to use the Uber service. it does not allow me to access the promotional code UBERUP. Please advise as i would like to book a ride now!!

  87. I understand that my son Michael shows who is in Special Education opened a uber account on Feb 21, 2015 and got a ride home. we’d like to cancel it. I thought the charges were fraud and reversed them. He did call his bank to cancel the fraud charges and release the money to you. I’D LIKE TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER TO GET THIS RESOLVED.
    Michael Shows

  88. Used user Adelaide australia driver gave me personal buisiness card said to call him direct he will look after me

  89. Hi uber ,
    I had to get to work earlier today at 6:30 am and was charged $35 dollars for a 5 minute ride. This has never happened. I know it’s usually 5-10 dollars but this was ridiculous. I had this happen before where I never received a ride and was charged. I know that uber can fix this. Can you recover this transaction.
    Frustrated uber rider

  90. I don’t know how Uber gets away with as much as they do. Maybe because you can’t actually reach a live person!! So I’ve been trying to use Uber pool (which they’ve also hiked up their cost on) and waited 10 min for a confirmed share ride with someone named Andrea only to receive a “sorry all cars are full” message just when my Uber should have arrived. When I tried to immediately get another one as I was running late for work they had a 2.7 surge going on! Sorry uber but if you’re going to charge people for canceling their ride last minute perhaps you should be held to the same standard and credit your customers who wait around for nothing!!

  91. I ordered uber then cancelled it with in one minute and was charged $10. it said that I waited more then 5 minutes and that is not true. if this can not be resolved, I will no longer be using your services.

  92. My name is Mohsin I m a as river and working with uber in Riyadh Saudia arabia I just want to say that the workers of uber that who worked in Riyadh office are not fulfil their job their attitude is so rude with drivers and they abusing during talk with drivers and they behaving with drivers like we are the shoe of their foot and we have any problem and we go to them they said we don’t know we don’t have time come after two days and make many other lame excuses and ididnt recive my money and I ask them to see my account but they replied we don’t know we didn’t have time to see what’s wrong with it account so plz I m requested to the uber team to solve our problems plz

  93. This does not work in Atlanta. I have played with your website and followed all links and can not get a pickup scheduled. This is a dumb way to do business. You are making it very very difficult to use your services. I will stick with cabs and limos.

  94. Recently I discovered a charge of $126.55 on my 15 year old daughter’s debit account. The driver took advantage of my daughter who is of underage to even use this service.

    I’m requesting that someone contact me to resolve this issue.

  95. I see that this company have a lot of issues, and no one to talk to about it. I made a mistake sending you my personal information. Please cancel my application, and destroy all my personal information.
    Thank you.

  96. uber loading my registration ,insurance info 3 time sill not there yet why is it so hard to do???????????????

  97. I took uber for the first time after my friend recommended. He sent me $20 credit promo which I applied to my account prior getting the taxi. When ordering taxi it said the fair would be from $18-$25. When the driver picked us up I told him that it’s my first time using the uber so I believe that was mistake. After dropping us off he said I don’t need to do anything. 1 hour after he dropped us off it was still showing that I am still in his car so I called his cell and of course he wouldn’t pick up. So without realizing that there is an xtra charge for canceling the trip I went ahead and canceled the trip. I guess I got charged $10 extra on top of other extra driving he did with us even being in the car. And for the regularly $20 fair which with the carpool option (was showing 47% discount) should have cost us around $10 and I got charged $51.39. I am very upset and if this issue is not resolved I am going to post this on all possible websites until someone helps me to get a refund.

  98. Okay I’m not sure who to talk to since I can’t get any answers. I’m trying to get on as a driver. I can’t talk to anyone on the phone to address my issue. I ask a qustion that is answered with a form letter that is not applicable and at this point I’m not sure if Uber is real or not. It appears in my opinion to be an automated email reply system that appears to look for keywords. The information that it provides me has sent me to a place that is no longer affiliated with Uber so I’m getting the impression that Uber doesn’t really need drivers and is probably just a scam company. I don’t think that’s the case but I haven’t received contact from anyone that can help me get started. If this is how drivers are treated, how do you treat your customers? How you treat your drivers directly influences customer service.

  99. I had a very unpleasant experience with an Uber driver on Thanksgiving Day. After several emails and phone calls Andrew B…Community Operations Manager said he would apply a $50 credit to my account for the inconvience. (I missed my Thanksgiving flight because the driver went to the wrong airport)! Small compensation for the loss of a $400 airline ticket. But the $50 credit has never shown up on my account and I continue to be charged for every ride. I also spoke with Tatoya and Bianca on Thanksgiving Day. Please credit my charge card for the rides I’ve paid for since Thanksgiving Day. I don’t want another credit….I want to be refunded for the services I paid for which should not have been applied to my credit card.

  100. I have been driving for Uber for a couple of weeks. made about 50 or more trips–but since yesterday the app is reading your driver account has not been activated–please help or refer me to the right department. Thank you.

  101. What about people who don’t use credit? We have long term need and would be a great customer, but if you don’t take cash, and don’t have a phone number, what good is that?? Most people in our area don’t have fancy smart phones. Ridiculous. Your company will just lose money in West Palm Beach, and it is discrimination, also!

  102. Yesterday i took an uber to miami from fort Lauderdale – i have now been charged for that trip twice. I need a refund of $38.27.

  103. Dear uber
    Ur drivers r not allowed to pick up passengers in vps,ecp, or pns airport in florida coz they r not safety inspected and not permitted .they need to buy a $400 permit per vehicle. If they r caught they will b fined and kicked off premises.we all have rules and u need to adhere to these rules.

  104. I have almost $500 taken out of my account and I have never used UBER.HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? And not being able to talk to someone from customer service is just as bad.

  105. I am very angry. Last night aroung 10:45 9.m. my grandson was dropped off at my house. The driver about 20 minutes later came back and wanted to speak to my grandson. When I refused to open the door he stood in middle of the street and started to call him names. This was very unprofessional and scary. He needs to lose his job

  106. Today. May 2nd. My mother was picked up at my home. This man was rude and also dropped my mother off at the parking garage instead of the terminal and told her she could walk and get your own bag out of the trunk. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!

  107. You guys really need to consider taking payments that aren’t credit cards!!!! Debit cards should matter too!!!

  108. I’m a uber driver i just started to driving,for uber for two weeks.
    I don’t understand why my account is the deactivated,sure my score went down
    a little bite but i’am a new driver if giving me a chance i believe can correct my mystic. this is right.every body need a second chance.

  109. I gave my last driver (Monday afternoon trip) only one star because system knocked me off too quickly. Make it five. Thank you

  110. Upon sign-up and entering my credit card info., Uber charged my credit card $1. When I attempted to schedule a ride, I received a response that my card number is INVALID… Really!!

  111. I applied on line to become a uber driver. Uber does not have a customer service phone number and it has been very difficult to find customer support on line. I have no clue if my application is under review, did uber receive my application?

    I would think they could have at least sent a confirmation that my application was pending. Uber customer service sucks.

  112. My phone was stolen. Items were purchased and are being sent to my home address – and one of the charges was for Uber. Wondering if there is an alert that can be sent to uber drivers to warn anyone attempting to go to a specific address to pick up these supplies. Our security camera will capture the uber’s car if they try and show up at least.

  113. Tried to register – got no email confirmation. Tried to login, but you didn’t recognize my password. Tried to contact your website help repeatedly – got the “this is awkward” reply every time. Tried to reset password three times – got no reset email.

    You’ve got my credit card info. I’ve got nothing but exposure. No customer service number, nothing but this comment system.

    Bad way to start. Why would I trust your ride system, if there is no way to contact Uber!!!

  114. It wasn’t the drivers fault, but I typed in my destination as FLL airport and it took me to MIA airport. Because of this I was charged extra and missed my flight. I am very upset with uber and something should be done. I was held an extra 12 hours in the airport and missed work. I cannot believe this happened.

  115. I have been unable to use Uber tonight and have been waiting at the airport for over 45 minutes. Your app tells me my payment forms have an error (2 PayPal accounts that are in long time good standing) a debit card and a discover card. What is the issue? There is no phone number to call for assistance, I am unbelievably frustrated. It is 2:45am, very upset with this experience.

  116. I’m very angry withy driver away killed us by a truck and then tolde that I dostracted him and stopped in The middle of the road took tolls when he didn’t need to just took the same route there and didn’t go at the same direction I mean he claim the truck should of stop even though he clearly didn’t even look at the stop sign I do not need to be charge can someone get in contact with me immediately

  117. Craigslist Really are you guys this pathetic every category?? Your only making your company look stupid when you cant follow simple directions of category. from now on im going to make it a point to flag all your stuff. I can spend days doing it. get it right or go away

  118. I have applied free ride code.But I was unable redeem.I came to know that the amount was in dollars. How to use that free ride.

  119. Please, I need the phone number of a mechanic authorize by uber in west palm beach for my safety inspection. thank you.

  120. If I am understanding Uber’s new privacy policy correctly, Uber is stating that it will access all of my personal contacts without my permission. This is so totally objectionable and unacceptable. If Uber does not have an opt out opportunity I will no longer use Uber. This abusive behavior is similar to our government secretly perusing emails and phone data to collect information on everyone. Sorry, but that is not how a democracy operates.

  121. Just took uber but noticed from the map that he didn’t stop the clock when I got out. What do you do about being over charged?

  122. I created a new account in uber using my friend’s promo code. But in turn I did not get the first free ride(upto 600) according to the policy. Please check and immediately send the free ride(upto 600). Thanx…

  123. Dear Customer Service,
    I had submitted my documents to change my vehicle about six days ago and about three days ago I submitted the vehicle inspection form/receipt. I had been emailing Uber for several days (may be more than ten emails) and looks like no one had a chance to review my documents. I am a good driver and it saddens me about that slow response from your team. I am driving my daughter’s vehicle (which was an additional vehicle added on to my Uber account)and she will going to School as of tomorrow. At that point I will have no vehicle to drive. Can someone in the management team please look into this issue and review my documents so I am able to drive my new 2015 Toyota Prius tomorrow. Thanks

  124. I have to give your phone back. I get no fares because the town is so dead , and the cabbies are using uber just to knock us out. I have medical problems as of recently at 62. How do I quit and give back the phone. I didn’t need it in the first place. It was just sent to me.

  125. The driver cancelled because here was 5 of us. He told us 4 could not be in the back. Why was I charged.

  126. I took Uber Saturday night from airport. The driver went the completely wrong way out of the airport. We told him 3 times he was going the wrong way and he ensured us he wasn’t. We live South of the airport and he was going to take the North exit. My bill was a lot higher thank it should have been due to his “joy drive”. I’m not happy and expect some sort of compensation.

  127. This was my first time using Ober. Uber was a very great service enjoy the ride there and back. But I was charged a $50.75 ride for an 11 minute trip, that was my first time. I put my code in for my free ride and it still charged me.

  128. I ordered a car on 5/29/2015 for 53rd st and 3rd ave in NYC. i was notified that Iwould have a car in 4 minutes. after a few minutes I was then notified that my car was canceled. I was charged $10.00 Please refund my account Thank you

  129. I been a Uber driver for a couple of weeks. I have not been paid for a fare that went from Miami, (Monday 1) to Ho0llywood. ( During this trip I let the client to see m phone and she accidentally ended the trip. Then she asked for a new trip which I took again) The total fare was about 40.00, I also used the Highway fare which was about 10.00 because it was during heavy traffic time) There is no way that I can contact anyone in Uber. I do not believe that if I am not paid this amount I should recommend my friends to be Uber drivers at all) I am also being charged a device fare that I am not using. I am using my own.Please solve my problem.

  130. I never finished registering for my Uber account. When I try to register, a message says that my mobile number is already registered. I don’t have a password and can’t finish registering. Can you please help me?

  131. I want to buy a swift desire brand new. And i want to attached that new car with yor taxi service..but i have no i do it.plz if its possibale..

  132. Hello I was picked up at Phoenix AZ airport to Buckeye Az on June 10th 2015 I requested the lower end of the vehicle’s and got a Tahoe I also put in my code my rate should of been $57.00 and I got charged 175.00 please help with getting fixed.

  133. They sent me a phone that i did NOT order or need, now they take my earned money to pay for it. I sent it back using their pre paid postage and now i can’t get anyone to email or call me back. 200:00 for the phone and 10:00 a week for something I NEVER USED! Have sent 13 emails and have talked to 7 different people saying they will get it fixed and a month later here i am being charged 10:00 a week and the deposit of 200:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. So far this sight sucks ! … I signed up & now Have just spent 2 hrs trying to not be a driver and be a rider instead . No phone number to call and get this straightened out .. So I’m calling a taxi service .. Your loss !

  135. Uber called me LATE at night 3 times telling me they cant find me. I never called them. Someone else was using my phone number again. Get your facts straight Uber.

  136. I applied to uber to become a driver over a week ago. I emailed you all the information that you asked for, but I have not heard back from you. Can you let me know if you received the information. Then, let me know what is the next step.
    Thank you

  137. On Friday, June 12, 2015 around 7:52 PM, we were picked up by driver Abdul. Shortly after he picked us up, he got a flat tire and had to drop us off right where the trip originally started.

    Please refund my account for the 12 USD I was charged.

  138. For all those of you that come to this website to complain, let me tell you that this is not an Uber website, that’s why Uber doesn’t reply to these complaints. To do that, use Facebook, they DO reply. On the other hand, from reading most people’s comments, you could fix the problem yourself by not just grading the driver but sending a message through the app to uber about your trip, that’s how refunds work. Now, if you have the tendency to cancel trips STOP, you will start getting charged for doing so. If you live in a complicated area and you know it’s hard to get to you or unsure if your driver is there, CALL your driver! You have all the tools, utilize them but at the same time have some patience, drivers are just human and no matter how much help they get from the GPS, Uber’s Gps is terrible, so call or at the very least, text your driver! Uber works but you need to know HOW it works. Good luck!

  139. on June 15th atabout 12;30 a.m. I called for a car, Irecieved notification that the car would be arriving then recieved a call from the driver who insisted that my address was wrong, I explained that the building in fact had been there for for yrs, the address did not change and I have succcesfully been pick up from the location 2 days before, he asked to speak with someone who knew the area, it was decided that since he was 2 mins away a co worker to me to where he was, his lights were on, I introduced myself to him and at the same time got a notification that the trip was cancelled, by now it was almost one, the driver wouldnt take me and left me in a not so safe area.thankfully I was able to get another driver in 8 mins. but I was truly in fear for that time, the driver was less than helpful, rude and made it clear that he would make more money on his next call. very unacceptable and gives Uber a really bad rep!

  140. Hello Uber Team i ad a second Car on my Account, please tell me when this will be active. It’s coming up big Events in Indianapolis on this Weekend and i like use my new Car.

    Best Regards

  141. We are having a bit of trouble uploading documents to you,do not know if it is a problem/w my tablet or yoūr receiver.

  142. When we did something really, REALLY stupid, my father used to call my brother and I KNUCKLEHEADS, I understand you “KNUCKLEHEADS” have just went “gun free”. You have just eliminated a large segment of the traveling public from your system. I suppose you’re dumb enough to think that your ill-advised “gun free” policy will keep some thug with a gun from harming one of your members. That, guys, is just charming innocence. When encountering someone intent in doing you harm, you will cower and piss your liberal pants (or dress) while I will be eliminating the threat!

  143. I recently noted yoir policy of disarming your customers and drivers.

    For this reason, I will never, ever use your ‘gun free’ zone service. I will gladly inform any and all people I know that you prefer them to be helpless victims for any criminal who chooses not to adhere to your politically correct but hopelessly unrealistic belief that disarming people makes them safer – another mindless example of leftist propaganda ignoring the gory news stories about ‘gun violence’ – actually criminal violence- which are overwhelmingly committed in ‘gun free zones’ such as churches and schools and gun banning nutty polities like Chicago or Baltimore.

    You are dangerous fools, and I, for one, want nothing to do with being the soft target in your ridiculous company. Is it something in the air in San Francisco that warps your thinking, or are your executives who make these decisions safely protected by armed guards so this srupidity does not affect them?

    In short, your delusional policy will deliver the opposite of it’s apposite intent: safety. Rather, now that criminals know your drivers are oh so fashionably unarmed, expect robberies and injuries or dearhs to rise steeply. May lawyers everywhere sue you out of existence when your policy has the obvious effect on your drivers and customers – death.

    My God , you’re truly too stupid to survive. Evolve tha,t uberliberals!

  144. uber has had my app for work I just want to no if it is complete
    because I have not heard a thing if I am missing something please let me no.I need this job.

    Thank you
    Frederick Farina

  145. Due to your anti-second amendment position I will never use UBER and will encourage everyone I can to do the same.

    You have decided to only allow criminals to carry guns on UBER as what you have done only stops the law abiding.

  146. I used Uber on the recommendation of others–which is good for you as you might expect.

    I used it to pick up one of my employees and this time the price was twice as high!!:(( If you could help me understand why that would be great. I live outside of Atlanta. If you cannot help me understand then I understand and realize you have plenty of business.

    Thank you

  147. Under no circumstances will uber restrict my 2nd amendment rights for my personal protection . I will carry where i please.

  148. Uber will not dictate nor restrict my 2nd amendment rights, I will carry where i wish.
    Unless uber is going to provide armed security, then they have no business restricting the rights of anyone regarding ridership
    SEriously uber, do you you honestly think criminals give a rats arse about your new gun free rules?

  149. I have tweeted twice to customer service and posted to uber facebook. Uber website says customer service will respond in 3 minutes. It is now 15 minutes and counting. I was excited about trying uber tonight. Not have a good experience to start out and will not be able to ride until my problem is fixed. Got an offer of a Promo with capital One. wanted to get an intro experience. tried setting up account. got error my mobile # is already registered but I cannot access account/ login or figure out what is going on as Uber is not sending a password reset email and I tried every possible version of my password and I have even tried both of my two email addresses.

  150. There is a problem with payment I set up my payment account with direct deposit I’ve done 28 trips some very far, and have not gotten paid for any trip I called my bank. I’m not doing anymore rides until I get paid for the 28 I have done so far the total in payments are $283.25 you can check my trip-history I’ve gotten so fare a five star rating. And haven’t been paid for my work. I put my banking info in the routing number and account numbers so why haven’t I been paid. I did the bank info the same time did my inspection form. I’m not doing any rides until I’m paid for the first 28 trips I’ve done. I started taking rides
    on 6/12 I took 7 trips
    on 6/14 I took 4 trips
    on 6/22 I took 4 trips
    on 6/23 I took 13 trips
    I did work for Uber but never got paid I was told in an email I owned fees to them and for a phone they never gave me I used my own phone from metropcs. I stopped working for them as of today they are a rip off uber suck i better get my money

    kleopatra fero

  151. I contacted uber from my app and I accidentally cancelled my ride and re-entered my ride and it was th same driver and I’m being charged for canceling a ride I initially was getting. I shouldn’t get charged for it also because it wasn’t even five minutes yet and I still had the same driver so can I please be refunded for my 5.00

  152. They charge me $10 For just click on the uber .com and cancel the the driver call me and spent the time with me past the 5 minuets refund my $10

  153. I am BEYOND angry. Blood boiling. I have emailed Uber support three times and have not received a response. Get with the 21st century and get a telephone support line.
    I took an uber from the Marina to Pacific heights (a two mile distance) and was charged $385.00. ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? Now I am facing an overdraft charge because of your inept services and application. CONTACT ME TODAY. This is outrageous and a joke. Will never be using Uber again.

  154. I signed up for Uber, then could not log on. I emailed Uber numberous times and no response except an email sending me the link to reset my password. Never worked.
    Requested to have my account deleted; no response. No customer service, no solution, but yet they have all my credit card info. How is that legal? Uber is a scam as far as I’m concerned. I have no idea how to get my information deleted with Uber. Only solution is to cancel my card.

  155. PLs Iam trying to get to drive for you guys and be my own boss but I sen my picture innsurance registration and everything and still no respond from you guys cant even get the online sistem to start working I have seen other people leave there jobs and get a new car just to do this and they are good with this pls help me out email is there and phone number is conected to my account. thank you UBER sincerly Juan Pablo Lopez

  156. I have been taking daily and the fare is always around S$9. Today I was being charged for S$20. Someone from Uber please contact me. I will not take Uber until this is being resolved.

  157. Hello sir
    I want to join uber.but think us I got 9 penalty point on my
    Licence and 6 point will wipe in December so can I join to
    Uber with 9 points?
    And in the min time which reg car you except(which year minimum)
    If u response this email it is very helpfully for me.

  158. I need help. I know someone who works for you who has seizures. She had one a few weeks ago and is still working and driving people. She is going to kill someone by having a seizure while driving. Please don’t take this lightly. I am very concerned.

  159. This 5$. Charge is stupid . Because I came outside and the uber driver had cancelled the ride by himself . I went outside and he rode right past me . In my neighborhood . And he left , it’s not fair I got charged 5$ when I didn’t cancel my trip ; smh. I will continue to tell people not to use uber because you all try to get over on people and that’s not right . He cancelled the trip knowing that he had just pulled up , I walked outside like 3 minutes after it said he was arriving and he cancelled the trip and rode pass me when I yelled for him . LYFT it is . Smh

  160. On July 8th. I tried to use and uber. The first guy said he wasn’t able to and cancelled no problem. His name was Oliver and was very nice and said sorry. I tried again with a woman who also said she couldn’t pick me up and called me back demanding I cancel. I told her she could since she was the one canceling and I didn’t want the cancel fee. She said she would and charged me 5 dollars for a trip she couldn’t do and SHE cancelled.

  161. I can’ t understand your rating system. Every time someone cancels a trip my ratings drop I have satisfied each and everyone one of my customer. Let see what happens from here on out all riders will get one star

  162. Hi,

    I requested for a cab first time in Uber. My destination of the journey was Sanchaeti Hospital. I called driver and he mentioned that he will drop us midway as there is processions in pune. It does not make sense to go half way and it does not make sense to go half way, so we cancelled. There was a cancellation charged to us. Can you please look into it? and refund my Rs 90.


  163. Just moved to town. Car is registered in Md but Drivers license is NC, can I still start to drive until I get the Md license?

  164. How do I change my city of service which I operate? My account is not yet active but I put the incorrect city in when registering. I have since moved.

  165. I went to become a driver and got my car inspected and the majority of the stuff is finished. I’m almost ready to drive… But I don’t have a vehicle inspection receipt I never got one. Where can I get one? Or is that even required? I’m not sure I understand.

  166. I would like for my nephew, Jeffrey C. Paylor, who lives in Washington, DC, to be placed on your “Do not Pick-Up List.” He is unemployed and mentally ill. He repeatedly calls UBER to pick him up, but has no money to pay the fare. He was arrested yesterday (7/13/2015)at Reagan Airport for not having any money to pay his fare. He is currently in the Arlington County Detention Center. I do not know how long he will be there. But I am afraid, he will call another UBER to take him somewhere when he is released. His Uncle, Robert Hill

  167. I was in nyc 7/14/15-7/18/15 and tried to use uber on several occasions, only being successful one time on 7/15/15.The other times,I connected but the estimated arrival time kept changing and ultimately did not arrive. We gave it 15 minutes or more.I am very disappointed as I thought uber was supposed to be efficient and a reliable alternative to a taxi. I need to be able to trust this service or I will not use uber or recommend it.

  168. Dear Customer Service,
    I am very dissapointed by the service last trip from 6336 ROSECROFT DR, FORT WASHINGTON,MD TO SUITLAND METRO STATION on july 18th,2015.& the total fare was $10.78. The driver name was KENYON, he charged extra $50.00 the next day without letting me know for his cleaning fee which is not my concern. He should have said in the very moment. i rated him 5* too.So, that service was too bad and i need my money back. I need my response as soon as possible.

  169. Uber go away.
    1) STOP calling me with automated messages
    2) NYC cabbies need their jobs
    3) We don’t need more traffic congestion

    I have called the mayor’s office to show support of the position against your expansion. Also I have filed a complaint with the FCC.

  170. I have always used Lyft whom I will go back to. I was given a $20.00 off first ride with Uber so thought I may as well give a try. My driver was awesome yet for a 13 mile, 32 minute trip (10 waiting on train) I was charged $60.17! OMG – even a taxi would have been cheaper! Good thing I had $20.00 off! Even then, $40.00 is outrageous! First and last time using Uber!

  171. i keep getting robo calls and ask to be removed. if i receive one more, i will report this to nyc govt. agency.
    uber is to business practices as donald trump is to politics.
    i want no connection with people – executives who model business practices that bring out the worst in human beings.
    you are frauds and liars. you exaggerate and experiment with people’s lives, and then discard them. just like trump.

  172. I linked my amex account to Uber for 2x the points. When I didn’t see the points posted I called Amex and they told me that it’s not available in NYC. They very graciously added the points I thought I was going to get but now that I’ve defended Uber to Mayor DiBlasio I’m wondering if this company is scamming the public. They knew where I lived when they offered the invitation to link my card.

  173. My friend contacted UBER for a ride to the airport this a.m. they never showed up. WTF? How can this happen??? It said 4 minutes away….

  174. I used my Uber app for the first time in center city Phila. I was adv ised a car would be there in 2 minutes and rushed outdoors to wait. The time kept changing and after waiting 20 minutes, I had to take a cab.
    This is a terrible disappointment!

  175. Iasked my driver if I could use my own EZPASS for the tolls. He said ‘Yes’. I gav my EZPASS to him. He attached it to his stickies on the front window. When I looked at my bill, I seethat I have been charged for the tolls Please credit too fee to my account. I really wish you had aa process in place for immediate customer service. You have no readily available options on your app

  176. Been trying to sign up to be a driver, cant get a password to work, you never send me a email to reset my password, and I can not get ANY response from you! Please help me.

  177. i applied and filkled out the application and uber sais that i passed and cleared everything,but i neverherd back from uber.if someone ,could get back to me,i would appreciate ie,since i took the time out to fill out and complete the app forms,

    thnk u.
    Jonathan meyer.

  178. Uber,

    I have sent more than 20 emails since Sat night when our uber driver stole mine and my girlfriends phone. I need a response ASAP!!!

  179. on the map it showed the driver was 4 minutes away ( no traffic at that time or location) but then I see him on the map driving up and down the road for another 5 minutes. Was he perhaps on the phone & didn’t want to be disturbed? tired of watching him going up and down the same road I cancelled after 10 minutes-
    I’d like to be reimbursed for the $5.00 cancellation fee.

  180. Today, 28/07/2015, I have used the Uber service from Hennur Main Road and was dropped at Sarjapur Main Road in Bangalore in the morning. On the way the connectivity with Uber was lost in the Driver’s set and I was not shown any charges. The driver could not see the destination location, though he entered the destination location at the start of the journey and I entered twice. And more surprisingly, now it is showing that i am still in that car and has been picked-up from Sarjapur Road. What does all these mean! Do I need to close account with Uber!

  181. I’m wanting to drive for Uber. I was sent a e-mail stating I needed to send my driving abstract. Have emailed with no response. I find no number to talk to someone. I am a bit confused on what to do next.


  182. Uber says I owe 26.00 because of a problem processing the credit card payment for a previous ride. But they only allow payment by Paypal, which I do not use, or by “swiping” my credit card, which I do not understand. Customer service wants to charge me 13.00 to have an email correspondence to figure out how to pay them.

    Come on…

  183. all I needed was a ride 1/2 a mile down the road not two hours of BS sign in crap I’ll just stay with yellow

  184. The Uber app does not work. After Iput my care info in, it asked me to scan it. Im not going to be charged for a ride I have nt even gave into to. Please call me as I want to cancel or find out the deal here 🙁

  185. Signed up on computer hoping for a great experience and ended up having a terrible one and am cancelling before I even took my first ride. Took all my info and it wont let me download the app to my cell phone. I have a yahoo account and don’t need a google account. It keeps directing me to google to complete my profile to use. Had to find this just to post my 4 hour frustration in this comment. I am a senior and was hoping for a solution instead of asking people for a ride. I will have to let my senior friends know this is not a solution. I hope another company might help me. Signed a very frustrated senior

  186. It is a very bad decision to not have a phone number for the business. If something happens and you need to use your account and there’s an error all that’s available is email. Which is poor customer service. Anything can happen and this decision to not have a phone for the business opens up a liability for the company. If you think what I am stating warrants no considering then just wait and keep operating under this condition, its going to pose a problem for you.

  187. I am so anxious from my ride today that my hands are still shaking an you later because my driver drove crazy, did not use his blinkers once and almost hit a car but the other car thankfully swerved out of the way on the freeway. I just became paralyzed from am accident just a year ago which I told the driver once I realized he didn’t know how to look at the road. This was after he took an hour to arrive, I’m not exaggerating either and I’ve only had good experiences so far even when a driver for a little lost and cost me about #5 extra dollars. This driver had me cancel the ride and re enter it 3 times and said I was putting in the wrong address which was not true at all! I expect a dull refund today 8/3/15.

  188. I have been a happy uber driver with a great rating.
    Uber app quit working 48 hours ago for me..,
    I have gotten useless suggestions from Uber that I did and asked for an IT expert.
    I have been with our income for 48 hours apparently that is only urgent to me.
    I am about to sign up with lyft..,

  189. I have been a happy uber driver with a great rating.
    Uber app quit working 48 hours ago for me..,
    I have gotten useless suggestions from Uber that I did and asked for an IT expert.
    I have been with our income for 48 hours apparently that is only urgent to me.
    I am about to sign up with lyft..,

  190. One would think a 21st century service innovation like Uber would have a state of the art webpage; it doesn’t. The site is hard to complete, gets stuck and does not accept edits seamlessly. I would think site icons should guide the user, there are none and they do not guide. Perhaps once I am set-up and use the service my opinion will change however until that happens I have to say navigating the site is needlessly difficult and frustrating.

  191. To add to my comment, Uber has thousands, and thousands of excellent customers, please don’t get offended, most all the time I have excellent customers in my car, young, middle age, and old, but it’s all ways somebody out there that’s a question mark, that’s the one I’m talking about, not the good customers, but the questionable customer, they are out there, every body is not perfect, so for my safety I asked that the on going amount of money adding up on the screen be taken down.

  192. The worst DRIVER EVER!!!
    Took over an hour to get to our destination, when it should have been 35 mins and we didn’t have any traffic.
    He was in the second to fast lane and EVERYONE was passing him up!! Honking and such!! I felt like I was driving with my great, great grandma!! To make matters worse he had elevator music on the entire time. Not that I care, but please have something a little more lively on to enjoy!
    This was certainly not worth a $60 drive!!!

  193. I am trying to drive for uber…I have photographed car pictures and license and regestrtaion info …have had no response from uber yet…how do i find out where I stand?

  194. This was made much too hard to do. From one hospital dischasrge to another hospital to pickup my private vehicle. I was not able to find how to arrange the ride. This is terrible that I could not get it done through the website.

  195. Hello Uber,

    My bank account has multiple dollar charges on it that total up to $8.00. Can you please tell me where these $1.00 charges are coming from because it really is suspicious.

    I see the charges for taking the trips, but I see these weird dollar charges.

    I just don’t understand what’s going on and I need answers. I contacted my bank already and they stated to get in contact with Uber. I don’t know if there is some undercover fee or if my debit card I registered with Uber has been compromised.

  196. Please remove me from you driver site. I accidentally hit a wrong button and now am receiving DAILY requests for background information and place for Uber classes. Please help me!

    Thank you

  197. I called an über and wanted to cancel when he got there. The driver told me I could cancel then and not be charged the $10 waiting fee, so I cancelled it and he left. Later when I checked my receipt I was charged with that $10 fee and think I should be refunded.

  198. It is difficult to tell which airports Uber services for pickup. In particular I am looking at Miami International airport. Is there a list somewhere?

  199. I’m trying to apply for Uber Services via app and I continue receiving that my number is already in the system. Can you please me w/starting up an account. I don’t recall setting up an account w/Uber.


  200. My nephew and his friends used the service while in Orlando. They got back home to find a $32.91 charge to his card for a ride they thought would be free since it was their first time using the service. When he called to find out about the charge he was told that not only was he charged for his first ride he was charged a SURGE…an amount of 3.8 TIMES the normal amount. Unbelievable!! No wonder there is no customer service number you can call…a company that just adds fees with no notification and misrepresents their product and service (if you can even call it service). I hope he and his friends have learned their lesson and will avoid this scam of a business~~

  201. I am very angry with UBER. On August 14 my 17 year old son and his companion attended concert in Concord Pavilion. When they called UBER driver, first of all he did not show up till 45 minutes later and once picked up, two more African-American sat down in his car which was not agreed upon and ask driver to take them to some store in Walnut Creek. Two people did not pay a dime for riding a car, but my son end up paying $94.00 for a six mile ride. Being a teenager he did not know how to protest the charge and paid with his hard earned money. I would very much appreciate if UBER refunds the entire amount as kids were taken advantage off and ripped off at same time. My son takes UBER frequently and this ride left bad taste. If you refuse to refund the entire balance, I will take you to small calims court and will contact Media to prove that you have very dishonest drivers. Your prompt and immediate attention is greatly appreciated and looking forward to your response and action.

  202. Hey, I am trying to apply to be a uber driver but it keeps rejecting my vehicle insurance. All of it is accurate and correct so I can’t figure out what is the issue. I’ve tried to send it 5+ times. please let me know what I can do to get started. thanks!

  203. I am currently a driver for Uber in California , next week I am moving to Colorado. What do I need to do to transfer my Uber information to be able to drive in Colorado next week?

  204. A few months ago I applied for a job to drive for Uber. I provided all the information requested of me. I have had chats with Uber Support representative’s regarding the issues that I am having. I received a message that the delay in me being able to drive for Uber, is because Uber is waiting for my background check to be completed. However, I continue to receive text messages from uber partners asking me to drive, especially during the Air and water show that was recently held downtown in Chicago.I have also received an Uber Decal to be place on the window of my car.I continue to receive many texts from Uber Partners requesting that I submit a consent form for a background check.On August 19,2015, I got in my car sign in with Uber to drive and received a message that said ERROR. What am I to do next ? Can I talk with someone about this usue ? Thanks.

  205. I used Uber Black on Wednesday from San Jose Atlantic (airport). The first driver accepted my ride request from Santa Cruz…..too far away. Wrong city. Then I got charged $5 cancellation fee. What’s with that?

  206. I use uber today they took me to my work that I usually pay 14 dollars and today they Charge me more than a 100 what’s wrong with it…

  207. One of your Uber drivers Connor nuttal has been making me drive under his account in San Francisco San Diego and chico and promised to give me the money and owes me over $3000 and told me I’m fired and isn’t giving me my money now. I would like to make a complaint and get my money that I have driven for these last 3 months. My phone has the records to prove it and he is scamming Uber and me because he said it was OK to do this and now won’t pay me and would like you to investigate this immediately and contact me so I can get paid for working the last 3 months since Connor nuttal isn’t going to pay me for my work that he owes me.

  208. I am applaud I went on church convention use uber twice got charged $206 not only that had no money to eat my disabled kid starved , we we’re from out of state they got me never again will I use or recommend any body



  211. Been a hard working driver for over a year. My account just shut down no explanation. Emailed several times. You owe me 100 for last night and if irs not on tonight another 100.


  212. I cant get my account straight. Errors in telephone number, email, password.
    Need to cancel everything and start all over
    Please need your help

  213. I am requesting a fullrefund ld picked my husband and myself up last night at the shoreline ampitheater in mountain view ca she allowed another couple to ride she got lost and i was assaulted by the additional passengers i want a full refund

  214. I was over charged my this driver and would like a refund!
    Sunday night your driver Ricardo drop someone off for in Hiram. She told me he dropped her off at the store near her house and the drove off…many hour later I received my receipt tell me the driver when to Smyrna… And the cost of the trip was over 50 dollars. And I would like to know why did you driver continue to charge me if the person I had him to pick up had already been dropped off. I upset with this because I’ve sent two emails to company and still know response! I would definitely like my money back for the over charge your driver Ricardo did!

  215. Hi Uber, I took an uber last week and I guess there was an overage problem. It was Aug 22nd at 10:28 pm in winter park florida. My name is Nolan Poore
    2423 Minnesota ave
    Winter park, fl, 32789.
    It was a $50 charge that was charged and not refunded.

  216. I have been using uber in more than one country, first time tgere were misunderstanding and your customer service did tge needed.
    Now, I ordered a car and it says 5 minutes then 4 to reach but suddenly it shows more than that after more than 5 minutes !! The driver couldn’t reach me !

    I’m requesting you to cancel the charge that was taken.

    Ahmed althabit

  217. Hi I just received a call from UBER on August 25 at around 2pm my time in Hawaii.. They asked me if I was interested in driving for UBER. They said they needed help in mapping the island of Honolulu, Hawaii..I was supposed to call back but I seemed of erased the number

  218. I registered to become a driver for uber in fort Lauderdale Florida. I am in process to buy a 2016 Honda pilot. I will put down 30% of the price. I need some help from uber in lowering the price and the interest rate.

  219. I sent you email requesting to know why you billed my citi checking for a ride on 8/27. I looked at my Cap1 CC account and it appearsyou billed them as well. Please explain

  220. I need someone to contact me my daughter uses uber and my debit card is been charged days that she did not ride uber please call me 818-339-5394 I can’t afford to be cheated out of money

  221. I have been riding Uber for sometime now and I also use it for my daughter , I first would like to know if there is a Uber in Baltimore, I’ve had my suspicions about some if your drivers and I need to know how besides the picture and license plate that pops up is the driver the right driver , I believe that someone is trying to sabotage your business and if you care about the people , women and children then you really need to do some thorough investigation on your people and possible computer hackers

  222. I just had my first experience with Uber. It was not good!!!! You have no customer service telephone number to call so I can voice my outrage, so I will just have to call the San Francisco DA’s office on Monday morning to complain. There is construction work going on in the building next door to me at 1114 Page Street in San Francisco, and they have a port-o-potty in front of the building. I just happen to be looking out my living room window about fifteen minutes ago and, one of your drivers in a black Prius proceeded to park in the driveway across the street, march across the street, try the door on the port-a-potty and, when he determined that it was locked, proceeded to piss up against my driveway wall!! If this is what Uber is all about, I will do everything in my power to destroy your company. Apparently Uber is just about a bunch of self-entitled jerks who could care less about anyone else, or the City they supposedly serve!! Outrageous!!!!

  223. On August 29, I requested über service for immediate pick up. I made the request from my registered ph #8527586309.

    And I was @ my registers address:
    11/46 DLF CITY PH 3
    Gurgaon . Your system also gave me opportunity to key in my address and as soon as I keyed in 11/46, it showed the choice of my address of record.

    With that I was sure that the cab will show up but it never did and my phone never rang.

    At the last minute my family car came to me rescue.

    I am so disappointed with UBER SERVICE. Where was the driver – please explain in detail. Thx

    While I was

  224. I would like to talk to someone in charge of Uber in Orange County, CA. My son has been using uber for about a year now. He takes uber from Newport Beach after the bars close, to orange, ca for approximately $20.00 one way. On Saturday , August 29, 2015 he was charged $93.95!!! Are you kidding me! This is taking advantage of those who do not want to risk a DUI. Please contact me ASAP! Thank you as I would like to discuss this before taking this to social media.

  225. I have emailed Uber customer service at least ten times and have yet to get a response. I was charged an extra fee from a driver claiming I had 4 ppl in the car. Which is false. Think about how much money uber and the driver is making if they make false claims on the regular.

  226. Dear Uber –

    I recently downloaded the app with a free $30 promotion for a ride from my credit card. I have never used the promotion and now it has expired. I just received a new promotion for $25 off my first ride. When i open the app and put in the new promotion code, i get an error message saying there is already a promotion applied.

    Can you removed that original promotion since it has expired? I would like to try your service and would like to use the $25 prmotion. Thank you

  227. I have a über app that I also set up with a credit card
    However my credit card exp.
    I needed to update?
    How do u do this?
    I have a iPhone
    Thank you

  228. Dear Uber Costumer Service,

    I was very upset today when I checked my account after depositing my check from work. I noticed two charges on the 29th from Uber that shouldn’t have been there. That evening I never rode Uber as my best friend was driving us that night and we were a block down from the house we were staying at for the evening. I would appreciate it if you could please contact me back asap, thank you,

  229. uber charge me for aride I didn,t get and I want to know how to get my ten dollars back.because I didn,t ride in his car didn,t see him and I got on the bus and he still charged my card ..not good service.

  230. I am having trouble with setting up my profile, uber will not verify my cell so that I can set up travel for 5am from my dorm to Chicago.

  231. I used a Samsung S3 and downloaded the Uber app. I have successfully input my originating address and destination address. The app indicates the drivers that are available and ask me to pick one. Once I click on the driver, there is no more button available for me to push to indicate that I have completed the transaction, or any other indication that the driver is coming. I got frustrated and there is no phone number I can call or email I can send. I was in a hurry to catch the greyhound bus. Somehow when I navigate through the app I found a cancel button, so I have no choice but to cancel the ride and take a taxi Instead. Now I discovered my credit card was charged $5 because of their stupid app….I think whoever design their app should find another hobby. The web site too. It is basically an artist web site. Not a user web site…. Yes, that’s why I call Uber people are just here for entertainment/hobby and not serious for business…..OK no more Uber ever in my life.

  232. I have been trying to connect with someone for a correction on a charge. I am stuck in the visious Help loop. Please connect me with someone via email is fine.

  233. I have been a very satisfied Uber customer until today. I need a ride tomorrow and when I logged on today, was told that my version of the app was outdated and I had to update. I did not have enough space on my phone to update without first uninstalling the previous version. Now I am unable to reinstall as I have NO idea of user name or password, Uber has no phone numbers I can call and if I try to re-register, I just get told that my cell phone number is already registered. so I am in a catch 22 situation and will have no alternative but to use the costly airport taxi in Johannesburg tomorrow.

  234. We are in NYC. Someone stopped and said he was an uber driver and charged us $25 for a short 10 minute drive from Battery Park garage area to 17th and 6th Ave. His license plate was T618722C. Was he a legitimate uber driver? We felt it was some kind of rip off.

  235. I used Uber for the first time today and my driver tried to give me a $20 promo code and it said I already one but I was charged the du fare of $36+. Can you credit me the $20?

  236. This my first time ever to use über .The estimate told me it’d be 22 to 33 dollars from the valley to Hollywood and you ended up charging me $97 ! What gives?please get back to me asap!! I would have rather walked that pay 100 bucks to get a ride to Hollywood it’s so close to me

  237. You charged me 4 dollars to walk to my uber.. I’ll will wait for my reimbursement by tomorrow.. Thanks .. Get a phone number you new era corporation!! Communication is what separates us from other animals..

    Adam Butler

  238. How do give these driver cell phone and not do training them on what do and what not do you just give them phone and send them on there way.You should give everybody training that would stop driver from losing their driving job.Then when their rating drop you quick let them go because your mistake. There rating drop below 4.6 the they you a second chance but you have them pay for 90 min . session of $100. They should have pay for that if drop again let them go.But don’t tell what wrong so you work on the problem so you can get better.

  239. Hi, I left my wallet in an uber car tonight in Napa while carrying my daughter into the house and I can not get the driver, Gabriel to call us back and there is no one else to contact to find him.

    • I have not received a call either., I left all my keys to my house, cars and job and the driver knows both locations since that was where he picked and dropped me off.

  240. I tried to call a card and got a message my card is invalid… My card isn’t invalid how do I correct this problem…. My name is Brenda jones.

  241. I used Uber for the first time. I used my mom credit card to pay then a month and 5 days later my debit card was charged for the same amount I used my mom card for. This is completely unacceptable for this to come out of my account a month later.

  242. I was charged $10 on August 29th for a canceled ride. This charge is incorrect. The driver was not in the right spot to pick me up! I was waiting for him for far longer than the entire ride would have been. Uber drivers should know where they are going.

    I’m very disappointed in this driver and that I was charged… He called me asking how he should get to where I was standing. I was on a main road exactly where the pin was! I didn’t know how to explain to him how to drive to where I was and he was at the wrong place so I cancelled the ride. This is the second uber driver I have encountered in Boston who did not know the area or where he was going- both times have cost me extra money. Can my money be refunded? If not I will have to consider other taxi companies in the future.

  243. I was charged $100 cleaning fee for a car that wasn’t even Dirty I am Army veteran who is very poor it makes me sick to my stomach to get treated like this on 911

  244. I am in Salt Lake City, Utah at the doTERRA Convention with 28,000 other people. Yesterday as myself and two colleagues tried to return to our hotel I submitted a request to Uber. For the first request submitted at 3:49 I was told the driver (I think it was Jeffrey) could not pick us up and the trip was cancelled. Yet today I saw I was charged $5.00. Also, I then requested another ride and at 4:05 was told Samual in a Toyota Prius would be coming. I contacted the driver and was told he was at a different location 10 blocks away and he would not be coming to get us. I said, “You won’t come get us?” He said “No.” I said “Should I cancel the ride?” He said “Yes.” Again, today I have a charge for $5.00 for this ride. It was a frustrating experience and I would like a $20 credit.


  246. Was charged £5.00 for a Uber ride when the driver could not find me. Gave him an accurate address…same as taxi driver who took me from LHR TO 18 a Lindon Gardens… London W2 4ES london.
    Please credit my credit card
    Bonnie Byrd

  247. Hi- I’m leaving this comment cause my boyfriend spoke to a customer service representative about how neither of us received our first ride for free and we were told we were going to. The representative stated they couldn’t refund nor credit my account due to privacy issues, but refunded his- which happened to be an issue cause his card is not working at the moment. But that’s something he has to figure out- I’m just sending this message to let you all know I did not receive my free ride and j was a little disappointed about that.

  248. Hi,
    I was charged SGD6for cancelling my trip after driver failed to arrive. He was given a specific HDB Blk number to go to and the Blk signage were clear. This is unreasonable. Uber can be a very lucrative business platform and one that offers many riders huge pleasure and convenience. However, there are drivers who may not be honest. I do not know how much these drivers are receiving from the cancellation penalty fee, and the least to say, 50% of SGD6 I.e $3 is definitely very good money for the 10 mins, just circling around the destination and waiting for customers to cancel the bookings themselves. This is only my 3rd experience and I’m very disappointed with the

  249. Hi,
    I was charged SGD6for cancelling my trip after driver failed to arrive. He was given a specific HDB Blk number to go to and the Blk signage were clear. This is unreasonable. Uber can be a very lucrative business platform and one that offers many riders huge pleasure and convenience. However, there are drivers who may not be honest. I do not know how much these drivers are receiving from the cancellation penalty fee, and the least to say, 50% of SGD6 I.e $3 is definitely very good money for the 10 mins, just circling around the destination and waiting for customers to cancel the bookings themselves. This is only my 3rd experience and I’m very disappointed with the absence of a local feedback/customer service hotline or contacts. Pretty disgusting.

  250. This has been one of the most frustrating afternoons of my life. there was NO way of contacting Uber. After two hours of trying everything possible to get a car and missing all my appointments I give up. You can email me and apologise and renew our relationship if anyone is interested in doing that. I signed up. but no service. I wanted to establish and account and this first time it was urgent. But after all this nonsense it not only did NOT do what you advertise, i.e. simplicitiy to get a ride fast, it actually ruined my day and a number of important appointments. Good luck with your web design team who cannot make a very quick, simple to use web site. If you want real comments which could help them understand my problems today, just contact me. But make sure it’s real and personal. No weird ‘sign in first’ mechanisms thank you!!! George

    sorry, but disgusted. And LOTS of time wasted.
    If I may say, if you say ‘use the slider on the map’ you’d better provide a map. that’s just one of lots of silly statements on your web site.

  251. Because of my deep complaint above, I happened to look at some of the other comments above. Amazing incompetence seems to be quite common. Why not revamp your company and make sure you have a GOOD reputation every time? I’m so disappointed with you also because your founder had such good intentions and now its causing more bade than good, at least in my case and apparently many others more according to the letters above. Good luck with that.

  252. OK, no reply from you and no apology. Maybe because weekend. Anyway I want to cancel my subscription until I get some answers from you. So you will commit a crime if you charge my bank account anything such as people report up above. If you want to assuage my fears about uber you can get in touch from monday morning. Thank you for NOT taking money from my account without requesting it first. My account is as if frozen from now 9.43pm Sat Sept 12. Speak next week when you call or contact me. thank you.

  253. I was charged $230 for a uber trip. The driver got lost while driving us, wouldn’t let us roll down the windows. Would stop at numerous spots to “check his location” this is a 15 mile drive, this driver took a 50 mile trip for a hour and half ride. This is outrageous, I would rather have driven drunk, called a taxi, walked, took a bus, rode a bike, and that’s just have the things I would have rather done. This is outrageous and I will not be using Uber again unless this is resolved. The fact that it is nearly impossible to get a hold of someone to is frustrating.

  254. I have acct. with uber and now can’t get normal site to request a ride. Only get to
    Previous record of rides taken. Tried to submit new
    Password was success but
    Furthest I get. No help
    From support team to get
    Back on normal page to
    Request driver even though
    It says logged on successful
    Even when new password
    Was sent to me. Slow response when emailed. Better have answer soon
    Or I cancel uber go with

  255. I would not recommend anyone to keep their credit card on file with Uber…Somehow someone spent $180 on one trip and another $101 on another trip on my Uber Account and charged it to my credit card…. Then Uber will not respond to my inquiries and filing a claim and the number just says to email them. So not only can you not get a live person to talk to but now noone will email me back to change my password so I can cancel my account and get my credit card information off this app.


  256. Would Uber be able to provide the number of monthly drop offs that occurred from January to August 2015 in the Japantown neighborhood (Geary – Webster – Post – Laguna).
    Thank you,
    Greg Marutani

  257. Hi I emailed about a week ago stating I did not receive my first ride free when I was told I was suppose to. I have yet to receive an email back. Please email me back as soon as possible ..i am an uber regular and I was pretty disappointed when I noticed I did not receive it.
    Thank you,

  258. I signed my boss up – think I made a mistake. He needs a driver….he lives in MA – town of Dennis. Does your service cover this area???? If so, how do we go about hiring a driver?

    Thank you!!!

  259. I’ve never used UBER, somehow My card was charged one dollar. The charge was returned; however that did not sit with me well. I will NEVER USE UBER AND WILL ADVISE ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO DO THE SAME….

  260. I have a fee on my account that’s says it hasn’t been paid yet. But when I go to my account its already been taken out of my account. Now my account wont t
    Let me use it cause it say I still haven’t paid yet.

  261. I left my keys in the drivers car 9/4/15. I have left him three voicemails, was unable to even get a voice mail option two time, received an e-mail from Uber to ck back if I have not heard anything in 24 hours from the driver and have had no response from that rep since and only receive a survey asking if my issue was resolved, which it was not.

  262. Can I get an UBER ride by just making one phone call and paying cash to the driver? If so, what number should I call? I live in downtown Omaha, NE. I don’t want to do the whole phone app. charge stuff. I just want to make a phone call, get a ride and pay up.

  263. After reading all the negative comments, I changed my mind. I do not want to risk using UBER, so cancel my previous question. Thank you.

  264. Hi, I’m have been interested in working with Uber,but the company didn’t accept my documents. Can you please give me a reason why? I would like to be a part of the team. I have a good driving record and a decent car.

  265. One of your drivers, who when asked, identified himself as Joe Johnson, was observed driving wildly and at an unsafe speed through our office building parking lot, parking in two spaces in the tenant private covered parking area, opening the door to take more space in the restricted area so he could drop off trash on the ground and smoke his cigarette in a non-smoking property. How many rules broken and discourteous behavior can one exhibit?

    I then attempted to contact you through the suggested email account that will not go through. Apparantly the complaints are set to be non-deliverable. A very frustrating experience altogether with your company.

  266. Did not know my wife had spent money on the credit card so I now owe them. I tried to pay them after I put money on my card, but could not. Added another card and have the same issue. Cannot find a email or number to call. Guess they do not want their money and I will use Lyft from now on.

  267. Customer Service Sucks!!!! first why would anyone want to email back and forth about a problem and still don’t have the issue resolved? I have become quite irritated with them. I am still having a “PROCESSING ERROR ” all this week and no one has given me an answer very disappointed with Uber right now

  268. I signed up with UBER as driver before U had the app for androids. I did not drive until last night. I accepted 2 routes on my personal phone. I never used the uber iphone. Just noticed I have a $300 of weekly accumulation. How can I be charged and never driven or logged on to the app? I need to turn this phone in and I need those charges to be waived.

    • I have never used the Uber phone when driving. I only my personal android. I need the fees waived and turn the phone in. Where can I drop the phone?

  269. U want to sign up as an uber rider, but I’m registered as a driver and the site won’t let me use my phone number and email to register as a rider. What do I do? I need to use my cell number and email to use the service as a rider.

  270. I was just charged for a uber in san Francisco that I never asked for or took it was for 18.35. Which is ridiculous because while I was their I walked and took the Bart I would remember a uber ride

  271. I requested a taxi this morning less than less than 5 minutes before coming out of my house I received a cancellation text editing my account with 1,000 Naira. I never cancelled my booking, I didn’t keep him for long, I had to request another taxi immediately which is just ion the way now. I request a refund of my 1000. Thanks.

  272. Tonight I took an uber home and the driver dropped me off but she did not end the charge at where she dropped me off. She continued to drive around with the meter running after I had left the car. She ran the price up in which I was over charged. This is the first time I have had this happen. I believe that I should be refunded for this negligent act.

  273. I want to know how you can get free service for first time uber user. Plus not being from New York I clicked on 437 39th New York New York instead of Brooklyn. I told the uber driver it was Brooklyn. But he continued on until he understood. Please respond as I am not thrilled with Uber as of yet.

  274. for some reason I am not able to complete the application on your web site – I filled out the information & when I click the submit button nothing at all happens. Help please. I’d like to use Uber. Thank you.
    Dana Orlandi
    949 436 2970

  275. I have been catching urber for a while people have been complaining about urber taking money out of there account on authorized and over charges for ride I catch urber on the regular too and from work my ride is no more them 6 dollar today my account was charge 28 dollar how do I go about getting my money refunded if you can please call or email in reference to this madder cell number is 470-338-7671


  276. Iam having an issue using my new debit card for uber it’s the same number new security code . I have another card on file that I don’t want to use but the app won’t let me delete it what should I do?

  277. I was extremely disappointed in your company yesterday. We had to get the airport quickly and one of the news reporters from a hearing we were attending suggested that we take uber instead of a cab. They said it will be cheaper. We did not request an SUV. The SUV came and our ride was 95.00. The cab was only 60.00 and he pushed the #5 rating on my phone. He was pleasant and fine, but my frustration is with your company and the exorbitant amount of money we spent for your service. I will never use you again.

  278. I used Uber in New Orleans this past Sat night. My trip was less than 10miles and my bill was $47. I find this extremely expensive as a can would have been less than half of that. I’ve used Uber in other cities with no complaints. Help

  279. I need to update my credit card information. How do I do that without going into the driver portion of the website? I recently signed up only as a rider. I am not interested in becoming a driver. Thanks for your help.

  280. I have used you 19 times in the last month cause I trusted your operation and then today you held me a captive customer with switch and bait pricing and blackmail to accept a 150% increase in rate from $16 to $40 for the same 9.3 miles because you did not write a business plan to allow for the demand in an area. I cant afford that. My partner rented a full size jeep yesterday for the whole day for $30 with unlimited mileage. Uber cannot be trusted to support its customers. I cant use you anymore. I wont let this go without bringing to every agency, BBB, Facebook about your practices until one of them, Department of Transportaion, Credit Fraud Division of Sercret Service, Texas Attorney General or the general public puts and end to this captive blackmail after the person is in a location with no transportation home without accepting your onerous charges. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Darrel Youngblood

  281. I cannot log into my account!
    I have had this account nearly 2 years and never logged out on my i phone. When Uber was having trouble connecting, I was directed to log out, which I did.
    Now I cannot get back in!
    I keep getting the message that a new password will be emailed to me, but the email never comes.
    I tried to start a new account, but get the message that my telephone number is already connected to an account.

    I really count on Uber. Please help me.

  282. I had a driver come pick me up and then she tells me on yesterday that I have to cancel the ride because of Uber not being accurate. So I told her that I would be charged so she cancels trip and I had to change my destination and another driver was sent right away. I was still in her car and she then tells me that she could take me home for a cheaper rate than the Uber payment. How do I delete my account

  283. Christopher,

    Thanks for the email but I had two free ride since August 28th. I have a prove of emails you guys send me.
    I am little tired of complaining about this issue.
    This is my 3rd email to costumer service.
    How can I send you the email prove? I can screen shot of email or forward you the email you guys send me.
    and I have history of my ride that I only used one promotion ride after august 28th.
    Before the driver cancelled that pickup, I had a free ride promotion. When he cancelled, that free ride disappeared, I had to take another ride that night to get home which should have been my free ride. Instead, I was billed full price for that ride after your first driver refused to take me home.
    A refund of his cancellation fee and subsequent disappearance of my free ride (awarded by you guys because I recommended a friend) is unacceptable and frankly a breech of trust. I find it hard to believe that your computer software cannot follow this audit trail. If that is the case, I believe the press and the public should know about this glitch in your software. Please provide full detail on how this can happen.

    Thank you

  284. I like uber and have used it many times. I think it is a great thing. I am wanting to become a driver but have ran into a little problem. My car is registered by my fathers company and the insurance matches that as well. It doesnt have my name on the insurance card and if it did it wouldnt match the registration. Is there some way to get around this? everything has passed the tests and the guy that helped me at the vehicle registration wasnt very friendly and was quite rude to be honest. Please let me know if we can go forward with this or not.,

  285. To whom it may concern,
    Yesterday wasn’t able to make reservation for a driver to pick me up from my apartment and take me to my job until I signed into my account and re-entered my debit card number and a promo code. Once l was finished entering my information and the code. By the time I was finally able to make a reservation for a driver to pick me up. I was LATE to my job for the first time EVER!!! When I finally arrived at work, my supervisor gave me a write up for being late to work. I was recently promoted to new position in part because I had prefect attendance and I was late work. All because I couldn’t make reservation for a Uber driver.

  286. I just took two Uber trips in Folsom, CA with driver Austin Puppolo. He was very kind and helpful. I have a broken foot and he helped me in and out of the vehicle and made sure I didn’t trip or fall. He went the extra mile for me. When I rated him using your app, I intended to rate him with 5 stars for both trips, however, for the first trip I tapped all 5 stars, but only 4 stars lit up (blue). On the second trip, I tapped the first star and it immediately went to another page stating, “Thank You”……Your app needs definite work!!! I am asking that you correct both of my ratings to 5 stars for Austin! Your rating app needs to be fixed!!

  287. Hello, I would like to kindly ask to take this $10 charge off of my card. I requested an uber and waited for it to arrive. Finally after no contact from the driver I called him and asked if he was close. He proceeded to yell at me saying he had been waiting for us and was EXTREMELY rude. I take uber frequently and they have always made the first point of contact in order to pick up the customer. After getting yelled at I hung up and refused to get in a car with that man and cancelled the trip. Please take off this charge as this was the worst experience I’ve had with uber and this man does not deserve my money. Thank you.

  288. Hi I used to work for uber a year ago. I LL like to return the iPhone you gave it to me . Can you please tell me where to mail it….cause I need my 100 back. since I don’t work for you….rhanks

  289. I left my phone in the backseat of my uber ride.I was picked up at approx.11:35 at Miami international airport at the American airlines terminal. My name is Mark Miggins and my driver took me home to 13860 sw 90 ave apt.kk-101.Her nam.e was similar to Maritza. I have no idea how to contact her since my phone is in her car.Possibly you can call her and have her email me tonight or tomorrow morning and we can meet somewhere.In appreciate your help

  290. I downloaded the app and went through the application to use uber in Washington DC/Maryland but when I found out that there was no phone support I had to take the app off and I emailed that I would not be using uber because the transportation was for a group of teens and I had to have contact ability. Now I really want to use uber for myself and I cannot get an account because m is still in the system. Why? I have emailing several uber customer service branches and to no avail. You can check the records and see that I have NEVER had an uber sent or used with that phone number. Is there anyone that can assist? My next step is coming if you don’t remove my phone number. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


  292. You have deducted 9.52 from my account for Uber Technologies. I have no idea what this is nor did I authorize this. I do not use Uber, I have my own transportation. How did you get by bank account number? I never gave it to you. Cancel this and never use my card again.

    Thank you,

    Lynda Stephens, BS,MBA

  293. I am an avid Uber user and I just had the worst Uber experience I’ve ever had. I placed an order for an Uber in NY. Not only did the driver go to the wrong pick up location. They proceeded to call me and yell at me telling me to walk to a street over 4 blocks away. I’m not from New York and after getting lost trying to find this random street. I eventually just gave up and cancelled the ride. Nonetheless, I was still charged $10.00 for no Uber ride and a rude experience.

  294. We waited 15 minutes. Site said driver was here. Called him 3 times and texted him. No answer so cancelled and you charged me. Friend coming for us.

  295. Blk Hyundai sonata CA lic number 6whx493 date Oct 3, 2015 time 4:30pm location fwy 405 southbound, drivers appearance dark skin, short “rasta” looking hair style, weaving in and out of lanes at high speed including carpool lane (unknown if multi occupant due to window film) I’m still in the fence on riding uber but drivers like this give your company a bad impression. Saw the “U” decal attached on the lower passenger’s side windshield, I was close enough to see the driver & the “U” as he passed me by on the carpool lane

  296. Hi:
    I have tried several times to find info about using Uber Taxi service in chicago,IL—so far have had no luck. I would like a yes/no answer to
    my questions!

  297. Waited 25 min at 1625 Post St, San Francisco, for pickup in 2 min, then 4 min, then 3 min, then 5 min. Took a taxi.

  298. I had my very first unacceptable uber ride I did not feel comfortable in the car I was getting. When I entered the door handle was duck taped to the door and it pulled off when I entered the car was messy… The driver did not seem prepared for me and I declined the ride. I was still charged and I feel that is un fair

  299. For the first time I used uber at Bangalore based on my relatives suggestion,he gave rs 250 as a gift to be taken out in ist drive.i did not get it as the driver said no such instruction in the system for him.,i could not get the 250rs advantage on return trip also on 4octr.As a sr citizen availing the uber trip for first time may I know how to take advantage of rs250 first trip concession,it is my desire to get your rs 250 offer given by my relative

  300. My card was used and we did not use the service $70 worth! Uber will not respond. I want to know who used my card! I want to know where these rides were from. Thank goodness my bank has my back. I have proof positive the rides were not ordered by me. The phone that had the app installed was at the police department during the week I was being charged for these rides. My dispute better be upheld. They do not care about their customers, they do not care if credit card info is compromised. What a filthy, icky, terrible company.

  301. Until recently my uber experience has been good. Recently I had a ride from Arlington VA to DC and the cost in was $18.00 which was fine. My return trip was $70.00 with no explanation or recourse. I later read that this is referred to as price surging. I can see no reason for the fare hike as it was not New years or any other special event. I felt mislead and ripped off! Thanks a lot Uber.

  302. I have been trying to sign up for Uber. It has been a nightmare. Then after reading all of the horrible reviews I do not want your service and want my account information cancelled. DO It NOW!

  303. Hello

    This morning I wanted to ask what I’m thinking is a simple question, however I’ve found after hours of still searching that it is quite a difficult process to ask my question when I sign into my account. There is a “search box” prompt, under the help link but it will not allow me to type my general question. Every time I’ve tried it defaults to scripted categories of questions. As such, I’m still trying to have my question answered as I’m writing this comment. I’ve tried multiple times but it keeps defaulting back to the help link & the situation I’ve described above reoccurs. How can I get my simple question answered?
    Thank you Kindly

  304. Took my first and LAST ride with Uber. Charged me a surge charge of 65.54.. a 15 mile ride cost me 89.14. Be ware, if there isn’t enough drivers on the road, they will charge YOU a surge charge to ensure you will get a ride. As if it is YOUR fault there isn’t enough drivers. I will write to the better business bureau. what type of company does not offer a customer support phone number. Last time I took a cab for the same distance, it cost me 30.00. I have heard you are more reasonable with your prices, this was nota TRANSPARENT price. Nowhere did I see that I could be charge a SURGE charge to this degree. Your company should not be allowed to exist as far as I am concerned.

  305. I need a MANAGER to call ASAP. We used your company in SF in the past 2 weeks,
    Now our bank is getting mulitple charges, shame on your company not to have
    a phone number for fraud. We need to be reimbused. plus had to close out
    bank account.

  306. Canceled a trip on accident and was charged a $4 cancellation fee. The person I cancelled with was still the same person to pick me up. Please email me so that we could discuss this issue.

  307. I am registered in Cape Town South Africa and find it very difficult to talk to somebody on the phone or per e.mail . You are first required to go through all the written stuff and it gets you nowhere and irritated. I only would like to include my wife in the Uber contract and the name is Elly Eerligh, She uses the same credit card and password as I do. Regards H H Eerligh

  308. I just got registered using your online app. I am afraid I order a driver to come to my house now. Did not mean to do that. How can I cancel so driver doesn’t come ?

  309. I just left my phone in an uber car. My friend booked the trip and I don’t have an account. How do I contact you or the driver to get my phone back?? Thank you.

  310. Help! I just realized I gave an incorrect email address when I signed up for Uber. I used Uber while in NYC last month, but now I can’t remember my password to get back into my account. When I request a password change, your reply goes to that incorrect email address. Please help me change my email address!!


    • PLEASE DELETE message 291 above. It contains private information!! When I wrote to what I thought was Uber CS, I had no idea my post would appear on a public forum!! You can’t contact me at the above email address because it’s incorrect. That’s why I tried to contact Uber. Just PLEASE remove #291!!!! Thanks!!!

  311. Your driver will not answer the phone. They cancelled once. Ive called 3 x. I tried cancelling n ordering someone else and it’s not permitting me. Very frustrating when trying to get to airport.

  312. Hey I think I left my phone in my uber last night from walnut creek to orinda CA. If you could check with your drivers or email me back about what to do I would really appreciate it.

  313. Hello,
    I signed up as a driver a submitted all my info about my vehicle. It is still showing as pending. I tried to work for you all before but was denied because I was driving a 2004 Highlander which is too old! I am ready to work now that I recently purchased a 2014 Honda Accord Sedan! Please contact me some information letting me now when I can start!

  314. Hi Uber,

    I have had a charge on my account for a cancelation fee when in fact I didn’t cancel.

    I waited for 10minutes after the car had supposedly arrived!! No call no text?!

    Can this be refunded asap.

    Thank you.

  315. kids brought uber home and were not told of surcharge [their bill x 3.5]. if they were informed, they would have brought a regular taxi at 1/3-1/4 of the price. OR I would have picked them up

  316. I used Uber on 10/10/15 and I have been charged way more than I was supose to be. I was charged $46.98 when my ride cost $20.39. I would like my money refunded back to my credit card

  317. I left my phone in her car can you please help me !!! I have been trying to find a phone number but that is absolutely ridiculous !!!!!

  318. I have been charged 5 dollars twice from my card and I haven’t used uber is there any way i can speak with some one so my money can be replaced to my card please thank you

  319. I Have been charged 5 dollars twice on my card and i havent used uber . Is there any one i can speak to about having my money put back to my card please thank yoh

  320. I have been charged 5 dollars twice from my card and i havent used uber i would like know is there any one i could speak to about having my money put back to my card

  321. I’m a current driver for uber. I also have a 4.7 star rating . Your app says my out if state inspection is due. I don’t drive out of state and can’t contact anyone at uber since my question isn’t on your site. How do I fix this?

  322. I am currently vacationing in Orlando. I ordered an uber. She never came. She then cancelled the trip on me. After I tried to call her 5 times and text her 3. And I’m being charged $5. Why ?
    This isn’t right. I attempted to contact her. Her phone would not accept calls.
    I am angry.

  323. My bank sent me a new ATM card with a chip. Does this affect my account? I think it will but it is not easy to change in your system, please help. Sorry I have been drinking, that’s why I love Uber

  324. I love using uber and choose them over taxis…but Saturday night was a bit shocking. At a concert and needed a ride home and a ride that should have cost $44 cost 4.9 times the rate totaling $212. I know I accepted the prompt of the 4.9 rate, but had been drinking and did not really think what the total would be and then I saw the e-mail the next day. I think it is completely awful and greedy of uber to charge 5 times the rate because there is an event going on…they drove me there and should realize we would use them to get home. I am disgusted at the cost they charged!

  325. Someone PLEASE contact me about a ride to
    Tampa International Airport, Thursday, Oct 15, 2015. I am not finding this user friendly. I’ve made the reservation but do not have a confirmation.
    Please text at I NEED to know that I have a ride to the airport at 10:10am tomorrow. I’ve entered all my information, including credit card and flight info. PLEASE contact me

  326. Hello it seems to be a big mistake in my account on my fist free ride I was charged even though I had applied my free ride and never used it so when i checked my account it’s telling me I’ve been charged 2 when my ride was under 20 dollars..?

  327. I have been trying to pay for a ride I took Sunday and am really frustrated. I cancelled a lost credit card and told my driver that I had to give them another card. The driver said my card went through. The next day the credit card said it did not go through. I went on line put another credit card on and tried to pay to no avail.The new credit card is there but goes back to the old one when I try to pay. I have been calling and trying to e-mail for 3 days but I am not on Facebook and Twitter. I am trying to be responsible. Can someone a person please respond. Thanks, Jessica Dennis

  328. My uber account has been suspended. I don’t know why. I have never used Uber my son downloaded it for me. When I went to use it they said it’s been suspended. I am a 59 year old Mom with a 860 credit score. I have used Lyft with no problem. When I am on vacation I would like to use it. The first time I tried to use Uber it wouldn’t let me. Please explain.

  329. I have never used Uber the first time I tried they suspended my account. I asked several times for an explanation with no response. I have used Lyft with no problem.

  330. I set up my account and my password does not work. Tried to reset several times but did not get an email to reset.

    How can I get to my account?

    Thank you.

  331. Just tried to use your service for first time to get from SFO to Lafayette Ca. Got a confirmation ride was coming. Bottom of screen kept reading ride was 5 mins away, then 3 mins away, then 4 mins, then 5 again. This went on for nearly an hour. I finally gave up and took Bart. I felt really strung out. I had entered pickup and arrival locations accurately. Not sure I will try your service again. That was really frustrating especially having been on the plane for 6 hours.

  332. Hello
    P/U ride on Oct 14 at 6:16 from 2110 Chestnut to Grove St with driver, Michael! (SF)
    Great customer service! Five Star for him
    Some how when I gave him a review, it came out One star which is incorrect
    Please, Michael is a great driver Can you undo the one star at your end
    He deserve a great rating
    Thanks, Ellen

  333. I recently got a ride with Uber and I noticed on my bill statement there is a five dollar no pick up charge. No one showed up to pick me up the address was incorrect in the system, so I canceled and set up another pick up with Uber. I don’t believe I should’ve been charged a five dollar fee for not being picked up because no one showed up and it was not the right address anyways.

  334. Just checking on my application and background check. I have not received any information regarding my background/application, if there is any other information uber or myself might need please let me know. Thank You, Have a great day!

  335. I attempted to use Uber last night for a short ride. The driver called me and confirmed the pick up. I then called him back to change the destination (which was only 5 mins different than the original destination). He confirmed t it was okay and said he would be there to pick me up. After 10 minutes of waiting he never showed, I called him back 3 times and he never picked up my call. I was then charged $5. Please refund my money since Austin was a no show. Thank you!
    Katie McMahon

  336. Dear Mr. Kalanick,

    I am disheartened to learn that you require real leather seats in any car operating Uber’s BLACK ride-hailing service. I understand that you may be attempting to attract a high-end client base with this service, but real leather is not the way to do so. All it says to most people is that you are painfully unaware of animal cruelty issues in the United States.

    Cows used for their leather are abused during their lives and slain horrifically at the end of them. Imagine being hung upside down, stunned, and then skinned alive. This is what happens to the animals slain for the skin used for your leather seats. These cows experience nothing but fear and pain throughout their tortured lives, all because people like you refuse to accept faux alternatives.

    The clientele you are attempting to attract, however, are already very much aware of humane faux leather seat options made available by such automakers as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. As these companies have shown, we really can have our cake and eat it, too, as the faux leather seats are just as soft and supple as real leather. There’s no excuse to use real leather anymore.

    Kindly remove your contingency that automobiles operating in Uber’s BLACK service must have real leather seats. As many luxury manufacturers have proven, we do not need subject cows to horrific and inhumane acts of cruelty just to present a passenger with a wonderfully comfortable ride. Stop supporting the inhumane leather trade and adopt a policy for faux leather seating instead.



  337. I paid my amount in uber paytm wallet but my amount is not updated in paytm app in paytm wallet.

    Can u please help me in updating the amount in paytm account also.


  338. I was charged over £23 to get from newcastle City centre to my house (NE5 1DY). The fair estimate is £10 and that’s rougly how much other taxis charge. I won’t be using uber again and will be telling my friends this too, unless the matter is resolved with credit back of the over charge.

  339. I already registered with uber. Do not believe you have my banking information. What must I do to start driving today. My phone number is 267 809 2446. Can you call me.

  340. This driver did NOT have a sign on his car and we declined his service and he still charged us !!! Redicoulous !!!!!

  341. I canceled a ride this morning because the cab driver was an asshole. Real nice that I can’t leave a rating if I have to cancel.

  342. I requested a car on 10/16 in Kansas City at a busy time. A driver accepted with a 1.2 surge fare. I then received a notice regarding a “mix-up” and the driver cancelled. Uber sent a notice that it would find a new driver, but that didn’t happen. I then sent a new request. A driver accepted and called me specifically to ask if I would wait the 10 minutes it would take to get there and I agreed. I then received a notice that the 2nd driver “had to cancel”. I finally got a driver at 2.8 surge rate. My wait for a ride ultimately took 30+ minutes.

    I have since learned that some drivers will cancel rides which they have already accepted if they have an opportunity for a bigger surge rate or longer ride. That is unacceptable.

    I ultimately paid more than twice the amount to which I agreed and it took an extra 30 minutes.

    Please let me know what can be done to resolve this type of situation. Uber threatens to charge me for rides if I cancel them, but drivers can do this and actually get a benefit.

  343. Need help getting into my account. Request to reset password is not working. I have made multiple requests in the past month have checked my spam folder & no reply from uber.
    Thank you.

  344. I want to change a rating of driver Jessica to 5 Stars, because I opened the email and must of clicked only on 2 stars. Why can’t I change the rating to 5 Stars when I log into my profile?

  345. I missed an appointment because when I asked for an Uberx I received the following message “There was a server error handling your request”. I tried for 30 minutes. Turned the phone off and started over. Still got the same message.

  346. How do you make arraingements if you do not have WIFI?? I am a senior and I do not have wifi, I can get to my destination, but I cannot get home.

  347. This morning I received a message from one of your drivers that he was waiting out front? I did not order a car! The only thing I can think of is the “app” on my phone got hit in my bag. How the location, details and actual consent took place is a mystery to me. I did NOT authorize,order or ride in one of your cars yet I was charged. Please remove fees. I will call my credit card company and dispute it if it is not removed promptly. In addition, I will delete the app and never us Uber again.

  348. yesterday we left bergenfiled nj and went to manhattan ny and the trip was 60 then we took the same exact trip home from manhattan to bergenfield ans was charged 174. I AM VERY UPSET. although both drivers were exceptional i would like a explanation why it was so much more when the price came up on phone for way back at 60 also please call me at 201-218-8571 the uber telephone account number is 201-417-7408. please contact me before i dispute with my bank thank you

    thank you patricia

  349. I have very important and urgent situation concerning the safety of my daughter that I need to discuss and report. Please contact as soon as possible. Thank you


  350. I’m new with uber and I’m trying to get a quote for a ride to the airport and I think I clicked a request and I don’t know how to cancel. When I figured it out I think it was too late and I got charged. Please check. Please credit back the charge. Thank you
    Maria Rondares

  351. Horrible ride. The map took the driver out of the way of the direct route. Why am I paying for a tour around town. I had to tell him where to go to re route the car. I would like a refund for this ride. Uber shouldn’t be costing me extra money to go out of the way of where I need to go. Not fair.

  352. On October 23, 15, I requested Uber from 18 -E 48th St, NY NY to 18 Stegman Terrace Jersey City, NJ. I was charged $70.63. Although the driver Khawaja was polite, a black Toyoto Camry, I believe that the price was very high. I expected to be charged at least $55.00. There were no tolls, we used the Lincoln tunnel to NJ. Await your response.

  353. Uber,

    I am in the military stationed at Fort Hood. For some strange reason, I have been receiving calls on my GOVERNMENT CELL for the past couple of days and NIGHTS for a ride. I respectfully ask that someone please find out where my cell phone number is listed and deactivate it ASAP, as this phone is used to care for Soldiers and government issues.

    I am also reporting this to my superiors, in an effort to expedite this request.

    Please provide a number or email, so that I am able to provide my government cell number.

  354. I am so frustrated! My email address was entered incorrectly when I signed up for Uber, Now, I can’t sign in to change anything, and it says my cell phone and email is already taken, but won’t accept it. I can’t create a new account because I can’t use my phone number. This is ridiculous. You need to have a contact phone number to help resolve issues like this! This is driving me crazy!

  355. I improperly started applying for an account on the “driver” section. I changed to the proper section as a user but the old information carries over and I can’t complete the sign-up process. Please advise how to get this done.

    Jim C.

  356. Rarely use and last night was charged a cleaning fee when nothing happened. I need to be refunded or if driver can show what happened then I will be fine with charge. $200 for nothing that happened is ridiculous and the fact that I can’t get in touch with anyone makes me want to report this

  357. I keep getting charged by Uber San Francisco even though I’ve not ordered, or used Uber services in Qld or have an account with Uber. Someone in Uber is helping themselves to my bank account. I live in Brisbane and have never used Uber in Qld. Please explain.

  358. My phone number has previously been registered with the previous owner of this number. What do I need to do to reregister this number. I would love some help with this. Thanks!!

  359. Uber drivers are parking in a no parking zone across from our business day and night leaving trash everywhere, partying wanting to use our bathroom facilities, etc. They are not just a nuisance they are interfering with businesses and making a pig sty of city property they are parking on the 3300 block of sw 6 ave in Ft Lauderdale, can we please have them put a stop to this

    Thank you

  360. Just noticed I was charged $87 for a ride to the airport on Tuesday am. Although my first official download Uber ride, I have done it many times with others for $37 using Uber. Same exact route, miles and time. Please explain?

  361. I used Uber for the first time on 10/22/15, but I have to say it wasn’t the best experience. A driver accepted and then the car stated it was here so I went outside my business building and there was no driver. I called the driver who stated that she didn’t speak English and passed the phone to someone else that said that they didn’t accept my request. I stated that then why did your photo and phone number show. That’s how I called you…He stated she didn’t accept my request, so I cancelled my request…Now I see a $5 charge on my credit card stating that I cancelled to close to the arrive time when they didn’t even show up.

    I put in another request and she accepted again, put another request in and she accepted again… 3rd time it was a different driver but this time a driver showed up, but I had to wait about 30 minutes until I finally called the driver and he was lost so I had to direct him how to get to my business though my address entered was entered correctly. Then this driver didn’t seem to be an experience driver though he used a GPS system on his phone. I had to use my phone to make sure he was taking the correct directions…Not sure if I will be using Uber again, but I would like to be refunded for the $5.00 since the driver accepted but didn’t show up. You can look the transaction on 11/22/15 between 7-8pm. I appreciate a response back today and a credit back to my credit card.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  362. Hello from FOX 5 San Diego – can someone please call our newsroom
    We would like to do a story on the kitten delivery service today
    FOX 5 San Diego

  363. I regret to inform that on 29/10/2015 I have booked my trip from my home location to Holiday inn Suites Hotel & Spa at Varthur Road Whitefield Bangalore. To my surprise 3 KM before reaching the driver has informed that my trip is cancelled and asked me to get down from the car. Me & my wife was in panic The driver behavior was very rude, but I refused to get down from the car. This was my 2nd trip in Uber since registration & I had a very sad experience. I request you please look into it. Thanks

  364. I have been waiting several weeks for a background check to be completed. Their loosing me as a customer and or driver. There is no way to contact them by email. The background company is closed everyday I call. What is taking so long?

  365. Dear uber I don’t know how y’all got my credit card number but it mess up that y’all don’t have no number people can call to see about sutff like this.

  366. Got your text to start this weekend with Uber. Problem is there was no instructions on how to call in or text in when you have a client needing to be picked up and I want to respond. Let me know. 619 245 8414 is my phone no.

  367. My daughter and boyfriend planned to spend the night at West Hollywood’s Halloween Parade.We live in Northridge,they though about riding Uber trying to beat the crowd,which is a good idea.Turns out the going trip cost them $34.00,and the going back trip was $101.00.They told me that they were accommodated in a XL SUV,cause no small rides were available.The ripoff comes when Uber does not alert the Customers for such event.Two guys,students and more than minimum wage persons,wanted to spend a gorgeous Halloween night and the Uber service ruin it to the bottom.Now they are $134.00 in debt with me,the parent.

  368. Gee what a surprise uber doesn’t have a phone number I’m going to need someone from uber to contact me by phone immediately. two weeks ago Someone very close to me was sexually assaulted by one of your drivers she did not order the Uber driver on her own account and does not know the person who did order it however she does remember what this man looks like and where she was picked up from and on what day so I need to be contacted like I said immediately there will be charges pressed for sure. the fact that you do not screen the people who are driving for you is despicable and something needs to be done about it now because it is not the first person I have heard about this happening to and I’m sure it will not be the last. if I am not contacted within a timely manner legal action will be taken in addition to what legal action we already plan to take. This is a disgusting violation of trust. These people are supposed to get you home safely not molest young girls. He picked her up and drove in the opposite direction of the location she asked to be taken to. She then tricked him into pulling over the car after he began to violate her. She flew the door open and ran. She thought she was getting and safe sober ride home. Instead this happened!? And what the hell kind of company does not have phone support!? I need to speak to a human being! Thank you!

  369. im very pissed i left my phone in an uber drivers car & have yet to recieve it. the drivers name is olufemi. please get the word out

  370. Please delete my comment my phone number was there because I thought this was a private message it may have been people pretending to be uber which is also scary. We will contact if it turns out to not be so.thanks


  371. I don’t understand why u don’t have a phone number to call. Uber keeps picking my teen up and I am paying for it. I have not authoriZed these chages. Someone needs to call me so I can take off my credit card

  372. Uber is a company that I don’t think will stay in business for very long and I hope that I’m right! This evening I contacted Uber to pick up my friend and then to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription. “John” Uber driver asked me if I wanted him to keep telling meter running…?? I didn’t quite understand that considering the fact that there are NO METERS! Nonetheless, “John” said that he would wait for me while I went inside to pick up my medication but when my friend and I returned outside, “John” was GONE, with my backpack and my friends work clothes! I tried desperately to contact Uber, but needless to say, no one has responded to my numerous emails!
    That was only one unprofessional experiences I’ve encountered with Uber, there has been more but the moral of the story is this; Uber definitely needs to interview their drivers more thoroughly and hire personal with higher ethical standards!

  373. I have been trying to have my uber account cancelled and deleted. I have sent an email and still cannot get help with this. It seems that it is there for life not good

  374. Absolutely disappointing. To think of the company the size of Uber having no ability to contact by phone.
    Telephone a much easier than trying to navigate through a confusing website
    Imagine picking up the telephone calling somebody and making simple range to the airport for the first time using over rather than navigating through the maze of confusing website information and I’m trying to have the sign up for the credit card and all that required information is just not worth it good luck goober

  375. Im a uber drivee and wanted to know why the New Lincoln MKZ Sedans are not categorized in regular car uberx instead of SELECT. Lincolns are fords elite cars like Chevrolet Cadillac. Would prefer to have my car in with the other elite vehicles as it is a luxury vehicle

  376. Im a uber drivee and wanted to know why the New Lincoln MKZ Sedans are categorized in regular car uberx instead of uberSELECT. Lincolns are Fords elite cars like Chevrolet Cadillac. Would prefer to have my car in with the other elite vehicles as it is a luxury vehicle. Thanks

  377. I want to file a complaint against an Uber driver with a red-colored Toyota Prius with California License Plate # 5RBZ385.

    Date of incident: Thursday, November 5th, 2015 at approximately 1020 hours.

    The driver parked in front of our hotel and the doorman went over to the vehicle to assist and attempted to open the door. Our doormen did not know he was an Uber driver since he did not have his Uber placard posted anywhere in the car so the doorman assumed he was a guest. The Uber driver got upset and started verbally threatening physical harm towards our doorman. Our doorman tried to reason and explained the situation to him, but this particular driver kept verbally insulting our doorman and refused to cooperate by moving his vehicle forward so that other vehicles could park.

    Security was called to speak with him and requested that he move forward, but he was non-compliant and continued his verbal assault, insults and threats toward our staff. I was called to assist in the matter and spoke with the driver, who claimed he was the one being harassed. As stated the did not have his Uber placard visible and requested to see it as proof that he is an Uber driver. He initially refused and stated that he was not required to show it while driving and was not against policy. I informed him that as an Uber driver, it is policy for him to have the placard visible while driving.

    Eventually, he opened his glove compartment and grabbed his placard from inside the glove compartment and showed it to me. At this time, traffic was backing up (New Montgomery St.) and he was requested several times to move his vehicle forward as a van was now stuck in the middle of the intersection (Stevenson St. and New Montgomery) blocking traffic (one way street) and he still refused to move stating that he had a right to be there as he was picking up a passenger.

    As a courtesy to get him to move, we had our limo driver (who was parked in front) relocate so that he could take that spot instead. This particular driver was still “mouthing off” and eventually inched forward.

    This is unacceptable behavior for an Uber driver representing your company and please contact me to obtain more information as the incident was captured on CCTV cameras.


    Security Manager
    Palace Hotel
    San Francisco, California

  378. a friend signed me up for uber. I do not know what password she used. I cannot now use uber – it recognizes my email and phone # but not my [own] password … so now – facing the “Million Mask March” in downtown DC nov 5, 2015- cannot call uber.
    There is no change password option; no phone; no help service … my iphone came with an UBER app – but when I need it for an emergency, I cannot use it … please respond ASAP

  379. I recieve a message from to come for a free vehicle inspection but I don”t know where to go I live in san jose CA so is there anyway that I can get the address of tyhe nearest inspection center and what time they are open and close Please email me the address that i can go

  380. AWFUL service. Account has been locked for no apparent reason. I have emailed you guys multiple times to not get a response back. So far my uber experiences have been frustrating and regrettable.

  381. I would love to use the uber service but unfortunately I can not because I am register already but everytime I do what the questions is asking I get stuck on the password can you please help me to be able to use uber service thank you

  382. How do I get a deactivation from you that says my son no longer drives for uber. My ins company needs it so my policy want be canceled

  383. Uber pool is getting to be excessively long for not that great of a discount. I live in San franciscos Richmond district and can never allocate enough time to arrive at work in a decent manner while using uber pool. For example- today I was the 2nd rider picked up and we picked up a 3rd. After we dropped the 1st passenger off, we picked up yet another person on a detour. For the price uber is charging for this pool, the service is quite disappointing.

  384. Hi i have just got out of my uber and i didn’t get to rate my driver, he was called ashan with registration plate of Ea12 kc6 of a ford car! I would like to say he was a pleasure to meet and made it a sociable experience. He was great company and was so very polite! I would like to say a big thankyou to him and if I didn’t rate him already would give him a 5 stars. Please could u let me know if this has been done! Lovely man and you need more drivers like him!!!

    Kind regards.

  385. I live in Yuma (& drive) in Arizona. We have quite a bit of military. I know a group of Marines and their significant others, that will be having their Marine Corps Ball at the The Quechan Casino in Winterhaven CA. I/Yuma can drive them to the Ball, except they will need drivers on hand to drive them back after they have had their celebration and would prefer not to drive. They asked if I could ask, if you all could set something up to be sure there will be plenty of drivers on hand? It will be from 7:00pm Friday/tonight through 2:00 am Saturday .

  386. I cannot access my account. I got a message saying billing did not work. I go online and cannot get to my account because a prompt requires a password (I don’t know it) and the last 4 numbers of my credit card (I don’t know which card was used – my son set me up). I can’t get in and can’t get a person to help me. I just got charged 4.50 because the app said I was downtown Chicago but I was 8 miles south in Hyde Park. The driver went downtown. I got no ride, just a 4.50 charge. I’ve never had a worse customer service experience. No one to help. No way to fix on line. Total fail, total frustration.

  387. I have been waiting for the login credentials I used to sign in uber..I signed in with wrong email id and nw am unable to recover the password…would appreciate if somebody could help me with login credentials.i jave balance in my uber account..

  388. I downloaded the Uber App on my phone and scheduled my first ride with uber. Both the site I went through, and the driver reiterated, my first ride was free up to $25. The fare total was $12.90. I just learned that Uber charged the $12.90 to my credit card.
    I have tried to get into their web page, but keep being told my password is incorrect. I have requested a password reset link several times and have received no response from Uber. Without phone contact, how does one bring these issues to their attention to be corrected??????

  389. I used your service Friday night, and accidentally left my keys in the driver’s car. I called the driver and he confirmed he had found my keys. I have been trying for 2 days now to get my keys back and he is not cooperating. I NEED HELP NOW!! Johnny Saleeby 541

  390. I have used UBER several times and found the service great, but today was not one of them. At about 11am I used my UBER app on my iPhone to summon a ride at a Maaco Body Shop at 12250 SW 117 Court, Miami, 33186. The screen said CONFIRMED, and showed several vehicles in the area. The estimated time said 8 minutes. The time changed from 8 mins to 6 mins and then to 5 and 4 – and then back 8 all over again. I waited about 45 minutes but the ride never appeared and I used a taxi service instead. Compared to the successful use I had experienced before, I was even bragging and recommending to the shop owner about how great UBER was. You can imagine how stupid I felt when he saw me waiting and waiting and waiting. To help me in the future, can you please consider what might have gone wrong. Is the UBER app on my iPhone too old? Was there some procedure that I did wrong or missed? I just tested it at my home (7881 SW 69 Ave, Miami, 33143) and a vehicle was on it’s way immediately (I did contact the driver to cancel) – so maybe the problem was where I was located before which caused the delays and finally the failure.
    I’m enthusiastic about using UBER and want to in the future. Any comments from your end might be helpful.

  391. I am supposed to enter my account verification number 9570 in your app to confirm my account. I do not know how to do it, so I am sending this e-mail.

  392. I took a return trip from Newark airport to 87 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park New Jersey early this morning and was charged nearly double what I paid going to the airport from the same location just three days earlier. I believe this is an error and needs to be rectified. The return trip was actually shorter by a few minutes. We took the same route in reverse.

  393. I was charged for an uber that never came. The driver said he would cancel it after having a phone conversation with him and him saying he didn’t know where he was. How do I get my money back?

  394. I live in zip code 61061. Dixon I’ll. Is the closest big city 15 miles from me. Do you have drivers in this area? If not would you consider having a driver or 2 in this area. Otherwise the closest service you have is in Rockford Illinois., 25 miles north.
    Thank you.

  395. I was in complete and utter shock to find that a random $50 charge came out of my account for a ride that I had already paid $9.39 for and rated the driver 5 stars. I don’t understand how this is possible, but it happened. on 11/16/15 with Laron uberx with a recommended charge of $9.39. I notice that there was a “fare correction” it says, but an unexplained extra $50, and now I have $18 left when my electricity bill is $33 and I am struggling as it is. I hope that I can get the just refund of this random $50 for no reason.

  396. Hello ,

    As we are driving home in a horrible uber experience in emailing you the gentlemen is extremely rude and demanding he has his review mirror completely backward as he his driving us on a freeway does that even make since ? I have enjoyed and supported uber for 2 years and have never experience such rudeness. I hope someone can contact me so I can go into more detail ! This is a problem that needs be solved thank you again

  397. I had the worst experience with uber today. The driver got lost getting tomy house. I stood outside and he drove past me. TWICE I then told him to follow the GPS to specific road. The GPS got him lost??? And he blamed me. He was rude and swore at me. and told me that even if I complain he doesn’t care. There will be no consequences. Uber wont do anything. Drivers should be respectful to their clients at all times. This was a shocking situation. I do not appreciate being sworn at first thing on Monday Morning. I sincerely hope there will be consequences.

  398. My car is registered in DC y’all keep ask me for Virginia inspection I brought my car in Virginia 2011 but its registered in DC am only driving in DC and MD for unber so y do I have to get inspection in Virginia

  399. I am unable to sign in, I forgot my password and every time I try to reset it I do not get an email back from Uber, I’ve tried several times and Still no link to reset my password. Can you help me with this matter. Thank you

    Please send me a link to change my password

  400. I cannot change my password, I’ve tried several times to login as I forgot my password, but I never get an email back with the link to change my password. I checked my spam filters in My trash mail and there is no email response back from Uber. Please help me I like to use your service

  401. My very first uber ride ever, 5 cars in my area, was way over expected cost….10.47? 1.00 more than local can company…very nice driver but really turned off expecting 5 to 6 bucks, no cost savings whatsoever… Driver talked about taking people twice as far, downtown in fact, for 9 bucks….. Gonna try my Lift app next….one single ride, my first and am pissed major league….one time, really Uber?

  402. Previously tried to enroll but some problem… Tried to contact uber , but got no response. Have since tried X2 to enroll… Each time informed my cell # already listed…. ( was given in the original failed attempt to enroll…without a response from uber , cannot proceed
    If you want this customer , you need to respond

  403. I also have had problems in registering , and I see that others have also received no response from Uber…. No way to run a business/customer service

  404. I want to use uber but I cannot get into my account. I registered last July and have tried all of my email addresses but I never get anything. It says my cell number is associated with my account but it won’t let me in. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  405. Tried again to order uber on 11/25. Website would not let me change my pickup location. This is the second time this has happened Never did get a uber then got charged $5 for a cancellation and a fare of $11. Would like a refund please. And would love a response from customer service. Thank you

  406. I called for uber last night ( Thursday night ) for the first and second time after waiting up to 8 minutes i got a message that my driver canceled the ride and i have to request again, finally the third time the driver showed up, i didn’t know we get charged when your driver cancel the ride, i was charged $ 10.00 for two cancelation please credit my account before i put stop on the charge and explain to me why i have to wait for 8 minutes trwice, for your driver to cancel

  407. I wish to make a complaint against driver john of wh65puk Toyota pirus. This driver is dishonest and rude driver. He was driving at 22 miles per hour on a an empty 30 miles per hour road at 3.30am! When confronted he tried to make excuses about road safety! There were hardly any cars on the road at this time of the morning! I was asking that he sticks to a steady speed rather than take his time knowing that über charge by distance and time! Obviously driving at 22 miles per hour on a 30mile per hour road throughout the journey was a ploy to charge more fare. This driver needs to addressed for this dishonest conduct. I request a response from you regarding this matter. The reference for this journey is referring to Chetan Barot account 07950412907 27.11.15

  408. i keep getting averification number to complete settingup my account and when I try accessing uber it goes to endless circles and i can’t get in. what am i not doing? I would really like to set up an account and begin using uber but it’s not looking very user friendly to me. so far I’ve given my name, credit card info, telephone info. and nothing is hapening can you help me?

  409. Hi There,

    I took my first Uber today. The first driver came to my house and cancel the ride, his name is Hector and I was charge with a fee of $4.70. A second driver, his name is Jason came and picked up and charge me with a fee of $10.44. I got $22 off for my first ride and was billed for two ride. Please refund my account for the second ride.

  410. I used uber for the first time today. Two things:

    1. I messed up with the service rating…I meant to 4 or 5 star and the system accepted only one star and I can’t seem to change it!

    2. I thought I had a $20 promo amount already on my account, from my initial set up? Please can you look into this.

  411. No customer service at all! I am being charged for random rides never taken and of course cannot contact customer service. Very shady company. Canceling my account, if I can figure out how. That’s not easy either. Going to Lyft

  412. My experience is terrible because,I have this email for Uber, but I do not know where to send it:
    I have been an Uber customer for about a year with no login or payment problems, now all of a sudden, I am asked to login each time I request a ride.
    When I attempt to do so, I cannot because I forgot my email address. When I follow the directions to reset it, the reset link does not forward
    to my email address. I have tried to reconnect for weeks with no success. I have had to inconveniently use several alternative taxi services.
    I miss the convenience of Uber immediate pickup service. I have been a responsible customer. Will you correct my problem with your service soon.

  413. My son took Uber home early Thursday am with a $43 fare. Next day received notice of additional $200 cleaning I charge which we immediately disputed with visa and Uber. You came back with driver photo of an exterior coffee splash. He had no coffee. You reduced cleaning to $50. Visa will dispute. I’m senior partner in DC law firm and will have friends at local Fox ABC and NBC affiliates of your unethical charge to warn local college kids to beware of Uber over the busy Xmas season. Do you really want that? Reprimand your driver. I expect the charge to be dropped by close of business tomorrow or I go to press. Son is top of his class at UVA and will work for PriceWaterhouse next year

  414. I used uber for the first time on Monday. And instead of getting uberx I picked select, in the picture I thought uberx was a truck and I didn’t needed a truck. When my husband saw how much I payed he explained to me what it was. Is their any way I could get a refund ?

  415. I am trying to verify one of my student employment with your organization. I work for Job Corps which is under the Department of Labor 412 I would be grateful.

  416. Hi
    How late at night does uber pick up? I live in Honolulu and near future I will be needing after midnight pick ups about 12:35pm

  417. When I registered to ride Uber I typed in the wrong email address. Now I can’t change it because I cannot sign in. I don’t remember what I typed! New laptop and I am adjusting to the keys.
    Please help I am anxious to begin using Uber.
    Thanks, Geeta

  418. saya mau complen an driver bapak Jerry dengan no mobil B2866TFD toyota avanza dengan no telp 087880753000. saya orderin buat teman saya. dr hayam wuruk ke JCC senayan. jalan dr jam 09.20 sampe jam 10.15. tetapi bapaknya tidak menstop kan applicationnya. dan kilometernya tetap berjalan. saya telp bapaknya tetapi tisak aktif.bagaimana solusinya ini. ?? tolong kabarin saya di 087880001381

  419. This is my second time contacting uber and I haven’t had any respond. On Monday I used uber for the first time I did a mistake and requested select instead of uberx. I thought u uber was a truck. I ended up paying around $36 to much for me and that’s with my $15off first ride. Is there any way I can get any kind of refund back?

  420. Very dissatisfied with uber services. Recently took a ride on Monday 11/30/2015 was over charged for a ride because the driver decided to take a longer route, but today I took a shorter route and was charged more. Then was not able to view me account I need help with this matter ASAP!

  421. so I need to get ahold of someone that works for uber not for a pick up but for a job opportunity, I am in need of a fax number as well as email to inform manager about my situation if anyone can contact me about a way to contact a uber manager or boss pleas email me there information thank you.

  422. My card was used by someone in CA. I live in VA. They racked up over $1800.00 in charges using your service from Nov. 11-Nov. 23rd. I would appreciate someone getting in touch with me. The card has been canceled and the card company will be looking into this.

  423. I can not access my account. When I try, it states that my account has been disabled and I don’t know why. I need to use it. Please let me help me fix this problem

  424. Two years ago a group of friends signed my son and I up. They used our moble number. When asking them now what email and passwords they used they don’t recall. Every time we try to set up again it says Cell number already in use. We would love to use your services how can we fix this problem? Are cell numbers are 9284865727 & 9284860957. Years ago I had a different email address as well..
    Best Regards Always
    Nancy Campbell
    My son did set my husband up using this email address his cell number is 9284863727

  425. I posted to customer service and have not revieved a response. The driver was on the proper to pick me up i spoke with him regarding the address. Recieved a message saying driver called away another woud be sent which never showed. I almost missed my flight. Uber is not dependable. I agree they will not be around long.

  426. We ordered Über to take my wife for a medical procedure. I ordered the car i an hour before The procedure. The ride was confirmed and the graph shows that the driver was 10 minutes away. More than 30 minutes past and he still wasn’t there. I called him, and he said he was on the street next to my street. The street is a mile or so long. 10 minutes later he had still not arrived and I canceled his surface. The drivers name is Cathy. The experience with Uber could not have been worse. That I could not call you only added insult to injury. Up to this time I was the delighted with Uber service, but this experience shows me that I cannot rely on over for important a but this experience shows me that I cannot rely on over for important travel ppointments.

  427. Uber is not reliable. You do not respond to post. Wake up America, Uber is not what they present themselves to be.

  428. I had a driver at 3:30 today
    And by mistake I only gave him one star instead of 4.
    Can that review please be upgraded ?

  429. I
    recently applied for a job but they said i have a felony but it was knocked off my recorded i have the paper work just tell me were to send it

  430. I have been trying for days to access my account. I have used every password that I thought was the one but all were invalid. I went through the reset password prompt then it says that a link to rest was email to me. No email was sent. Now I’m at a loss as what to do next as without being able to sign in you can’t get any help. Please advise

  431. I will not pay $100 when the bad ratings were your fault, because of your app.

    I can prove it and will subpoena the list of ratings vs me, including the one that said I made advances toward them. I will be posting my response on you tube, also suing you for lost wages and defamation of character.

    Also, You never explained the ratings system to me or fully to customers. many Spokane customers thought a 3 was an average rating. I have proof in emails that there were problems with your gps . this was your fault, also you never paid me a promised bonus, sent my application originally to Washington DC and took months to straighten out the problem

    I am asking to be reinstated and have the ratings start over or correct the ratings that were your fault because of faulty gps or low ratings by drunk customers. I will follow up with letters to the BBB, The Attorney generals office, Consumer affairs and to the Dept of Transportation.

    I will also turn it over to my Attorney if it were not resolved


  432. Has anyone anyone considered over the years the many companies that maintained monopolies in new York where we’re eventually broken, con ed, ma bell. As long as ny is continuing to sell its medallions to taxi owners there will always be a monopoly. What happened to fair trade? I believe class action is in order. I’m of the opinion the city as well as many large corporate entities play by there own rules until questioned in a true court of law and not arbitration. Mind you, I’m not a lawyer but I do believe you have to push the envelope sometimes to be heard and treated fairly. The people of this city deserve alternatives and far better treatment by its representatives. Thank you for your time

  433. Obviously after reading all of the negative comments, you guys have a lot of work to do to become a premium service in the transportation industry. Get to work !!!!!!

  434. my acount is gone i need help to get it back i gave my friend my uber info to book a ride on her phone and now i cant log back in

  435. my account is disabled and I have been unable to reach anyone who can help to tell me why or how to re-establish. It is possible that I have two emails for the account. the one above is the one that I want to activate. This is a pain since it is not easy to figure out how to reach you. Notice says: “contact” and there is not a link there to help that I can see. Pls help before I go to Lyft

  436. I didn’t get my free first ride. I asked the driver You rode with Nyumah
    +1 612-584-2806 if I could pay cash because my debit card wasn’t working on Friday, December 11, 2015. I ended up paying him $12.00 in cash, and have a witness who was with me.

  437. I have unsubscribed from Uber emails every day for the last two weeks. Sometimes, I unsubscribe twice a day. This is borderline harassment. I ask that you please remove me once and for all from your email listing.


  438. Good evening
    I requested a uber ride on Wednesday night around 12:20am and my driver was 5min away,waiting on his arrival his distance from me kept increasing so I decided to call.
    My calls where not answered so I figured

  439. My registration is incomplete as I think I may have made a typo on my email address and therefore I cannot correct or get a password reset
    How do I complete my registration
    as your process for doing this is really most unhelpful

  440. My card is saying deemed invalid and its not which is holding me up from getting a uber the card on file is valid and has money on it!

  441. While in Memphis last week (12/11), we ordered an Uber. We were tracking it and when it was a mile away, I received a pop up that the driver cancelled. I’ve had drivers “cancel after they were on there way before” like when they saw my destination was the airport. Therefore, we called another Uber from my husband’s, Fred Gregg, phone. When it said it was outside, my brother-in-law went out to the side driveway and greeted the driver. We all got in the car and said to the lady driver that we thought a man was coming. She seemed confused but it was her first week driving. When pulling out we saw a car in front of the house with their flashers going. The driver said she saw the car pull up. After a few minutes, the 2nd driver called my husband asking where we were (and he said he actually saw us get in the other Uber). We finally figured out that both drivers actually showed up. We apologized but we had no idea what went wrong there. We did get charged $5 for being a “no show” but it really wasn’t our fault. There must have been a gliche with the Uber App or tracking that night. We felt really bad, but we wanted you to be aware of what happened. It certainly wasn’t intentional!

  442. my account has been disabled without any reasons…so please consider it and reactivate it…thank you in advance

  443. I order an Uber in Chengdu, China but i get me a car in Beijing instead. After the driver has to cancel the order and I get charge 15RMB for the fee. What the hell is that?

  444. I am cristina borja, wife of uber account holder, marius borja. I used his uber account this morning, dec 15 , 2015 at around 4:45 am from cut and fix located at esteban abada st., loyola hts., quezon city to terminal 3 airport for a cebu pacific flight. Your driver by the name of Sale, Ralph Glenn Gaben, didnt know where he was going that we took several u turns along aurora blvd and marcos highway and then while driving along C5, we reached slex at bicutan exit and turned around and around bicutan and paranaque looking for the route going to the airport!!! He doesnt even know any way to the airport!!! My two daughters and I were so stressed out to the max worrying and afraid not to reach our destination and miss our flight!!! I even paid him p350 telling him i would not pay his stupidity and he cannot pay back the stress and fear he inflicted upon us!!!! I thought Uber account is such a high tech facility when your driver doesnt even know where to drive and hiw to use his navigation support!!! How disgusting!!! I could even sue your company for the tremendous stress me and my two daughters experienced from your company!!!

  445. You charged me $4 for service I did not receive. The driver was 2 min away then he was 6-8 min away. He passed my road my development. I called him twice could not understand him he was at ? I ended up driving to the airport and just mad my flight after I parked the car in the garage.
    I already took app off my phone. Will never use Uber again unless I get my $4 off my Amex card. You have 1 week to correct. $4 not going to put me in the poorhouse – but poor service will cause me to not recommend Uber or certainly use Uber ever.

  446. There is a driver in Indianapolis that I want to complain about who do I talk to about a $200 cleaning fee that was charged to my bank account.

  447. Will you be responding to my previous comment.

    Your driver has such a heavy accent that I could not communicate with him. He kept saying he was at Sun Coast ???? I don’t know any place like that close to my location. He kept repeating the same statement but I could not understand him. I had to drive my car to the airport because the driver drove past my location and could not tell me where he was located when I called him twice – he tried to tell me he was close but my phone map showed that he was at least 6-8 min away and he was already late.

  448. Yesterday I got a trip from your company and they charged a lot more than usual. I was coming from my work which is only 10 min. Away. Can you please explain to me why my fare was close to $20!

  449. I have been using Uber for quite sometime today I was absolutely the most disappointed by far not that I haven’t been in the past because of my last ride I will.go back to Lyft and Cabs I told the driver where I needed to go less than a mile he didn’t listen to anything I said went so far out of the way it cost me $9.39 for a fare that should have been $5 its not about the money its the principle of the matter ridiculous

  450. I tried to sign in to Uber. I was told my account was disabled and I needed to sign into That got me nowhere. I’m incredibly frustrated with your lack of customer support.
    Yours truly,

  451. I am trying to delete my card ending in 3026 and unable to do do. I have update a new card ending in 6202. It stating the card is invalid. These are the only card I have and your data base is not allowing me to delete any cards. Please respond to immediately in regards to this matter. There must be a better form of communicating with customer service in resolving problems like this.

  452. Trying to set up a ride from Boca to pompano. And return home at 3:00am, can you please contact me to see if this is possible. I have questions before I create an account.

  453. I just had Uber cancel my ride and ask me to reorder an uber and you have charged me a $10 cancelation fee. Need you to credit back my account.

  454. The uber driver did not end the trip when I got out of the car at 1407 Delaware ave Wilmington, DE. He continued driving on my uber account until I-95. Unless I am compensated for that trip, I will never use uber again.

  455. On Saturday December 19th at 11:21 PM I requested a driver. A driver accepted the ride, at 11:26 I received a text message from 520-251-9678 that stated “it’s too far, I can not come to you, Please cancel and request different one” When I requested it, showed he was 12 minutes away. What is the point of using UBER if 5 minutes after they accept the job they can cancel you! I ended up taking a cab which cost me $100. I will not use UBER again, I will switch to LIFT or Chasers! I will also make sure all my friends know about the poor service I received!! how you are going to rectify this problem!!

  456. On Saturday December 19th at 11:21 PM I requested a driver. A driver accepted the ride, at 11:26 I received a text message from 520-251-9678 that stated “it’s too far, I can not come to you, Please cancel and request different one” When I requested it, showed he was 12 minutes away. What is the point of using UBER if 5 minutes after they accept the job they can cancel you! I ended up taking a cab which cost me $100. I will not use UBER again, I will switch to LIFT or Chasers! I will also make sure all my friends know about the poor service I received!! You can contact me on how you are going to rectify this problem!!


  458. My daughter takes über to work almost everyday. You way over charged my card today. It is always always no more than 23.00. Today you charged my card 42.07 and another charge of 4.80. I expect a refund on this. Someone needs to contact me on this issue.

  459. I use uber but I’m not a driver. I’ve been getting calls all week for people to come pick them up! Please help, I can’t find a customer service line to call. Some how my number is being used! Help. Contact me ASAP.

  460. I use uber but I’m not a driver. I’ve been getting calls from people to pick them up, please help. Some how my phone number is being used! Please help ASAP.

  461. Hello,
    I would like to talk to someone about waiving a fee that we were charged with. I tried to email the customer support email, but it said it was invalid. Please contact me back at my email provided

  462. I took Uber for the 1st time Christmas day. The driver was nice and helpful as well. However, the drive back home did not go well, at all. The driver ‘Kenny’ was from China and could only go by his Uber directions. I told him to go different ways but instead of listening he handed me another GPS device.
    I KNOW HOW TO GET TO MY HOUSE! After speaking to several people that use Uber regularly, I was told that I ‘was taken’.
    To top things off, he did not take all of items out of his trunk. There are a VERY EXPENSIVE pair of PRESCRIPTION GLASSES that were not given to me. I have not heard from anyone. SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP!!!

  463. I contactrd Uber on 1/23 and no one showed or contacted me. Kept changing minutes of arrival. I called a cab. What happened to driver?

  464. I had a friend set my phone up for uber. Now I keep seeing an ongoing fee of $5 a month. I was never informed of that, called the phone number it said no phone messages,gave me web site with no option to cancel!!!!!!!!

    You are running a scam and I expect an answer NOW!!!!!! Most of the comments
    are negative, if you don’t respond with in 3 days. I am going to have my bank give you HELL!

  465. I received a text stating that my Uber account information has been updated. I don’t have an Uber account!! Please contact me ASAP to have this issue corrected!

  466. I applied to uber and have a user and password I got in but I got stuck with so many ways to go. Don’t know what to do next. Will you contact me over my phone? thanks.

  467. I am recent user and love it. However, today my uber driver did not show. He was at 27th street when called that he was there. I had to cancel the ride after the 5 mins cause he never showed. I was standing outside, tried to text
    Him and it did not go through. I also recieved an email saying that i cancelled another trip, but i did not. I had to take the street car and missed my train. What can do for me ?

  468. Customer service sucks. I have a $63.83 charge for 12/11/2015 and for who? I didn’t use Uber . Why can just anybody call with my name and charge a ride. Bad business.
    Turning problem to BBB. This is ridiculous

  469. We have attempted to update our credit card information. We thought it was done and took a ride and owe you for it. We just called you to get a ride and we are standing out in the freezing cold and can’t get a ride because your inept system won’t let us update our payment info. Help!

  470. I am very angry. No one will contact me back. My account was obviously hacked as I live in the USA and someone in London used my account and charged over $600 dollars. Thankfully Pay Pal has reversed the charges and the bank has also. I just want some one to find out who did this to an innocent person. You can’t trust anyone these days. Very angry customer.

  471. Always great service from uber but I don’t have the app yet, but two days ago in northern New Jersey recently friends could not run their uber app to get me a ride to my hotel.
    So they used another one( l?ft) – nice but not as sharp had to give the directions to where I was staying they did not know how to spell the hotel name Marriott or courtyard?

    concerned that competitor or other third party hacked your APP?
    especially vital for your holiday business?
    no way to contact you without keeping privacy of folks using app

  472. Also had someone drop an uber in Boston when we were traveling — unusual never happened before…. maybe you guys are being hacked?

  473. We have just arrived home after being left stranded by an Uber Driver after agreeing to an additional fare. The driver was within 100 meters as we tracked her. She rang us to determine our position waiting on the kerb, and it appears that Uber decided to cancel our fare at 5.5 times the traditional fare and then we were required to reset the fare at 8.8 times the traditional fare. It appears to be profiteering and it remains to be seen whether Uber will now black ban my account as a result of this poor performance. Uber have an amazing reputation in all countries I have travelled and this experience suggests Uber is morphing into exactly the animal that it was formed to correct. I am astonished at the poor performance after having such wonderful previous service.

    • The simple solution is to register a hold on the payment with the credit card and ensure the charge is then corrected to the original fare agreement. This has been done and we will establish the corrected fare when the charge comes out of pending. I find the whole experience a massive waste of time and extremely disappointing. Uber appears to have lost direction and its modus operandi is in question.

  474. What are the new fees I am being charged on every ride? The cost for 5 miles and 15 minutes is $12? Is this correct?

    Thank you, Connie

  475. this uber is incredible!!! all I want to do is set up a ride,get a quote, talk to a human…….. anything. instead I spend 40 minutes on a website that I believe I may have an account sort of kind of set up. I navigate around it and get NOWHERE!!!! 40 minutes later I get a phone number with a firkin recording that directs me to some website for which I cant even understand the recording because the audio is so poor. I have a friend who told me you guys are relatively easy to use and so I tried. im done trying. my experience is that you are IMPOSSIBLE to do business with. holy smoly this has been an awful experience!!!!

  476. hello , i was charged $90 for a 10 min uber drive. i feel i should get at least 50% of that back. i asked the uber driver how much it would be and he avoided it because he new he over charged me. I need to talk to someone about this please!

  477. I was over charged by under how do I get this taken care of? I went from Campbell .ca to Saratoga .ca. and was charged 54.06 2 other people at the party live right in my area and were only charged 20.00and some change. Please get back to me as soon as possible

  478. Can you please help me make my Uber account functional? I tried to register for an account today and discovered that my daughter had used my cell phone for an Uber account that she no longer has the email or the password for. I’m at a loss on how to get a working account on my phone for myself.

    Thank you very much.

  479. New Years Eve, my son and his friends decided to take Uber into the city to see the fireworks. The ride there cost $30, the ride home 136.00! I understand the price jump at busy times. But come on – these are 18 year old KIDS! Also it was his first time using Uber and rec’d no discount? My daughter used LIFT same day, same times with her friends and the ride was $50…. GO FIGURE

  480. Hi. It is now almost an hour i have called in an uber for my daughter who is at 2024 champdore montreal And the destination is for galeries d’anjou Shopping mall in anjou. The driver went a different direction heading over to my daughter. In the interim it is taking a very long time to get to her. Bcan u pls tell me what is going on? And confirm that i will not be charged for all this !!!! Thank u

  481. after installation i could not get the 4 digit code, so please send by mail the digit enabling me to avail the service. Thanks for your kind assistance in this respect.

  482. I have contacted my bank to not pay my Uber bill of 174.00. I would like to speak to someone about thus charge.

  483. On 10/9/2015, I had a Point of Sale (PS) charge for $57.72 and the description is Uber Technologies San Fr. 325CC SGN…My bank card was taken and my identify was stolen. I have never used Uber. I am sure that the person that used my card stole it out of my purse while she was staying at my daughter’s house in Kenosha, Wisconcin. I was visiting too from Louisiana. She did not have permission to use my bank card nor would I have let her if she asked. The uber trip would have been to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The person that fraudently used my bank card was Erin Newell, aka as Erin Matthews. Using the Uber description I placed in this comment, can you tell me where this trip was to…I am a retired teacher and I do not have the money, nor the time, to mess with a fraudulent charge. please get back with me and see if there is any way we can find out where this charge came from, where the person went, …I have never used Uber. Please try to help me. Uber and my bank card were not the only things she stole. Identify theft is not a fun thing. Wanda Dupre, Houma, Louisiana

  484. I er-am trying to concast uber via website about a problem we had in boston recently. there is too much info and not a clear way to email them or contact uber–a mess, the website


  485. attempted to get a ride in Bountiful Utah…after 1/2 hour on the site i was unable to contact a ride, found out i has applied to be a driver and am now hounded by emails…i am no longer in Utah and will not attempt to use Uber again..the taxi driver i used was fun and informative…quite the professional and worth the fare.

    I am now unable to find telephone support or any unsubscribe site to stop the emails…so will make my displeasure known to anyone who mentions Uber…

  486. Hello.

    I was very interested in applying for some office/secretarial positions through Uber – many of which were listed as being located in Elk Grove, CA. I was told to go to the job listings and click on other openings. When i do that nothing pulls up. Are there indeed administrative positions in Elk Grove?

    If so, how do I apply?

    Thank you again,

    Sharon Azzimonti

  487. I’m trying to find out the Uber rates for a ride to and/or from Western Springs IL to Aurora IL – about a half-hour drive or less. I don’t want to start an account if the cost will be prohibitive for the ride. I will be needing taxi service later in the month. Please let me know how Uber charges for rides.

  488. My girlfriend Deborah Escher left her phone in our uber from 7055 12th Ave NE Seattle in a car driven by Gian Franco. Can you help?

  489. Can a representative please get back to me? As I have now been charged twice for apparently not being at the location I requested the ride when in fact I was at the location! And the driver informed me that the location indicated to him was two blocks away. Resulting in you charging me for services not rendered. I look forward to hearing back from you.many thanks John Taylor

  490. I have now been charged twice for services not rendered due to the fact the drivers were 3 blocks away from my location! I would like a representative from your company to reply please

  491. I’m disabled, Get Handicap Taxis, and have No Smartphone. My Debit/ATM card # was Stolen..(though the card was always with me)–# was used MULTIPLE TIMES (No Obvious Security Checks Or ID Required to ‘sign’ up a Stolen Card).
    Charges began on 11/25 or 11/26-Dec 3rd, when my bank account had finally been depleted. My Credit Union is REFUSING to give me Credit, return my SSDI + the meager amount in Savings (plus Overdraft payments). Please HELP me get my Disability back! The Card is From Signal Financial Credit Union, in Kensington, MD 20895. 301-933-9100. CEO/President Francois Verleysen (he’s New). UBER NEEDS TO HAVE SECURITY CHECKS-to Make Sure the Card # used can be Proved to be owned by the User.

  492. I’m screwed, this company has billed my credit card 18 times since 1/4/2016 for a total of $350.00 in san Francisco and I have never been there. You can’t contact the company because they have no customer support. .

  493. Beware!!!! Someone at this company got my credit card number and has been billing my card a least 4 times a day since 1/4/2016. Phone numbers don’t work to try and contact this company.

  494. I had a bad experience with a few drivers. One was on Thanksgiving Day 2015 and on January the 1st New Year’s . There are a few situations that Is bothering me, and I have to seek some legal advice.

  495. After the few bad experiences that I had with UBER……I WILL STAY WITH LYFT !!!!! All my friends are happy campers now, cause we all use Lyft. Lyft has better service and hardly cancels any rides.

  496. Can some1 help me and get my money back from Abass. This guy had hacked into your system. Go and check my history I have never requested for uber black. I requested for uber x this afternoon. I knew something was fishy. Abass first question to me was which route and answered him and said use the direction on your phone which is the high way. He even told me the blue line on the phone shows high way. He decide to take Campbell. While on the trip Abass started telling me stories of big cars. He then asked which did you request for. I told him uberX he said ok. This guy knew he manipulated everything. Please am black but please stop sending black people to me. They are dubious. I need my refund and I need ABASS sanctioned. That guy needs to be tourted to confess how he does this. Please my refund if not I will cancel my account and drive my car.

  497. I am so pissed. I know this has got nothing to do with uber but this ABASS is dangerous. You need to be aware. If I don’t. Get a refund I will close this account. This is my 4th terrible experience. I have only had 2 good black guys. Marvin Tuggle and DARDEN. Aside this no way. My place of work is Just 12min with traffic. Please check my history and get back to me ASP

  498. Good morning
    I wish to inform you that I’m aboit to pay for a trip I was nit attending.
    Pending 29$ will come out of my account and I have nit used uber in over a week.
    Would yoy kindly please care to explain
    The last trip I had was appalling after once the driver missed our house and then had to do a u turn.
    Then didn’t turn off the tracker so I paid more than I should have.

  499. I was not a customer but rather a pedestrian trying to cross the street. There was an uber car blocking the cross walk causing me to have to walk into traffic to reach the sidewalk. I said to the driver “you’re blocking the cross walk” and he immediately became abusive. I took a picture of his license plate and I’d like to report him. How do I do this?

  500. My card was just charged 18.30 on January 11 and I havnt used uber for months. Please let me know what is going on. That charge over drafted my account and I had to pay an extra $34 dollars that was in necessary!

  501. I requested a ride with Uber Jan. 14th. The driver cancelled. Told me to request another ride. I tried for about an hour. After more tha an hour I went outside. The driver said he was outside for an hour. . Said he called me 4 times. I only received one call. He told me to request another. I just said forget it. I was charged $5.00 three times. Two for Jan. 14 and Once for Jan. 19th. I never used Uber and was being charged.

  502. Dear customer service

    I am a Uber driver and I am trying to get information on why my pay is being deducted I am minus 121 dollars from my pay statement I am feeling that I am being ripped off and I am not getting any answer from any uber personnel can you please assist me


    Darnell Moses

  503. Hi Uber

    I have tr to contact your driver since the 6 Dec 2015
    His Name George Tshepiso
    the date I used him was on the 5th Dec 2015 the time was @ 10;49
    I’m upset that no one has helped me to find my cell phone, which I left
    in the car. Its A Samsung. S4 black. I have also been to your offices in Rosebank, were closed in December.

    Please need my cell phone very urgent.
    May someone let me know I fetch my phone from
    Rico Calderia

    Paula Gouveia

  504. my daughters credit card is linked to and account and we changed the card # and you still keep taking out money for a account that isnt even hers to begin with.

  505. Customer Service sucks no good…charging customers more everytime changing the fees…that’s not nice to customers..From my home to work I usually pay $20 and today I paid $34 that’s not nice…at all you should keep the rates the same no matter what.

  506. Your service has been appalling. I have made several attempts in behalf of my 80 year old parents without any help. They have drivers cancel in them because of incorrect information toaccess a gate code. They have had to walk to flag down drivers at the gate -etc etc. Your drivers are nice-but they don’t have correct information in the system-and we can’t access a profile for them to solve the problem ourselves. Your application really has some issues. I have recently called the local senior services agency to alert them to poor customer service. And you want to help with uber access? How can you do so with such poor quality safety nets and lack of service recovery?

  507. Hello Mr Travis K ,I would like give a suggestions for Uber run a Business as (Uber Rent Car ) .Im interest to do with your guys .I think Uber will get lot costumer from the biggers Rental place ( better price and better service. Let it . Will be great business for your co ,also will be competitor again the bigs rent car .let try , thanks Alex C Moreira

  508. Weird incident regarding pick up of Rider. I was contacted by UBER to pick up Erin at 826pm at 2830-2844Zuni St, Denver 80211. On the way to pick up Erin another chime came in from UBER, I ignored it. When I arrived and contacted Erin by phone and Allie came out and reported she was waiting for John- Driver. I reported I was to pick up an Erin not Allie. She showed me her phone and it showed me and my vehicle as the driver. She got inside my vehicle and moment later, Erin showed up read to me her original contact. IBoth Erin and Allie contacted UBER, were at the same work event and were leaving the same time.
    For Customer Service Purposes, I delivered both Allie to their destinations.(Allie Raliegh and 14th Street, Denver and Erin, South Quince St, Denver. The address destination for Erin is not showing on the trip history.) I want to make sure I have been reimbursed appropriately.
    Pleas respond, or better yet call would be nice.
    303 912 4055

  509. Who I do I talk to regarding cancelling an account with Uber. I gave my daughter permission to use my credit card details for the service, but she is now using it without my permission and I need it to stop.
    Who do I talk to in Uber?????

  510. If this company was loud and proud, you’d make it easier for customers to contact your company. Every website make it impossible to talk to anyone.
    I guess I’ll have to see if anyone responds to my email above.
    My phone number is 0411287522

  511. 83 year old WHEELCHAIR bound that is DESPERATLY trying to utilize uber services. my problem is you WILL NOT accept my cell phone number. It is a VERY VALID #.I CAN,T create my account due to YOUR inABILITY TO ACCEPT.iM SURE YOU ARE AWARE THAT BEST WAY TO INCREASE BUSINESS IS WORD OF MOUTH. aT THIS POINT I HAVE NOTHING POSITIVE TO SAY. IF YOU FEEL I,M WORTHY OF YOUR SERVICES MY LANDLINE # IS 586-954-3015. I DON,T LEAVE CELL # ON. HELP—–ASAP

  512. I am blind I have a service dog, and I’ve been writing Buber frequently for the last two years with few problems till today when I tried to get a ride home and is soon as the driver pulled up saw that I had a service dog he canceled the ride and drove away and this happened twice in a row it was until the third driver finally showed up that he cordially you know gave me

  513. It is not acceptable that drivers can see that I have a service dog and they cancel my ride and drive away. Especially in bad weather this is just not right they should be penalized for that

  514. Hi always use Uber for business travel.
    Then one day I can no longer log in to my app.
    I tried to reset password many times. But I never get the email to reset. I checked junk mail box and everywhere else. No email.
    I guess I can always try using Lyft. But I would like to give one more chance as I do like your service. Can you help?

  515. I am having some problem. Since I reffered my promo code to friends and I earned upto three free coupons of Rs.250 each. And after getting coupons when I was booking the Uber at that time I saw that there is no active free coupon in my account.
    Despite of getting three coupons I don’t have any free coupons to ride.
    How ridiculous is this ? I don’t know what type of service do you provide.

  516. I have emailed you guys three (3) time regarding unauthorized charges from 12/21/15, on my account and paid for. As of today 1/24/16, not one person from Uber has contacted me. NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS AND SUCCEED GUYS.



  519. I did not order a driver yesterday. i would like to speak with you and explain what happened. . I dont want a charge. thank you

  520. I suggest you program your app to give your rider and driver a color on their phone that will match with each other. This would be helpful (as a driver) as another way to confirm you have the right rider, or just finding your rider, especially at heavy use times such as stadium events. At times a rider will stand at the street and wave their phone at the driver. Colors would help!!! Thanks

  521. On 26th January, 2016, at about 5.40 am I booked the UBER cab, But I and my family missed our flight to Cochin because the driver did not come to pick us up from my address. He kept us waiting for almost 40 minutes
    After booking the UBER cab, when the driver did not come, I contacted him after waiting for 10 minutes. He told me that he is on his way and is about to reach.But when he did not come, I again contacted him and gave the directions of my house with a land mark. But when he did not come, I called up again and he said that he is coming. After this I called up two times more but got the same reply Then he called me up and said that he can not come as he is not familiar with this area. I pleaded with him to come to DLF DT Mega Mall on Golf Course Road as I live behind that, but he said that he does not know this place.So with great difficulty we somehow managed to get another cab , but we were late by ten minutes and the check in counter was closed. As a result we had to cancel our trip and lost the money on hotel bookings as well. We have a financial loss of more than Rs..60000/-( Sixty thousand ) and have gone through so much mental stress
    As the driver was not qualified for this job, the company should not have hired him. UBER company is responsible for our loss. Company should compensate our loss,,otherwise we shall be forced to approach the Consumer court to claim the damages.

  522. An Uber driver parked his car in front of my driveway-I am unable to move my car! The license plate is T643528C and decal displayed says: Uber-Siebzehn-NY.L
    I hope all your drivers are not so inconsiderate! I was away during NY’s heavy snowfall and returned last night. When I went out to shovel this morning your driver’s car was parked in front of our driveway-even though my car was in the driveway and clearly visible. I hope you do something about this!

  523. Very dissatisfied with shared ride price on 12/30/15 for $29.10.

    I shared a ride to a destination that cost $10 less on 12/19/15 and I was right down the street!

    The driver told me the price on 12/30/15 would be cut in half automatically since I was sharing a ride! Once I got the bill, that was not so!

    Please adjust this.

  524. I am an UBER Driver. I had been driving for a three consecutive days and no travel request had been received. I also tried using the driver user account of my wife seated beside me and with my driver account online on my phone and NO TRAVEL REQUEST was received, but she received a confirmation for another driver. What do you think is happening? Please review the system. It is NOT working for me at all.

  525. why they charge me $5.00 last night the driver did not arrived. I’m waiting more than 15 mins at the Hollywood he never come to pick me up. I guess it is not my fault so pls. return my $5.00

  526. Please deduct the $10 charge placed on my card immediately. I am a 5 star rated customer, always tip the drivers, and the driver today went to the WRONG address!
    He went to the east side instesd of the west side. This was to bring a surgical patient home….UNBELIEVABLE, I may start using Lyft now?

  527. Hi,

    I use uber services quite often and 95% of the time have a great experience! That said, tonight I had an inexperienced driver that almost made me miss a train. I’m located in Chicago and due to the high concentration of ubers in my area I always wait until I am at my pin location until calling my car. When I did this tonight, the driver not only missed me but took a strange route to turn around. It took him 6 minutes to pick me up. Then, he was not able to locate union station, the main train station in Chicago. He tried to drop me off a block west of the station in an area that is not particularly safe. When I directed him back towards the station he seemed annoyed. I ended up waiting until I was in a safer area and then just walking a block. I work in a customer service job too so I really hate to complain but I know this isn’t typical of your drivers. I would really appreciate a refund or credit. If you need any additional information I would be happy to provide it. Thank you very much.

  528. dear uber:
    my name is Juan and i want to become an Uber driver. but mean while i was filling out the forms some how the page wont allow me it keep rejecting my enters. am a rider but now i want to become a drive. please clear my page so i can sign up thanks.

  529. My driver charged me for over 18 miles instead of a little over4 miles. Please refund the difference. I had 2 different drivers the day before going to the same place; both times a little over 4 miles, not 18!
    Thank you, Renee. 7757903048

  530. We used uber all day Friday and Saturday. Uber dropped us off at Balboa Island. We called for a uber ride and it said that we never paid the last one and have an outstanding balance. We checked our Credit card not only was there plenty of money in the account there were extra charges of 5.00 charges from über but we went ahead and added another credit card. The app still said the charge was not going through, therefore leaving us stranded.. Please take care of this or feel free to call me

  531. Hi,
    I just accidental rated my driver 1 star instead of 5. He was excellent and deserves a 5 star rating. I would really like this changed please.
    Thank you

  532. I received a ride today at approximately 2:44 p.m from my home to work and was charged $45.90 . I don”t think this fare is correct. I requested a ride last night from my work and that trip fare was only $13.34 so how can the same trip reversed be such a great amount? I will be reporting UBER TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

  533. I am trying to set up a ride for my elderly grandparents to be picked up at their home and dropped off at a family party. I did set something up but I’m not sure it is correct because I cannot see it . I need to speak with someone so this is correct. The party is February 3rd.Please contact me or my assistant Kristina 419-882-1948

  534. Dear Uber
    I live in Omaha Nebraska and we are suppose to get alot of snow tuesday Febuaury 2nd i don’t have a car and i take Uber to work are they going to be around for rides tomorrow? let me know as asap

  535. On Friday and Saturday evening I requested Uber service and although I did receive a confirmation no one ever arrived. I did get a message stating it was 7 min out then to 3 minutes and back and forth but no Uber. I also noticed that I could not follow the driver as I have been in the past. I’m not sure what the problem is but it was very frustrating and in addition costly as a last resort, I required a cab. Could you please give me some idea where I went wrong? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  536. I would like to praise the work of daniel here in Colorado springs for his excellent service. This is a guy who goes out of his way for the customer. He is the ideal representative of Uber. He is Daniel again with the Acura TSX. If like to see this recocongized.

    • Again he should at the least be recognized for his service. I think he dserves some kind of monetary reward. E mail me for specifics on him of needed. Thanks.

  537. My credit card information was stolen and they charged 5 Uber rides on Thurs 1/19/16 (along with several other charges). I have reported it stolen, cancelled it and disputed the charges. Can you help with name, number, pick up/drop off, etc. I have the reference numbers?
    Please have someone call me asap,

  538. Can someone please call me as soon as possible, My credit card information was stolen and they made 5 Uber ride purchases on 1/19/16. I have reported it to my bank, cancelled the card and disputed the charges. I am looking for any information of the person, number, pick-up & drop off information as I have some suspicion as to where the card was compromised.
    Thank you. DeeDee French

  539. I waited over 1/2 hr and the car never showed uo. I could see the car on the app but obviously he was lost. This was my first experience with Uber and I was very upset as I had people waiting for me. I finally gave up and took the subway loaded with packages. You have my credit card information and that is worrisome also. I do not expect to see any charges for a ride that never happened. The app finally came up with a crazy message saying there was a connection problem, sorry for the delay, there in 5 minutes, but still no show. I would like to hear back from you as soon as possible as to what happened.

  540. It seems that someone has been using an account of mine that I do not use. It is an outlook account. When I use the account I signed up to use , Yahoo, It will not take my email or phone number. I feel like my identity has been compromised.

    I needed a ride to the emergency room yesterday 02/01/2016 at 11:11am. The website drove me crazy. It took all my information, including credit card information, started counting down from 20 minutes for a ride pick up and nothing happened. I received a word HOUSZ to confirm. I did a chat and the person on the line told me to use a cab? I would like someone to call me at number on my account.

  541. I’m aregular user of ur cabs for the past year.suddenly I find myself stranded on my way back from physiotherapy.when theapps didn’t go thru.despite my repeated password was not accepted.was stranded for an hour.before a good Samaritan dropped me home.

  542. Was stranded for an hour.the apps didn’t go thru.tried password to no avail.i have my customer id.was waiting after physiotherapy return journey.onward I used ur cab.plse correct&connect

  543. Having problems getting my tax info from uber wedsite. Your document is still being generated, please check back later. This has been happening for 5 days. Help



  545. I’m trying to get my 1099,ive gone out to the vault to verify my last 4 ssn but it never comes back…Ive also gone to the profile page…everything looks good?
    Why has my 1099 been sent to me?

  546. I had to pay my first ride infact it was supposed to be a free ride as per the application. But I was charged.
    How should I use my free ride

  547. Hi

    My account isn’t active and I need to use the service I have emailed and now am not getting a response to resolve???


  548. Your Uber Driver, Howard Jamaal Holmes or Jamaal Holmes as he explained to us, is extremely rude and the vehicle reeked of smoke at the time of pickup. He was not familiar with the route, causing me to arrive extremely late and displayed no sense of urgency. His telephone kept ringing non stop the entire ride, which was very unpleasant. He held an unfriendly scowl on his face the entire ride as well. I bluntly heard this Uber driver mumble quite a bit of disrespectful language as we exited the vehicle. People like this should not be working one on one with customers. I would be pleased to never be serviced by this Uber Driver again. I took down his license plate number for your reference. Please get this resolved as I do not plan to continue using Uber in the future if this type of issue persist.

    UBER DRIVER: Howard Jamaal Holmes or Jamaal Holmes

  549. Got an account with Uber yesterday. Scanned the card also. Trying to get hold of the Uber driver. No success. Please help

  550. My son took an uber last night at approximately 3 AM. He was charged over 170 dollars for a 15 minute ride from campus to home. Who do I complain to to be reimbursed for this ridiculous charge?

  551. Uber has started getting panic. They say that there is a free trip and other things but there is nothing. I have a case with them and the y are not replying after giving full facts to them. They are not refunding the free ride amount of Rs.195/- and written many reminders. What to do. On the face of it we should not believe them.

  552. I was in Palm Springs on February 2/16 and took Uber from there to Ventura County, 3 hours drive. It was $155.00. I was at the Hyatt and went through 8 drivers before 1 agreed to take me. The driver that took me pulled over after 5 miles and let me out, he said he changed his mind. Then I couldn’t get reception and had to hitch hike back to the Hyatt. I then went through 6 more drivers before I found someone.
    I was charged $5:20 times 5 drivers that declined me. Can I please get my $26:00 credited back to my account.
    Thank you, David Foote

  553. I sent message telling you that to delete the account she is a minor. If this is not done I will take legal matters.Why? no phone number to get in touch with you to talk about the matter. If I don’t have any answer by the time I get home from work my lawyers will be conacting you and I will go to the media on this matter. I sent you several e-mail no excuse my this has not been done. Saved all my e-mail that was sent to you.

  554. Sorry for the e-mail but you should have phone number so people don’t get so upset when they have to change thing on there account. Please accept my aploigay for the e-mail sent early.I still want to use Uber need to fix things on it can’t get into my account thanks And sorry again

  555. This will be my last time using Uber. You can’t put a specific time for pickup. You can’t reach anyone by phone. They don’t respond to emails There is NO HELP. Basically, Uber set up a site to make money. W.ho cares if you don’t know how to use the service.

  556. On Monday, February 8, 2016 at 11:40am, an Uber driver looking for its fare almost ran me over because he blew the stop sign. This happened at the Patsouras Transit Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Normally, all is forgiven as I am still alive however, the Uber driver instead of being apologetic flipped me the middle finger when I pointed out the stop sign. I took down the license plate of his charcoal Toyota Prius and also the area is highly monitored by video cameras. Running stop signs is bad enough but flipping off the potential victim is even worse.

  557. In the time I’ve spent trying to figure out your system , I could have called a cab and been @ my destination . You can forget any future business from me ..Also why no phone.

  558. I used the service multiple times on the 23rd..ans on 25th it doesn’t recognize any of my emails (but wont let me reset it bec it remembers my cell). Kindly reset my password!!

  559. I am a new customer to Uber, I was on my phone to see if I could order a different pick-up location (for a future time) than my location on the phone. i did’t complete the transaction and a driver called me. I said “no”
    I do not want to be charged a $5 cancellation charge.
    Please adjust this. I will definitely use you in the future
    Thank you